LIVE REPORTING: 2023 DeepStacks Adelaide High Roller Day 2 and Main Event Day 1A

Marco Perri pressures his way to the chip lead

Marci Perri has officially bagged the chip lead for the DeepStacks Adelaide Main Event Day 1A

17 players remain to continue on Sunday’s Day 2, plus any survivors from the two flights on Saturday, and of course, any late registrants up to the end of Level 14.

Perri bagged a mammoth 548,500 and took a brief moment to speak to PMA before heading off for the night. The Sydneysider said he planned to just relax on his ‘day off’ tomorrow – with no other tournaments on the schedule other than Day 1 flights, he will hit up the gym and explore Adelaide a little bit.

Asked if he would change his basic strategy given that he has the chip lead, Perri quickly said no; “I’m just going to continue applying the same pressure that I always do – it’s just a little easier to do now.”

Adelaide local Gavin Best bagged up 336,000 for the second biggest stack, whilst Damien Mills wasn’t far behind with 325,000.

DeepStacks Adelaide Main Event Day 1A chip counts

Marco Perri548,500
Gavin Best336,000
Damien Mills325,000
Orange Zhang267,000
Higor Siebel254,000
Pierce Hynes235,000
Emanuel Seal168,000
Frank Tripodi163,000
Huey Lam127,000
Andy Nguyen Ly122,000
Andrew Michael117,000
Mike Gainer69,000
Nelson Then66,000
Yita Choong56,000
Joseph Sandaev52,000
Adam Cusenza51,500
Ryan White44,000
Perri earlier today

Sealed and delivered

Higor Siebel opened the actioned to 6,000 UTG and found callers from Billy “The Croc” Argyros, Emanuel Seal, and a third player completing the big blind.

On a flop of K65, action checked around to Argyros on the button, who bet 10,000.

Seal then check-shoved for a nice 69,000 total. The other players relinquished their hands and Argyros made the call, tabling 74. Bad news for him though, as Seal tabled QJ for a bigger flush. Straight flush still an option, but the 10, A run out missed both players and left Argyros with just a single T1,000 chip.

That chip would immediately hit the middle on the next hand. Seal then iso-raised to 40,000 and everyone else folded.

Seal: AK
Argyros: J3

No help for Argyros on the board of 5287Q, and he hit the rail with just ten minutes to go of Day 1.

Emanuel Seal178,000
Billy “The Croc” ArgyrosBUSTED!
Emanuel Seal

Final level of play

The remaining 20 players will be playing one final level of 40 minutes before bagging up for Day 2 on Sunday.

Several notable names are still in the field, including Gavin Best, Andrew Michael, Marco Perri, Joseph Sandaev, and Yita Choong.

Main Event: Level 11: 1,500/2,500 (2,500)

Osta ousted

Mark Osta led out for 5,000 on a board showing JQK and Gavin Best was having none of it, pumping the action up to 18,000.

Osta, with just 35,000 behind, announced all-in and Best quickly called.

Osta: JJ
Best: 109

Cooler city for Osta as his flopped set was second best to the Best flopped straight, which would hold through on the 5, 8 run out to send Osta straight outta here.

Gavin Best275,000
Mark OstaBUSTED!
Gavin Best

Perri pummels one

Marco Perri opened to 4,000 from early position, and a short stacked opponent shoved for their last 17,500.

Action folded back around to Perri, who quickly called.

Perri: 88
Opponent: Q10

“Flip! Flip!” cried the opponent, but Perri would hold strong on the J567K board to eliminate another one. Perri is undoubtedly the chip lead at this point in time – he even has a nice oversized 100K chip as part of his stack at the moment!

Marco Perri

Main Event: Level 10: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)

Break time!

The remaining players have departed on a 10-minute break – their final break of the day before playing just two more levels.

At the end of Level 11, the survivors will bag and tag for Day 2!

Call, call, Chehade

“Call, call, call, call!” goaded Amin Chehade to each opponent in turn, as he shoved for his last 11,900. He got almost all the way through – everyone folded except for Orange Zhang; who, with no one else behind him, called to put Chehade at risk.

