LIVE REPORTING: 2023 WSOP-C Gold Coast Main Event Day 3

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2023 WSOP-C Gold Coast Main Event Final Table!

After a touch over 9 hours of play today, the 43 players who made Day 3 have been whittled down to just nine.

There were trials and pitfalls throughout the day, with a number of players going on chip stack (and emotional) roller coasters; including Noman Mirza, who went from chip lead to short stack and back again.

One of the benefactors of the Mirza downswing period was none other than the Final Table chip leader, England’s Craig Rimmer. Rimmer, who’s been playing poker for a couple of years and is on a working holiday in Australia, was holding the nut flush when Mirza shoved into him with an inferior flush, setting Rimmer up for a hot run going towards the final table.

Craig Rimmer, before he went on the hottest run of the day

Asked about the run, Rimmer said “It was crazy! Especially because I was one of the short stacks, I think I had about 700K after I lost a few flips and then built it up a little bit, then the flush over flush against Noman, then the Queens hand, then the Ace Jack hand, and suddenly I’m chip leader like an hour later, just crazy.”

Rimmer, whose previous biggest score was in the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour in London for £11,040 (around AU$21,000) back in 2020, plans to “go home and get a good nights rest!” in preparation for the biggest final table of his career thus far.

Back row (L-R) – Qais Shanasa, Noman Mirza, Daniel Noja, Peter Apostolou, Craig Rimmer. Front row (L-R) – Scott Carmichael, Cuong Le, Ali Ghezelbash, JP Rounce-Sue. Photo courtesy of The Star Gold Coast.

2023 WSOP-C Gold Coast Main Event Final Table

1Cuong Le2,605,000
2Scott Carmichael1,215,000
3Ali Ghezelbash3,495,000
4Daniel Noja855,000
5Noman Mirza2,075,000
6Craig Rimmer4,395,000
7Peter Apostolou1,780,000
8Qais Shanasa1,915,000
9JP Rounce-Sue2,020,000

Yoon Kang eliminated in 10th place ($20,176)

“All in call!” from Table 1 here at The Star Gold Coast, where Yoon Kang was all in and at risk for his last 925,000 with KK.

Cuong Le was looking for a little help to set up our Final Table with 88.

The assistance required would arrive immediately – an Eight in the window as the flop spread out 6A8 to the shock of the large rail.

Kang was unable to catch up on the 10, J run out and with that, the 2023 WSOP-C Main Event Final Table has been set!

Cuong Le2,605,000
Yoon KangBUSTED!
Yoon Kang

Anthony Harach eliminated in 11th place ($20,176)

Anthony Harach 3-bet jammed out of the blinds against a Craig Rimmer open.

Rimmer called to put Harach at risk, but Harach was in front – he tabled AQ, dominating over the AJ of Rimmer.

The flop of 725 only strengthened Harach’s position – removing any potential four card get-out-of-jail passes for Rimmer – before the J on the turn flipped the story on it’s head.

No miracle Queen for Harach on the 8 river, and he hit the rail. With that, the 2023 WSOP-C Gold Coast Main Event is now on the Final Table bubble and playing hand-for-hand.

Craig Rimmer4,655,000
Anthony HarachBUSTED!
Anthony Harach

Attila Bognar eliminated in 12th place ($20,176)

Attila Bognar opened to 125,000 and action folded around to big stack Craig Rimmer in the blinds.

Rimmer slid out a 3-bet to 400,000. Bognar didn’t waste much time in shoving all in for roughly 1.5 million – and Rimmer didn’t waste any time in snap-calling to put Bognar at risk.

It was the classic race, AK for Bognar needing to connect to best the QQ of Rimmer.

The 27J missed Bognar, the 2 on the turn also safe for Rimmer.

It was nothing but net for Rimmer with the Q on the river, a slam dunk win.

Craig Rimmer3,935,000
Attila BognarBUSTED!
Attila Bognar

Slav Rypinski eliminated in 13th place ($16,451)

Slav Rypinski opened the action under the gun with a raise to 125,000.

Action folded around to Noman Mirza, who recently lost another chunk after doubling up JP Rounce-Sue. Mirza shoved, covering Rypinski but barely. Rypinski called off for 955,000 effective.

