LIVE REPORTING: Stacked Adelaide Poker Festival Main Event Day 2

Chris Edgar leads Main Event final table – and that’s a wrap!

In what has been a rollercoaster Day 2 in the Main Event, Chris Edgar has finished up top as the chip leader of our final 9, with 1,840,000 in chips.

Breathing down his back is Nick Borillo, with 1,810,000 in chips. Borillo’s uber cooler against Billy “The Croc” Argyros in the later stages of the game saw a big turn around in his stack, as well as further significant pots off Tony Xu who had previously commanded the chip lead at one point.

Play will resume tomorrow at 3pm local time (ACST), resuming from remaining time in Level 23 (15,000/30,000/30,000).

REMAINING PAYOUTS (177 total entries, 22 players paid)


Congratulations to all players who have made the Final table, with the draw as listed below:

Final Table

1Chris Edgar1,840,000
2Tam Truong910,000
3Gareth Edmonds560,000
4Higor Seibel930,000
5Chris Parker475,000
6Aditya Rao890,000
7Nick Borillo1,810,000
8Hai Nguyen910,000
9Jun Lin Huang525,000

Join us again as we bring you all the action until the final river falls, but until then, from all of us here at Stacked Social, it’s ‘bye for now!

Tony Xu eliminated in 10th place ($7,000)

Higor Seibel opened on the button to 60,000, with Jun Lin Huang calling on small blind, and Tony Xu all in short with 50,000.

Seibel and Huang checked to the river, before Seibel bets 65,000 and Huang folded, leaving the action heads up with Xu.

Seibel: KJ
Xu: 75

Xu’s hand hit dead air as Seibel rivered a straight on3Q3109.

And with that, our final 9 has been set! We’ll be right back with a wrap shortly.

Higor Seibel930,000
Jun Lin Huang525,000
Tony Xu

Souren Tayyebi eliminated in 11th place ($7,000)

Souren Tayyebi jammed pre-flop from the small blind for 265,000, with Higor Seibel making the call from the small blind.

Tayyebi: 102
Seibel: K10

Seibel hit top pair on the flop and finished up with two pair on the river through a spread of 8KA66

Higor Seibel800,000
Souren TayyebiBUSTED!
Sauren Tayyebi

Level 23: 15,000/30,000 (30,000)

Jerry Zhang eliminated in 12th place ($5,800)

Aditya Rao opened to 50,000 from the button and Jerry Zhang raised to 245,000, with about 25,000 behind. Rao jammed to cover him and Zhang snapped.

Rao: 22
Zhang: A10

Rao’s deuces held and rivered two pair through 9KJ39, for him to collect the pot and knock out Zhang.

We are now on the soft bubble for the final table.

Aditya Rao885,000
Jerry ZhangBUSTED!
Jerry Zhang

Higor heading up

Higor Seibel raised to 50,000 from the LoJack and Tony Xu on the button moved all in, prompting Seibel to momentarily cast his gaze over to the other table at how the action was flowing, before making the call.

Xu’sAQ was leading in front, but Seibel managed to bink a pair of Jacks on the runout of 856J9, boosting his stack as Xu fell further short of chips.

Higor Seibel740,000
Tony Xu185,000

Bluffing Borillo? No-no.

Tony Xu opened on the button to 50,000 and was called by Nick Borillo on big blind. The flop was dealt 2410, with Borillo check-calling Xu for 35,000.

On the 10 turn, both players checked through to the 5 river, offering potential for a hand to connect a straight.

Borillo checked and Xu saw an opportunity to bet 90,000, attempting to steal the pot, which Borillo called.

Xu: J8
Borillo: A9

Neither had connected a hand, with Borillo calling Xu’s bluff to take down the pot with nothing but Ace-high!

Nick Borillo1,850,000
Tony Xu450,000

Level 22: 15,000/25,000 (25,000)

Andrew Michael eliminated in 13th place ($5,800)

Action was all in pre-flop as Andrew Michael jammed with AQ, and was called by Tony Xu who met him heads up with AJ.

Michael was leading pre-flop with the higher kicker Queen, but Xu turned nut flush on the spread of 1097810.

Tony Xu550,000
Andrew MichaelBUSTED!
Andrew Michael

Chip Counts Update

13 players remain in the game, with four more eliminations to come before we wrap up Day 2 and the final table is set.

