LIVE REPORTING: 2022 WSOP Circuit Gold Coast Main Event Day 2

Image courtesy of The Star Gold Coast

Mata Ye leads the way after Day 2; that’s a wrap!

Well folks, what can we say that hasn’t already been said, except … WOW!

From the moment the cards got in the air for Day 2 of the WSOP Circuit Gold Coast Main Event, there was non-stop action and a rollercoaster of emotion right through until we reached our last four tables, with the bubble bursting halfway through the second level of the day.

Leading at the end of today’s session is Zhifan ‘Mata’ Ye, who after finishing Day 1B as chip leader, tops the counts again with 3,235,000, followed very closely by Karam Bahi, who caught a late rush at the feature table to finish second overall with 3,065,000.

Zhifan ‘Mata’ Ye – Day 2 chip leader

Po Hu (2,285,000), Adrian Sportelli (2,120,000) and Noman Mirza (1,965,000) round out our top five, with Natalia Rozova, Jonathan Levy, Micheal Hill and Jai Duffy just some of the other notables returning tomorrow, along with Day 1A chip leader Sheng Ye, who’s now eyeing off a second ring for the series after winning the $5K High Roller last Monday.

In all, 34 players will be returning tomorrow for Day 3 and continue their quest for WSOP glory – and of course, PokerMedia Australia will return to bring you all the action until we reach our final nine.

Be sure to join us once again from 11:30am AEST tomorrow for all the action, but until then, from all of us here at The Star Gold Coast, it’s ‘bye for now!

Another KO for Karam

In the blink of an eye, Day 2 of the WSOP Circuit Gold Coast Main Event has come to an end!

No sooner than Joe Sandaev had headed off to collect from the cage, Martin Ward open-shoved for 245,000 from under the gun over on the feature table; Bahi asked for a count and then made the call, forcing the others out of the way.

Bahi: AA
Ward: AQ

Board: J101027

Karam Bahi3,065,000
Martin WardBUSTED!

And with one more elimination on an adjacent table, the clock has been paused and we’re now down to 34! Time for us to wrap things up – stick around and we’ll be right back!

Sandaev sent off

We’re now on the verge of ending today’s Day 2 after Joe Sandaev was eliminated by Jarrod Thatcher!

Sandaev ripped in the last of his short stack with J8, but Thatcher had woken up with JJ, with no change either hand after the board was spread 4345A.

Jarrod Thatcher1,300,000
Joe SandaevBUSTED!


Karam Bahi’s chip lead in the Main Event was short-lived, as Day 1B chip leader Zhifan ‘Mata’ Ye has just moved beyond 3 million in chips after taking out Andrew White.

It was yet another all-in-pre-flop showdown and we got there just as the players tabled their cards.

White: QQ
Ye: KK

Board: J78610

And with that, Ye looks set to finish the day with the overall chip lead yet again!

Mata Ye3,200,000
Andrew WhiteBUSTED!

Bahi on the rise

A massive turn of events at the feature table, which saw Karam Bahi take the overall chip lead after eliminating Hun Wei Lee.

After Bahi raised from early position pre-flop, the action folded around to Lee who shoved from the big blind. Bahi snap-called.

Lee: QQ
Bahi: AK

Board: 9KA66

Karam Bahi2,450,000
Hun Wei LeeBUSTED!
Karam Bahi

Kwan cuts Li

Darren Li has just been eliminated by Robert Kwan as we entered into the final level of the night.

Li moved the last of his chips in pre-flop holding 33, but despite flopping a set on the board of 102389, Kwan’s KQ turned the flush to reduce the field to 40 runners.

Robert Kwan900,000
Darren LiBUSTED!

Level 21: 15,000/25,000 (25,000)

Two more out the door

Liam Murray and Chris Zenenos have also been confirmed as our latest eliminations from this year’s WSOP Circuit Gold Coast Main Event in the last few minutes before the break.

In earlier action on Table 9, Murray open-shoved from under the gun and action folded around to Robert Kwan who called from middle position; Murray was ahead with AK, but Kwan’s A10 flopped a Ten and then hit running deuces to finish with two pair on the board of 107422.

Then over on Table 7, Zenonos jammed from the big blind with JJ after a pre-flop cut-off raise from Jonathan Levy. Levy snap-called and turned over AA, and there was no change after the board was spread 346107.

Jonathan Levy1,800,000
Robert Kwan760,000
Chris ZenenosBUSTED!
Liam MurrayBUSTED!
Liam Murray

And with that, our 41 remaining players are now on another 30-minute break. When we return, we’ll be playing through one more level – or five more bust-outs – before we bag and tag for the evening.

