LIVE REPORTING: Stacked Adelaide Poker Festival Main Event Day 1B & Day 1C

Kenny Wang tops the turbo – Day 1C is a wrap!

After playing off against a small field firing away multiple bullets in tonight’s Turbo flight, Kenny “Panda” Wang has managed to end this evening’s session extending into the early hours of the morning, with a decently size stack of 283,000.

7 players from a total of 15 entries survived and are through to Day 2 after bagging and tagging.
They join a field of 45 players starting Day 2, with that number set to grow as registration remains open for the first two levels.

Together, Wang and Ryan Hong (134,000) make up the top two chip leaders from this Turbo flight, and they’ll join our other Day 1 survivors from 1pm ACST tomorrow afternoon (Sunday) as the grind for Main Event champion title and prize money continues!

The full seat draw will be released at least one hour prior to tomorrow’s restart, and will be made available on the Stacked Poker Facebook page and on our Live Reporting blog. Be sure to keep following us here at PMA for all the latest, but until next time, from all of us here in Adelaide, it’s ‘bye for now!

Final flurry

In the closing stages, it was a bit of a shovefest as players tried one last time to run up their short stacks for Day 2, with Ryan Hong getting it in with Aces to hold against Neb Blanusa’s pocket Jacks to double him back up to 63,000 and pin Blanusa back to 42,000.

Weng Wong couldn’t find any luck with a late re-entry, his suited QJ no good against Chris Parker’s higher suited AJ scoring a clean run of the board, shorting Wong to 5,000 and boosting Parker to 100,000.

We lost Wong with Ace-Six offsuit to Blanusa’s Ace-Four offsuit a few hands later, with Blanusa snagging a 4 on the turn to eliminate Wong.

Neb Blanusa

Go go go, Joe!

Joe Sandaev went all in pre-flop with K5, called by Neb Blanusa who had KJ

As the dealer fanned out 27AJ5, Sandaev sarcastically exclaimed “Yay!” on the river as he paired up his 5, which was too little too late as Blanusa already paired up his Jack kicker on the turn to seal the win.

Sandaev didn’t waste time heading back to the cage to buy back in, with the tournament clock ticking down 15 minutes left as we fast approach bagging and tagging to close out the night.

8 players remain out of our field of 15 total entries into this Turbo flight.

Neb Blanusa113,000
Joe SandaevBUSTED!
Joe Sandaev

Level 13: 2,000/4,000 (4,000)

Chaptini busto

Fred Chaptini has been carefully navigating the action on the table, playing quietly and biding his time, before finally going all in pre-flop, snapped up by Ryan Hong.

Chaptini: AA
Hong: QJ

Hong quickly cracked Chaptini’s Aces as he flopped a straight, with the Q turn and 2 river completing the board to send Chaptini out.

Ryan Hong68,000
Fred ChaptiniBUSTED!
Ryan Hong

Parker running it up

Joe Sandaev went to heads up against Chris Parker, after an all in and a call pre-flop.

Sandaev laid up AQ, hoping to double his stack as Parker turned over 1010.

Pocket Tens have featured strongly in play today, and Sandaev couldn’t shake Parker off as he failed to find a higher pair on the run out of 36265.

Chris Parker100,000
Joe Sandaev5,000

Wong walks

Neb Blanusa limped UTG+1, then called Weng Wong’s short stacked shove for 18,000 from the big blind.

The board ran 672Q6, with Wong’s JJ cracked by Blanusa’s 77 which flopped set and rivered full house Sevens full of Sixes, eliminating Wong.

Neb Blanusa87,000
Weng WongBUSTED!
Weng Wong

Level 11: 1,500/2,500 (2,500) > Level 12: 1,500/3,000 (3,000)


Our players are on their last ten-minute break for the night, as we wind down to the last few levels before finishing for the night.

Marco Perri has emerged as the chip leader in the last few levels, with his stack pushing close to 200,000.