Below is a list of the chip counts as they stand after the break, where we can notice some big swings in stacks:

Feature Table

1Sauren Tayyebi495,000
2Andrew Michael220,000
3Higor Siebel580,000
5Jun Lin Huang410,000
7Tony Xu255,000
8Chris Edgar1,650,000
9Nick Borillo1,300,000

Table 2

1Tam Truong585,000
2Aditya Rao860,000
4Jerry Zhang205,000
5Gareth Edmonds870,000
6Hai Nguyen765,000
7Chris Parker420,000

Level 21: 15,000/25,000 (25,000)


Our players are now on a quick 10 minute break. Be right back!

Huang gets going

Jun Lin Huang and Andrew Michael went head to head pre-flop, with Huang looking for a double with A10, which was snapped up by Andrew Michael with KK.

Michael was leading all the way through the turn on the spread of 510Q9 but was stunned as Huang rivered A, picking up two pair to rake in the pot and successively double up.

Jun Lin Huang500,000
Andrew Michael125,000

Mata Ye eliminated in 14th place ($5,800)

The action is flowing thick and fast as we approach closer to our final 9, with Mata Ye shipping in his short stack pre-flop and getting called off by massive stack Aditya Rao.

Mata Ye: A4
Rao: QQ

Ye couldn’t find an Ace to beat Rao’s pocket Queens as it smashed through the spread of 38397 and picked up two pair to go.

Aditya Rao900,000
Mata Ye

Ryan Hong eliminated in 15th place ($4,800)

Action was all in pre-flop, with Ryan Hong getting his stack into the middle and going heads up with Gareth Edmonds.

Hong: 108
Edmonds A9

Edmonds picked up top pair on the turn as the dealer fanned out the board 254A8, with Hong bricking the wheel draw on the river.

Gareth Edmonds675,000
Ryan HongBUSTED!
Ryan Hong

Billy “The Croc” Argyros eliminated in 16th place ($4,800)

Billy “The Croc” Argyros has been knocked out after jamming all in pre with A5, meeting his match as Andrew Michael called him with a stronger hand of AQ.

It all ended there for Argyros, as Michael’s hand held through 108K89.

Andrew Michael375,000
Billy “The Croc” ArgyrosBUSTED!
Billy “The Croc” Argyros

Huey Lam eliminated in 17th place ($4,800), and Ryan White eliminated in 18th place ($4,800)

Our min-cash finishes have been rounded off and a slight payjump added, with the simultaneous eliminations of Ryan White and Huey Lam.

Ryan White went all in pre with QQ and went heads up with Chris Edgar, who had him overshadowed with KK.

Edgar flopped a set through 10K784 to bust White, as Lam was also sent to the rail.

Chris Edgar1,100,000
Ryan WhiteBUSTED!
Huey Lam

Borillo applies pressure

Tony Xu opened to 40,000 UTG, called by Nick Borillo in middle position.

The flop was dealt J99, with Xu leading a bet of 35,000, called by Borillo. On the turn 3, Xu bet 95,000 which Borillo called.

Xu sized a heavier bet of 240,000 on the river 6 which was met with a raise from Borillo to 500,000.

After a long tank, Xu made the fold for Borillo to take down a big pot.

Nick Borillo1,400,000
Tony Xu900,000

Level 21: 10,000/20,000 (20,000)

Obie Blanusa eliminated in 19th place ($4,157)

Obie Blanusa went all in on the button with a short stack of 75,000, which was snapped up by a stacked Tony Xu on the big blind.

Blanusa: A5
Xu: KQ

Xu hit top pair on the flop, improving to two pair on the river of J7K9Q

Tony Xu1,400,000
Obie BlanusaBUSTED!
Obie Blanusa

Milan Mehta eliminated in 20th place ($4,157)

Milan Mehta’s run in the Main Event has come to a full stop, after starting the day strongly as the chipleader but finding himself running short on fumes into the money. Mehta shoved all in pre with KQ for one last chance to run it back up.

Aditya Rao called him off, turning over A5 for the heads up, with his Ace high holding him through 4103J3 to knock out Mehta.

Aditya Rao675,000
Milan MehtaBUSTED!
Milan Mehta

Croc crippled

Billy “The Croc” Argyros has taken a critical hit to his stack, after calling Nick Borillo’s all in pre-flop and ending up on the wrong end of an uber cooler.

Argyros: KK
Borillo: AA

Borillo lead into the board, picking up a full house Aces full of Sevens on the turn, through Q77A6.

