STACKED POKER CHAMPIONSHIPS ‘Stacked $4k Challenge’ Day 1

That’s a wrap!

Chapter 1 in this story is closed. Players have bagged and tagged and we will return tomorrow for Day 2. Chip leader Emad Zarghami chats to PMA before leaving for the night and lets us know how his day went including a pivotal moment. Zarghami says he scooped some luck in the final hands and is stoked to be going in to Day 2 as chip leader. You can view this video on our social pages.

64 entries today with late rego still available up until Level 16 tomorrow. 28 players from today will return tomorrow to battle it out for that coveted prize and of course bragging rights. Below is a chip count list going in to Day 2. As you will see some our previously eliminated players have fought back on their second bullets and go in to Day 2 with a healthy stack.

The action will recommence at 1pm ACDT tomorrow and starting on Level 13: 3,000/6,000 (6,000).

Emad Zarghami504,500
Stoney Tran450,000
Chris Edgar448,500
Nick Wright434,000
Amin Riyazati429,500
Joe Sandaev418,500
Kevin Lee416,000
Aditya Rao355,000
Pierce Hynes281,000
Michel Bouskila279,000
Andrew Michael239,500
Matthew Ginn211,500
Michael Tomeny178,000
Travis Endersby175,500
Billy Argyros169,500
Anne Beygirliogou160,000
Dave Ewing157,000
Roman Priplotski154,500
Tony Xu121,500
Eddie Saade114,000
Yang Lei112,500
Thomas Pearce109,000
Robert Damelian98,000
Higor Siebel95,500
Robert Spano94,000
Roy Agresta73,000
Chris Colaneri64,500
Campbell Ashton45,000

It’s not going to ‘End’ersby… or is it?

Heating up with all in’s left, right and centre, we see a big hand emerging with Anne Beygirligou calling the all in of Travis Endersby and Michael Tomeny. Joe Hachem proclaims to Endersby and Tomeny after Beygirligou calls “You’re gone. You’re both gone now!” But…

Beygirligou: A10
Endersby: AQ
Tomeny: 77

Board: 41068Q

Spiking that Q on the river gives Endersby the double up, sends Tomeny to the rail and cripples Beygirligou. Chip counts to come!

Gettin’ Snappy With It

As we start to draw to the end of Day 1 of the $4k Challenge, cocktails are being served, the fragrance of fresh platters of food can be smelt and the vibe here at Stacked Social is humming with the shuffling of chips.

Here are some snaps from around the room.

Hachem’s holdin’ ’em

Rob Spano and Joe Hachem go head to head in a brief hand that we caught as walking past. Hachem put it all at stake on the turn…

Hachem: KQ
Spano: A2

Board: 103Q Turn: 4

Hachem finds the double with the K peeling on the river for top two pair against Spano’s busted flush draw.

Pretend I’m the best…

The banter is just as good as the game on Table 1 between Chris Colaneri and Campbell Ashton. Colaneri fires a pre-flop bet, only to be put to a decision by Ashton who casually puts all his cookies in the jar waiting for a response from Colaneri. Eddie Saade, the original raiser, tossing his cards to the muck to allow Colaneri and Asthon to battle it out.

Colaneri asks “You got the Ace King? Show me one?” Ashton answers “Just pretend I’m the best poker player you’ve ever met.”

Some deliberation and friendly banter later, Colaneri throws one chip in, indicating the call.

Colaneri: 1010
Ashton: AK

Board: 8J93K

“I’m back!” rings out across the poker room from the mouth of Ashton who rakes in his cookies and stacks em up.

Chippity Chip Chip Chip Counts

With still time to register or re-buy we are currently at 56 entries with a total prizepool so far of just over $201,000! As we head into the last three levels of play today there are 35 players currently on the felt and here are some chip counts from around the room.

Amin Riyazati441,000
Stoney Tran415,000
Nick Wright341,000
Travis Endersby250,000
Higor Siebel184,000
Eddie Saade183,000
Joe Sandaev152,000
Tony Xu151,000
Michel Bouskila121,000
Andrew Michael96,000
Joe Hachem92,000
Rob Spano39,500
Chris Edgar27,000

Last break of the night

Players are on a 10 minute break. We will return shortly with some updated chip counts.

He’s a Maniac, Maniac at your door

Affectionately known as a maniac, Stoney Tran has been making some bold moves on Table 2. The excitement is palpable… well it is from him. Perhaps not so much from his victims.

Watching two hands play out in a row, Tran has now sent three players to the rail and/or back to the cashier.

