When will it end? Thatcher can’t catch a break at WPT Prime Gold Coast

Jarrod Thatcher Sad

“Whinge and win, that’s the formula, no?”

That’s Jonathan Levy’s take on the success of fellow circuit regular Jarrod Thatcher.

The forefather of the ‘When Will It End’ movement, leading to the production of t-shirts with his face, as well as a music video to the tune of a Billie Eilish ballad, Thatcher’s complaints have not fallen on deaf ears.

The cards have mostly fallen his way to earn him more than $150,000 from live tournaments this year, after claiming seven titles throughout 2023.

PokerMedia Australia interviewed a number of players around the booming poker room here at The Star Gold Coast, which has just locked out its WPT Prime Championship with a final field of 1395, generating more than a two and a half million dollars in prize money.

Didier Guerin believes Thatcher whinges due to “the people around him”.

PMA: “Would you consider yourself one of those people?”

Guerin: “Definitely.”

Troy McLean supported Thatcher’s cause, stating, “He does run pretty bad to be fair. It’s pretty unfortunate how bad he runs.”

Sadly, Thatcher has since been eliminated at the time of publishing. He’s out of contention for what has just been revealed to be a first place prize of over $400,000, in a field that is the largest for a WPT Prime in the Asia-Pacific region.

Guerin added some further thoughts, “It’s always difficult when you can win 13 tournaments in one year, but I think, you know, if he keeps going and trying hard, he can really succeed in this game. Maybe he’ll have a bad year and only win ten this year, that’ll be tough for him, but I think he can take it.”

A nearby Cooper Feltham echoed the same thoughts as Guerin, simply uttering, “Ditto.”

Gary Lin described Thatcher as lucky, “He’s three-outed me a couple times.” 

Thatcher had the chance to respond to Lin, via PMA, “Tell him I’ll do it again.”

Lin then offered a possible hypothesis, “Maybe the whinging is how he wins so much.”

To which Thatcher rebutted, “I think I’m holding back, I can whinge more. 

PMA: “What will satisfy you?”

Thatcher: “I won’t be. That’s the problem. I’ll find something to whinge about”

PMA: If you won the WPT World Championship in Las Vegas this December, what’s something you would still find to whinge about?”

Thatcher: “I don’t know. Having to river someone. Why should it be that hard? It’s pretty unlikely they have that good of a hand. It’s pretty unlucky for me that they have a good hand, when I have a good hand as well.”

Elsewhere on the tables, the vibe has been generally positive. With the crowd excited at the scale to which the tournament has grown.

Even this morning, plenty of players from all corners of Australia were drawn by the sheer size of the event. Sydney’s Michelle Psarras, Adelaide’s Pierce Hynes, and Melbourne’s Josh Foster are just a handful of the new arrivals to touch down today.

One of the latest to enter the room this series is another familiar face, circuit dealer Phoebe Yan. More frequently spotted pitching cards rather than peeling cards, Yan’s record despite her minimal time at the felt is impressive. 

A runner-up finish to Lachlan Crilly at February’s APL NQ Classic granted her more than $3,000 in the $350 6-Max event. She then went on to claim a trophy at the Dragon Lunar Signature Series later the same month at Kings Room, winning the 8-Max Freezeout Shot Clock for nearly $7,000.

Yan’s career best score came only six days ago at the Wenty’s Kings Room in Sydney, placing second in the $550 entry event to collect $19,700. Not bad for a part timer!

When asked if she’d cut down on working to pursue playing more regularly, Yan replied “I love my job!” and followed, “It’s (playing poker) just a hobby.”

However she’s sitting comfortably going into the final few levels of Day 1C today, with more than double the average stack after the dinner break. That’s not a bad way to enjoy some time off before commencing her work at next week’s APLPT Queensland at Southport Sharks.

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