LIVE REPORTING: 2022 WSOP Circuit Gold Coast Main Event Day 1C

Peter Luo ends Day 1C as chip leader; that’s a wrap!

Well folks, it’s been another massive day here at Star Poker Gold Coast, and after 13 levels of play, we have found our Day 1C chip leader: electrical engineering student Peter Luo, who bagged up 478,000 in chips.

Speaking with PokerMedia Australia at the end of the night, it was clear that Luo has been putting in the hard yards to improve his knowledge of the game, as well as embracing the WSOP experience.

“It’s so exciting to be here!” Luo said. “I almost didn’t come after I fired one bullet yesterday, but my friend encouraged me to come back one more time … and I’m so happy that I did.”

“I’m a very competitive person, I don’t like to lose, but after I lost a lot of money, I studied really hard … my VPIP was like 93% back then compared to how I play now!”

Other players to have made it through to Day 2 include Jeison Berdugo (427,500), Martin Ward (425,000), Marc Seymour (418,500) and Paul Tartak (399,500), along with notables Noman Mirza, Johnny Iskra, Deborah James and $1,500 Action Clock Champion, Jarrod Thatcher.

That’s all we’ve got time for here at PMA, but be sure to keep an eye out for our continued coverage of the WSOP Circuit Gold Coast Main Event, with Day 2 kicking off tomorrow (Sunday) at 11:30am AEST. To all our readers and followers: thanks so much for tuning in once again and we’ll see you back here at The Star Gold Coast real soon. Until then, it’s ‘bye for now!

Tsai goes bye-bye

“Charles, hurry up and punt it mate!”

That was the call from one of the railbirds towards Charles Tsai, who had been flying under the radar for almost the entire day until he was busted over two hands by Martin Finger.

Action folded around to Finger in the small blind, who completed his small blind; Tsai checked his option in the big blind, then short-called for 1,000 after Finger continued on the flop of 495.

Tsai rolled over 43 for a small pair against Finger’s up-and-downer with 76, but Tsai held on as the turn and river ran out 10, K.

Then in the very next hand, action folded around to Finger who raised from the button, who then called after Tsai shoved for his last 14,000 from the small blind.

Finger: Q10
Tsai: Q9

Board: 6J34K

Martin Finger78,000
Charles TsaiBUSTED!

And with the last three hands all played out, Day 1C of the WSOP Circuit Main Event is in the can! The PMA team will be back shortly to wrap this all up. Stick around!

Del Rey’s A-OK!

It’s been a great day out for Yann Del Rey, who has taken out another player as we approach the closing stages of Day 1C of the Main Event.

After a flop of QQ7, Del Rey checked to his heads-up opponent who open-shoved for 73,000 effective.

“I’m sorry man, I gotta call – I have a Queen,” Del Rey said as he slammed in his calling chips.

Del Rey: Q10
Opponent: AK

Del Rey left the villain drawing dead on the turn as the board completed 3, J.

Yann Del Rey291,500

Stamler gets Tam

Another bust-out in the WSOP Circuit Gold Coast Main Event, with Tam Truong eliminated by Phil Stamler as the field dropped to 100 players.

Truong got his money in good pre-flop holding KK, but Stamler’s A8 drilled another Ace on the flop of A109 before the turn and river ran out J, 6.

Phil Stamler155,500
Tam TruongBUSTED!

Arbabi’s alright

Kiavash Arbabi is still up and about in the Big Dance here at The Star Gold Coast after doubling through Luke McCredie.

All the money was in the middle pre-flop; Arbabi was at-risk with K9, but won the flip for his tournament life against McCredie’s 88, rivering two pair on the board of K27QA.

Kiavash Arbabi63,400
Luke McCredie25,600
Kiavash Arbabi

Level 13: 2,000/4,000 (4,000)

Break time!

Our remaining players are on their last 15-minute break; when they return, they’ll play through one more level before bagging up.

Foster bounces back

Josh Foster was cut back to less than two big blinds after losing a huge pot against Lloyd Locsin, but has since doubled to keep his Main Event run going in the final minutes of this level.

After a raise from middle position, action passed to Foster who called from the cut-off before Locsin shoved for 92,400 from the big blind. The MP let his hand go and Foster called.

