LIVE REPORTING: 2023 DeepStacks Adelaide Main Event Day 2

DeepStacks Adelaide Main Event Final Table

Official photos will be taken prior to start of play at 3pm tomorrow, but for now, congratulations to the following 9 players on making the DeepStacks Adelaide Main Event Final Table!

1Adam Cusenza722,000
2Taylor Grube916,000
3Higor Seibel1,800,000
4Gavin Best1,574,000
5Jerry Zhang309,000
6John Mere248,000
7Damien Mills1,153,000
8Orange Zhang624,000
9Rosario Lepro314,000

Advantage Higor Seibel as he bags up nearly quarter of the chips in play, though he will have the second biggest stack in Adelaide legend Gavin Best on his direct left all day tomorrow. Speaking to PMA after the event, Seibel said that he was talking to Best prior to the final table draw telling him he’d “better pick the seat to my right” – it could not have worked out more opposite for Seibel but he feels that “basic thing there is I think we’ll naturally try to avoid playing against each other due to ICM”.

Higor Seibel

Asked how he felt right now, Seibel was very grateful for the position he’s in, saying he was “Great actually! I’m very grateful, done a lot of work in the last few weeks. [I’m] going to take a big break after this series for sure”. Seibel also said that he would of course try to utilise his stack to “put pressure on the middling stacks where I can, but it’s all about picking my spots and [having Best] on my left will make it a little harder of course”.

The remaining players are all guaranteed a minimum prize of $5,600 for making it this far, and will be competing for $56,000 for the eventual Champion.


Play will kick off at 3pm tomorrow and we will be there to bring you all of the action!

Jun Lin eliminated in 10th

All the chips found their way in preflop in a massive pot between Damien Mills and Jun Lin, where Lin would table JJ to find himself in trouble against the KK of Mills, dominated on all fronts.

The board of 109572 missed both players and when all the chips were counted down, Lin was left with just 2,500 in chips.

Those chips were placed into the middle on the very next hand, and both Rosario Lepro and Mills checked down a board of AAK8Q.

Mills tabled QJ to find he was in front the whole way against the J9 of Lepro and J7 of Lin to claim the scalp and set our final table.

Full chip counts and seating to come shortly.

Damien Mills1,153,000
Rosario Lepro315,000

Edgar exit

With a full board showing 466Q8 by the time our Live Reporter got there, Chris Edgar was confirmed eliminated.

At the hands of Higor Seibel, Edgar held AJ but ran smack bang into the AA of Seibel, who padded his stack to north of 1.5 million.

With that elimination, there are 10 players remaining and the tournament is on the final table bubble; the Tournament Director has confirmed we will not be playing hand-for-hand unless there is excessive stalling.

Higor Seibel1,580,000
Chris EdgarBUSTED!
Higor Seibel

Martinson mauled

Damien Mills opened the action with a raise to 40,000 and action folded around to Alex Martinson on the small blind.

Martinson elected to shove for 244,000 total, and Mills quickly dropped a chip in to signify a call.

Mills: QQ
Martinson: A9

Martinson was unable to connect on the KJ27K board and with that, the Main Event is down to just 11 players.

Damien Mills639,000
Alex MartinsonBUSTED!

Level 20: 8,000/16,000 (16,000)

One chip behind

Armon van Wijk and Taylor Grube saw a flop of 946 and Grube bet 1,000.

Yes, that’s T1K – van Wijk had left himself with 1,000 behind from the preflop betting action, so that’s all that was required.

van Wijk gave a shrug and dropped his last chip into the middle, tabling 1010 for the overpair to find himself well ahead of the AQ of Grube.

Needing to fade, the 2 was certainly a clean turn card, but the Q on the river was not, sending van Wijk to the rail in 14th.

Taylor Grube614,000
Armon van WijkBUSTED!
Armon van Wijk

Mere double

In a repeat of an earlier hand where John Mere doubled up with Aces against Rosario Lepro, it was K10 versus AA – but this time, it was Mere who had the King Ten.

