LIVE REPORTING: 2022 WSOP Circuit Gold Coast Main Event Day 3

Image courtesy of The Star Gold Coast

Jessy Song leads WSOP Circuit Gold Coast Main Event final table; that’s a wrap!

Day 3 of the WSOP Circuit Gold Coast Main Event is in the books, and it’s shaping up to be yet another historic moment in Australian poker, with Jessy Song finishing as the overwhelming chip leader!

Originally from China, Song first took up the game whilst studying English in Canada before emigrating to Australia four years ago. Song considers herself a cash game specialist, but like so many others has recently made the transition to tournaments: and the move has paid off big time, as she’ll be returning tomorrow with 14.35 million, which is more than 35% of the total chips in play.

Song’s next closest opponent is Adam Cusenza, who has bagged up 6,025,000 and is one of three South Australians to have made this final table, joined by Jin Li, who’ll start the final table as the short stack, and Mata Ye, who begin tomorrow in third chip position.

Melbourne grinder Scott Wilson, along with Po Hu and Tu Le, will start in the middle of the pack, along with Jonathan Levy, who comes in hot from his recent success in Sydney, along with Colombian sensation Jeison Berdugo, who will no doubt return tomorrow with an army of the Los Parceros faithful.

Image courtesy of The Star Gold Coast


1Po HuAustralia2,125,00014
2Tu LeAustralia2,100,00014
3Adam CusenzaAustralia6,025,00040
4Jin LiAustralia1,800,00012
5Jeison BerdugoColombia2,650,00018
6Jessy SongChina14,350,00096
7Scott WilsonAustralia3,825,00026
8Mata YeAustralia4,575,00031
9Jonathan LevyAustralia3,600,00024

No matter who wins though, this will be a final day of epic proportions, and PokerMedia Australia will be pulling out all the stops tomorrow as we bring you exclusive hand-for-hand coverage from 11:30am AEST and right up until the final river falls.

Until then, thank you all for joining us and we look forward to your company once again. For now though, from all of us here at The Star Gold Coast, it’s ‘bye for now!

Phat Nguyen eliminated in 10th place ($31,389)

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s official: the final table of the WSOP Circuit Gold Coast Main Event has been set!

Over on Table 7, action folded around to Phat Nguyen who ripped in last 1.85 million in from the small blind; Jessy Song turned and stared him down briefly before peeking at her cards.

“This is the second time you’ve done this to me,” Song muttered. “Okay, I call.”

Song: AQ
Nguyen: Q8

Both players paired up on the flop of 9QJ, but although Nguyen picked up a flush draw to go with his gut-shot with the turn of the 2, the 7 was a brick, and Nguyen was confirmed as our final table bubble.

Jessy Song14,350,000
Phat NguyenBUSTED!
Phat Nguyen

Our wrap-up of today’s proceedings will be coming your way soon, so don’t touch that dial!

No go for Po

Po Hu has copped another beating, this time at the hands of Jeison Berdugo as the blinds ticked over into Level 29.

After Hu raised to 325,000 from under the gun, Berdugo ripped in his last 1,425,000 from the cut-off to force the others out the way before Hu called.

Berdugo: AA
Hu: JJ

Board: 7786Q

With that double, Berdugo moved up to more than 3 million in chips as Hu dropped back to around 1.5 million.

Jeison Berdugo3,175,000
Po Hu1,525,000

More friendly fire

South Australia’s Adam Cusenza and Jin Li have clashed again in another all-in pre-flop showdown out on the feature table as action continues here at The Star Gold Coast.

Just before the blinds went up, action folded to Cusenza who raised from the button before Li shoved out of the big blind; Cusenza called and Li showed 77, but won the flip for his tournament life against Cusenza’s two paire after flopping two pair on the board of 335QK

Adam Cusenza5,600,000
Jin Li2,475,000

Level 29: 75,000/150,000 (150,000)

Jai Duffy eliminated in 11th place ($31,389)

We’re now hand-for-hand for the final table of the WSOP Circuit Gold Coast Main Event after Jai Duffy was eliminated in 11th place.

After Mata Ye raised from under the gun, Duffy jammed for 1.1 million effective from the +1 position. Ye snap-called and the players went to showdown.

Ye: JJ
Duffy: A4

Board: 73978

Mata Ye5,625,000
Jai DuffyBUSTED!
Jai Duffy in action on Day 2

Another Mata matter

Zhifan ‘Mata’ Ye and Phat Nguyen have both doubled up as our last 11 players battle it out for a final table berth in this Main Event.

Over on the feature table, Tu Le raised from early position; Jonathan Levy and Adam Cusenza both called, but after Ye shoved for his last 1,775,000, Le came over the top to force the others out of the way before going to a heads-up showdown.

