LIVE REPORTING: 2022 WSOP Circuit Gold Coast Main Event Day 1A

That’s a wrap!

A total of 47 players have survived and bagged Day 1A of the WSOP Circuit Gold Coast Main Event, with the top ten chip leaders featuring some very strong contenders in the form Tu Le bagging 333,500 and the $5K High Roller Champion himself, Sheng Ye topping Day 1A with 723,000. Can Ye run it up for another WSOP Circuit champion title and ring?

Jarrod Courtney is also not far behind Ye with 637,000 and looking for a big break, while Australian Poker Hall of Famer Gary Benson, who was earlier spotted short, has shot himself up the charts to bag 445,000.

Below is a short-list of the top 10 chip counts surviving Day 1A:

Sheng Ye723,000
Jarrod Courtney637,000
Hun Wei Lee595,000
Shu Yuh Ng526,500
Gary Benson445,000
Justin Lai432,500
Joshua Smith427,000
Huss Hassan384,500
Clinton Taylor359,500
Tu Le333,500

Ready, Get Set…

Dan Smiljanic took one last shot with the remainder of his stack, sending in a little over 12 big blinds which was snapped up by Tu Le. Smiljanic’s AK was already behind Le’s QQ before the board was dealt, offering no sympathy for Smiljanic as it ran Q92410, smashing a set for Le in the first window and running dry to send Smiljanic out.

Tu Le350,000
Dan SmiljanicBUSTED!

Clair cleaned out

Michael Clair is our latest elimination after moving all in pre with 42,000 from the cut off and was called by Clint Taylor on the button. Clair showed A9 as Taylor lifted over AJ, which held over as the board was dealt AQ63Q. Taylor’s Jack kicker sailed over Clair to send him to the rail.

Clint Taylor340,000
Michael ClairBUSTED!
Michael Clair.

Hassan’s just getting set

As we move into our final level of the day, the average stack has moved up past 150,000 as our field has narrowed down and we are starting to see how the players are getting themselves set up and pushing to progress for Day 2.

On table 6 where some sizable stacks are forming, we are seeing some bigger action brewing. Huss Hassan in the big blind 3-bets to 37,000 after button has opened for 10,000, with the small blind, Sheng Yu, following behind on both bets as the button folded.

On the flop A7K, Yu check-called Hassan’s 18,000 bet, and check-called Hassan’s bet on the Q turn. The river J presented with a 125,000 bet from Yu, called by Hassan.

Although Yu held fairly modest pockets 99, it was far too diluted on a board favouring any card Ten or higher, and was outmatched all the way with Hassan holding a turned set QQ to scoop the pot.

Sheng Yu660,000
Huss Hassan335,000

Level 13: 2,000/4,000 (4,000)

Phat stacks

Terry Hopkins has been falling behind after we last saw him, with his stack dwindling down to 57,000 and pushed into the middle pre-flop. Phat Nguyen called to take the action heads up on a spread of K4J52.

Nguyen: 88
Hopkins: AQ

Hopkins’ hand landed dead as Nguyen’s pockets held to eliminate him.

Phat Nguyen146,500
Terry HopkinsBUSTED!

Lee on the up and up

Over on table 7, Gang Zhu went all in pre-flop for 39,900, called by Andy Lee on the big blind who comfortably covered Zhu as he made the call to see the cards dealt 4K6Q7

Lee: AK

Zhu was eliminated, with Lee’s stack gaining upwards in sight of half a million.

Andy Lee400,000

AAh Egan, you’ve done it again!

Michael Egan is on a heater, with action quickly escalating pre-flop. Egan opened in cut-off, then 4-bet all in after the button raised, and they both found themselves with best possible pockets against second-best.

As the board ran 749Q2, his opponent couldn’t believe his luck to find himself booted from the felt so brutally with KK against Egan’s AA which ran through like a hot knife in butter, making a quick exit.

Michael Egan315,000
Michael Egan.

Level 12: 1,500/3,000 (3,000)

Bam Bam Tam!

Bert Perry opened under the gun, Tam Nguyen 3-bet from middle position and called Perry’s 4-bet all in to quickly send action heads up. Interesting, both were off from the starting block with A-K, although Nguyen’s suited AK held more edge over Perry’s offsuit AK.