Foster: JJ
Locsin: AQ

Board: 710Q28

Foster found himself all-in a few hands later with AK and got three callers; Bert Perry and two others called, and the action was checked through to the turn on a board of 35326.

Perry’s post-river bet was enough to force the others out of the way, however his 98 was no good against Foster’s Ace-high.

Bert Perry208,000
Josh Foster95,000
Josh Foster

Campbell crushes Carmen

Carmen Ling’s tournament life has now come to an end after she was eliminated by 2019 WSOP Player of the Year, Robert Campbell.

Action folded around to Ling who open-shoved for 34,000 from the cut-off with 22, only to see Campbell wake up with an absolute monster: KK.

Board: Q9778

Robert Campbell140,200
Carmen LingBUSTED!
Robert Campbell

Dinesh dominated

Dinesh Singham has had his Main Event dreams crushed at the hands of Deborah James as we head into Level 12.

Singham moved all-in before the flop with QQ, however he ran smack-bang into James’ KK, with neither hand improving after the board was spread J2A64.

With Singham sent packing, James is now on a stack worth almost 400,000 in chips.

Deborah James391,500
Dinesh SinghamBUSTED!
Deborah James

Level 12: 1,500/3,000 (3,000)

Cho KO’ed

More action on our feature table, with Ji Cho confirmed as our most recent elimination as we head into Level 12.

Our reporter picked up the action with Cho all-in after the turn on a board of 3J77, with Scott Wilson having called her down; both players had turned two pair, but although Cho held J-To, Wilson had her crushed with his pocket Queens, which held after the 8 fell on the river.

Scott Wilson101,000

Chang crushed

Over on the feature table, the action folded around to Jackie Chang moved all-in pre-flop for 31,000 effective from late position.

Bert Perry snap-called from his immediate left and the others got out of the way before the hands were turned over.

Chang: 33
Perry: AK

Perry then turned two pair on the board of KQ2A; needing one of two threes to stay alive, the river 2 was one pip short.

Bert Perry308,000
Jackie ChangBUSTED!
Bert Perry

Hello, Tino!

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Tino Lechich on the felt, but the Melbourne poker stalwart is back in full force and has just scored back-to-back doubles as action continues here in the WSOP Circuit Main Event.

In an earlier hand, Lechich got the last of his chips in pre-flop holding K2, but was facing an uphill battle against Adam Kharman who called with 88, but Lechich spiked a King on the flop of K6J and improved to two pair after the turn and river came running Q, Q.

Lechich then put his tournament life on the line once again, getting his money in good with K10 and straight-up drilled the flop of 9QJ against his opponent’s Q8.

Things got a little sweaty with the 9 on the turn, but Lechich held after the 7 bricked out on the river.

Adam Kharman105,500
Tino Lechich104,000
Tino Lechich

Level 11: 1,500/2,500 (2,500)

Luong, Khouiss, good night

After nursing a short stack for most for the day, Suzy Khouiss has succumbed to Wilson Luong as we move into the 11th level of play.

Khouiss moved all-in for her last 23,200 before the flop with AQ, but Luong snap-called with AK and struck gold on the flop of QJ10.

The turn of the 8 left Khouiss drawing dead, with the river 3 merely a formality.

Wilson Luong162,300
Suzy KhouissBUSTED!
Wilson Luong

Huynh hijacked

Billy Huynh has also fallen by the wayside, eliminated at the hands of Tony Tavella.

After a raise from early position, Tavella open-shoved and Huynh short-called, forcing the original raiser out of the way before the cards were tabled.

Huynh: JJ
Tavella: A5

Board: 10A285. Ouch.

Tony Tavella39,600
Billy HuynhBUSTED!
Tony Tavella

Ward soars

Martin Ward has scored a massive double-up over on Table 21 to keep his Main Event hopes alive.

After some heavy pre-flop betting action, Ward found himself heads-up against the player on his immediate right into a flop of 36J.

The early position player led out for 15,000 and Ward called, then the action repeated after the opening of 20,000 on the turn of the K before the EP shoved on the river 9.

Ward couldn’t get his chips in fast enough, rolling up KK against the villain, who grimaced as he tabled A10 for a busted double-gutter.

Martin Ward224,000

Count ’em up!

After crunching the numbers, the Star Poker Gold Coast team have informed us that today’s flight has been locked out at 406, for a grand total of 1,001 entries and a prize pool worth $2,252,250.

