LIVE REPORTING: 2023 DeepStacks Adelaide Main Event Flights 1B and 1C

1C in the bag – Ling Lan leads after fast and furious flight

Bagging a total of 268,500 after a strong showing throughout the afternoon, Ling Lan has bagged the Day 1C chip lead at the end of Level 11.

His closest rival, Will Bolton, who bagged 159,500 after a late double with a backdoor flush.

Ling Lan

Billy “The Croc” Argyros has also found a decent bag, whilst it’s Anne Beygirlioglu bringing up the tail end of the field.

The surviving 9 players will join the 31 from Day 1A and 1B to start Day 2 with a provisional 40 players – pending any additional entrants between now and then.

Rosario Lepro – winners photo from DSA High Roller event yesterday

Meanwhile, it’s Rosario Lepro, fresh from victory in yesterdays DeepStacks Adelaide High Roller event, who will carry the overall chip lead into Day 2 – the 567,000 he managed after busting in Level 6 and subsequently re-entering unmatched by anyone.

Ling Lan268,500
Will Bolton159,500
John Mere140,000
Cameron Metcalf123,500
Billy “The Croc” Argyros120,500
Elvan Rrasa113,500
Fred Chaptini87,000
Alex Martinson84,000
Anne Beygirlioglu53,000

The Geverand Saga

Behran Geverand had a nightmare last few hands – electing to shove on a board of Q106JK only to see Will Bolton snap call with Q9 – more than enough to beat the 87 bluff of Geverand.

Geverand would then shove on the next hand, picking up the blinds, before getting it in with John Mere a couple of hands later. Geverand had Q9, Mere was trying to put an end to him with 76, and very nearly did on the 2KA flop, but Geverand would spike a not needed pair on the 3, 9 run out to survive and double through.

On the last hand of the night, it was Geverand versus Mere once again, as Geverand held A4 and Mere put him at risk with the QJ.

Not Geverand’s night – the board running out 9278K, the flush for Mere putting an end to Geverand’s evening. And everyone else’s night, to be fair – that was the final hand of the night.

Behran GeverandBUSTED!
John Mere – we don’t mind using this shot twice

Zhang zilched

Jerry Zhang defended his big blind to a John Mere 6,500 open.

The pair saw a flop of 9QJ, and Zhang elected to shove for his last handful of big blinds – ~13K total approximately. Mere merely called for the mere amount (sorry).

Mere: AJ
Zhang: 98

Zhang had qualified, so to speak, but would still need help as Mere had qualified better. The turn 2 never changes anything, and the 7 on the river was no help to Zhang.

“Oh well, back tomorrow!” announced Zhang as he took his leave. Players can still register up to two hours into Day 2.

John Mere118,500
Jerry ZhangBUSTED!
Jerry Zhang

Final Level of the day

We’re now into the final Day 1 Level of all the flights; from 22 entries in 1C, 11 remain, meaning the average stack is precisely 100K.

1C: Level 11: 1,500/2,500 (2,500)

Tilt luck

“I’m on tilt” announced Will Bolton as he jammed for his last 32,000. To clarify that, Bolton had just discovered he had 4 black T100 chips in his stack; unfortunately for Bolton, they had already been raced off and so the chips were removed from play.

Action folded back around to Behran Geverand, who had originally opened to 4,000. Geverand snap-called, tabling QQ and miles ahead of Bolton’s 88, even dominating both suits.

The flop of 245, safe, but Geverand could only grimmace as the 8 hit the turn before the A completed the board giving Bolton a full double.

Will Bolton68,000
Behran Geverand35,500

The Croc takes one

Ang Zhou open jammed for his remaining 40,500 – but then Billy “The Croc” Argyros shoved over the top from the next seat over.

Everyone folded around and the cards were on their backs.

Argyros: AA
Zhou: Q8

A mis-step for Zhou nearly turned fortunate as he flopped a flush draw on the 56K flop, bu the 5, 2 run out sent him packing.

Billy “The Croc” Argyros94,500

1C: Level 10: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)

The thinnest of value

With a board showing 25447, Cameron Metcalf checked the action across to AJ Antonios.

Antonios fired a bet of precisely one big blind – 1,600 – equivalent to just over 10% of the pot.