Nick Borillo1,000,000
Billy “The Croc” Argyros175,000
Nick Borillo

Francesco Sergei eliminated in 21st place ($4,157) and Pierce Hynes eliminated in 22nd place ($4,157)

Our reporter found some three-way action all in pre-flop, between Francesco Sergei, Chris Parker and Milan Mehta in a showdown.

Sergei: 107
Parker: A5
Mehta: QJ

Mehta managed to triple up his stack as he filled up a boat on the board of J33Q3, with Parker’s stack dented as Sergei was busted.

Pierce Hynes was also seen collecting his min-cash from the payout desk, having been eliminated shortly before Sergei.

Chris Parker650,000
Milan Mehta120,000
Pierce HynesBUSTED!
Francesco SergeiBUSTED!
Francesco Sergei

Bubble bursts

After a long series of hand-for-hand action, including one which spanned almost ten minutes, the money bubble has finally burst.

Joshua Crowe shoved for 80,000 from the cutoff with only 80,000 left, and Chris Edgar iso-bet 300,000 on the button to take the action heads up.

Crowe: A3
Edgar: AA

Edgar’s Aces smashed through a dry board of J4QK7, eliminating Crowe as the money bubble.

Players are now in the money!

Chris Edgar1,000,000
Joshua CroweBUSTED!
Joshua Crowe

Quick Update…

Some slight re-structuring as our blind levels have been amended, with Level 20 now set at 10,000/15,000 (15,000 BBa) and level 29 has been changed to 75,000/125,000 (125,000 BBa).

Players have taken back to their seat as we resume the action hand-for-hand on the money bubble.

Level 20: 10,000/15,000 (15,000)


Our players are now on a 45 minute dinner break, taking a well-timed breather as our field still hovers on the money bubble.

Top 5 Chip Counts

Tony Xu1,223,000
Chris Edgar1,000,000
Hai Nguyen852,000
Billy “The Croc” Argyros845,000
Chris Parker684,000

White doubles

“All in, call!” was announced on the feature table as Ryan White jammed and was called by Higor Seibel, with White at risk.

A big rail formed from the other tables as they watched the showdown.

Seibel: J2
White: 99

White’s pockets held through the board, rivering two pair through the board of 83748 to double up his stack.

Higor Seibel300,000
Ryan White220,000
Ryan White

Campbell canned

Ashton Campbell’s incredible run in this Main Event has ended, after he went all in on the flop of 487 and was snapped up by Tony Xu.

Campbell: JJ
Xu: 87

Xu had flopped two pair, with Campbell’s fish hooks unable to bait a recovery as the board completed 48725.

Tony Xu has now taken over as current chip leader, pushing close to 1 million.

We are now hand-for-hand as we hover on the money bubble with 23 players remaining across three tables.

Tony Xu930,000
Ashton CampbellBUSTED!
Ashton Campbell

Roman’s end

Billy “The Croc” Argyros has claimed another tournament scalp in the form of Roman Priplotski who shoved all in pre from the Lojack.

Argyros, acting on the big blind, slowly peeled his hand to view, declaring to Priplotski, “I have Aces.”

Roman: “REALLY?!”
Argyros: “Yes.”

Both players tabled their hands for the showdown:

Priplotski: KJ
Croc: AA

It was a sweet run for Argyros, whose pockets picked up a full house, Sevens full of Aces as the dealer spread 747Q7.

Billy “The Croc” Argyros880,000
Roman PriplotskiBUSTED!
Roman Priplotski

Level 19: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)

Crowe still flying

Our shortest stacks having been shoving into the middle, hoping to survive as we approach closer to the money bubble.

Joshua Crowe went all in pre with the shortest stack of 88,000, managing to double up as his pocket Aces held through a run of 939J4, completing with two pair against Higor Seibel’s 86.

Higor Seibel485,000
Joshua Crowe203,000

Anne busts

Anne Beygirliou has been eliminated, shoving all in with AK after a quiet and steady grind through today’s play which fell agonisingly short of the money as Tony Xu made the call.

Xu’s 88 pockets were in front and flopped two pair to take down the pot and send Anne on her way.

Tony Xu595,000
Anne BeygirliouBUSTED!
Anne Beygirliou

He’s gone

Dong He shoved on big blind after a raise from Francesco Sergei on cut off, with Chris Parker joining Sergei to call from the button.

