STACKED POKER CHAMPIONSHIPS ‘Stacked $4k Challenge’ Day 2

Congratulations to JOE SANDAEV, winner of the Stacked $4k Challenge 2024! ($78,494*)

After about 45 minutes of head’s up play for the final $6,000 in question, Joe Sandaev is hailed the champion of the Stacked Poker Championships $4k Challenge!

Bouncing back from a short stack on the final table and finding double ups through Amin Riyazati twice, Sandaev is pleased to add this win to his growing resume.

Adelaide local Joe Sandaev has already claimed one victory in this series on Wednesday night in the PLO tournament. So far 2024 is shaping up to be quite the year for Sandaev and no doubt we will see him at more final tables. Coming 6th at the APLPT in Queensland in January both in the Centurion and the Sunday Super Stack in January, Sandaev is now able to add to that with tonight’s win and Wednesday’s, totalling an impressive start to the year with $112,049 prize money.

2024 Stacked Poker Championships $4k Challenge – Final Table Placings

ChampionJoe Sandaev$78,494*
2Chris Edgar$61,412*
3Amin Riyazati$34,000
4Eddie Saade$27,500
5Andrew Michael$23,000
6Higor Siebel$19,000
7Nick Wright$15,000
8Stoney Tran$12,500
*Denotes ICM deal made

2nd Place: Chris Edgar

After a rollercoaster of a day for Chris Edgar, he made it to top two with Joe Sandaev. After the deal was made, the two men sat back down to play for the extra $6,000 plus those coveted bragging rights.

Edgar fought back gallantly with the chips passing back and forwards to each other but ultimately landing in the lap of Sandaev with this last final hand.

Edgar: AJ
Sandaev: QQ

Board: 4J723

An impressive run by Edgar which backs up his deep runs in the Deepstacks series last year in the Main Event coming in 11th and four deep runs in the WPT Australia Gold Coast in September.

Congratulations Chris!

2ndChris Edgar$61,412*
*Denotes ICM deal made

Head’s up!

Head’s Up! Sounds like Chris Edgar has his coin out again. After an ICM deal has been struck we are now playing for an extra $6,000 and of course the glory of winning.

Joe Sandaev5,800,000
Chris Edgar2,200,000

3rd Place: Amin Riyazati

Joe Sandaev opened under the gun with a 2.5 BB bet. Chris Edgar folds and Amin Riyazati in the big blind didn’t waste much time and jams the rest of his chips in.

It’s a race, with Sandaev’s KJ needing to connect in order to send Riyazati to the rail in 3rd who was holding 1010.

Board: J4837

The Jack in the window seals the deal and we see Riyazati eliminated in 3rd place.

3rdAmin Riyazati$34,000

Leave it to chance

As the action starts to get more intense with just three players remaining, the pressure is being felt by all contenders. In a hand we caught recently we see the pressure amount to a decision only a coin can make…

Amin Riyazati and Chris Edgar are head to head in a battle. The flop reads QQK. Riyazati is the aggressor with Edgar calling. The turn is the A and the river the 8. The pot is amounting to well over 800,000.

Riyazati announces all in… We almost lose Edgar in the tank, the rail is building as the Main Event takes a break. Spectators are forming all around the final table. Finally, six minutes later, a smile from Edgar, as he reaches in to his bag and pulls out a coin. The crowd cheers. The flip of the coin prompts Edgar to follow suit and go all in.

Edgar: K6
Riyazati: J6

Riyazati is caught in a bluff with Edgar hitting the King and doubling up. Leaving fate up to the coin worked this time. But will it work next time?

A final comment from Sandaev who says “I thought you were just waiting for the stream to catch up!”

4th Place: Eddie Saade

The rest of Eddie Saade’s chips are forced in the middle due to blinds and antes. For a mere 10,000 more, Chris Edgar makes the call from the small blind after Amin Riyazati and Joe Sandaev fold.

Saade: A5
Edgar: 104

Board: 6475Q

With no one holding a club, Edgar wins and we farewell and congratulate Eddie Saade on 4th place!


Chris Edgar985,000
Eddie SaadeBUSTED!


4thEddie Saade$27,500

Amin win’s one

It starts with an under the gun raise by Eddie Saade to 180,000. A button call by Amin Riyazati. The blinds duck out of the way of the bullets firing and we go to a flop.