A fantastic result that’s certainly worth celebrating – and great timing too, as the Player’s Party is about to kick off in the Atrium Bar.

Full prize pool dividends will be updated in due course, but based on our calculations, this year’s top prize will be approximately $380,000!

In the meantime, here’s our latest cross-section of chip counts for those of you keeping score at home.

Nonil Gohil307,800
Robert Kwan299,500
Adi Rao236,800
Bert Perry215,800
Rahul Rastogi205,000
Johnny Iskra204,000
Yann Del Rey176,400
Jackie Chang168,500
Anthony Cierco165,000
Justin Cohen153,000

Level 10: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)

Break time!

Our Main Event players are now on another 15-minute break, and according to our sources, we are oh-so-close to hitting 1,000 entries for this Main Event!

We’ll be back with the official numbers right after this.

Arrivederci Amiri

Jesper Henrich is now back up to double the starting stack after sending Ehsan Amiri to the rail just before the next break.

Henrich open-shoved from early position and the action folded around to Amiri, who called out of the big blind; Henrich showed down AK against Amiri’s 109, but although Amiri flopped a flush draw on the board of 672J5, the turn and river blacked out and Henrich’s Ace-high was good.

After the chips were cut down, it was discovered that Henrich had Amiri covered – albeit by a slim margin – and Amiri was no more.

Jesper Henrich80,000
Ehsan AmiriBUSTED!

Double Ling

Carmen Ling’s Main Event run continues here at The Star Gold Coast after she managed to score some chips through Daniel Hachem.

Having already doubled her very short stack in a previous hand, Ling ripped them in again with Q5 and turned second pair on the board of 5A6Q4 against Hachem’s 98.

Daniel Hachem80,000
Carmen Ling25,500
Carmen Ling

Delaney done and dusted

Michael Delaney has had his name added to the WSOP Circuit Main Event casualty list after being felted by Peter Apostolou.

Delaney shoved the last of his chips over the line after a flop of 6A9 and looked the goods against Apostolou’s 98.

Delaney kept his lead after the dealer produced the K on the turn, but Apostolou scored the knock-out after hitting two pair with the river 8.

Peter Apostolou93,000
Michael DelaneyBUSTED!
Peter Apostolou

Yazbeck’s back!

After being eliminated in the previous level by Corentin Hillion, Mark Yazbeck has taken another crack and found a timely double-up through Luke McCredie as we entered into the last level before the break.

Our reporter caught the action as Yazbeck open-shoved after the river on a board of 992JJ; McCredie called him down, but threw his hand into the muck after Yazbeck showed down 97 for a full house.

McCredie’s stack was reduced to around 40 bigs after that hand.

Luke McCredie61,100
Mark Yazbeck58,800
Mark Yazbeck

Level 9: 1,000/1,500 (1,500)

Ginn and Irving looking rosy

Matthew Ginn and Luke Irving have both doubled up to keep their Main Event dreams alive as we moved into Level 9.

Earlier on Table 19, Ginn came out with a three-bet shove from the big blind after his opponent opened pre-flop from under the gun, which forced another three callers out of the way before the UTG player called with KQ, but was tripped up by Ginn’s K9 after the board was spread J79K9.

“He got it in bad and came out of there smelling like roses!” quipped Suzy Khouiss.

Soon after on Table 17, Irving got his money into the middle after a flop of A59; Najeem Ajez had called short, but Iriving was also at risk as Phil Stamler had them both covered.

Irving: A3
Stamler: K10
Ajez: J8

Turn: 2

River: 8

Phil Stamler230,900
Luke Irving168,300
Matthew Ginn62,200
Najeem AjezBUSTED!
Luke Irving

Lynskey gone-ski

2018 WSOP Circuit Main Event Champion Alex Lynskey is no more, having just been felted by Jenn Cassell.

Our reporter picked up the action after Lynskey had moved all-in before the flop; he found two callers in Cassell and Luke McCredie, who then checked through the board of 5J7K4.

McCredie: A6
Cassell: KQ
Lynskey: Q10

The pair of Kings was enough for Cassell to take it down, and in turn send Lynskey to the rail and reduce McCredie’s stack below 100,000 in chips.

Luke McCredie90,700
Jenn Cassell85,900
Alex Lynskey BUSTED!

Corentin carnage!