“I guess I have to just pay you off” said Metcalf, dropping the chips over.

Antonios tabled Q2 – bottom pair good to scoop.

Cameron Metcalf

Lan heats up

Ling Lan is on a heater. The blinds went up very shortly after the previous update, and Lan found himself in a pretty nice position – opening the action, Lan saw Jun Lin shove for around 45K, and when action folded back around to Lan, he snap-called.

Lan: AA
Lin: AK

The board ran out 9229Q, no help to Lin and Lan continues to stack up his chips.

Ling Lan325,900
Ling Lan

1C: Level 9: 800/1,600 (1,600)

Smudic smacked down

With a board showing 6JK5A, Ling Lan fired out a bet of 11,500 into a pot of around 20K.

Igor Smudic hit the trigger, jamming for 49,500.

Lan hit the tank but after a few minutes, dropped some chips over the line to make the call.

Smudic begrudgingly tabled the J2 and could only give a shrug as Lan triumphantly showed 65 to claim the knockout.

Ling Lan
Igor SmudicBUSTED!
Igor Smudic

Dressed to impress

John Mere raised to 3,400 and stole the blinds.

That’s it. That’s the post.

We just wanted to use this picture, to be honest. Who needs a flush when you can have this suit!

John Mere50,700

Buntoeun found wanting

A raising war on Table 5 once again resulted in the stacks of Behran Gerevand and Bok Buntoeun entirely in the middle on a board of 1069.

Buntoeun tabled QJ for overcards and a straight draw, whilst Gerevand had flopped top two with 109.

That would hold, as the board ran out 2, 2 to eliminate Buntoeun.

Behran Gerevand132,100
Bok BuntoeunBUSTED!
Bok Buntoeun

1C: Level 8: 600/1,200 (1,200)

Lin bows to pressure

Igor Smudic opened the action UTG to 2,500. Jun Lin flat called from the next seat over, then John Mere from the next seat.

Behran Gerevand was having none it it, squeezing it to 10,000 with only Lin making the call to see a flop of 3Q5.

Lin check-called the 5,000 continuation bet from Gerevand, then the 10 hit the turn.

Lin checked again, Gerevand fired a bet of 15,000. Lin considered it for a moment but ultimately let his cards go flying into the muck.

Behran Gerevand82,000
Igor Smudic66,300
John Mere41,100
Jun Lin29,300

1C: Level 7: 500/1,000 (1,000)

Sick river

Picking up the action on the turn as Cameron Metcalf led out for 5,500, with 12,800 already in the pot.

The decision on Frank Sergi – the board showing 5JJ4, Sergi elected to call and see a river.

The river in question, the 10, didn’t slow down Metcalf. He jammed for his remaining 12,300 and sent Sergi into the tank.

After a minute or so, Sergi made the call to see Metcalf table AA. Rapping the table, he surrendered the pot, flashing A10.

Frank Sergi52,300
Cameron Metcalf47,400
Cameron Metcalf

Zhang applies pressure

Jerry Zhang bet 9,000 on after Cameron Metcalf checked on a board showing 8Q84.

Metcalf made the call, and the the 9 completed the board.

Metcalf checked again, and Zhang took his time, mulling it over. He asked the dealer to spread out the pot so he could see how much was in it, and after a couple of minutes, announced all in for 26,500.

Metcalf let his hand go.

Jerry Zhang54,300
Cameron Metcalf27,700
Jerry Zhang

1C: Level 6: 400/800 (800)

Break time

The DeepStacks Adelaide Main Event Day 1C has now reached a total of 21 entries. You can still register all the way up to the end of the flight, which should be around 11:30pm.

At the moment, the remaining 19 players have departed on the first of two 10-minute breaks scheduled for the flight.

Full… Oh.

“Three way all in!” from Table 5, where Behrang Geravand, Khim Hii, and Ling Lan had got all the chips into the middle on a board showing 9K99.

Geravand turned over his KK but to no avail; the Q9 of Lan had a stranglehold on the hand, with Hii’s 55 drawing very much dead.

The 3 on the river changed nothing and a very shell-shocked Geravand stood to leave. Hii, also covered, was also eliminated.

Ling Lan153,600
Behran GeravandBUSTED!
Death by quads!


