LIVE REPORTING: Stacked Adelaide Poker Festival Main Event Day 1A

Main Event Day 1A: That’s a wrap!

Stay tuned for a full update on the top chip counts from Day 1A of the Main Event.

Saturday will see two more flights for the Main Event, and PokerMedia Australia will be on the floor from 12pm ACST for Main Event Flight 1B, and 8pm ACST for Main Event Turbo Flight 1C, until end of Level 13 to bring you all the live action.

Until then, see you tomorrow!

Curly ending

As the play winds down towards the end of the night, some players are taking a last punt with their stack to improve for a bag & tag through to Day 2.

We caught three-way action all in pre flop as Emanuel “Curly” Seal shoved on the button for 24,000. Khac-Trung Tran shoved for 106,000 on the small blind, and Obi Vlanusa called from the big blind.

Seal: AJ
Tran: AK
Vlanusa: AK

The board ran 5Q659, with Vlanusa and Tran chopping with Ace-King for Seal’s stack, eliminating him as the clock was stopped for remaining players to bag and tag.

Obi Vlanusa150,000
Khac-Trung Tran118,000
Emanuel “Curly” SealBUSTED!

Croc snaps it up

Billy “The Croc” Argyros snapped up Aditya Rao’s stack after calling his all in on the flop of 733. Rao showed AK, but “The Croc” was ready with a monstrous KK, with the outcome unchanging on the 10 turn and Q river.

Billy “The Croc” Argyros268,000
Aditya RaoBUSTED!

Tam doubles

Action was all in on the flop after Priplotski open-shoved from the Lojack and Tam Truong called from cut off. Priplotski rolled over J9 and Truong turned over 55.

The board ran 47859, improving Truong to a set on the turn.

Roman Priplotski140,000
Tam Truong112,000

Priplotski plotting..

As we head into our final level for the night, Roman Priplotski has scored a big double up through Milan Mehta. We caught the action on flop after an all in and a call, with Priplotski UTG and Mehta in cutoff.

Mehta: AQ
Priplotski: 76

Board: 9Q8Q2

Priplotski made runner-runner flush to beat Mehta’s turned trips to rake in the chips.

Roman Priplotski220,000
Milan Mehta27,000

Level 13: 2,000/4,000 (4,000)

Tran knocked out

Huang Tran shoved for 20,000 on the button, called by Van Vlassis from the small blind.

Tran: J3
Vlassis: AK

The board fanned out 81052A, with Tran unable to connect as Vlassis paired up his Ace to go, taking down the pot and eliminating Tran.

Van Vlassis110,000
Huang TranBUSTED!

AA to Z

On the first hand into Level 12, we had a three-way shovefest, with Elliot Esca shoving under the gun for 24,000, followed by Ryan Hong UTG+1 shoving with 50,000. Hua Qing Zhang joined the party from the small blind with 43,000.

Esca: A6
Hong: 77
Zhang: AA

The spread of 2J2K2 improved Zhang’s monster to a full house, Deuces full of Aces, with Hong edging out Esca with the lower full house, Deuces full of Sevens.

Hua Qing Zhang125,000
Ryan Hong6,000
Elliott EscaBUSTED!

Level 12: 1,500/3,000 (3,000)

Dang, Huang!

Roman Priplotski shoved on the button for 30,000, with Jun Lin Huang snapping up from the small blind.

Priplotski laid up K9, facing off against Huang who woke up with AA.

Fortune smiled down on Priplotski however, as he ran so sweet on the board 97795, turning a full house to crack Huang’s Aces and run his stack back up to above starting stack.

Jun Lin Huang85,000
Roman Priplotski65,000
Jun Lin

Quick, it’s Croc!

Billy “The Croc” Argyros shoved on small blind for 45,000, with Jerry Zhang calling from the big blind.

Zhang: AQ
Argyros: 88

Argyros’s pockets led the heads up, eventually picking up two pair, Eights and Nines on the board of 69J56 to take down the pot.

Billy “The Croc” Argyros90,000
Jerry Zhang80,000
Billy Argyros

Race to Bag ‘n’ Tag

Ross Lepro has built up a nice stack to lead the pack with 350,000, and a quick look at our field finds the second-best chip leader following behind at around 225,000 in chips.

There’s still a chance for players to make some decent headway, as Khac-Trung Tran has re-entered the field to find a better position to finish the night.

Ross Lepro raised preflop on the Lojack, then called Tran’s shove for 48,000 to take the action heads up.

