Adrian Pacheco leads 227 survivors into Day 2 of WPT Australia Main Event

Adrian Pacheco

Adrian Pacheco will take the chip lead into today’s Day 2 of the WPT Australia Main Event after dominating Saturday’s second Day 1 flight to become the only player sitting on more than half a million in chips.

Pacheco, who survived an early scare on Day 1b when his KK cracked an opponent’s AA all-in pre-flop, will sit down with 580,000 today, placing him well ahead of other big stacks in the room, which include Shivan Abdine (394,500), Zhifan Ye (361,500), Day 1a chip leader Ethan “Rampage” Yau (358,500), Yuto Suzuki (332,000), Chao Duan (331,500), Richard Lee (330,500) and Michael Tomeny (304,000).

Also well placed are Romain Morvan (271,000), Ken Demlakian (266,000), Brendan Pettit (269,000), Paris Sitzoukis (258,500), Peter Lin (253,000), Thijs Hilberts (240,000), Michael Rattigan (231,500) and Luis Arrilucea (230,000) among many others.

In total, 227 of the 600 players who took their seats over the past two days have made it through – all with eyes on a slice of the massive $4.5 million prize pool.

The full Day 2 seating draw is as follows:

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