Ye: AA
Le: KK

Board: Q5792

Shortly after Ye doubled through, the cry of “all-in, call” went up from Table 7, where Nguyen had moved all-in after a flop of Q5J. Scott Wilson called and showed down J10, but Nguyen had the best of it with his KQ, and held after the turn and river and out 8, 7.

Mata Ye4,050,000
Scott Wilson3,100,000
Phat Nguyen2,950,000
Tu Le2,350,000

Karam Bahi eliminated in 12th place ($31,389)

Down to 11 in the WSOP Circuit Gold Coast Main Event now, with Karam Bahi cast out in one of the first hands of the new level.

Action passed to Po Hu who open-shoved from the small blind before Bahi called short out of the big blind. Bahi was ahead with A6 against Hu’s K8, but Hu rivered trips on the board of 472KK, confirming Bahi as our 12th place finisher.

Po Hu2,800,000
Karam BahiBUSTED!
Karam Bahi

Updated chip counts

Just three more eliminations to go until the final table, and as it stands, Jessy Song holds a commanding chip lead with 9.9 million, but Adam Cusenza has been steadily building and now sits second overall, closely followed by Scott Wilson, who recovered well after a huge hit in the previous level.

Not long to go until we reach the summit folks – stay with us!

Jessy Song9,900,000
Adam Cusenza6,700,000
Scott Wilson5,650,000
Tu Le3,650,000
Jonathon Levy3,200,000
Jeison Berdugo2,500,000
Zhifan Ye1,575,000
Jin Li1,450,000
Phat Nguyen1,425,000
Jai Duffy1,400,000
Po Hu1,300,000
Karam Bahi1,200,000

Level 28: 75,000/125,000 (125,000)

Break time!

Our final 12 players are now on another 15-minute break. Counts incoming!

Wilson bounces back

Having taken a huge hit against Jessy Song a few hands earlier, Scott Wilson has landed the proverbial haymaker on Po Hu’s stack in the final minutes of this level.

Action folded to Wilson who completed the small blind before Hu checked to go heads-up to a flop of 1053; Wilson check-called Hu’s bet of 100,000 and did the same again after Hu fired 400,000 on the turn of the K before he led out for 1,000,000 straight on the river J.

Hu quickly moved all-in and Wilson snap-called, turning over KJ for the bigger two pair and a full double against Hu, who tabled K3.

Scott Wilson4,350,000
Po Hu1,300,000

Lloyd Locsin eliminated in 13th place ($25,450)

Back over on the feature table, action folded to Adam Cusenza who raised to 225,000 from the cut-off before Lloyd Locsin three-bet it to 650,000 from the button. Cusenza was the only caller, and he then checked his option after the dealer produced a flop of 1089.

Locsin opened for 800,000, Cusenza check-raised all-in for 3.2 million effective and Locsin called short.

Locsin: QQ
Cusenza: 1010

Needing a Jack or Queen to survive, Locsin was sent to the rail in 12th place after the turn and river bricked 2, 6.

Adam Cusenza6,700,000
Lloyd LocsinBUSTED!
Lloyd Locsin

That’s a hit, Song!

It was a case of mixed fortunes for Karam Bahi and Jessy Song as the action picked up in the second half of this level.

In earlier action, Bahi shoved for 1,925,000 from the button pre-flop before Jeison Berdugo tank-called short from the small blind for 1.65 million.

Bahi’s Q9 did turn a pair on the board of 6K10Q, but Berdugo’s A10 hooked up a straight with the river J, which left Bahi with just 300,000 in chips.

Bahi did manage to find a double through Scott Wilson in the very next hand, but then Wilson and Song clashed in one of the biggest pots of the tournament so far.

Action folded around to Song who raised to 225,000 from the button, before Wilson re-raised to 700,000 from the small blind; Song called, but then quickly fired out a raise of 2 million after Wilson opened for 450,000 after the flop of A89. Wilson snap-shoved and Song insta-called.

Song: 99
Wilson: AQ

Song left Wilson drawing dead with the 6 on the turn, and filled up with the river 8 for good measure. As a result, Song is now the outright chip leader, holding a whopping 8.5 million!

Jessy Song8,500,000
Scott Wilson2,525,000
Karam Bahi1,050,000
Jessy Song

Duffy decimated

Tu Le has just taken a big pot off Jai Duffy on the feature table as our 13 remaining players continue the grind.

Le raised to 200,000 from under the gun and action folded to Duffy who defended his big blind to see a flop of 6A5. Duffy check-called Le’s bet of 150,000, and then the action repeated after Le’s bet of 375,000 after the turn of the Q before Duffy check-called again after Le’s third shell worth 675,000 on the river J.

Le showed down K10 for Broadway and Duffy mucked his cards.

Tu Le3,700,000
Jai Duffy1,700,000

Big one for Wilson

A sizeable pot between Scott Wilson and Po Hu has resulted in a big trade-off in chips over on Table 7.

