WPT AUSTRALIA: Thursday 21 September 2023

Gavin Flynn wins Shane Warne One Day Perpetual Trophy

Ireland’s Gavin Flynn has dashed the hopes of the Aussie contingent to take down one of the flagship events of WPT Australia 2023 – the Shane Warne One Day Perpetual Trophy.

Flynn topped a field of 296 starters to cap off what he would later describe as one of the “top 3” results of his career, surviving a roller-coaster of a final table and a 5-way ICM deal before eventually defeating Ian Bobbin heads-up.

Although he didn’t know too much about the man who the trophy is named after, Flynn did express his pleasure at being involved in an event that incorporated a charity, with all rake from the event going to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

His run began midway through the day’s play when he turned a wheel holding A2 on a 3584 board, then on the very next hand scored another huge pot holding pocket rockets to soar into the chip lead.

He took a strong chip lead into the final table, fell to a 3:1 deficit heads-up, but turned the tables over the course of a few hands to secure victory.

Final table placings:

1stGavin Flynn$44,676* 
2ndIan Bobbin$27,600* 
3rdYeshan Jayasuriya$25,733* 
4thMatt Morris$20,282* 
5thCleber Piccone$20,218 *
6thVlad Barbu$9,425 
7thNeil Moss$7,933 
8thIlavenil Arumugam$6,512 
9thAlice Telea$5,210 
* After ICM deal

Super High Roller faces

Vlad impaled

Vlad Barbu has met an untimely demise on the final table of the Shane Warne One Day Perpetual Trophy after getting it in very, very good with AA against the A3 of big stack Gavin Flynn.

But the board had different ideas, running out Q7564 to send Barbu to the rail in sixth spot. Not the best time to run bad!

Vlad Barbu

Picture perfect

Let’s take a closer look at our Shane Warne One Day Perpetual Trophy final tablists!

De Pater de better

PokerMedia Australia caught up with Sydney’s Tim De Pater earlier today to discuss his second consecutive WPT League Sydney Player of the Series title and upcoming return to las Vegas for the WPT Championship.

Shane Warne One Day Perpetual Trophy Event final table

We’ve reached the final table of the Shane Warne One Day Perpetual Trophy in rapid time, with the nine remaining players all chasing a first prize of $52,053.

The final table stacks are as follows:

1Ilavenil Arumugam250,000
2Alice Telea300,000
3Ian Bobbin275,000
4Matt Morris1,175,000
5Vlad Barbu1,220,000
6Neil Moss555,000
7Yeshan Jayasuriya535,000
8Cleber Piccone1,085,000
9Gavin Flynn1,445,000

Jason Gilbert wins Bonza Bounty

New Zealand’s Jason Gilbert is quickly developing an affinity for scoring big at The Star Gold Coast. Just six months after pulling the Grand Bounty of $62,500 in the WPT Prime Gold Coast Mystery Bounty event in March, Gilbert has added a trophy to the collection tonight by taking down the Bonza Bounty for almost $38,000.

It was certainly a tough road to victory, however, with the heads-up battle against Sydney’s Yu Li taking the best part of three hours.

In the end Gilbert showed his stamina and experience to take down his first major title on Aussie soil. Congratulations Jason!

Riches await the SHR champ

The payouts for the $20k Super High Roller have been set, with almost half a million awaiting our eventual champion from a prize pool of well over $1 million.

In total, this event attracted 69 unique players and 14 re-entries, with 11 players set to make the money.


Faces in the crowd

With the bubble about to burst in the Shane Warne One Day Trophy, let’s take a look at some of those still in with a chance of going all the way.

Interview with Jackson Warne and Lynn Gilmartin

PMA caught up with Shane Warne’s son Jackson Warne and WPT anchor Lynn Gilmartin to discuss Shane Warne One Day Trophy and what it means to the Warne family.

A brutal exit

Richard Tang has hit the rail in the Shane Warne One Day Event in less than desirable fashion.

The hand in question began when Martin Finger put the short stacks of the small blind and the big blind all-in from the button, with both quickly calling.

