LIVE REPORTING: 2023 WPT Prime Gold Coast $3K PLO High Roller Day 2

Image courtesy of Enrique Malfavon/WPT Media

Congratulations to Alan Pham ($70,635*), WPT Prime Gold Coast $3K PLO High Roller Champion!

Alan Pham has broken through on the Australian poker scene to celebrate his first major title win, after holding his initial final table chip lead through 7 hours of ups and downs to clinch the champion title and trophy.

The young Melburnian has previously cashed in other major tournament series here at the Star Gold Coast, with most of his experience on the felt as a cash player.

Pham is keen to continue his hot form into the WPT Prime Gold Coast Main Event, with a potential run in the $10K High Roller.

WPT Prime Gold Coast $3K PLO High Roller ($3,000 buy-in, 118 entries, 15 players paid)*

1stAlan PhamAustralia$70,635*
2ndSherif DeriasAustralia$60,489*
3rdLeo KamiyaAustralia$59,195*
4thAndrej SenicAustralia$22,715
5thRiccardo TallaricoAustralia$17,199
6thThang TruongAustralia$14,278
7thJoshua BarrettAustralia$12,331
8thFabian GeiselAustralia$10,871
9thMichael GuttmannAustralia$9,573
*Denotes three-way deal. Final table payouts shown; full results available at

And with that, the $3K PLO High Roller is now all wrapped up! PMA will be back on Sunday to bring you Day 1 of the $10K High Roller from 1:30pm AEST. Be sure to join us here once again for all the action, but until then, from all of us here at The Star Gold Coast, it’s ‘bye for now!

Sherif Derias eliminated in 2nd place ($60,489*)

Heads up barely lasted 10 minutes before Sherif Derias was been eliminated, going all in heads up with Alan Pham.

Derias: J1087
Pham: KKJ2

Pham was ahead with pocket Kings, connecting a King-high flush on the final board of 76538.

And with that, we have ourselves a champion! We will be back shortly with a wrap-up of today’s action – stay tuned!

Alan Pham4,720,000
Sherif DeriasBUSTED!
Sherif Derias

Pham firing up

Sherif Derias raised on the button to 240,000 and Alan Pham called. They both checked through the flop 528, and Pham check-called Derias’s 560,000 bet on the Q turn.

On the 6 river, Pham led out a 300,000 bet and Derias folded.

Alan Pham3,770,000
Sherif Derias950,000

Leo Kamiya eliminated in 3rd place ($59,195*)

Leo Kamiya went all in as the big blind, snapped up by Sherif Derias in the small blind.

Derias: AK106
Kamiya: A1022

Runout: 4AA47

Derias’ Ace trips with King kicker sent Kamiya to the rail.

Sherif Derias1,700,000
Leo KamiyaBUSTED!
Leo Kamiya

Level 27: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)

Derias dinged

Alan Pham has made a great recovery, doubling back up after shoving all in on the flop, going heads up with Sherif Derias who called.

Pham: KK97
Derias: KJ106

Board: K8646

Pham’s Kings full of sixes had Derias’ Sixes full of Kings beat, chipping his stack past 3 million.

Alan Pham3,100,000
Sherif Derias1,000,000

Pham slammed

Play has resumed, with several rounds of blinds being stolen before Leo Kamiya ripped it all in preflop and was called by Alan Pham.

Kamiya: QQ76
Pham: AK5 X

Kamiya flopped a full house through Q227A

Alan Pham1,600,000
Leo Kamiya1,130,000

Updated counts

The clock has been paused for a deal between our top three players, who have agreed to a three-way deal.

The remaining payouts have been adjusted in the amounts listed, with the players deciding to play out for the coveted crystal surfboard trophy and the 2023 WPT Prime Gold Coast Leader of the Series points.

1Sherif DeriasAustralia2,230,000
4Leo KamiyaAustralia1,200,000
6Alan PhamAustralia1,300,000

Adjusted Payouts


Level 26: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)


Our remaining 3 players are now on a 15 minute break.