Lepro: 77
Tran: 88

Tran’s slightly higher pockets were good to hold through out the board of 510293.

Ross Lepro300,000
Khac-Trung Tran100,000
Ross Lepro

Level 11: 1,500/2,500 (2,500)

Break Time!

Our players are on their final break for the night, with three more levels of play remaining before survivors bag and tag to progress to Day 2. Back in ten minutes!

Truong trounced

Tam Truong opened to 4,000 from the Lojack, with a call from the cutoff and Aditya Rao calling from the button. On the flop of 4Q10, Truong bet 7,000, the player on cut off folded as Truong then called Rao’s raise to 21,000.

On the 10 turn, Truong checked before calling Rao’s shove for 48,000.

Truong: KQ
Rao: 44

Rao had flopped the set and turned a full house, with Truong failing to improve to a higher full house as the 6 river completed the board.

Aditya Rao165,000
Tam Truong90,000

Campbell back in the soup

Ashton Campbell has found two quick doubles to return back to starting stack to stabilise his grind.

He initially shoved under the gun for 13,000 with A5, called off by the big blind’s 87. The villain flopped a straight draw but Campbell managed to prevail through a run out of 4Q69Q.

He then faced a raise from the next player under the gun, opting to shove on top and was snapped up.

Campbell’s A6 was good to fend off his opponent’s KQ on a dry run out of 638105.

Ashton Campbell52,000
Ashton Campbell

KO, Khac-Trung!

“All in, call!” cried the dealer on table 4 as Chris Edgar, on the big blind, went heads up pre-flop with Khac-Trung Tran on the cut off.

Tran: A4
Edgar: AJ

The board fanned out 6K8J10, with Edgar pairing up Jacks to eliminate Tran.

Chris Edgar135,000
Khac-Trung TranBUSTED!
Khac-Trung Tran

Level 10: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)

Edgar recovers

Chris Edgar has recovered nicely, his stack bouncing back as we caught up to the action all in and a call from Ashton Campbell, on the flop of Q103.

Edgar: AA
Campbell: KJ

Campbell had an up-and-down straight draw that looked unlikely with Edgar holding pocket Aces, and was shut out as the turn Q and river 6 delivered the win for Edgar.

Chris Edgar110,000
Ashton Campbell22,000

Trips for Tran

Chris Edgar opened to 3,200 from UTG+1, and subsequently called Huang Tran’s shove on the big blind with a short stack of 12,500.

Tran: A10
Edgar: AQ

Edgar was ahead with his Queen kicker, but came undone on the flop as Tran paired up and improved to trips on the turn to hold through 321010K.

Chris Edgar42,000
Hung Tran25,000

Level 9: 800/1,600 (1,600)

Easy win for Nguyen

Our reporter caught up to the action on the turn, where Weng Wong 3-bet to 10,100 from the button, and Hai Nguyen called from the big blind.

The board was spread 5467J, and Nguyen jammed on the river, covering Wong.

“If you have a flush, you have a flush,” said Wong with a sigh as he called.

Nguyen showed KQ to show he did indeed have the flush – a second nut-flush, at that – and Wong mucked as he was eliminated.

Hai Nguyen160,000
Weng WongBUSTED!
Hai Nguyen

Zhang zinged

Chris Colaneri opened UTG+1 to 2,400, with Jerry Zhang calling from the small blind, along with the big blind leading to the flop.

On the flop of A6K, both blinds checked before calling Colaneri’s bet for 4,000.

The 3 turn ellicited checks again from both blinds, with Colaneri leading with 15,000. Zhang called as the big blind folded.

On the river 7, Zhang and Colaneri checked. Colaneri announced Ace-Queen, and Zhang insta-mucked his hand.

Jerry Zhang179,000
Chris Colaneri125,000

Notable Stacks

Here’s a rundown of the notable stacks in our Main Event so far…

Jerry Zhang204,000
Wilson Luong85,000
Andrew Michael90,000
Emanuel “Curly” Seal47,000
Billy “The Croc” Argyros43,000

Level 8: 600/1,200 (1,200)

Take a Gander

A quick look around at our field has found new faces joining in, with Weng Wong as the latest jumping in, fresh from his 4th place finish in The Croc’s $4K Challenge. Lin has been in very strong form over the last two days, absolutely crushing in $4K event holding the chip lead for the better part of two days, and is no doubt looking to carry this into the Main Event, with his passion for the grind still firing away.

