Welcome to Bounty County: 2022 WSOP Circuit Gold Coast update

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As the PokerMedia Australia Live Reporting team prepares for another huge week of action, it’s time now to present the latest 2022 WSOP Circuit series update, brought to you by our friends at The Star Gold Coast. Without any further ado, let’s get right to it!

The inaugural World Series of Poker (WSOP) Circuit Gold Coast series is about to move into its second week, with more players flying in from across the country in preparation for the $2,500 buy-in Main Event – the first to be held in Australia since the last WSOP Circuit series at The Star Sydney back in 2019.

Still, there’s been plenty happening in the lead-up to the Big Dance, with both Day 1 flights for the $1,350 buy-in Mystery Bounty tournament now having been run and won. After Daniel Johnson set the benchmark with 893,000 in chips at the end of Day 1A, Singapore’s Alex Lee leapfrogged him into the overall lead in Day 1B, bagging up a monster stack worth 1.15 million at the end of last night.

Although full prize pool and Mystery Bounty dividends have yet to be revealed, Star Poker Gold Coast have already hinted on social media that the top bounty will be the largest ever offered in this country, with a total of 629 entries garnering a grand total of more than $750,000 in prize money.


Alex Lee1,150,000
Daniel Johnson893,000
John Duggan685,000
Alex Lynskey681,000
Prithvi Nejjur619,500
Tino Lechich544,000
Mladen Ivin515,000
Hari Varma479,000
Mark Bain475,000
Simon Chahine459,000
Ali Zebarjad421,000
Alexander Alford419,000
Yan Wan Yee416,000
Clinton Taylor414,000
Josh Hutchins411,000
Jason Yu 396,000
Dean Boskovic373,000
Aroha Ngata371,000
Johnathan Rodden358,000
Michel Bouskila354,000
Jim Doumit353,000
Elton Muzha352,000
Joseph Sandaev345,000
Todor Kondevski340,000
Ash Chynoweth338,000
Steven Vogt335,000
Zhengmin Zhang324,000
Robert Damelian320,000
Chris Colaneri309,000
Rodni Kisnar306,000
Chris Zenonos301,000
George Frilingos292,000
Mark Montague290,000
Ben Turner284,000
Chit Saw277,000
Peidi Chen276,000
Ken Demlakian272,000
Shivan Abdine269,000
Dylan Foster269,000
Ryan Stevenson267,000
Benjamin Setta266,000
Wenjie Sun261,000
Tu Christopher Tran256,000
Tristan Bain247,000
Malcolm Trayner245,000
Dejan Boskovic237,000
Leo Boxell237,000
Siana O’Loughlin234,000
Vasilios Argyros231,000
Luke Martinelli224,000
Jarrod Thatcher220,500
Zhifan Ye213,000
Charbel Boustani210,000
Jazz Mathers198,000
Chin Wei Lim193,000
Alan Dang190,000
Craig Blight186,000
Blinda Oosthuizen184,000
Kee Huo Chan182,000
Shem Goltz180,000
Michael O’Grady176,000
Micheal Hill176,000
Emanuel Seal171,000
Mao Sun167,000
Sam Adams164,000
Gavin Best159,000
Chen Yi Liu158,000
Yang Lei154,000
Zhi Hong Ma151,000
Michael Gross148,000
Barney Thomas146,000
Fergus Lim137,000
Antonio Serment133,000
Lloyd Locsin128,000
Jeison Berdugo-Rojas125,000
Silvana Agius125,000
Lachlan Crilly121,000
Kelvin Li120,000
Phat Nguyen119,000
Tam Nguyen118,000
Benedikt Eberle117,000
Michelle Psarras117,000
Liam Murray115,000
Michael Kalin109,000
Jai Duffy100,000
Thibaut Klinghammer95,000
Guangyu Wang89,000
Antonio Cercone88,000
Charles Caris79,000
Andrew White68,000
Adrian Sportelli57,000
Adam Thaggard57,000
Antoine Follet47,000
John Parker38,000
Peter Robertson23,000

In other news from around the felt, Jie Cui became the latest player to win himself a WSOP Circuit ring, topping a field of 339 entries and defeating popular Queensland young gun Dylan Wayne to win the $660 Bounty, which was also good for a sub-$30K payday.

The final table also featured New Zealand’s Anthony Harach, who made his second final table appearance for the series after finishing seventh in the Opening Event, along with Queensland poker veteran Robert Damelian, who won the WPT Australia edition of the $550 Finale here at The Star Gold Coast back in September.

2022 WSOP CIRCUIT GOLD COAST $660 BOUNTY ($660 buy-in, 339 entries, 51 players paid)*

1stJie CuiAustralia$29,865
2ndDylan WayneAustralia$18,454
3rdFergus LimAustralia$13,231
4thRobert DamelianAustralia$9,639
5thAnthony HarachAustralia$7,136
6thGabriel DiazAustralia$5,372
7thBernie ChanAustralia$4,112
8thKen DemlakianAustralia$3,201
9thDanny TranAustralia$2,536
*Final table payouts shown; full results available at starpoker.com.au

PokerMedia Australia will return from 11:30am AEST today (Thursday) to resume our Live Reporting coverage; in the meantime, be sure to follow the Star Poker Gold Coast Facebook page, and log onto starpoker.com.au for the full schedule and structures.

PokerMedia Australia: Live Reporting Partners of the 2022 WSOP Circuit Gold Coast series

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