Flushing them out

Mike Gainer opened to 5,000 from the Hijack, finding three callers in Jerry Wang on the button, and the blinds Fred Chaptini and Joe Sandaev.

The flop was dealt 5A5, with action checking to Wang who bet 5,000, called only by Chaptini. They both checked the 2 turn, and watched as the river showed 8.

Chaptini bet 5,000 before eventually calling Wang’s raise to 18,000.

Wang: AQ

Chaptini mucked, his hand no good against Wang’s Queen-high flush.

Jerry “Panda” Wang118,000
Fred Chaptini55,000
Fred Chaptini

Perri plucks two

Marco Perri opened to 4,000 UTG+1, Weng Wong shoved 30,000, and Joe Sandaev shoved for 70,000.

Perri took a quick beat, playing it coolly as he asked, “Is it on me? I call.”

Perri: KK
Wong: AJ
Sandaev: QQ

Perri powered through the spread of 27893, completing with a King-high flush to deliver the double knockouts as both Wong and Sandaev went to the cage to rebuy.

Marco Perri190,000
Joe SandaevBUSTED!
Weng WongBUSTED!
Marco Perri

Take TH(AT)?

Ryan Hong opened under the gun and Chris Parker called from middle position to take them to the flop of 10A10. Both players checked it down, watching as the turn peeled a low 2.

Hong pushed out a small bet of 2,000 which Parker called, taking them down to the K river.

Hong checked, before snap-calling as Parker shoved all in.

Both players tabled Ace-Ten offsuits, with both flopping a full house, Tens full of Aces, only to settle for a chopped pot.

Level 9: 800/1,600 (1,600) > Level 10: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)

Panda pairs

Jerry Wang opened UTG+1 to 2,600, with Neb Blanusa making the call from small blind.
Blanusa checked the flop 6Q10, before calling Wang’s bet of 3,500.

Both players checked through the 8 turn and on the 8 river, Blanusa bet 10,600 which was snapped off by Wang.

Blanusa: JTo
Wang: AQo

Wang’s offsuit Ace-Queen was good to hold for the top pair to take in the pot.

Jerry “Panda” Wang85,000
Neb Blanusa18,000
Jerry “Panda” Wang

Wong lays it down

Mike Gainer opened to 2,000 from the Hijack, with two calls from Marco Perri on cut off, and Ryan Hong on big blind. They all opted to check through the flop of 1010Q, with the turn 6 prompting Hong to bet 6,000 which only found one caller in Gainer.

On the 3 river, Hong bet 11,100 and Gainer raised to 25,000. Hong hit the brakes to mull over the decision in the tank, before making what appeared to be a tough lay down.

Mike Gainer89,000
Ryan Hong23,000
Ryan Hong

Level 7: 500/1,000 (1,000) > Level 8: 600/1,200 (1,200)

Sandaev applies the pressure

Joe Sandaev opened to 1,600 from middle position, calling Chris Parker’s raise to 3,500 from the Lojack.

Sandaev checked on the flop 447 and called Parker’s bet of 4,400. The turn 7 also saw Sandaev initially checking, before Parker bet 6,100 and Sandaev raised to 17,000.

Parker called to take the action down to the river 8, where Sandaev bet a hefty 34,000, leaving some 2,000 in chips behind.

Parker went into deep into the tank, weighing up the action and the stacks before ultimately folding.

“Kings?” asked Parker to Sandaev, which seemed to imply a reasonably sized lay down by Parker.

Sandaev only responded, “Not Kings,” leaving the table and rail to spin in curiousity at the winning hand as he raked in the pot.

Joe Sandaev90,000
Chris Parker52,000
Joe Sandaev

Xu busto

On the first hand back from the break, Tony Xu went all in pre-flop with 75 and was snapped up by Marco Perri on the button with Q4.

Xu flopped a flush draw on 6KQ, but was unable to complete the draw as Perri paired up with Queens and held through the A turn and 10 river, eliminating Xu.