The final Turbo Day 1C flight of the Main Event has just ticked over into Level 5.

With 17 entries so far, the 20-minute Levels promise thick and fast action. After Level 5, the players will depart on their first 10-minute break of the day.

1C: Level 5: 300/600 (600)

Rosario Lepro bags chip lead for Day 1B

Rosario Lepro is dominating the world right now; after victory in the Adelaide DeepStacks High Roller event yesterday, Lepro has been involved in seemingly every pot throughout the day today, culminating in bagging the chip lead, even after losing a monster 250K pot to Taylor Grube and subsequently re-entering.

14 survivors remained at the end of the 11 Levels, with the chip stacks in generally trending lower than yesterdays – with the exception of Lepro’s.

“It was always going to happen” stated Lepro with no hesitation. “It was my goal at the start of the day, to bag more than Marco [Perri].”

Others to find a big bag included Luke Sharpe (328,500) courtesy of a late triple-up, Joshua Crowe (301,000), and Taylor Grube (215,500).

Rosario Lepro567,000
Fuzzy Faquin335,500
Luke Sharpe328,500
Joshua Crowe301,000
Taylor Grube215,500
Sam McLeod151,500
Dong He135,500
Anthony Chaptini86,500
Armon van Wijk86,500
Connie Graham69,000
Anthony Xu66,500
Tin Win65,500
Chris Edgar47,000
Roy Agresta44,000

What in the world?

Taylor Grube opened UTG to 5,500, Rosario Lepro (to no one’s surprise) called from the next seat over.

Then… everything went nuts. AJ Antonios flat called as well from the button, Luke Sharpe raised from the small blind to 23,000. Dong He then cold-called the 23,000 from the big blind, Grube made the call as well.

Lepro completely failed to stifle a laugh as he got out of the way, before Antonios then shoved his remaining 73,000. Luke Sharpe then shoved over the top. Dong He then shoved over the top.

For Taylor Grube, only one option – a meek fold.

Antonios: 22
Sharpe: AQ
He: A7

All the Aces were confirmed gone as both Grube and Lepro indicated they’d folded one, so Antonios was in a great spot – until the Q in the window put him immediately behind. The full board spread Q5566 to gift Sharpe a full triple up.

We will be playing 3 more hands before bagging and tagging – and Lepro has only one goal – get more than Marco Perri did yesterday (548,500). Can he do it?

Rosario Lepro547,000
Luke Sharpe328,500
AJ AntoniosBUSTED!

Xu doubles

“All in and a call!” from Table 2, as Joshua Crowe made the call to put the short stacked Tony Xu at risk.

Crowe: AJ
Xu: KQ

Crowe, chip leader at the last break, took a hard landing as the board spread out Q10J44 to give Xu a full double.

Joshua Crowe299,500
Tony Xu60,500
Tony Xu

Ross the Boss!

Rosario Lepro opened preflop, and then called a 3-bet from button AJ Antonios.

Lepro then checked it over to Antonios on a 957 flop. Antonios continued the story, betting 14,000.

Lepro pumped it up to 37,500, generating a long pause from Antonios as he considered the options available to him, before putting out calling chips. Both players then checked the K turn.

The rather innocuous looking 4 on the river earned Antonios a long look from Lepro before Lepro piled up some chips and slid forward a bet of 64,500. Antonios sighed and went into the tank.

A few minutes later, Antonios gathered up calling chips, gave a stretch, reached over and placed them directly in front of Lepro – who tabled KJ to a muck from Antonios.

“After all that, I have to assume you had Queens?” enquired Lepro, to a nod of affirmation from Antonios. “Well thank God the turn wasn’t the Queen of Diamonds… I’d have bet BIG!”

Rosario Lepro345,000
AJ Antonios90,500
Ross the Boss

1B: Level 11: 1,500/2,500 (2,500)

Chaptini had it the whole way

Walking past Table 3 near the end of Level 10, we spied Anthony Chaptini putting Eddie Saade to the test, shoving for 53,000 on a board showing 6A106K.

With about 50K in the pot, the full size bet sent Saade into the tank for several minutes, cutting out calling chips and counting his stack over and over.

Eventually, Saade flicked a chip forwards.

