Yaw wins huge pot at the end of Day 1B to take overall chip lead at WPT Prime Gold Coast

The WPT Prime Championship Event continues to go from strength to strength, with an impressive showing of 339 on Day 1A topped by Day 1B’s remarkable field of 478 at The Star Gold Coast today.

Emerging best from the pack is Chin Yaw, with his stack of 983,000 taking him to the overall chip lead from the first two days.

When told he was the chip leader, he responded with a smile and fist-bump.

“It feels pretty exciting,” he told PokerMedia Australia as he bagged up for the night.

The Auckland native’s best successes came at the 2023 APL Million, with two victories and a runner-up finish. He also recorded his best live cash at APT’s The Goliath last October, with a second place result handing him over $85,000. He’s still chasing success at a WPT Event, quipping, “I’ve been getting bitten here, the whole week!”

“Being chip leader doesn’t really change my strategy, hopefully I run good. I’m going to rest tomorrow, I’ve been playing every day.”

It was a late surge for the Kiwi, after a decisive hand saw him eliminate Chuck Caris, whilst collecting a side pot of over 800,000 to cripple Josh McCully.

WPT Live Reporting caught the action in the final level of play, when Yaw opened to 16,000 at 4,000/8,000/8,000, and was met by a call from McCully on the button, Caris then jammed for 43,000. Yaw attempted to isolate with a re-raise to 80,000, but was met with a call from McCully.

A K62 flop saw Yaw slow down and he check-called McCully all the way as he fired the flop, the 2 turn, and the 7 river.

McCully’s river jam was snapped-off immediately by Yaw, and the two went to showdown. McCully’s AQ was no good against Yaw’s KJ, handing him the chip lead with very few hands remaining in the day.

Prior to that point, it was Dan Smiljanic who appeared destined to come out on top.

Usually known as “Smiley”, today he was a smiling assassin, possessing a tower of chips throughout the majority of the play.

Going into the 16th and final level, Smiljanic boasted just shy of 100 big blinds, trailed closest by WPT Anchor Lynn Gilmartin’s 580,000.

Those two ended the day amongst the top chip counts, whilst Alex Lee also came home strong to bag 800,000, good for second best.

74 remained going into the final level of Day 1B, which meant that playing to 12.5% of the field would ceased the action upon reaching a total of 59 players.

Although the introduction of shot clocks came into play, a repeat of Day 1A’s hand-for-hand marathon was avoided, with a total of 67 ultimately progressing from tonight into Monday’s Day 2.


1Chin Yaw Chan983,000
2Alex Lee800,000
3Daniel Smiljanic550,000
4Lynn Gilmartin522,000
5Josh Hickey494,000
6Nathan Houterman490,000
7Hiroyuki Noda440,000
8Yunda Xie424,000
9Michael Haddad423,000
10Jason Gilbert360,000

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