Zhang: A9
Chehade: A3

Chehade found no help on the board of 610742 and “The Landlord” hit the rail.

Amin ChehadeBUSTED!

Graham goneski

Connie Graham collided with Stacked Social’s Managing Director Andrew Michael recently – her A-Q dominated by the A-K of Michael in a classic unfortunate match up.

Michael’s A-K would hold through on the dry board to eliminate Graham.

On the same table, Marco Perri has built a huge stack!

Marco Perri418,700
Connie GrahamBUSTED!
Connie Graham

Main Event: Level 9: 800/1,600 (1,600)

Choong loses a flip for a change

Yita Choong 3-bet jammed for his last 22,100 over an open from Frank Tripodi and a caller. Tripodi made the call and the third player got out of the way.

Choong immediately showed 77 and found himself flipping against the AK of Tripodi.

Immediately, Choong called over Tournament Director Christopher Wadih for a little extra luck (apparently, Wadih had witnessed Choong win a flip not too long ago).

Choong stayed ahead on the Q2J flop, and again on the J turn, but Tripodi found a Barry Greenstein on the A river to send Choong to the rail.

Frank Tripodi125,800
Yita ChoongBUSTED!
Yita Choong

Set up!

A three way all in on Table 3, as all the chips found their way into the middle on a board showing 5K7Q.

Nick Borrillo certainly started with the best hand, tabling AA, but when Dong He and Orange Zhang tabled their hands, he found himself most certainly behind – He tabled Q5 but it was Zhang who had the goods – the KQ good for top two pair.

That would hold as the river 10 was inconsequential to see Zhang triple up and Borrillo hit the rail.

“What a set up!” exclaimed Joseph Sandaev, who’s taken his seat on this table. Our Live Reporter initially thought he meant the hand, but no – Sandaev continued “I was just trying to play a normal poker game, and they’ve sat the best player in Australia here!” indicating Rosario Lepro, who’s taken his seat at the same table!

Sandaev will no doubt be looking for a little revenge after Lepro’s victory an hour ago.

Orange Zhang186,100
Dong He57,800
Nick BorrilloBUSTED!

Main Event: Level 8: 600/1,200 (1,200)


Orange Zhang has been advised by his rail not to play against Billy “The Croc” Argyros anymore – apparently, The Croc felted Zhang set over set with A-A vs Q-Q yesterday, and as for today, PMA was walking past when “All in and a call!” rang out from the table they were both on.

On a flop of 8Q3, a small betting war had broken out between the two, the end result of which was all the chips got into the middle. The Croc tabled QQ to a groan from Zhang, who tabled 88 to find himself in a familiar situation!

The 5, A run out changed nothing as The Croc earned a full double up through Zhang – Zhang still has an average stack to play with though.

Billy “The Croc” Argyros

Moving right on!

Now that the High Roller is done and dusted, our attention will turn to the DeepStacks Adelaide Main Event Day 1A – the tournament has so far attracted 49 entries throughout the first 6 levels.

Returning from the break to blinds at 500/1,000 (1,000), several notable names are in the field already; Marco Perri spied among the hopefuls to bag today along with Adelaide local Gavin Best. Yita Choong, Billy “The Croc” Argyros, and Emanuel Seal have all taken seats since busting out of the High Roller, whilst Stacked Social’s Andrew Michael has jumped in as well.

Higor Siebel

It’s Higor Siebel who holds the chiplead though, with mountains of chips in front of him – a conservative guess on our Live Reporter’s part put the stack somewhere around 255,000. The average stack? Just 74,200.

Main Event: Level 7: 500/1,000 (1,000)

Congratulations Rosario Lepro, DeepStacks Adelaide High Roller Champion ($43,300*)

Of course, with the elimination of Joseph Sandaev in the below hand, only one player is left!

The vocal and entertaining Rosario Lepro ran roughshod over the field today, eliminating a host of players on his way to a resounding maiden victory.

Lepro, who works full time at Stacked Social as “a bit of an all rounder really, I do bar, I do poker, I do everything”, has two prior recorded cashes on HendonMob, both here at Stacked in 2021. Asked how it felt to break through for a maiden victory in a much bigger event, Lepro said “pretty ecstatic really, it’s my biggest live tournament cash and to reach heads up against my best mate is just incredible, I’ve been playing with Joe for twenty years – I taught him how to play!”