Up against Jun Lin with the Aces, Mere hit the K in the window and then spiked the river as the full board ran out K87J10.

John Mere244,000

Gainer goneski

Returning from the break to find that Jerry Zhang, Armon van Wijk, Emanuel Seal AND Higor Seibel had not yet returned, Mike Gainer open jammed his short stack twice.

On the first hand, which Gainer said afterwards he would have jammed regardless of how many players were at the table, Gainer got it through, taking the blinds from Gavin Best and Taylor Grube.

On the second hand, Gainer almost repeated the trick, but only up until Ling Lan woke up with AA in the big blind and snap called.

Gainer tabled QJ, and immediately hit on the 8Q6 flop. He would hit again as the board ran out 6, J and gave a “YES!” before realising that the two Sixes on board counterfeited his two pair. Commiserations, sir.

All of the abovementioned absentees then returned before having any blinds stolen from them, having missed just the two hands, to find that they had earned a pay jump in absentia!

Ling Lan388,000
Mike GainerBUSTED!

Level 19: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)

Dinner break

The remaining players have departed on a 40-minute dinner break.

Table 1

1Alex Martinson315,000
2Rosario Lepro765,000
3Adam Cusenza743,000
4Orange Zhang502,000
5Damien Mills505,000
6Chris Edgar135,000
8John Mere268,000
9Jun Lin334,000

Table 2

1Higor Seibel1,276,000
2Emanuel Seal413,000
3Mike Gainer104,000
4Armon van Wijk139,000
5Jerry Zhang167,000
6Gavin Best1,372,000
7Taylor Grube358,000
9Ling Lan250,000

Huey shot down

Rosario Lepro has woken back up again, putting Huey Lam at risk preflop for his remaining 250,000.

Lam tabled A10 and needed to win a flip against the 99 of Lepro.

The board ran out 62Q4K with Tournament Director Christopher Wadih calling the action on the microphone, and Lam hit the rail in 17th place.

Rosario Lepro945,000

Weng Wong eliminated on bubble

The bubble boy for the DeepStacks Adelaide Main Event has been confirmed as Weng Wong.

Wong and Higor Seibel saw a flop of 546, and Seibel led out for 30,000. There was approximately 60K in the pot from preflop action.

Wong mulled it over before pulling the big trigger – jamming for 194,000 total.

Seibel made the call, tabling J6 once instructed to do so by the Tournament Director. Wong was technically a favourite with his 108 though, around 60% equity to win the hand, though that dropped to 40% after the A hit the turn.

With players from other tables rushing over to sweat by this point, the A hit the river to pad Seibel’s stack over a million and send the rest of the players into the money!

Higor Seibel1,072,000
Weng Wong

That works

Emanuel Seal found himself all in and at risk, called by both Higor Seibel and Weng Wong.

PMA caught the action with cards already up and exposed, on a full board showing 86744.

Wong tabled AJ, bettered by the AQ of Seibel… but Seal had A4 and had hit running trips to take care of business!

Emanuel Seal394,000


After waiting for hands to complete on other tables, attention turned to the feature table, where Alex Martinson had moved all in and been called by Damien Mills.

The flop was out, showing A34, and Martinson tabled AK for top pair, top kicker. Mills tabled AJ.

No help for Mills as Martinson doubled through on the 8, 8 run out.

Damien Mills405,000
Alex Martinson291,000
Damien Mills

Level 18: 5,000/10,000 (10,000)

Straight blockers

Down to 19 and playing hand-for-hand here at the DeepStacks Adelaide Main Event, Jun Lin opened to 17,000 and found a flat call in the small blind before Damien Mills squeezed both, with a raise to 73,000 from the big blind.

Lin tanked for a while, re-checking his cards constantly, before sending them into the muck. The small blind quickly released his cards also, and Rosario Lepro couldn’t resist.

“Show like a Four now, it’d be sick!” he said.

Mills obliged, tabling 105.

“Well… you’re blocking all the straights!”

Alex Martinson has ‘clicked’ the “sit out” button – he’s taken off on different side quests, prompting Lepro to remark “That’s the smartest move he’s ever made!”