A big three-way all-in pot on Table 8 has resulted in both Mark Yazbeck and Dee Dee Chen being eliminated at the hands of Corentin Hillion.

The trio got their stacks into the middle after a flop of 97Q; Chen held A2 for the nut flush draw, ahead of Hillion who was also on the come with J10, but Yazbeck was in good shape to triple up after having flopped two pair holding 97.

No change after the turn of the 2, but Hillion gutted them both after spiking the 8 on the river for the straight!

Corentin Hillion81,500
Dee Dee ChenBUSTED!
Mark YazbeckBUSTED!

Thatcher catches a double

WSOP Circuit Gold Coast $1,500 Action Clock winner Jarrod Thatcher is now back up beyond the starting stack after doubling through Noman Mirza.

Our reporter caught the action as the players tabled their hands after they got all their chips into the middle pre-flop.

Mirza: JJ
Thatcher: AK

Mirza was looking the goods through to fourth street on the board of 7224, but Thatcher jagged the A on the river and doubled through.

Noman Mirza127,900
Jarrod Thatcher67,700

Level 8: 600/1,200 (1,200)

Nguyen loss ratio

Huyen Nguyen has been confirmed as another of our most eliminations, taken down by Sammy Haddad just before we reached the eighth level of play.

All the money was in the middle pre-flop; Nguyen was at risk with AK, but although he was ahead of Haddad’s AJ, Haddad turned the nut flush and left Nguyen stone dead on the board of 5934J. That’ll do it.

Sammy Haddad49,500
Huyen NguyenBUSTED!
Sammy Haddad

Oosthuizen and Trevenna tossed

Belinda Oosthuizen and Craig Trevenna have both been felted at the hands of Ji Cho on the feature table as action continues here at The Star Gold Coast.

Oosthuizen manged to score a double-up through Trevenna in an earlier hand after her 33 held up against Trevenna’s AQ on a board of 775J2.

A few hands later, they were both all-in pre-flop and were called off by Cho, taking us to a three-way pre-flop showdown.

Trevenna: A10
Oosthuizen: A4
Cho: Q10

Board: K4Q76

Ji Cho111,500
Belinda OosthuizenBUSTED!
Craig TrevennaBUSTED!
Ji Cho

McCredie reduced

Luke McCredie has taken a couple of hits in the first few minutes of this level, losing pots to both Craig Abernethy and Harry Vlazakis.

Earlier, our reporter caught action three-handed between McCredie, Abernethy and another player in middle position to a flop of K28, which they all checked before action checked through to Abernethy on the turn of the 2, where Abernethy opened for 10,000.

McCredie was the only caller, but then both players checked the river 5; Abernethy showed down 1010, which was best against McCredie’s 99.

Some time passed before Vlazakis moved all-in for the last of his very short stack with AQ, but he managed to pair up on the turn and hold on the board of 753A10 against McCredie’s KQ.

Luke McCredie114,400
Craig Abernethy112,500
Harry Vlazakis40,100
Craig Abernethy

Assorted chip counts

Play is now back underway in the WSOP Circuit Gold Coast Main Event, and leading the pack after the dinner break is Johnny Iskra, who was confirmed as our first player to break the 200K chip mark. South Australian crusher Joe Sandaev is also right up there, along with Phil Stamler, most famous for his victory in the record-breaking QPC Gold Coast Main Event last year.

With three more levels of late rego remaining, the number of entries in today’s flight now stands at 358, giving us a running prize pool total worth more than $2.1 million.

Johnny Iskra222,500
Joe Sandaev190,000
Phil Stamler160,000
Alex Lee159,600
Luke McCredie150,000
Rodney Kisar146,600
Dean Boskovic140,300
Ken Demlakian138,300
Wei Chen137,700
Noman Mirza133,100
Mark Montague132,900
Duncan McKinnon126,800
Monil Gohil124,200
Yann Del Rey116,900
Johnny Iskra

Level 7: 500/1,000 (1,000)

Dinner time!

Our players are now on a 30-minute dinner break. In the meantime, we’re gonna grab some chips for us, and when we come back, we’re gonna grab some chips for you. Stay with us!

Pooley punted, Chin sin-binned

Shelley Pooley and Chin Wang have both headed to the exits in the last few minutes leading up to the next break of the day.