And with that, our players have moved back onto one table to chase up chips for the turbo grind!

Marco Perri89,000
Tony Xu (as seen earlier in Day 1B flight)

Level 5: 300/600 (600) > Level 6: 400/800 (800)


Our table of 9 players are now on a quick ten minute break.

Play has been very soft with not a lot of action, and most stacks are hovering more or less at the starting stack of 50,000 in chips, with Chris Parker leading the flight so far with 85,000. Weng Wong is our short stack with 34,000 in chips.

As the levels continue to progress, we may well see more inspired action as players keep up with the blinds and BB ante, and with late registration open for just under 3 hours to go, there’s still plenty of oportunity to make way into Day 2 of the Main Event. Let’s go!

A bit more for Blanusa

Neb Blanusa raised to 2,500 from the cut off and was called by Weng Wong on the big blind.

The flop was spread J28, which saw Wong check-call Blanusa’s bet of 5,000. On the 6 turn, Wong checked, leaving Blanusa to lead with a continuation bet of 5,000 which he called. They both opted to check down the 2 river.

Blanusa: KJ
Wong: QJ

Blanusa’s King high was good to rake in the pot.

Neb Blanusa52,000
Weng Wong45,000

Mike gains more

Chris Parker raised to 1,800 on the cut off, before calling Mike Gainer’s raise to 4,000.

The flop of 3105 saw Gainer check-raise Parker’s bet of 5,000, raising to 10,500.

On the turn 4 both players checked it down, watching as the river rolled a 4.

Gainer squeezed out a bet of 15,500, forcing a fold from Parker.

Chris Parker

Gainer gains some

Action has been fairly passive in the Turbo event, with a lot of limping pre-flop.

Three players limped in to the action, with Fred Chaptini on the Hijack, Neb Blanusa on the cut off and Mike Gainer completing on big blind.

On the flop 7108, action checked to Parker who made it 1,200 and met two calls.

The turn 9 saw checks through to Blanusa who bet 3,600, before Gainer raised to 13,000, forcing folds to take down the pot of 17,800 chips.

Level 3: 200/400 (400) > Level 4: 300/500 (500)

Punted by Panda

We caught the action late as Mike Gainer faced a heavy river bet of 20,000 from Kenny “Panda” Wang, and called over a spread of 7529Q.

Wang rolled over 22, prompting Gainer to muck, leaving his stack severely short, and not long afterwards was seen walking back to the cage to fire a second bullet.

Kenny “Panda” Wang66,800
Mike GainerBUSTED!
Mike Gainer

Level 1: 100/200 (200) > Level 2: 200/300 (300)

Main Event Day 1C Flight Kicks Off!

And with that, our players are now bagging and tagging for the Main Event Day 1B flight, and we now turn our attention to the Main Event Day 1C Turbo flight.

Play has now commenced for the Main Event Day 1C Turbo flight, with a table now quickly filling up.
The blind levels will be twice as fast, with 13 levels paced at 20 minute duration, structured as below:

LevelSmall BlindBig BlindBB Ante

Colour change!

Campbell’s done it again – and Day 1B is a wrap!

Another clash on Ashton Campbell’s table, this time as he called all in on the flop against Marco Perri.

Campbell: 77
Perri: Q9

Perri was first out of the gate as he hit trips on the flop of 299, with the turn peeling an uneventful 10.

Incredibly, the rail watched as the river came 7, swinging it back it favour for Campbell with full house, Sevens full of Nines!

The river delivers!

The tournament clock showed 19 players surviving from the 75 total entries taken in this afternoon’s flight, and official counts have Milan Mehta as the chip leader with 421,000, with Ashton Campbell (398,000) and Pierce Hynes (347,000) not that far behind.

Ashton Campbell398,000
Marco Perri38,000

White whittled

Action was all in pre-flop as Ashton Campbell went head to head with Ryan White for the pot.