Parkes picks off Perry

The cry of “all-in” call went up from Table 6, where Bert Perry had open-shoved from the small blind for around 500,000 with AQ; Glen Parkes called him down and showed K10 for top pair and the lead.

“No diamond!” Parkes cried.

A diamond did appear, but it came too late for Perry as the turn and river completed 8, 7.

Glen Parkes1,650,000
Bert PerryBUSTED!
Bert Perry

Kalpakian KO’ed

Vanig Kalpakian has now collected his payout slip after being felted at the hands of Noman Mirza.

Once again, all the money was in the middle pre-flop and our reporter got there to catch the showdown.

Mirza: AK
Kalpakian: A10

Board: 7736Q

Noman Mirza1,800,000
Vanig KalpakianBUSTED!

Cassell crumbles

Jenn Cassell’s hopes of another Main Event win here at The Star Gold Coast have been dashed, eliminated from the feature table by Hun Wei Lee.

Cassell moved all-in pre-flop holding A8, but although she was initially leading against Lee’s A2, he turned the wheel and held after the board ran out 54A39.

Hun Wei Lee1,090,000
Jenn CassellBUSTED!
Jenn Cassell

Maguire expires

Although he managed to score a double-up in a previous hand, Tom Maguire was felted soon after by Joel Dodds.

Down to just 55,000 in chips, Maguire got them in holding A4 before Dodds called for value with 106, but Maguire took the pot down after he flopped a boat on the board of 4AA3Q.

Maguire then ripped in his stack two hands later with 22 and once again, Dodds called him off, turning over A10 which hit the bigger two pair after the dealer spread a board of 71057K. GG.

Joel Dodds1,095,000
Tom MaguireBUSTED!

Luong left wanting

Wilson Luong has just been eliminated, taken out by Noman Mirza as the blinds ticked up into the penultimate level of Day 2.

Luong moved all-in before the flop for his last 155,000 with A10, but ran smack-bang into Mirza’s 1010, which then turned two pair on the board of 6545Q.

Noman Mirza1,700,000
Wilson LuongBUSTED!

Level 20: 10,000/20,000 (20,000)

Multi-way madness!

Two more massive hands as we approach the next break, with the Main Event field now down to 54 players.

Over on Table 7, a three-way all-in pot played out between Roy Agresta, Darren Li and Hun Wei Lee and we got there just as the cards were tabled.

Lee: AA
Agresta: AQ
Li: A8

Board: 396J7

After the chips were cut down, Li was reduced to almost 400,000 in chips while Agresta was left with nothing; he was then joined on the rail soon after by David Sebesfi and Chao Li after they were simultaneously eliminated by Yang Lei.

Li: JJ
Sebesfi: JJ
Lei: AK

Board: 39A75

Yang Lei1,310,000
Hun Wei Lee650,000
Darren Li420,000
David SebesfiBUSTED!
Roy AgrestaBUSTED!
Yang Lei

Le, Yu up

Yang Lei and Jason Yu are now both back above one million in chips after the successive eliminations of James Siu and Michael Tchong.

Over on Table 15, Siu moved the last of his money in from middle position after a pre-flop raise from Lei. Lei peeked over at his cards and then quickly jammed a stack of blue 25,000 chips in and made the call.

Lei: KK
Siu: JJ

Board: 8Q63A

A short time later on Table 6, Tchong open-shoved for his last 160,000 from early position with 55; Yu was the only caller out of the cut-off and tabled A10, which won the flip after rivering the bigger two pair on the K10244 board.

Jason Yu1,270,000
Yang Lei1,080,000
Michael TchongBUSTED!
James SiuBUSTED!
James Siu

Welcome to NASA

Michelle Psarras and Liam Jehu are also now on their way to the cage to collect after both players were eliminated by pocket rockets during this level.

In earlier action, Psarras moved all-in for her last 175,000 with KQ and needed a lot of help against Rodni Kisar, who quickly called from the cut-off holding AA; a glimmer of hope did appear on the turn, but Psarras was left heartbroken after the board completed 37256.

Our reporter was then called over to Table 17, where Jehu had put himself at risk with 98, but Robert Kwan had woken up with – yep, you guessed it – AA, with no change after dealer fanned out a board of 35J44.

Robert Kwan700,000
Rodni Kisar680,000
Liam JehuBUSTED!
Michelle PsarrasBUSTED!
Liam Jehu

Shimmy equity?

Micheal Hill is having the time of his life here at The Star Gold Coast, but it was a very different story for Stacked Social’s Andrew Michael, who has just been eliminated.

Over on Table 14, Hill scored his second consecutive double-up through Mata Ye after they got all their chips into the middle after the flop on a board of 5J7103. Ye rolled over KJ, but Hill showed down AJ for the bigger kicker and did a little shimmy to celebrate.

