LIVE REPORTING: 2023 WSOP-C Gold Coast Main Event Day 2

Day 2 complete; 43 remain, Zhixiang Ang leads final five tables

After the end of six 60-minute Level’s, 43 players remain from 131 this morning to come back tomorrow for Day 3. The average stack at this point is now 472,558.

We have a new chipleader overnight, with Zhixiang Ang having a dream run after being moved to a new table, doubling through Sean Ooi with pocket Kings within moments and continuing an upwards trend the whole afternoon after that. Ang finished the day with 1,205,000.

Zhixiang Ang

The only other player over the magic million mark was local legend Peter Apostolou. Apostolou won a massive pot against Mike Maddocks and Killian Farrell with his Ace King besting pocket Kings and pocket Nines to scoop. Apostolou ended up bagging 1,022,000.

Ang said to PMA after bagging up that he felt “great actually!” to have bagged the chiplead; continuing “I mean that table was really tough with Sean [Ooi] and Gary [Lin] on my left, they’re really good players.” Asked whether that first double with Kings was a turning point for him, Ang said it “was an intentional trap; when he shoves I dont think I can ever fold there, even though there’s three hearts on board. I got some chips from Sean yesterday too, playing with Sean was my turning point!”

Start of day chip leader Kamyar Ekrami fell, his Aces cracked by Ace King, whilst Sean Ooi, who at one point was our first ‘millionaire’, couldn’t catch a break in the last stanza and ran into the Aces of JP Rounce-Sue. On the flip side, Qais Shanasa cracked Aces with seconds to go in the day, whilst Westralian Travis Endersby also found a bag. Endersby also took some time out his break to speak with PMA’s Alison Lee Rubie for a vox pop style interview which will be available on our Facebook page.

Tonight is the WSOP-C Players Party, kicking off at 9pm at “Nineteen At The Star” – Ang explained that he has his family in the Gold Coast with him and will be resting up for a big day tomorrow, but we at PMA hope to see as many of you there as possible!

As for Day 3, we’ll be back from 11:30am tomorrow to bring you all of the action from our final five tables. Thank you, and goodnight!

Shanasa surges

When would you like to flop a full house? How about one of the last few hands of Day 2 in a WSOP-C Main Event?

That’s exactly what happened for Qais Shanasa – the action all over when PMA approached to see Shanasa stacking mountains of chips; his 107 flopping it on the 1077J8 board.

“Every time I lose it’s with Aces!” said Jimmy Tran, his AA having been cracked by Shanasa.

The “Table Of Death” that was Table 1 has remained relatively intact throughout the day; with many of the original players on the table finding a bag for Day 3.

Qais Shanasa344,000
Jimmy Tran232,000
Jimmy Tran

Ouch for Ooi

Sean Ooi has had a rollercoaster day; our first player over the magic million mark, Ooi shoved under-the-gun for 152,000 with just five minutes left of Day 2. JP Rounce-Sue made the call to put Ooi at risk.

Rounce-Sue: AA
Ooi: J10

Of all of the sweaty boards, the flop spread Q26 before the K hit the turn, leaving Rounce-Sue needing to fade the world to hold.

A 5 on the river ended the run of Ooi.

JP Rounce-Sue345,000
JP Rounce-Sue

Warded off

“All in call!” from an outer table, where Martin Ward and Didier Guerin had got all of the chips in preflop.

“Ok, we need to win a 30%-er” said Ward, seeing his AJ behind the QQ of Guerin.

The dealer spread a flop of 1062. “Well, that’s no help,” continued Ward, before seeing his Ace, “Oh wait, spades, spades!”

A K on the turn prompted the ever-optimistic Ward to say “Ok, a Queen or an Ace now please!”

Not to be – the 7 completing the board and ending Ward’s run just ten minutes before the end of Day 2.

Didier Guerin804,000
Martin WardBUSTED!
Didier Guerin

Cusenza loses a chunk

Mike Maddocks open shoved for his last chunk of change, before Adam Cusenza iso-shoved from the small blind to force a fold from Jen Cassell.

Maddocks tabled K8, and needed to connect to better the QQ of Cusenza.

He did just that, smashing the 3K5 flop hard, improving on the K turn, and improving AGAIN on the 8 river.

Cassell then said in amazement that she’d actually folded K-8 in the big blind as well.

Mike Maddocks184,000
Adam Cusenza149,000

Cooler for Mirza

Zhixiang Ang opened to 20,000 before Gary Lin 3-bet to 55,000 from middle position.