Rypinski: KK
Mirza: A10

Rypinski stayed ahead on the Q106 flop, but rapped the table in unfettered frustration as the turn peeled 10 to give Mirza the lead, and was unable to find a King, the river the 4 to end Rypinski’s run.

Noman Mirza2,300,000
Slav RypinskiBUSTED!
Slav Rypinski

Rimmer vaults to chip lead

Noman Mirza check-raised a 125,000 bet from Craig Rimmer on a flop of 2A4. The price of poker now 325,000, Rimmer gave it some consideration before placing out calling chips only.

On the 6 turn, Mirza went for it all, shoving all in, for a pot of around 1M.

Rimmer quickly double checked his cards and called for 885,000 effective – his KJ getting there at the same time as Mirza’s 75 for a flush over flush cooler.

With no straight flush redraw, Mirza shipped over a chunk of change to Rimmer – but still hangs around the 2 million mark himself.

Craig Rimmer2,770,000
Noman Mirza1,990,000
Noman Mirza

Adrian Pacheco eliminated in 14th place ($16,451)

Adrian Pacheco, getting a massage from one of the masseuses with Best Hands Shiatsu Massage post-dinner break, raised to 500,000 from the hijack.

Action folded to Ali Ghezelbash in the small blind, who was also receiving a massage from one of the masseuses with Best Hands Shiatsu Massage post-dinner break. Ghezelbash asked how much Pacheco had behind.

“Enough to fold!” joked Pacheco, lifting his arms to show the handful of yellow T5K chips behind.

Ghezelbash jammed, forcing Yoon Kang out of the pot, and Pacheco obligingly called off.

Ghezelbash: AA
Pacheco: K10

In dire trouble in the battle of the masseuses, Pacheco was dead on the turn as the board ran out Q2776 with MC Tanera Nathan calling the action on the mic.

Ali Ghezelbash1,570,000
Adrian PachecoBUSTED!
Adrian Pacheco

Travis Endersby eliminated in 15th place ($16,451)

Travis Endersby shoved with A10 and was called by Noman Mirza with KQ.

“The hand of death!” Endersby remarked to our reporter as he collected his belongings (Endersby, not our reporter), after flopping top pair on the 9710 flop, but then getting smashed on the K, Q run out.

Noman Mirza2,675,000
Travis EndersbyBUSTED!
Travis Endersby

Set for Shanasa

Adrian Pacheco checked to Qais Shanasa on the turn, with a board showing 4269. Shanasa fired a bet of 180,000, to a call from Pacheco.

Pacheco repeated the check-call on the 7 river, this time a bet of 350,000 from Shanasa, before mucking his hand when Shanasa tabled 22 for bottom set.

Qais Shanasa2,470,000
Adrian Pacheco580,000
Qais Shanasa

Dinner break

Play has slowed right down in the WSOP-C Gold Coast Main Event, with 15 players to start the Level, and 15 players to end the Level.

It’s dinner break time, with all players given 30-minutes to refresh and eat before returning to battle it out to our final nine.

Peter Apostolou still leads, but the roller coaster that is Noman Mirza is going up once more; now second in chips and the only other stack over 2 million. Who’s your picks to make the Final Table?

Table 1

2Qais Shanasa1,600,000
3Daniel Noja680,000
4Adrian Pacheco1,295,000
5Cuong Le1,945,000
6Peter Apostolou2,195,000
8Ali Ghezelbash790,000
9Yoon Kang1,885,000

Table 7

1Scott Carmichael835,000
2Noman Mirza2,090,000
3Slav Rypinski1,330,000
4Craig Rimmer1,085,000
5JP Rounce-Sue1,055,000
6Anthony Harach1,060,000
7Attila Bognar1,770,000
9Travis Endersby680,000

Huge double for Bognar

JP Rounce-Sue open shoved from the button to apply pressure on the blinds. Anthony Harach had a bad hand and folded, but Attila Bognar had a quick look at the clock.

In short order, Bognar called to put himself at risk.

Bognar: JJ
Rounce-Sue: 22

Twos never lose… or so they say. Today, no help materialised on the A794Q board to double Bognar into a big stack to contend with.

Attila Bognar2,250,000
JP Rounce-Sue1,200,000
Attila Bognar

Amin Riyazati eliminated in 16th place ($13,604)

Amin Riyazati opened to 60,000 from the cutoff only to see Qais Shanasa 3-bet shove from the button.