Board: 4AK

Saade throws out another bet. It’s quiet. Almost too quiet. Riyazati calls.

Turn: 3

This time we see a check from Saade and a bet of 275,000 from Riyazati. After tanking for some time Saade makes the call.

River: 9

Another check from Saade. Some contemplating, thoughts racing, and an all in from Riyazati. Saade begins to count out his chips… finally making the call.

Riyazati: KK
Saade: 88

This comes not long after a very similar hand between Riyazati and Chris Edgar with Riyazati once again holding the Kings and Edgar holding the eights. Saade is crippled and left with just one big blind ante and two thirds of a big blind.

Amin Riyazati4,000,000
Eddie Saade260,000

Sandaev doubles

Joe Sandaev tells Joe Hachem “Hangin’ in there”, moments before he finds a double up through Amin Riyazati.

In the small blind, Riyazati raises only to find a quick all in from Sandaev.

Sandaev: A9
Riyazati: Q2

Board: 76A69

Joe Sandaev2,100,000
Amin Riyazati1,500,000

Friendly banter

Nothing like a little bit of friendly banter and competition amongst mates. With Joe Sandaev raking in a pot after hitting a full boat against Chris Edgar, Amin Riyazati states he folded a lower boat and then…

Amin Riyazati: “You would have found yourself a juicy double up.”

Eddie Saade: “See that’s the problem with you amateurs. You don’t call.”

Slowin’ down

Things have slowed down on the $4k Challenge with just four remaining and passing chips back and forwards amongst each other.

There have been a couple of clashes between Amin Riyazati and Eddie Saade however. The first of these clashes was Riyazati with an all in pre-flop. When Saade folds he states “One of these days you’ll get caught with your hand in the cookie jar!” as Riyazati squeezes the A10 to show him “But look what I had!”

Hand number two sees the following play out. A pre-flop raise from Riyazati to 120,000 and a call from Saade.

Flop: AA5

A double check…

Turn: 10

Another double check.

River: 5

A check from Saade prompting Riyazati to raise to 250k, followed by a call from Saade. Riyazati tables the AQ for the full house as Saade sends his cards into the muck.

Eddie Saade3,300,000
Amin Riyazati2,500,000

Interlude with a Main Event update

Players are now on a 10 minute break so here we are with a little interlude…

The Main Event Day 1B is currently underway with 57 entries so far. On Day 1A there were 28 entries with 7 returning for Day 2 on Sunday.

However, this is a ‘Best Stack Forward’ event so there are many options to play and many opportunities to put your best stack forward. Tomorrow there will be two flights. A standard flight commencing at 12pm and a Turbo flight commencing at 7pm.

Riyazati and Sandaev Battle

It seems to be a battle of the big stacks with Amin Riyazati and Joe Sandaev continually clashing heads. Whether it’s both having the same hand of Ace Jack and chopping a pot or one just out besting the other, the competition is fierce and entertaining. Don’t forget to tune in to the Stacked Twitch channel for all the action.

Updated Chip Counts

NameChip Counts
Eddie Saade2,500,000
Chris Edgar2,140,000
Joe Sandaev2,100,000
Amin Riyazati1,700,000

5th Place: Andrew Michael

“Well, that was fun!” Andrew Michael states as he leaves the table in 5th place. Having a good run in this series Michael may not be taking home this victory but we are certain we will see more final tables for Michael this year.

Michael’s J9 ran in to Chris Edgar’s KQ and with a board of Queen, Nine, X, no help on the turn or river, thus ends Michael’s run in this Challenge.

5Andrew Michael$23,000

6th Place: Higor Siebel

Hitting the rail in 6th place is Higor Siebel. In a three way hand, Siebel comes up against Eddie Saade and Joe Sandaev. Siebel is all in pre-flop with Saade and Sandaev still with live betting. It didn’t last long though until a show down with Saade taking it down.

Siebel: KQ
Saade: AJ
Sandaev: A7

Board: 1069310

Siebel had a very successful 2023 with six wins under his belt and this is the first cash for 2024.

6Higor Siebel$19,000

The trick is to…

With a short stack in front of him, Stacked’s very own Andrew Michael is choosing his spots to make his moves. One such spot saw him slightly behind pre-flop against Chris Edgar. Unfortunately we didn’t see the play out but we heard the commentary.

“The trick is to get it in behind. That way you’ll win!” exclaims Michael raking in the chips.