Then in the very next hand, Michael jammed his last 60,000 into the middle with K10, but Tom Maguire called him off with K6, which rivered two pair after the board ran out 6J92J.

Mata Ye1,510,000
Micheal Hill740,000
Tom Maguire370,000
Andrew MichaelBUSTED!

Jessy on song

A massive hand for Jessy Song has resulted in Chris Mantell’s elimination as Day 2 of the WSOP Circuit Gold Coast Main Event rolls on.

As the other players went on break, Song and Mantell were left to duke it out on the feature table and we picked up the action three-handed from the flop of 10A5.

Mantell and Michael Egan checked to Song who opened for 60,000; Mantell was the only caller, and he then opened for 150,000 after the turn of the 3. Song snap-shoved and Mantell quickly called short.

Song: A10
Mantell: A6

The river was a meaningless 3, and a visibly heartbroken Mantell dropped part of his stack onto the table before walking away.

Jessy Song1,673,000
Chris MantellBUSTED!
Jessy Song

Top five chip counts

It’s been a helluva stanza, which saw Adrian Sportelli rocket up the counts to more than 2 million, followed by Mata Ye, Noman Mirza and Sheng Ye, along with Jonathan Levy, who’s now on 1.2 million.

69 players have returned from the break and we’ll be grinding through three more levels before we bag and tag for the night.

Adrian Sportelli2,070,000
Zhifan ‘Mata’ Ye1,950,000
Noman Mirza1,520,000
Sheng Ye1,460,000
Jonathan Levy1,280,000
Jonathan Levy

Level 19: 10,000/15,000 (15,000)

Break time

Our players are now on their next 15-minute break of the day.

Oh no, Tino!

Tino Lechich and Nil Magrane have been sent on a permanent break as we head to the next break of the afternoon.

Earlier, Lechich moved all-in pre-flop with A8 for around 65,000, but ran head-first into Andrew White’s 99 which turned a set on the board of 725910.

Magrane then got tripped up by Sheng Ye after moving in with 65, however Ye’s J7 took him down and out after the board was spread 47Q78.

Sheng Ye1,400,000
Andrew White1,010,000
Nil MagraneBUSTED!
Tino LechichBUSTED!

Courtney caught out

Adrian Sportelli has become the first player to hit the 2 million-chip mark in this Main Event after a massive hand against Jarrod Courtney.

After Wei Chung opened to 23,000, Paul Donovan called before Sportelli 3-bet it to 85,000; Courtney then dialled it up to 11, coming out with a four-bet shove of around 950,000. Sportelli snap-called.

Sportelli: KK
Courtney: AK

Board: 442J10

Cue the celebration.

Adrian Sportelli2,170,000
Jarrod CourtneyBUSTED!
Adrian Sportelli

Levy levels up

A huge hand out on Table 7 has resulted in the elimination of Zhengmin Zhang by Jonathan Levy.

Our reporter picked up the action to a flop of 4K7, where Levy had moved all-in after Zhang’s bet of 72,000; Zhang took some time to think it over before he made the call, turning up AK for top-top against Levy, who rolled over AQ for the nut flush draw.

Levy then caught the heart he needed with the 3, with the river A of no consolation to Zhang.

After the chips were cut down, it was confirmed that Levy was the one that had Zhang covered, and Levy moved up to 1.5 million in chips as Zhang headed to the exits.

Jonathan Levy1,500,000
Zhengmin ZhangBUSTED!

A couple of doubles

The pace of play has slowed considerably here in the Star Poker Gold Coast arena, but we’ve caught a couple of big double-ups as Main Event action continues.

Earlier, Chris Colaneri managed to score a chunk of change off Jai Duffy after he got his money in good holding AA, which held across all streets on the board of J42JK against Duffy’s 99.

At the same time, Paul Tartak went up against Phat Nguyen, snapping him off pre-flop with KK against Nguyen’s JJ, but was crippled down to less than 100,000 after Nguyen hooked a set on the board of 65AJ8.

Jai Duffy750,000
Phat Nguyen600,000
Chris Colaneri240,000
Paul Tartak95,000
Jai Duffy

Noman’s safe

Ben Harrison has fallen at the hands of Noman Mirza, who’s now sitting behind a stack worth more than 1.6 million in chips.

It was another all-in-pre-flop situation, with Harrison at risk with AJ, but Mirza had him dominated with QQ, and neither hand improved after the board was spread 421059.

Noman Mirza1,600,000
Ben HarrisonBUSTED!

Misstep from Iskra?

Over on Table 7, our reporter caught a post-flop showdown between Johnny Iskra and Zhengmin Zhang on a flop of 876; both players were on the come, but Zhang was ahead holding QJ against Iskra’s 53.