Chaptini tabled AK for the old three pair; the third one unnecessary but perhaps got the call for him, as Saade flashed A-8 into the muck.

Saade has since been eliminated, his remaining chips absorbed into the stack of Connie Graham. During the process, the blind clock has ticked over into Level 11 – the final level of the day. 40 minutes more and then the survivors – 15 currently – can bag and tag for Day 2.

Anthony Chaptini154,500
Connie Graham115,000
Eddie SaadeBUSTED!
Connie Graham

Macklin-Page eliminated

Armon van Wijk opened from the button and Daniel Macklin-Page immediately moved all in for the remainder of his stack, 17,000 total.

The big blind removed themselves from the equation, and van Wijk snap-called to put Macklin-Page at risk.

van Wijk: AJ
Macklin-Page: A7

“Nice hand” said Macklin-Page in defeat, rapping the table, as the board spread 9Q2K10 to give van Wijk a rather unnecessary Broadway straight.

Armon van Wijk138,500
Daniel Macklin-PageBUSTED!
Armon van Wijk

Day 1C update

Day 1C of the Main Event is due to kick off in just 10 minutes. 1C is a Turbo Flight, featuring 20-minute Levels instead of the 40-minute Levels that have been utilised throughout Day 1A/B – as a result, the flight should last around 4.5 hours, wrapping up around 11:30pm local time.

There are currently 6 entries registered, though players can register all the way through the flight.

Players will, of course, also have the opportunity also to register directly into Day 2 – late registration will actually close at the end of Level 14; two hours into Day 2.

1B: Level 10: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)

Assorted counts

The remaining 16 players have departed on the final 10-minute break of the day.

PMA took the time to grab some assorted counts throughout the room.

Joshua Crowe381,600
Taylor Grube288,400
Rosario Lepro254,400
Luke Sharpe252,800
AJ Antonios245,200
Fuzzy Faquin230,800
Armon van Wijk121,800
Crowe earlier today; he’s got a lot more chippies now!

That’s not the hand you wanted to see!

Frank Sergi bet 5,500 into a pot of 11K on a flop showing 10K9, then Luke Sharpe raised it up to 12,500.

Connie Graham let her hand go, but Sergi immediately plopped his stack in, saying “Alright, let’s go for the rebuy!” and nearly turning his hand over expecting to be snap called.

Sharpe asked “How much?” prompting Sergi to say “Not much! No greens, no greens…” referencing the dark green T25K chips that sometimes can be quite hard to differentiate from the significantly lower value T100 chips.

Sharpe then did make the call (30,800 total) in short order, and Sergi slapped over the 87 combo draw.

Then Sergi immediately recoiled, as Sharpe tabled Q4 for the superior combo draw, leaving Sergi drawing to just a Six or the Jack of Diamonds specifically.

The 10 turn changed nothing, then the J river gave both players a straight; the straight to the King reigning supreme to send Sergi to the rail.

Luke Sharpe167,500
Frank SergiBUSTED!
Frank Sergi

Yau done

TK Yau got the remainder of his chips in on the turn against Tony Xu, on a board showing 66210.

Tabling A9, Yau saw the bad news that Xu had 86.

Needing a diamond, and a diamond only, the river 7 was no help and Yau took his leave.

Tony Xu83,500
TK Yau

1B: Level 9: 800/1,600 (1,600)

Grube grumbling

Taylor Grube opened the action to 2,500 preflop, then got immediately 3-bet to 6,900 (nice) by Rosario Lepro in the next seat over. Action folded back through to Grube who made the call.

Grube then checked on the 784 flop, prompting Lepro to continue with a downsize to 5,900.

That wasn’t enough for Grube; 18,700 the price to play now as he check-raised Lepro – only for Lepro to raise again to 39,900.

Grube went all-in with Lepro well covered and Lepro called off for 109,900 to put himself at risk, tabling A10 for the nut flush draw. Grube tabled 44 for bottom set.

The turn? Hello! The J put Lepro in pole position, with the K river sending the chips his way.

Rosario Lepro236,600
Taylor Grube191,800
Bossed it

Van Bochove get clipped

“All in and a call!” from Table 2, where Adrian Van Bochove and TK Yau had got all of the chips in the middle.

