LIVE REPORTING: 2023 WSOP-C Gold Coast Main Event Final Table

Congratulations Craig Rimmer, 2023 WSOP-C Gold Coast Main Event Champion! ($271,184)

After more than hour of heads up play, Craig Rimmer has converted the start-of-day chip lead into a win here at The Star Gold Coast.

The Englishman bounced back from behind several times in the heads up phase of the tournament against a very strong opponent in JP Rounce-Sue, before finally getting all the chips in with a rivered two pair to take down the WSOP Circuit title.

The $271,184 surpasses Rimmer’s previous best career result by around quarter of a million dollars. Asked by PMA how he intended to celebrate, Rimmer laughed and said “tonight will definitely be a big one!” but that he had not really considered at any stage what he would do with the money if he won, “It still hasn’t sunk in, at all”.

Rimmer continued, saying he “intended to take poker more seriously”, especially in the knowledge that part of his victory here today includes an invitation to the Tournament Of Champions at the WSOP in Las Vegas.

2023 WSOP-C Gold Coast Main Event – Final Table Placings

ChampionCraig RimmerEngland$271,184
Runner-upJP Rounce-SueNew Zealand$167,603
3rdAli GhezelbashAustralia$122,920
4thScott CarmichaelAustralia$91,297
5thCuong LeAustralia$68,683
6thQais ShanasaAustralia$52,346
7thNoman MirzaAustralia$40,422
8thPeter ApostolouAustralia$31,633
9thDaniel NojaAustralia$25,091

JP Rounce-Sue eliminated in 2nd place ($167,603)

JP Rounce-Sue called the open from Craig Rimmer on the button preflop, the two seeing a flop of K24.

Rounce-Sue then called a bet from Rimmer, before checking once more on the 7 turn.

Rimmer fired again, to a second flat call from Rounce-Sue, then bet 1.35 million after Rounce-Sue checked to him on the 8 river.

Rounce-Sue took a few moments, before announcing all in for approximately 4 million. Rimmer lowered his hoodie, which had been covering his mouth, and took just a couple of seconds before saying “Call.”

“It’s over” said Rounce-Sue, when he saw Rimmer’s cards. Rounce-Sue had tabled 74 but the two pair was bested by the K8 of Rimmer.

It still marks the 3rd six-figure score for 19 year old Rounce-Sue in the latter half of 2023. Congratulations and good game JP!

JP Rounce-SueBUSTED!
JP Rounce-Sue

All in call!

First hand with a new dealer and the dealer could be forgiven for thinking they’d done it in one hand – JP Rounce-Sue moving in on the river against Craig Rimmer and Rimmer calling before the dealer could even locate the big red triangle, much less put it in front of Rounce-Sue.

The full board was 9398Q. Three bets on the flop, turn, and river by Rounce-Sue had all been called by Rimmer; flop bet unknown, 1 million on the turn, all in on the river.

Then Rounce-Sue tabled J7 for a triple barrel bluff, picked off by Rimmer with 76. This isn’t over yet.

Craig Rimmer11,600,000
JP Rounce-Sue8,725,000

You’re good

Craig Rimmer fired a bet of 1.75 million on a full board showing 61010J4, after being called by Rounce-Sue on the flop and turn.

Rounce-Sue found a third call, prompting Rimmer to state “You’re good” and muck his hand; Rounce-Sue taking the pot without showdown.

Rounce-Sue moved back into the chip lead.

Queens for Rounce-Sue

Both JP Rounce-Sue and Craig Rimmer checked on the turn, with a board showing 91086. A pot of around 5 million was sitting in the middle.

On the 5 river, Rounce-Sue bet 1.4 million, to a quick call from Rimmer.

Rounce-Sue tabled QQ to take the pot as Rimmer mucked.

JP Rounce-Sue10,625,000
Craig Rimmer9,700,000

Rimmer right back into it

“All in call!” from the feature table, as JP Rounce-Sue moved in on Craig Rimmer on the flop of 827. Rimmer had bet 750,000, and Rimmer had snap called the shove.