Campbell: 99
White: KK

White’s pocket Kings flopped two pair, and was still leading on the spread of 2JJ5, however as the dealer peeled 9 for the river, big cries of exclamations went up from the rail as Campbell couldn’t believe his luck to river the full house, Nines full of Jacks!

Ashton Campbell140,000
Ryan White120,000

Sandaev railed

Some blind-on-blind action as Marco Perri shoved his small blind pre-flop, with Joe Sandaev calling from the big blind.

Perri: AK
Sandaev: A10

Perri snagged two pair on the run out of 6848K to significantly boost his stack as he eliminated Sandaev.

Marco Perri330,000
Joe SandaevBUSTED!

One Door closes, another opens…

We have now entered the final level of Day 1B, with action due to commence shortly for the Main Event Turbo Flight Day 1C which has been delayed as we wait for further registrations to kick things off.

Not long to go until we bag and tag for Day 1B!

Level 13: 2,000/4,000 (4,000)

Rao out

Action opened UTG as Ryan White bet 6,000, and quickly fired up after Aditya Rao shoved his small blind for 30,500. Dong He called from the big blind as White folded.

Rao: AJ
He: KQ

Dong He flopped trips, improving to full house Queens full of Fours on the board of 3QQ44 to eliminate Rao.

Dong He195,000
Aditya RaoBUSTED!

Ron Beaned

Action was all in pre-flop between Rob Bean and Laurence Hall, who made the call without hesitation.

Hall: KK
Bean: 88

Both players managed to fill up their pockets to a full house on the runout of 6K999, however Hall’s Kings full of Nines was simply too good.

Laurence Hall218,000
Ron Bean

Goodall gone

Nat Goodall opened to 6,500 UTG, before snapping Higor Seibel’s shove from the small blind.

Goodall turned over very strong pockets, KK and Siebel turned over what has arguably been the hand of the night – 1010.

Siebel announced to Goodall, “Unlucky mate,” just before the spread was dealt:


It was a horror flop for Goodall whose Kings quickly cracked and were unable to recover, with Seibel filling up Tens full of Sevens.

Higor Seibel285,000
Nathan GoodallBUSTED!

Campbell cooler

We caught the action late all in on the river, between Ashton Campbell and Yita Choong over a spread of 56QKK.

Choong turned over AK for the runner-runner trips, but Campbell also connected on the river to take down full house, Kings full of Sixes with K6.


Ashton Campbell160,000
Yita ChoongBUSTED!

Level 12: 1,500/3,000 (3,000)

Lam jams, doubles

Joe Sandaev opened to 5,000 under the gun, before calling a jam from Huey Lam on the button for 32,000.

Lam: A9
Sandaev: AK

Lam snagged middle pair on the flop to hold through 39Q72.

Joe Sandaev164,000
Huey Lam70,500

Hitting the brakes

From 71 entries, our field has currently reduced down to 28 players. Play is starting to steady in the tail end of Day 1B, with chips exchanging between players, without much showdown.

We have two more levels to be played before survivors bag and tag to Day 2.

Level 11: 1,500/2,500 (2,500)


Our players are now on a ten minute break, the last for flight 1B, with Turbo flight Day 1C soon to follow at 8pm ACST. We’ll be right back!

Lee leaves

Higor Seibel opened from the cut off for 4,000, with Gareth Edmonds raising on the button to 10,500 before Alex Lee jammed all in from the big blind. Seibel folded as Edmonds made the call.

Edmonds: AK
Lee: AJ

Edmonds’ hand ran cleanly through the board 29996, taking down a big pot to chase the chip leaders and eliminate Lee.

Gareth Edmonds218,000

Mighty Mehta

We moved over to table 3, where Milan Mehta was all in on river over a spread of 6KJKK, putting Yita Choong in a painful spot on the action.

After a moment of visible frustration, Choong made the call, and Mehta turned over QQ, ambushing with a strong full house, Kings full of Queens.