Noman Mirza applied pressure with a 4-bet to 140,000, forcing Ang out of the pot before Lin tank-shoved to a snap call from Mirza.

Lin: JJ
Mirza: 1010

Mirza was unable to find any help on the K7Q4A board.

Zhixiang Ang705,000
Gary Lin688,000
Noman Mirza575,000
Noman Mirza

Cassell doubles, Maddocks on the rocks

“All in call!” from Table 8, where Jen Cassell was all in and at risk against Chao Duan.

Duan held the pocket pair – 77 – and needed to fade the overcards, Cassell with AK.

Cassell hit gold in the window on the 310A flop. “Heart!” cried Duan before the J came in on the turn.

Duan still needed one more heart, but the 5 river changed nothing for Cassell to double through.

On the very next hand, Duan 3-bet shoved over a Mike Maddocks open. Maddocks gave a shrug and made the call, only to see that Duan was not tilting – he’d only been dealt KK the very next hand.

Maddocks’ Q10 was no match for the Kings on the 5A43 board, before Duan hit the K on the river for a nice bit of over kill.

Jen Cassell439,000
Chao Duan215,000
Mike Maddocks109,000
Jen Cassell

Last level

Tournament staff have announced that Level 17 will be the last level of the day, with players bagging up at the end of this level to come back for Day 3.

At the start of Level 17, 56 players remain, with the average stack being 362,857.

Three way, three outer

Mike Maddocks opened in middle position to 16,000, before Killian Farrell shoved for 203,000 from the small blind.

Peter Apostolou woke up with a hand and re-shoved from the big blind, only to see Maddocks snap call to put both at risk.

“Hold one time!” Maddocks cried out as he saw the cards – 99 for Farrell, AK for Apostolou. Maddocks himself tabled KK.

Cue despair, Maddocks throwing his hands in the air as the flop spread 4AJ. “How many three outers today…” he muttered before saying “Do it!” as the Q hit the turn.

The J no help to anybody, Apostolou, who won a side event here the other day, winning a massive pot towards the end of the level while Farrell hit the rail.

Peter Apostolou949,000
Mike Maddocks209,000
Killian Farrell BUSTED!
Peter Apostolou

Dief squeeze

Didier Guerin opened to 18,000 from late position. Dylan Kehoe called from the small blind, before Hugo Dief raised to 47,000 out of the big blind.

Guerin let it go, but Kehoe made the call after a moments pause to see the 49A flop.

Kehoe checked the action to Dief, who continued for 40,000. Kehoe tanked, but found a fold.

Hugo Dief614,000
Dylan Kehoe142,000
Hugo Dief

Nuts for Maddocks

With a board showing K952 and around 85K in the pot, Mike Maddocks bet 32,000 when Nathanial Hutton checked to him.

Hutton tank-called, then checked again on the A river. Maddocks fired again, this time for 122,000, to a snap-call from Hutton.

“Nice hand.” Hutton rapped the table and mucked as Maddocks tabled A3.

Nathanial Hutton547,000
Mike Maddocks530,000
Mike Maddocks

Clinch still in it

Wayne Clinch shoved from the button for his last 103,000, called by Sean Ooi in the big blind.

Ooi: AQ
Clinch: Q10

Ace for Ooi on the AJ6 flop, but the K spiked Broadway for Clinch on the turn, with the 3 completing the board.

Sean Ooi770,000
Wayne Clinch218,000
Wayne Clinch


With the tournament in the money, and 67 players remaining, here’s a full list of payouts for your convenience.

Shino Otani has been confirmed eliminated after losing her chip and her chair we mentioned earlier – but kudos to her, achieving a pay jump before doing so!



The players have returned from a 15-minute break at the end of Level 15. While they were gone, we went around to get some of the bigger stacks in the room.

The average stack at this moment is 303,284. Sean Ooi still leads the way.

Sean Ooi844,000
Noman Mirza782,000
Jarrod Thatcher737,000
Liam Jehu642,000
Hugo Dief610,000
Craig Rimmer572,000
Peter Apostolou561,000
Zhixiang Ang558,000
Uno Uka521,000
JP Rounce-Sue485,000
Mike Maddocks482,000
Attila Bognar473,000
Joseph Vinecombe470,000
Jun Wang466,000
Jason Lee438,000
Travis Endersby381,000
Sean Ooi earlier today

“You’re gonna want this one”

Mike Maddocks called out to our reporter “You’re gonna want this one” as we walked past; he was definitely right!

