Ryan Hong emerges as chip leader after Day 1C of WPT Prime Gold Coast Main Event

Image credit: Enrique Malfavon/WPT Media

Ryan Hong has emerged as the chip leader amidst a dramatic finish that resulted in three successive eliminations in the lead-up to the end of Day 1C of the WPT Prime Gold Coast Main Event.

After grinding on the bubble for almost an hour, Kiavash Arbabi was the first to go, having been forced all in on the big blind, but despite being ahead holding A-J against Chi Truong‘s 9-4, another four on the flop was enough to send Arbabi to the rail.

Les Whitehead was then ousted after his pocket Queens were outdrawn by his opponent’s Ace-Queen, and was followed soon after by Jason Anand, who also moved all-in with Ace-Queen, but couldn’t improve against pocket Kings.

A total of 151 players will return for Day 2 to battle it out for the lion’s share of the $2,203,200 total prize pool. The full list of payout amounts will be released prior to the start of play, however PMA understands that first prize will be worth around $350,000, plus automatic qualification into the WPT World Championship in Las Vegas later this year.


Ryan Hong708,000
Chi Troung684,000
Mark Yazbeck668,000
Mufit Brahim578,000
Andres Vasquez567,000
Josh Foster566,000
Shane Thompson550,000
Slav Rypinksi515,000
Noman Mirza499,000
Dustin Tran461,000
Sean Ooi418,000
Andrew Hindmarsh405,000
Kristian Lunardi399,000
Antonio Romero362,000
Samuel Johnston331,000
Anita Savage325,000
Joshua Plozza324,000
Nick Oiberman292,000
Michael Mariakis290,000
Yap Wong287,000
Steven Burgess286,000
Leo Kamiya275,000
Wayne Clinch274,000
Bowen Liu263,000
Lucas Tae260,000
Carlos Youssef242,000
Rob Spano238,000
Ben Thiessen229,000
Dylan Stringer227,000
Ryan Kuperholz210,000
Ben Turner202,000
Chin Wang198,000
Craig Trevenna194,000
Natalia Rozova190,000
Sheldon Mayer177,000
David Luong172,000
Michelle Psarras166,000
Sal Fazzino165,000
Xavier Mangano158,000
Stanley Wu150,000
Grael Won149,000
Kei Suzuki146,000
Omer Silajdzija144,000
Bruno Rao143,000
Fadi Tabet136,000
Liam Murray132,000
Michael Egan130,000
Daniel Hinh127,000
Jymmi Briggs113,000
Naveen Kumar104,000
Giovanni Zeppieri101,000
Adrian Pacheco96,000
Sam Lincoln93,000
Kawamata Akihiro88,000
Travis Endersby88,000
Louis Luo78,000
Mina Elias74,000
Paul Whiteman52,000
George Archer48,000
Krishna Nimmagadda39,000
Amin Chehade39,000
Boon Teh Kah23,000
Jiapeng Yang10,000

Live updates for the WPT Prime Gold Coast Main Event will be available at WPT.com, while PokerMedia Australia will return to continue our feature article and social media coverage, alongside our Live Reporting blog for Day 1 of the $10K Super High Roller from 2:30pm.

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