Zhang then left Iskra dead in the water after the dealer peeled off the turn of the K, with the river 8 purely for aesthetics.

Zhengmin Zhang820,000
Johnny IskraBUSTED!

Level 18: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)

Kalpakian catches a double

WSOP Circuit Gold Coast $550 Turbo Champion Jan Kossyrev is in strife after copping a brutal beat against Vanig Kalpakian.

Kalpakian put the last of his chips into the middle from early position pre-flop; Kossyrev was the only caller and the others got out of the way before they went to showdown.

Kossyrev: QQ
Kalpakian: AQ

Board: 859A5

Kalpakian took the full double, which resulted in Kossyrev dropping below 100K in chips.

Vanig Kalpakian400,000
Jan Kossyrev98,000

Youssef yeeted

Over on Table 6, Carlos Youssef moved all in pre-flop with QJ and found one caller in Bert Perry, who showed down A8.

Youssef then picked up an open-ended straight draw on the flop of 10KK, but Perry rivered two pair to eliminate Youssef after the dealer completed the board with the turn and river of 8, 10.

Bert Perry840,000
Carlos YoussefBUSTED!

Blatt flattened

Action has started to slow down as the Main Event field dropped below 100 players, with Dean Blatt amongst those to have hit the rail after he was taken out by Malcolm Trayner.

Blatt risked the last of his short stack with 87 and was quickly called by Trayner who tabled AK, but although Blatt turned the flush draw on the board of J6JQ, Trayner improved to two pair with the A on the river.

Malcolm Trayner276,000
Dean BlattBUSTED!

Pettit punted

Despite doubling up in the previous hand, Brendan Pettit has just been eliminated from the feature table by Martin Ward.

Pettit open-shoved pre-flop with A7 and the action folded around to Ward who called holding AQ, and although both players paired their Aces on the board of 26410A Ward was best with his Queen kicker.

Martin Ward804,000
Brendan PettitBUSTED!
Martin Ward

Naj nixed

Najeem Ajez has been sighted as one of the first eliminations after the break, taken out at the hands of Joel Dodds.

Ajez put himself at risk before the flop with the holding of A10, but Dodds had him well covered with his 1010, with neither hand improving on the board of Q2452.

Joel Dodds642,000
Najeem AjezBUSTED!
Joel Dodds

Order up!

As our 106 remaining players went off to refuel, the PMA Live Reporting team took the chance to get a quick round of counts. Noman Mirza and Zhifan ‘Mata’ Ye top our leader board with more than one million each, with Justin Lai, Sheng Ye and Adrian Sportelli all north of 900K.

Noman Mirza1,322,000
Zhifan ‘Mata’ Ye1,230,000
Justin Lai992,000
Sheng Ye951,000
Adrian Sportelli911,000
Sung Ki Cho856,000
Jarrod Courtney794,000
Jai Duffy785,000
Glen Parkes720,000
John Perry720,000
Tom Maguire673,000
Darren Li630,000
John Iskra526,000
Zhengmin Zhang510,000
Sheng Ye

Level 17: 5,000/10,000 (10,000)

Adios, Argyros

Just as we approached the end of the level, Errolyn Strang moved all-in pre-flop and found a caller in Australian Poker Hall of Famer Billy ‘The Croc’ Argyros; Argyros tabled AJ, but reeled when Strang showed down AA.

A third Ace on the flop of 2AQ put Strang further ahead, and she then hit the boat as the turn and river 6, Q completed the board, leaving Argyros with just 25,000 which he moved into the middle in the very next hand, only to then see John Doringer shove over the top to force the others out of the way.

Doringer: 77
Argyros: 109

Board: QA537

Errolyn Strang203,000
John Doringer164,000
Billy ArgyrosBUSTED!
John Doringer

Due to technical difficulties with the tournament clocks, the executive decision was made by Star Poker Gold Coast staff to bring forward the dinner break by an hour so that the issue could be resolved.

We’ll see you back here in 30 minutes!

Slick moves

Having started Day 2 of the WSOP Main Event as the overall chip leader, Sheng Ye has continued his fine form after taking out Elton Muzha.

After Muzha raised all-in from early position, action folded around to Ye who iso-shoved from the button to force the blinds out of the way before the cards were tabled.

Ye: AK
Muzha: Q9

Board: 4610K5

Meanwhile on the feature table, Harleigh Thorpe had also jammed from early position with AQ, but ran head-first into Natalia Rozova’s AK, with neither hand improving on the board of 3J4710.

Sheng Ye982,000
Natalia Rozova381,500
Elton MuzhaBUSTED!
Harleigh ThorpeBUSTED!
Natalia Rozova

Abernethy and Benson busto

Australian Poker Schedule head honcho Craig Abernethy has been sent to the rail, eliminated at the hands of Justin Bernstein over on Table 8.