Action folded to Wilson who min-clicked from the button and found one caller in Hu from the small blind to go heads-up to a flop of 26J. Hu checked, Wilson c-bet 175,000 and Hu called, then Hu checked his option again after the dealer produced the J on the turn.

Wilson fired out a bet of 425,000, but Hu responded with a check-raise of 1.1 million. Wilson paused for a moment before making the call, and then both players checked down the river 5, wit Wilson’s KJ best against Hu’s Q10,

Wilson increased his stack to almost 6 million as Hu dropped to 3.5 million.

Scott Wilson5,725,000
Po Hu3,500,000

Le vs Li

One orbit of the button on the feature table was all it took before Jin Li ripped in his last 525,000 from the small blind pre-flop holding A8 before Tue Le called him off from the big blind with K8.

Li paired his Ace on the flop of AJ7, but despite Le hitting the Broadway draw with the Q on the turn, the river 6 was a brick and Li doubled through.

Tu Le2,500,000
Jin Li1,150,000

Lock it in!

Action has been at a premium here in the WSOP Circuit Gold Coast Main Event, however it’s good news for Lloyd Locsin, who chipped up through Jin Li just as the blinds ticked over to Level 27.

With the blinds at 50,000/75,000 (75,000), Locsin raised to 175,000 pre-flop and found two callers in Li from the small blind, as well as Tu Le in the big blind to go three-handed to a flop of 10AK.

Action then checked to Locsin who continued for 150,000; Li was the only caller, and then both players checked down the turn of the 3 and the river J.

Locsin turned over AJ for two pair and scooped after Li showed A9 for top pair and a busted flush draw.

Lloyd Locsin2,800,000
Jin Li800,000

Level 27: 50,000/100,000 (100,000)

Main Event payouts (35th-45th)

The pace of play between our final 13 players has slowed considerably, but although it’s all small ball right now, there’s still plenty of action around the felt here at The Star Gold Coast, with the $10K Super High Roller and $660 Action Clock now in full swing, along with the $1,100 PLO, which has now reached final table.

More updates coming your way soon, but in the meantime, here’s our last round-up of Main Event payout results, thanks to the team at Star Poker Gold Coast!

35thJoe Sandaev$7,823
36thMichael Egan$7,823
37thMartin Ward$6,897
38thAndrew White$6,897
39thCon Krousoratis$6,897
40thHun Wei Lee$6,897
41stDarren Li$6,897
42ndRodni Kisar$6,897
43rdSlav Rypinski$6,897
44thLiam Murray$6,897
45thChris Zenenos$6,897

Adrian Sportelli eliminated in 14th place ($25,450)

Po Hu continues to dominate in this Main Event, now up to more than 6 million in chips after eliminating Adrian Sportelli in 14th place.

The action folded around to Hu who raised to 175,000 from the cut-off before Sportelli three-bet-shoved from the button; Karam Bahi and Jeison Berdugo got out of the way from the blinds and Hu quickly called, turning over 99 against Sportelli’s AJ.

Sportelli picked up a double gut-shot straight draw on the flop of K107, but Hu smashed a set with the 9 on the turn and held after the dealer peeled off the river 5.

Po Hu6,475,000
Adrian SportelliBUSTED!
Adrian Sportelli

Cusenza climbing

Adam Cusenza has found a timely double-up in one of the first hands after the break as play continues in the WSOP Circuit Gold Coast Main Event.

After Mata Ye opened to 150,000 from under the gun, Jin Li re-raised to 320,000 before the action folded to Cusenza, who shoved out of the big blind for 1,450,000.

Ye let his hand go and Li made the call.

Cusenza: QQ
Li: AQ

Cusenza then freerolled his way to a flush on the board of 7439J to double up to more than 3.2 million.

Adam Cusenza3,250,000
Jin Li2,250,000

Main Event payouts (46th-72nd)

Our final 14 players are now back in action, and as they settle in, it’s time for us to bring you the latest round-up of placings in this Main Event, courtesy of our friends at Star Poker Gold Coast!

46thBert Perry$6,148
47thJennifer Cassell$6,148
48thVanig Kalpakian$6,148
49thTom Maguire$6,148
50thWilson Luong$6,148
51stShu Yih Ng$6,148
52ndChao Li$6,148
53rdDavid Sebesfi$6,148
54thSung Ki Cho$6,148
55thRoy Agresta$5,541
56thJoshua Smith$5,541
57thJohn Apostolidis$5,541
58thJoseph Antar$5,541
59thMichael Tchong$5,541
60thRined Namrood$5,541
61stJames Siu$5,541
62ndLiam Jehu$5,541
63rdMichelle Psarras$5,541
64thJim Doumit$5,051
65thAndrew Michael$5,051
66thJustin Bernstein$5,051
67thJason Lau$5,051
68thChris Mantell$5,051
69thWei Chung$5,051
70thNil Magrane $5,051
71stTino Lechich$5,051
72ndChris Tran$5,051

Level 26: 50,000/75,000 (75,000)

Dinner time!

