LIVE REPORTING: Stacked Poker Championship Main Event Day 2

Ryan Hong leads Main Event top 10 – that’s a wrap!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves an officially unofficial final table!

After what was another manic day at the tables, Ryan Hong has emerged as the one to watch, bagging up the chip lead with 3.155 million.

Hong’s performance through the late stages of Day 2 was virtually unmatched, but the table dynamic forming will make for interesting viewing, particularly when you factor in three of our Super High Roller finalists – P.P. Huang, Gary Benson and Pierre Aoukar – are all still in contention.

Play will resume tomorrow at 2pm local time, with exactly one minute remaining in Level 24 (20,000/40,000/40,000).


Ryan Hong3,155,00079
P. P. Huang1,945,00049
Ty West1,510,00038
Bunteoun Bok1,310,00033
Fred Chaptini1,265,00032
Milan Mehta1,175,00030
Kym Newgen1,145,00028
Gary Benson870,00022
David Ewing815,00020
Pierre Aoukar510,00013

REMAINING PAYOUTS (266 entries, 32 players paid)


And just before we go, a quick update on the PLO High Roller, which was stopped at the completion of 14 levels: a total of 34 entries were taken in, giving us a total prize pool of more than $33,000, which has been divvied up for our top six – and three players have already cashed out!

Jin Li (737,000), Michael Tomeny (395,000) and Amin Chehade (344,000) will return from 1:30pm local time to battle it out for the top prize of $13,450 and one of the last trophies on offer for the series.

In lieu of the originally scheduled Live Reporting coverage, PMA will bring you updates and the final results of the PLO High Roller via social media, as well as for the $300 buy-in ‘The Giant’ Closer, which kicks off at 7pm tomorrow (Monday).

Join us again as we bring you all the action until the final river falls, but until then, from all of us here at Stacked Social, it’s ‘bye for now!


With not much action to speak of through the remainder of this level, Stacked Poker Managing Director Andrew Michael has consulted with the players, who have all agreed to halt play and form an unofficial final table of 10.

The PMA Live Reporting Team will be back soon to wrap things up – don’t touch that dial!

Updated payouts (11th-21st place)

The tournament clock has been paused with one minute remaining in the 24th level, and our Main Event players are now discussing with tournament staff as to whether or not to continue play. While we wait, here’s a quick recap of the latest payouts.

11thKenny Wang$7,900
12thJosh Foster$7,900
13thBen Tieu$6,850
14thChristopher Colaneri$6,850
15thJoe Sandaev$6,850
16thJim Chahoud$5,800
17thAdam Cusenza$5,800
18thMarco Perri$5,800
19thMichael Roros$5,000
20thJono Karamalikis$5,000
21stDavid Lloyd$5,000

Kenny Wang eliminated in 11th place ($7,900)

We are now on the bubble for the final table, after Kenny Wang was felted by Bunteoun Bok.

Bok opened for 100,000 on the button, Wang went all in from the small blind for 265,000, and Bok made the call.

Bok: KK
Wang: AJ

Wang couldn’t find any help at all on the board of 741069, and he was eliminated in 11th place.

Bunteon Bok1,665,000
Kenny WangBUSTED!
Kenny Wang.

Josh Foster eliminated in 12th place ($7,900)

Ryan Hong opened to 80,000 from the UTG position before Josh Foster ripped all-in on the small blind for 630,000. Hong called and the cards were tabled.

Hong: A10
Foster: K10

Hong had Foster’s hand covered the whole way through 4759Q, sending Foster to the cage to collect his cash.

Ryan Hong3,055,000
Josh FosterBUSTED!
Josh Foster

Ben Tieu eliminated in 13th place ($6,850)

Ben Tieu has bid adieu after shoving 270,000 all in from the hijack with 22, only to be snapped by P.P. Huang with 77.

Huang’s hand ran cleanly through the spread of KQ4J10, and Tieu had no hope of hitting an out as Gary Benson revealed he’d folded 7-2o and David Ewing had folded another deuce.

P.P. Huang1,770,000
Ben Tieu.