Abernethy got the last of his very short stack in before the flop with JJ but lost the flip for his tournament life against Justin Bernstein’s AQ, who filled up on the river after flopping trips on the board of QQ10910.

Australian Poker Hall of Famer Gary Benson followed soon afterward, jamming the last of his stack in with 99, but Phat Nguyen woke up with 1010 and held after neither hand improved on the board of A8K35.

Phat Nguyen364,000
Justin Bernstein194,000
Gary BensonBUSTED!
Craig AbernethyBUSTED!

Connie and Seymour no more

Connie Graham and Marc Seymour have been amongst those to also collect from the payout desk as the WSOP Circuit Gold Coast Main Event continues.

Over on the feature table, Graham moved all-in for the last of her stack holding A3, but Doumit woke up with 77 and held after he made two pair on the board of 88544.

Then over on the far side of the room, Marc Seymour moved all-in with AQ and was called by Martin Finger who tabled AK; Seymour hit top pair on the flop of 2JQ and kept his lead with the 7 on the turn, but Finger spiked the K on the river to take it down.

Martin Finger180,000
Jim Doumit153,000
Marc SeymourBUSTED!
Connie GrahamBUSTED!
Connie Graham

Follet felted, Rastogi robbed

Plenty more bust-outs happening on either side of the first break, with two players cashing out early from Table 7.

In earlier action, Scott Wilson raised from early position and Johnny Iskra called before Antoine Follet shoved for his last 75,000; Wilson then iso-shoved, which forced Iskra out of the way before the cards were tabled.

Wilson: AK
Follet: A10

Board: 9J345

Iskra then picked up a bust-out of his own, eliminating Rahul Rastogi after winning the critical flip with 44 over Rastogi’s AQ after the board ran out 28K92.

Johnny Iskra525,000
Scott Wilson387,000
Rahul RastogiBUSTED!
Antonie FolletBUSTED!

Level 16: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)

RIP Rattigan

In just the second hand of bubble play, there were three separate all-in and calls across multiple tables, but with the first two resulting in double-ups – which included quad deuces for Billy ‘The Croc’ Argyros – all eyes were then fixed on Table 9, with heavy action between Michael Rattigan and Slav Rypinksi.

Rypinksi raised from under the gun to 15,000 and action then folded around to Rattigan, who 3-bet to 40,000 from the button; Rypinski called, and then check-called after Rattigan’s bet of 40,000 on the flop of J810 before he led out for 25,000 on the turn of the 3.

Rattigan moved all-in and Rypinski called, showing down K10 for second pair and a flush draw against Rattigan’s AQ.

River: 7

Slav Rypinski545,000
Michael RattiganBUSTED!
Slav Rypinski

And just like that folks, we are down to 151 players and officially in the money!

Time for us all to catch our breath – we’ll back with more from the WSOP Circuit Gold Coast Main Event in 15 minutes. Stay with us!

On the bubble!

Another two bust-outs, and we’re now on the money bubble here in the WSOP Circuit Gold Coast Main Event!

Our reporter first caught all-in action between Paul Donovan, who was at risk with AQ, but failed to improve against Justin Capra’s AK after neither hand improved on the board of 75J92.

At the same time over on Table 6, Nathan Susnig moved all-in pre-flop with JJ, but Ming Yu woke up with QQ; with no change after the dealer spread the board of A10796, Susnig was confirmed as our soft bubble and the tournament clock has now been paused in preparation for hand-for-hand play.

Ming Yiu232,000
Justin Capra214,000
Paul DonovanBUSTED!
Nathan SusnigBUSTED!

Pair despair

Action has been frenetic across the felt here at Star Poker Gold Coast, with Benedikt Eberle and Timothy Royle amongst those to have hit the rail as Main Event action continues.

Earlier, Eberle moved all-in before the flop on Table 18 with 99, but despite hitting a set on the board of 10QJ98, Michael Hill turned a straight with his KQ.

Royle then got the last of his money in with KK and was in great shape against Josh Foster’s A4, but Foster turned Aces-up and held on the runout of 52A54.

Micheal Hill415,000
Joshua Foster205,000
Benedikt EberleBUSTED!
Timothy RoyleBUSTED!

Liddell looted, Gross gutted

There’s no signs of slowing down here across the felt at Star Poker Gold Coast, with Michael Gross and Marc Liddell amongst those added to the Day 2 casualty list.

On Table 17, Marc Liddell got his money in good pre-flop with QQ, but was tripped up by Chris Zenonos’ AJ after he rivered three-of-a-kind on the board of 2910AA.