Any chance of a split quickly disappeared as Nguyen flopped the stone cold nut flush on 24Q, completing with 102 and leaving Perry to end his night as Nguyen took in the pot.

Tam Nguyen250,000
Bert PerryBUSTED!


Ziyue Zheng has zapped another player from the tournament, after an all in-call saw action heads up on a spread of KK1055.

George Frilingos had a strongly suited AJ for the two pair and Ace kicker, but Zheng’s pocket QQ flew under the radar for the higher two-pair and Ten kicker, relegating Frilingos to the rail for Zheng to level his stack past the 200,000 mark.

Ziyue Zheng220,000
George FrilingosBUSTED!

Chunk of change for Chuck

Chuck Caris has doubled through an opponent after edging them out on the flop with AJ versus A10 on the opening windows 104J. His opponent went all in on the turn 2, but the third window had already done damage as the river finished out 5.

His opponent was left short with a stack of 8,000, which went into the pot on the very next hand all in pre-flop, heading 106 against Kerry Hopkins’s A5, which found the two pair on a board of 75J27, eliminating the opponent and giving Hopkins a small addition to his growing stack.

Chuck Caris130,000
Kerry Hopkins155,000
Chuck Caris.

Egad, Egan!

Another all in-call on table 12, as we find Ching-Hsin Hsu heads up with Michael Egan. The board panned Q8J3K, and Hsu had hit early on the first window holding AQ, but was quickly struck out by Egan’s set on the third window with JJ. Egan had Hsu’s stack well covered, roughly 50,000 and change, eliminating Hsu.

Michael Egan186,000
Ching-Hsin HsuBUSTED!

No Strang-er to winning

Jan Kossyrev came unstuck in a hand against Errolyn Strang after leading on a flop of 6Q8 with AQ. After some betting action, Kossyrev moved all in and quickly found Strang was ahead with KK, which improved to higher two-pair on the turn 8 and full house on the river 8.

Strang collected close to 64,000 from the pot as Kossyrev busted out.

Errolyn Strang130,000
Jan KossyrevBUSTED!

Level 11: 1,500/2,500 (2,500)

Lionel licks one

We saw Lionel Lu eliminating an opponent on the river as the board was spread A61056, his opponent severely short with only 25,000 in the middle. Lu’s J10 found second top pair whilst his opponent drew second nut flush on the turn with K9, but bricked out on the river to give Lu small change for his big stack.

Lionel Lu194,000
Lionel Lu.

Follet’s folly

Some interesting action with Antoine Follet on the button calling a pre flop open to 3,500, before calling Mina Elias’ big blind 3-bet to 21,000.

The flop K27 invoked a 20,000 bet from Elias and Follet’s call, before escalating on the turn 7 where Elias jammed and Follet took him on.

Follet: KJ
Elias: AA

Elias stole the pot with the overpair pocket Aces shooting over the head of Follet’s top pair Kings, giving Elias the better change whilst still leaving both with healthy stacks nicely above average.

Mina Elias165,000
Antoine Follet140,000
Mina Elias.

McCully culled

We caught action on the river as Josh McCully went all in on the river for 26,000, which was eventually called after some time in the tank from Natalia Roszova.

McCully: Q9
Roszova: AQ

Roszova had the over on McCully as they played heads up through the board 3J632, the Ace kicker giving Roszova’s stack a strong leg-up.

Natalia Roszova250,000
Josh McCullyBUSTED!
Natalia Roszova.

Level 10: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)

Time for a Break!

We have now closed in on 269 entries (including 59 re-entries), with the average stack moving closer to the 6 figure mark. The action is starting to pick up the pace in these later levels as some players find themselves short and we see more swings in stacks. Let’s check out who is topping the field:

Andy Lee264,000
Sheng Yu264,000
Chris Costanza254,000
Bert Perry200,000
Benedikt Eberle191,000

Set over Set over Set

The pendulum gravitated and swung wildly in a hand that went all wrong for Adrian Sportelli. After action went off all in 3-way on the turn, they went to showdown on a board finishing Q37J7.

First set out of the gate was an opponent with pocket 33 hitting on the second window, before another player’s 77 hit on the third window for the higher set. The turn however, gave Sportelli’s JJ the even higher set before the river quickly twisted back in favour for the player with pocket 7s to hit a one-outter for the quads, in a pot worth almost 100,000.