Andrej Senic eliminated in 4th place ($22,715)

Andrej Senic’s run has come to an end after he went all in on the flop, heads up against Alan Pham as blind-vs-blind.

Pham: A1084
Senic: Q1097

Pham hit the higher flush through KJ4A10

Alan Pham1,100,000
Andrej SonicBUSTED!
Andrej Senic

New Sherif in town

A big swing of chip stacks after Sherif Derias bet the pot on a flop, called by Leo Kamiya, who then subsequently folded after Derias bet the pot all in on the turn.

It’s been a massive level for Derias, who was found only shortly before grinding out the short stack, to then emerge as the chip leader out of the remaining four players.

Sherif Derias1,800,000
Leo Kamiya1,300,000

Sherif still shootin’

Sherif Derias limped in from the small blind before calling Leo Kamiya’s 150,000 bet from the big blind.

Both elected to check the flop before Derias bet the 225,000 pot on the turn and Kamiya called. As the river completed the board 7Q594, both players checked.

Kamiya: K10102
Derias: KJ109

Kamiya scooped the pot, sending Derias down to 550,000.

In the next hand, Alan Pham limped on the small blind before calling Derias’ 150,000 bet from the big blind.

Pham bet the pot on the flop, Derias shoved all in and was snap called.

Derias: AAK8
Pham: KJ87

Board: K710210

Leo Kamiya2,600,000
Sherif Derias900,000
Alan Pham880,000

Riccardo Tallarico eliminated in 5th place ($17,199)

Shortly after entering level 25, Tallarico shoved the last of his short stack all in, called off by Leo Kamiya to go heads up.

Kamiya: AKQ5
Tallarico: AKK8

The dealer spread J5859, giving Kamiya the trips over Tallarico’s two pair to send him to the rail.

Leo Kamiya2,340,000
Riccardo TallaricoBUSTED!

Riccardo Tallarico

Level 25: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)

Senic the edge-hog

In the last hand before the level crossed over, Riccardo Tallarico and Leo Kamiya both limped in before Andrej Senic ripped all in on the big blind with his short stack.

Tallarico and Kamiya called, checking all the way through the run out of 78A59

Senic: KK104

Tallarico only showed Q4 as Kamiya mucked.

Leo Kamiya1,700,000
Riccardo Tallarico520,000
Andrej Senic400,000

Easy peasy, Leo squeezy

The pace of action has slowed down to a lull, with our five remaining players exchanging chips and no showdowns after folds at the flop or turn.

We had a little more action after moving halfway through this level, as Leo Kamiya opened on the button, with Andrej Senic on small blind and Alan Pham on big blind calling to the flop.

All three players checked the flop, with Senic’s 95,000 bet called by the others. On the river, Kamiya led a bet of 400,000, called by Pham as Senic folded.

Board: 87KK9

Kamiya showed QQK9 for the rivered full house, Kings full of nines, and Pham mucked.

Leo Kamiya1,600,000
Alan Pham1,100,000

Level 24: 20,000/40,000 (40,000)

Leo bounces back

Leo Kamiya opened UTG to 80,000, and Sherif Derias called from the big blind. On the flop, Derias check-called Kamiya for 65,000.

Both players checked through the turn, with Kamiya calling Derias’s bet of 250,000 on the river.

Kamiya: AA104
Derias: QQ106

Board: 3J295

Leo Kamiya1,080,000
Sherif Derias635,000


Riccardo Tallarico is still grinding his stack, doubling up through Leo Kamiya after shoving on the button and Kamiya snap-called.

Tallarico: KQQ9
Kamiya: AJ86

Tallarico flopped a full house on the spread of QAA104.

Leo Kamiya850,000
Riccardo Tallarico575,000
Riccardo Tallarico

Updated Counts

A quick look at our field at the break shows Alan Pham is still holding the lead at 1.604M, followed behind by Leo Kamiya on 1.101M, with Senic close behind pushing to break a million:

1Sherif DeriasAustralia645,000
4Leo KamiyaAustralia1,101,000
5Andrej SenicAustralia915,000
6Alan PhamAustralia1,604,000
8Riccardo TallaricoAustralia440,000

Level 23: 15,000/30,000 (30,000)


With the last hand ticking over a few minutes into the 30 minute dinner break, our five remaining players are now taking a breather to refresh.