7th Place: Nick Wright

Eddie Saade was the next to claim an opponents chips. Unfortunately while Nick Wright was ahead pre-flop with A9 against Saade’s K9, Saade managed to find a King sending Wright to the rail.

7thNick Wright$15,000

8th Place: Stoney Tran

After an incredible run in his first ever tournament, Stoney Tran is eliminated in 8th place. The action was against Chris Edgar who’s flush was no competition to Tran’s two pair.

Tran: A2
Edgar: K6

Board: AJ2109

8thStoney Tran$12,500


Welcome to the final table! As a special surprise this final table will also be streamed on Twitch with a 20 minute delay. To watch head to –

Joe Sandaev goes in as chip leader. Can he hold this lead?

We will recommence shortly but for now, here are the chip stacks and seat positions. Stay tuned!

1Joe Sandaev2,490,000
2Stoney Tran200,000
3Andrew Michael305,000
4Higor Siebel775,000
6Chris Edgar2,140,000
7Eddie Saade620,000
8Amin Riyazati1,610,000
9Nick Wright160,000

Not just yet!

With one more final knock out before going to the dinner break and reseating for the final table we hear that defending champion Pierce Hynes has been defeated. Passing all his eggs into the basket with Ace King, Chris Edgar goes into the tank for a few moments before making the call. Unfortunately for Hynes a Jack is turned and no help came from the river, sending Hynes on an extended dinner break instead of the final table.

9thPierce Hynes$10,000

Knock outs and a final table!

In the blink of an eye when the bubble had burst Tony Xu was eliminated. We don’t know what happened but we do know that this may reduce the banter on the table.

Xu was encouraging Chris Edgar to give up the information on the cards he held against Siebel earlier. “What’ll it take? $50 per player?” Edgar jokes and says “For $450, I’ll tell you.” Siebel reaches for his wallet… then laughs and puts it back.

Table 1 has also lost another player sending us to a dinner break and to the final table!

We caught up with Joe Sandaev who recalls the action for us. Pre-flop betting between Sandaev, Emad Zarghami and Stoney Tran with all three seeing a flop. The board reads out with a Jack, 6 and a 3 – rainbow. The turn is 5. Now with two hearts on the board, Zarghami shoves the rest of chips in the middle. Sandaev makes the call and Tran folds.

Zarghami: 89
Sandaev: 55

The river is a blank card for Zarghami sending him out in 10th place.

We have a final table!

11thTony Xu$7,500
10thEmad Zarghami$10,000

Side note… did we win the lotto?

Did we win the lotto? PMA checked in with Garry from Elite Massage to see if anyone was a proud new owner of an Aston Martin, or perhaps have bought the Adelaide Crows, but sadly we report that a total of $16.50 was won and consequently then split between all sydnicate holders amounting to just 38c each. Or there abouts. Next time.

Bubble Burst!

And just like that we are in the money!

A pre-flop ‘all in’ and ‘call’ rang out from Table 2. Play was put on hold from Table 1 and we watched in anticipation. Eddie Saade v Percy Jeffs.

Saade: AA
Jeffs: 77

Board: 98K96

Saade doubles up and Jeffs is sent packing.

Eddie Saade470,000
Percy JeffsBUSTED!

Hand for Hand!

After just losing Dave Ewing on Table 1 to the hands of Joe Sandaev we are now hand for hand with 12 remaining.

Ewing: 88
Sandaev: 55

Board: 225AJ

“The reporter wants to know!”

Catching the end of a hand with an all in from Chris Edgar and a tanking Higor Siebel, the board read out as such –

Board: 579102

Eventually Siebel open folds his hand to reveal 77 for a set. Smiling Edgar passes his cards face down to the muck and rakes in his winnings. Tony Xu exclaims “What did you have Chris? Everyone wants to know!” We lean our ears in… “See even the reporter wants to know!” T’was never revealed… We are left guessing…

Too-many for Tomeny

Blinds are at 10,000/20,000 (20,000) when some action on the feature table occurs. Emad Zarghami limps from under the gun. Two others come along for the ride including Stoney Tran and Michael Tomeny.

The board is an Ace, King, 6. (We don’t know what suits as this gets recalled to us from Zarghami with enthusiasm).

A check, a raise to 30,000, and a jam from Tomeny into the middle, prompting a snap call from Zarghami and a fold from Tran.