With a full board of 10Q6JQ in the middle, Maddocks explained that Kamyar Ekrami had opened the action from the button with a raise to 14,000. Chao Duan 3-bet from the big blind to “forty something”, and Ekrami had ripped it, covering Duan by 38,000.

Ekrami had AA tabled in front of him but the run-out had favoured Duan – his AK making Broadway to crack the Aces.

Start of day chip leader Ekrami has since been eliminated, replaced at Table 8 by JP Rounce-Sue.

Chao Duan411,000
Kamyar EkramiBUSTED!

No clubs!

“Good luck to me!” from Antoine Follet, as he tabled J9, having shoved for his last 41,000 preflop.

That was followed immediately by “No clubs!” as Sam Capra tabled A10.

Follet flopped an open ended straight draw on the 810K flop but was unable to improve on the 3, A run-out; Capra, in fact, improving to two pair.

On the next table, we spied Shino Otani, who fought hard through a card dead Day 1 to bag 41,000, still in the action with just one single T5K chip! Otani spoke with PMA’s Alison Lee Rubie at the end of Day 1 about her charity endeavours, that video is available on our Facebook page.

Sam Capra141,000
Shino Otani5,000
Antoine FolletBUSTED!
Shino Otani

Thang Truong eliminated on stone bubble

The very next hand, Table 1 came alive – on the start-of-day Table Of Death, Jimmy Tran opened to 15,000 before Thang Truong shoved for 94,000 total.

Action folded to Jarrod Thatcher on the button, who flat-called.

After both blinds got out of the way, Tran hit the tank. Action on all other tables complete, a crowd started to gather. Tran asked to see Thatcher’s stack.

After what felt like an eternity, Tran shoved. Thatcher wasted absolutely no time, snap-calling and flipping AA into the middle.

For Tran, it was the ultimate cooler; his KK in a dire spot. Truong tabled AQ and needed a lot of help.

Or Thatcher could just hit the case Ace in the window for no sweat whatsoever.

The board of 95A29 gave Thatcher the nut boat, eliminated Truong, and dealt a harsh blow to Tran – though Tran and the other 76 players are now in the money!

Jarrod Thatcher769,000
Jimmy Tran255,000
Thang TruongBUBBLED!
When will it end?

Jason Chahine eliminated on soft bubble

Jason Chahine raised to 41,000, leaving himself just a single T1K chip behind. Ruiyang Wang called, and the rest of the players on the table folded.

Action checked through the A106 flop and 4 turn, before Wang put Chahine all in on the river, Chahine snap called.

Whilst the players waited for action to complete on another table (Michael Clair bet 80,000 on a J9K flop and forced folds from his opponents) it became clear from the talk around the table that Wang had top set – and sure enough, when all other tables completed, Wang tabled AA.

AK was no good for Chahine, and the WSOP-C Gold Coast Main Event hit the stone bubble.

Ruiyang Wang325,000
Jason ChahineBUSTED!
Jason Chahine

Blue decks!

79 players remaining means that we are now officially in hand-for-hand right at the start of Level 15.

So close

“It’s the best hand I’ve seen in a while!” said Geoff Murtha, all in and at risk with 54 for just 3,000.

Amin Riyazati had opened to 10,000 and every other player had folded, leaving Riyazati free-rolling to a potential knockout. Riyazati tabled 77 and on the flop of 53K remained ahead.

“It’s a fair fight now!” said Daniel Dessman, as the turn peeled the 8.

The river K was no help, and marked end of Murtha.

“Were you crippled on a previous hand or basically blinded out?” enquired our reporter after the hand; Murtha joked “I was crippled on Day 1!” in response.

80 players remain; the WSOP-C Gold Coast Main Event is now three from the money!

Amin Riyazati481,000
Geoff MurthaBUSTED!
Amin Riyazati

El Classico

With the bubble fast approaching, our reporter walked past Table 2 just in time to see the most classic of races; Kevin Lee all in and at risk with QQ, looking to fade an Ace or a King to best the AK of Nathan Sawyers.

No such luck; striking a King in the window, the full board of 36KJJ sending Lee to the rail.

Nathan Sawyers431,000
Kevin LeeBUSTED!
Nathan Sawyers

Blind on blind brutality

Action folded around to Zhixiang Ang, who’s been moved into the seat recently vacated by Dean Boskovic on Sean Ooi’s right.