We’re now on the 12th hand of hand-for-hand play, meaning Level 18 will commence for hand 13.

Alex Martinson

One two punch

We picked up the action on the turn as Gavin Best called a lead of 65,000 from Marco Perri, with the board showing AK5Q. Perri had check-raised on the flop to take the betting lead, according to Best after the hand.

Perri would slow down and check on the J river, and Best took his time before counting out a bet of 185,000, leaving himself just 30,000 behind.

Perri called quickly, but Best would table the J10 to take that one down.

Best then opened the next hand to 16,000, called again by Perri (now in the small blind) and Mike Gainer completing from the big blind. Best continued for 20,000 on the A87 flop, and Perri pulled out a check-raise to 70,000.

Gainer folded, Best made the call – and then Perri shoved for 240,000 on the J turn. Best took his time, a minute or two before he picked up the stack he’d counted out and placed it gently forward – to see Perri table 32 for a flush draw.

Best tabled AQ and just needed to fade a spade – which he did on the 6 river, seeing Perri eliminated with the nut low just three off the money.

The back-to-back hands also see Best push over the million chip mark!

Gavin Best1,021,000
Marco PerriBUSTED!
Marco Perri

The bubble fast approaches

After the break, 21 players have resumed to take their seats.

With just 3 eliminations to go until the bubble bursts, it would be a very reasonable prediction that will occur during Level 17!

A minimum cash for 18th place is worth $2,800.

Level 17: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)

Rrasa routed

Elvan Rrasa jammed for his last 80,000 under the gun over on Table 2. Action folded around to Marco Perri in the big blind, who asked for a count and took a deep breath before placing forward some chips.

Rrasa tabled KK, and saw Perri table the QJ to find himself well ahead.

A noise escaped Rrasa as the flop spread 772, giving Perri the flush draw he didn’t want to see.

It would eventuate immediately; the 4 on the turn causing Rrasa to throw his hands in the air while a tablemate was quick to point out he could still hit another heart.

Not to be, the 8 ending the clearly annoyed Rrasa’s tournament in brutal fashion.

Perri, meanwhile, is recovering back to a decent stack once more after a rough start today.

Marco Perri736,000
Elvan RrasaBUSTED!
Elvan Rrasa

Gainer gains

With 32K in the pot, Stacked Social Managing Director Andrew Michael and Mike Gainer saw a flop of 7J6.

Michael went for the over bet – all in, in fact, for 51,000. Gainer quickly called and Michael tabled Q4 for a flush draw.

Gainer’s 88 remained ahead through the A, 9 run out to eliminate Michael.

Mike Gainer368,000
Andrew MichaelBUSTED!
Mike Gainer

Tis but a Mere scratch!

We picked up the action on Table 3 where a full board of 5J992 was displayed.

John Mere was all in and at risk, but very much ahead the whole way – his AA crushing the K10 of Lepro.

No sweat for Lepro, he’s still got piles!

Rosario Lepro682,500
John Mere272,000
Rosario Lepro

The field dwindles

At the start of Level 16, just 29 remain from 150 starters. More than half of the field remaining will now finish “ITM” (in the money).

With such a fantastic slow structure here at Stacked Social, the average stack is still over fifty big blinds, leaving plenty of room to play post-flop.

Eight players were eliminated in the last level – if that trend were to continue, the DSA Main Event will be very close to the bubble by the next break at the end of this level.

Level 16: 3,000/6000 (6,000)

Grube growing

Pierce Hynes opened to 10,000 from the hijack, and found no believers – Jerry Zhang called from the cut-off and Gavin Best from the button, before Taylor Grube and Ling Lan completed from the blinds to create a 55,000 pot preflop.

The flop of 8Q7 was checked to the original raiser and Hynes obliged with a continuation bet to the tune of 12,500. Zhang and Best folded before Grube came along, then Lan begrudgingly removed himself from the equation.

Both players checked the 9 turn and 4 river, Grube content to take the 80K pot with KQ.