Rounce-Sue had tabled 109, which needed a little help against the K8 of Rimmer.

Diamonds not available for Rounce-Sue, the board ran out 7, Q to award Rimmer yet another massive double up.

Craig Rimmer10,675,000
JP Rounce-Sue9,650,000

Round two Rounce-Sue

With a full board showing 85K6J, Craig Rimmer checked the action across to JP Rounce-Sue, having called a bet from Rounce-Sue on the turn.

Rounce-Sue loaded up the barrel and fired a bet of 1,350,000 into Rimmer.

Rimmer cut out the calling chips and entered the tank.

After a short while, Rimmer confirmed the bet, and made the call to see Rounce-Sue table K3 before mucking.

JP Rounce-Sue12,475,000
Craig Rimmer7,850,000
JP Rounce-Sue

Round one, Rimmer

Craig Rimmer 3-bet to 1,200,000 from the big blind after JP Rounce-Sue popped it up to 350,000 from the button.

Rounce-Sue made the call, with the pair seeing a flop of 47A. After spreading his arms so that Rounce-Sue could see his stack at request (around 4 million), Rimmer check-called a bet of 800,000 from Rounce-Sue.

On the 5 turn, Rimmer checked again. Rounce-Sue asked for and received the big red triangle, applying maximum pressure to Rimmer with an all-in bet… only for Rimmer to snap-call and table 44.

Rounce-Sue wasn’t dead, though – having flopped a double gutter straight draw with 53, both draws still live.

The 7 on the river only served to fill Rimmer up, however, securing a vital double up.

Craig Rimmer10,750,000
JP Rounce-Sue9,575,000
Craig Rimmer

Battle of the expats

The elimination of Ali Ghezelbash left just two players remaining, vying for the title and the $271K first prize, not to mention the coveted WSOP Circuit Championship ring.

JP Rounce-Sue, originally from New Zealand, now calls Brisbane home. Rounce-Sue scored victory in the Opening Event at WPT Australia here at The Star Gold Coast earlier this year, for a maiden six figure score of $156,413, before following it up the very next month at APT Nationals in Sydney; winning ‘The Goliath’ for $100,000 neat. Rounce-Sue will start heads up as the chip leader.

On the other end of the table is Craig Rimmer. Rimmer, who started today as chip leader, hails from Blackpool in England and also now calls Brisbane home. On paper, Rimmer is very much the underdog, even against the youth of Rounce-Sue, Rimmer’s only been playing poker for a couple of years and his previous best score is around AU$20K, earned for a final table finish in the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour.

Ali Ghezelbash eliminated in 3rd place ($122,920)

The very next hand, Ali Ghezelbash shoved for 1,725,000. Craig Rimmer folded and JP Rounce-Sue snap-called.

Ghezelbash tabled A4, and looked as though a chop was likely, after Rounce-Sue tabled A5.

Moments later, it was over. Ghezelbash threw his hands in the air as the flop spread 55Q. A little bit of hope for survival as the 7 dropped on the turn, giving Ghezelbash a flush draw, but the 8 was the wrong kind of red to send Ghezelbash to the rail.

JP Rounce-Sue12,875,000
Ali GhezelbashBUSTED!
Ali Ghezelbash

Ghezelbash feeling the pressure

Craig Rimmer fired a barrel of 725,000, with the board showing 1063J.

Ali Ghezelbash made the call, and the two saw the 3 drop on the river.

Ghezelbash checked, and Rimmer wasted no time applying maximum pressure, shoving on Ghezelbash.

Ghezelbash mulled it over before folding K10 face up.

Ali Ghezelbash1,725,000

Second break, chip counts

With just three players remaining, the second 15-minute break of the day has commenced moments ago.

PMA took the time to get accurate chip counts for all three.

3Ali Ghezelbash3,675,000
6Craig Rimmer6,390,000
9JP Rounce-Sue10,475,000
JP Rounce-Sue leads into the break

Ghezelbash doubles twice

Ali Ghezelbash found himself all in and at risk twice in consecutive hands moments before the second break in play.