Zarghami holds pocket Aces for top set and Tomeny’s top two pair is just not enough this time around with one too many aces on the board for his liking. The board runs out dry. We lose Tomeny.

Updated Chip Counts

Returning from the break, 15 players remain as we have just lost Joe Hachem in the first hand back, followed very quickly by Aditya Rao and Michel Bouskila!

Amin Riyazati1,201,000
Chris Edgar1,180,000
Higor Siebel928,000
Stoney Tran910,000
Joe Sandaev514,000
Tony Xu510,000
Emad Zarghami373,000
Andrew Michael368,000
Dave Ewing362,000
Nick Wright330,000
Pierce Hynes301,000
Kevin Lee255,000
Michael Tomeny235,000
Percy Jeffs219,000
Eddie Saade161,000
Michel BouskilaBUSTED!
Aditya RaoBUSTED!
Joe HachemBUSTED!

Recent eliminations

As we head towards the pointy end of the tournament with just two tables remaining, here are some recent eliminations.

Travis EndersbyBUSTED!
Anne BeygirliogluBUSTED!
Campbell AshtonBUSTED!
Roy AgrestaBUSTED!

Amid Amin‘s reign…

While we were watching other hands unfold, silently but effectively, Amin Riyazati has been climbing to the top of the ladder. Currently chip leader, we caught Riyazati in a hand with none other than Billy ‘The Croc’ Argryos.

Argryos is heard announcing ‘All In’. Riyazati thinks for a minute before making the call.

Argryos: 44
Riyazati: K6

Board: 3QA8J

Finding a flush on the river, Riyazati is asked “How do you run so good?” His response “I don’t know. You tell me.” Argryos takes a dive into the croc-infested waters of Riyazati’s moat, bids his farewells, and makes a swift exit.

Amin Riyazati1,035,000
Billy ArgryosBUSTED!

Siebel takes another one

Higor Siebel rakes in another one after a battle with Kevin Lee, steadying his chip stack before being immediately moved to another table. The action was pretty straight forward… Check, raise, call, check, raise, call, check, raise, FOLD.

Board: Q492J

Higor Siebel495,000
Kevin Lee270,000

Prizepool Announced!

The prizepool for the Stacked $4k Challenge has been announced. A total of 83 entrants with just 24 remaining. The final 11 will be paid as per below –


Agresta the Aggressor

Raising from the cut off, Roy Agresta comes up against Josh Foster.

Agresta: AK
Foster: AJ

Board: 65J4K

Foster, a late entrant to today’s game, was hopeful on the flop, but that hope quickly diminished as he was not able to dodge the river and makes his way to the rail.

Beygirlioglu crippled

After losing a large chunk of her stack to Pierce Hynes, Anne Beygirlioglu made the move to go all in a few hands later. The blinds get out of the way and Travis Endersby makes the call.

Beygirlioglu: AJ
Endersby: KK

Board: 24J65

Travis Endersby205,000
Anne Beygirlioglu40,000

Jeffs v Tran

Table 3 bringing some action with Percy Jeffs and Stoney Tran now seated next to each other. Jeffs entering this tournament just moments before the end of Level 15 after just getting off a place, is already making his mark and winning pots. In this clash with Tran we see the following play out –

Board: J7Q

Jeffs checks, Tran bets 25,000. A small bet for Tran… A call from Jeffs.

Turn: J

Jeffs bets out with 35,000. Tran is not backing down with a raise to 70,000.

River: 4

Jeffs checks… Tran raises to 45,000, Jeffs calls… Tran tables his AA quickly and excitedly and a just as quick much from Jeffs sees Tran take down the pot.

Chip Counts!

Following a recent 10 minute break the players have been reseated and late registration has closed! We have a total of 83 entries, 26 remaining and heading into Level 16! A full payout list will be posted shortly. In the meantime here are a few chip counts from around the room.

Amin Riyazati861,000
Emad Zarghami663,000
Joe Sandaev570,000
Percy Jeffs511,000
Tony Xu490,000
Higor Siebel455,000
Michel Bouskila310,000
Anne Beygirlioglu270,000
Billy Argryos248,000
Pierce Hynes239,000
Chris Colaneri235,000
Joe Hachem215,000
Travis Endersby210,000

Sanding down the competition

Summoned over to Table 4, we were called for a three way all in. Campbell Ashton, Joe Sandaev and Thomas Pearce.

