WPT AUSTRALIA: Tuesday 19 September 2023

12:15am: Wrapping things up

Both the Ladies Australian Championship and the $675 PLO Action Clock have bagged up for the evening! 14 ladies remain in contention for the top prize of $16,320, whilst 38 PLO hopefuls will return for Day 2 and the $48,385 awaiting the winner!

We’ll have video content first thing tomorrow, including Amin Riyazati’s reflection post his win in the Outback Survivor Bounty, as well as Andrea Adorjans reaction to bagging the chip lead after Day 1 of the ladies’ event.

Thanks for following along with us today, we’ll see you all on Wednesday ahead of an exciting Day 7 of the WPT Australia festival!

10:15pm: Riyazati’s rollercoaster ride

As mentioned earlier, Amin Riyazati’s Outback Survivor Bounty Day 2 began in less than an ideal fashion for him. Managing to survive through to a final table berth, he had work to do as the short stack.

Riyazati stormed home strong to take a commanding chip lead into heads-up play before defeating Gaurav Sood. We’ll have our post-win interview with Riyazati posted shortly, but in the meantime it’s worth noting the success of Sood’s performance.

Both Sood and fifth-placed Ankit Ahuja are both in Australia for the first time in their lives, and have made it clear they plan to visit again!

“Poker is booming in India,” Sood began as he noted his recent trips to Cambodia and Vietnam to play abroad, before making the decision to travel as a contingent along with Ahuja and others to play the attractive WPT Australia Festival.

Today’s result marks as Sood’s best live cash, and he plans to play as many events as he can for the remainder of the series!

PlacingNamePlace Prize Amount
1stAmin Riyazati49,032
2ndGaurav Sood$34,392
3rdEmmanuel Derecho$22,128
4thAnthony Chaptini$14,784
5thAnkit Ahuja$11,376
6thMatthew Carlson$9,432
7thMatt Ginn$7,920
8thTe Matenga$6,408
9thJoshua Barrett$4,920

8:30pm: Heads-up in the Outback Survivor Bounty

Overnight chip leader Amin Riyazati has made it to heads-up against Gaurav Sood in the Outback Survivor Bounty. Riyazati began with a three-to-one chip lead and proceeded to dominate play early on, before Sood slow played the nut straight to claw it back.

Amin Riyazati8,100,000
Gaurav Soon4,200,000

8:00pm: PLO locked out!

The $675 PLO Action Clock event has been locked out at 389 total entries, and the top 49 players will be in the money!

133 players remain in the field, with average stack sitting at just under 44 big blinds.

PLO Action Clock Payouts

1st: $48,385
2nd: $33,890
3rd: $21,776
4th: $14,401
5th: $11,087
6th: $9,196
7th: $7,702
8th: $6,255
9th: $4,831
10th-12th: $4,061
13th-15th: $3,431
16th-18th: $2,801
19th-21st: $2,334
22nd-24th: $1,937
25th-27th: $1,634
28th-36th: $1,330
37th-45th: $1,214
46th-49th: $1,120

6:00pm: Interview with Lauren Gabriel

The Ladies event have commenced their half hour dinner break, with registration set to close at 6:20pm local time. We spoke with Lauren Gabriel, and she shares an insight as to what these events mean to women in poker.

Around the room, the $675 PLO Action Clock has now reached more than 330 entries, with registration open until 7:15pm local time.

In the Outback Survivor Bounty, seven players remain in contention for the top prize of $49,032.

Amin Riyazati began the day as the chip leader, then arrived to the final table as the short stack, and has now worked his way to a commanding chip lead with over four million in his stack!

5:30pm: PLO in full swing

The Star Poker Room is absolutely buzzing. We are down to the top seven players in the Outback Survivor Bounty, the Ladies Australian Championship has 50 minutes left of registration with the field currently at almost 80 entries, and the $675 PLO has garnered over 300 entries already!

4:15pm: Outback Survivor Bounty Final Table

Anthony Chaptini holds the chip lead heading into the Final Table of the Outback Survivor Bounty. The Adelaide local found himself all in and at risk a short time ago, managing to spike a flush on the river with his AQ against his opponent’s QQ, and hasn’t looked back since!

1Emmanuel Derecho1,335,000
2Anthony Chaptini2,375,000
3Gaurav Sood1,590,000
4Ankit Ahuja1,490,000
5Joshua Barrett820,000
6Matthew Carlson730,000
7Matthew Linn1,710,000
8Terangimoeakau Matenga1,765,000
9Amin Riyazati495,000

2:15pm: Ladies Championship underway

WPT’s very own Lynn Gilmartin and Ashleigh Lawrence headline the Ladies Australian Championship, which began a short time ago.

The $660 buy-in event has attracted a field of over 40 so far, see some of them in the gallery below!

2:00pm: Four-way Survivor Bounty madness!

Te Rangi Matenga was faced with three players all in when he awoke to 22 and decided to call. Covering all three opponents, including Huss Hussan with KQ, Matenga managed to hold against Hussan, as well as his other two opponents’ AJ and 99 on a board that spread 5286J!

Matenga forced a triple knockout, taking his stack to over 1,500,000 and adding $6,000 to his bounty tally!

1:00pm: All hail the Bounty King!

After his historic victory in the Mystery Bounty Event, Adam Thaggard sat with PokerMedia Australia to reflect on a remarkable day.

On top of his first-place prize of over $120,000, Thaggard claimed $147,000 in mystery bounties, including the coveted (and record-breaking) $100,000 grand bounty!

Check out his interview below!

12:31pm: In the money!

After seven hands play on the bubble, Romain Morvan holds the unenvied position of 53rd place in the Outback Survivor Event.

Action on Table 5 folded around to Ridge Grimsey in the small blind, who decided to apply bubble pressure on the short stacked Morvan in the big-blind. Grimsey shoved, and Morvan moved all in for his last 47,000.

Morvan: Q10
Grimsey: J3

Board: 89A35

Despite the favourable flop, Morvan was relegated to the rail after Grimsey paired his three and held, sending the rest of the field into the money!

Ridge Grimsey273,000
Romain MorvanBUSTED!

12:30pm: Doubles, doubles, and toils on the bubble!

The Outback Survivor Bounty holds all the attention at the moment. With 53 players remaining, we are on the stone bubble!

A series of double-ups for short stacks has been the tale of the six hands of bubble play thus far.

While we wait for the next elimination, let’s have a look around the room at some of the players who made their way back this morning in the gallery below!

11:30am: Outback Survivors back in action!

On the stroke of midnight, after the final hands were dealt in Day 1 of the Outback Survivor Bounty, we noticed Amin Riyazati holding a overflowing chip bag, seeking a new one.

Once we caught sight of his stack count, the predicament made sense, as he now begins Day 1 with the chip lead!

After sealing up, we managed to get a few words from Amin about the tournament and his approach going into today. Watch below!

Seat Draw

Remaining Payouts

1st: $49,032 – PLUS, a $6,000 WPT Prime Championship passport to the Wynn in Las Vegas this December.
2nd: $34,392
3rd: $22,128
4th: $14,784
5th: $11,376
6th: $9,432
7th: $7,920
8th: $6,408
9th: $4,920
10th: $4,152
11th-12th: $4,152
13th-15th: $3,456
16th-18th: $2,832
19th-21st: $2,352
22nd-24th: $1,992
25th-27th: $1,656
28th-36th: $1,344
37th-45th: $1,200
46th-52nd: $1,056

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