In the bag!

And Day 1D is in the bag! Here are the chip stacks heading through to Day 2. Remember that late registration is still available until the end of Level 14 tomorrow.

Seat Draws will be available in the morning.


Triple Tango

We are 10 mins away from wrapping up for the day. Anne Beygirlioglu, Amin Riyazati and Luis Chuquipiondo do the tango in a three-way all in.

Beygirlioglu: AJ
Riyazati: 55
Chuquipiondo: Q10

Board: 10J799

Beygirlioglu takes the win as the dealer cuts out the chips from Riyazati’s stack to hand over.

Anne Beygirlioglu184,000
Amin Riyazati
Luis ChuquipiondoBUSTED!

Classic AK v AA

In a classic AK v AA duel, Campbell Ashton gets it all in against Robert Spano. Spano holds the AA, Ashton holds the AK. Despite a King on the board it’s no help for Ashton and Spano gives us that cheeky smile as he gathers in the loot.

Robert Spano83,000
Campbell AshtonBUSTED!


Up and down like a yo-yo, Amin Riyazati has finally found his spot. “There are three ways to play pocket Jacks and all of them are wrong”, goes the popular saying. However in the Stacked Poker Room it seems that pocket Jacks is the absolute nuts and well it’s hard to disagree when it’s all we keep seeing today. With Orange Zhang making the moves, he jammed on the turn with Riyazati calling.

Riyazati: JJ
Zhang: K9

Board: 579Q8

Riyazati doubles up and leaves Zhang very short stacked and as we write this… eliminated.

Amin Riyazati239,000
Orange ZhangBUSTED!


It may be a small field for this turbo but the action isn’t… albeit not as frequently as what would be in a larger field. Most recently we see another elimination through Michael Taylor. Van Vlassis leads out on the turn with an All In. Taylor tanks for a moment before throwing in one chip to make the call.

Vlassis: 76
Taylor: QQ

Board: 3427

The 8 on the river doesn’t help Vlassis and will send him to the rail.

FLIGHT 1D – Let’s GO!

A small field so far this evening with currently only 15 entries and 9 remaining. Here is a little update post the last break.

Anne Beygirlioglu122,000
Luis Chuquipiondo93,000
Orange Zhang85,400
Robert Spano78,700

FLIGHT 1C – End of day Chip Counts

With Flight 1C coming to a close for the day, we turn our attention to Flight 1D that is taking place as a Turbo. But first, here are the chip counts from today.

A total of 87 entrants with 34 returning tomorrow for Day 2.

ZAC DUNN387,000
EDWIN TAN111,500

All In’s All Over

All In 1: The last three hands for this flight have just been announced and Table 1 is not short of any excitement with Tony Hachem and Nick Wright going head to head. Hachem holds KQ, Wright holds J5. Despite pairing a 5 on the turn, Wright is out-done by a counterfeit on the river causing the chips to be rolled over to Hachem with the King kicker.

Board: 76756

All In 2: Meanwhile, Rosario Lepro and Dave Ewing on Table 2 are also finding themselves in a clash. It seems Jacks are the nuts in this tournament! Lepro doubles up, much to his surprise, and will go through to Day 2 with a healthy stack.

Lepro: JJ
Ewing: KK

Board: 9A44J

Rosario Lepro119,500
Tony Hachem108,500
Dave Ewing70,500
Nick WrightBUSTED!

Hi-gor, Bye-Joe

Entering the game halfway through today’s flight, $4k Challenge Champion Joe Sandaev, decided to join the action. Sandaev eventually found himself in a pot with Higor Siebel just before the last three hands for the night were called, and the chips made their way to the centre pre-flop.

Siebel: JJ
Sandaev: AQ

Board: 84942

A low board sees Sandaev reluctantly leave the table as Siebel celebrates by reaching straight for Sandaev’s chips to add them to his own.

Higor Siebel350,000
Joe SandaevBUSTED!

Crunching numbers

The Stacked Social Poker Room has so far seen 83 entrants in Flight 1C today with late registration still open. Combined with Flight 1A and Flight 1B and the six so far for the Turbo, there are currently 190 entrants! That amounts to a prizepool in excess of $265,000.

Feeling like you need to fit in around here? Grab some merchandise from the cage to look your best at Stacked.

TURBO! Let’s speed it up!

Tonight’s Main Event Flight 1D Turbo Event has kicked off with currently six players having taking their seats. We will catch up with them a little later tonight. Stay tuned!

