LIVE REPORTING: 2023 DeepStacks Adelaide Main Event – Final Table

Congratulations Higor Seibel, DeepStacks Adelaide Main Event Champion ($54,000)!

After a truly dominant final table performance, Brazilian ex-pat Higor Seibel has been confirmed as our Champion.

Seibel held the chip lead from start to finish today, and it seemed like it was never in doubt as he continued to win big hands over and over.

Speaking with PokerMedia Australia post-event and asked about what was going through his mind throughout the day, Seibel was understated, saying “I had my strategy in place, to do whatever I need to do. I need to be very thankful, everything went my way and I ran very well, even with so many good players on the table”.

Higor Seibel with Stacked Social Managing Director Andrew Michael after the win

The Brazilian expat has a string of impressive results on his HendonMob profile, and we asked him if he could tell us a little – without revealing strategy – about what makes him so successful. Seibel said it was a result of “putting a lot of effort studying outside of the game – and a lot of people they see me winning today but they don’t know where I’ve come from … I’ve been playing since I was a teenager, I came to Australia as a professional poker player, and for the last 18 months I have been dedicated full time to poker”. That’s certainly paying off, with his live results alone speaking for themselves.

What’s next for Seibel? “APLPT Adelaide next week and then a break – I’ll be flying to Bali two weeks – after that WSOPC Gold Coast in November”.

From all of us here at PMA, congratulations Higor on a fantastic run and well deserved win!

Higor SeibelCHAMPION!
Higor Seibel

Jerry Zhang eliminated in 2nd place ($35,000)

Higor Seibel raised his button to 100,000, Jerry Zhang shoved for 1,070,000, Seibel snap called.

With Tournament Director Chris Wadih calling the action on the mic here at Stacked Social, Zhang tabled J10 and found himself dominated yet again against the QJ of Seibel.

The flop brought more outs for Zhang though, spreading 942 to give Zhang a flush draw.

Needing a Ten or a club, the run out of 2, A was literally as far away as possible however, and Zhang has been eliminated.

Jerry ZhangBUSTED!
Jerry Zhang

Level 25: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)

All the pressure!

“All the pressure is on you now Higor!” laughed Jerry Zhang, continuing “If you lose from here, you are the worst player ever!”

Higor Seibel remarked “I’ve lost plenty heads up 10-to-1 ahead, it happens.”

A couple of hands later, the pair got it all in preflop. Zhang was dominated, the A10 needing help against the AJ of Seibel, which appeared right smack bang in the window as the 65108Q favoured Zhang.

Double up. Game on.

Higor Seibel6,090,000
Jerry Zhang1,410,000
Higor Seibel

Orange Zhang eliminated in 3rd place ($20,500); Adam Cusenza eliminated in 4th place($16,100)

Orange Zhang opened the action preflop, then Adam Cusenza jammed for 650,000 total.

Higor Seibel jammed over the top to isolate – but instead Zhang called as well for approximately 1.15 million, resulting in a three way all-in confrontation.

Jerry Zhang, meanwhile, was sitting back and staring at a $19K pay jump for doing nothing!

Cards on their backs then, and it was Seibel ahead.

Seibel: KK
Cusenza: 22
Zhang: AK

The board of 53779 ran completely dry for Zhang, and with no lucky duck for Cusenza, Seibel eliminated both to take us heads up!

Higor Seibel6,795,000
Jerry Zhang705,000
Orange ZhangBUSTED!
Adam CusenzaBUSTED!

Taylor Grube eliminated in 5th place ($13,900)

“I feel a spin incoming” sung Taylor Grube as the action folded around to him in the small blind.

“Bye bye Taylor” goaded Higor Seibel, who had yet to look at his cards.

Grube shoved – 330,000 in total – and Seibel went to peel his cards, picking them up and holding them right in front of his face, one card visible, the 10.

“Ok, if it’s another Ten, or anything above that, I’m calling, okay?” Seibel said to Grube, before sliding it aside to reveal the K underneath, before quickly calling.

“Three is the magic number” Grube sung, tabling K3.

The board ran out J2A56 and while the ever-popular Grube is eliminated, the rest of the players don’t have to put up with his singing anymore get a pay jump.

Higor Seibel4,760,000
Taylor GrubeBUSTED!
Taylor Grube

Level 24: 20,000/40,000 (40,000)

El Classico

In the ultimate of classic match ups, Orange Zhang opened to 70,000, Adam Cusenza shoved for 485,000 total and Zhang snap called when it got back to him.