On the first, Ghezelbash shoved from the small blind and was called by Craig Rimmer – Rimmer with K8 looking to take the tournament to heads up, dominating the 87 of Ghezelbash.

Safe for Rimmer on the 494 flop, safe-ish on the Q turn, but the 7 pain for Rimmer as he reeled away from the table.

Round two, and this time Ghezelbash opened to 350,000 from the button before JP Rounce-Sue shoved on him from the big blind. Ghezelbash snap-called with A3 and found himself ahead of the KJ of Rounce-Sue.

Not for long – the 6K10 three hearts for Ghezelbash but top pair for Rounce-Sue. The 4 on the turn changed nothing, Ghezelbash needing a heart or Ace to double through once more.

Bink. The A on the river shipped some more across, and Ghezelbash got right back into the game.

A force to be reckoned with

Scott Carmichael eliminated in 4th place ($91,297)

On the very next hand, JP Rounce-Sue shoved from the small blind when action folded to him, applying maximum pressure to the short stack of Scott Carmichael.

Carmichael hit the tank for an age, before calling off to put himself at risk with QJ.

Rounce-Sue tabled A3 and would stay ahead on the 877 flop, before turning Carmichael dead as the A peeled off, despite Carmichael collecting a consolation Q on the river.

Rounce-Sue has taken over the chip lead for now, more than 50% of the chips in play.

JP Rounce-Sue10,475,000
Scott CarmichaelBUSTED!
Scott Carmichael

Aces versus Aces

Scott Carmichael opened to 275,000 under the gun. Ali Ghezelbash folded the button, but Craig Rimmer definitely seemed interested.

A moment later, Rimmer 3-bet to 675,000. Folding back around, Carmichael announced all in. Rimmer snap-called. The rail assembled.

Carmichael tabled AA. Rimmer tabled AA. Oh.

Ranks not required, the board came Diamond, Club, Club, Diamond. Chop.

Computer hand strikes live

Queen Seven is known by some as the “Computer Hand”; and for Scott Carmichael, it was enough to take a stand, 3-bet shoving against a 275,000 open from Craig Rimmer.

Rimmer snap-called to put Carmichael at risk.

Rimmer: AJ
Carmichael: Q7

Carmichael immediately took the lead on the QK6 flop, pairing up whilst still needing to fade Broadway or the Ace.

The 5, 7 run out only improved Carmichael to two pair to double through.

Craig Rimmer5,800,000
Scott Carmichael3,475,000

Four handed four bet

Ali Ghezelbash opened the action to 250,000 from the button.

Craig Rimmer, in the very next seat, raised to 725,000. With action now on JP Rounce-Sue, there was a moments pause before Rounce-Sue dragged his big blind back.

That action binding Rounce-Sue to a raise, Rounce-Sue counted out piles of dark blue T100K chips before sliding forwards a 4-bet from the big blind to 1,525,000.

Ghezelbash let his hand go, before Rimmer – perhaps wondering whether Rounce-Sue had a 4-bet-fold range at all – gave a smile and let his hand go as well.

Craig Rimmer7,675,000
JP Rounce-Sue6,725,000
Ali Ghezelbash3,650,000

Cuong Le eliminated in 5th place ($68,683)

JP Rounce-Sue shoved from the big blind against the shortening stack of Cuong Le.

Le looked down at K5 and decided that was good enough against the range of the aggressive Rounce-Sue – correctly as it turned out, when Rounce-Sue tabled J3.

The flop of 3102 favoured Rounce-Sue, however, and Le was left shaking his head in defeat as the turn peeled off the J to leave him drawing dead.

JP Rounce-Sue3,275,000
Cuong Le

Qais Shanasa eliminated in 6th place ($52,346)

Craig Rimmer channelled a little of the recently departed Noman Mirza, shoving with 33 on the very next hand from the cut-off.

Qais Shanasa called off from the button, for 1,650,000 effective, before both blinds relinquished their hands.