Choong chose to muck as he was knocked out.

Milan Mehta300,000
Yita ChoongBUSTED!
Milan Mehta

Yay, Tayyebi!

A three-way all in pre-flop sparked between Tony Xu, Brian Fang and Souren Tayyebi.

Xu: AQ
Fang: A9
Tayyebi: 88

The board ran 476710, with Xu and Fang unable to connect as Tayyebi’s pocket Eights held to deliver a double knockout.

Souren Tayyebi180,000
Brian FangBUSTED!

Choong chipping up

Some blind vs blind short-stacked action, as Yita Choong raised to 4,000 on the small blind, before calling Dion Mavrangelot’s shove on the big blind.

Choong: 1010
Mavrangelot: A3

Choong’s pocket Tens sailed ahead and turned a straight on the completed spread of 76984.

Yita Choong35,000
Dion MavrangelotBUSTED!

Level 10: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)

Intense Tens

A quick series of eliminations has seen a pattern emerging, with pocket Tens twice resulting in knockouts against Ace-King off suit.

Milan Mehta called Tony Xu’s all in on flop of Q66, with Mehta holding 1010 for the overhead two pair against Xu’s AK. The turn 7 and river card 5 didn’t change the outcome as Xu was eliminated.

Emanuel “Curly” Seal was next to push his hand all in pre-flop, with Ryan White making the call as they saw the board fanned out 74335. Seal’s AK wasn’t able to hit a pair against White’s 1010 and he was sent to the rail.

Milan Mehta245,000
Ryan White135,000
Emanuel “Curly” SealBUSTED!
Ryan White

Fang bites back

Brian Fang is still holding on to his stack, going all in pre-flop with 22 and was snapped up by Ashton Campbell with a far superior QQ pockets.

Fortune quickly swung back in favour of Fang as he hit a set on the flop, which was good for a much-needed double up.

Ashton Campbell150,000
Brian Fang21,000

Brutal river for Esca

Higor Seibel opened to 2,500 under the gun, with 4 callers in Alex Lee (Hijack), Emanuel “Curly” Seal (button), along with Adam Cusenza and Elliott Esca in the blinds.

On the flop 822, Seibel checked, with Lee betting 3,800. Action folded back to Esca on the big blind who went all in, and Lee called for the heads up, with a stack behind.

Lee: 1010
Esca: 94

Esca was chasing a flush draw as Lee ambushed him with an overhead two-pair, and although Esca connected a spade flush on the turn with A, the 10 river completed a full house, Tens full of Deuces, for Lee.


Alex Lee170,000
Elliott EscaBUSTED!
Elliott Esca

Level 9: 800/1,600 (1,600)

Del Rosario busto

Our reporter found the action all in on the river between Milan Mehta and Ronnie Del Rosario over the board of Q51083.

Del Rosario bricked a flopped straight draw with AK as Mehta took down the hand with AQ for the top pair. It proved a critical hit to Del Rosario’s stack which tumbled down to 10,000, from his heights as chip leader earlier in the day.

On the next hand Ron Bean opened to 2,500 from the cut off and Del Rosario went all in from the cut off, with Bean making the call.

Bean: J9
Del Rosario: A4

Bean quickly paired up on the run out K3968, and Del Rosario was sent to the rail.

Milan Mehta260,000
Ron Bean100,000
Ronnie Del RosarioBUSTED!

Lang licked

Action was all in pre-flop between Ling Lang and Alex Lee who called.

Lang rolled over monster pockets AA as Lee faced him off with AQ. It was game over on the flop, however, as Lee flopped broadway to crack Lang’s Aces and sent him packing on the board of JK10J9.

Alex Lee110,000
Ling LangBUSTED!
Alex Lee

Level 8: 600/1,200 (1,200)


Whilst our players take a ten minute break, we’ve taken a quick look at the top chip counts currently in our field of 51 total entries.

