LIVE REPORTING: 2022 WSOP Circuit Gold Coast $5K High Roller Day 2

Image courtesy of The Star Gold Coast

Congratulations Sheng Ye, winner of WSOP Circuit Gold Coast $5K High Roller ($156,211); that’s a wrap!

Kenny Wang held the heads-up chip lead for over 65 of the 70 minutes of heads-up play that took place. With the majority of play occurring pre-flop, it was an unusual change of pace to have such major hands in quick succession. This rapid burst of action gave Shen Ye the chip lead, and the title in the space of two minutes.

Ye has claimed the largest first prize of the series so far, collecting a mammoth $156,211 for his victory.

Originally from China, the Sydney-based Ye rarely plays tournaments and is more of a cash game player.

In his interview with PokerMedia Australia, Ye described the moment as “very exciting.”

“(I feel) Very lucky, happy!” Ye exclaimed.

At various points during heads-up play, Ye expressed his fatigue, however stayed patient in his battle with his best mate, Wang. With this win, he plans to celebrate his friends for dinner, followed by some rest before commencing the Main Event.

That’s all from us here at The Star Gold Coast for today. Tuesday and Wednesday will play host to Day 1A and Day 1B of the Mystery Bounty, for which PMA will provide coverage on Thursday’s Day 2.

Until then, we thank you for tuning in with us over the course of the first few days of what’s shaping up to be a special series! From the whole team, thank you, and we’ll see you soon!

Kenny Wang eliminated in 2nd place ($96,545)

With a huge swing in the space of three hands, Sheng Ye has improved his chip lead 2-1, with Kenny Wang attempting to steal back a foothold by going all in pre-flop. Ye snap-called as they went for the final show down:

Ye: A7

Wang was well ahead with the King kicker, but as the dealer spread out 210677, the fickle pendulum of fortune quickly swung back Ye’s way to gift him the winnings and title as the 2022 WSOP Circuit Gold Coast $5K High Roller Champion.

Sheng Ye24,000,000
Kenny WangBUSTED!
Kenny Wang, 2nd Place.


Sheng Ye limped on the button, calling Kenny Wang’s raise to 1,500,000 to see the flop 6KA. Ye called Wang’s flop bet 800,000 to take action to the turn Q, which met with checks from both players. Following the quiet action on the turn, the river Q prompted Wang to bet 2,400,000, called quickly by Ye.

Wang simply said “Ace,” as Ye turned over Q10 for the trips on the river and took the predominant chip lead for the first time in this heads up.

Sheng Ye17,000,000
Kenny Wang9,000,000

Met Ye Match

Scenes on the feature table are tense, with Kenny Wang and Sheng Ye as our two players battling it out for the top prize of $156,211 and playing a careful game as the heads-up action has drawn out to almost an hour. Wang still has the lead, with two-thirds of the chips in play, and the coveted WSOP Circuit champion ring awaits our winner in an open box, sparkling on the felt.

After several hands which saw chips exchanged back and forth, Ye raised on the button to 700,000, meeting a call from Wang. On the flop 538, Wang check-called Ye’s 1,200,000 bet. On the turn A, Wang check-called Ye’s 2,100,000 bet. The river 3 spurred Wang to lead out an all in, to which Ye tank called after a minute.

Ye: J8
Wang: 98

With such a big pot at almost 8 million in chips, it seemed certain we would find a result in favour of one player, but with a split pot we returned to more or less the same with Wang retaining the lead 2-1.

Kenny Wang15,500,000
Sheng Ye8,900,000

Level 25: 200,000/400,000 (400,000)

Anthony Hachem eliminated in 3rd Place ($67,161)

After action folded on the button, Kenny Wang opened for 500,000 and Hachem moved his stack into the middle for 2,800,000, snapped up by Wang.

Wang: 1010
Hachem: A6

Hachem’s suited hole cards failed find spades or an Ace to beat Wang’s strong pocket Tens, which flopped a set and turned a boat on the board of J710JQ, finishing Hachem’s deep run in 3rd Place.

