LIVE REPORTING: Stacked Adelaide Poker Festival Main Event Day 3

Congratulations Hai Nguyen ($70,000), 2023 Stacked Adelaide Poker Festival Main Event Champion!

Hai Nguyen is the 2023 champion of the Stacked Adelaide Poker Festival Main Event, after battling it out with a massive 3-to-1 chip lead against Nick Borillo in what was a very short heads-up.

Following a strong performance on Day 1A to grind his way to the final day, Nguyen’s stack rocketed up after denting the stack of the final table chipleader, Chris Edgar, beating his pocket Queens with a set of Tens, and continued to chip away at the stacks.

Nguyen saw to the eliminations of three players on the final table, and was in great form as he eventually outlasted a field of 177 total entries to collect $70,000 and his first major championship title.

His win has rounded off what has been an entertaining week of high-level tournament poker at Stacked Social, which featured exciting and innovative events, and we can’t wait to see what Stacked Poker has for the future!

Congratulations to the Main Event Champion Hai Nguyen, and the Director of Stacked Poker, Andrew Michael, on a brilliant and entertaining tournament!

STACKED ADELAIDE POKER FESTIVAL MAIN EVENT ($2,000 buy-in, 177 total entries, 23 players paid)

1Hai Nguyen$70,000
2Nick Borillo$43,000
3Chris Edgar$33,000
4Gareth Edmonds$27,000
5Chris Parker$22,000
6Higor Siebel$17,500
7Aditya Rao$13,500
8Jun Lin Huang$10,500
9Tam Truong$8,500

Well folks, it’s been a great day for us here at Stacked Social, and we simply cannot thank you all enough for your continued support. From all of us here in Adelaide, it’s ‘bye for now!

Nick Borillo eliminated in 2nd place ($43,000)

Hai Nguyen as the massive 3-to-1 chip leader didn’t waste time in the heads up, with the action lasting just over ten minutes before the final knock out.

Nguyen opened for for 275,000 and Nick Borillo called, taking them over to the flop of 456 where Borillo followed up with a check. Nguyen made it 175,000 to go then calling Borillo’s raise to 400,000.

On the J turn, Borillo led a bet of 600,000 which Nguyen called. The river 7 prompted a shove from Borillo, which was snapped up like lightning by Nguyen.

Borillo: A7
Nguyen: 103

Borillo had flopped an up-and-down straight draw on the flop that failed to complete, as Nguyen came out on top with the straight, three-to-seven.

Congratulations to Nick Borillo for an absolutely brilliant performance and finish as runner up in the Stacked Adelaide Poker Festival Main Event!

Stay tuned as we bring you our wrap up on the winner, Hai Nguyen!

Hai Nguyen8,850,000
Nick BorilloBUSTED!
Nick Borillo

Borillo doubles

We had a quick “All in, call!” as Nick Borillo shoved on the button, which was snapped off by Hai Nguyen.

Nguyen: J9
Borillo: J7

Nguyen was leading the whole way down the board 46Q87, until Borillo binked the river.

Hai Nguyen6,400,000
Nick Borillo2,450,000

Chris Edgar eliminated in 3rd place ($33,000)

Action has continued into the next blind level between our top three players, with a rotation of chip exchanges, with our average stack holding at 2,950,000, or about 20 BBs.

Hai Nguyen went all in pre from the big blind, snapped up by Chris Edgar on the button.

Edgar: AJ
Nguyen: 77

Nguyen’s pockets held through a dry board of 824Q8, sending Edgar out to the rail.

We are now heads up for the Stacked Adelaide Poker Festival Main Event championship!

Hai Nguyen7,625,000
Chris EdgarBUSTED!
Chris Edgar

Level 29: 75,000/150,000 (150,000)

Gareth Edmonds eliminated in 4th place ($27,000)

Nick Borillo opened UTG to 225,000, with Gareth Edmonds calling from the big blind.

On the flop, Edmonds checked before jamming all in after Borillo bet 200,000. Borillo took a few moments before calling, covering Edmonds’ stack of 1,230,000 by a very small margin of 20,000.

Edmonds: J10
Borillo: AA

Although Edmonds hit the first window to flop top pair, he was still trailing far behind as Borillos’ Aces shot straight through the board 107864, reducing our final table to 3 players remaining.