Throughout today’s play Lepro was also clearly enjoying the run, making jokes and firing banter at anyone within earshot. Asked if this was standard to his style of play, he said “Absolutely! I’m the joker of the room at all times, you can ask anyone”, and when jokingly asked if he really would never again fold to a Yita Choong open, he said again, and in no uncertain terms “I will never again fold to a Yita Choong open ever again”.

Lepro with Joseph Sandaev post-event

Lepro plans to play as many events as possible for the rest of the series – he’s just about to jump into the Main Event Day 1A now; speaking of which, we’ll be rotating to cover the remainder of Day 1A – there’s still another few hours of play and players can register all the way through the flight!

Joseph Sandaev eliminated in 2nd place ($45,000*)

Joseph Sandaev 3-bet to 350,000 following the 100,000 open of Rosario Lepro on the button.

Lepro considered his options over; having won the last few hands he was ‘steamrollering’ (his words) Sandaev, and had actually only just taken over the chip lead.

Lepro shoved. Sandaev snapped. AK for Sandaev. A4 for Lepro. Basically all the chips in the middle.

The flop spread 789, but Lepro gave a laugh and a shout as the 4 hit the turn. Cue a drumroll, and the 3 ended things; counting the chips down Lepro had Sandaev covered by just 110K.

Congratulations, Joseph Sandaev, on a fine 2nd place finish!

Joseph SandaevBUSTED!
Joseph Sandaev

HR Level 24: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)

Jerry Zhang eliminated in 3rd place ($22,000)

The short stacks of Jerry Zhang and Rosario Lepro collided in a blind versus blind battle, with all the chips going into the middle preflop.

Lepro had the advantage with AQ, with Zhang’s A7 outkicked.

The flop of 3J4 was no help to Zhang, but then he picked up additional outs on the 5 turn for a double gutshot.

The river paired the 4 however, and Zhang’s time in the event came to an end; Lepro had him covered (barely) and will now face Joseph Sandaev heads up for the title.

The pair have paused the clock to discuss potential deal possibilities.

Joseph Sandaev2,805,000
Rosario Lepro1,595,000
Jerry ZhangBUSTED!
Jerry Zhang

Yita Choong eliminated in 4th place ($16,600)

Yita Choong and Joseph Sandaev have continued to battle throughout the level in a series of clashes.

A couple of recent clashes included picking up the action on a flop of 449 where Sandaev check-raised the 90,000 bet from Choong to 225,000. Choong matched that bet, then both checked through the remaining board of 9, 3.

Sandaev tabled 65 for the bluff and Choong was only too happy to table QQ and take it down.

“Nine deuce also good there!” Rosario Lepro just couldn’t resist that one.

A few hands later, Sandaev opened the button and Choong shoved from the small blind. Sandaev made the call and it was off to the races.

Choong: 77
Sandaev: AQ

It was a safe flop for Choong as it peeled off 885, but Choong started rapping the table and saying his goodbyes as the A hit the turn.

The A river, just over kill.

Joseph Sandaev2,895,000
Yita ChoongBUSTED!
Nine Deuce Yita Choong

HR Level 23: 20,000/40,000 (40,000)

Main Event update

Just a brief little update, as we are continuing High Roller coverage, the Main Event Day 1A is ongoing, now up to 39 entries.

Late registration is open throughout the flight, the night, tomorrow, and some of Day 2 as well – players can register all the way up until the end of Level 14, and each Day 1 flight is 11 Levels.

Yita’s the best!

Yita Choong opened preflop and was called only by Joseph Sandaev as the two went to war a second time.

Sandaev check-called a unspecified bet from Choong on the 4JK flop, and checked it over to Choong once more on the Q turn, with a pot approaching 450K in the middle.

Choong bet again, this time for 225,000, and Sandaev considered it for a few moments before calling once more.

On the 10 river, which put four to a straight on board, Sandaev checked once more and Choong, with only 500K behind, thought it over before checking back.