On the flop of Q34, Parker bet to open up a side pot, but Seigei folded, taking the action heads up between Parker and He.

Parker: KQ
He: A10

Parker finished up with two pair on the 4 turn, with the 7 completing the run out.

Chris Parker470,000

Ye hanging in

Mata Ye is struggling to stay in the game as he pushed all in pre to spin up his stack, called by Dong He.

Ye: AJ
He: AK

Ye rivered a straight on the run out of 32QK10 to survive and double through He.

Mata Ye95,000
Dong He55,000

Van goes

Van Vlassis shoved all in pre for 128,000 from the button with AK and was snapped up by the “Croc”, Billy Argyros who snap-called with AA.

Vlassis could only watch as Argyros sailed through 9K382, walking off as “The Croc” raked in to continue his chip lead.

Billy “The Croc” Argyros739,000
Van VlassisBUSTED!
Van Vlassis

Yita Yeeted

Yita Choong has been eliminated after going all in pre and was called by Jerry Zhang for the heads up showdown.

Zhang: AQ
Choong: 44

Zhang hit top pair on the flop and made it two pair through J9AJ8 to send Choong packing.

Jerry Zhang322,000
Yita ChoongBUSTED!
Jerry Zhang

Level 18: 5,000/10,000 (10,000)


As our players take a short break, we’ve scanned the stacks in the field to see who is leading the chip counts in our current field of 29 players remaining.

Racing neck-and-neck, Billy “The Croc” Argyros is the current chip leader with 680,000, followed very closely behind by Milan Mehta with 650,000.

Higor Seibel is also crushing with 570,000 in chips, keeping well ahead of the current average stack of 305,000.

Top Chip Counts

Billy “The Croc” Argyros680,000
Milan Mehta650,000
Higor Seibel570,000
The Croc’s crystal crocodile chip protector

Seibel steals

Gary Lin shoved pre-flop for 85,000 on the button, with the action folding to Higor Seibel on the big blind.

Seibel got a little theatrical as he started filming a slow peel, revealing an Ace…and another Ace! Seibel quickly made the call:

Lin: J9
Seibel: AA

Seibel made a clean run through 48J35.

Higor Seibel490,000

Sun goes down

We caught the action late on the river, where David Sun was tanking hard as he faced a shove from Higor Seibel on a board which read Q828J.

“Sorry guys,” Sun apologised to the table as he continued to deliberate.

Sun made the call, turning over 84 for the flopped flush draw turned trips, with Seibel rolling over Q8 for the winning full house.

Higor Seibel423,000
David SunBUSTED!
David Sun

Chapter closed for Chaptini

Over on the feature table, Fred Chaptini went all in pre, called by Jun Lin Huang.

Huang: AK
Chaptini: KQ

Huang managed to hold the lead, finishing as Ace kicker with two pair on the board 49977.

We are now 9 players away from the money.

Jun Lin Huang390,000
Fred ChaptiniBUSTED!

Blanusa bows out

Yita Choong has taken down Neb Blanusa after he called off Blanusa’s short stack of 32,000 in chips all in preflop.

Choong: K6
Blanusa: A8

Blanusa was chasing a straight draw on the flop, but was unable to connect as Choong got there on the river of 579K8.

Yita Choong150,000
Neb BlanusaBUSTED!

So long, Wong

Weng Wong’s run in the Main Event has ended after shoving all in on the flop of K79, called off by Tam Truong.

Wong: KJ
Truong 109

Truong’s suited connectors found a flush draw on the flop, which connected on the turn through K796Q, eliminating Wong.

Tam Truong275,000
Weng WongBUSTED!

Perri pushed out

The eliminations are still flowing as our field is starting to whittle down one by one, with 37 players now remaining after Marco Perri hit the rail.

Perri pushed his stack forward with A4, running up against Ryan Hong who called with A9.

Hong hit trips on the flop, which filled up to a full house on the river, Nines full of Eights, for an emphatic win.

Ryan Hong300,000
Marco PerriBUSTED!

Ship it to Seibel

Khac-Trung Tran has joined the rail after shipping all in with pocket Jacks JJ, which was called by Higor Seibel holding AK.

Tran was hoping to hold as the flop ran low, but unfortunately his run ended as Seibel paired up on the turn as the board ran 876K5.

Higor Seibel475,000
Khac-Trung TranBUSTED!
Khac-Trung Tran

Song ends for Luong

Wilson Luong has hit the rail after trying to run his short stack back up, pitching his stack in against Gary Lin who snapped him off.