Then over on Table 10, Gross moved all-in pre-flop holding KQ, but Tu Le’s 76 rivered a flush despite Gross flopping two pair on the board of A5739.

Tu Le431,000
Chris Zenonos339,000
Michael GrossBUSTED!
Marc LiddellBUSTED!

Bright White

Andrew White has taken out two more players on Table 6 as action continues here at The Star Gold Coast.

Earlier, Jethro Horowitz put the last of his money into the middle after a flop of 3Q6, but although he had picked up a small pair with his 65, White had him dominated with KK, which held after the turn and river ran out 2, 10.

Some time passed before White got his chips in again, this time against Xiaoting Lu after the flop of 89Q – and the scenario was eerily similar.

White: KK
Lu: AQ

The turn and river 2, 3 completed, and with White moved up to almost 360,000 in chips after that hand as Lu headed to the exits.

Andrew White359,500
Xiaoting LuBUSTED!
Jethro HorowitzBUSTED!

OMG, Qi killed Kenny!

There’ll be no second ring for WSOP Mystery Bounty Champion Kenny Wang, who has just been felted at the hands of Qi Xu.

All the money was in the middle before the flop and we got here just as the duo went to showdown.

Wang: AA
Xu: JJ

A huge flop for Xu as he hooked a set on the flop of JK10, but despite picking up the Broadway draw, Wang was clubbed out as the turn and river came 7, 9.

Then over on the feature table, Michael Kanaan, moved the last of his money in from late position pre-flop with K7, only to run into the AJ of Jim Doumit, who called out of the big blind.

Kanaan did pair up on the flop of 687, but Doumit hooked up on the turn and held as the board completed J, 10.

Qi Xu333,000
Jim Doumit187,000
Kenny WangBUSTED!
Michael KanaanBUSTED!
Michael Kanaan

Level 15: 3,000/6,000 (6,000)

Heart-breaking stuff

Chris Costanzo and Sean Ragozzini have been confirmed as two of our most recent eliminations amidst the carnage during this first level.

Over on Table 12, Costanzo put himself at risk pre-flop with AJ, but although he found himself ahead of Chris Tran’s A10, Tran turned the nuts on an all-heart board of 5K2310.

Our reporter was then summoned next door to Table 13, where Ragozzini had moved all-in with 87, but despite flopping two pair on the board of 78QK6, Malcolm Trayner had hit the runner-runner flush with his AQ.

Chris Tran361,000
Malcolm Trayner351,500
Chris CostanzoBUSTED!
Sean RagozziniBUSTED!

Rico roasted

Over on Table 13, Justin Lai raised from middle postion and the action folded around to Rommel Rico who shoved for his last 90,000 out of the big blind. Lai snapped him off and tabled QQ, which had Rico’s 99 dominated.

Lai soared further ahead after the flop of 3107, but although there was a glimmer of hope with the 8 on the turn, the river 5 was a brick and Rico was eliminated.

Would you like to know more?

Justin Lai384,000
Rommel RicoBUSTED!

Kamiya culled

Leo Kamiya has been eliminated over the space of two hands by Todor Kondevski after finding himself on the wrong end of a big three-way all-in.

In earlier action on Table 6, Todor Kondevski open shoved from under the gun and the action folded around to Kamiya who came in over the top from the small blind. Jethro Horowitz also called from the big blind and the cards were tabled:

Kondevski: JJ
Horowitz: AK
Kamiya: AK

Board: Q3629

Kamiya then open-shoved his last 19,500 from the button in the very next hand with K6 and Kondevski called with K10, but although Kamiya took the lead after the Q6K, Kondevski got there on the river as the board completed 2, 10.

Todor Kondevski341,500
Leo KamiyaBUSTED!
Todor Kondevski

Kelvin-ator III: Rise of the machine

Kelvin Li has terminated two players in Yann Del Rey and Brandon Bailey over on Table 16.

Action folded around to Del Rey who jammed from the button before Li quickly called out of the small blind; Bailey then came in over the top from the big blind and Li beat him into the pot.

Li: AA
Bailey: AJ
Del Rey: Q3

Bailey jokingly pleaded to our reporter: “Don’t report on this, please!”

Flop: JK2

“Okay, now you can report on it!”

Turn: K

“Drop a heart please, dealer!”

River: 7. Brick.

Kelvin Li390,500
Brandon BaileyBUSTED!
Yann Del ReyBUSTED!

Zhihong zilched

“All in and call!”

In the very first hand of play over on Table 9, Con Krousoraties raised from early position before the action folded around to Zhihong Ma, who ripped it in for 49,000 total out of the small blind.

Krousoratis snap-called and tabled AK and found himself ahead of Ma, who rolled over AQ.