Adam Cusenza is leading the pack with 217,300, followed closely behind by Higor Seibel on 185,000.

Adam Cusenza217,300
Higor Seibel185,000
Ashton Campbell175,000
Joe Sandaev153,000


Ashton Campbell went all in pre-flop, called behind by Jun Lin Huang who was the shorter stacked of the two.

Huang: AK
Campbell: AA

Campbell ran cleanly through the board, his Aces flopping two pair to eliminate Huang from the felt.

Ashton Campbell160,000
Jun Lin HuangBUSTED!
Jun Lin Huang

Cusenza triples

On the last hand before the break, we saw action building three-way between Adam Cusenza, Ryan Hong and another player.

The action opened early to 11,000, with two calls before the cut off went all in for 15,000 and Cusenza, Hong called the extra.

On the flop 446, Cusenza and Hong checked, and as the turn peeled 3 Cusenza bet 14,500. Hong quickly went all in for 73,000, prompting Cusenza to ask for a count, shaking his head as he tanked then called.

Hong: A5
Opponent: Q10
Cusenza: JJ

Hong was chasing an up-and-down straight draw, but bricked as the 5 river showed for Cusenza to deliver a double knockout with the better two pair.

Adam Cusenza217,300
Ryan HongBUSTED!

Blazin’ bullets!

Pierce Hynes was aIl in on flop 28A, called off by Neb Blanusa.

Blanusa: A6
Hynes: 74

Blanusa needed to hold top pair, but Hynes got a sweet runner-runner trips through the 4 turn and 4 river, leaving Blanusa short with 20,000.

Blanusa then tried to get a double up as he went all in pre-flop a few hands later against Joe Sandaev, who snapped him up.

Blanusa: A3
Sandaev: AK

Sandaev took down the pot as he picked up two pair through 235K2

Joe Sandaev125,000
Pierce Hynes71,000
Neb BlanusaBUSTED!

Decibels for Seibel

Action was all in on the turn between Pierce Hynes from UTG and Higor Seibel on small blind, with the board spread 536J.

Seibel: 48
Hynes: 79

Hynes was staring down a gutshot draw with 9 high as Seibel was riding for gutter, straight and flush draw.

The decibel level in the room jumped as Hynes was heard loudly yelling to the dealer, “BRICK!” to win with 9 high, but was eliminated as the river delivered 7 for Seibel to connect a straight.


Higor Seibel190,000
Pierce HynesBUSTED!
Pierce Hynes

Level 7: 500/1,000 (1,000)

White out

Ryan White went all in on the flop of 1097 from the Hijack and was called off by Laurence Hall on the button.

White: 44
Hall: A10

The turn 3 and river 2 sealed the win for Hall as he secured a pair on the flop to easily breeze past White’s pockets.

Laurence Hall78,500
Ryan WhiteBUSTED!

Cusenza setting up

Adam Cusenza opened to 1,600 UTG+1, called by Dion Mavrangelot in the big blind. On the flop 789, Mavrangelot checked, with Cusenza leading a bet of 1,500 before calling back a raise to 4,000.

On the turn 2, Mavrangelot went all in and was snapped up by Cusenza.

Mavrangelot: 89
Cusenza: 88

Mavrangelot had made top two-pair, but Cusenza’s flopped set saw him out to rebuy as the A river completed the board.

Adam Cusenza65,000
Dion MavrangelotBUSTED!

Perri pickin’

Over on table 3, we had some three-way action underway as Neb Blanusa, Marco Perri and Souren Tayyebi put their stacks into the middle.

Blanusa: AJ
Tayyebi: AJ
Perri: 910

Blanusa and Tayyebi looked set to chop before Perri picked up a pair on the flop and held through 926K5, tripling his short stack.

Souren Tayyebi60,000
Marco Perri48,000
Neb Blanusa13,000

Campbell stirring pots

Our reporter caught up to action on river, with Neb Blanusa deep in the tank facing a 20,000 overbet from Ashton Campbell whose recent entrance into the Main Event is already stirring things up.