Daniel Noja and Adrian Pacheco folded their blinds, and with action back on Riyazati, he re-checked his cards, gave a shrug, and called off for his remaining 710,000.

Shanasa tabled 1010 up against the AJ of Riyazati, and hit top set on the 2106 flop.

Riyazati held the Ace of Clubs and would need another club, but the turn put a swift end to that dream – Shanasa hitting the 10 on the turn to end it.

Qais Shanasa1,950,000
Amin RiyazatiBUSTED!
Amin Riyazati

Endersby finds a crucial double

On the very next hand, Travis Endersby shoved for his last 415,000, also UTG+1, and found action when Craig Rimmer re-shoved to force the blinds out.

Endersby tabled 99 against the AK of Rimmer, and remained ahead throughout the 845J6 board.

Craig Rimmer1,535,000
Travis Endersby905,000
Triton Endersby

Khac Trung Tran eliminated in 17th place ($13,604)

Khac Trung Tran open shoved for his last 285,000 UTG+1, with action folding all the way around to JP Rounce-Sue in the small blind.

Rounce-Sue iso-shoved, forcing Anthony Harach to give up his big blind, and the cards were tabled.

Tran: 55
Rounce-Sue: K10

Rounce-Sue was all over the AKJ87 board, and Tran hit the rail, unable to spike a miracle.

JP Rounce-Sue1,680,000
Khac Trung TranBUSTED!
Khac Trung Tran

Zhixiang Ang eliminated in 18th place ($13,604)

Cuong Le opened in late position before Zhixiang Ang shoved from the blinds; Le made the call to put the overnight chipleader at risk on the Star Poker Feature Table.

Ang: 55
Le: KJ

Ang’s pocket pair stayed ahead on the 974 flop, though Le picked up a flush draw to go with his over cards.

The 9 turn provided some additional outs to counterfeit – but the J was all she wrote, Ang hitting the rail in 18th place.

Cuong Le1,945,000
Zhixiang AngBUSTED!
Zhixiang Ang

Exciting flop!

Didier Guerin stopped by the PMA desk on his way out of the door – he was recently eliminated in 19th place in a blind versus blind confrontation.

Recounting to our reporter, Guerin explained action had folded to JP Rounce-Sue in the small blind, who had shoved on Guerin with Q9.

Guerin had repeated his earlier ‘one card at a time for dramatic effect!’ trick. The first one was a good one, the second one even better, and Guerin made the call with KJ.

“It was a very exciting flop!” he said, as he flopped top pair versus the combo draw of Rounce-Sue on the J102 flop.

The turn K improved Guerin to two pair, but simultaneously gave Rounce-Sue the straight which would eliminate Guerin on the meaningless 8 river.

The Main Event has now broken down to two tables remaining.

JP Rounce-Sue1,515,000
Dider GuerinBUSTED!
Didier Guerin

It’s a tough game sometimes

Zac Vigar returned from the break to a healthy stack, and three hands later, it was over.

On the second hand, Vigar got the chips in preflop versus Noman Mirza.

“I hope you have Jacks!” said Mirza, as he tabled KQ. Vigar tabled QQ. Mirza flushed the 857 flop, leaving Vigar calling for a Five after the 5 on the turn, before hitting a K for a teensy bit of over-kill on the river.

On the very next hand, Vigar shoved and found action from Scott Carmichael; Vigar stood and said “This would be the worst … of all time” as he tabled AA.

Carmichael tabled 99, and Vigar’s fate was sealed as the board ran out 69510J. Ouch.

Noman Mirza1,365,000
Scott Carmichael1,170,000
Zac VigarBUSTED!
Zac Vigar

Break time

With the average stack now over a million, the remaining 20 players have departed on their second 15-minute break of the day. Full counts as follows;

Table 1

1Amin Riyazati1,100,000
2Qais Shanasa635,000
3Daniel Noja500,000
5Cuong Le1,615,000
6Peter Apostolou2,710,000
7Zhixiang Ang875,000
8Ali Ghezelbash665,000

Table 7

1Scott Carmichael520,000
2Noman Mirza270,000
3Slav Rypinski855,000
4Craig Rimmer1,615,000
7Zac Vigar1,405,000
8Khac Trung Tran685,000
9Travis Endersby740,000

Table 8

1JP Rounce-Sue995,000
2Didier Guerin760,000
4Attila Bognar1,400,000
5Anthony Harach820,000
6Adrian Pacheco1,710,000
7Yoon Kang575,000

2023 WSOP-C Gold Coast Main Event – remaining payouts


All in call!