Sandaev tabled the K9.

Choong’s cards stayed down, and the look on his face prompted Rosario Lepro to say “Did you have a set?”

At that, Choong started laughing uncontrollably, sheepishly tabling the 92 to the shock of everyone.

“Oh come on…” moaned Sandaev.

“That’s why he’s the best!” exclaimed Lepro, followed by “I am NEVER folding to one of your opens EVER again!”

A clearly embarrassed Choong accepted half the pot as Lepro continued “I just want the same book you read. Which one’s that one?”

Nine of hearts, two of diamonds

Sandaev gets some value

Picking up the action on a board showing J982, our Live Reporter saw Joseph Sandaev lead out for 150,000. Yita Choong made the call, and the pair saw a river of 9.

Sandaev led out again, opting for a 200,000 sizing and sending Choong into the tank for a minute or so before Yita made the call.

Sandaev showed the KJ and Yita mucked. Sandaev moved further into a strong chiplead.

Joseph Sandaev1,755,000
Yita Choong840,000

HR Level 22: 15,000/30,000 (30,000)

“It’s begun”

Those were the words of Rosario Lepro as he doubled through Jerry Zhang. Lepro has had a very rough couple of levels, and got the money in from the small blind with A6 only to be looked up by the 44 of Zhang.

“Six! Six!” cried Lepro, then the board spread AQQ “Ooo, Ace. That’s a nice card.”

The 3, 2 were ‘close’ but no cigar for Zhang, and Lepro finds a much needed double.

Rosario Lepro670,000

Billy “The Croc” Argyros eliminated in 5th place ($11,082)

Joseph Sandaev opened from the button and Billy Argyros, who has only just started receiving a massage from the team at Elite Sports Massage, immediately commented “this will probably be a very short massage…” before shoving for his last 270,000.

Sandaev snap called, and the cards were tabled.

Sandaev: AK
Argyros: A8

Sandaev would go on to hit a flush on the J2Q67 board and eliminate the Australian Poker Hall of Famer

Joseph Sandaev1,585,000
Billy “The Croc” ArgyrosBUSTED!
Billy “The Croc” Argyros

Martin Kozlov bubbles

On the very next hand, Martin Kozlov open jammed for 485,000 and action folded around to Yita Choong in the big.

Choong took one look and flatly announced call, tabling the AK.

Kozlov was dominated, tabling the AQ and needing help.

Kozlov flopped a draw to Broadway, but it was top pair for Choong putting this tournament on the edge of the money.

“It’s a $10K sweat for me!” said a tablemate.

The turn 4 changed nothing, and the A river further cemented Choong’s lead; the High Roller event is officially ITM!

Yita Choong1,255,000
Martin KozlovBUSTED!
Martin Kozlov

Armon van Wijk eliminated in 7th

Armon van Wijk opened to 150,000, leaving himself just 10,000 behind, and found a call from Billy “The Croc” Argyros on his immediate left. Action folded around to Joseph Sandaev in the big blind, who made the call as to well to see a flop three handed.

The flop of 576 saw Sandaev check it over to van Wijk, who put his last 10,000 in the middle. Called by both Argyros and Sandaev and now officially at risk, the turn of Q would then see the bigger stack of Sandaev shove. Argyros got out of the way.

van Wijk: AA
Sandaev: QJ

van Wijk’s Aces were still good for the moment, but the 3 completed the flush draw for Sandaev and the Stacked Social High Roller was down to 6.

Joseph Sandaev1,325,000
Armon van WijkBUSTED!
Armon van Wijk

HR Level 21: 15,000/25,000 (25,000)

The torture of Lepro

Rosario Lepro opened to 40,000 and after a fold from Joseph Sandaev, Yita Choong hit the jam button, shoving for 620,000.

Lepro managed a laugh – he’s now been shoved on four consecutive times after opening and appears to be in bemused agony – and an “Oh boy, oh boy”.

Hitting the tank for several minutes, Lepro was very talkative, with gems like “This hands a lot better than King Jack!” and the self-aimed question of “How do I keep running into them?”

Lepro eventually folded.