Kamiya climbing

Leo Kamiya has passed the 1 Million chips mark after a double up off Riccardo Tallarico.

Tallarico opened on the button, then called Kamiya’s 100,000 bet from the big blind.

On the flop, Tallarico pushed a big pot bet, with Kamiya calling all in.

Kamiya: AKKQ
Tallarico: QJ107

Board: Q875K

Leo Kamiya1,101,000
Riccardo Tallarico440,000

Thang Truong eliminated in 6th place ($14,278)

Thang Truong doubled up through Andrej Senic after jamming with KJ109 and hit a straight on the river K36QA, against Senic’s set with AQQ7. Truong doubled up to 310,000, still hanging on with barely over 10BB.

A few hands later, Senic opened to 60,000 pre, with Truong calling on the button, joined by Riccardo Tallarico and Sherif Derias from the blinds.

Action checked to Truong who bet 280,000, Derias folded as Tallarico called, not realising that Truong wasn’t all in. On the turn, Tallarico followed up with a 30,000 bet to push Truong all in to go heads up:

Tallarico: 9662
Truong: KQQ10

Tallarico connected a straight to the six on the runout 943K5, busting Truong.

Riccardo Tallarico1,050,000
Andrej Senic665,000
Thang TruongBUSTED!
Thang Truong


Action was all in on the flop as Kamiya shoved on the button, snapped up by Tallarico.

Kamiya: AQ96
Tallarico: J866

Tallarico was racing down for a diamond flush, but was behind as Kamiya held the higher flush draw, and improved to Ace-Nine two pair on 27A39 for the double up.

Leo Kamiya620,000
Riccardo Tallarico500,000
Leo Kamiya

Level 22: 15,000/25,000 (25,000)

Come Mr Tallyman…

Riccardo Tallarico is recovering nicely from his position earlier as the short stack, finding another double through Sherif Derias.

Alan Pham opened UTG+1, and Tallarico called from the button, joined by Sherif Derias in the small blind.

On the flop, Derias bet the pot, Pham folded and Tallarico went all in, called by Derias.

Tallarico: J1098
Derias: 10654

Board: 3105KA

Tallarico’s flush gave him a big boost up the leaderboard.

Riccardo Tallarico920,000
Sherif Derias625,000

Tallarico tallies up

Riccardo Tallarico has doubled up off Alan Pham after shoving his short stack all in pre from big blind, snap called by Pham.

Tallarico: KQQ8
Pham: KJ85

Board: A10A33

Alan Pham1,200,000
Riccardo Tallarico450,000
Alan Pham

Level 21: 10,000/20,000 (20,000)

Senic scores

Andrej Senic opened to 30,000, called by Riccardo Tallarico from the small blind. On the flop, Tallarico check-called for 30,000.

The action quickly fired up on the turn, with Tallarico check-shoving all in after Senic bet 80,000. Senic called as they turned over their cards for the showdown.

Senic: KK63
Tallarico: A832

Board: 5J244

Senic scored a double with the higher straight to the six, and Tallarico now sits at the bottom as our short stack with 15BBs.

Andrej Senic800,000
Riccardo Tallarico230,000

Updated Counts

Below is a list of updated counts after the break, for our remaining six players on the final table. Alan Pham is leading up top with 1,673,000, at just over double the stack of the second chip leader, Sherif Derias with 822,000.

1Sherif DeriasAustralia822,000
4Leo KamiyaAustralia702,000
5Andrej SenicAustralia403,000
6Alan PhamAustralia1,673,000
7Thang TruongAustralia432,000
8Riccardo TallaricoAustralia703,000

Level 20: 10,000/15,000 (15,000)


Our remaining 6 players are now on a 10 minute break.