Lin: KJ
Luong: K10

Board: 92887

Lin was ahead pre and finished out with second-nut flush on the river.

Gary Lin210,000
Wilson LuongBUSTED!
Wilson Luong

Sandaev swept

We found some threeway action all in preflop between Joe Sandaev, Weng Wong and Ryan White, which took them across a spread of 2493J.

Sandaev: AJ
White: A3
Wong: 22

Wong’s deuces flopped a set to knockout Sandaev for a double up.

Ryan White105,000
Weng Wong92,000
Joe SandaevBUSTED!

Best busted

Gavin Best has emerged as our first elimination following close of registration, after shoving all in pre with K2 and was called off by Joshua Crowe.

Crowe’s AQ was leading ahead as it picked up top pair on the flop and completed with two pair on the river of 84Q68.

Joshua Crowe336,000
Gavin BestBUSTED!
Joshua Crowe

Level 16: 3,000/6,000 (6,000)


We haven’t been starved of action in the last, as we now reach the break which brings the close of registrations in this Main Event.

Our starting day 2 chipleader, Milan Mehta, is continuing to hold his lead, with a sizeable stack of 740,000 building – about 200,000 in chips clear of our second chipleader, Chris Edgar with 540,000.

41 players remain, out of a total 177 entries into the Main Event which has generated a total prizepool of $312,228. Our top 22 players are set to receive a min cash of $4,157, with $70,000 up top for our champion.

Payouts are structured as listed below. Let’s go!


Taylor tumbles

Aditya Rao has delivered a knockout, busting Mike Taylor from the felt after calling his all in.

Taylor’s AK couldn’t get ahead of Rao’s JJ pockets which held through a low spread of 46963.

Aditya Rao145,000
Mike TaylorBUSTED!
Mike Taylor

Runaway TrAAn

Emmanuel “Curly” Seal pushed the last of his stack forward pre-flop with K10, and was snapped up by Khac-Trung Tran with the nuts AA.

Tran’s Aces struck like lightning through the spread of 668Q2, sending Seal out to the rail.

Khac-Trung Tran113,000
Emmanuel “Curly” SealBUSTED!
Khac-Trung Tran


Over on table 3, an uber cooler showdown unfolded after Yita Choong went all in pre with KK and was snap-called by Jerry Zhang, holding AA.

Choong hit a set on the flop, cracking Zhang’s Aces to hold through the board of 5K624, yeeting Zhang from the felt.

Yita Choong112,000
Jerry ZhangBUSTED!

Goodall gone, Lin leaves

Marco Perri is still fighting to stay in the game after knocking out Nathan Goodall. Goodall jammed preflop with J10 and Perri called him off with KQ, running cleanly through the board 9A679

Gary Lin tried his luck with K4 all in pre, called by Pierce Hynes who had him covered, holding 107.

Hynes binked the river with middle pair on the run out of AJ5810, raking in the pot.

Pierce Hynes270,000
Marco Perri90,000
Nathan GoodallBUSTED!

Stairway to Sevens

An “All in, call!” was heard as Tony Xu was snapped up by Pierce Hynes.

Xu turned over 77, quickly hitting quad Sevens as the dealer fanned out 7674A!

Hynes jokingly flipped his Q9 into the muck after the flop as his hand was well and truly dead, with the turn and river a formality.

Pierce Hynes240,000
Tony Xu55,000
Pierce Hynes

Hai climbing higher

Joe Sandaev has hit the rail after getting it in pre with A4, snapped up by Hai Nguyen who rolled over a stronger hand AJ.

Hai was leading as he picked up a bottom pair on the flop through KQJ72, holding to bust Sandaev.

Hai Nguyen485,000
Joe SandaevBUSTED!

Rocked by the Croc

Jacyn Che went all in pre, clashing again heads up with Billy Argyros, only this time Che was holding the Sevens, 77.

Unfortunately for Che, Argyros woke up with monsters AA in reply as they turned over their cards for the showdown, and the Aces screamed down the runout of KJ955 to eliminate Che.

Billy “The Croc” Argyros350,000
Jacyn CheBUSTED!

Level 15: 3,000/5,000 (5,000)

Croc bites

Jacyn Che and Billy “The Croc” Argyros went heads up pre flop, after Argyros pushed his stack forward, facing off over the spread of KJA7Q.