Yita Choong710,000
Rosario Lepro425,000

Against anyone else…

Rosario Lepro opened from the hijack with a raise to 40,000 and action folded around to Billy “The Croc” Argyros in the big blind.

The Croc took a few moments, shuffling chips and counting his stack, before announcing he was all in for 470,000 total.

That sent Lepro into consternation, with a laugh and “If it was anyone else, I’d have called already!”, Lepro continued muttering to himself for a couple of minutes before laying it down.

“I folded a big hand!” said Lepro to Argyros, who replied with “You had a pair?”

“YEAH-HUH!” cried Lepro.

“I reckon I just had you then. If you had Jacks, you would have called.” stated Argyros, matter of factly, tabling the 1010 to a look of surprise from Lepro – clearly indicating he had, indeed, folded nines.

“That’s sick. That’s sick that you knew you just had me.”

Rosario Lepro580,000
Billy Argyros540,000

HR Level 20: 10,000/20,000 (20,000)

Vlassis eliminated in 8th

Back to the High Roller, where we will follow the action right up until we have a winner before rolling over to the Main Event for full coverage.

Van Vlassis got critically short and was effectively forced all in on his big blind, with just 30,000 behind after posting blind and ante. Rosario Lepro made a remark that “if everyone folds, I think I have to just put you in, I think it’s mandatory”, but would soon walk that statement back as Armon van Wijk opened the action from middle position.

Lepro folded the small blind and Vlassis casually chucked in the rest, with van Wijk making the call for the extra 10K.

van Wijk: A10
Vlassis: 92

“You’re live bro!” exclaimed Lepro, as the flop spread 7J7. That was immediately followed by a small cheer as Vlassis hit the 9 turn.

van Wijk got the last laugh, spiking the 10 river to eliminate Vlassis.

Armon van Wijk310,000
Van VlassisBUSTED!
Van Vlassis

Main Event Day 1A kicks off

The Stacked Social Poker Main Event has officially kicked off; 16 entries so far have taken their seats to vie for a bag for Day 2.

HR Level 19: 10,000/15,000 (15,000)

Break time

The remaining eight players have departed on a 10-minute break.

Day 1A of the Main Event will also kick off at 6pm local time, shortly after the High Roller final table returns.

Sandaev scalps

Gary Lin open shoved from the cutoff and found an immediate caller in Joseph Sandaev on the button. Both blinds got out of the way and the cards were on their backs.

Sandaev: AQ
Lin: KJ

Lin went for even more stand up equity than Vlassis in the below post; actually walking completely away from the table as the board ran 21059.

“Any paint!” cried a tablemate, but the 8 so close yet so far as the other players told Lin, who couldn’t see the board, that he was eliminated. He still jumped for a look, though.

Joseph Sandaev936,000
Gary Lin

Level 18: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)

Vlassis finds a double

Van Vlassis 3-bet shoved from the blinds after Martin Kozlov applied a little pressure from the button.

Kozlov didn’t hesitate, snap calling to put Vlassis at risk.

It was Vlassis who was well ahead, though, tabling the KQ and dominating the Q10 of Kozlov.

Vlassis stood up for extra run good, and would then stay ahead on the 48AQ2 run out to double through.

Van Vlassis

Final table set; Lepro leads final nine

Rosario Lepro (791,000) will indeed lead the final table after eliminating Stevan Chew on the final table bubble. Martin Kozlov (761,000) and Jerry Zhang (710,000) are chasing his tail though, and both well over the average stack of 477,777.

Van Vlassis has his work cut out for him – he carries a stack of less than eight big blinds through, whilst Gary Lin and Armon van Wijk are both nursing stacks around half the average.

In terms of payouts; the High Roller event will pay out the top 5 spots. $55,200 is up top for the eventual winner, whilst it’s a five figure bubble, as fifth place will receive $11,082.

1Joseph Sandaev547,000
2Yita Choong456,000
3Gary Lin222,000
4Billy “The Croc” Argyros473,000
5Jerry Zhang761,000
6Martin Kozlov710,000
7Rosario Lepro791,000
8Van Vlassis76,000
9Armon van Wijk264,000
Stacked High Roller Final Table

Chew chomped

Rosario Lepro opened the action to 20,000 UTG and action folded all the way around to Stevan Chew in the big blind. Chew ripped for his last 145,000, only to see Lepro snap call.

