LIVE REPORTING: 2023 WSOP-C Main Event Day 1D

57 players to end Day 1D; Uno Uka leads

Day 1D has reached a conclusion, with 57 players from the 213 total entries today surviving to bag a stack for tomorrow.

Uno Uka has bagged the chip lead, with 454,500, in part courtesy of a last hand Kings versus Jacks confrontation (detailed below).

Uno Uka

Uno Uka is perhaps most known for winning the APT Nationals Main Event in Sydney in October this year for $78,000, his biggest result to date. The Sydneysider is a regular at Kings Poker in Kogarah; after APT Nationals, Uka picked up two victories at the Sydney Millions.

Asked by PMA how he was feeling after bagging such a big stack and whether that was his goal at the start of the day, Uka said he felt “Amazing; I didn’t think much about the end of the day as we were playing, the main thing is to make no mistakes, to play my game.”

The overall chiplead still belongs to Iran’s Kamyar Ekrami, who bagged 497,000 on Wednesday thanks largely to a massive set-under-set cooler in the final levels of the day against Rhys Kelly.

Other players to bag a stack in Day 1D included JP Rounce-Sue (354,000), Martin Ward (148,000) and Didier Guerin.

2023 WSOP-C Main Event Day 1D – full chip counts

Uno Uka454,500
JP Rounce-Sue354,000
Haozhe Gan323,500
Craig Rimmer308,500
Joseph Vinecombe288,500
Jarryd Godena280,500
Attila Bognar267,000
Daniel Dessman261,500
Ben Turner245,000
Didier Guerin244,000
Tam Truong241,000
Gary Benson214,000
Mike Maddocks209,500
Peter Apostolou204,000
Nathan Sawyers203,000
Anthony Harach189,500
Paul Bennett189,000
Dean Boskovic187,500
Joshua McSwiney184,000
Michael Clair181,000
Owen Whish174,500
Takeo Kimura171,500
Tim Sheehan161,000
Liam Jehu152,000
Martin Ward148,000
Adam Cusenza146,000
Constantin Harach142,000
Kevin Lee140,500
Jason Lee126,500
Karsten Kobbing126,500
Thang Truong120,000
Zac Vigar116,000
Jen Cassell113,000
Cooper Feltham110,500
Patrick So108,000
Mo Haidary104,000
Neb Blanusa101,000
Yoon Kang97,000
Pedro Fernandez95,000
Nikki Turner91,000
Jason Gray87,000
Chuck Caris87,000
Javad Etaat84,000
Daniel Noja79,500
Nil Esteve Magrane71,000
Mick Gavrilovic66,000
Lachlan Dykes66,000
Ilavenil Arumugam63,000
Chris Edgar62,000
Hongzhuang Fang58,000
Kerry Chambers58,000
James George44,000
Robert Campbell33,500
Amir Minagar32,000
Jason Chahine22,000
Kelvin Li21,000

Echoes of Eko

‘Twas the hand before bagging, and all through the house, ’twas nothing but folds… except for Eko Xu, who raised from the small blind when action folded to him.

Uno Uka didn’t get the memo, raising back. Xu raised back. Uka raised back. Xu shoved. Uka snap-called to put Xu at risk.

Uka: KK
Xu: JJ

The board ran 94837 to eliminate Xu on the last hand of the night and propel Uka all the way up the counts.

Uno Uka454,500
Eko Xu

Coup d’Etaat

With a pot of around 25K in the middle and the board reading AJ3J, Craig Rimmer bet 22,000. Javad Etaat made the call, and Tam Truong took his time before releasing his hand.

The river fell 2 and Rimmer fired another barrel, for 37,000 this time, sending Etaat into the tank.

After several minutes, Etaat made the call, only to muck when Rimmer tabled KJ for the turned trips.

Craig Rimmer305,000
Javad Etaat77,500

Last level of the day

The last level has started; a quick reminder that play will STOP when there is 48:11 left on the clock, as per the previous three flights.

57 players remain at the moment.

Turner turns it up

Nikki Turner and John Parker got all of the chips in the middle preflop after a raising war.