Nick Borillo2,980,000
Gareth EdmondsBUSTED!
Gareth Edmonds

Level 28: 50,000/100,000 (100,000)

Hai, it’s me

Action is starting to slow down towards the end of this level, with a few series of blinds being stolen pre-flop. Gareth Edmonds is still short at around 1,350,000, with Chris Edgar maintaining his lead.

Hai Nguyen called Edgar’s open to 170,000, going to a flop of 944. Nguyen check-called Edgar for 125,000, and then they both checked through the 2 turn which didn’t inspire much interest.

The river 7 saw Nguyen lead a bet of 155,000, which Edgar called before mucking, as Nguyen flashed pockets 1010 for the flopped two pair.

Chris Edgar3,440,000
Hai Nguyen2,300,000

Chris Parker eliminated in 5th place ($22,000)

A large rail has now formed around our final table as more players are trickling in for the final side event for this Adelaide Poker Festival series, the $200 Flip ‘N’ Go Finale set to commence shortly at 7pm ACST.

Our rail watched as Nick Borillo opened UTG to 175,000, meeting a raise from Chris Edgar to 500,000 which Chris Parker flat-called, leaving 20,000 behind.

Nick Borillo called, with all three players subsequently checking down to the river on as the dealer fanned 29358. Edgar bet 400,000 on the river, with Parker calling short for his remaining stack of 20,000 as Borillo folded.

Parker: AK
Edgar: J10

Parker’s hand hit dead air as Edgar hit runner-runner flush to scoop up the pot.

Chris Parker
Chris Edgar3,925,000
Nick Borillo1,875,000
Chris ParkerBUSTED!

Level 27: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)


Our players are now on an extended break for dinner, cooked up courtesy of the fantastic team here at Stacked Poker. Be right back!

Heaven on Hai!

Hai Nguyen has gone all in pre-flop, pushing a stack of 1,295,000 forward which was called by the chip leader, Chris Edgar from behind the button.

Edgar was leading with QQ as Nguyen rolled over 1010, and looked set to take down the pot until Nguyen binked a set on the river of 269410, doubling him up.

Hai Nguyen2,740,000
Chris Edgar2,505,000
Hai Nguyen

Chip lead tug-of-war

Both top and second chip leaders Nick Borillo and Chris Edgar are continuing to fight for dominance, after Borillo opened to 130,000 from the cut off before calling Edgar’s small blind raise to 390,000.

On the 8103 flop, both players checked, before Edgar bet a heavy 420,000 on the 4 turn, putting the pressure on Borillo who folded after a few beats.

Edgar has now reclaimed the chip lead, with a small margin in front of Borillo.

Chris Edgar2,890,000
Nick Borillo2,760,000

Quad Queens!

Nick Borillo opened to 150,000 from the cut off, with Chris Edgar calling from the small blind before Gareth Edmonds shipped it all in from the big blind for 575,000. After a brief moment, Borillo called along with Chris Edgar for the action to head threeway to the flop.

Edgar checked the flop Q63, before folding as Nick Borillo bet, with the action going showdown heads up between Borillo and Edmonds.

Borillo: 66
Edmonds: QQ

Both players had hit a set on the flop, and Edmonds improved to quad Queens through the run out of 36QQA, giving his stack a huge triple up!

Nick Borillo3,150,000
Gareth Edmonds1,725,000
Gareth Edmonds

Higor Siebel eliminated in 6th place ($17,500)

Higor Siebel opened from the cut off to 125,000 and Nick Borillo raised to 375,000 before calling Siebel’s all in shove for 725,000.

Siebel was leading with pockets JJ against Borillo’s mid pockets 88. Both players were drawing on the flop, with Siebel chasing down a spade flush draw and Borillo needing any seven to connect a straight draw, which delivered on the turn as the dealer fanned out 96576.

Siebel exited his seat to collect his winnings from the cage as Borillo’s chip lead continues to climb.

Nick Borillo3,725,000
Higor SiebelBUSTED!
Higor Siebel

Level 26: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)


Our players are now on a short break reduced to 5 minutes to keep the game going, with 6 players still remaining. Nick Borillo is in pole position as the chip leader of the final table.

Here’s a quick update on the chip counts at break:

1Chris Edgar2,530,000
3Gareth Edmonds785,000
4Higor Siebel725,000
5Chris Parker990,000
7Nick Borillo2,850,000
8Hai Nguyen950,000

Edmonds doubles

Chris Edgar opened to 105,000 from the Hijack, before Gareth Edmonds shoved all in for 330,000 from the cut off. Edgar asked for a count, before making the call.