Level 24: 20,000/40,000 (40,000)


Milan Mehta has picked up some chips versus Ryan Hong after building up a pot. On a flop of 610J, Hong check-called Mehta for 55,000, and then check-called 125,000 on the K turn. The river 2 didn’t seem to agree with Hong as he folded to Mehta’s bet, leaving Mehta to chip up.

Ryan Hong2,850,000
Milan Mehta1,535,000

“Yep, that’s good!”

Ryan Hong’s stack continues to climb, after calling from the button to Josh Foster’s open 65,000 bet UTG+1. Hong called Foster’s 80,000 bet on the flop 5A7, and then both checked the turn 4. The 4 river didn’t encourage any confidence of action, and Hong’s AJ prompted Foster to utter “Yep, that’s good” as he retraced his cards into the muck.

Ben Tieu found a double up for his short stack, going all in preflop on the button, called by David Ewing. Tieu’s 88 hit a set on the flop 10J8, and Ewing’s AJ had also hit, with the top pair hoping to improve after the K offered a slim hope of a straight, but dashed as the river delivered 6.

Ryan Hong3,445,000
David Ewing930,000
Josh Foster675,000
Ben Tieu380,000

Christopher Colaneri eliminated in 14th place ($6,850)

Ryan Hong is now the overwhelming chip leader in this Main Event, having broken the three-million chip barrier after he eliminated Christopher Colaneri in 14th place.

Hong min-clicked to 60,000 from under the gun and the action folded to Colaneri who defended his big blind to go head-up to a flop of QJ. Colaneri checked, Hong continued for 60,000, but Colaneri check-raised all-in. Hong snap-called.

Hong: QJ
Colaneri: 109

Colaneri’s hopes dimmed further with the repeat 4 on the turn, and then subsequently diminished with the 6.

Ryan Hong3,300,000
Christopher ColaneriBUSTED!
Christopher Colaneri

Upswing for Ewing

David Ewing has found a double-up in one of the first hands after the break courtesy of Bunteoun Bok.

After a button raise of 140,000 from Bok, Ewing shoved with 1010 and Bok called with his AQ, however Ewing won the race after the board was spread 85479.

David Ewing1,050,000
Bunteoun Bok1,150,000

Updated chip counts

Ryan Hong1,902,000
Milan Mehta1,400,000
Bunteoun Bok1,350,000
P. P. Huang1,325,000
Gary Benson1,235,000
Fred Chaptini1,000,000
Ty West955,000
Pierre Aoukar935,000
Kym Newgen805,000
Josh Foster720,000
David Ewing535,000
Christopher Colaneri495,000
Ben Tieu375,000
Kenny Wang330,000

Level 23: 15,000/30,000 (30,000)

Take 10

Our 14 remaining players are now on another 10-minute break. Counts incoming!

Joe Sandaev eliminated in 15th place ($6,850)

It’s been another impressive run, but unfortunately, there’ll be no back-to-back titles this time around for Joe Sandaev, who was eliminated from this Main Event in 15th place.

Down to his last 450,000, Sandaev got it in good pre-flop with 99 against Mehta, who called with 109.

Sandaev then caught a set on the flop of 9310 and kept his lead on the turn of the 7, but remarkably, Mehta scored the two-outer for tens full with the river 10!

Milan Mehta1,450,000
Joe SandaevBUSTED!
Joe Sandaev

Jim Chahoud eliminated in 16th place ($5,800)

After copping a hit against defending Main Event champion Joe Sandaev, Jim Chahoud was resigned to 16th place at the hands of Ryan Hong.

Earlier, the action folded around to Sandaev who open-shoved from the small blind; Chahoud quickly called out of the big blind with 99, but Sandaev scored the full double after hitting top-top on the board of AKJ86.

Down to a single 25K chip, Chahoud put it all on the line in the very next hand with 8-3o, but was felted by Ryan Hong, whose Q10 made two pair on the board of 22J4Q.

Ryan Hong1,600,000
Joe Sandaev530,000
Jim ChahoudBUSTED!
Jim Chahoud

A couple of doubles

Jim Chahoud and Ty West have both found a full double to keep their Main Event hopes alive as we head towards the end of Level 22.