Parker tabled KK and was well ahead of the AQ of Turner.

The flop of QJ9 was followed by the K on the turn to give Turner top set but things would take a turn on the 5 river, turning Turner’s hand into a four card flush.

Nikki Turner158,000
John ParkerBUSTED!
Nikki Turner

Rounce-Sue applying pressure

There are mountains of chips in front of JP Rounce-Sue, and he’s been using them to great effect; pressuring shorter stacks now that late registration has closed.

We caught a recent hand where Rounce-Sue 3-bet to 20,000 from the blinds over a 5,000 open from Nil Esteve Magrane. Magrane made the call and the flop came 7108.

Rounce-Sue led out for 12,000, with Magrane making the call after a few moments of thought, before Rounce-Sue shoved for all of it on the 7 turn.

Magrane hit the tank for several minutes, while our reporter was already planning the “Nil for Nil” headline, but he would fold eventually to preserve his stack.

JP Rounce-Sue377,500
Nil Esteve Magrane82,500
Nil Esteve Magrane

Spike it

Shouts rang out from a different table while Dessman was collecting that massive pot; running over, we saw Ehsan Amiri standing up, clearly in disbelief.

The cards all face up, Amiri had 99 in front of him. Zac Vigar, to his direct right, had KK on the table in front of him, and with a board showing 9Q37A we thought for just a moment the affable Amiri had doubled through.

Then we saw the AA in front of Javad Etaat. That explained the shouts. The miracle river sent nearly a full triple up in Etaat’s direction.

Javad Etaat155,500
Zac Vigar66,500
Ehsan AmiriBUSTED!
Ehsan Amiri

Gotta love a back jam

David Schmidtke opened in early position with a stack erring on the short side, before Hongzhuang Fang 3-bet.

Daniel Dessman, winner of the $775 PLO Event earlier in the series, flat called.

Schmidtke then 4-bet jammed for 25,300 total. Fang went for the iso-raise, a 5-bet to 50,000. Dessman was having none of it, shoving for about 150K effective.

Fang went into the tank for several minutes, long enough for a tablemate to call the clock, and long enough even for the clock to completely run out, his hand declared dead.

Schmidtke tabled A10 and would need help against the JJ of Dessman. The flop of Q3J gave Dessman a set in the window; though Schmidtke technically gained an direct out, now had four Kings working instead of three Aces, then gained four more on the 9 turn.

No miracle for Schmidtke, however – the 3 sending him packing.

Daniel Dessman286,800
Hongzhuang Fang105,500
David SchmidtkeBUSTED!


Action folded around to the short-stacked Martin Ward on the button over on Table 8. He shoved for 27,400.

Romain Morvan called in the small blind. Warwick Mirzikinian called from the big blind. Ah.

Mirzikinian: AJ
Ward: A10
Morvan: KQ

Ward struck gold in the window and stayed ahead on the 551065 board to triple up, leaving Mirzikinian with crumbs.

Martin Ward78,800
Warwick Mirzikinian9,800
Romain MorvanBUSTED!
Romain Morvan

One way to go

Did Gavin Best just get knocked out by Queen high? Yes. Yes he did.

Gavin Best got the remainder of his chips in the middle on the last hand before the start of the break; shoving for 22,700 on a flop showing A610.

Tam Truong was in the tank thinking it over, clearly leaning towards call when he said “This isn’t GTO, that’s for sure” to laughter from the table.

“Ace is good mate, Ace is good” laughed Best.

“Ace! Ace I snap-call!” replied Truong before calling anyway.

Best tabled 89, needing to hit the combo draw against the QJ of Truong.

The turn? 5.
The river? 4.

A clearly flummoxed Best couldn’t believe it, standing and collecting his belongings.

Tam Truong187,400
Gavin BestBUSTED!
Gavin Best

Five hundred!

The end of the break also marked the end of late registration, which means we can confirm Day 1D attracted 213 entries, including 50 re-entries.