The board was already laid up 79Q5Q, with Campbell pushing the action from the cut off and Blanusa eventually making the call from the big blind.

Campbell: K8

Blanusa mucked as he saw Campbell had rivered the flush, moving back to starting stack as Campbell raked in the pot.

Ashton Campbell95,000
Neb Blanusa50,000
Ashton Campbell

Anne, get your gun!

Anne Beygirliou opened to 2,000 under the gun and called Adam Cusenza’s shove from the Lojack for 10,600.

Beygirliou: KQ
Cusenza: AJ

Beygirliou picked up two pair on the run out of 66Q72, sending Cusenza back to the cage to fire out another bullet.

Anne Beygirliou161,000
Adam CusenzaBUSTED!
Anne Beygirliou

Level 6: 400/800 (800)

Ronnie rising

Play is starting to shake up in the field now as our players try to spin up their chips against bigger stacks taking shape.

Darren Oatley went all in pre-flop on the button with pockets 1010 and was snapped up by Ronnie Del Rosario with AJ.

Oatley slipped behind on the flop as Del Rosario connected top pair which turned two-pair on 2A62Q, sending Oatley out to the rail.

Ronnie Del Rosario252,000
Darren OatleyBUSTED!
Ronnie Del Rosario

Blanusa building

Joshua Crowe opened to 1,600 UTG, called by Marco Perri on the Lojack on a new bullet. Elliott Esca fired off 5,500 from the cut off, before calling Neb Blanusa’s shove from the small blind as the others folded.
CO shove, SB Call (others fold)

Esca: 1010
Blanusa: AJ

Board: 2A62Q

Neb Blanusa134,000
Elliott EscaBUSTED!
Neb Blanusa

Making headway

A brief look around the room at our field of 32 total entries (and counting), to see how the stacks are faring.

Neb Blanusa, Ronnie Del Rosario and Higor Seibel are leading the field so far, with their stacks already pushing past 100,000.

On one of the first hands back from the break, Marco Perri was stacked and went to fire another bullet, going all in on the button not long after reclaiming a seat and was called by Ronnie Del Rosario in big blind.

Perri: AK
Del Rosario: KJ

Del Rosario hit a pair on the flop, improving to trips on the turn through the run out of 102JJ8 to send Perri packing once more.

Ronnie Del Rosario is now the chip leader of Day 1B, the first to move past the 200,000 mark.

Ronnie Del Rosario206,000
Marco PerriBUSTED!
Marco Perri

Level 5: 300/600 (600)


Our players are on their first break of the day, taking their leave from the felt to stretch their legs before resuming play which will increase to 40 minute levels.

Higor crushing

A bit of action as our level is almost at the first break, with action all in pre-flop, heads up between Higor Seibel on the Lojack and Mike Gainer UTG.

Seibel: AK
Gainer: AQ

Seibel’s King kicker held the edge and paired up on the flop through 3K2710, eliminating Gainer as our players stood up for the break.

Seibel appeared very happy as his stack climbed up to more than triple the average stack, with a well-timed break for his efforts.

Higor Seibel140,000
Mike GainerBUSTED!
Higor Seibel

Esca scales down

Action opened on the cut off to 1,000, with Elliott Esca raising to 3,000 on the small blind and calling Aditya Rao’s big blind 3-bet to 10,000 as cut off folded.

On the flop K103, Esca check-called 6,000 bet from Rao.

Action escalated on 7 turn after Esca checked and called Rao’s all in.

Rao: AK
Esca: KQ

Rao’s Ace-kicker put him ahead and held as the river 9 sealed the win, leaving Esca short with only a chip and a chair.

Aditya Rao60,000
Elliott Esca2,000

Rosy river

We caught the action all in on the flop of 1072, with Darren Oatley leading a bet on the cut off before calling Ronnie Del Rosarios’ shove all in on big blind.