Lepro: AK
Chew: K10

Lepro held the dominating hand and would remain ahead throughout the entire 6Q25J board, chipping up to just shy of 800K as the final table has been reached; we’re pretty sure that’s good for the chip lead!

Full chip counts to come.

Rosario Lepro791,000
Stevan ChewBUSTED!
Rosario Lepro

Level 17: 5,000/10,000 (10,000)


Jonathan Karamalikis open shoved UTG+1 for his last 76,000 and action folded around almost all the way.

Gary Lin, though, made the call in the small blind to put Karamalikis at risk.

Lin: AA
Karamalikis: 44

Karamalikis would pick up additional outs on the 256 flop, and even more when the turn dropped the 7, giving him an open ender.

The 6 paired the board though, and Karamalikis hit the rail.

Gary Lin333,000
Jonathan KaramalikisBUSTED!

Fotakis flipped

Fotis Fotakis immediately got into the action on the restart, getting his stack in with AQ and being called by the ever-present Martin Kozlov with 33.

Fotakis was in dreamland as the flop came A10Q, the turn 2 changing nothing… but the 3 flipped the story on its back as Kozlov claimed yet another elimination in his barnstorming run.

Prior to that, Andrew Michael fell once more, his A-J unable to catch up to the A-A of his opponent and he hit the rail. Stevan Chew has been moved to balance the tables; only to draw the same seat he busted from not half an hour ago.

Fotis FotakisBUSTED!
Andrew MichaelBUSTED!
Stevan Chew

Level 16: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)

One more hand, they said, it’ll be fun, they said

One more hand was played before the 10-minute break and end of late registration… and it was chaos.

“All in and a call!” from both tables at the same time!

On the feature table, Emanuel Seal had got it in good; firing a re-entry, getting his entire 100K stack in on the flop of 824 and being looked up by Martin Kozlov. Seal had K8, Kovloz Q8.

Immediate domination rotation and pain for Seal, though, as the Q hit the turn and the river bricked the 5.

On the other table, Stevan Chew found himself all in and at risk with AQ versus his opponents AA, and was unable to catch up as the board ran out KJQ49.

The remaining players then departed on a 10 minute break; during that time, five players (including Chew) fired another bullet to bring the total entries up to 43; 15 players will re-take their seats for the next stanza as they fight down to a winner. Gary Lin, Fotis Fotakis, Marco Perri, and Andrew Michael will also sit down with a fresh stack.

Stevan Chew100,000
Andrew Michael100,000
Gary Lin100,000
Marco Perri100,000
Fotis Fotakis100,000
Emanuel SealBUSTED!
Martin Kozlov

He just always has it!

Armon van Wijk opened to 12,000 – and that started a war. Joseph Sandaev 3-bet from the next seat over to 32,000 before Yita Choong 4-bet from the button to 63,000.

Rosario Lepro then cold 5-bet from the big blind to 99,000. van Wijk quickly folded; then Sandaev hit the tank before announcing all in for 427,000 total.

Choong got out of the way and Lepro hit the tank for well over a minute before folding, saying “I could beat him [Choong], but he [Sandaev] just always has it there!”, indicating he’d folded queens.

Joseph Sandaev613,000
Rosario Lepro613,000
Yita Choong203,000
Armon van Wijk196,000
Joseph Sandaev

Michael mauled

Van Vlassis opened to 12,000 from the cut-off, and Stacked Social Managing Director Andrew Michael 3-bet from the button to 34,000.

That wasn’t enough for Martin Kozlov, who 4-bet out of the blinds to 80,000. That forced a fold from Vlassis, but Michael 5-bet jammed for 149,000 to a snap call from Kozlov.

Michael: 88
Kozlov: AQ

Ahead for now but flipping for his tournament life, Michael would very quickly see it all come up Kozlov as the board ran JJA10K.

Just 11 players remain and there are still 20 minutes left of late registration!