What that means is that the total number of entries for the 2023 WSOP-C Gold Coast Main Event sits at 508; creating between you all a total prize pool of $1,371,600! A full break down of the payouts is expected to be published tomorrow.

Special thanks to all of The Star GC dealing team!

Assorted counts at the break

JP Rounce-Sue196,100
Ben Turner180,200
Mike Maddocks177,500
Neb Blanusa156,100
Joshua McSwiney150,700
Joseph Vinecombe147,900
Nil Esteve Magrane134,600
Attila Bognar131,700
Michael Clair112,600
Jen Cassell112,200
Chuck Caris96,300
Kerry Chambers77,300
Eric Cseff72,400
Ehsan Amiri53,100
Roy Agresta40,000
Martin Ward27,400
Romain Morvan27,200
Martin Ward

Gavin’s curious

Picking up the action on the river, with a full board showing 4K8AK, Joshua McSwiney had the big red triangle in front of him, and Gavin Best was in pains to let his hand go.

“I’m curious…” he muttered, getting an exact count and cutting out the chips, then cutting out the rest of his chips to see what he’d be left with.

Best plonked in the call. McSwiney tabled AJ to a muck from Best, before his QQ was turned over at the request of other players – Tournament Director Alexander Saloyedoff confirming that an all in and call must be shown by both players (not that there was any complaint from Best, he had immediately said he had Queens when asked).

Joshua McSwiney81,500
Gavin Best27,000
Gavin Best second best

Blatt survives

Dean Blatt shoved for his last 4,200 and received calls from Josh McSwiney and one other player, with a “Good luck, Dean” thrown in for good measure.

McSwiney fired 3,500 into the dead side pot, and was called, on the 794 flop, before continuing for 10,000 on the Q turn to a fold.

McSwiney tabled A6. “Well, I can beat that” said Blatt, as he tabled 1010, “What do I need to avoid? Just an Ace?”

And that he did, the river a 2 to keep Blatt around.

“One more double and I’m dangerous!” he quipped.

Dean Blatt13,200
Dean Blatt

It’s a chop!

Kiavash Arbabi slid out 5,000 on a flop of KJ10. Jen Cassell made the call on the button before the player in the small blind continued also.

When the 9 hit the turn, action was checked to Arbabi, who immediately shoved for his last 16,500.

Cassell paused, had a look at the stack behind her, then iso-shoved over the top with both players covered.

After a fold, both hands were turned over – for Arbabi, an unfortunate turn card as he’d flopped the goods with Q9, Cassell with the QJ for the chop pot. Everyone loves a chop pot!

“Better than losing!” remarked Arbabi as he took his half.

Jen Cassell119,500
Kiavash Arbabi25,900
Jen Cassell

Nguyen will it end?

Henry Tran opened the action to 2,500 UTG, and found four callers including Huyan Nguyen, Adam Cusenza, and Martin Ward completing from the big blind.

On a flop of 4A9, Ward and Tran checked, before Nguyen took the betting lead, firing 5,000.

Action folded all the way back around to original raiser Tran; Tran then shoved for 33,200 to a snap call from Nguyen.

Nguyen: 99
Tran: AK

The cooler nearly took a twist as the Q turn gave Tran outs to a four-card flush, before the 10 completed the board to send all the chips Nguyen’s way.

Romain Morvan also just joined the table on a fresh re-entry – Day 1D now up to 193 total entries; meaning 488 total entries across all four flights so far with an hour to go of late registration.

Huyan Nguyen102,600
Martin Ward41,600
Adam Cusenza40,800
Romain Morvan40,000
Henry TranBUSTED!
Henry Tran

Go go Godena

Jarryd Godena opened the action to 4,000 from the button, after one limper.

Mishel Bouskila decided it was time; shoving for his remaining 27,100 from the small blind. Jen Cassell, winner of the Gold Coast Champs Main Event here in March last year, relinquished her big blind, and with action back on Godena, he made the call to put Bouskila at risk.

Bouskila was a big favourite with the QQ against the 55 of Godena preflop; but those all-too-familiar “ooo” noises rang out around the table as the board spread 4592J, Godena spiking the set to eliminate Bouskila.