Both players paired up by the turn on the board of J8QK, but the 5 was safe for Krousoratis and Ma was confirmed as the first elimination of the day.

Con Krousoratis196,000
Zhihong MaBUSTED!

Shuffle up and deal!

Cards are now in the air for Day 2 of the Main Event!

Star Poker Gold Coast staff have advised that we’ll be playing through eight levels of 60 minutes’ duration, or down to 36 players, whichever comes first, and there’ll be a break every two levels.

LevelSmall BlindBig BlindBB Ante

Level 14: 2,500/5,000 (5,000)

All to play for

Live from wherever you’re watching in Australia, New Zealand or around the world, hello and welcome back to PokerMedia Australia for our continued coverage of the WSOP Circuit Gold Coast Main Event!

The tables have been dressed, the decks are being fanned and the stage is now set, with 195 players returning to battle it out for a share of the $2,252,250 prize pool generated from 1,001 total entries.

The top 151 players will be paid a minimum of $3,778, while our top five are all guaranteed a six-figure sum – and for our winner, a whopping $386,542 prize awaits, along with the coveted Jostens gold ring and automatic qualification into next year’s WSOP Tournament of Champions.

Play is about to get underway very shortly, so stay with here at PMA as we bring you all the action from across the felt until the final river falls!

Image courtesy of The Star Gold Coast

Day 2 seat draw

Play will resume at 11:30am local time, with recommencing blinds at 3,000/5,000 (5,000). Please ensure you have your photo ID and Star Club Card with you in order to verify your bag, and please approach Star Poker Gold Coast staff with any queries regarding your seat allocation. Best of luck, everyone!

To assist our WPT Live Reporting Team, please ensure your PMA ID cards are kept close to your stack, face-up and visible at all times.

Players are also asked to move their PMA IDs with them when broken or balanced to another table, and they must be left on the table to be collected after an elimination and at the end of day’s play.

Table 1 (Feature Table)

PMA IDSeatNameChips
01011John Doringer180,000
01022Fletcher Smith65,500
01033Michael Kanaan68,500
01044Chris Mantell341,000
01055Connie Graham32,500
01066Errolyn Strang168,000
01077Jim Doumit45,500
01088Vasilios Argyros42,500
01099Natalia Rozova321,500

Table 6

PMA IDSeatNameChips
06011Nathan Susnig109,500
06022Leo Kamiya136,000
06033Jethro Horowitz177,000
06044Todor Kondevski106,500
06055Xiaoting Lu114,000
06066Michael Tchong300,000
06077Andrew White214,000
06088Joel Dodds291,000
06099Haozhe Gan233,500

Table 7

PMA IDSeatNameChips
07011Antonie Follet178,000
07022Zien Tang391,000
07033George Frilingos160,500
07044Brian Walsh126,500
07055Mikael Larsson300,500
07066Jonathon Levy120,500
07077Ashish Gupta139,500
07088John Iskra380,000
07099Chit Saw31,000

Table 8

PMA IDSeatNameChips
08011Justin Bernstein88,000
08022Ricacardo Tallarico101,000
08033George Kyritis198,500
08044Tom Maguire526,000
08055Jin Li194,000
08066Luke Irving151,000
08077John Apostolidis385,000
08088Craig Abernethy114,500
08099Joshua Smith427,000

Table 9

PMA IDSeatNameChips
09011Zhi Hong Ma49,000
09022Bailey Todd80,500
09033Mina Elias91,500
09044Con Krousoratis137,000
09055Adrian Sportelli318,000
09066Michel Bouskila98,000
09077Michael Rattigan214,500
09088Jeffery Lisandro199,000
09099Xin Qi220,000

Table 10

PMA IDSeatNameChips
10011Elton Muzha94,000
10022Alexander Alford77,500
10033Aroha Ngata210,000
10044Norman Mirza373,500
10055Peter Apostolou155,000
10066James Broom222,000
10077Tu Le333,500
10088Michael Gross99,500
10099Huss Hassan384,500

Table 11

PMA IDSeatNameChips
11011Tristan Bain172,000
11022Travis Endersby59,000
11033Marc Seymour418,500
11044Jai Duffy260,000
11055Sam Adams112,000
11066Seyed Hosseini128,000
11077Jarrod Courtney637,000
11088Sherif Derias115,000
11099Andrew Menzies47,000

Table 12

PMA IDSeatNameChips
12011Michelle Psarras230,000
12022Chris Costanzo154,000
12033Phat Nguyen235,000
12044Alan Dang76,000
12055Gary Benson445,000
12066Rodni Kisar219,500
12077Mark Yazbek281,000
12088Tu Christopher Tran255,000
12099Brendan Pettit15,000