Table 8 is no stranger to action today, and Anthony Harach has just been moved across to balance the short-handed table after yet another elimination.

Recounted to PMA after the hand by Didier Guerin, Attila Bognar had opened preflop in middle position before Liam Jehu ripped it for 750,000 out of the blinds.

Bognar called to put Jehu at risk.

Bognar: QQ
Jehu: AK

Unlike all of the Ace King’s we reported in quick succession earlier today, Jehu was unable to connect on the 22J36 board and hit the rail – just 21 players remain on our way to the Final Table.

Attila Bognar1,525,000
Didier Guerin900,000
Liam JehuBUSTED!
Liam Jehu

The one time

Noman Mirza completed the small blind, followed by a check from Slav Rypinski, to see a flop of 46Q.

Mirza led out and Rypinski came along, with the 6 dropping on the turn to another lead from Mirza. Rypinski ripped it in-ski. Mirza called and tabled KK, but Rypinski had the goods – K6, which would only improve on the 6 river.

“Just Quads!” said tablemate Travis Endersby, before Mirza said wryly “The one time I decide to trap…”

Slav Rypinski760,000
Noman Mirza165,000

Cusenza finds a double

While his fellow South Australian Gavin Best is chip leading the Mini Main Event on the other side of the room, Adam Cusenza is grinding his way through the field in the Main.

Cusenza got his stack, on the shorter side, in the middle preflop with KQ against the JJ of Didier Guerin a few moments ago.

The board ran out 7210AK to deliver a vital double to Cusenza on the river.

Didier Guerin875,000
Adam Cusenza315,000
Adam Cusenza

Mirza on the rocks

Westralian Travis Endersby has been clicking that fold button a fair bit, nursing a short stack with pay jumps now in consideration every three players.

PMA‘s attention was drawn to a three way all in on his table – Ken Chan had shoved with his short stack, Endersby had re-shoved with his short stack, and then Noman Mirza had called to put both of them at risk.

Endersby: QQ
Mirza: AK
Chan: A4

With Endersby’s rail looking on and Endersby recording the action for his vlog, it was “Safe flop…” (J63), “Safe turn… hold…” (3), and finally “Yes!” as the river 7 completed the board to give Endersby nearly a full triple and secure the pay jump with the elimination of Chan in 25th place.

Travis Endersby725,000
Noman Mirza230,000
Noman Mirza

Khac Trung Tran rivers one

Ken Chan and Khac Trung Tran got the chips in the middle on the turn; with a board showing 7AJK, Tran had flopped middle set with JJ but Chan had hit the gutterball on the turn, the Q10 in front of him for Broadway.

Tran punched the air in celebration when the river peeled the 7, pairing the board to give him a boat.

Khac Trung Tran950,000
Ken Chan170,000

Fester eliminated; down to 3 tables

As the Main Event broke down to it’s final three tables, we spotted Mark Fester packing up his belongings. Last year’s WPTDeepStacks Sydney Main Event Champion recounted to us that overnight chipleader Zhixiang Ang had opened from middle position with Kings.

“I defended my big blind with Q-9, and the flop came J-8-8,” said Fester, before explaining that after Ang had continued for 40,000, he [Fester] had check-raised to 100,000.

“There was a 6 on the turn and I jammed, he’s never folding. GG.”

Zhixiang Ang1,400,000
Mark FesterBUSTED!
Mark Fester


In some blind versus blind action over on Table 7, Craig Rimmer, in the small blind, checked the action across to Chao Duan in the big blind position, on a board showing 5A562.

With about 200K in the pot already, Duan bet 190,000, only to see Rimmer check-shove for 710,000 total.

Duan entered the tank for an age, clearly agonising over the decision, before eventually dropping some chips in to signify a call.

Rimmer tabled A5. Duan mucked. Easy game.

Left with just eight big blinds, Duan has since been eliminated by the hand of Zac Vigar.