Che had flopped two pair with AK, but was bitten off by “The Croc” as Argyros hit set on the turn with 77.

Billy “The Croc” Argyros245,000
Jacyn Che95,000
Billy “The Croc” Argyros

Unlucky Xu

Neb Blanusa is continuing a good run in the Main Event after picking off Tony Xu’s all in pre flop, cracking his Aces AA as he nabbed a runner-runner straight on the board of 877910 with AJ.

Neb Blanusa130,000
Neb Blanusa


Joe Sandaev is the latest to head back for a rebuy after being knocked out by Chris Parker, whose AA pockets were too good against Sandaev’s KQ as they went all in pre.

Parker made a clean run through the board 9K5107.

Chris Parker233,000
Joe SandaevBUSTED!
Chris Parker

The Best is here!

Gavin Best has entered Day 2 and found a quick double up through Jerry Zhang, as they went all in-call over 45943.

Best: AQ
Zhang: AJ

Zhang’s lower Jack kicker sent him to the rail and the cage for a quick rebuy.

Gavin Best105,000
Jerry ZhangBUSTED!
Gavin Best

Lepro coolered

Rosario Lepro and Milan Mehta clashed for the pot as they went all in pre after some action, with Lepro shoving for 280,000 with KK that was quickly overshadowed by Mehta’s AA pockets in an uber cooler showdown.

Mehta’s hand swept through 2439J, picking up more chips for the road and knocking out Lepro.

Milan Mehta890,000
Ross LeproBUSTED!
Rosario Lepro

Zilch for Zhang

Action was all in pre as Jerry Zhang committed his stack to the middle, called off by Hai Nguyen.

Zhang: A10
Nguyen: K9

Nguyen hit the first window straight off the bat with top pair, prevailing through a run of K75Q4 to knock out Zhang.

Hai Nguyen376,000
Jerry ZhangBUSTED!
Hai Nguyen

Chasin’ hay

We found a threeway all in pre-flop happening on table 3, between Jacyn Che, Aditya Rao and Marco Perri.

Che: QJ
Rao: AK
Perri: AQ

Che was knocked out as Rao snagged top pair on the river through 7562K, denting Perri’s stack in the process.

Marco Perri145,000
Aditya Rao125,000
Jacyn CheBUSTED!
Aditya Rao

Wong tumbles out

Our first elimination of the day after an all in and call erupted on table 6, with Weng Wong getting it in heads up against Paul Wilson.

Wong: AJ
Wilson: AK

The board ran dry with 43489, with Wilson’s King kicker holding as it picked up a pair on the spread.

Paul Wilson178,000
Weng WongBUSTED!

Level 14: 2,000/4,000 (4,000)

Shuffle Up and Deal!

The call has now been made for the cards to fly up in the air as 47 players have taken to their seats.

Blind levels are now 45 minutes in duration, with late registration and re-entries still available until the start of level 16 (approximately 2:40pm ACST).

Below is a quick run down of the levels for the day 2, playing down to a final table today:

LevelSmall BlindBig BlindBB Ante

Time to get moving!

From wherever you’re watching in Australia, New Zealand or around the world, good afternoon and welcome back to Stacked Social for Day 2 of the Stacked Adelaide Poker Main Event!

After a busy day of action on the felt, Milan Mehta will be coming into play for the day as the overall chip leader after yesterday’s Main Event Day 1B & Turbo Day 1C double-header.

The Adelaide local is leading the pack at start with 421,000 in chips, followed closely by Chris Edgar and Ashton Campbell who are continuing their grind with 398,000.

Plenty of the nation’s finest are still grinding their way through the Main Event, including Pierce Hynes, 2022 Stacked Poker Main Event Champion Joe Sandaev, Kenny “Panda” Wang, Adam Cusenza, Marco Perri and Yita Choong.

There is still room for opportunity, with late registration and re-entries still available through the first two levels of play, with blind levels relaxed at 45 minutes duration.

Play is about to get underway very shortly, so stay with us here at PokerMedia Australia as we bring you all the action until the final river falls!

Day 2 seat draw

Day 2 of the Stacked Adelaide Poker Festival will begin at 1pm ACST, with recommencing blinds at 2,000/4,000 (4,000). The blind levels will now be 45 minutes in duration.

Please ensure you bring your photo ID with you to verify your bag, and should you have any questions regarding your seat allocation, please make yourself known to the team at Stacked Social upon arrival. Best of luck to all players and may the flop be with you!

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