Incredibly, Tang in the small blind held AA and Zhi Lim Chen in the big held KK.

With Finger showing K10, both he and Chen were drawing thin but after the flop bricked, the K landed on the turn to give Chen the triple and send Tang to the rail.

In like Flynn

We have a new chip leader in the Shane Warne One Day Perpetual event after Gavin Flynn took a huge bite out of previous chip leader Sean McKenzie. 

In a massive clash, Flynn called McKenzie’s pre-flop open from the big blind and then called another 16,000 bet on the 358 flop.

When the turn landed the 4, Flynn led for 24,000 and McKenzie shoved over the top. Flynn snap called and showed A2 for the turned wheel with McKenzie revealing Q8.

The meaningless 6 on the river meant Flynn soared up to more than 350,000 in chips – but he wasn’t done next. On the very next hand he woke up with Aces following a short-stacked opponent’s shove and held to soar to a massive 445,000 in chips.

Bonza Bounty Final Table

We’ve reached the final table of the Bonza Bounty, with a cool $37,936 waiting up top for the winner. Chip counts are as follows:

1Jason Gilbert2,940,000
2Peter Sun1,415,000
3Matthew Bennett1,840,000
4Mina Gerges1,970,000
5Wei-chin Huang2,635,000
6Michel Bouskila650,000
7Angelo Schiccitano855,000
8Milan Novakovic845,000
9Yu Li1,130,000

Hachem holding on

Still alive in the Shane Warne One Day Perpetual event today is two-time ANZPT Player of the Year and close friend of Warne, Tony Hachem.

Although he doesn’t spend as much time on the felt these days as he once did, Hachem has nevertheless been making waves in the industry after recently purchasing a majority stake in the Australian Poker Tour.

With the first series under his watch taking place in Sydney next month, we wish him the best in his endeavours – although he may need some run good today as he nurses a short stack still some 50 places shy of the money!

Quads for Aoki

Daiki Aoki has found a much-needed double-up in the Shane Warne One Day Perpetual Trophy after flopping quads.

Aoki shoved for his remaining 10,000 after Tony Hachem opened to 4,500 and found himself racing with 22 against the AK of Hachem. It was a sweat for the Japanese player but not for long as the flop fell 722 to ensure he lives to fight another day.

The big stacks

Paawan Bansal172,000
Gavin Flynn170,000
Hamish Crawshaw167,000
Adrian Roberts139,000
Nil Esteve123,000


The field is now locked out in the 2023 WPT Australia Shane Warne One Day Perpetual Trophy, with a total of 296 players hitting the felt to celebrate the life of the spin king and hopefully walk away with some hard-earned cash as well.

With 142 players remaining, the Star Poker team has just released the payouts with 37 players to earn a minimum of $1,444 and a top prize of $52,053.


To Paris with love

With the clock ticking down towards the end of Level 8 in the Shane Warne One Day Perpetual event, two players have emerged as clear chip leaders with almost 150,000 to each of their names.

Paris Sitzoukis (pictured) currently sits atop of the leaderboard with around 148,000, while just behind on 145,000 is Gavin Flynn.

Super High Roller

Capping a super busy day here in The Star Gold Coast poker room is the $20k Super High Roller, which kicked off about 30 minutes ago.

With big stakes comes big opportunity and some of the biggest names in the Asia-Pacific poker community have come out to play in what looks like a particularly tough field in this highlight WPT Australia event.

Among the many big names taking part are Kahle Burns, Adam Kharman, Corey Kempson, Yita Choong, Angel Guillen, Josh McCully, Zhifan Ye, Ashton Campbell, Didier Guerin, Michael Egan, Stephen Song, Malcolm Trayner, Khac Trung Tran and Philippines pro Lester Edoc.

There are currently 49 players registered.


Bonza mate!

We are down to our final three tables in the WPT Australia Bonza Bounty with just 24 players remaining from the 61 who took their seat at the start the day.

All players are guaranteed a payday of at least $1,478 but will no doubt be eyeing the $37,936 top prize.