Ang, in the small blind, completed to 5,000 before Ooi raised to 15,000. Ang responded with a re-raise to 40,000, called by Ooi.

On a flop of Q910, Ang continued for 50,000 – only to see Ooi shove all in.

Ang made the call and saw Ooi table Q5 for top pair – but Ang could beat that, tabling KK.

The run out of 7, 7 saw Ang earn a full double from the chipleader.

Sean Ooi789,000
Zhixiang Ang634,000
Zhixiang Ang

Murray was suspicious

Liam Murray fired a bet of 16,000 into a three-way pot, with a flop of 5J4 in the middle.

Killian Farrell flat-called, then Kamyar Ekrami pulled the check-raise to 150,000, covering both players.

Murray snap-folded and Farrell snap-called; “Jacks?” said Murray.

Sure enough – JJ for Farrell, needing to fade the open ender of Ekrami with 63.

That he did, filling up on the 8, 5 run-out for a full double up against the start-of-day chipleader.

“I was so suspicious when you flat called me there,” said Murray to Farrell, “Do you ever flat Ace Jack there?”

Kamyar Ekrami351,000
Killian Farrell311,000
Kamyar Ekrami

Ooi not slowing down

Some big stacks are amassing around the room – but Sean Ooi is the clear outlier; first over a million, he now has a full stack of blue T25K chips after tournament staff coloured up literally half his stack due to the fact he was able to hide behind his huge chip stack.

Sean Ooi1,090,000
Noman Mirza603,000
Jimmy Tran550,000
Amin Riyazati546,000
Uno Uka531,000
Kamyar Ekrami487,000
Attila Bognar483,000
Dylan Kehoe401,000
Mike Maddocks393,500
Craig Rimmer357,000
Hugo Dief353,000
Dean Boskovic must be cursing his seat draw; Sean Ooi on his direct left

Maddocks ships it

Mike Maddocks 3-bet to 25,000 after Nathanial Hutton opened to 9,000.

Action folded back around to Hutton, who clicked it back to 54,000 to a call from Maddocks.

Hutton then down-bet for 18,000 on the A910 flop, and Maddocks called.

On the 7 river, Hutton again chose a small sizing – 21,000 this time – before Maddocks shoved for 94,500. Hutton went into the tank for an age before announcing fold without even touching his cards – perhaps not wanting to let them go, the dealer having to literally take them from him.

Maddocks has won another hand since to nearly push 400K going into the break.

Mike Maddocks393,500
Nathanial Hutton323,500
Mike Maddocks

Attila annihilates two

“All in call!” from an outer table, where Attila Bognar had tabled AA with two opponents at risk.

The short-stacked Joel Feldman had KJ in front of him, while the other opponent was Robert Kwan with 1010.

As a rail gathered, the flop spread 9Q7, giving Feldman a straight draw but with two of his outs in Kwan’s holding.

Feldman was then turned dead as the turn dropped Q, Kwan now able to hit his Ten again to take the lead – but it wouldn’t happen as the 9 hit the river to eliminate both.

Attila Bognar417,500
Robert KwanBUSTED!
Joel FeldmanBUSTED!
Attila Bognar

Kobbing klobbered

Shouts from Rob Spano filled the room as our reporter rushed over; all in preflop with 77 against the AA of Karsten Kobbing, it was clear to see why Spano was so happy.

The board of 7QK83 had turned his dominated pockets into a clear winner, the set on the flop the ‘second two outer’ Kobbing had taken in recent hands, he bemoaned to our reporter.

Rob Spano108,000
Karsten Kobbing8,500
Rob Spano

Turner turned away

Nikki Turner 3-bet shoved from the small blind with her stack now erring on the shorter side; approximately 60K.

Daniel Noja let his big blind go, but the original raiser to be worried about was Amin Riyazati – and Riyazati snap-called.

Turner’s 3-bet with A7 was in dire shape against the AA of Riyazati, and she was unable to find any assistance from the board as she hit the rail in 100th place; just 99 remain to fight it out over the course of a maximum of 7 Levels today.

Amin Riyazati521,500
Nikki TurnerBUSTED!
Nikki Turner

No glee for Clee

Terence Clee and Michael Clair got the chips in preflop after a raising war over on Table 2, and the cards were flipped over to reveal a massive cooler; QQ for Clee had run smack bang into the KK of Clair, seated on his direct left.

The board ran out 8A5A2 to give Clair a full double, and of course, a discussion as to who folded an Ace ensued.