Yau: KK
Van Bochove: 1010

The board gave both a full house as it ran out JJA2J, but the superior pocket pair of Yau held up to double through, leaving Van Bochove with just one big blind.

Van Bochove would actually win his next all in, top pair more than enough to best the nut low for Armon van Wijk – but van Wijk got the job done second time round, knocking out Van Bochove with K10 on a 9KJ26 board.

Armon van Wijk99,300
TK Yau38,100
Adrian Van BochoveBUSTED!
Adrian Van Bochove

Faquin hell!

Fuzzy Faquin and Rosario Lepro found their way to a flop of 234, which prompted Faquin to lead out for 3,000, with Lepro making the call.

The turn 6 did not slow Faquin, who fired again for 6,000. Lepro paused briefly, then dropped in the chips to see the 2 on the river.

Faquin moved his big chips aside to piece a bet together, settling on the amount of 8,000. We’re pretty sure the call from Lepro beat Faquin’s chips into the pot.

Faquin tabled A3 for two pair, with Lepro triumphantly tabling Q4 with aplomb.

“Oooo that was a quick call” Lepro laughed.

Fuzzy Faquin212,500
Rosario Lepro113,600

1B: Level 8: 600/1,200 (1,200)

Antonios with a double

AJ Antonios opened the action under-the-gun to 2,000, then Roy Agresta, who’s literally only just arrived in Adelaide, made the call.

Action folded around to Amin Chehade, who went for the squeeze option from the big blind. Both Antonios and Agresta called to see a flop of 9J6.

Chehade led out for 17,000, but Antonios decided that wasn’t enough, raising to 95,000 – enough to put both Agresta and Chehade all-in.

Both Agresta and Chehade then called all-in and the cards were tabled – KK for Chehade, AJ for Agresta, but Antonios had them both in big trouble, tabling JJ for top set.

The Q gave Chehade additional outs, but the 3 ended things on the river for both players. Chips!

AJ Antonios218,100
Roy AgrestaBUSTED!
Amin ChehadeBUSTED!
AJ Antonios

Saade flushed

Picking up the action with a board showing 10J63, Eddie Saade checked the action across to Fuzzy Faquin.

Faquin bet 15,000, only to see Saade shove it right back at him. No worries though; Faquin called and tabled 103 for a flush, with Saade’s 86 drawing stone dead before the meaningless A river.

Fuzzy Faquin164,500
Eddie SaadeBUSTED!
Fuzzy Faquin

1B: Level 7: 500/1,000 (1,000)

Break time!

Now up to 40 total entries in Day 1B, the remaining 26 have departed on the second 10-minute break of the day.

Stacked stacked

Neb Blanusa limped under-the-gun, and Stacked Social Managing Director Andrew Michael followed suit in middle position. Taylor Grube limped as well, then action folded to Stacked Social’s Rosario Lepro.

“Screw the limping, all of it!” Lepro shoved for 19,400.

Blanusa then re-shoved for 33,800. Michael then called all-in for 23,500.

Grube got counts for all the stacks, then said defeatedly “Ahh, I can’t” and let his hand go.

Blanusa in the unenviable position of having not one, but both Stacked Social staff members at risk, tabled A10 and found himself clear in front; Michael tabled J9 while Lepro showed K9.

Two pair on the flop for Blanusa as it spread AJ10, though a straight flush draw for Lepro, whilst Michael was drawing thin.

The turn, the 5, before the river 8 eliminated both, and caused Grube to throw his hands in the air in frustration (one guess as to what he folded).

Neb Blanusa83,900
Andrew MichaelBUSTED!
Rosario LeproBUSTED!

Connie mixes it up

With 13,900 in the pot, and JJ7 on the board, Frank Sergi checked it over to Connie Graham on the button, who bet 3,700.

Sergi mulled it over for an age before calling, then checking dark before the 3 turn. Graham checked back, and Sergi checked dark again before the Q river.

Graham went for value – betting 1,000. Sergi casually chucked the chips in and got shown AA.

“I just didn’t know. Last time you 3-bet me with Sevens!” said Sergi.