In earlier action on the feature table, Chahoud moved all-in with K10 and was called by Josh Foster who turned up A4, but Chahoud took it down after hammering two pair on the board of K10548.

Meanwhile over on Table 2, West found himself all-in against Christopher Colaneri, but won the do-or-die flip after flopping a set with his 88 on the board of 28JK5 against Colaneri’s AK.

Ty West1,200,000
Josh Foster815,000
Christopher Colaneri710,000
Jim Chahoud360,000

Go, West!

Not much action to be seen amongst our final 16, however Ty West has scored a crucial double-up through Gary Benson as Main Event action rolls on.

All the money went into the middle pre-flop; West had the best of it with his holding of KQ, which made the better two pair on the board of 443KQ against Benson’s QJ.

Ty West470,000
Gary Benson400,000

Adam Cusenza eliminated in 17th place ($5,800)

The Stacked Poker Championship Main Event is now down to 16 players, with Adam Cusenza cut out by Kym Newgen in one of the last hands the previous level.

Action folded to Cusenza who open-shoved from the button pre-flop with K5, however Newgen woke up with KK in the small blind, with no change to either hand on the board of AJ4510.

Kym Newgen700,000
Adam CusenzaBUSTED!
Adam Cusenza

Level 22: 15,000/25,000 (25,000)

Marco Perri eliminated in 18th place ($5,800)

Another elimination from Table 2, with Marco Perri the first to ladder up after he was taken out by Kenny Wang in 18th place.

Action folded to Perri who open-shoved for his last 181,000 from the button with 87; Wang called him down out of the big blind with AJ, but flopping an open-ender, Wang’s top pair held all the way on the board ofg 9A627.

Kenny Wang440,000
Marco PerriBUSTED!
Marco Perri

Michael Roros eliminated in 19th place ($5,000)

The Stacked Poker Social Main Event is now down to two tables after Michael Roros was eliminated in 19th place.

Over on Table 2, the action folded around to Christopher Colaneri who bumped it up to 50,000 before Roros ripped in his last 620,000 from the button. Huang quickly called out from the small blind and Colaneri got out of the way before the cards were tabled.

Huang: QQ
Roros: AK

Board: 610759

P.P. Huang1,520,000
Michael RorosBUSTED!

Chip counts at the break

Ryan Hong2,058,000
Pierre Aoukar1,098,000
Christopher Colaneri1,085,000
Fred Chaptini997,000
Bunteoun Bok955,000
Gary Benson850,000
P. P. Huang816,000
David Ewing742,000
Adam Cusenza678,000
Joe Sandaev647,000
Michael Roros608,000
Ty West565,000
Milan Mehta518,000
Josh Foster510,000
Kym Newgen447,000
Kenny Wang440,000
Ben Tieu327,000
Marco Perri234,000
Jim Chahoud223,000

Level 21: 10,000/20,000 (20,000)

Break time!

Our remaining 19 players are now on another 10-minute break. Back soon with a full round of counts!

Jono Karamalikis eliminated in 20th place ($5,000)

Ryan Hong is on song, becoming the first player to move past two million in chips after he busted Jono Karamalikis in 20th place.

In one of the last hands before the break, Karamalikis open-shoved from under the gun for 196,000 and the action folded to Hong, who was the only caller from the cut-off.

Hong: AJ
Karamalikis: K10

Board: 285A3

Ryan Hong2,060,000
Jono KaramalikisBUSTED!
Jono Karamalikis

Rodriguez routed, Lloyd void

An unfortunate hand for David Lloyd, who was eliminated in dramatic fashion by P.P. Huang as the Main Event continues here at Stacked Social.

Lloyd got the last of his chips in before the flop with AJ, and looked set for a chop against Huang, who called with AJ, but Huang managed to dig up a flush on the board of 991056.

Manny Rodriguez was also eliminated, taken down by Michael Roros after losing the flip for his tournament life with 99 against Roros’ AJ, which turned two pair on the 10J2AK board.

P.P. Huang935,000
Michael Roros740,000
Manny RodriguezBUSTED!
David LloydBUSTED!

The La-st stand

After Truc La moved all-in pre-flop from under the gun, the action folded around to Kenny Wang, who called from the button and the blinds got out of the way to force the showdown.