Michael Clair282,000
Terence Clee167,500
Michael Clair

Gerges goneski

Mina Gerges 3-bet to 16,000 over an open from Chao Duan. Duan made the call, and the flop spread 710J.

All the chips went in the middle on the flop, and Gerges tabled QQ for the overpair. Duan had outflopped the Canadian, however, when he tabled J10 for top two.

The 8, 5 run out was unable to save Gerges.

Chao Duan219,500
Mina GergesBUSTED!
Mina Gerges

Table of death claims first victim

The lineup for Table 1 caught our attention immediately late last night – a table including Jarrod Thatcher, Joseph Vinecombe, Jimmy Tran, Tam Truong, Hussein Hassan, Qais Shanasa, Slav Rypinski, Ben Turner, AND Malcolm Trayner.

Moments ago, Hassan was spotted heading for the exits; PMA headed over to Table 1 to get the rundown.

Recounted to us by Shanasa, Hassan’s demise had come over two hands – on the first, Tran opened preflop and was called by both Shanasa on the button and Hassan out of the blinds to see a flop of 108J. Hassan and Tran checked to Shanasa, who bet 15,000. Hassan then check-raised to 55,000 and forced Tran out of the pot; Shanasa ripped it and Hassan called to put Shanasa at risk.

Shanasa: J9
Hassan: 108

Shanasa got there on the 4-7 turn-river to make the Jack high straight and double through.

Hassan then got into a second hand against Rypinski; Rypinski check-called a bet from Hassan on a K-J-5 flop to see a 4 drop on the turn.

Rypinski then check-shoved on Hassan; Hassan calling off to put himself at risk with K-Q; only to find himself drawing dead against Rypinski’s pocket Fours.

Slav Rypinski278,000
Qais Shanasa236,000
Hussein HassanBUSTED!
Slav Rypinski

Clinch crippled

Thang Truong and Wayne Clinch got all of the chips in the middle preflop; but not racing – Truong’s JJ up against the AJ of Clinch.

Unable to hit a miracle Ace on the Q33510 board, Clinch was left with 12,500, which would be pushed into the middle a couple of hands later, looked up by only Ruiyang Wang from the big blind.

Clinch tabled A8 and looked to fade the K10 of Wang; which he did, flopping a pair and turning Wang dead on the 482AJ board.

Thang Truong122,000
Wayne Clinch27,500
Wayne Clinch

The exit Beck-ons

Both Nathanial Hutton and Anthony Beck checked on a flop of 108K.

The Q on the turn sparked fireworks, however; Beck responded to a bet of 18,000 from Hutton by shoving for 48,500 effective – and a snap-call from Hutton.

Beck had turned the nut flush draw with AQ, but the same card had made Broadway for Hutton’s AJ.

The 8 changed nothing on the river and Beck hit the rail.

Nathanial Hutton245,500
Anthony BeckBUSTED!
Nathanial Hutton

Way to Seal it

Emanuel Seal open shoved his short stack from middle position, and found a caller in Chuck Caris before the rest of the table folded.

Caris: 99
Seal: Q10

Caris connected in the window on the 5109 board, but there’s always a sweat – the 4 turn card keeping Seal alive.

The 9 sealed Seal’s fate; death by quads!

Chuck Caris129,500
Emanuel SealBUSTED!
Chuck Caris

Shuffle up and deal!

The Star’s Tanera Nathan had the honour of announcing “shuffle up and deal!” for Day 2 of the WSOP-C Gold Coast Main Event, and cards are in the air!

Sydneysider Kamyar Ekrami, who hails from Iran, is leading the way, having bagged 497,000 on Day 1A.

PokerMedia Australia place cards are in play today; players – if you get moved, please take your place card with you. This is to stop us from annoying you for your name after a bad beat – we know how hard that can be.

A couple of the shorter stacks have already been eliminated in the opening hands of play, with both James George and Ivan Icosic hitting the rail within the blink of an eye.

Battle of the survivors

The 2023 WSOP-C Gold Coast Main Event has completed all Day 1 flights, with 508 entries whittled down to just 134 surviving stacks to take on Day 2. Play will kick off at 11:30am local time, reverting back to the start of Level 12.

The total Main Event prize pool has been confirmed at $1,371,600, with the top 77 players finishing in the money. The winner will take home $271,184, along with the coveted WSOP Circuit Championship ring. A minimum cash will be worth $4,527.