Oatley: QQ
Del Rosario: A10

The turn 10 and river K delivered trips to Del Rosario for him to crack Oatley’s pocket Queens and scoop the pot.

Ronnie Del Rosario40,000
Darren Oatley22,000
Darren Oatley

Level 4: 300/500 (500)

Cusenza crippled

Anne Beygirliou limped UTG, with Laurence Hall raising UTG+1 to 1,200 before Adam Cusenza 3-bet to 3,600 from the Hijack. Beygirliou called, then folded to get out of the way as Hall jammed all in and Cusenza also committed his stack to the hand.

Cusenza: QQ
Hall: AK

Hall managed to hit top pair on the flop, eventually completing with two pair Aces and Eights through the spread of 86A89, leaving Cusenza severely short with only 2,000 in chips.

Laurence Hall63,000
Adam Cusenza2,000
Adam Cusenza

Crowe crowing

A bit of karma as Joshua Crowe moved all in pre-flop UTG, snapped up by Neb Blanusa on small blind to clash heads up again!

Crowe peeled KQ as Blanusa turned up suited connectors AK.

Crowe’s cards came out in front after picking up King pair on the flop, improving to two pair on the turn with King-Queen, through the run out of 36KQ3.

Joshua Crowe75,000
Neb Blanusa31,000
Joshua Crowe

Level 3: 200/400 (400)

Neb nabs river

Neb Blanusa’s stack has been struggling in the early levels but has found a double up to get going again!

Blanusa limped from the cut off for 300, before calling Joshua Crowe’s small blind raise to 1,200.

On a spread flop 649, Crowe check-called Blanusa for 4,000.

With the turn 5, Crowe check-shoved after Blanusa made it 9,500 to go. Blanusa weighed it up for a few moments, claiming, “I need a two or seven,” before he made the call.

Crowe: 99
Blanusa: 43

Incredibly, Blanusa’s wish was granted as he made the straight on the river with 2!

Neb Blanusa60,000
Joshua Crowe44,000
Neb Blanusa, surveying the table

Wang gains on Mike

Mike Gainer opened to 700 UTG+1, before calling Huang Yu Wang’s raise to 2,100 from the cut off.

On the flop of 2102, Gainer check-called Wang’s bet of 1,600.

The turn 10 spurred interest from Gainer as he led a bet of 3,600 and was called by Wang.

On the 9 river, Gainer again led for 5,500, before calling Wang’s raise to 14,000.

Wang revealed QQ for the over-shooting top two-pair, and Gainer mucked.

Huang Yu Wang72,000
Mike Gainer31,600
Mike Gainer

Level 2: 200/300 (300)

Shifting into first gear

It’s a been a fairly cruisy start to Day 1B, with our players settling in and warming themselves up for the grind as our field grows another table.

The benchmark for chipleader into Day 2 has already been set by Chris Edgar, leading with 398,000 in chips, followed by Ross Lepro with 342,000 and Andrew Michael holding 316,000. No doubt our field today will be aiming to chase this up or better as they slowly work their way through the initial 30 minute levels, which increase to 40 minute levels from Level 4.

Below is a break down of the structure for flight 1B:

LevelSmall BlindBig BlindBB Ante

Level 1: 100/200 (200)

Shuffle Up and Deal!

Hello and welcome to the Stacked Adelaide Poker Festival Main Event Day 1B! It’s a fantastic sunny day down here, with plenty of opportunity to run it up in the big dance, the Main Event, with a further Turbo Flight Day 1C still yet to come at 8pm ACST.

It’s been a fantastic series so far with lively action and we anticipate more exciting entertainment and competition yet to come with the progression of the Main Event as it unfolds over this lovely weekend.

A slight delay in the start for Day 1B flight as our players are pacing themselves for the long day ahead, but the call has now been made to shuffle up and deal with tables starting to fill.

We will be bringing you all the live action as it happens – good luck to all our players!


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