Shanasa tabled 88.

Once again, the flop of 5J2 had the backdoor draw for the Threes, and once again, the turn A provided the possibility.

This time, Rimmer would strike gold on the 4 river to hit the runner runner gutshot wheel and send Shanasa to the payout desk.

Craig Rimmer8,400,000
Qais ShanasaBUSTED!
Qais Shanasa

Noman Mirza eliminated in 7th place ($40,422)

Noman Mirza open shoved from the cut-off, with action folding to JP Rounce-Sue’s big blind.

Rounce-Sue slowly peeled his cards back – and then immediately called, knocked a stack into the middle and hurriedly tabled AA.

Mirza tabled 33, and picked up two backdoor draws on the 2K6 flop.

The 4 on the turn brought in the backdoor straight possibility, but the Q on the river marked the end of Mirza’s run.

JP Rounce-Sue2,500,000
Noman MirzaBUSTED!
Noman Mirza

First break; updated counts

The remaining 7 players have departed on their first 15-minute break of the day.

The chipstacks have been somewhat shuffled; here are the current counts.

1Cuong Le1,715,000
2Scott Carmichael3,470,000
3Ali Ghezelbash4,465,000
5Noman Mirza920,000
6Craig Rimmer6,390,000
8Qais Shanasa1,805,000
9JP Rounce-Sue1,560,000
*Note – the T5K chips will be raced off after the break

Peter Apostolou eliminated in 8th place ($31,633)

Craig Rimmer opened to 160,000 from the hijack, and a short-stacked Peter Apostolou shoved for around 400K from the cut-off. Both blinds folded and Rimmer snap-called to put Apostolou at risk.

“About time I got lucky against you!” laughed Apostolou, as he tabled A10 and saw he was dominated by the AK of Rimmer.

Chopportunities for Apostolou as the board ran out J4J, 7, but the 6 fell short for Apostolou as the local favourite hit the rail at the hands of the Englishman.

Craig Rimmer6,700,000
Peter ApostolouBUSTED!
Peter Apostolou

Massive shove for Carmichael

Scott Carmichael opened to 175,000 for the third time in a row – on the first, Noman Mirza had 3-bet shoved and stolen it away, before Carmichael stole the blinds on the second – and was 3-bet again by Mirza, this time to 400,000.

Action folded back around to Carmichael, who called to see a 624 flop. Carmichael checked, and Mirza continued to the tune of 300,000 to a flat call from Carmichael, before both checked the 6 turn.

Carmichael checked again after a moment on the 4 river. Mirza took some time before sliding in a full stack of blue T25K chips, a bet of 500,000 to Carmichael.

Carmichael ripped it. Shoving all in, with Mirza barely covered, the bet sent Mirza into the tank for several very long minutes, shaking his head and muttering.

After an eternity, Mirza let it go, sending the defining pot in Carmichael’s direction.

Scott Carmichael3,870,000
Noman Mirza875,000
Carmichael on the up

Rounce-Sue loses another

Ali Ghezelbash opened in middle position and JP Rounce-Sue made the call from the big blind.

Ghezelbash continued after a check from Rounce-Sue on the 7K2 flop with a bet of 135,000. Rounce-Sue called once more.

The 4 again prompted a check-call from Rounce-Sue, this time 230,000 the bet from Ghezelbash, before Rounce-Sue checked a third time on the 2 river.

Ghezelbash tabled K10, Rounce-Sue slowly slid his cards in face down.

Ali Ghezelbash4,005,000
JP Rounce-Sue1,650,000
JP Rounce-Sue

Shanasa getting busy

JP Rounce-Sue opened under the gun and action folded around to Qais Shanasa in the big blind. Shanasa completed, and then check-called a bet of 110,000 from Rounce-Sue on the 993 flop.

Shanasa checked again on the 10 turn and Rounce-Sue continued the line, betting 275,000.

Shanasa took the time to count down his stack and see how much he had on top, before announcing all in and immediately going into hiding, cap down low. The all in was for approximately 900K total.