Ashton: JJ
Sandaev: KK
Pearce: 1010

Board: 35464

A low board is no help for Ashton or Pearce and they are sent to the rail. After calling for a 6 on the turn, Billy Argryos exclaims “I had pocket 7s!”

Joe Sandaev600,000
Campbell AshtonBUSTED!
Thomas PearceBUSTED!

Compilation of Contenders

Who’s about today?

With entries creeping up to that 80 mark this event is stacking up to be one of the finest this series at Stacked with some of the finest talent taking part.

Late entry is still available for one more level as we head into Level 15.

The shark takes a bite from the croc

On a board of 843J, Billy ‘The Croc’ Argryos is being put to a decision from Joe Hachem. Hachem’s chips are in the middle with the All In token placed next to it. The Croc sighs… ‘Joe, Joe, Joe.’

After deliberation, much thought and many a sigh again, Argryos eventually folds, giving Hachem the pot.

First elimination of day!

Heading over to Table 1, we see a hand unfolding between Michael Tomeny and Roman Priplotski.

Board: 35J3

We are on the river with the K being peeled and hear Priplotski announce ‘I’m all in’. A snap call by Tomeny with his pockets 5s and a disappointed Priplotski with his busted flush draw heading to the bar.

Tomeny: 55
Priplotski: 97

Michael Tomeny332,500
Roman PriplotskiBUSTED!

Cards are in the air!

Day 2 of the Stacked Poker Championships $4k Challenge has commenced! If Day 2 is anything like Day 1 we are in for a real treat today. Stacked Social was on fire yesterday, wait… no, that was the building next to the Majestic M. Scratch that. Stacked Social was buzzing yesterday! Poker players flew in from interstate with players from New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland taking their seats.

Hall of Famers Joe Hachem and Gary Benson were amongst them, Robert Damelian, Rob Spano, Amin Riyazati and the list goes on. Then of course your local Adelaide talent. Defending champion Pierce Hynes returning to hold on to his crown, Joe Sandaev, Chris Edgar and Nick Wright all battling it out for victory.

But it’s Emad Zarghami that leads the field today with 504,500. After chatting with Zarghami last night he is surprised to hear that he was chip leader considering the commotion coming from Table 2 where local Stoney Tran was seated. Tran is a cash game player so you may not have seen him in a tournament… actually you wouldn’t have as we are told this is his first tournament! Getting up to just over 1mill in chips last night, Tran was making some jaw-dropping bold moves, however losing half of his stack late in the night meant that he will go into today as second in chips to Zarghami.

Fancy a cocktail? Lunch? Pizza? Visit the friendly staff at Stacked to see what’s on offer.

The cards are in the air and the action has commenced so stay tuned to find out who will hit the rail, who will reign supreme and who will be our champion at the end of the day!

Day 2 Seat Draw

Table 1

1Roman Priplotski154,500
2Michael Tomeny178,000
3Amin Riyazati429,500
4Robert Damelian98,000
6Kevin Lee416,000
7Higor Siebel95,500
8Dave Ewing157,000

Table 2

1Travis Endersby175,500
2Yang Lei112,500
3Chris Edgar448,500
4Eddie Saade114,000
6Aditya Rao355,000
7Robert Spano94,000
8Tony Xu121,500

Table 3

1Andrew Michael239,500
2Nick Wright434,000
3Campbell Ashton45,000
5Michel Bouskila279,000
7Matthew Ginn211,500
8Chris Colenari64,500
9Emad Zarghami504,000

Table 4

1Pierce Hynes281,000
2Roy Agresta73,000
3Anne Beygirlioglu160,000
4Joe Sandaev418,500
6Stoney Tran450,000
7Thomas Pearce109,000
8Billy Argyros169,500

Day 2 $4k Challenge

Welcome back! Day 2 of the $4k Challenge will commence at 1pm ACDT today at the Stacked Social Poker Room in North Adelaide. Blinds will commence at Level 13: 2,500/5,000 with a 5,000 Big Blind Ante. Late registration is still open until Level 16 today, so come on down for your shot at winning this tournament!

If you played yesterday and are heading down to unbag your chips, please ensure you bring some photo ID with you to verify your bag and we look forward to seeing you soon! Seat allocations will be available shortly.

And of course, for all the action, stick with us here at PMA as we follow along and ultimately claim the next Stacked Poker Champion!


LevelSmall BlindBig BlindBig Blind Ante

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