Jarryd Godena111,600
Jen Cassell105,500
Mishel BouskilaBUSTED!
Jarryd Godena

No such thing as pot committed

With around 14K in the pot, Romain Morvan bet 7,000 on the 893 flop, before Cam Lopez check-raised to 22,000.

After several long moments, Morvan placed calling chips over the line, leaving himself 10,200 behind.

On the A turn, Lopez shoved, covering Morvan, to a snap fold from Morvan.

Cam Lopez76,800
Romain Morvan10,200
Cam Lopez

Wyvill double

“All in call!” from Table 16, where the cards were on their backs. Janet Wyvill was at risk, all in for her last 11,300 with AK, and had been looked up by Craig Rimmer with K10.

The board was all Wyvill; flopping the nut flush draw on Q32 and fading a Ten on the 5, 7 run out to double up.

Craig Rimmer71,700
Janet Wyvill25,100
Craig Rimmer

Day 1D assorted chip counts – Dinner break

Ben Turner108,000
Trang Truong105,800
Kerry Chambers102,400
Carlos Youssef100,600
Yang Lei86,300
Takeo Kimura82,500
Will Davies81,900
Romain Morvan81,600
Jen Cassell80,200
Gavin Best77,000
Mike Maddocks76,700
Robert Campbell76,200
Jacob Faull65,100
Karsten Kobbing60,000
Nil Esteve Magrane59,700
Joseph Vinecombe57,200
Roy Agresta56,200
Peter Apostolou54,900
Chuck Caris51,000
Liam Jehu49,200
Sam Haddad49,200
Shem Goltz46,200
Dean Blatt42,300
Didier Guerin38,300
Ehsan Amiri35,100
Martin Ward34,300
Rob Damelian28,500
Janet Wyvill15,400
Janet Wyvill getting “another massage photo” (her words)

Agresta mucks

Roy Agresta fired a bet of 4,000 on the 4KJ flop to a call from Trang Truong in late position to create a pot of around 12K going to the turn.

The turn of 5 was met with another bet from Agresta, this time for 7,000. Truong called once more and the 5 hit the river to another bet of 14,000 from Agresta.

Truong then raised to 35,000, and Agresta hit the tank. “King Jack?” he thought out loud, before being admonished by the dealer for talking about the hand.

Agresta eventually made the call, only to muck when Truong tabled AK.

The remaining players have now departed on their 30-minute dinner break, which will conclude at approximately 17:15 local time. Registration is still open after the break, with players able to register all the way up until 19:30 local time – at the dinner break, the 2023 WSOP-C Gold Coast Main Event is up to 470 entries.

Assorted chip counts to come during the break.

Trang Truong99,100
Roy Agresta38,700
Roy Agresta

All in call!

The familiar shout rang out from Table 13, where Danielle Noja was all in and at risk on the turn against Jesse Yan.

With a board showing 8910J, Yan was looking to pair up with the 98, up against the made six-card straight of Noja with Q7.

The river just gave Noja seven; the K ensuring the full double.

Jesse Yan57,400
Danielle Noja23,300
Danielle Noja

Gotta win flips

Kiavash Arbabi opened preflop and action folded around to Joseph Vinecombe. Vinecombe ripped all-in for 19,300, and Arbabi made the call.

Vinecombe: 55
Arbabi: AQ

It was a standard flip, safe for Vinecombe on the 229 flop before the 5 turned Arbabi dead.

Left with just a few thousand, Arbabi shipped over the full double to Vinecombe.

Joseph Vinecombe41,100
Kiavash Arbabi6,500
Joseph Vinecombe

Oh my god, they killed Kenny!

A Kenny Wang open in middle position to 1,500 was called by Adam Cusenza on the button before Ilavenil Arumugam 3-bet to 7,500 out of the blinds.

Arumugam then open-shoved on the 933 flop, with Wang covered – but Wang snap-called to put himself at risk.

Arumugam tabled AK and needed help against the JJ – which came immediately on the K turn.

Wang was unable to find a miracle on the 8 river and hit the rail.