Craig Rimmer1,670,000
Zac Vigar1,055,000
Chao DuanBUSTED!
Craig Rimmer

Millionaire’s club

The remaining 31 players have departed on their first 15-minute break of the day (except for Adrian Pacheco and Daniel Noja, who continued playing into the break; Noja eventually folding to a shove from Pacheco on a X-9-K-9-X board with discussions continuing well into the break).

After that hand, there are 4 ‘millionaires’ in the room. Special mention to Anthony Harach – just shy of a million despite having just 75K at one point during the first two Levels!

The orange T1K chips will be removed from play at the conclusion of the break.

Peter Apostolou1,436,000
Amin Riyazati1,214,000
JP Rounce-Sue1,207,000
Adrian Pacheco1,112,000
Anthony Harach987,000
Peter Apostolou carried the chip lead into the first break of the day

Down with the sickness

Jen Cassell shoved with a “That’s good enough” and stole the blinds, Adrian Pacheco remarking “I actually believe you!” as he relinquished his big blind.

On the very next hand, Cassell shoved again, now for 150,000 total. Pacheco iso-shoved from the small blind and forced Daniel Noja out of the pot.

Cassell tabled QQ for ladies; and once again on Table 9, AK made an appearance, looking for the over card to send Cassell to the rail.

“I’m not looking.” said Cassell, burying her face in her arms.

The flop spread 2K10. “Don’t look.” replied Pacheco. Cassell immediately looked, of course, a wry grin on her face as she saw the King.

The J on the turn, though, gave Cassell the world – any club, any Ace, any Nine to double through.

“Just don’t be a Queen…” said Yoon Kang in Seat 1.

Famous last words – Q on the river sending the assembled rail reeling away in shock as Kang looked suitably embarrassed, saying “Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut…”

Adrian Pacheco803,000
Yoon Kang212,000
Jen CassellBUSTED!

Kelly sent to the rail

Rhys Kelly almost bagged the Day 1A chip lead, activating God mode during the latter stage before running a set into a bigger set on one of the final hands of the day.

His run has finally come to an end, opening with 77 and getting the chips in against Anthony Harach – Harach with AK, big slick twice in seemingly as many minutes.

Harach again hit on the flop and held, defeating Kelly on a KQ1095 board.

Anthony Harach1,100,000
Rhys KellyBUSTED!
Rhys Kelly

Harach doubles

Anthony Harach opened the action and Rhys Kelly flat-called to his direct left before Jen Cassell shoved all in.

Harach made the call, with Kelly removing himself from the confrontation as Cassell tabled JJ, racing against the AK of Harach.

A King on the flop smacked Cassell down to a short stack – the full board running 6K224

Anthony Harach750,000
Jen Cassell110,000
Anthony Harach


Gary Lin shoved for 249,000 from late position, with action folding to Didier Guerin in the big blind.

“One at a time for dramatic effect!” said Guerin, peeking at the first card “Ok, the first one’s bad.”

Followed immediately by “Ooo… how much is it?” as Guerin peeked at the second. “I’m probably calling Gary, just want to check… 250?”

Shortly after Lin’s stack was confirmed as 249,000, Guerin made the call, tabling 66 against the A5 of Lin.

Lin found no help on the K29QJ board to hit the rail.

Didier Guerin1,245,000
Gary Lin

Anunu no more

With a pot of around 140K in the middle and facing a 55,000 bet from Amin Riyazati on a board showing 4647, Mishel Anunu pushed for 185,000 total.

After getting a count from the dealer, Riyazati made the call and tabled 1010 to a sigh from Anunu. Anunu spun A7 face up into the middle and rapped the table as the river peeled 3 to pad the growing stack of Riyazati – who’s joined the millionaire club over the course of the first Level.

Amin Riyazati1,365,000
Mishel AnunuBUSTED!
Amin Riyazati

Pay jumps!

With just 38 players remaining in the Main Event, now is as good a time as any to stick up the pay-outs for everyone’s convenience.

Jumps have been progressing every table break, but once we hit 36 players, the payouts will start jumping every 3 players all the way up until the Final Table – which is when we will stop playing today.


Hutton on the button

It’s just too good a headline not to use twice; but this round didn’t go so well for Nathanial Hutton. An open from Chao Duan in the hijack was met with a 3-bet to 65,000 by Ken Chan in the cutoff. Hutton decided that wasn’t good enough, 4-betting to 425,000 from the button – most of his stack.