Andrew MichaelBUSTED!
Martin Kozlov

Grube goneski

Chris Edgar has also fired a re-entry, and recently opened the action preflop only to see Taylor Grube shove for his last 40,000.

Edgar called, and tabled AJ, ahead of the A9 of Grube.

Despite picking up a flush draw for additional outs as the board ran Q746, the 8 river saw the elimination of Grube, who headed for the exit – but not before asking when the first Main Event flight starts; that would be 5pm local, for anyone curious.

Chris Edgar136,000
Taylor GrubeBUSTED!
Taylor Grube

Croc bites twice

Picking up the action on a full board showing 10A8106, Billy “The Croc” Argyros led out for 50,000 – which was enough to put Amin Chehade all-in on his second bullet.

Chehade agonised over the decision for a few moments but slid the remainder of his chips forward – only to be shown 108 by The Croc.

Chehade tabled the no good AQ before rapping the table and taking his leave, eliminated by The Croc not once but twice in one day.

Billy “The Croc” Argyros520,000
Amin ChehadeBUSTED!
Billy “The Croc”

Level 15: 3,000/6,000 (6,000)

Two gone

Rosario Lepro opened the action UTG with a minimum raise to 10,000 and found two callers – Fotis Fotakis called from late position and Emanuel Seal completed the big blind.

Lepro continued for 14,000 on the flop of J-9-3 after Seal checked. Fotakis called, then Seal pulled the trigger, check-jamming for 66,000 total.

Lepro called that, only to see Fotakis shove as well for 185,000. But Lepro called that too and found himself in great shape to score a double KO.

Lepro: A-A
Seal: A-9
Fotakis: Q-J

The board bricked a 3 and then an 8 to “seal” the deal (excuse the pun), sending both Fotakis and Seal to the rail and catapulting Lepro to the chip lead.

Rosario Lepro540,000
Fotis FotakisBUSTED!
Emanuel SealBUSTED!

Edgar coolered

No escaping this one for the short stacked Chris Edgar!

After flopping a straight on a flop of 8109, Edgar found himself all in and at risk and yet in the worst possible shape; needing runner runner clubs for a win, or runner runner perfect for a chop as his 76 ran headlong into the QJ nut straight of Martin Kozlov.

The 6 on the turn eliminated Edgar without mercy, the A changing nothing on the river.

Martin Kozlov543,000
Chris EdgarBUSTED!
Chris Edgar


Gary Lin opened the action to 10,000 in early position, and Jerry Zhang pumped it up to 26,000 from the cut-off.

Action folded back around to Lin, who jammed for ~80,000 to a snap call from Zhang.

Zhang: KK
Lin: 77

Board: 3J692

No help for Lin on the board, even losing an out after Zhang turned a flush draw, the 7 no longer an option, and he hit the rail.

PMA‘s Live Reporter had barely even sat down when “All in and a call!” rang again from the same table, and rushing over it was Andrew Michael at risk with J and in bad shape against the 1010 of Chris Edgar.

Michael would spike a Jack on the 253J4 run out, however, to stay alive. PMA returned to the desk… for what seemed like three whole seconds before “All in and a call!” rang out yet again from the same table.

Returning slightly out of breathe this time, it was Amin “The Landlord” Chehade all in with 1010 against Australian Poker Hall of Famer Billy “The Croc” Argyros, looking for overcards with AK.

Not a moment to waste, as The Croc hit on the K23 flop and A turn. “Ten!” called The Landlord, but not to be, the 4 sealing his elimination.

Billy “The Croc” Argyros459,000
Jerry Zhang374,000
Chris Edgar270,000
Andrew Michael80,000
Amin “The Landlord” ChehadeBUSTED!
Gary Lin

Level 14: 3,000/5,000 (5,000)

“Everyone thinks I’m a nit”

That’s a direct quote from Taylor Grube after he looked down at J7 in the big blind and called the 27,000 all in from the short stacked Jerry Zhang.

Zhang tabled K4 and found himself ahead – and would pick up a pair to stay ahead on the 3104 flop.

With what now amounted to overcards and a flush draw, though, Grube would immediately take the lead on the J turn and then rub it in with some Q overkill on the river.