Ilavenil Arumugam56,100
Kenny WangBUSTED!
Kenny Wang

Fogarty fizzes out

Russell Fogarty 3-bet to 4,600 over an open from Sam Haddad, to a call from Haddad, before the flop of A46 spread out in the middle.

Haddad continued for 3,000, and then called the raise of 9,500 from Fogarty, before both players checked the J turn.

Haddad then bet 17,500 on the 9 river to a call from Fogarty; the A9 of Haddad enough to take the pot.

Sam Haddad64,200
Russell FogartyBUSTED!
Sam Haddad

Damelian rivered

There was more than 20K in the pot on the river over on an outer table when we walked over, the full board displaying 79932.

Jason Samson bet 16,500, and Rob Damelian wasted no time in shoving for his last 20,600 to a snap call from Samson.

Samson tabled 22 prompting tablemates Shem Goltz and Mike Maddocks to whistle “what a river!” as Damelian sighed, saying “Yeah, that’s good” as he tabled QQ.

Jason Samson72,600
Rob DamelianBUSTED!
Rob Damelian

Morvan triples

With a dealer change due on Table 13, the incoming dealer attracted our reporters attention to a massive hand playing out before he got there.

With 6254 on the board already, we quickly ascertained that Romain Morvan was all in and at risk, with action still raging between Danielle Noja and Hongzhuang Fang.

With 600 in the side pot, Fang had checked to Noja, who ripped for 26,500. Fang was in the tank and would eventually fold – Morvan tabled 66 to a laugh from Noja.

“Ok, I win 600!” he said, as he tabled AA to a fist pump from Morvan.

The river Q changed nothing and Morvan secured the big main pot.

Fang said he had folded Kings, prompting Noja to exclaim “How do you fold Kings!”

Romain Morvan49,200
Danielle Noja27,100
Hongzhuang Fang27,100
Romain Morvan

First break and assorted counts

Takeo Kimura held the chip lead going into the first break, as far as we could tell – 130 players remain in the room at this stage with 138 entries so far today. Germany’s Martin Finger has been spotted as a late entrant, joining the action since the start of the day.

Kimura flopped Broadway to earn a massive pot against Haozhe Gan earlier in the day; Gan is one of our 8 re-entries for Day 1D now and has amassed a stack of his own.

Takeo Kimura110,500
Neb Blanusa105,400
Haozhe Gan98,600
Craig Rimmer96,400
Kerry Chambers77,800
Mike Maddocks74,900
Will Davies59,000
Ehsan Amiri53,600
Martin Finger53,200
Jack Drake51,800
Gavin Best51,200
Robert Campbell48,900
Dean Blatt42,400
Eric Cseff37,000
Karsten Kobbing32,500
Jen Cassell27,600
Dean Boskovic21,400
Adam Cusenza20,300
Adam Cusenza has work to do

Into the break

With a full board showing 104545 and the rest of the tournament quite literally nowhere to be seen – the break started several minutes ago – one table continued the action, with Wei-Tsorng Chao firing 13,000 on the river and sending his opponent (who refused to give PMA his name) into the tank.

For several minutes, the player muttered to himself and spoke to Chao, rationalising through the decision.

“I’ve got 24K left if I’m wrong…” he said “Got a big bluff catcher.”

He continued in that vein, “The turn action just doesn’t make sense… Ok, you tell me what you want me to do, I can’t decide!”

Chao responded “Just fold!”

Unsurprisingly, that didn’t seem to help, and the opponent continued to tank for another couple of minutes before eventually calling.

Chao tabled JJ to a muck from his opponent, who said he had Ace high.

Wei-Tsoring Chao54,700

Aces cracked again

“All in and a call!” on Table 15, the secondary feature table on the other side of the room. Duncan McKinnon was all in and at risk on the Q96 flop for 21,600 effective.

Yiteng Ge was looking to send McKinnon to the rail – Ge tabled AA and was in great shape against the AQ of McKinnon.

That is, until McKinnon turned a lot more outs with the 4 on the turn.