Our final 14 players are now on a 30-minute dinner break, which gave us a chance to get another full round of counts.

Po Hu4,930,000
Scott Wilson3,840,000
Jin Li3,790,000
Jessy Song3,785,000
Zhifan Ye3,650,000
Phat Nguyen3,250,000
Karam Bahi2,605,000
Adrian Sportelli2,580,000
Tu Le2,555,000
Jonathon Levy2,450,000
Jeison Berdugo2,005,000
Lloyd Locsin1,865,000
Adam Cusenza1,600,000
Jai Duffy1,285,000

Brian Walsh eliminated in 15th place ($25,450)

Po Hu has become the first player to break the five million-chip barrier after taking out Brian Walsh in 15th place.

In one of the last hands before the break, Walsh jammed pre-flop with AK, but despite being the big favourite against Hu’s AQ, Hu drilled trips on the flop and held firm as the board was spread QQ1029.

Po Hu5,050,000
Brian WalshBUSTED!
Brian Walsh

Sheng Ye eliminated in 16th place ($20,844)

Mata is now the last Ye standing after WSOP Circuit Gold Coast $5K High Roller Champion Sheng Ye was eliminated at the hands of Phat Nguyen.

All the money was all in after the flop of 638 and we got there as Ye and Nguyen went to showdown.

Ye: K8
Nguyen: 97

Nguyen then completed his open-ender on the turn, which bested Ye’s two pair as the turn and river came running 10, 10.

Phat Nguyen3,260,000
Sheng Ye

Jarrod Thatcher eliminated in 17th place ($20,844)

Another huge effort from Jarrod Thatcher, but sadly there’ll be no second ring for the series after he was ousted by Jin Li in 17th place.

All the money was in the middle after the turn on a board of 9543; Thatcher had 97 for top pair, but Li tabled 53 for two pair, which held up after the 8 appeared on the river.

Jin Li3,300,000
Jarrod ThatcherBUSTED!
Jarrod Thatcher

Locsin on Song

Lloyd Locsin has found himself a crucial double through Jessy Song as play continues here in the WSOP Circuit Gold Coast Main Event.

Action folded around to Locsin who open-shoved for 765,000 from late position before Jessy Song called him down from the big blind.

Locsin showed down AQ and found himself in a fair fight against Song’s AJ, but there was no change to either hand after the run-out of 281039.

Jessy Song3,810,000
Lloyd Locsin1,560,000

Sportelli takes a hit

Scott Wilson is now up to almost 4 million in chips after clashing in a huge pot against Adrian Sportelli.

We picked up the action heads-up between Sportelli and Wilson to a flop of 663 into a pot of roughly 350,000, where Sportelli led out for 220,000; Wilson returned fire with a raise of 470,000, but then Sportelli came back a re-raise worth 750,000.

In response, Wilson raised for another 1,145,000 before Sportelli bet enough to put Wilson all-in. Wilson snap-called.

Sportelli: AJ
Wilson: 65

Trips for Wilson, which held after the turn and river ran out 9, 2, which resulted in Sportelli being cut back below 1.4 million.

Scott Wilson3,850,000
Adrian Sportelli1,335,000

Double for Berdugo

Jeison Berdugo is still flying the flag for Los Parceros, having just doubled through Brian Walsh as action continues with 17 players remaining.

After a raise from Walsh and a call from middle position, the action folded around to Berdugo in the big blind, who took a beat before he announced that he was all-in.

Walsh was the only caller, and he rolled over 1010, dominating Berdugo’s 77, but Berdugo struck gold on the flop of 67J and filled up with a repeat J on the turn, which held after the A came down the river.

Jeison Berdugo1,985,000
Brian Walsh1,220,000

Micheal Hill eliminated in 18th place ($20,844)

Down to 17 players in the Main Event now, with Michael Hill have been busted at the hands of Karam Bahi.

Our reporter picked up the action four-handed to a flop of 2A3; Brian Walsh checked his option and Hill open-shoved for around 1 million, which forced the fold from Adrian Sportelli before Bahi shoved over the top. Walsh got out of the way and the cards were tabled:

Hill: AK
Bahi: 54

Hill was then wheeled out after Q fell on the turn, with the river 5 completing the board.

Karam Bahi2,890,000
Micheal HillBUSTED!
Micheal Hill

Main Event payouts (73rd-99th)

The action at our final two tables has slowed down a touch, which means it’s now the perfect opportunity to send another batch of payout results your way. Congratulations to all, from all of us here at PMA and The Star Gold Coast!