Taylor Grube365,500
Pierce Hynes94,500
Taylor Grube

Another for Seibel

It was an all in preflop match up between the short stacked Tony Xu with K10, and Higor Seibel, who wasn’t going anywhere with QJ.

The flop favoured Seibel, and Xu couldn’t catch up as the board completed 4Q843.

Higor Seibel824,500


The final prize pool has been confirmed and payouts announced.

$56,000 awaits the eventual Champion of the DeepStacks Adelaide Main Event, with the top 6 spots all guaranteed a 5-figure pay day.

18 players will finish in the money, a minimum cash being worth $2,800.


Level 15: 2,500/5,000 (5,000)

End of late reg!

The tournament is now up to the first break of the day – which also signifies the end of late registration. The tournament has attracted a total of 150 entries, and 37 remain now to battle it down to a winner.

Levels increase now to 50-minute periods, with a break every two levels.

Some assorted counts from around the room.

Higor Seibel845,000
Rosario Lepro630,500
Marco Perri360,000
Gavin Best344,500
Damien Mills323,500
Taylor Grube303,500
Emanuel Seal273,000
Elvan Rrasa261,500
Billy “The Croc” Argyros176,500
Andrew Michael146,000
AJ Antonios63,500
Seibel at the start of the day – he’s now chip leader!

Cusenza gets there

Adam Cusenza opened the cut-off before Andy Nguyen Ly ripped all in from the big blind for around 15 big blinds.

Cusenza made the call and it was off to the races.

Nguyen Ly: 22
Cusenza: KQ

The flop of 754 gave Cusenza a flush draw, the turn 4 further opportunities to score the pot via counterfeit.

The 10 completed the flush and sent the pot in a grateful Cusenza’s direction – “I thought I had too many outs there!” he laughed, “Thought I wasn’t going to get there.”

Adam Cusenza191,500
Andy Nguyen LyBUSTED!
Adam Cusenza

Full pot value

Pierce Hynes opened the action to 8,000 preflop, with Gavin Best electing to defend his big blind.

On a flop of 65A, Best checked it over to the animated Pierce.

“How much will you call… Seven.” said Hynes, slapping down a 7,000 bet, followed by “Oh boy, oh boy…” as Best made the call.

The 3 turn found another check from Best as Hynes said “That’s a really bad card for me!”

“How so?” enquired Best to no response, and Hynes checked back.

“Heellloooo!” from Hynes as the 10 hit the river. Nonplussed, Best led out for 40,000, just over full pot, sending Hynes into the tank.

“I can beat eight nine…” mused Hynes, to a bemused look from a couple of tablemates. “What do you have Gavin…. I have a seven in my hand…” before he plopped in the call.

Best tabled 65. That’ll do it.

Gavin Best

Crowe shot down

The flop of 9J3 looked fairly innocuous over on Table 3. As it happened, it would create our new chip leader.

Players flocked from other tables to witness the action as Fuzzy Faquin, Joshua Crowe, and Higor Seibel found themselves all-in; recounted to PMA by Faquin after the hand, Seibel bet first, then Faquin raised. Crowe flat called that, Seibel then re-raised. Faquin called that.

Then Crowe jammed, Seibel jammed, Faquin jammed, and the cards were turned over.

Seibel: JJ
Crowe: A5
Faquin: J9

With all three stacks over 200K, Seibel needed to fade the spade to triple, whilst Crowe had a shorter stack than Faquin and would be eliminated if a spade did not materialise for him.

The turn 5, no good. The river K once again changed nothing and with that, a veritable mountain of chips was pushed over to Seibel, whilst Faquin collected some extra change from Crowe.

Higor Seibel787,500
Fuzzy Faquin36,500
Joshua CroweBUSTED!
Joshua Crowe

Level 14: 2,000/4,000 (4,000)

Bolting Bolton

Will Bolton opened the action to 6,500 and action folded all the way around to Armon van Wijk in the blinds. van Wijk jammed, Bolton made the call and it was off to the races.

AK for van Wijk needing overcards to better the JJ of Bolton, but there wasn’t even any paint for van Wijk on the 23795 board and he hit the rail.