Now needing a diamond or a Queen, why not the Q? Yep, McKinnon got there both ways to double through Ge, prompting tablemates to jokingly ask where he’d have preferred the diamond or the Queen.

Duncan McKinnon44,400
Yiteng Ge26,000
Duncan McKinnon

Gan gone

Haozhe Gan bet 6,000 after Takeo Kimura checked to him on the flop of 10KQ.

Kimura responded with a shove for Gan’s entire stack and Gan wasted no time before he called and tabled 1010 for bottom set.

Kimura tabled AJ for flopped Broadway.

Needing the board to pair, Gan could only find pip cards as the board ran out 6, 4.

Takeo Kimura90,500
Haozhe GanBUSTED!

That’s a sick one

With a full board showing 46325, the cards were already on their backs, with every single chip in the middle.

With 33,500 effective, it was “That’s so sick” for Eric Cseff, his AA cracked by the 97 of Robert Campbell.

Robert Campbell82,200
Eric CseffBUSTED!

Big Red Triangle!

Seeing a big red triangle in front of a player in Level 1 attracted a little attention over on Table 2, where Neb Blanusa had shoved on the river.

With Q377A on the board and 29K-ish in the pot from previous streets, David Schmidtke had bet 5,000 only to see Blanusa shove for 26,100.

Schmidtke hit the tank for several minutes.

“I’m going to fold it,” he said eventually, flicking the A5 face up into the middle. Blanusa did not show, raking in the nice pot.

Neb Blanusa60,700
David Schmidtke15,800
David Schmidkte

Davies is Best

Halfway through Level 1 and we spotted a pot brewing over on Table 7 as we walked past. With around 15K in the middle, Will Davies had checked the action over to Adelaide’s Gavin Best.

Best slid out a bet of 7,000 on the Q499 board. Davies gave it some time before making the call to see the K river.

Both players checked the river; Davies tabled AQ to take down the sizeable early pot.

Will Davies57,500
Gavin Best16,900
Will Davies

Familiar faces in the field

Walking around the room at the start of the day, PokerMedia Australia has already spied a number of notable faces.

2019 WSOP POTY Robert Campbell is in action today, but not being accosted for a photo by the brilliant entertainers from Killer Entertainment here next to the media desk. He’s taken a seat next to Kai Yeung.

Robert Campbell and Killer Entertainment

Rob Damelian and Gina Vuksovic are back for more on the closest table to the media desk, along with Ehsan Arimi and David Sebesfi, both seated on the feature table. Peter Apostolou, who took victory in Event 11 yesterday, has sat down to try to bag a stack in the Main. 2022 Female Australian GPI POTY Janet Wyvill is in action over on table 6.

Will Davies of Sydney’s Poker Palace is taking another shot, seated alongside Gavin Best, also back for more. Michael Clair is back, and Jeison Berdugo, who took out a five-figure bounty in the Mystery Bounty event the other day.

Last chance!

Welcome back once again to the WSOP-C Gold Coast Main Event for Day 1D, live from the poker room here at The Star Gold Coast! Today is the last chance for those who wish to bag a stack for Day 2 tomorrow.

So far, the previous flights combine for a total of 295 entries, of which 76 players have survived to have a bag Sunday. The big question and source of discussion over the last few days is whether the WSOP-C Main Event can hit the magic 500 entries – with 72 entries at the start of play today, 400 is looking certain.

Noman Mirza took charge yesterday on Day 1C, holding the chip lead throughout the day to bag 415,000. That makes him the third player over 400K, third to the target sets by Iran’s Kamyar Ekrami at 497,000, followed by Amin Riyazati with 420,500, both survivors from Day 1A.

Noman Mirza

The Day 1 structure sees players undergoing 12 levels – the first 9 levels will be 40 minutes each, with a 15-minute break after every 3 levels, before level 10 until the end of the tournament will be 60-minutes apiece. For the full series schedule, click here.

LevelSmall BlindBig BlindBig Blind Ante

Action will kick off here at The Star Gold Coast at 14:30 local time, and PMA will be there to bring you all of the action from buy-in to bust-out!

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