Duan folded, and Chan moved all in to a call from Hutton after a quick peek at the clock.

Hutton: JJ
Chan: AK

“Good luck, mate” smiled Hutton, shaking hands with Chan before the flop came down.

K76. Hutton started starting up chips to pay off Chan as the board completed 6, 10.

Ken Chan953,000
Nathanial Hutton95,000
Ken Chan

Slav savagery

Jimmy Tran, having lost a chunk of his stack when his Aces were cracked in the final hands of last night, opened to 37,000 from the button.

Tim Sheehan, who had doubled up the hand before, ripped it again for 180,000 from the small blind, then Slav Rypinski iso-shoved from the big blind with both players covered.

Tran made the call to set up a three way showdown.

Rypinski: QQ
Sheehan: JJ
Tran: AK

The coldest of decks set up the cooler for the two short stacks of Tran and Sheehan; the 292107 board no help to either as both hit the rail immediately.

Back on Table 8, Didier Guerin got his chips back immediately, when Mike Maddocks ran pocket Tens into his pocket Queens to bust. Maddocks remarked to PMA he’d stick around for the PLO event later today, which is somewhat of a specialty for the Canadian – his last four victories have all come in the PLO event at four different series! Maybe that was his plan the whole time…

Slav Rypinski820,000
Jimmy TranBUSTED!
Tim SheehanBUSTED!
Mike MaddocksBUSTED!
Slav Rypinski

Shuffle up and all in!

No sooner had Tournament Director Jason Whimp announced the obligatory “Shuffle up and deal!”, the chips started flying in.

“What can I do with Ace Queen against Gary Lin?” lamented Dider Guerin, “It’s a cooler, even for a thousand big blinds!”

The cards were on their backs on Table 8, with Guerin’s AQ falling short of eliminating Lin, who had held through with KK on the 710824 board.

Gary Lin549,000
Didier Guerin526,000
Didier Guerin

Down to the nitty gritty

From 131 players at the start of Day 2, just 43 remain to battle it out to reach the Final Table here in the Gold Coast.

It was a rollercoaster day for many, but Zhixiang Ang just kept going up up up! After being moved to an inner table, Ang doubled immediately with pocket Kings through the chip leader and never looked back from there.

Zhixiang Ang

Local regular Peter Apostolou won a massive pot with Ace King to secure the second biggest stack going into Day 3 – and promptly drew Zhixiang Ang in the seat draw, both players next to each other on the Star Poker Gold Coast feature table. The Main Event bubble burst earlier in the day courtesy of Jarrod Thatcher, hitting the case Ace in the window with Aces to send the field into the money without breaking a sweat.

Start of day chip leader Kamyar Ekrami found the rail, as did APL Million Main Event Champion Sean Ooi after spinning it up to be the first stack past a million.

2023 WSOP-C Gold Coast Main Event – Seat Draw

Table 1

1Pedro Fernandez83,000
2Attila Bognar738,000
3Wayne Clinch156,000
4Mark Fester144,000
5Cuong Le230,000
6Peter Apostolou1,022,000
7Zhixiang Ang1,205,000
8Joseph Vinecombe643,000
9Nick Wright142,000

Table 6

1Zac Vigar649,000
2Amin Riyazati919,000
3Ali Ghezelbash321,000
4Jason Lee66,000
5Jarrod Thatcher439,000
6Noman Mirza334,000
7Scott Carmichael478,000
8Mishel Anunu548,000
9Chao Li286,000

Table 7

1Jimmy Tran227,000
2Tim Sheehan93,000
3Slav Rypinski413,000
4Craig Rimmer613,000
5Chao Duan492,000
6Ken Chan448,000
7Nathanial Hutton655,000
8Khac Trung Tran735,000
9Travis Endersby347,000

Table 8

1JP Rounce-Sue715,000
2Didier Guerin808,000
3Adam Cusenza366,000
5Hugo Dief239,000
6Qais Shanasa343,000
7Mike Maddocks199,000
8Gary Lin270,000
9Liam Jehu782,000

Table 9

1Yoon Kang317,000
2Anthony Harach147,000
3Rhys Kelly639,000
4Jen Cassell496,000
5Uno Uka669,000
7Wenjie Sun368,000
8Adrian Pacheco504,000
9Daniel Noja930,000

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