Will Bolton212,500
Armon van WijkBUSTED!
Will Bolton

Right way

Marco Perri opened the action to 6,000 and was flat called by Weng Wong. Armon van Wijk pumped it up to 21,000; Anne Beygirlioglu, Perri, and Wong all called.

Wong checked his option on a flop of Q46, and van Wijk continued for 18,000. Beygirlioglu and Perri again both called, then Wong put in his last 21,500 total to calls from all three.

van Wijk bet again on the 9 turn and this time, successfully chased out both Perri and Beygirlioglu.

Once everyone had folded, van Wijk tabled AA – but Wong then tabled 44 for the spiked bottom set.

The Q improved Wong to a full house and he quadrupled up.

Weng Wong176,000
Armon van Wijk41,500
Weng Wong

Choong gets battered

Yita Choong lost a chunk of his stack to Connie Graham when his 98 was unable to clip the wings of Graham’s AJ, the board running out 25Q10A to give Graham a full double.

Left with crumbs, Choong shoved all in for 9,000 from the button after Emanuel Seal limped in late position. Graham made the call from the big blind, as well as another opponent, then Seal ripped his stack in with everyone covered.

“That only helps me.” said Choong, before being chastised by the dealer “Sorry, sorry!”

After folds from Graham and the other opponent, Seal tabled 88, racing against the KQ of Choong.

The board ran out 247810 and with no spade in anyone’s hand, the set for Seal enough to yeet a Choong.

Emanuel Seal246,500
Connie Graham55,000
Yita ChoongYEETED!
Yita Choong

Level 13: 1,500/3,000 (3,000)

Wong way!

With a board showing 928, Alex Martinson had Weng Wong all in and at risk.

Wong, who entered straight into Day 2, held A8 for second pair, but it was all smiles for Martinson; his 69 on top.

The board ran out K, 4 to eliminate Wong.

Alex Martinson135,000
Weng WongBUSTED!
Alex Martinson

Edgar bites the dust

Chris Edgar open jammed for his short stack from middle position, and Elvan Rrasa made the call from two seats over.

After the blinds got out of the way, the cards were turned on their backs – 99 for Edgar, but Rrasa had the advantage with the KK.

Rrasa would make Broadway on the A2QJ10 board to eliminate Edgar.

Elvan Rrasa151,000
Chris EdgarBUSTED!
Elvan Rrasa

Shuffle up and…double knockout?

Barely had the tournament got under way, with all the chips unbagged and cards in the air, before “All in and a call!” was heard from – well, you probably guessed it – Rosario Lepro’s table.

The action was all pre-flop, and it was short-stacked Joe Sandaev was all in with AJ, AJ Antonios was a late entry on literally his first hand of the bullet with JJ, but Lepro had them both in trouble with KK!

The flop ran out 44795 to further pad the gargantuan stack of Lepro.

Rosario Lepro680,500
Joe SandaevBUSTED!
AJ AntoniosBUSTED!

Level 12: 1,500/2,500 (2,500)

Good morning and welcome back to our coverage of the 2023 DeepStacks Adelaide Main Event. It’s moving day here at Stacked Social, meaning it is now or never for our remaining players to make a run and give themselves a chance at featuring on tomorrow’s final table.

After three Day 1 flights, it is none other than this week’s High Roller champ Rosario Lepro carrying the overall chip lead into Day 2, just edging Sydney’s Marco Perri for top spot among the 40 players remaining.

Also well in the mix is Adelaide local Gavin Best, however the likes of Yita Choong, Jarred Graham, Adam Cusenza and Joe Sandaev are all short-stacked. Meanwhile, those who failed to make it through the three Day 1 flights have a couple of hours of registration still available to them to try and run up a stack before cut-off time. The full Day 2 table draw is below.

Who will join last year’s winner Sandaev as a DeepStacks Adelaide champion? Stay tuned to PMA’s live coverage from 1pm local time today as we find out!


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SeatFirst NameLast NameChips


SeatFirst NameLast NameChips


SeatFirst NameLast NameChips


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