Hand 1 – The chips were in the middle pre-flop and coming up against opponents Aaron Sebastyan and Shane Baxter.

Tran: J9
Sebastyan: A4
Baxter: AQ

Board: 376810

Tran rivers the absolute nuts sending both players to the rail! Within minutes the third victim, Matthew Ginn, also takes his place on the rail. With Ginn pushing the remainder of his chips into the middle on the turn the board played out as such –

Board: 78A Turn: 5

Tran: 96
Ginn: AA

Ginn’s set of Aces is no good against the turned straight of Tran, and the 4 on the river was no help at all. Tran is dancing like he’s never danced before with no signs of slowing down.

Seeing double? Hachem again?

We catch another Hachem hand but this time with Anthony Hachem. Seated on Table 1, Hachem fired out a bet pre-flop. Adelaide local and PLO champion from last night Joe Sandaev makes the call.

Board: 564

A double check leads us to the turn of J. Could this have improved the hand of Hachem? He raises with 16,500 and a quick call from Sandaev. The river is the 5. Hachem doesn’t back down with another raise of 31,700. Counting out his chips, Sandaev thinks for a moment. Taking the plunge and re-raising to 100,000. Hachem looks down at his chips, looks at Sandaev, then reluctantly mucks his hand. Hachem finding himself back to starting stack.

Joe Sandaev221,000
Anthony Hachem100,000

Hachem fires another bullet

We catch the action on Table 2 with Joe Hachem all in pre-flop. Amin Riyazati had raised in the cut-off, a call from Hachem, a re-raise from the big blind of Aaron Sebastyan. A call from Riyazati and an all in from Hachem. We can hardly keep up!

Sebastyan allows us to catch up as he briefly tanks before making the call. Riyazati folds and the cards are tabled.

Hachem: QQ
Sebastyan: KK

Board: J27J9

With no help from the board Hachem is sent to the cashier to re-buy and re-seat.

Aaron Sebastyan221,700
Joe HachemBUSTED! (Followed by a Re-Buy)

Anne snags another one!

Anne Beygirligou takes down another big hand after dropping in chips just after the break. With Andrew Michael raising to 10,000 pre-flop, a small blind call from Higor Siebel, call from Beygirligou and call from Pierce Hynes, the defending champion, the pot was already building.

Board: 9K10

Siebel raises to 9,000 followed by a relatively quick call by Beygirligou. Hynes makes the decision to get out of the way and Michael calls.

Turn: 6

Siebel raises to 30,000. Beygirligou ponders for a while before saying those three famous words ‘I’m All In’. Pushing the rest of her chips in the middle (69,100). Michael decides to fold and Seibel goes into the tank for a minute before also deciding to muck. Anne Beygirligou gets a much needed double up.

Dinner break!

As we head into a dinner break and half way through today’s Day 1 of the $4k Challenge, the Main Event Flight 1A has taken their seats with two tables in full swing!

We will report on the Main Event a little later today, once the action of the $4k has closed off for Day 1. So far it’s been a steady few levels. A couple of eliminations and rebuys, some steady climbing and definitely a familiar face or two.

Amin Riyazati leads the field and goes into Level 7 with 282,000 chips.

Chip counts

Amin Riyazati282,000
Eddie Saade210,000
Roy Agresta202,000
Nick Wright189,000
Chris Colaneri172,000
Thomas Pearce163,000
Daniel Desmond153,000
Anne Beygirligou153,000
Joe Sandaev116,000
Billy Argyos108,000
Gary Benson103,000
Michel Bouskila96,300
Roman Priplotski83,500
Joe Hachem80,000
Shane Baxter44,000

Poker faces, lotto dreams!

Side bet anyone? Chasing some lotto dreams, Aston Martin’s, mansions and the share of $200mill, players are pooling their loot to enter tonight’s Powerball. With a total syndicate of $2,500, currently 10 players are taking part. All lead by Emanuel ‘Curly’ Seal.

We are told that if the win occurs tonight, the challenge would be to spend it all in one night… stay tuned…

Riyazati climbing

Walking over to Table 2, Amin Riyazati recalls to us the elimination of Marco Perri.

All of the action was pre-flop with 3-bets, 4-bets and then ultimately an all in call. We asked ‘what happened’? Riyazati quotes with a cheeky smile “oh it was funny!” with a few other laughs on the table too.

Riyazati: 56
Perri: 1010

Board: 48Q7A

Perri has since fired another bullet and is now seated on Table 1.