WSOP-C Gold Coast Main Event – payouts


WSOP-C Gold Coast Main Event Day 2 – seat draw

Table 1

1Jimmy Tran206,500
2Tam Troung241,000
3Qais Shanasa197,000
4Hussein Hassan160,000
5Ben Turner245,000
6Slav Rypinski230,000
7Jarrod Thatcher177,000
8Malcolm Trayner156,500
9Joseph Vinecombe288,500

Table 2

1Noman Mirza415,000
2Blaine Robertson25,500
3Fabian Geisel27,000
4Shino Otani41,000
5Mitchell Reid41,500
6Terence Clee219,500
7Michael Clair181,000
8Scott Carmichael172,500
9Kerry Chambers58,000

Table 3

1Robert Campbell33,500
2Shuai Chang300,000
3Michael Egan47,500
4Nathan Sawyers203,000
5Travis Endersby96,500
6Matt Morris270,000
7Joe Sandaev238,500
8Nick Wright120,500
9Ilavenil Arumugam63,000

Table 4

1Liu Bowen75,000
2Daniel Noja79,500
3Uno Uka454,500
4Thibaut Klinghammer39,000
5Amin Riyazati420,500
6Geoff Murtha18,500
7Billy Argyros205,000
8Dan Smiljanic67,000
9Daniel Dessman261,500

Table 5

1Gary Benson214,000
2Joel Feldman130,000
3Antoine Follet87,000
4Jun Wang75,500
5Killian Farrell98,500
6Darren Ooi166,500
7Khac Trung Tran278,500
8Lachlan Crilly199,500
9Jason Lee126,500

Table 6

1Mo Haidary104,000
2Hugo Dief188,500
3Liam Murray209,500
4Sean Ragozzini39,000
5Chan Yaw Chin80,500
6Mishel Anunu185,500
7Didier Guerin244,000
8Aditya Rao193,500
9Jarryd Godena280,500

Table 7

1John Apostolidis142,000
2Dean Boskovic187,500
3Sean Ooi366,500
4Matt Pongrass311,000
5Po Hu125,000
6Emanuel Seal37,000
7Constantin Harach142,000
8Andrew Hindmarsh149,000
9Chuck Caris87,000

Table 8

1Peter Apostolou204,000
2Wei Zhu56,500
3Nathanial Hutton106,500
4Ivan Kosic31,500
5Kamyar Ekrami497,000
6Anthony Beck68,000
7Amir Minagar32,000
8Wenjie Sun151,500
9Paul Bennett189,000

Table 9

1Farhad Mohajerani99,000
2Ken Demlakian227,000
3Mark Fester91,000
4Karsten Kobbing126,500
5Ali Ghezelbash109,000
6Jason Gray87,000
7Chao Li215,500
8Rob Spano84,000
9Tim Sheehan161,000

Table 13

1Liam Jehu152,000
2Haozhe Gan323,500
3Anthony Harach189,500
4Martin Ward148,000
5Javad Etaat84,000
6Adam Cusenza146,000
7Nil Esteve Magrane71,000
8Nikki Turner91,000
9Jason Chahine22,000

Table 14

1Rhys Kelly172,000
2Chris Edgar62,000
3Sam Capra193,500
4Gary Lin208,000
5Zhixiang Ang258,500
6Adam Kharman60,500
7Andrew Menzies51,000
8Owen Whish174,500

Table 15

1Justin Cohen40,500
2Dylan Kehoe185,500
3Pedro Hernandez95,000
4David Martell164,000
5Le Cuong323,000
6Adrian Pacheco95,000
7Nigel Kwok72,500
8Zheming Zhu210,000

Table 16

1Robert Kwan203,000
2Mick Gavrilovic66,000
3Chao Duan131,000
4Ruiyang Wang152,500
5Mina Gerges100,500
6Wayne Clinch151,000
7Thang Truong120,000
8Rod Batoz246,000

Table 17

1James George44,000
2Joshua McSwiney184,000
3Hongzhuang Fang58,000
4Neb Blanusa101,000
5Kelvin Li21,000
6Craig Rimmer308,500
7Kevin Lee140,500
8Zac Vigar116,000

Table 18

1Jen Cassell113,000
2JP Rounce-Sue354,000
3Patrick So108,000
4Lachlan Dykes66,000
5Attila Bognar267,000
6Cooper Feltham110,500
7Yoon Kang97,000
8Mike Maddocks209,500
9Takeo Kimura171,500

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