73rdMalcolm Trayner$4,656
74thLuke Trevanion$4,656
75thJarrod Courtney$4,656
76thZhengmin Zhang$4,656
77thAnthony Cierco$4,656
78thMichael Clair$4,656
79thJosh Foster$4,656
80thChad Awerbuch$4,656
81stPeter Apostolou$4,656
82ndSuraj Kara$4,342
83rdJan Kossyrev$4,342
84thJason Yu$4,342
85thMikael Larsson$4,342
86thChris Colaneri$4,342
87thBen Harrison$4,342
88thJohnny Iskra$4,342
89thColleen Fish$4,342
90thKyrillos Gerges$4,342
91stCarlos Youssef$4,097
92ndGeorge Frilingos$4,097
93rdDejan Boskovic$4,097
94thErrolyn Strang$4,097
95thCraig Blight$4,097
96thJohn Doringer$4,097
97thGeorge Psarras$4,097
98thTristan Bain$4,097
99thJosh McCully$4,097

Level 25: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)

Final two tables

Table 1 (Feature Table)

1Jonathan Levy2,200,000
2Adam Cusenza1,525,000
3Lloyd Locsin1,150,000
4Jarrod Thatcher1,275,000
5Mata Ye3,735,000
6Jai Duffy2,550,000
7Jessy Song4,575,000
8Jin Li3,120,000
9Tu Le1,800,000

Table 7

1Po Hu2,955,000
2Micheal Hill1,785,000
3Adrian Sportelli2,570,000
4Karam Bahi2,680,000
5Jeison Berdugo1,100,000
6Sheng Ye850,000
7Phat Nguyen2,570,000
8Brian Walsh2,155,000
9Scott Wilson2,520,000

Natalia Rozova eliminated in 19th place ($17,247)

The WSOP Circuit Gold Coast Main Event is now down to two tables after Natalia Rozova was eliminated in 19th place by Jessy Song.

After Song min-raised from the +1 position, Rozova shoved and forced the rest of the table out of the way before Song snap-called.

Song: 99
Rozova: AK

Board: 96AK2

Jessy Song4,370,000
Natalia RozovaBUSTED!
Natalia Rozova

The tournament clock has now been paused as Star Poker Gold Coast staff conduct a full re-draw. We’ll be back with another full round of names and counts very soon!

Justin Lai eliminated in 20th place ($17,247)

We’re now just one bust-out away from our next pay jump after Justin Lai was felted in 20th place at the hands of Scott Wilson.

Our reporter picked up the action heads-up between Lai and Wilson on the turn with a board that read 9K39; having check-raised post-flop, Wilson led out for 75,000 into a pot worth 650,000 before Lai shoved for his last 415,000.

Wilson snap-called and rolled over AK – ahead of Lai’s pocket Queens – and held after the dealer peeled out the river J.

Scott Wilson2,520,000
Justin LaiBUSTED!

Robert Kwan eliminated in 21st place ($17,247)

Down to 20 players in the Big Dance with Robert Kwan the first to ladder up after he was eliminated by Po Hu in 21st place.

After Hu raised from middle position to 125,000, Kwan moved all in for around 400,000 with 44, but lost the flip for his tournament life after Hu’s AQ rivered trips on the board of 79QKQ.

Po Hu2,300,000
Robert KwanBUSTED!

Todor Kondevski eliminated in 22nd place ($14,418)

The WSOP Circuit Gold Coast Main Event is now down to 21 players after Todor Kondevski was eliminated over the space of three hands.

Our reporter picked up the action three-handed to a flop of 73A; Kondevski and Karam Bahi checked from the small and big blinds respectivel before Adam Cusenza opened for 140,000.

Kondevski was the only caller, which made it heads-up to the turn of the 7. Kondevski checked, Cusenza open-shoved and Kondevski called.

Cusenza: AA
Kondevski: KQ

Cusenza then locked it up with the 7 on the turn giving him a full house, despite Kondevski hitting his flush with the river 10.

Down to 100,000, Kondevski found a quick double through Jeison Berdugo, but then a few hand later, he got it in good with JJ, however Jai Duffy’s A8 turned two pair on the board of Q10A105 to end Kondevski’s run.

Jai Duffy2,325,000
Adam Cusenza1,500,000
Jeison Berdugo925,000
Todor KondevskiBUSTED!

Yang Lei eliminated in 23rd place ($14,418)

A clash of the titans played out on the feature table, with Treasury Brisbane Poker Festival Main Event Champion Adrian Sportelli taking out WPT Prime Gold Coast Main Event Champion, Yang Lei.

Lei open-shoved from UTG+1 for his last 465,000 before action folded around to Sportelli in the big blind, who took time to think it over before he made the call.

Lei: AQ
Sportelli: KJ

Sportelli then hooked up on the flop of J33 and then turned two pair with the K, but despite Lei picking up the Broadway draw, the river Q was of no help, and the field was reduced to 23 players.

Adrian Sportelli3,200,000
Yang Lei

Sheng survives

WSOP Circuit Gold Coast $5K Challenge champion Sheng Ye has shot back up the counts, doubling through Natalia Rozova in the one of the first hands back from the break.