Joshua Barrett eliminated in 7th place ($12,331)

Alan Pham opened to 40,000, then called Joshua Barrett’s 132,000 pot bet from the small blind.

On the flop, Barrett bet the pot, Pham raised the pot before calling Barrett’s all in.

Pham: KKQ6
Barrett: AAA4

Board: 385J6

Alan Pham1,673,000
Joshua BarrettBUSTED!
Josh Barrett

Fabian Geisel eliminated in 8th place ($10,871)

Fabian Geisel went all in preflop from the big blind, shoving all in with KJJ3, and snapped up by Thang Truong laying down a massive AA106.

Board: 54852

Thang Truong427,000
Fabian GeiselBUSTED!
Fabian Geisel

Michael Guttmann eliminated in 9th place ($9,573)

Michael Guttmann limped in with Thang Truong on the button, before both players called Riccardo Tallarico’s 25,000 bet from the small blind.

Tallarico bet 30,000, Guttmann shoved all in, and Tallarico called after Truong folded out of the way.

Tallarico: QQ76
Guttmann: AK108

Board: J3103J

Riccardo Tallarico709,000
Michael GuttmannBUSTED!
Michael Guttmann

Truong trampled

Riccardo Tallarico opened UTG, then called Sherif Derias’ pot bet along with Thang Truong in the big blind. All three players checked the flop, then Truong bet 125,000 on the turn, called by Derias and Tallarico.

On the river, Truong bet 206,000, Tallarico folded as Derias went all in short with 98,000.

Derias: 7654
Truong: A987

Board: KJ436

Sherif Derias976,000
Thang Truong282,000

Kamiya coming up

Leo Kamiya went all in on the flop from the button, called off by Sherif Derias as the LoJack.

Kamiya: J1097
Derias: AJ53

Runout: 4910106

Leo Kamiya602,000
Sherif Derias307,000

Level 19: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)

Sherif shoots

Sherif Derias jammed all in on the button at the flop, called off by Michael Guttmann on the big blind.

Derias: 9953
Guttmann: K762

Derias’ flopped set was behind Guttmann’s flopped straight, but his hand improved to a flush on the river in the runout 9586Q

Sherif Derias562,000
Michael Guttmann74,000

WPT Prime 2023 $3K PLO High Roller final table

Image courtesy of the Star Gold Coast.
1Sherif DeriasAustralia286,000
2Fabian GeiselAustralia223,000
3Michael GuttmanAustralia366,000
4Leo KamiyaAustralia243,000
5Andrej SenicAustralia457,000
6Alan PhamAustralia1,144,000
7Thang TruongAustralia597,000
8Riccardo TallaricoAustralia899,000
9Joshua BennettAustralia515,000

Knezevich knifed

Phillip Knezevich has been eliminated as our final table bubble, after ripping all in pre with AA86.

Truong called him off with A1083, connecting a straight down 79AJ3.

And with that, our final nine players are now drawing their seats for the final table!

Thang Truong890,000
Phillip KnezevichBUSTED!

Leo roaring, Jajo goes

Leo Kamiya doubled up his stack after going all in on the turn for 99,000, taking a slice of Jamel Jajo’s stack through the board of 8482J, holding 8762 to Jajo’s KQ108.

Not long after, Jajo then went all in preflop against Joshua Barrett, who had him covered by 15,000.

Barrett: AA73
Jajo: KQQ9

Board: K9642

Action is hand-for-hand on the final table bubble.

Joshua Barrett515,000
Leo Kamiya320,000
Jamel JajoBUSTED!

Truong trounced

Phillip Knezevich has doubled up after going all in and was called by Thang Truong.

Knezevich: Q1098
Truong: 10877

Board: A4J4J

Thang Truong391,000
Phillip Knezevich159,000

Wham, Pham

Alan Pham has doubled up off Fabian Geisel, after jamming on the flop with 7654 and Geisel called with 8853

Geisel had connected a set, but Pham ran a straight through 385Q4.