Wang: AK
La: A6

La was left out in the cold – but not before collecting his payout – after the dealer fanned a board of J4J75.

Kenny Wang870,000

Recent payouts (22nd-32nd place)

The tournament clock now shows 21 players remaining, with Truc La and Manny Rodriguez completing the second payout bracket on either side of this level.

22ndManny Rodriguez$4,475
23rdTruc La$4,475
24thElliott Esca$4,475
25thMata Ye$3,950
26thEmmanuel ‘Curly’ Seal$3,950
27thFotis Fotakis$3,950
28thScott Calcagno$3,425
29thDavid Sun$3,425
30thYita Choong$3,425
31stHuey Lam$3,425
32ndMike Gainer$3,425

Level 20: 8,000/16,000 (16,000)

Fotakis felted

After being crippled by Adam Cusenza in a previous hand, Fotis Fotakis jammed his last 43,000 into the middle immediately afterward, and found two callers in Michael Roros and Christopher Colaneri, who checked down all streets into a dry sidepot on a board of 58QJ8.

Roros showed down J9, which was enough to scoop and confirm Fotakis as our latest elimination from this Main Event.

Christopher Colaneri1,260,000
Michael Roros830,000
Fotis FotakisBUSTED!

Time to go, Calcagno

Another bust-out from the feature table, with Scott Calcagno gunned down by Milan Mehta.

The money was all-in the middle before the flop; Calcagno was at-risk with K4, but Mehta had him crushed with AA, and was left in the dust by the turn on the board of 310577.

Milan Mehta465,000
Scott CalcagnoBUSTED!

Sun down

Another impressive showing from David Sun, who has now collected from the cage here at Stacked after his Main Event run was ended by Fred Chaptini on the feature table.

Sun moved all-in pre-flop for 190,000 effective holding KQ, but Chaptini woke up with KK and flopped the bigger two pair on the board of 10910Q5 to scoop the pot.

Fred Chaptini990,000
David SunBUSTED!
David Sun

Choong cut out

Over on Table 2, Yita Choong opened for 25,000 from the UTG+1 position before Marco Perri came out with a three-bet shove, forcing the others out of the way before Choong called short.

Choong: JJ
Perri: A9

No change after the flop and turn of 63Q10, but Perri jagged the A on the river to eliminate the reigning GPI Australian Player of the Year.

Marco Perri585,000
Yita ChoongBUSTED!
Yita Choong

Wham, bam, thank you Lam

Huey Lam has been confirmed as one of the first players to cash in this year’s Stacked Poker Championship Main Event after being eliminated by Kym Newgen.

Lam put his tournament life on the line holding 76, but lost the fair fight against Newgen’s AJ, which hooked top-top after the dealer ran out the board of 3J784.

Kym Newgen460,000

Top 10 chip counts

Our players have returned from break and action is now back under way! Ryan Hong continues to lead the way with more than 1.2 million in chips, with Christopher Colaneri now in second chip position with 991,000.

Tournament staff have confirmed that we’ll be playing down to our final table of nine tonight.

Ryan Hong1,214,000
Christopher Colaneri991,000
Adam Cusenza954,000
Gary Benson820,000
Michael Roros788,000
Fred Chaptini740,000
Ty West690,000
Joe Sandaev648,000
Josh Foster590,000
Ben Tieu497,000

Level 19: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)

Let’s eat!

Our players are now on a 40-minute dinner break.

Bubblin’ blues

Our remaining 32 players will be coming back to Stacked Social a lot more comfortable after the dinner break – and not just from a good feed – as they are now all officially in the money!

Shane Moran was confirmed as the soft bubble, moving all-in pre-flop for his last 56,000 holding 55, only to see Josh Foster wake up with QQ which led all the way across the board of 34K9K.

It didn’t take long to confirm our stone bubble soon after that – and shockingly, it was none other than Alex Markopoulos over on Table 3!

It had clearly been a tough stanza for the Super High Roller Champion, who committed the last of his stack from the button with J8 after a pre-flop raise of 65,000 from Michael Roros in the cut-off.

