Flipping out! Lorenz Schoellhorn wins the WPT Prime Championship!

At the conclusion of an epic record breaking series at the Star Gold Coast, Switzerland’s Lorenz Schoellhorn has emerged victorious after outlasting a field of 1,395 players in the WPT Prime Championship Gold Coast!

Having fired four bullets and won some epic flips including two all-ins blind against Ethan ‘Rampage’ Yau on Day 1, cash player Lorenz Schoellhorn’s visit to Australia has turned into a hugely successful stay with Schoellhorn telling PMA that he has no future plans to leave the country just yet.

When asked how he feels, Schoellhorn said, “Confused because it’s all happened so fast and then you jump into all these interviews and photos and it’s crazy! But very happy.” PMA asked how he will celebrate tonight, to which he replied “with a couple of beers with my friends I think.” When the PMA reporter explained what it means to be ‘your shout’, Schoellhorn laughed, “Well I guess I can afford it now.”

Lorenz Schoellhorn

Day 3 commenced with 14 hopefuls eyeing off the first prize payout of $401,510 and a WPT Las Vegas entry and accommodation package. With a steady initial five hours of play, the first players to fall included Bert Perry (14th), Joshua Duce (13th), Gary Shu (12th), Amin Chehade (11th), and Isaia Fetineiai (10th), which led us into the final table.

Schoellhorn headed to the final table with 30% of the chips in play. He came in on a heater and eliminated the first player off the felt, crowd favourite Martin Ward. With a ringing “Yeah Baby!” heard across the room, Ward was applauded as he exited the playing area. Ward had entered the day second in chip counts but was unable to find the momentum to take it all the way today. He took home $40,580 in 9th place.

Shortly afterwards, Marco Perri ran into some tournament ending hands against Chin Yaw Chan. In one hand Chan severely crippled Perri’s stack by spiking a 10 on the river to give him a set against Perri’s pocket kings. Chan then eliminated Perri in the next hand by checking through, along with Schoellhorn, his higher two pair. This is Perri’s fourth cash and best yet in a WPT Series, coming in 8th for $51,075.

The next two knockouts were courtesy of Travis Endersby. Dylan Desmarchelier was first off the rank with his 66 proving no good against Endersby’s KQ when the K was revealed in the window. With no improvement on the turn or river, Desmarchelier busted in 7th for $65,650. Desmarchelier has improved on his last WPT Prime score when in 2022 he came 29th in the Main Event. We are sure to be seeing more of him in the future!  

The action continued with Japan’s Rikiya Jibiki opting for a number of all in moments before a final call by Endersby with pocket Jacks against Jibiki’s A10. Unfortunately for Jibiki, the board offered no help to see him knocked out in 6th place for $85,250.

With a raucous rail behind him, Columbian expat now living in Sydney, Andres Vasquez, was on a heater and after initially doubling up through Chin Yaw Chan, he ultimately eliminated Chan in the next hand as the crowd cheered “Vamos!” before launching into song. Chan saw his dreams come to an end as he placed 5th for $111,810.

Sydneysider Michael Fraser had a consistent tournament and was the day’s quiet achiever. Running his Day 3 stack up at a steady pace, he was eventually eliminated by Schoellhorn in 4th place for $148,105. Schoellhorn then continued his reign by taking out fan favourite Travis Endersby when Endersby ran his two pair into Schoellhorn’s boat.

It was a short 40 minute heads up battle with just nine hands played and a very rambunctious rail in support of Vasquez who had made an amazing comeback throughout the day. In the final hand, Vasquez shipped the rest of his stack into the middle after the flop of 1085 and with a quick call from Schoellhorn the cards were tabled and the crowd went wild.

Vasquez: JJ
Schoellhorn: KJ

“Vamos Vasquez!” “Black card, black card!” The chants in support of Vasquez could be heard across the casino floor from the rail. The board ran out with a 99 for the flush for Schoellhorn as he claimed the title of WPT Prime Gold Coast champion!

Andres Vasquez

It’s been an epic week at the Star Gold Coast for WPT Prime Gold Coast, with a record number of entries and prizepool for the Asia-Pacific Region. Congratulations to Lorenz and all players who found success at this year’s series.

Lorenz Schoellhorn (middle) with his supporters
1stLorenz SchoellhornSwitzerland$401,510
2ndAndres VasquezColumbia$267,615
3rdTravis EndersbyAustralia$198,120
4thMichael FraserAustralia$148,105
5thChin Yaw ChanNew Zealand$111,810
6thRikiya JibikiJapan$85,250
7thDylan DesmarchelierAustralia$65,650
8thMarco PerriAustralia$51,075
9thMartin WardAustralia$40,140

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