After a mid-position raise from Rozova, action folded around to Ye who moved all-in for 705,000 from the small blind; Rozova called, but her A10 failed to improve against Ye’s QQ after the board ran out 94J62.

Sheng Ye1,485,000
Natalia Rozova850,000

Updated chip counts

Zhifan Ye4,135,000
Jin Li2,840,000
Karam Bahi2,805,000
Tu Le2,695,000
Jessy Song2,475,000
Michael Hill2,430,000
Phat Nguyen2,415,000
Jarrod Thatcher2,075,000
Jai Duffy2,030,000
Jonathon Levy1,955,000
Po Hu1,845,000
Adrian Sportelli1,615,000
Natalia Rozova1,500,000
Justin Lai1,465,000
Jeison Berdugo1,375,000
Lloyd Locsin1,325,000
Brian Walsh1,255,000
Sheng Ye795,000
Adam Cusenza750,000
Robert Kwan700,000
Yang Lei515,000
Scott Wilson500,000
Todor Kondevski450,000

Level 24: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)

Take a breather!

Our 23 remaining players are now on their first 15-break of the day. Back soon with counts!

Paul Tartak eliminated in 24th place ($14,418)

In one of the last hands before the first break, action folded around to Paul Tartak who open-shoved for his last 520,000 from the button; Lloyd Locsin quickly called from the small blind and the big blind got out of the way to take us to another pre-flop showdown.

Locsin: AQ
Tartak: KQ

Tartak was then flushed out of the tournament in 24th place after Locsin rivered the nut flush on the board of 576810.

Lloyd Locsin1,300,000
Paul TartakBUSTED!

Michael Sleiman eliminated in 25th place ($12,179)

Down to three tables of eight, with Sydney’s Michael Sleiman felted by Adelaide grinder Adam Cusenza.

Cusenza opened from under the gun before action folded around to Sleiman who shoved from the cut-off with A2 for 190,000 effective.

Levy quickly called and showed down AJ and drilled trips on the board QJJ74 to send Sleiman out in 25th place.

Adam Cusenza1,020,000
Michael SleimanBUSTED!
Michael Sleiman

Joel Dodds eliminated in 26th place ($12,179)

It was a case of friendly fire between Sydneysiders Jarrod Thatcher and Joel Dodds, however it was Thatcher who came out on top to send Dodds to the rail in 26th place.

After a lojack raise of 80,000 from Brian Walsh, Thatcher flatted from the button before Dodds three-bet out of the small blind to 305,000. Both the blinds and Walsh got out the way, Thatcher shoved and Dodds snap-called short.

Dodds: 88
Thatcher: AJ

Dodds kept the lead and picked up a flush draw after the flop of 3109, but Thatcher took the lead with the A and then improved to two pair with the river J.

Jarrod Thatcher1,840,000
Joel DoddsBUSTED!
Joel Dodds

Hussein Hassan eliminated in 27th place ($12,179)

Jonathan Levy has now moved up past 2.5 million in chips after he eliminated Hussein Hassan from Table 9.

Action folded around to Hassan who open-shoved from the lojack position holding 87; Levy quickly called from the cut-off and tabled AQ and then tripped up after the flop came down Q4Q.

The dealer then peeled the turn of the 10 out of the shoe – always a sweat – but Levy held firm after the K blanked out on the river.

Jonathan Levy2,525,000
Hussein HassanBUSTED!
Hussein Hassan

Kelvin Li eliminated in 28th place ($10,397)

Kelvin Li has been confirmed as our latest elimination from the WSOP Circuit Gold Coast Main Event, taken down in 28th place by Brian Walsh.

Just as the blinds ticked over into the new level, the action folded around to Li who raised to 75,000 from the cut-off before Walsh 3-bet it to 240,000 from the button; after the blinds both folded, Li then came back with a four-bet shove of 700,000 neat and Walsh double-fist-pump-snap-called.

Walsh: QQ
Li: AK

Board: 29Q57

Brian Walsh1,700,000
Kelvin LiBUSTED!
Kelvin Li

Main Event payouts (100th-126th)

And now for another round of our WSOP Circuit Main Event payouts from Day 2, brought to you by Star Poker Gold Coast!

100thPeter Dykes$3,911
101stDean Blatt$3,911
102ndJeffrey Lisandro$3,911
103rdBrendan Pettit$3,911
104thClinton Taylor$3,911
105thMonil Gohil$3,911
106thNajeem Ajez$3,911
107thShivan Abdine$3,911
108thMichael Frydman$3,911
109thBilly ‘The Croc’ Argyros$3,911
110thSam Adams$3,911
111thElton Muzha$3,911
112thJustin Capra$3,911
113thMitchell Frost$3,911
114thAntonio Seremet$3,911
115thMartin Finger$3,911
116thHarleigh Thorpe$3,911
117thGary Benson$3,911
118thZien Tang$3,911
119thQi Xin$3,911
120thJosh Hutchins$3,911
121stYu Chen$3,911
122ndCraig Abernethy$3,911
123rdOwen Chong$3,911
124thDylan Wayne$3,911
125thZheming Zhu$3,911
126thSailendra Sha$3,911

Level 23: 20,000/40,000 (40,000)

Luke Irving eliminated in 29th place ($10,397)

Immediately after Deborah James’ departure from the feature table, Luke Irving open-shoved for 100,000 effective from under the gun before Yang Lei iso-shoved from the +1 position; the other players quickly moved aside and we went to another pre-flop showdown.