Roros called and tabled A2, but although Markopoulos turned a straight, Roros freerolled to a flush on the run-out of 107596.

Michael Roros788,000
Josh Foster644,000
Alex MarkopoulosBUSTED!
Shane MoranBUSTED!
Alex Markopoulos

Foster and Benson bounce back

Down to four tables in the Main Event now, and there’s still been plenty of movement across the felt, however Gary Benson and Josh Foster have both scored double-ups as we move closer to the money.

In earlier action, Foster got his money in good pre-flop with QQ against Scott Calcagno, who called with AK. Calcagno rivered two pair, but that wasn’t enough against Foster’s flopped set on the board of KQJ9A.

Our reporter then wheeled around to witness Benson moving all-in from under the gun before the action folded around to Kenny Wang, who was the only caller out of the small blind.

Benson: AA
Wang: KK

Just your typical uber-cooler, with no change to either hand after the dealer spread a board of 32765.

Gary Benson804,000
Josh Foster560,000
Kenny Wang528,000
Scott Calcagno260,000

The end is Nyberg

Fred Chaptini has capitalised on his good fortune, picking up another elimination at the feature table to move up to more than 600,000 in chips.

This time, it was Dean Nyberg who was sent to the rail; Nyberg jammed the last of his short stack in pre-flop with KQ, but was unable to dodge Chaptini’s AA, even with the rivered pair on the board of 31094K.

Fred Chaptini665,000
Dean NybergBUSTED!

Chaptini chips up

Our reporter was called over to the feature table, where we witnessed Tony Xu and Fred Chaptini both all-in and going to showdown against Kym Nguyen.

Chaptini: AA
Newgen: QQ
Xu: 77

No change to either hand as the board was spread 61094K, and after the chips were cut down, Chaptini scooped, Newgen was crippled and Xu was eliminated.

Fred Chaptini578,000
Kym Newgen170,000

Level 18: 5,000/10,000 (10,000)

Lisandro straightened out

Australian Poker Hall of Fame Legend Jeff Lisandro was amongst those to have bought in late today, but sadly, his Main Event run has ended after he was straightened out by Mata Ye.

After Ye raised from early position, Lisandro shoved and the rest of the table got out of the way before the cards were tabled.

Ye: JJ
Lisandro: AK

Board: 89Q107

Mata Ye377,000
Jeff LisandroBUSTED!

Roros rising

Michael Roros is now close to 600,000 in chips after taking out Nick Morillo out on Table 3.

Once again, all the money was in the middle before the flop, but although Borrillo turned a small pair on the board of 3K978, Roros rivered the nut flush to relegate Borrillo to the rail.

Michael Roros585,000
Nick BorrilloBUSTED!

Goodall gutted

Nathan Goodall was eliminated Josh Foster in one of the first hands after the break on the feature table.

Goodall got the last of it into the middle pre-flop with AJ, but was outkicked by Foster’s AQ after the board was spread 52A106.

Josh Foster465,000
Nathan GoodallBUSTED!

Assorted Stacked stacks

Our roving reporter has gathered the largest stacks off each table for our first unofficial leader board!

Ryan Hong780,000
Chris Colaneri713,000
Michael Roros710,000
Daniel Dessman662,000
Kenny Wang574,000
David Sun525,000
Bunteoun Bok520,000
Joe Sandaev496,000

Level 17: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)

Take a breather

Our players are now on another 10-minute break.

Seal beats the boss

Emmanuel ‘Curly’ Seal has sent Stacked Poker head honcho Andrew Michael to the rail after he went all in pre with 62,500 short.

Michael held A10, hoping to hit against Seal’s JJ, but a Jack in the window gave Seal the set, which then turned a full house on a spread of J6556.

Emmanuel ‘Curly’ Seal220,000
Andrew MichaelBUSTED!

Another e-Li-mination

Ryan Hong is now edging close to the one-million chip mark after eliminating Jin Li.

Li pushed his short stack into the middle with 33 before the flop and was snapped off by Hong who had him dominated with QQ, which flopped a set and held the whole way through the board of 68Q710.

Ryan Hong880,000


Meerwais Hussaini has just been eliminated by defending Main Event champion, Joe Sandaev.