Zhang: QQ
Cusenza: AK

Not an ounce of paint on the 695, but when Zhang gave a little fist pump on the 7 turn, Cusenza “knew” he’d celebrated too early.

With hearts working for Cusenza, the 2 on the turn saw Cusenza win the classic flip.

Adam Cusenza1,045,000
Adam Cusenza

Damien Mills eliminated in 6th place ($11,400)

Damien Mills led out for 100,000 on the turn, with the board showing 3676. Higor Seibel, on the button, called.

Mills then almost immediately shoved on the K river – and Seibel picked up his cards, gave a shrug as if to say okay, then announced “Call”.

“Straight” continued Seibel, tabling 54 to a groan from Mills.

Seibel continues to pad his chip lead, well over half of the total chips in play now.

Higor Seibel4,275,000
Damien MillsBUSTED!
Damien Mills

Gavin Best eliminated in 7th place ($9,200)

Higor Seibel opened from the small blind and Gavin Best defended the big.

The flop of 35A was good enough for Seibel to continue for 50,000 and Best came along to see the 9 hit the turn.

Seibel showed no signs of slowing down, sliding out a second barrel of 200,000.

Best made the call for about a quarter of his remaining chips. The 4 on the river was met with a wager of everything from Seibel, putting Best to the test for his remaining 605,000.

Best took a few moments to consider, checking out some of the other stacks on the table to see where he was, before making the call.

Seibel tabled J2 for a double barrel turned wheel, and Best threw his hands up in the air in frustration, tabling the 95 and heading for the exit.

The remaining six players are now guaranteed a five-figure payday.

Higor Seibel3,470,000
Gavin BestBUSTED!
Gavin Best

Level 23: 15,000/30,000 (30,000)

Break time

The final seven have departed on their first break of the day.

Here are the current counts.

1Adam Cusenza845,000
2Taylor Grube695,000
3Higor Siebel2,450,000
4Gavin Best855,000
5Jerry Zhang706,000
7Damien Mills545,000
8Orange Zhang1,515,000
Higor Seibel

That’s a good check

Taylor Grube opened to 55,000 under the gun and action folded around to Adam Cusenza’s big blind. Cusenza elected to defend, then check-called a bet of 85,000 from Grube on the 68J flop.

Both players checked the 9 turn, and Cusenza checked again on the 8 river.

After a moment or so, Grube remarked “This feels like a good time to check back”, tapping the table.

A frustrated Cusenza tabled 75. Grube? AA.

Taylor Grube810,000
Adam Cusenza775,000
Adam Cusenza

Best v Seibel, R2

Higor Seibel opened to 50,000, Gavin Best 3-bet to 150,000. Action folded back around to Seibel, who put together a 4-bet to the tune of 365,000.

Best mulled it over, and found a call. Both player checked the 5Q3 flop, and repeated the action on the 8 turn.

On the 10 river, Seibel led out for 150,000. Best cut out the calling chips and double checked how much he had, took a minute or so, then tossed in the call only to be shown Q9 by Seibel to take the pot.

Higor Seibel2,300,000
Gavin Best790,000
Gavin Best

Grube gifted

Taylor Grube called bets from Damien Mills on the flop and turn on a board showing 35A2.

When the 3 hit the river, Mills bet again, this time for 85,000.

Grube had a look of confusion, muttering to himself as he tried to work out Mills’ line, playing with his chips.

Eventually Grube tossed in the call – and was rewarded when Mills mucked his hand. Grube picked up a sizeable pot without even having to show his hand.

Taylor Grube1,100,000
Damien Mills761,000
Taylor Grube

Level 22: 15,000/25,000 (25,000)

The other Zhang is still here

Not to be forgotten, this time it was Jerry Zhang who was all in. Short stacked, Zhang did not back down to the preflop pressure of Higor Seibel, calling all in for his last 137,000.

Zhang tabled K10 and was well ahead of the 87 of Seibel – and then flopped Seibel effectively dead on the KK476 board for good measure, the turn officially awarding the pot to Zhang.

Higor Seibel1,867,000
Jerry Zhang364,000
Jerry Zhang

Rosario Lepro eliminated in 8th place ($7,200)

Rosario Lepro, Orange Zhang, and Adam Cusenza saw a flop of 1036. Zhang checked to Lepro, who bet out for 39,000.

Cusenza made the call, but then Zhang decided that was not enough, ripping for 584,000 into the face of both.

Lepro made the call after a few moments, and Cusenza quickly folded.

Cards on their backs then, and Lepro tabled 66 for middle set only to find himself against a straight flush draw – 42 for Zhang prompting to Lepro to exclaim to Cusenza “You got him on tilt!”