Rounce-Sue tanked over the decision for several minutes before letting his hand go.

Shanasa showed 33 as he raked in the pot.

JP Rounce-Sue2,360,000
Qais Shanasa1,810,000
Qais Shanasa

Double double for Carmichael

Scott Carmichael was getting dangerously short when he 3-bet shoved over a Noman Mirza early position open for roughly 600K with 1010.

Mirza made the call with AQ and would immediately take the lead on the KQ3 flop, but Carmichael gained a metric ton of outs on the J turn – which would immediately eventuate when Noman hit the two pair he didn’t want on the A river.

A few hands later, Carmichael opened in early position, with action folding around to Qais Shanasa in the small blind. Shanasa 3-bet to 400,000, and Carmichael ripped it for 1,440,000.

Shanasa, to his credit, did not snap call, taking several minutes of consideration before making the call to see that it was, indeed, a massive cooler.

Shanasa tabled QQ, but Carmichael was way ahead with KK, before ripping the bandaid off with a K89 flop, with the turn 8 rendering Shanasa dead in the water.

Scott Carmichael3,000,000
Noman Mirza1,250,000
Qais Shanasa775,000
Scott Carmichael

Daniel Noja eliminated in 9th place ($25,091)

Action folded to Daniel Noja in the small blind, who shoved on Noman Mirza in the big blind.

Mirza took one quick look at his cards and announced call immediately.

Mirza: A4
Noja: 85

With MC Tanera Nathan calling the action on the mic, the Ace in the window caused many leaning forwards to see in the rail to relax again – before the flop spread 7KA. Game on.

“Six of clubs!” called Noja, before the 9 peeled off to at least give Noja the straight draw.

The river J was perhaps a little anticlimactic, but with that, Noja hit the rail – the $25K score more than enough to take his lifetime earnings over the half a million mark however!

Noman Mirza2,035,000
Daniel NojaBUSTED!
Daniel Noja

First blood

Peter Apostolou raised under-the-gun to 120,000, with a flat call from JP Rounce-Sue a couple of seats to his left.

Action folded around to Craig Rimmer in the big blind, who completed to see a 1098 flop.

Rimmer checked it over to Apostolou, who fired 80,000. Two calls from Rounce-Sue and Rimmer saw the 6 hit the turn.

Rimmer checked once more, and this time Apostolou quickly checked as well. Rounce-Sue took some time before firing a bet of 230,000. A call from Rimmer, and a quick call from Apostolou, before the K completed the board.

Three checks in succession; “First to show”, said the dealer, indicating Rimmer, but it was Apostolou’s 1010 that was tabled first. No good – Rimmer showed K7 for the bottom straight while Rounce-Sue mucked.

Craig Rimmer5,430,000
Peter Apostolou1,440,000
Top set down in flames

It all comes down to this

Six full days of poker so far, one to go. The WSOP-C Gold Coast Main Event will decide a winner today, with the eventual champion taking home $271,184 and the WSOP Circuit Championship ring.

Will it be local legend Peter Apostolou, or Brisbane’s Noman Mirza? Perhaps Ali Ghezelbash or Daniel Noja, both long-time crushers in the Australian poker scene? Maybe Craig Rimmer – the Englishman earning his career best cash no matter what happens today. JP Rounce-Sue is gunning for a second title at The Star Gold Coast this year.

No matter what happens, PMA will be in the house front and centre to bring you all of the action, so bookmark this page and we’ll see you at 11:30 local time!

2023 WSOP-C Gold Coast Main Event Final Table – chip counts

1Cuong Le2,605,000
2Scott Carmichael1,215,000
3Ali Ghezelbash3,495,000
4Daniel Noja855,000
5Noman Mirza2,075,000
6Craig Rimmer4,395,000
7Peter Apostolou1,780,000
8Qais Shanasa1,915,000
9JP Rounce-Sue2,020,000

2023 WSOP-C Gold Coast Main Event Final Table – payouts


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