“I mix it up sometimes.” replied Graham

Connie Graham128,900
Frank Sergi22,700
Connie Graham

The business

Picking up the action on a board of J5210, where Taylor Grube had called a flop bet from Rosario Lepro on the button, Grube checked once more.

With about 27K in the pot, Lepro continued to the tune of 25,100. Grube mulled it over before tossing in the call; both players were very deep at this point.

The river 6 attracted another check from Grube. Lepro took several long seconds before announcing all-in. Spurred to life, Grube quickly double checked his cards and announced call, tabling KQ.

“Oh man.. you floated me on the flop with that!” said Lepro, asking for a count and mucking Q8 face up. “Thought that run out was good for me to rep!”

Grube’s 90,000 stack was effective, leaving Lepro with just 9,200 after the hand.

“Must be nice to backdoor the business!” laughed Lepro.

“That turn is just phwoarrr!” replied Grube.

Taylor Grube275,400
Rosario Lepro9,200
Sneaky, sneaky

1B: Level 6: 400/800 (800)

Macklin-Page forced to lay it down

Daniel Macklin-Page and Khim Hii had built up a pot of around 25K by the river, with the board showing K2Q34.

Hii applied maximum pressure, betting enough to put Macklin-Page all in for his tournament life, sending Macklin-Page into the tank for several minutes.

Muttering to himself and struggling with the decision, Macklin-Page mentioned that he was blocking the best of it, before moving his hands from his chips to his cards and ever-so-slowly picking them up and dropping them into the centre of the table, giving up the fight.

Khim Hii89,000
Daniel Macklin-Page16,600
Daniel Macklin-Page

Chop? Ooouch.

Rosario Lepro had the A exposed and replaced during the deal, much to his dismay. Rahul Singh opened under-the-gun to 1,200, and then all hell broke loose.

Taylor Grube immediately 3-bet to 2,500 from his left, action folded around to Lepro in the small blind – who cold 4-bet to 6,300 despite having the Ace replaced earlier.

Fuzzy Faquin flatted in the big blind, but Singh wasn’t done yet, 6-betting to 20,000. Turns out that wasn’t enough for Grube either – Grube pulled the maximum trigger, shoving for 65,500 total.

Lepro appeared in a world of hurt, but eventually let it go, sliding his cards forwards. Faquin quickly followed suit before Singh immediately called.

Grube was initially hesitant to show, causing Lepro to say “If you don’t have Aces you’re beat, that’s so nutted, so nutted.” Grube then tabled the JJ, only for Singh to table the KK.

Momentary discussion of a chop as the board ran out 7856, while Lepro mentioned he had folded Queens – before the J spiked the river.

“Screw the charts!” cried Grube, “I’m a gut player!”

Rosario Lepro153,200
Taylor Grube144,200
Fuzzy Faquin56,700
Rahul Singh24,000
Rahul Singh

1B: Level 5: 300/600 (600)

Saade not-so-survival

Tin Win opened from middle position to 1,000 and Eddie Saade called from the cut-off. Khim Hii elected to 3-bet from the small blind to 3,000.

Dong He cold-called from the big blind, Win called also, and then Saade shoved for 9,600 total – to calls from all three players to put him very much at risk.

On a flop of 9107, Hii pulled the trigger, jamming for 32,100. [Dong] He then re-jammed over the top, forcing Win out of the pot.

Saade: A2
Hii: KQ
He: J9

“Hey, I can still hit an Ace!” laughed Eddie; but not to be, the run out of K, 4 in Hii’s favour, eliminating Saade and leaving He with crumbs.

Those crumbs would go in on the very next hand – action folded to Hii on the button, who limped before [Dong] He shoved his remaining 7,700 in. The big blind folded and Hii asked for a count before calling.

Hii: K10
He: J8

Board: A10498

The consolation Eight on the river not enough to save He, as Hii collected two knockouts in as many hands.

Khim Hii111,900
Tin Win85,600
Eddie SaadeBUSTED!
Khim Hii

Saade survival

Eddie Saade shoved under the gun for his last 5,700, causing a moments hesitation from Daniel Macklin-Page on his immediate left – before Macklin-Page shoved over the top for 39,500 total.

Action folded all the way around and Macklin-Page immediately tabled the goods – AA.