Chip Tales

Some updated chip counts for you… cause we know you want to know…

David Lloyd271,200
Zac Dunn253,000
Emanual Seal216,000
Roy Agresta180,000
Tony Hachem103,000

Light’s Camera… SO MUCH ACTION

Just before we hit the break, cards were flying all over the place with so much action happening around the Stacked Social Poker Room.

Over at Table 1, Tony Hachem and Nick Wright find themselves in a chop, both revealing AQ for a straight. Meanwhile, on Table 2, Daniel Dessman goes all in against Roy Hills. Dessman’s flush draw hits on the turn, skyrocketing his chip stack to over 125,000.

But the biggest action was a three way all in on Table 4. It plays out as such with Jon-Peter Rounce-Sue, Amin Riyazati and Emad Zarghami.

Rounce-Sue: 89
Riyazati: AK
Zarghami: JJ

Board: 673JK

In a surprising turn of events for anyone that holds pocket Jacks pre-flop, they hold and take the win for Zarghami.

Emad Zarghami120,000
Amin Riyazati40,000
Jon-Peter Rounce-SueBUSTED!

“You guys will be sick of me”

Travis Endersby cheekily says to the folks in the cage, “You guys will be sick of me”, as he re-buys again following a bust out at the hands of Roy Agresta.

Endersby’s two pair found itself at odds against a rivered straight from Agresta.

Roy Agresta140,000
Travis EndersbyBUSTED! (Well… re-bought)

Tan-talising moves

Over at the Feature Table things are heating up as we witness an all in by Foti Fotakis and Monster Stack Champion Edwin Tan. Fotakis has the ‘all in’ chip thrown to his chips by the dealer as Tan makes the call.

Fotakis: 10Q
Tan: K9

Board: 6KJ

With Fotakis needing to spike an Ace or a 9 on the turn and river or running spades, he is unfortunate when neither come (Turn: 6 River: 7) to improve his hand sending him back to the cashier for a re-buy.

Seal the deal

Grabbing a glimpse of the unfolding hand on Table 3, our attention is drawn to an intense clash on the felt between two formidable players – Anthony Hachem and the ever-entertaining Emanuel ‘Curly’ Seal.

Board: 3263

Hachem puts in a three-bet. Seal makes the call and the 7 is peeled on the river. Hachem is first to act and pushes his chips into the middle. A slight deliberation by Seal before slowly lifting his chips and letting them fall into the pot.

Seal: 99
Hachem: 64

Seal sends Hachem back to the cage to re-buy as he rakes in the pot.


Players have just returned from another 10 minute break and head now into Level 7: 500/1,000 (1,000). We popped around to each table and captured some chip counts for all of you watching from home and around the poker room.

Roy Hills132,000
Emad Zarghami128,000
Anthony Hachem105,000
Joe Hachem100,000
Nick Karandrikas81,500
Nick Wright46,500

Rockets for Ostapenko

Table 3 boasts an impressive lineup featuring Anthony Hachem, Higor Siebel, Robert Spano (now at this table), Travis Endersby, Mark Ostapenko, and Rosario Lepro. Each hand brings with it a minimum of a three-bet post flop and the chip stacks are loaded.

We caught the tail end of a showdown between Siebel and Ostapenko. Ostapenko was at risk after having called Siebel’s all-in. The cards are turned and Ostapenko’s pocket rockets are the ones that take it down.

Ostapenko: AA
Siebel: 1010

Board: 32J2Q

Mark Ostapenko75,500
Higor Siebel35,000

“Yeah baby!”

The enthusiastic cry of “Yeah Baby!” from Robert Spano prompts us to check out the commotion. As we approach, a five-way pot is in full swing. Spano shares that he’s ‘causing havoc’ and walks us through the action. It all started with Spano’s opening move from mid-position. David Lloyd makes the call, Amin Riyazati adds fuel to the fire with a three-bet, and the small blind, along with Anne Beygirlioglu in the big blind, also join the action. Spano and Lloyd decide to tag along, turning the pot into a sizaeable one. Riyazati calls out “Cash me out!” We head to a flop of –

Board: J94

It’s checked all around to Riyazati who throws a bet in. The small blind folds, and then Beygirlioglu goes all-in, pushing her remaining 28,000 into the pot. Spano decides to step aside, leaving the stage for Lloyd, who makes the call, while Riyazati opts to fold.