Lei: AQ
Irving: J10

No change after the flop of 379, but Lei paired up with the A on the turn and left Irving drawing dead as he then improved to two pair with the river Q.

Yang Lei610,000
Luke IrvingBUSTED!
Luke Irving

Deborah James eliminated in 30th place ($8,970)

Another one down on the feature table, and another pay jump, with Deborah James having now collected for her 30th place finish.

The action folded around to James who ripped in her last 270,000 from the cut-off; Phat Nguyen snap-called out of the button and the blinds got out of the way before the hands were revealed.

Nguyen: AA
James: Q10

Board: 310J2J

Phat Nguyen3,325,000
Deborah JamesBUSTED!
Deborah James

Glen Parkes eliminated in 31st place ($8,970)

Another elimination from the feature table, with Glen Parkes taken out in 31st place at the hands of Tu Le.

The cry of “all in and call” went up after Le and Parkes got their money in on the turn with a board that read A10384; Parkes had paired up with his K10, but was dead in the water against Le’s AQ.

Tu Le3,300,000
Glen ParkesBUSTED!
Glen Parkes

Ricardo Tallarico eliminated in 32nd place ($8,970)

Despite finding a double-up in the opening minutes of today’s session, Ricardo Tallarico wasn’t able to find any further traction and has just been felted at the hands of Jai Duffy.

Action folded around to Tallarico who open-shoved from the button with JJ, before Duffy called out of the small blind with KQ.

Duffy then caught a King on the flop of 4KA and picked up a flush draw to go with it after the 5 appeared on the turn, but there would be no two-outer to survive for Tallarico, with the river 8 completing the board.

Jai Duffy1,945,000
Ricardo TallaricoBUSTED!
Ricardo Tallarico

Noman Mirza eliminated in 33rd place ($8,970)

After being crippled by Yang Lei in a previous hand, Noman Mirza has been eliminated by Phat Nguyen, who’s now past the 2.5 million chip mark as action continues in Day 3 of the Big Dance.

In earlier action on the feature table, Lei moved all-in from the lojack with AQ before Mirza made the call from the cut-off holding KJ, however Lei flopped top-top and finished with two pair after the board came down Q5323.

Mirza then got the last of his money into the middle after a flop of 10294A holding JJ for the overpair, but Nguyen had him crushed, having flopped a set with his 99 which held after the turn and river bricked 4, A.

Phat Nguyen2,730,000
Yang Lei565,000
Noman MirzaBUSTED!
Noman Mirza

Main Event payouts (127th-151st)

As we head into the 22nd level play, it’s time now to bring you the first batch of WSOP Circuit Main Event results from yesterday, thanks to our friends at Star Poker Gold Coast!

127thShane Parker$3,778
128ndAndrej Senic$3,778
129thMing Yiu$3,778
130thMatt Ginn$3,778
131stAdam Albarri$3,778
132ndAroha Ngata$3,778
133rdMeer Hussaini$3,778
134thMao Sun$3,778
135thAli Ghezelbash$3,778
136thJunya Luo$3,778
137thMarc Seymour$3,778
138thConnie Graham$3,778
139thJustin Cohen$3,778
140thMick Gavrilovic$3,778
141stJason Lee$3,778
142ndSeyed Hosseini$3,778
143rdRahul Rastogi $3,778
144thJoshua Summers$3,778
145thAntoine Follet$3,778
146thMark Yazbeck$3,778
147thFletcher Smith$3,778
148thDavid Clark$3,778
149thJarred Graham$3,778
150thJim Giannoukos$3,778
151stCooper Smout$3,778

Level 22: 15,000/30,000 (30,000)

Doubles for Kwan and Song

Shortly after Ricardo Tallarico doubled up on Table 7, Robert Kwan got all of his chips in pre-flop against Po Hu and found that he was flipping for his tournament life, his 55 against Hu’s AQ but the board of 2J96K was clean for Kwan and he doubled through.

Then over on Table 6, Jessy Song and Joel Dodds went tete-a-tete after a flop of 57J; Song checked to Dodds who went all-in, Song snap-called and tabled 77 for middle set, which then filled up on the turn as the board completed J, 4.

Dodds was left with just 100,000 after that hand, but managed to score a couple of double-ups soon after.

Jessy Song1,850,000
Po Hu1,450,000
Robert Kwan1,170,000
Joel Dodds100,000

No gamble, no future

Plenty of action across the felt in this last part of Level 21, with three double-ups going the way of Deborah James and Ricardo Tallarico.