The top 5 chip stacks are as follows:

Fergus Lim1,540,000
Patrick Murphy1,250,000
Wei-chin Huang1,050,000
Peter Sun970,000
Yu Li900,000

Let off some steam, Bennett!

While the Shane Warne event is still in its infancy, the Bonza Bounty is getting towards the business end and Matthew Bennett has just staked his claim to a deep run after scoring a triple up in somewhat fortuitous circumstances.

Bennett was all-in for his tournament life holding 88 and in trouble against the AA of Shotaro Mitsuishi and the AK of a third opponent.

That all changed when the 8 appeared in the window as the rest of the board ran out 47210 to give him a triple up and propel him towards the top of the chip counts with around 800,000 and counting.

Matthew Bennett

In a spin

We’re now into Level 4 of the Shane Warne One Day Perpetual Trophy and the Star Gold Coast poker crew are still working their way through a long list of alternates in this hugely popular event.

Among the many notables taking part today are Shane Warne’s son Jackson Warne, defending champion Chad Awerbuch, plus Michael Kanaan, Dean Blatt, Joel Dodds, Janet Wyvill, Chuck Caris, Marc Liddell, John Caridad and many, many more.

Taylor made!

PokerMedia Australia’s Chris Wadih caught up with America’s Taylor Grube after he topped the WPT Australia Bonza Bounty Day 1 chip counts overnight …

Bubble pops

The first event to kick-off today on a busy day of action here at The Star Gold Coast is the Bonza Bounty – resuming for Day 2 – and although it took a while for the bubble to finally burst, we’re now firmly in the money.

The unlucky bubble boy was Namhyung Kim, who called off his last 80,000 with A5 on a 86K7 board against the A9 of Troy McLean. The river was the 2 and Kim’s day is done.

The remaining 60 players are now all guaranteed at least $691.

Marvellous poker, that

From wherever you’re watching in Australia, New Zealand or around the world, hello and welcome back to PokerMedia Australia‘s continued coverage of the WPT Australia festival!

Today marks the return of one of the most anticipated events on the schedule, and one close to the heart of both cricket and poker fans across the globe: the $880 buy-in Shane Warne One Dayer, which is set commence play at 12:23pm AEST.

After the success of last year’s tournament, which saw Chad Awerbuch take home the coveted trophy and more than $47,000 in prize money, the 2023 edition is expected to bring in another bumper crowd, with proceeds to be donated once again to the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital, the chosen charity of Australian Poker Hall of Famer and WPT Ambassador, Lynn Gilmartin.

There’s also bonus prizes to be won for those looking to go all out in their best cricketing threads, with this year’s best-dressed player taking home a $500 Star Gold Coast food and beverage voucher, while the first and second runners-up will each score themselves a $100 food and beverage voucher.

But that’s not all we have in store today! Kicking off at 11:30am AEST is the second day of the $880 buy-in Bonza Bounty, which will see 61 players return from the starting field of 480, with popular poker vlogger and WPT World Championship $25,000 High Roller Champion Ethan ‘Rampage’ Yau among them.

Fellow American Taylor Grube – who recently returned to Australia after a brief hiatus – will return as chip leader in that tournament, with only one player to bust out before reaching the money.

Then at 1:15pm, the biggest buy-in tournament on the schedule – the $20,000 Super High Roller – gets underway, with the prize pool expected to break the $1 million dollar mark.

So get yourselves padded up and be ready to put your bodies on the line, because there’s going to be no shortage of action being delivered today, and PMA will be batting through ’til stumps to bring you our exclusive coverage. HOWZAT!

Hold up, wait a minute …

From wherever you’re watching in Australia, New Zealand or around the world, hello and welcome to PokerMedia Australia!

Our social media and blog coverage of the WPT Australia series at The Star Gold Coast will resume from 11:30am AEST. While you wait, check out our latest news articles, blogs and Live Reporting archives, bookmark our website, and give us a like and follow across all our socials to get access to all of our content.


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