Alan Pham745,000
Fabian Geisel245,000

Level 18: 5,000/10,000 (10,000)

Guttmann guts one

Luke Martinelli was quickly sent packing after shoving all in, only to get pummelled by Michael Guttmann’s Kings:

Martinelli: AKQ9
Guttmann: KK65

Board: 62882

Michael Guttmann306,000
Luke MartinelliBUSTED!

Lim licked, Ye railed

David Lim was eliminated in 14th place on the feature table as Mata Ye was also all in preflop over on table 7.

Ye: A988
Truong: AK109

Board: 87654

Ye was eliminated as Thang Truong connected a higher straight to the Ten.

Thang Truong580,000
David LimBUSTED!

Truong trumps

Emily Perrinjaquet has been eliminated after going all in preflop with a short stack of 30,000, called by Thang Truong. They went heads up over a spread of K2J24.

Truong: AAQ2
Perrinjaquet: AKQ9

Thang Truong515,000
Emily PerrinjacquetBUSTED!

Bubble bursts

Kiko Puyat has been eliminated, just missing out on the money after shoving all in preflop with K1098, snapped up by Thang Truong on his right.

Truong turned over AKQ3, hitting Ace-Queen two pair on the spread of Q2A52.

Thang Truong485,000
Kiko PuyatBUSTED!
Kiko Puyat.

Bubble, bubble, on the double!

It hasn’t taken very long after play has recommenced for our field to find themselves hand-for-hand on the bubble, after two quick and early eliminations.

Over on the feature table, Fabian Geisel bet the pot on the board of 48792, Damir Alidzanovic went all in, and Geisel called showing a flush:

Geisel: KJ104
Alidzanovic: KQJ10

Not long after, Guangrui Meng joined Alidzanovic on the rail. Meng went all in preflop, holding Q1083 to Geisel’sK1093 .

Geisel connected a straight to hold through 6A5QJ, busting Meng. Play is now hand-for-hand on the money bubble.

Fabian Geisel758,000
Damir AlidzanovicBUSTED!
Guangrui MengBUSTED!

Level 17: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)

Going with the PLO

Hello everyone and welcome to Day 2 of the $3K PLO High Roller Day 2.

Our field has just taken to their seats, with 18 players returning for Day 2 after starting out with 118 entries. Jamel Jajo leads the pack, with a top stack of 570,000 in chips.

The top 15 players will be in the money with a total prize pool of $324,500, with a min cash of $7,301 and $95,727 up top for our winner, including a coveted crystal surfboard trophy, and some valuable Player of the Festival points.

Full payouts as follows:

10th – 12th$8,437
13th – 15th$7,301

Good luck to all the players!

Day 2 seat draw

Play will begin at 11:30am AEST, with recommencing blinds at 4,000/8,000 (8,000). Please bring your photo ID and Star Club Card in order to verify your bag, and if you have any questions regarding your seat allocation, please make yourself known to Star Poker Gold Coast staff upon arrival. Best of luck to everyone, and may the flop be with you!

To assist our WPT Live Reporting Team, please ensure your PMA ID cards are kept close to your stack, face-up and visible at all times.

Players are also asked to move their PMA IDs with them when broken or balanced to another table, and they must be left on the table to be collected after an elimination and at the end of day’s play.

Table 1 (Feature Table)

PMA IDSeatNameChips
01022Jamel Jajo570,000
01033Damir Alidzanovic248,000
01044Luke Martinelli166,000
01055Leo Kamiya138,000
01066Guangrui Meng99,000
01077Fabian Geisel362,000

Table 7

PMA IDSeatNameChips
07022Andrej Senic358,000
07033Riccardo Tallarico548,000
07044Phillip Knezevich211,000
07055Emily Perrinjaquet47,000
07066Zhifan Ye256,000
07077Sherif Derias364,000

Table 8

PMA IDSeatNameChips
08022Michael Guttmann199,000
08033Thang Truong291,000
08044Kiko Puyat67,000
08055David Lim68,000
08066Alan Pham286,000
08077Joshua Barrett437,000

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