Adrian SportelliBUSTED!

Adieu, Clark and Liu

Bert Perry has delivered a double elimination in a three way all-in call which set pockets vs. pockets vs. pockets.

Chen Yi Liu jammed on the button for 22,600, which was called short by David Clark from the blinds, and snapped up by Bert Perry in late position.

Perry: 1010
Clark: 77
Liu: 66

Clark and Liu were unable to hit any outs as the board ran out A49K2 for Perry to cleanly eliminate them both.

Bert Perry175,000
Chen Yi LiuBUSTED!
David ClarkBUSTED!

Exit Xu

Over on table 6, Mina Elias has seen to the elimination of Xin Xu after Elias called Xu’s in pre flop for 22,200. They went to showdown over a spread of 28749, with Elias’ QJ nosing ahead of Xu’s Q10 for the higher hand with kicker.

Mina Elias85,700

Cassell collects chips

Jen Cassell has doubled up through Natalia Roszova, after moving all in pre flop for 32,900, called by Roszova.

Cassell’s pockets JJ held strongly against Roszova’s suited A3, on the board of 7575K, securing a double up .

Natalia Roszova162,400
Jennifer Cassell89,000

Justin just out

Justin Cohen has been eliminated after the last of his 11,500 stack went into the middle pre-flop from under the gun and was called by the big blind.

Cohen’s A8 only had the advantage preflop as the big blind’s KQ hit on the flop and held through 710Q36, sending Justin out as the big blind collected the 24,000 pot.

Shortly’s short stack on the double

Gavin Shortly jammed all in for 17,000, looking very short indeed after Tam Trung opened for 3,000. Trung called to see them heads up on a spread of 399107.

Shortly’s AJ prevailed against Trung’s Q2 for the double up, leaving Shortly as the bigger stack of the two.

In the very next hand, Trung again went head to head with Shortly, but busted shortly after, leaving Gavin Shortly with a refreshed stack to keep up with the pack.

Gavin Shortly41,000
Tam TrungBUSTED!

Level 9: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)

Hooray, a chop for Murray

Clint Taylor opened on the button to 3,200, called by Liam Murray in the small blind before big blind Joel Dodds 3-bet 15,000. Taylor called and Murray shoved for 34,000, called by Dodds and Taylor to meet on a flop of 5Q2, Dodds check-called Taylor’s bet of 25,000, and both players checked the turn 4. The river 3, however, ellicited a bet of 8,000 from Dodds, which Taylor folded.

Murray: AK
Dodds: AQ

Both players rivered a low straight to chop the pot and lift Murray to keep up with the moving average stack.

Joel Dodds201,500
Clint Taylor100,000
Liam Murray51,300
Liam Murray.

Chop, Tu Le!

A three-way all in call finished uniquely with both a chopped pot and an elimination after two players both hit their respective two-outters on the board.

Tu Le opened UTG to 2,400 and was met with a 3-bet from an opponent in middle position moving all in for 16,000. Both Jan Kossyrev on the big blind and Tu Le called, creating a side pot as they saw the flop 49A. Kossyrev led a bet 6,000 and Tu Le called to see the A turn. Kossyrev shoved for close to 30,000 and Le snapped and they turned over their hands as the river rolled 4.

Le: AQ

Tu Le45,800
Jan Kossyrev39,900

Yo yo, Ye!

They call him “oh yeah” or “yoyo”! A quick hand recount from Sheng Ye as he described a big hand involving the double knockout of opponents in a three-way. UTG+1 opened to 2,200 and was called from the cut off, when Ye 3-bet from the big blind to 8,000 and the other two called.

Flop was dealt 567x, Ye checked, UTG+1 bet 10,000 and cut off jammed all in for 35,000. Ye called and UTG+1 jammed for 45,000, which Ye matched with his stack covering. The turn peeled a 5x, and the river 3.

Ye: 42
UTG+1: 9x9x
Cut-off: [unknown]

Sheng Ye’s hand easily beat the overpair to give his stack a big boost to 260,000 as he eliminated two opponents on a board that offered so many possibilities but only one beautiful straight flush.

Sheng Ye.

