Ekrami tsunami: Kamyar Ekrami bags chip lead for Day 1A of 2023 WSOP-C Gold Coast Main Event

For it’s quiet start, with the start of play delayed to allow for more entries, Day 1A of the WSOP-C Gold Coast Main Event turned out to be a bit of a rollercoaster.

Amin Riyazati was on fire, crushing for the majority of the day, with the chip lead seemingly every time we looked for the first nine levels. Towards the end of the day, a re-entry from Rhys Kelly saw Kelly enter “God mode”, striking left and right as he amassed a stack surpassing that of Riyazati, before a massive set-under-set cooler saw Kamyar Ekrami soar to the top of the counts courtesy of Kelly.

Amin Riyazati

And there Ekrami stayed; when all was said and done Ekrami bagged a mammoth 497,000, well clear of his nearest opponent in Riyazati (420,500) and one of only three to bag more than the average stack; the other being Zheming Zhu (240,000).

Speaking to PokerMedia Australia after the conclusion of Day 1A, Ekrami, who is Iranian but now resides in Sydney, told us he finds it easier to play the first day because he ‘knows I have another chance if I need it’, and that his plan was to play ‘very aggressively towards the end of the day if I have less than a certain amount, because I can either double or [use] another chance’.

Kamyar Ekrami

Asked if he would have any different strategy for Day 2 on Sunday now he’s bagged a huge stack, Ekrami said “what this stack allows me to do on Day 2 is to cope with one or two bad beats – I think if you play okay, you don’t need to do anything crazy or special. Hopefully I can avoid some bad beats and we’ll see what happens!”

2023 WSOP-C Gold Coast Main Event – end of Day 1A chip counts

Kamyar Ekrami497,000
Amin Riyazati420,500
Zheming Zhu240,000
Jarrod Thatcher177,000
Rhys Kelly172,000
Chao Duan131,000
Po Hu125,000
Farhad Mohajarani99,000
Antoine Follet87,000
Mitchell Reid41,500

PokerMedia Australia will be back in the Star Gold Coast Poker room from 15:30 on Thursday to bring you all of the action from buy-in to bust-out of Day 1B of the WSOP-C Gold Coast Main Event, where we will see if anyone can bag up a bigger stack than the monster stack of Ekrami!

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