Edgar: A9
Edmonds: QJ

Edmonds picked up top pair on the flop, holding through 5Q76K to pick up the pot.

Chris Edgar2,530,000
Gareth Edmonds785,000

Aditya Rao eliminated in 7th place ($13,500)

Not long after doubling up, Aditya Rao put his stack at risk again once more, after opening from the Lojack preflop for 100,000. Nick Borillo called from the Hijack and they both headed to the flop.

The dealer peeled 874 for the flop, with Borillo calling Rao’s lead bet of 70,000.

On the 10 turn, Rao checked, Borillo bet 180,000 before calling Rao’s shove all in.

Rao: K10
Borillo: Q10

Borillo binked the diamond flush on the river on the final board of 874109

Nick Borillo 2,965,000
Aditya RaoBUSTED!
Aditya Rao

Rao doubles

Early into the level, we had more blind on blind action, this time between Aditya Rao and Nick Borillo on the big blind. After one limper, Rao shoved 390,000 preflop, with Borillo making the call after a moment.

Rao: K7
Borillo: 109

Rao made two pair through 343K2 for a timely double up.

Nick Borillo2,135,000
Aditya Rao830,000

Level 25: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)

Parker pressures

In some blind on blind action, Chris Parker completed for 40,000 before calling Aditya Rao’s 120,000 bet.

The flop was dealt JQ6, with both checking to see the J turn.

Parker pushed all in, putting Rao in the tank for almost 2 minutes before he folded.

Chris Parker650,000
Aditya Rao520,000
Aditya Rao

Jun Lin Huang eliminated in 8th place ($10,500)

Chris Edgar opened UTG to 85,000, which was called by Hai Nguyen on the small blind and Jun Lin Huang on big blind.

On the flop of 326, Nguyen checked and Huang went all in for 340,000. Edgar folded to get out of the way as Hai Nguyen asked for a count, stalling before making the call.

Huang: J10
Nguyen: A3

Nguyen had connected on the first window, fending off Huang’s flush draw as the final runout was spread 32675 to eliminate Huang.

Hai Nguyen1,530,000
Jun Lin HuangBUSTED!
Jun Lin Huang

Tam Truong eliminated in 9th place ($8,500)

It seems that little break has done the trick as we saw an all in and call action in one of the first hands back to the felt, resulting in the elimination of Tam Truong.

Chris Edgar opened to 85,000 and Tam Truong went all in pre on the button with 410,000, which was snapped up by Edgar who turned over AA to break Truong’s heart as he revealed AQ.

Truong’s hand was dead as the board ran 10334J to send him off to the cage to collect his winnings. Chris Edgar’s chip lead now has a sizeable margin of almost a million in chips to the second chip leader, Higor Siebel, with approximately 1,850,000.

Chris Edgar2,700,000
Tam TruongBUSTED!
Tam Truong

Level 24: 20,000/40,000 (40,000)


Our players are on a short 10-minute break after the first level of action saw mostly chip exchanges.
Time for a quick breather to shake things up and get going again!

A wild telekinetic mallard appears!

And we’re off!

Chris Edgar and Tam Truong have tangled early in a big pot, after action built between them over a spread of QK78. About 550,000 was sitting in the pot as Edgar checked and Truong led a bet of 150,000. After a minute thinking it over, Edgar laid it down for Truong to rake it in.

We had all in action on the second hand, in blind vs blind standoff as Tam Truong on the small blind limped, Gareth Edmonds opened to 90,000 which was re-raised by Truong to 280,000.

Edmonds 3-bet all in for 530,000, putting Truong in the tank for 2 minutes before eventually folding.

Chris Edgar1,560,000
Tam Truong910,000
Gareth Edmonds840,000

Level 23: 15,000/30,000 (30,000)

Shuffle up and deal!

Our nine remaining players have taken to their seats and the cards are now in the air! All players are guaranteed a minimum of $8,500 in prize money, while this year’s Main Event champion will take home $70,000.

Good luck to our final table, and may the flop, turn and river be with you!

Below we have a full rundown of the field’s stacks as they begin.


1Chris Edgar1,840,00061
2Tam Truong910,00030
3Gareth Edmonds560,00019
4Higor Seibel930,00031
5Chris Parker475,00016
6Aditya Rao890,00030
7Nick Borillo1,810,00060
8Hai Nguyen910,00030
9Jun Lin Huang525,00017

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