Bink! for Zhang – the 5 drilling the gutshot on the turn. Needing the board to pair, Lepro would hit the rail when the J completed the run out.

Orange Zhang1,110,000
Adam Cusenza727,000
Rosario LeproBUSTED!
Rosario Lepro

Cusenza right back into it

Adam Cusenza probably wants to get off the roller coaster – he was all in and at risk just a few hands later, with Orange Zhang looking to pick up a second elimination in seemingly as many minutes.

With a board showing 1073, Cusenza didn’t have to worry too much though. His 77 was miles ahead of the A10 of Zhang – in Rosario Lepro’s words “If you lose this Adam, you should quit poker!”

All smiles for Cusenza, replying “I’ve seen a lot!” as the board ran out Q, 9 to cement his double up.

Adam Cusenza856,000
Orange Zhang688,000
Adam Cusenza

John Mere eliminated in 9th place ($5,600)

With just over 100K in the pot and a flop of 1047 showing, John Mere shoved first to act for his last 187,000.

Orange Zhang made the call, and Adam Cusenza took his time on the button before making the call also to see the A drop on the turn.

Zhang jammed for 341,000 and Cusenza let an an expletive, quickly spinning his cards into the muck.

Mere tabled KJ for the combo draw but Zhang had turned top set with AA, which would then turn into a boat on the 10 river.

“I should have busted that hand” remarked Cusenza.

Orange Zhang1,036,000
Adam Cusenza413,000
John MereBUSTED!
John Mere

Level 21: 10,000/20,000 (20,000)

No shenanigans

Taylor Grube opened the action UTG to 33,000, only to see Higor Seibel 3-bet to 110,000 from the next seat over.

Gavin Best then cold 4-bet to 235,000, causing a quick flurry of folds back around to Grube. Grube slid his cards forwards with a look at Seibel, who then went into the tank.

After several minutes, Seibel released his cards, allowing Best to breathe once more.

Best flashed KK with a grin, and Seibel pursed his lips in relief more than anything, saying “Wooow… you won’t believe what I folded…”

Best, collecting his new chips, remarked on the situation he’d found himself in; “…Under the gun open, big stack 3-bet, and I’ve got Kings” he laughed, continuing “No shenanigans, no shenanigans!”

The two big stacks are now roughly even after that hand.

Higor Seibel1,752,000
Gavin Best1,740,000
“You won’t believe what I folded!”

Shuffle up and deal!

The players are present, the chips are unbagged, and the game is underway! There are 17 minutes remaining of Level 20 at the start of today’s play, with 50-minute Levels throughout.

Front (L-R) Orange Zhang, Adam Cusenza, Rosario Lepro, Jerry Zhang. Back (L-R) – Gavin Best, Taylor Grube, John Mere, Damien Mills, Higor Seibel

Higor Seibel has gone for Brazil represent, with the Seleção Canarinha jersey on full display – we checked with the locals and that is apparently a tradition for Seibel whenever he makes a final table.

Level 20: 8,000/16,000 (16,000)

Welcome back to PokerMedia Australia‘s live coverage of the 2023 DeepStacks Adelaide Main Event!

Today represents the culmination of almost two weeks of action here at Stacked Social, with the remaining nine players coming together from 3pm to play down to a winner.

It is Brazilian ex-pat Higor Seibel who enters the final table as chip leader, having navigating a star-studded field on Day 2 – although there is plenty of work still to do.

Higor Seibel

Among those also in the mix is Adelaide poker virtuoso Gavin Best, who has bagged up almost 1.6 million to sit second in chip and who takes a seat on the final table to the direct left of Seibel. 

PokerMedia Australia asked Seibel how he felt about the seat draw, to which he responded that it was “basically the opposite” of what he was hoping for, having joked to Best prior that he hoped he’d be on Seibel’s right. Seibel wasn’t too concerned, though, going on to say “I think ICM plays a part, we’ll naturally be unlikely to be involved in too many pots together to begin with.”

Stay tuned to PMA for all thew action from 3pm local time as we find out who will be crowned 2023 DeepStacks Adelaide Main Event champion!

2023 DeepStacks Adelaide Main Event!

2023 DeepStacks Adelaide Main Event Final Table:

1Adam Cusenza722,000
2Taylor Grube916,000
3Higor Seibel1,800,000
4Gavin Best1,574,000
5Jerry Zhang309,000
6John Mere248,000
7Damien Mills1,153,000
8Orange Zhang624,000
9Rosario Lepro314,000

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