Hussain sent the last of his crippled stack in pre-flop, with Sandaev priced in to take the action heads-up; despite getting it good with AA, Hussaini fell behind Sandaev’s 95, which connected two pair on a spread of 69584.

Joe Sandaev444,000
Meerwais HussainiBUSTED!

Truc running out of luck

Although he finished the first Day 1 flight as chip leader, Truc La has now been cut down to less than 60,000 after losing a pot to Kenny Wang.

Wang opened from the UTG position for 12,000 before Truc La raised to 35,000 from the lojack; Wang called, and then he check-called after La’s bet of 22,000 on the flop of3K4.

Both players checked the J on turn, and then Wang fired off a bet of 50,000 on the river 8. La called, but his AK was no good against Wang’s AA.

Kenny Wang397,500
Truc La58,500

Level 16: 3,000/6,000 (6,000)

Edgar gone

Alex Markopoulos is still hovering around the 900K mark after taking out Chris Edgar in the last few minutes of Level 15.

Edgar put his tournament life on the line with K8, but was left dead on the turn against Markopolous’ A7 after the dealer spread the board of AJAJ5.

Alex Markopoulos942,000
Chris EdgarBUSTED!

Max’d out, Williams wasted

Two more eliminations on Table 7, with Max Chea and Nick Williams both sent to the rail by two of the biggest stacks in the room.

Chea was the first to go, moving all-in pre-flop with QJ, but was smashed by Markopoulos’ KK, despite Chea turning a pair on the board of 3105J9.

Williams then shoved the last of his short stack in the very next hand with 10-9 suited, but failed to improve against Marco Perri, who called him off with A-Jo.

Perri moved up to 500,000 after that hand, but Markopoulos is now very close to becoming the first millionaire in this tournament!

Alex Markopoulos964,000
Marco Perri500,000
Nick WilliamsBUSTED!

Hachem mashed

Down to his last 9,000 in chips, 2005 WSOP Main Event Champion Joe Hachem has fallen at the hands of Dean Nyberg.

Hachem flicked in the last of his chips holding K10, but lost the flip for his tournament life against Nyberg’s 77, which drilled a set on the flop of 367 and then filled up as the turn and river repeated 9, 9.

Dean Nyberg181,000
Joe HachemBUSTED!

Stacked Poker Championship Main Event payouts

The Stacked Poker Championship Main Event has now been locked out and confirmed at 266 total entries, good for a total prize pool worth $526,050! Top 32 players will be paid, with tomorrow’s winner pocketing a top prize of $134,000.

A sensational result for the Stacked Social team – congratulations, all!


Level 15: 2,500/5,000 (5,000)

Break it up!

Our players are now on their first 10-minute break of the day.


It’s bedlam here in the Stacked Poker room, with players rushing back and forth to the cage to fire multiple bullets as we approach the end of the re-entry period.

Loc Duong was the first to go, taken out by Mata Ye after he shoved pre-flop with A5, but ran smack-bang into Ye’s 88 which boated up by the river on the board of 822K2.

Gavin Best then dropped three bullets in quick succession, losing out big time to Yita Choong as one of three eliminated after a four-way-all-in, and then lost a fresh stack to Gary Benson before finding himself in another three-way all-in.

Hong: 55
Haddad: AJ
Best: 72

Board: 23K104

As a result on that hand, Hong is now well and truly towards the top end of the leader board, holding a stack close to 800K.

Ryan Hong771,000
Mata Ye361,000
Yita Choong290,000
Gary Benson279,000
Kenny Wang211,000
Michael HaddadBUSTED!
Loc DuongBUSTED!
Will BoltonBUSTED!
Gavin BestBUSTED!


Another two successive KO’s on Table 3, with both Eli Ulbrich and Fotis Fotakis on the rail enjoying an early lunch, with thanks once again to Arz Charcoal Chicken.

In earlier action, play folded to Ulbrich who moved all-in for his last 65,500 with A8, but was outdrawn by Christopher Colaneri’s K2, which flopped two pair on the board of 42410Q.

Fotakis then ripped in the remainder of his stack a short time later, but his A10 was crushed by Michael Roros’ K7, which rivered two pair after the dealer spread a board of 6Q2K2.