Time for a kit kat! Let’s take a break…

The first break of the day has already arrived and the $4k Challenge is heating up with more talent taking their seats just before the break. The recognisable voice of Rob Spano rings out across the room in excitement, Hall of Famers Gary Benson and Joe Hachem also take their seats along with Anthony Hachem, Billy ‘The Croc’ Argyos, Michael Tomeny and Nick Wright to name just a few.

Here are a few top chip counts from around the room…

Anne Beygirligou176,000
Chris Colaneri163,500
Daniel Desmond141,700
Travis Endersby139,200
Thomas Pearce139,000
Gary Benson131,000

3 way all in!

Just before the break we stumbled across a three way all in!

The river card had already fallen and Ross Lepro announces all in. Anne Beygirligou makes the call with Aditya Rao, shoving behind her. Without much delay Beygirligou makes the call again and all cards are tabled.

Beygirligou: 1010
Lepro: KQ
Rao: AK

Board: 66774

Anne Beygirligou176,00
Aditya Rao67,000
Ross LeproBUSTED!

Catching the small boats on the river

Cruising along and taking down a big pot early is Chris Colaneri. After cleanly flopping a set of three’s, Colaneri waited until the river to fire a big 50k bet across to Shane Baxter, the only other opponent in the hand, who swiftly called only to muck when sighting Colaneri’s completed boat on the river.

This puts Colaneri in an early chip lead with approximately 130,000.

Chris Colaneri130,000
Shane Baxter30,000

Familiar faces in the field…

And we are off and running! Currently 12 runners here at Stacked for the $4k Challenge but the players are still rolling in and it’s early days.

Already seen in the field today is Stacked’s very own Andrew Michael, as well as $8k Super High Roller winner Brett Rouzre, Amin Riyazati, Rob Damelian, Travis Endersby, Tony Xu and Adelaide local Shane Baxter.

Burn and turn!

The action started off the felt today with several players and our PMA reporter evacuated from the Majestic M Suites down the road from Stacked Social as a fire burned next door in the former Primitive Methodist Church and former Studio 9 building.

At approximately 9:30am, evacuation alarms were heard throughout the building and upon arriving downstairs many fire trucks and police surrounded the building. PMA spoke with a tradesperson following the event who reports that three couches were found inside the building on fire that were deliberately lit. Who by? We do not know at this stage.

The fire was reported at 9am by onlookers across the road with several fire trucks arriving on the scene shortly afterwards. No one was injured. The inside of the building is blackened but no further structural damage done thanks to the quick response of the firey’s!

What an eventful way to start the day off! We prefer to keep the burning and turning on the felt only in future please!

Shuffle up and deal!

Those alluring words of ‘Shuffle up and Deal’ have been announced and the cards are in the air for the $4k Challenge.

Players will commence with 100,000 in chips, and below is the structure of today’s Day 1 with 30-40 min blind levels (Level 1-4 will be 30 mins, Levels 5-12 will be 40 mins with a dinner break after Level 6). Players will play 12 levels before bagging and tagging and heading in to Day 2 tomorrow. 

LevelSmall BlindBig BlindBig Blind Ante

Hello and welcome!

Hello to all of you tuning in from Australia, New Zealand and around the world and welcome to PokerMedia Australia’s coverage of the Stacked Poker Championships in Adelaide, South Australia. We are kicking off our coverage in style with the Stacked $4k Challenge today and tomorrow, followed by all the action on the felt of the Main Event over the weekend.

The cards will be in the air shortly, but while you wait, dive into our collection of news articles, blogs, and live reporting archives. Be sure to bookmark our website and follow us on social media pages so you don’t miss any of the exciting content!

Our coverage will commence at 3pm ACDT from the beauty of the Stacked Social Poker Room here in North Adelaide, South Australia. Right now though Stacked Social is buzzing and it’s clear to see why. With options to run the gauntlett with a game of Flip with Garry from Elite Poker Massage or enjoy some wood-oven pizza and a decadent cocktail, Stacked Social is Adelaide’s ultimate poker destination and has something for everyone.

Throughout this series we have already seen seven champions crowned. Peter Macdonald was the first to be crowned in early January winning the Warm Up event, Brett Rouvre took down the $8k Super High Roller after a deal was made with Travis Endersby, and Marco Perri stacked up his bounty chips to claim the top prize for the Survivor Bounty. Other winners include Victor Zajarskas, Edwin Tan, Eddie Saade and last night we saw none other than Adelaide local Joe Sandaev dominate in the PLO! Who will be next?

Stay tuned today as we bring you all the action on the felt and around the room here at Stacked Social and to all of the players in the field today, may the river be ever in your favour!

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