Level 8: 600/1,200 (1,200)

Put through Doringer

John Doringer has been punted after moving all in with 32,400 following some pre-flop action, which end heads up with Ziyue Zheng who had him covered.

Doringer: 55
Zheng: AQ

Doringer started off strongly and was leading the flop 422, but was left stranded on the turn A, and dead on the river 9, with Zheng picking up the pot to move past the 100,000 mark.

Ziyue Zheng106,000
John DoringerBUSTED!
Ziyue Zheng.

Here’s looking at Liu

Following early action after UTG+1 raised 2,200 and was flat by the HiJack, Michael Kalin called in the small blind only for the big blind, Chen Yi Liu, to 3-bet 11,800. Action folded back to Kalin who made the call and went to the flop 962. Kalin checked in front of his dangerously low stack of 7,500 and change, to which Liu advanced with an all-in that was swiftly called.

Kalin: 109
Liu: QQ

Although Kalin had hit the first window for the top pair he was still far behind and was consigned to the rail as the remaining streets [invalid notations]offered no help.

Chen Yi Liu61,800
Michael KalinBUSTED!
Chen Yi Liu.

Happy Meal for McCully

Josh McCully opened to 2,200 from the LoJack, finding two callers: Gary Benson in the cut-off and big blind Mark Erikson. The flop was laid 384, which McCully and Erikson both check-called Benson’s 3,500 bet. On the turn J, Erikson checked, McCully bet 7,500, which was called by Benson and Erikson. The river 7 was checked down for the showdown.

McCully: QJ
Erikson: 82
Benson: [mucked]

McCully took the pot, taking change out of Erikson and leaving Benson well short with only a little over 6 big blinds.

Mark Erikson101,600
Josh McCully63,200
Gary Benson6,300
Mark Erikson.

Level 7: 500/1,000 (1,000)

Dinner Break – Top 5 Chip Counts

Time to check in on our field of players as we approach 250 entries (including 47 entries) and see where our chip leaders are at. Leading the pack is Chuck Caris with almost four times the average stack at 174,000, along with Doolin who is still keeping up in the top 5 chip counts from the last break.

Chuck Caris174,000
Natalia Roszova161,500
Darien Doolin140,500
Sam Adams138,900
Mitchell Frost130,600

Nein to Kharman

Michael O’Grady has swallowed up a short stack after calling Adam Kharman’s shove 15,000 preflop in mid-late position. O’Grady was on the button as he turned over 99, as Kharman flipped up A10, no doubt hoping to hit a an Ace or Ten for the upper hand. It was a case of be careful what you wish for however, as the flop rolled 8JQ, giving O’Grady a strong whiff of the straight which connected as a 10 on the turn, and Kharman lifted from his seat to leave as the 3 completed the board.

Michael O’Grady 88,600
Adam KharmanBUSTED!
Adam Kharman.

D-Ash-ed to the rocks

Ash Caeiro found himself short with 15,300 and moved all in from the small blind, snapped up by Aroha Ngata in blind-on-blind action. Caiero held a nicely suited K5, but was quickly outmatched by Ngata’s A10 which surged on a board of AJJ910, leaving Caeiro to exit the stage.

Aroha Ngata46,100
Ash CaeiroBUSTED!
Aroha Ngata.

Double Ye-ah!

Mata Ye moved all in with the starting stack after a pre-flop raise, which Justin Layden covered jamming over the top, forcing folds around the rest of the table.

Ye: QQ
Layden: 1010

Ye was ahead all the way through A6375, receiving a nice double up to stay ahead of the average.

Mata Ye85,500
Justin Layden71,700

Level 6:400/800 (800)

Hutchins hatching

Josh Hutchins has doubled up in a three-way, taking a small chunk out of Steven Vogt’s stack and eliminating an opponent in the process.

Opponent: 64
Vogt: KQ
Hutchins: AJ

Vogt was leading on the board 99KQ, with Hutchins needing an Ace to beat, or Ten for the straight, which the river A delivered the higher two-pair and was good for a double up.

Josh Hutchins47,000
Steven Vogt24,000

Aces slay, man

Over on table 19, Anthony Xu was running short as he moved all in preflop for 12,000, Michael Sleiman called before Adrian Slater felt the action was too cheap and raised to 35,000. Slater quickly got a smack on the hand in the form of Sleiman’s all in and folded, leaving him to go heads up with Xu before claiming he’d folded Kings.