Christopher Colaneri476,500
Michael Roros228,000
Fotis FotakisBUSTED!
Eli UlbrichBUSTED!

Haddad doneski

Yoon Kang has now become our first player to hit the half-million chip mark after taking out Michael Haddad.

Haddad put the last of his stack at risk pre-flop with AQ, but ran head-first into Kang’s KK

Board: 2J892

Yoon Kang506,000
Michael HaddadBUSTED!

Perri picked off

Over on Table 4, Marco Perri raised to 9,000 from the +1 position before action folded to Afshin Behniya who called from the button. Ryan Hong also defended his big blind, making it three-handed to a flop of 104Q.

Hong checked his option and Perri continued, which forced a fold from Behniya before Hong check-raised to 50,000. Perri shoved and Hong snap-called.

Hong: KJ
Perri: Q4

Second nut flush for Hong, which held firm as the turn and river ran out 7, 8.

Ryan Hong406,000
Marco PerriBUSTED!

Level 14: 2,000/4,000 (4,000)

Russell routed, Li relinquished

Hayden Russell and Jin Li have now both hit the rail as action continues here in Day 2 of the Stacked Poker Championship Main Event.

Earlier on Table 2, Russell jammed the last of his stack in pre-flop with QJ, only to find himself trailing all the way against the AK of Kenny Wang, who hit the bigger boat on the board of A8QAQ.

Then over on Table 7, Li clashed with Alex Markopoulos on all streets down a board of 496K5; while we weren’t able to get Li’s hand, Markopoulos clearly had the best of it with K2 for a flopped flush.

Alex Markopoulos850,000
Kenny Wang115,000
Hayden RussellBUSTED!

Bok bops Sanderson

Over on Table 2, Harry Sanderson opened to 6,000 and the action folded to Bunteoun Bok who three-bet it to 16,000 from the button. Sanderson ripped in the rest of it and Bok snap-called.

Bok: KK
Sanderson: JJ

Board: 94A28

Bunteoun Bok411,000
Harry SandersonBUSTED!

Apostolidis axed

Having started Day 2 as the overall short stack, John Apostolidis held on for as long as he could, however he has just been eliminated by Eli Ulbrich.

Again, all the money was in the middle before the flop; Apostolidis got his money in good with KK, however Ulbrich’s JJ hooked up a boat after the dealer spread the board of 9J689.

Eli Ulbrich103,000
John ApostolidisBUSTED!
John Apostolidis

Bolton blasted

A few new entries have now already seated, including Nick Williams, Pip Chea and Jeffrey Lisandro. As a result, venue capacity has been stretched to its limits and some tables are now 10-handed, but Stacked Poker staff have advised that play will go back to nine-handed as soon as possible.

That is indeed the case on Table 7, after Will Bolton was eliminated by P.P. Huang. Bolton moved all-in pre-flop with the holding of K10, but Huang’s Q10 rivered a straight on the board of 108A9J.

P.P. Huang244,000
Will BoltonBUSTED!

Mehta busts Benson

Australian Poker Hall of Famer Gary Benson has been confirmed as one of the first eliminations on Day 2, taken out by Milan Mehta.

Ben shoved the last of his chips in the middle pre-flop holding KK, but Mehta’s AK drilled trips and then improved to a full house on the run-out of A5A65.

Benson has re-fired and is now seated over on Table 6.

Milan Mehta484,000
Gary BensonBUSTED!

Shuffle up and deal!

Cards are now in the air for Day 2 of the Stacked Poker Championship Main Event!

Blind levels are now 50 minutes in duration, with late registration and re-entries still available until the start of Level 15.

LevelSmall BlindBig BlindBB Ante

Level 13: 1,500/3,000 (3,000)

Time to get moving!

From wherever you’re watching in Australia, New Zealand or around the world, good afternoon and welcome back to Stacked Social for Day 2 of the Stacked Poker Championship Main Event!

After a frenetic day of action across the felt, Alex Markopoulos has continued to build upon his finishing as the overall chip leader after yesterday’s Main Event Day 1 double-header.