The “Croc” himself, Billy Argyros, has joined the field for Day 1A, along with Adam Cusenza, Khac Trung Tran and Ryan Hong as strong contenders for the Main.

Level 6: 400/800 (800)

Grind on the Mind!

Action has started to slow down as we ease further into very relaxed 40 minute blind levels, with our field of players forming 46 total entries spread over five tables, and counting.


We caught the action late on the the river over on table 2 as Mata Ye jammed all in from UTG+1 and was snapped up by Roman Priplotski in mid position.

The board was laid up 28559, and Ye turned over AA, well ahead of Priplotski whose 66 pockets were no good.

Roman Priplotski55,000
Mata Ye35,200
Mata Ye

Level 5: 300/600 (600)


Our field of 40 players have now taken a quick break to refresh themselves and catch up on the action in The Croc’s $4K Challenge, where five players are still battling it out for the title.

Blanusa blasted

Neb Blanusa rendered the last of his stack all in pre-flop from the small blind, which was snapped up by Huaqing Zhang from late position as he woke up with pockets.

Blanusa: J4
Zhang: QQ

The board gifted Zhang a set, with the turn and river dashing Blanusa’s hopes of connecting an up-and-down straight draw to send him bundling out.

Huaqing Zhang105,000
Neb BlanusaBUSTED!
Neb Blanusa

Michael makes it double

A fairly sized pot of 15,000 had gathered before Andrew Michael went all in to call against Neb Blanusa in the blinds. Michael turned over 98 for suited connectors, against Blanusa’s A7.

It was all over on the flop, with a drought of clubs on the board of 761023 sealing the flopped straight for Michael to double, crippling Blanusa’s stack in the process.

Andrew Michael88,000
Neb Blanusa14,300

Level 4: 300/500 (500)

Adrian ate

A bit of threeway action over on table four as an “All in, call!” was declared, with Adrian Pacheco, Ashton Campbell and Emanuel “Curly” Seal facing up their hands for the showdown.

Campbell: K3
Pacheco: Q8
Seal: 1010

Seal’s pockets were steaming ahead, but as the flop was peeled [invalid notations], the lead swung in favour of Pacheco whilst also offering Campbell a second-nut flush draw.

Pacheco held onto his three of a kind as the turn 3 and river 7 bricked the flush draw. Campbell who was the shortest stacked of the trio, was send to the rail as Pacheco and Seal raked in the main and side pots respectively.

Adrian Pacheco145,700
Emanuel “Curly” Seal62,400
Ashton CampbellBUSTED!
Adrian Pacheco

Level 3: 200/400 (400)

Sun shining

Early into the second level, David Sun has won a wild pot!

Action opened from UTG+1 to 800, with a call from the Lojack and button, before David Sun raised to 5,200 from the small blind. The big blind called, then folded out of the action as the Lojack shoved and Sun called.

Sun rolled over Aces against the player on the Lojack who turned up KK.

Sun’s Aces easily smashed through the board of 103Q86, scooping up a nice pot to double up to 110,000 and continue the grind.

David Sun

Easy Peasy…

Our field has grown to 30 players across four tables now, easing into the tournament and settling in for the long grind.

There is absolutely no rush with half-hour levels which will increase to 40-minute levels from Level 5, and with relaxed lounge settings and fantastic offerings for food, players are here for both a good time and a long time!

Level 2: 200/300 (300)

Player Gallery

Two tables have been filled for Day 1A so far, with plenty of time to register and join the experience across two more flights to come. Check out our player gallery to see who’s who in the zoo!

Level 1: 100/200 (200)

Time to Dance!

Hello and welcome to Day 1A of the Stacked Adelaide Poker Festival Main Event!

It’s a fabulous Friday down here at the Stacked Poker bar with a rail of supporters gathering to watch the final table of The Croc’s $4K Challenge as they warm up before the big dance, the Main Event.

With a buy in of $2,000 offering a starting stack of 50,000 and cruisy 30-minute levels increasing to 40-minute levels after 4 levels, it is incredible value to go hand-in-hand with the premium experience that Stacked Poker offers to all its players.

To all players, we wish you all the best of luck, and may the flop be with you!

From wherever you’re watching in Australia, New Zealand or around the world, hello and welcome back to PokerMedia Australia!

Our coverage of the Stacked Adelaide Poker Festival Main Event final will commence at 3pm ACST. While you wait, relive the highlights from Day 1A and the Day 1B & Day 1C double-header, check out our latest news articles and other Live Reporting blogs, and give us a like and follow across all our socials to get access to our bonus content.


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