Xu: 66
Sleiman: AA

Sleiman got a clean run on the board 7QJ5J, eliminating Xu.

Michael Sleiman103,600
Adrian Slater61,800
Anthony XuBUSTED!

Just In: A boat on the river

We quickly caught the end of a massive three-way action with two all ins and a call with pockets against pockets and a high hand from Connie Graham, Justin Layden and Steven Vogt.

Graham: QQ
Vogt: AK
Layden: JJ

The three faced off on a board of 5105KJ, and although Graham had started strongly, she was pushed out by Vogt on the turn, who was then pushed down by Layden on the river as he made the boat, moving his stack into six figure mark.

Justin Layden130,000
Steven Vogt33,200
Connie GrahamBUSTED!
Connie Graham.

Aloha Aroha

Daniel Hachem has just been eliminated after getting his short stack all in pre from middle position, snapped up by Aroha Ngata for the heads up.

Hachem: AQ
Ngata: 99

Hachem’s strongly-suited hand peaked on the first window, but quickly unravelled on the third window as Ngata spiked a set and never recovered as the board ran QK94K, sending Hachem out to the floor.

Aroha Ngata48,000
Daniel HachemBUSTED!

Level 5: 300/600(600)

Damelian dusted

Robert Damelian went all in on the button with a short stack of 10,500, and the big blind Michael Egan went all in over the top 57,300 to isolate the pot and take the action heads up flipping with the short stack.

Damelian: 99
Egan: AK

As the dealer flopped down 6A7, Damelian found himself quickly behind, and with the turn K needed a two-outter which ghosted him as the river fell Q. Damelian left for the rail as Egan took the pot to move further above average.

Michael Egan65,800
Robert DamelianBUSTED!
Robert Damelian

Taylor made river

Clint Taylor opened under the gun to 1,000, which was 3-bet by Gang Zhu in the small blind. Taylor called to take it to a flop of 759. Zhu bet 2,200 and Taylor called. A 10 appeared on the turn, prompting Zhu to bet 4,000 and Taylor called. Zhu slowed down on the river A with a check, then called Taylor’s 15,000 bet.

Zhu: AK
Taylor: A5

Taylor’s two pair pulled the carpet from under the feet of Zhu’s premium cards, pushing Taylor’s stack up to a healthy double of the average stack.

Clint Taylor98,000
Gang Zhu31,300

Level 4: 300/500 (500)

Let’s Take A Break

Our players have taken a short 15 minute break to stretch their legs and re-energise, with play to resume at 300/500 (500). The average stack is at 45,263, so let’s take a quick look at the current top chip leaders:

PlayerChip Count
Darren Doolin137,500
Ian Truscott108,600
Sam Adams104,600
Kyrillos Gerges96,000
Huss Hassan82,000

Dang It!

A bit of three way all-in action just now, between Corey Kempton, Kyrillos Gerges and Alan Dang. Dang went all in preflop UTG for 12,800, with Gerges on HiJack raising all in over the top for 41,200, and Kempton made the call from cut off.

Dang: QK
Kempton: QQ
Gerges: AK

Kempton’s Queens almost held all the way through, but as the dealer spread 4566K, Gerges found the higher two pair with Ace kicker to bust out Dang and take the pot from Kempton, leaving his stack short.

Kyrillos Gerges96,000
Corey Kempton9,500
Alan DangBUSTED!

Curry takeaway for Doolin

Over on table 12, some action was brewing on a flop of 492, with the pot already sitting on 5,000. Mitch Calton bet 5,000 from the big blind, with Darren Doolin raising to 11,000 from UTG+1, escalating to an all-in from Linda Curry in the cut off for 34,800.

Calton folded, leaving it to Doolin to spend some time thinking it over before making the call.

Doolin: KK
Curry: A9

Curry turned a nut flush draw with 7, but unfortunately bricked the river as Doolin’s Kings held to send Curry to the rail.

Darren Doolin113,000
Mitch Calton14,300
Linda CurryBUSTED!

Tankin’ Tom stops the music

A good set of earphones and music will keep you in the zone, but one player found himself having to take them out to mull over his hand.