The newly-minted Super High Roller Champion found a late rush after firing multiple bullets in the Day 1C Turbo flight to end the session with 437,000, overtaking Pierce Hynes who topped the counts after the completion of Day 1B with 364,500.

David Sun, who finished sixth in the Super High Roller, returns in third chip position, with Milan Mehta (339,000) and Day 1A chip leader Truc La (329,000) rounding out the top five. Other notables who are amongst the 69 players returning today include Andrew Michael, Shane Baxter, Adam Cusenza, Jerry Zhang, Amin Chehade, and Gavin Best.

Stacked Poker Championship Main Event winners Joe Sandaev and Michael Haddad are also still in contention, along with Australian Poker Hall of Famers Billy ‘The Croc’ Argyros, Gary Benson and Joe Hachem.

Play is about to get underway very shortly, so stay with us here at PokerMedia Australia as we bring you all the action until the final river falls!

Day 2 seat draw

Play will begin at 1pm ACDT, with recommencing blinds at 1,500/3,000 (3,000). Blind levels are now 50 minutes in duration, and late registration and re-entries are still available until the start of Level 15.

Should you have any queries regarding your seat allocation, please see staff at Stacked Social upon arrival. Best of luck to all players and may the flop be with you!

To assist our WPT Live Reporting Team, please ensure your PMA ID cards are kept close to your stack, face-up and visible at all times.

Players are also asked to move their PMA IDs with them when broken or balanced to another table, and they must be left on the table to be collected after an elimination and at the end of day’s play.

Table 1

PMA IDSeatNameChips
01011Nathan Goodall224,500
01022Joe Hachem93,500
01044Scott Calcagno97,500
01055David Sun357,000
01066Yita Choong108,500
01077Jamie Pham150,000
01088Fred Chaptini84,500
01099Adrian Van Bochove141,500

Table 2

PMA IDSeatNameChips
02011Harry Sanderson123,500
02022Amin Chehade103,000
02033Jerry Zhang49,000
02044David Lloyd128,500
02055Mitchell Reid58,000
02066Bunteoun Bok178,000
02077Hayden Russell68,500
02088Pierce Hynes364,500
02099Kenny Wang157,500

Table 3

PMA IDSeatNameChips
03011Ash Gupta147,500
03022Daniel D.49,500
03033Nick Borrillo210,000
03044Ling Lan184,500
03055Pierre Aoukar297,000
03066Fotis Fotakis75,000
03077Eli Ulbrich76,000
03088John Apostolidis30,000
03099Christopher Colaneri310,000

Table 4

PMA IDSeatNameChips
04011Eddie Saade53,500
04022Gavin Best139,000
04033Ashish Behniya122,500
04044Meerwais Hussaini53,000
04055Mike Gainer145,500
04066Ryan Hong166,000
04077Ben Tieu195,000
04088Marco Perri187,500
04099Loc Duong144,500

Table 5

PMA IDSeatNameChips
05011Josh Foster35,500
05022Gary Benson85,500
05033Manny Rodriguez89,000
05044Shane Baxter199,500
05055Milan Mehta339,000
05077Michael Tomeny181,500
05088Tony Xu103,000
05099Andrew Michael190,500

Table 6

PMA IDSeatNameChips
06011Shane Moran105,000
06022Kym Nguyen135,000
06033Mata Ye271,500
06044Nathan Gliase72,000
06055Jacob Locke176,000
06066Elliott Esca81,000
06077Joe Sandaev133,500
06088Roy Agreta80,500
06099Adam Cusenza129,000

Table 7

PMA IDSeatNameChips
07011Jin Li199,500
07022Dean Nyberg43,500
07033P. P. Huang174,500
07055Max Chea87,000
07066Armon Van Wijk74,000
07077Alex Markopoulos437,000
07088Chris Edgar126,000
07099Qing Ye50,000

Table 8

PMA IDSeatNameChips
08011Billy ‘The Croc’ Argyros94,000
08022Huey Lam159,000
08033Jim Chahoud114,500
08044Michael Haddad172,500
08055Emmanuel ‘Curly’ Seal117,500
08066David Ewing74,500
08077Joel Williams50,000
08088Truc La329,000
08099Yoon Kang315,000

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