PUB POKER: Aussie Hold’em player living out his Aussie Millions dream

Aussie Millions dreams come in all shapes of sizes. While most players hope to one day have a shot at the AUD $2 million first prize in the Main Event, some are just happy to walk into the Crown Poker Room and take their seat in any Aussie Millions event.

Aussie Hold’em Poker David Taubman will live out his ultimate poker dream today (Saturday) when he joins the day 1C field for the $1100 No Limit Hold’em Opening Event after winning the NSW Newcastle-based pub poker league’s Player of the Year title.

Aussie Hold’em Poker’s Marty Wooster said the 23-year-old chef from Cameron Park, who is currently looking for work, is a very unassuming guy who is “just mesmerised by the thought of playing in a real Aussie Millions event!”

Taubman faced a torrid battle to before earning his Opening Event seat in December’s Aussie Hold’em Player of the Year final.

Starting the event with 55,000 (determined by points accrued throughout the year) but well behind the bigger stack of around 150,000, Taubman clawed his way to the final table and found himself up against respected regional stalwart Scott Clark.

An aggressive approach served Taubman well in the early going, and he earned the title with a slice of luck when his 8s-5s found a 5 on the flop against the Q-9 of Clark.

Taubman’s earliest poker experiences came playing against his family but he initially struggled when he took his game to the pubs and clubs around Newcastle. But after a short break from the game, he returned last year with a more mature and hardened game.

So if the dream comes true and Taubman wins the 2012 Aussie Millions Opening Event title, what are his plans?

“I’d definitely like to play the Main Event, and buy in a mate as well. I’d also pay off some debts, but my real dream is to have my own restaurant and go to Vegas,” he said.

Taubman is one of four players who qualified for the Opening Event via Aussie Hold’em Poker, but up to another 10 of the league’s regulars will also be in action today. All the best guys.

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