Earlier, Pooley put herself at risk before the flop with Q9, but was outkicked by Mishel Anunu’s QJ despite both players making two pair on the board of 10Q2KK.

Wang then followed soon after, getting the remainder of his stack in with 33, but was unable to improve against Angelo Smith’s 88 after the board was spread KK1042.

Angelo Smith85,000
Mishel Anunu53,000
Chin WangBUSTED!
Shelley PooleyBUSTED!
Mishel Anunu

Elbarhoun eliminated

Back over on Table 5, our reporter caught another big all-in-pre-flop showdown between George Elbarhoun, Milan Gurung and Joe Sandaev, with Gurung the shortest of the three stacks.

Gurung: JJ
Sandaev: 1010
Elbarhoun: AQ

Board: K5974

After the chips were cut down, Gurung scored himself a full triple, with Elbarhoun given his marching orders after Sandaev took the sidepot.

Joe Sandaev133,200
Milan Gurung23,500
George ElbarhounBUSTED!

Demlakian back in contention

A huge hand on Table 19 has resulted in Ken Demlakian chipping up to more than 150,000 through Matthew Ginn.

Action folded around to Demlakian who raised to 1,800 from middle position; Qais Shanasa then three-bet to 5,300 from the cut-off before Ginn four-bet it to 13,000 out of the big blind.

In reply, Demlakian five-bet to 29,000, which forced a fold from Shanasa before Ginn six-bet shoved over the top. Demlakian short-called and the cards were tabled.

Ginn: KK
Demlakian: AK

Demlakian spiked top-top on the flop of A56, but still needed to dodge the case King or a diamond to survive – and that he did, as the turn and river ran out 2, J.

Ken Demlakian151,000
Matthew Ginn39,700
Qais Shanasa32,900

Stone doubles

Joshua Stone has been nursing a short stack for the most part during this stanza, but has managed to score a double-up through Martin Ward as action continues here in the WSOP Circuit Gold Coast Main Event.

Action folded around to Stone who open-shoved from the button before Ward called him off in the big blind.

Stone: 33
Ward: KJ

Stone then turned the wheel to survive after the board was spread 52A4Q.

Martin Ward48,000
Joshua Stone16,400
Joshua Stone

Level 6: 400/800 (800)

Fish and chips

Plenty of action over on the feature table, with Colleen Fish doubling through Craig Trevenna before Michael Clair eliminated Gabriele Martignani.

Earlier, Fish moved her last 9,500 into the middle after the river on a board that read 2K553; Trevenna called and tabled KQ for two pair, but Fish had rivered the wheel holding A4 which resulted in a full double.

A short time later, Martignani put his tournament life on the line, moving all in pre-flop with AK, but lost the critical flip against Clair’s QQ that filled up on the river after the board was spread 2Q562.

Michael Clair56,600
Craig Trevenna53,000
Colleen Fish24,800
Gabriel MartignaniBUSTED!
Colleen Fish

The Sengul saga

Bora Sengul’s run in this tournament has come to an abrupt end over the space of three hands out on Table 30.

In earlier action, Sengul got his money in with 1010 against Robert Campbell’s KK, but Campbell turned top set against him on the board of 7108K4.

Down to less than 3,000 in chips, Sengul ripped them in with the holding of Q9; this time, Noman Mirza called him down with 1010, but incredibly, Sengul was saved by the river Queen to fill up against Mirza’s turned set after the board was spread 95Q10Q.

Sengul then jammed again for the third and final time with 43, but hit the rail after he failed to improve on the Q105710 against Landine Kao’s A9.

Robert Campbell96,400
Noman Mirza81,000
Landine Kao27,300
Bora SengulBUSTED!
Bora Sengul

Chen ended

Rodney Kisar has now quadrupled his starting stack after eliminating Cameron Chen over on Table 16.

Despite getting his money in behind with 77 against Chen’s 88, Kisar flopped middle set and held after the board ran out 7QA43.

Rodney Kisar164,100
Cameron ChenBUSTED!
Rodney Kisar

Staple gunned

WSOP Circuit Mystery Bounty Champion Kenny Wang has just eliminated Mark Staples just as the blinds ticked over to Level 5.

Over on Table 25, Staples put his tournament life on the line with KQ, but couldn’t catch up to Wang’s KK after the board was spread 10238J.