Saade was looking for help with 65 and immediately started calling for a Seven after the flop spread 84Q.

The turn 3 gave Saade additional outs, a deuce now working in his favour as well. With TD Christopher Wadih calling the action on the mic, an “Oooh” escaped some tablemates as the 7 hit the river to give Saade a full double.

Daniel Macklin-Page32,800
Eddie Saade12,700
Daniel Macklin-Page

Antonios had showdown value

AJ Antonios opened from late position to 1,000, with only Connie Graham electing to defend her big blind.

Graham checked-called a bet of 500 from Antonios on the 727 flop, then checked again on the 7 turn.

Antonios continued, this time for 800, only to see Graham check-raise to 3,000. Antonios made the call to an “Oh no!” from Graham, who quickly checked the K river.

Antonios checked back. “Quads” said Graham, tabling 75.

Antonios, of course, mucked.

“I think that’s the most I’m getting out of AJ all day!” laughed Graham.

“I had showdown value. I’ll just say that. If I needed to bluff, I’d have bluffed.” replied Antonios.

Connie Graham69,200
AJ Antonios48,100

Lepro scores one

With a full board on the table already showing J75K10, Jack Andrawartha and Rosario Lepro were battling over a pot that had built up to over 30K.

Lepro fired a bet of 8,500 and Andrawartha mulled it over before tossing in a 5K chip to signify a call.

“King” announced Lepro, tabling KQ to a muck from Andrawartha. “Ahhh, you had a Jack didn’t you! Should have gone for all of it.”

“You’d have got a call on the flop if you did” replied Andrawartha.

Rosario Lepro171,800
Jack Andrawartha12,100

1B: Level 4: 300/500 (500)

Break time

Now up to 25 entries, with 22 remaining, the tournament has paused for a 10-minute break.

Win for Win

Several players limped, including Joshua Crowe, before Tin Win pumped it up to 900.

That wasn’t enough for Eddie Saade, who pumped it up to 3,500 from the small blind. Cue a series of folds before Tin Win made the call.

On the flop of KA3, Saade continued for 3,000, and after a brief moment, Win made the call. The pair saw the 10 drop on the turn, prompting another bet from Saade, this time for 8,000.

Win called once more, and Saade took a few moments before betting 14,000 on the 2 river, sending Win into the tank.

Win eventually made the call, and Saade rapped the table, showing 55.

Win tabled the A6 to take down the sizeable pot.

Tin Win78,900
Eddie Saade19,500
Tin Win

As the Crowe flies

Picking up the action on a turn, the board showing 51042, Joshua Crowe bet 6,000 from the cut-off and Tin Win made the call from the button.

The river then dropped the J and Crowe checked it over to Win, who checked it back after a moment.

Crowe tabled 102, prompting the dealer to say “Flush. Or two pair, take your pick.”

Win laughed, and mucked.

Joshua Crowe62,300
Tin Win48,200
Joshua Crowe

1B: Level 3: 200/400 (400)

The Rosario resistance

With a pot of 3,300 and 4103 on the flop, Rosario Lepro fired out for 3,300 – but he clearly wasn’t expecting calls from Neb Blanusa, Ronnie Del Rosario, AND Rahul Singh!

“What’s going on here! I bet pot, right?” exclaimed Lepro “You’re all going to regret giving me these chips!”

Lepro then continued for 5,300 on the 4 turn. Blanusa and Del Rosario called, though Singh got out of the way.

The river A saw Lepro downsize to 1,800, and a quick fold from Blanusa to a double take from Lepro. “How do you fold there!”

Not to worry, Del Rosario called – “I have an Ace” said Lepro, tabling A2 for the combo-draw-cum-top-pair.

“Oh, what the…” laughed Del Rosario.

“I told you stop wasting money this hand!” replied Lepro “I did say it was a bad idea to give me all of these chips!”

Del Rosario wasn’t done, laughing “What a luck box! I knew he was full of it and just had a flush draw…”

Rosario Lepro78,700
Rahul Singh54,300
Ronnie Del Rosario39,000
Neb Blanusa30,800

Lepro gets it right

There was a full board on the middle of the table showing A579Q when Rosario Lepro, fresh from victory in the High Roller yesterday, checked the option across to Jesse Fabian, who responded by firing 11,000 into the pot of approximately 18K.