Over on the feature table, action folded to James who ripped in her remaining chips in from the cut-off with AA; Glen Parkes called out of the big blind with Q10, but James hit the bigger two pair on the board of 310J2J.

Then over on Table 7, Tallarico jammed with A8, but although was dominated by Jai Duffy’s AA, Tallarico spiked the Jack-high straight on the river after the dealer ran out a board of 77910J.

Jai Duffy1,400,000
Glen Parkes1,090,000
Deborah James580,000
Ricardo Tallarico450,000

Gavin Best eliminated in 34th place ($7,823)

In one of the first hands over on the feature table, Gavin Best open-shoved for 180,000 and the action folded around to Micheal Hill, who called from the button.

Best tabled A4 and found himself in a fair fight against Hill’s A9, but despite turning a small pair, Best was flushed away after the board completed Q6849.

One down, 24 to go, and a pay jump to boot!

Micheal Hill1,775,000
Gavin BestBUSTED!
Gavin Best in action on Day 2

Cards in the air!

Day 3 of the WSOP Circuit Gold Coast Main Event is now underway!

We’ll be playing through the last 24m 31s of Level 21, and then through 60-minute levels until we hit our final nine tonight.

All 34 runners have locked up a minimum of $7,823, with our final table bubble cashing out for $31,389. The full list of remaining payouts are listed below, and we’ll have batches of results updated throughout our coverage today.


Level 21: 15,000/25,000 (25,000)

But wait … there’s more!

Hello everyone and welcome back to PokerMedia Australia and our continued coverage of the 2022 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Circuit Gold Coast Main Event!

Yesterday saw 34 survivors bag up from the 195 that started Day 2, with action moving at a frenetic pace from the moment the cards got in the air. For the second time this series, Zhifan ‘Mata’ Ye has topped the counts, leading the way with more than 3.2 million after having bagged up the most on Day 1B.

And although there were many that fell by the wayside, it certainly doesn’t mean that their WSOP dream has to end, as there’s still four more Jostens rings on offer, including the $1,100 PLO, which moves into its second day today from 12:30pm local time. From 199 total entries, 31 players will return and immediately start hand-for-hand play on the bubble; Ami Asif leads the way with 815,000 in chips.

There’s another couple of multi-day events kicking off today, with the $10K Super High Roller at 1:30pm, followed by the $660 Action Clock at 4:30pm – and that’s all before tomorrow’s $550 Finale at 2:30pm.

So if you’ve still got your sights set on winning one of the most coveted prizes in poker, there’s no better time than right now! Check out Star Poker Gold Coast on Facebook or log onto for more information, and be sure to follow PMA for live updates of the Main Event from 11:30am AEST. See you soon!

Image courtesy of The Star Gold Coast

Day 3 seat draw

Play will resume at 11:30am AEST, with blinds continuing at 15,000/25,000 (25,000), with 24m 11s remaining in Level 21. Please ensure you have your Star Club Card and photo ID for verification purposes, and if you have any questions regarding your seat allocation, feel free to approach the team at Star Poker Gold Coast. Best of luck everyone and may the flop be with you!

To assist our WPT Live Reporting Team, please ensure your PMA ID cards are kept close to your stack, face-up and visible at all times.

Players are also asked to move their PMA IDs with them when broken or balanced to another table, and they must be left on the table to be collected after an elimination and at the end of day’s play.

Table 1 (Feature Table)

PMA IDSeatNameChips
01011Micheal Hill1,525,000
01022Glen Parkes1,465,000
01033Luke Irving190,000
01044Gavin Best180,000
01055Yang Lei300,000
01066Tu Le1,865,000
01077Noman Mirza1,965,000
01088Deborah James335,000
01099Phat Nguyen1,095,000

Table 6

PMA IDSeatNameChips
06011Jessy Song1,020,000
06022Joel Dodds875,000
06033Justin Lai1,215,000
06044Scott Wilson645,000
06055Paul Tartak450,000
06066Lloyd Locsin1,085,000
06077Hussein Hassan740,000
06088Jin Li755,000
06099Jonathan Levy1,485,000

Table 7

PMA IDSeatNameChips
07011Jai Duffy1,600,000
07022Todor Kondevski1,165,000
07033Karam Bahi3,065,000
07044Adam Cusenza1,130,000
07066Po Hu2,285,000
07077Zhifan Ye3,235,000
07088Robert Kwan580,000
07099Robert Tallarcio190,000

Table 9

PMA IDSeatNameChips
09011Adrian Sportelli2,120,000
09033Jeison Berdugo515,000
09044Jarrod Thatcher1,065,000
09055Sheng Ye1,775,000
09066Kelvin Li815,000
09077Brian Walsh930,000
09088Michael Sleiman895,000
09099Natalia Rozova1,465,000

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