Meanwhile, Cam Adams is still hanging on by a thread, but managed to score a double-up through Mick Gavrilovic after is A8 held up against Gavrilovic’s 64, even though there was a bit of a sweat on the board of 327QK.

Kenny Wang53,200
Mick Gavrilovic31,100
Cam Adams6,200
Mark StaplesBUSTED!
Kenny Wang

Level 5: 300/600 (600)

Khouiss KO’ed

Having been crippled down to as low as 9,000 in chips in the previous stanza, Suzy Khouiss moved the last of her chips into the middle after the dealer spread a flop of 8J10, but was quickly called off by Jesper Henrich.

Henrich: KK
Khouiss: J9

Henrick’s overpair held up as the turn and river ran out 5, 3 and Khouiss was eliminated.

Jesper Henrich81,200
Suzy KhouissBUSTED!
Jesper Henrich

Nima nixed

David Moxon is now up to more than 50,000 in chips after eliminating Nima Hosseini over on Table 11.

All the money was in the middle pre-flop and our reporter got there just as the cards were tabled; Hosseini was at-risk with 99, but although he was in good shape against Moxon’s 107, he was flushed away after the board ran out Q863K.

David Moxon52,500
Nima HosseiniBUSTED!
David Moxon

Photo time

Another batch of still images for your perusal!

A few facts and figures

Play is now back underway here at Star Poker Gold Coast, and we’ve got good news already, with the number of entries now at exactly 294 entries, which means that we’ve hit the magical $2 million mark!

Steven Gluyas has continued to build upon his early fortune, topping our unofficial top 10 counts, with Ryan Mathews, Charbel Boustani, Mina Gerges and Daniel Dessman also amongst those to have cracked the ton.

Steven Gluyas126,900
Mina Gerges112,600
Charbel Boustani111,400
Daniel Dessman106,000
Ryan Mathews103,800
Daniel Hachem85,200
Yitian Fan81,600
Ehsan Amiri69,900
Adam Agresta63,300
Craig Landry62,700

Level 4: 300/500 (500)

Break time

Our players are now on their first 15-minute break of the day.

“The filthier, the better!”

That was a direct quote from Angelo Smith, who just took out another player in the lead-up to the first break of the day.

Smith’s adversary moved all-in for their last 7,200 with K10 and the action folded around to Smith who called for value out of the blinds with 107.

Smith’s opponent kept their lead and picked up a gut-shot straight draw after the flop of 29J, but Smith caught the 7 on the turn and held after the dealer peeled out the river 6.

Angelo Smith45,000

Pearce picks one up

More big names coming through for today’s third and final Main Event flight, with Robert Campbell, Jarrod Thatcher, Chad Awerbuch, Matthew Ginn and Daniel Dessman now in the mix, along with Yitian Fan, who recently dropped a pot to Thomas Pearce.

Down to just 8,800 in chips, Pearce got his money in with A7 and Fan called with AK, but although there was no change through to fourth street on the board of 5442, Pearce jagged the 7 on the river for the full double.

Yitian Fan78,300
Thomas Pearce18,600

Da Silva swinging

Nuno Da Silva has found himself on a rollercoaster over on Table 13 as we head into the third level of play in today’s Main Event flight.

In earlier action, a UTG raise of 800 found four callers – including Da Silva from the +1 position – before Janet Wyvill raised to 7,000 from the big blind. Da Silva was the only one to follow her into the flop of 68Q, which they both checked.

Wyvill then open-shoved for her last 11,000 after the turn of the 5 and Da Silva called, showing down A2 for the nut flush draw against Wyvill, who was ahead with her A10.

Da Silva was then left with just 9,700 in chips after the river J completed the board, which he jammed from under the gun in the very next hand before action folded around to Craig Abernethy who called out of the big blind.

Abernethy: AK
Da Silva: K9

Da Silva then managed to double up after rivering trips on the board of 89Q59.

Craig Abernethy59,500
Janet Wyvill39,600
Nuno Da Silva19,600

Level 3: 200/400 (400)

Suzy on fumes

Suzy Khouiss is now on less than a quarter of the starting stack after losing a pot to Ehsan Amiri over on Table 12.

From under the gun, Jesper Henrich raised to 600 and action folded around to Dinesh Singham, who called out of the hijack. Khouiss flatted from the cut-off and the button got out of the way before Amiri re-raised to 2,700 from the small blind position.