Table 13

PMA IDSeatNameChips
13011Darren Li528,500
13022Justin Lai432,500
13033Mitchell Frost182,000
13044Wilson Luong250,500
13055Dean Blatt140,000
13066Malcom Trayner345,000
13077Rommel Rico44,000
13088Vanig Kalpakian240,000
13099Sean Ragozzini73,000

Table 14

PMA IDSeatNameChips
14011Dylan Wayne198,500
14022Josh Summers156,000
14033Joseph Antar226,000
14044Joshua Foster168,500
14055Timothy Royle179,000
14066Zhifan Ye574,500
14077Liam Murray242,000
14088Mao Sun92,000
14099Craig Blight131,500

Table 15

PMA IDSeatNameChips
15011Adam Albarri56,000
15022Kyrillos Gerges96,500
15033Clinton Taylor359,500
15044Paul Donovan88,000
15055Yu Chen71,000
15066Chao Li179,500
15077James Siu66,000
15088Justin Capra199,000
15099Suraj Kara141,500

Table 16

PMA IDSeatNameChips
16011Yann Del Rey46,000
16022Xuqian Li257,000
16033Brandon Bailey133,500
16044Phillip Stamler192,000
16055Owen Chong270,000
16066Sheng Ye723,000
16077Nil Esteve Magrane198,500
16088George Psarras259,500
16099Joe Sandaev236,000

Table 17

PMA IDSeatNameChips
17011Chris Zenonos183,000
17022Peter Dykes137,000
17033Meer Hussaini160,500
17044Shane Parker196,500
17055Michael Tran162,000
17066Ali Ghezelbash219,000
17077Marc Liddell140,000
17088Zheming Zhu151,500
17099Andrej Senic126,500

Table 18

PMA IDSeatNameChips
18011Adam Cusenza83,000
18022Andrew Micheal160,000
18033Micheal Hill385,500
18044Ben Harrison192,500
18055Benedikt Eberle72,000
18066Gavin Best125,000
18077Jason Lau105,500
18088Josh Hutchins196,000
18099Jim Giannoukos63,500

Table 19

PMA IDSeatNameChips
19011Sebestian Trisch48,000
19022Jason Lee227,000
19033David Sebesfi117,500
19044Liam Jehu244,500
19055Corey Kempson286,500
19066Michael Egan297,500
19077Rined Namrood324,000
19088Dejan Boskovic184,500
19099Jarred Graham80,000

Table 20

PMA IDSeatNameChips
20011Jason Yu132,000
20022Cooper Smout118,000
20033Chris Colaneri446,500
20044Martin Ward425,000
20055Glen Parkes403,500
20066Coleen Fish117,000
20077Michael Sleiman208,000
20088Siana O’Loughlin194,500
20099Antonio Seremet91,000

Table 21

PMA IDSeatNameChips
21011Anthony Cierco212,500
21022Magnus Iversen76,000
21033Najeem Ajez341,500
21044Jessy Song185,500
21055Zhengmin Zhang312,500
21066Wei Chung Au Yong225,500
21077Daniel Smiljanic174,000
21088Hun Wei Lee595,000
21099Shu Yih Ng526,500

Table 22

PMA IDSeatNameChips
22011Deborah James394,500
22022John Perry349,000
22033Yan Wen Yee175,500
22044Martin Finger94,000
22055Jennifer Cassell199,000
22066Monil Gohil243,500
22077Lloyd Locsin148,500
22088Slav Rypinski248,500
22099Roy Agresta350,000

Table 23

PMA IDSeatNameChips
23011Josh McCully259,500
23022Jan Kossyrev319,000
23033Harleigh Thorpe117,000
23044Karam Bahi361,500
23055Carlos Youssef69,000
23066Junya Luo478,000
23077Sailendra Sha103,000
23088Robert Kwan277,000
23099Chad Awerbuch190,500

Table 24

PMA IDSeatNameChips
24011Ming Yiu135,500
24022Jeison Berdugo472,500
24033Mereana Moana35,000
24044Sung Ki Cho346,000
24055Rahul Rastogi240,000
24077Po Hu252,000
24088Jarrod Thatcher370,000
24099Luke Trevanion183,500

Table 25

PMA IDSeatNameChips
25011Mick Gavrilovic82,000
25022Qi Xu130,000
25033Guangyu Wang55,500
25044Tino Lechich159,000
25055Michael Clair87,000
25066Scott Wilson247,500
25077Weh Zhu200,500
25099David W. Clark159,500

Table 26

PMA IDSeatNameChips
26011Paul Tartak399,500
26022Matt Ginn219,000
26033Shivan Abdine150,000
26055Ryan matthews140,500
26066Edwin Chiu84,000
26077Justin Cohen84,000
26088Yang Lei170,500
26099Michael Frydman158,000

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