Beygirlioglu: J9
Lloyd: 94

The 10 on the turn and the 3 on the river bring no improvement to Lloyd’s lower two pair, allowing Beygirlioglu to secure the win for this hand and doubling up.

Anne Beygirlioglu65,000

Notable Notable’s

Today’s lineup is packed with poker stars and hopefuls, and there’s still seven levels to go in this first flight. We’ve got a hoard of Hachem’s – Joe, Anthony, and Tony are in the mix. The locals are representing with Shane Baxter, David Lloyd, and Rosario Lepro. Plus, we’ve got some familiar faces from the $4k Challenge making a comeback for the Main Event, like Higor Siebel, Dave Ewing, and Michael Tomeny. Who is your pick for a final table?

Break time stack splash!

Players are on their first 10 minute break for the day with many opting for a late lunch from the variety of options that North Adelaide has to choose from. Meanwhile we’ve had a quick look on the tables for some stack updates…

Rosario Lepro148,000
David Lloyd90,000
Thomas Pearce67,000
Travis Endersby61,000
Rob Spano54,000

“Here’s Tom!”

It’s early levels here but that hasn’t stopped players from making their mark and getting in some early pots. Heading over to the feature table we spot Thomas Pearce, Amin Riyazati and Anne Beygirlioglu in one such pot. The board shows 3 spades and a club, Pearce fires out a bet on the river after a checked round on the turn.

Board: 3657Blank

Pearce scoops up the pot, and Riyazati excitedly says, “Here’s Tom!” before wondering about Pearce’s hand. Pearce reveals he had a QJ combo. Riyazati, “How do you have QJ there?” Pearce claims he had the Queen with the J. Guess you got to pay to see right?

Update from Day 1B

We couldn’t keep you waiting for an update from yesterday’s flight also so let’s take a look to see who qualified to Day 2 from yesterday’s field of 73 hopefuls.

Brett Rouvre420,000
Robert Damelian308,500
Mathew Spratt283,000
Ioannis Vlachoulis272,000
Frank Tripodi272,000
Kevin Lee240,500
Andrew Michael217,000
Matty Daps180,000
Michel Bouskila159,500
Thomas Pearce129,500
Jerry Zhang128,000
Elliot Esca121,000
Milan Mehta116,500
Anthony Xu103,000
Adam Cusenza101,500
Aaron Sebastyan101,500
Pierce Hynes99,000
Yang Lei97,500
Gary Benson94,500
Josh Kelty78,500
Matthew Ginn78,500
Mike Gainer54,000
Frank Hadjincolaou49,000
Emanual Seal36,500

Update from Day 1A

Day 1A had 28 players take their seats. Since the $4k Challenge was happening simultaneously, we couldn’t keep you in the loop, but here’s the lowdown on who made it to Day 2.

Quick heads up, it’s a ‘Best Stack Forward’ gig, so what you see here might not be the final lineup for Day 2. It all depends on whether these players decide to amp up their stack by hopping into another flight. Time will tell – let’s see how it plays out!

Khim Hii326,000
Kieran Buhaglar278,000
Pierre Aoukar222,000
Marco Perri180,500
Weng Wong152,500
Laurence Hall131,000
Amin Chehade105,500

Gallery of Grinders

Let’s take a look and see who’s taken their seats already for today’s Flight 1C.

Shuffle up and deal!

And we’re off! The Stacked Poker Championship Main Event Day 1C is now in full swing – cards are in the air, and the action has commenced! Players start with 50,000 in chips in this $1,600 buy-in NLH Main Event. They’ll be cruising through 11 levels today, each lasting a laid-back 40 minutes, before the survivors bag and tag for the day. In addition at 7pm, a turbo event will take place for one more last chance to qualify for Day 2. Bookmark this page here at PMA for all the latest updates. 


LevelSmall BlindBig BlindBig Blind Ante

Hello to all those joining us from Australia, New Zealand and around the globe and welcome to PMA’s coverage of the Stacked Poker Championships Main Event!

We will be on the ground covering this event from 12pm today. There has already been two flights on Thursday and Friday but we were busy covering the exciting $4k Challenge which saw Joe Sandaev emerge as the victor late last night.

Day 1A of the Main Event saw 28 entries with 7 returning to take their seats tomorrow. Day 1B saw 83 entries last night and we will update you shortly on how many will return tomorrow. But remember that this is a ‘Best Stack Forward’ event and so players can play multiple flights and then bring their best stack forward to Day 2.

Stay tuned for all the live action here.

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