Lepro was immediately animated; “Repping Ace Queen huh? Right, Jesse?” he bemoaned. “Good hand to call with… Ace and a Queen, very strong hand that.”

He continued “If I’m wrong, at least I’ll still have chips, right?”

Jesse grinned and responded “Mate, you’re freerolling after last night!”

“Oh now he’s trying to get me to call!” cried Lepro.

“You can always rebuy!” laughed Fabian – but then Lepro slapped in the chips for the call for Fabian to meekly table J10.

Lepro slammed down the 109. Boom.

Rosario Lepro73,400
Jesse Fabian48,200
Rosario Lepro

Fabian flops best

Jack Andrewartha opened the action to 600 UTG+1 and found callers in Neb Blanusa, Jesse Fabian, and Evan Tsirgiotis before the big blind smartly got out of the way.

The flop of 474 was checked all the way around to Jesse Fabian on the button, who fired for 1,500. Tsirgiotis and Blanusa called, while Andrewartha gave up on it.

The three remaining players then checked through the K, 10 run out and Tsirgiotis tabled 55 – Blanusa mucked but no good as Fabian tabled Q7.

Neb Blanusa69,600
Jesse Fabian56,100
Jack Andrewartha39,400
Evan Tsirgiotis38,300
Jesse Fabian

1B: Level 2: 200/300 (300)

Blanusa goes for value

Picking up the action on a full board of 2KA33, and a pot of around 15K in the middle, Neb Blanusa had fired a bet of 16,000 into the face of Jack Andrewartha, who’s only just registered.

Andrewartha hit the tank for a couple of minutes before announcing “Call” only to see bad news as Blanusa tabled A3 for a full house.

Andrewartha flashed the AQ and shipped the chips over.

Meanwhile, the tournament has now reached 12 entries and moved across to two tables.

Neb Blanusa75,300
Jack Andrewartha32,200
Jack Andrewartha

Doyle no good

Connie Graham limped in early position, and with a couple of other callers, Khim Hii checked the option on the big blind to see a flop of 9102.

Hii bet out for 600 and got two callers, including Graham. The turn Q saw another bet from Hii, this time for 1,200. Only Graham called.

The river 9 introduced some other possibilities, but Hii elected to bet 1,500. Graham dropped in a call after a moment or two.

Unfortunately for Hii, the river had counterfeited his 102 and Graham’s KQ was good enough to take the pot down.

Connie Graham54,500
Khim Hii46,300
Connie Graham

Shuffle Up and Deal!

Tournament Director Christopher Wadih has announced the customary shuffle up and deal to our (so far) one table of players.

Yesterday’s Day 1A flight attracted a total of 60 runners throughout the flight. Late registration is available all the way up until the end of Level 14 on Day 2, so we can expect plenty more entries filtering in all day.

Our starting line-up consists of Neb Blanusa, Jesse Fabian, Jack Andrewartha, Daniel Macklin-Page, Khim Hii, as well as the husband/wife duo of Connie and Jarred Graham – no, they’re not sitting next to each other!

Connie unfortunately hit the felt yesterday at the hands of Stacked Social’s Managing Director Andrew Michael, and will undoubtedly be determined to find a bag today.

1B: Level 1: 100/200 (200)

Welcome back to PokerMedia’s Australia’s coverage of the 2023 DeepStacks Adelaide series, live from Stacked Social.

Today we see a Main Event double-header, with Flight 1B kicking off at midday (local time) followed by Flight 1C from 7pm.

Friday saw 60 players take part in Day 1A, with the field eventually whittled down to 17 survivors by the end of 11 levels. In the end it was Sydneysider Marco Perri who led the pack, bagging a mammoth stack of 548,500 – more than 200K clear of his nearest competitor in Adelaide local Gavin Best (336,000). Damien Mills (325,000) wasn’t far behind Best.

At the other end of the spectrum, Joe Sandaev (52,000), Adam Cusenza (51,500) and Yita Choong (56,000) have scraped through, with Ryan White (44,000) at the tail end of the survivors.

Follow our live reporting blog right here from midday Adelaide time as we bring you all action from what promises to be an exciting day here in North Adelaide!

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