Our roving reporter spied Tom McGuire in cut off betting 2,400 on the river into a pot already built to 23,000, before Andy Lee raised all in on the button.

McGuire went deep into the tank, remarking “This is definitely an earphones out kind of stop time,” as he looked at the board 37577 and deliberated for several minutes.

Time was called after 5 minutes, by which McGuire moved to fold, leaving Andy Lee to take the chips.

Andy Lee68,000
Tom McGuire23,400
Andy Lee.

Level 3: 200/400 (400)

No Plus for Huss

Ali Zebarjad scoops up another pot, after raising under the gun pre to 800, which only found a call from Huss Hassan in small blind. Hassan bet 5,000 on the flop J72, called by Zebarjad. On the turn 5, Hassan bet 2,000 and Zebarjad called. The river Q presented a risky four-card flush draw which both carefully checked.

Hassan: KJ
Zebarjad: AJ

Zebarjad edged Hassan by a fraction, with the second top pair and Ace kicker good to win the pot.

Ali Zebarjad75,200
Huss Hassan41,800
Ali Zebarjad.

As easy as A to Zebarjad

Action opened preflop from middle position with a bet of 800, raised to 2,000 by George Kabourakis on the button, met with a flat by Ali Zebarjad on big blind, the only caller.

On the flop 964, Kabourakis moved the 13,700 remainder of his stack all in, called by Zebarjad.

Zebarjad: 109
Kabourakis: AJ

Unfortunately for Kabourakis the board ran low, with the turn 3 and river 4 allowing Zebarjad to hold first window for the top pair and rake in the pot, eliminating Kabourakis.

Ali Zebarjad65,800
George KabourakisBUSTED!

Great Truscott!

It’s been a relaxed start after the first level, with only 3 eliminations so far as our field is growing and getting settled in.

We spotted Adrian Sportelli quickly bleeding short with 10,000, going all in from the Hijack, which was then tank-called by Ian Truscott in the small blind. Action folded to go heads up on a flop of Q3J52.

Sportelli: A8

The King kicker was enough to kick Sportelli out as the dealer awarded the pot to Truscott.

Ian Truscott51,000
Adrian SportelliBUSTED!
Ian Truscott

Level 2: 200/300 (300)

Scrambled eggs for Fraser

Our first elimination early in level 1, after Mark Erikson bet 3,000 from the HiJack on a flop of 4K6 and Michael Fraser on the small blind check-raised all in for 12,100, called by big blind Rick Shen and Erikson.

With a side pot, the action went to the turn 8 where Shen check-folded to Erikson’s all in, and ended heads up with Fraser.

Fraser: KQ
Erikson: 64

Although both had hit windows in the flop, unfortunately Erikson was good to hold as the river delivered a J and sent Fraser to the rail.

Mark Erikson75,800
Rick Shen37,600
Martin FraserBUSTED!

Cards are now up in the air!

It’s time to shuffle up and deal for the Big Dance!

Entries are quickly coming in, kicking off at 127 entries, with single re-entry available per Day 1 (open until the start of Level 10), this number is sure to grow as our field plays through 13 levels today. Players have plenty of time to work with, at a comfortably paced 45-minute levels to play their best game.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the levels, and good luck to all our players today!


Level 1: 100/200 (200)

Time to put your name in lights

Good afternoon all, and welcome to the centrepiece of the WSOP Circuit Gold Coast series: the $2,500 Main Event!

The first of three Day 1 flights is fast approaching, with more and more familiar faces making their way in and adding up to more than $2 million in prize money distributed, and a record field in the Mystery Bounty that is now well and truly into the business end.

Previous WSOP Circuit Main Event winners here in Australia include Joel Dodds (2016), Michael Kanaan (2017), Alex Lynskey (2018), and Steven Zhou (2019). We’ll have another name to add to that list, a name that will also earn themselves the coveted WSOP ring and a share in what is expected to be a mammoth prize pool.

The stacks are set, and the dealers are ready as The Star Gold Coast’s poker room heats up in anticipation for what will be a truly unforgettable event – and PokerMedia Australia will have all the hands and photos to share with you as the action plays out from 2:30pm AEST. Stay tuned!

Image courtesy of The Star Gold Coast

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