Day not over for Zhang; he’s fired a re-entry and is now sitting on the feature table sandwiched between Martin Kozlov and the newly entered Jonathan “xMONSTERxDONGx” Karamalikis.

Both of those players are in Australia’s top ten on the All-Time Money List, according to HendonMob.

Taylor Grube194,000
Jonathan Karamalikis100,000
Jerry ZhangBUSTED!
Jerry Zhang

In-N-Out, no burger

Jarred Graham came into the tournament early on Day 2 and quickly found himself in a spot; opening to 10,000, Graham faced a call from Amin Chehade to his immediate left before Van Vlassis 3-bet to 37,000 from late position.

Graham pulled the trigger, jamming for 100,000 neat (a completely fresh stack and the first hand Graham had played, according to tablemates), forcing a fold from Chehade and sending Vlassis into a short tank. Vlassis would make the call after less than a minute and the cards were opened to reveal a classic flip.

Vlassis: QQ
Graham: AK

Both players made a full house on the board of 77999 but for Graham, it wasn’t enough as he hit the rail just as quickly as he came.

The table then broke, as the tournament has reduced to two tables. Late registration is still open until 15:10 local time.

Van Vlassis317,500
Jarred GrahamBUSTED!
Van Vlassis

Shuffle up and deal!

In anticipation of late registrants for Day 2, the Tournament Director has announced that play will continue on three tables for at least the first 15 minutes of play before breaking.

Shuffle up and deal has been announced, moments before Joseph Sandaev came running up the stairs just in time for his button!

First blood for Armon van Wijk, as PMA picked up the action on a board showing 4104A following a check-bet-call on the flop between Taylor Grube and van Wijk. Grube checked again on the turn, and relinquished the 24,000 pot after van Wijk fired a second barrel for 15,000.

On the feature table, Stacked Social Managing Director Andrew Michael shoved for his last 59,500 and got it through without showdown, after both Martin Kozlov and Fotis Fotakis released their blinds.

Armon van Wijk332,500
Taylor Grube179,000
Andrew Michael72,000
Andrew Michael

Level 13: 2,500/5,000 (5,000)

Hello and welcome to PokerMedia Australia’s coverage of the 2023 DeepStacks Adelaide series live from the Stacked Social poker room in sunny North Adelaide.

Our coverage today starts from 1pm local time with Day 2 of the $3,500 NLHE High Roller as 15 players return, albeit with registration still open until 3:10pm. The current chip leader is none other than Billy “The Croc” Argyros with a healthy stack of 381,500, followed by the recent runner-up in the WPT Australia Main Event and WSOP bracelet winner, Martin Kozlov with 299,000.

Notably, Kozlov will be seated directly alongside Gary Lin to start today’s action, with Lin having also reached the WPT Australia Main Event table before finishing 4th. Given their respective poker chops, they will no doubt waste no time becoming reacquainted!

The full Day 2 seat draw is below.

Later today our coverage rolls into Day 1a of the DeepStacks Adelaide Main Event and hopes are high of toppling last year’s field of 192 entries. The champion on that occasion was Joe Sandaev, who made it two consecutive main event titles at Stacked having also won the Stacked Poker Championship in February 2022.

With its exceptional hospitality, relaxed vibe and prime location, Stacked has firmly cemented its status as one of the finest live poker venues in the country and it’s no surprise to see so many of Australia’s biggest names making their way to the City of Churches every series.

PMA will be on site for the next four days so stay tuned for all the live reporting action as we go from the first flop to the final river!

DeepStacks Adelaide $3,500 NLHE High Roller Day 2 Seat Draw:


1Chris Edgar221,500
3Andrew Michael77,000
5Gary Lin221,500
6Martin Kozlov299,000
8Fotis Fotakis262,500


2Joe Sandaev216,500
4Yita Choong213,500
5Jerry Zhang159,500
7Emanuel Seal88,500
8Rosario Lepro125,000


2Van Vlassis201.,000
4Taylor Grube183,000
5Armon van Wijk266,500
6Billy Argyros381,500
8Amin Chehade187,500

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