Both the big blind and Henrich got out the way before the others called to go three-handed to a flop of 3109; Amiri led out for 1,500, Singham mucked and Khouiss called, making it heads-up to the turn of the 4, which saw Amiri then size up with a open worth 8,500.

After almost a minute, Khouiss elected to call, leaving herself with only 9,000 behind, but immediately folded after Amiri open-shoved on the river J.

“Re-buy!” Khouiss quipped with a wry smile.

Ehsan Amiri63,500
Dinesh Singham59,000
Suzy Khouiss9,000

Bonaccorso busto

Over on Table 13, Luci Bonaccorso limped in from under the gun before Janet Wyvill raised to 1,100 from the +1 position; action then folded around to Linda Currie who called from big blind, as did Bonaccorso to make it three-handed to a flop of 584.

Action then checked to Wyvill who continued for 1,000; Bonaccorso was the only caller, and she then check-called Wyvill’s bet on the turn of the 2 before both players checked down the river 5.

Wyvill tabled J10 for the flush, which was best against Bonacorso’s A-Qo.

“Seriously, I haven’t been able to win a hand all day!” Bonaccorso lamented.

Down to just 18,000 in chips, Bonaccorso was then spotted heading to the exits a short time later.

Janet Wyvill36,900
Luci BonaccorsoBUSTED!
Luci Bonaccorso

Mogens goes home

Coming off the back of her final table appearance in the Mystery Bounty, Siana O’Loughlin is now back up to almost double the starting stack after she eliminated Mogens Hansen.

Hansen put his tournament life on the line with KQ and O’Loughlin called him off with 22 and spiked bottom set on the flop of 1029.

The A left Hansen drawing thin to a spade, with the river K not doing him any favours.

Siana O’Loughlin73,000
Mogens HansenBUSTED!

Level 2: 200/300 (300)

“Oh man, come and have a look at this …”

That was a direct quote from a visibly dejected Jason Anand, who was awarded the dubious honour of being the first player eliminated from today’s flight after finding himself on the wrong end of the dreaded über-cooler against Steven Gluyas.

All the money was in the middle pre-flop and we got there to witness the showdown.

Gluyas: AA
Anand: KK

Board: 3QJ63

“I’m so sorry, man!” Gluyas said as the two players shook hands.

“Dude, you’ve got nothing to be sorry for – there’s no getting away from that!” Anand replied.

Steven Gluyas81,000
Jason AnandBUSTED!

Star power

Up to 211 entries already seated here at Star Poker Gold Coast right now, and we’re not even halfway through the first level! Our team have been flat out already just gathering the list of notables, which is still growing.

On the feature table side of the room, Craig Trevenna and Scott Wilson are in the spotlight, with Yan Wan Wee, Mark Yazbeck, Phil Stamler, and Omer Silajdzija just some of the others on Tables 6-9.

Plenty more familiar faces on the far side as well: Luci Bonaccorso, Janet Wyvill, Suzy Khouiss and Wyn Pham are all here, along with Australian Poker Hall of Famer Leo Boxell, Chin Wang, Yitian Fan and the Da Silva twins, Bruno and Nuno.

Cards in the air!

The order to shuffle up and deal has been given, and we’re now officially underway! Again, we’ll be grinding through 13 levels of 45 minutes apiece, with all players starting with 40,000 in tournament chips.

Late registration and a single re-entry is also available until the the start of Level 10. Let’s get it on!

LevelSmall BlindBig BlindBB Ante

Level 1: 100/200 (200)

Once more, with feeling!

Good morning everyone and welcome back to PokerMedia Australia‘s continued Live Reporting coverage of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Circuit Gold Coast Main Event!

Last night’s Day 1B flight delivered plenty of action and excitement, with 326 total entries taken in and adding to the 269 from Day 1A on Thursday. Add that all up, and we now have ourselves a prize pool worth $1,338,750.

This puts us only 294 entries away from $2 million, but given that this is the WSOP – and also the impressive numbers garnered in the satellites as well as our Day 1 flights so far – the PMA team reckon that there’s a fair chance of reaching $2.5 million. The target? 1,112 – which means that we need 517 runners today.

Now that’s real walkin’ around money!

Still, regardless of the result, this Main Event will certainly be one for the ages, so stay with us here at PMA from 12:30pm AEST as our team bring the action from The Star Gold Coast!

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