Kenny Wang16,000,000
Anthony HachemBUSTED!
Anthony Hachem, 3rd Place.

Steve Hoek eliminated in 4th Place ($47,892)

Dominating in the top four, Kenny Wang opened on the button to 400,000, with Steven Hoek calling from the big blind.

On the flop AQ5, Hoek checked and Wang bet 400,000 before Hoek jammed all in for 2,900,000. Wang asked the dealer for a count before making the call.


Althought Hoek had flopped the flush, Wang found the higher flush on the turn 4, and yet it still wasn’t over as Hoek hoped to hit a straight flush on the river, but it wasn’t to be as the 7 sealed the win for Wang, sending Hoek to the rail in 4th place.

Kenny Wang11,400,000
Steven HoekBUSTED!
Steven Hoek, 4th Place

Hachem has ’em

A big hand has occurred after much folding and minute exchanges in chips following our break. Kenny Wang raised on the small blind to 600,000, called by Anthony Hachem on the big blind. Hachem called Wang’s bet of 350,000 on the flop 2Q4, and called a further 650,000 bet from Wang on the Q turn. As the dealer turned over 6 for the river, Wang bet 800,000 and Hachem moved all in for 1,975,000, forcing a fold from Wang.

Kenny Wang7,500,000
Anthony Hachem6,075,000

Level 23: 100,000/200,000 (200,000)

Break Time!

Time for a quick round of counts as our remaining four players take a quick break!

3Anthony HachemAustralia3,875,000
4Steven HoekAustralia3,150,000
7Sheng YeAustralia7,000,000
9Kenny WangAustralia10,375,000

Ye gotta know when to hold ’em

With action slowing, the tension in the room certainly hasn’t waned. Midway through the level, we caught the rare sight of a multi-way pot going to a flop.

Anthony Hachem opened from the button and received two callers: Steven Hoek in the small blind, and Sheng Ye in the big blind.

On 8A10, all the players checked straight through to the 3 turn. Hoek then led for 500,000 and Ye raised to 1,200,000, with Hachem folding.

This immedately engulfed Hoek with discomfort and sent him into minutes of thought. Eventually he was heard saying, “I’m gonna regret this,” as he flashed the A, and mucked his card. Prompting Ye to indiciate if the fold was correct or not, Hoek looked pained to see Ye simply grin.

Sheng Ye7,600,000
Steven Hoek3,000,000

Kenny wangles a steal

Anthony Hachem opened for 300,000 under the gun, with Kenny Wang calling as the big blind. Both players checked a flop of 24A, with the turn card 3 prompting Hachem to call Wang’s bet of 300,000. The river 5 interestingly connected a low straight, as Wang bet 2,000,000. Hachem called, as Wang cried “Nuts!” and turned over K3 for the brilliant chip-stealing flush on the river.

Kenny Wang10,000,000
Anthony Hachem3,700,000

Tu Le eliminated in 5th Place ($35,030)

Steven Hoek opened on the button to 350,000, with Tu Le sending the last of his stack in for 2,125,000. Hoek went into the tank, carefully considering the pot before calling.

Hoek: 33
Le: AK

Unfortunately for Le, Hoek immediately flopped the boat with 434 with the turn 10 and river A finalising the board and reeling in the win for Hoek.

Steven Hoek4,050,000
Tu Le, 5th Place

Level 22: 75,000/150,000 (150,000)

Zheming Zhu eliminated in 7th Place ($20,278), and Alan Pham eliminated in 6th Place ($26,298)

We’re not sure what it is about this final table and pocket Kings and Aces, with the last flurry of knockouts being at the hands of the only best and second-best pockets, but incredibly we have seen a further double knockout at the hand of pocket Kings.

Steven Hoek opened UTG+1 to 250,000, with the action folding over to Alan Pham on the button who rips all in for 1,700,000, Kenny Wang in the small blind going all in over the top, and Zheming Zhu calling all in with 1,375,000. Hoek folded, later claiming he held pocket Jacks.

Pham: KJ
Zhu: 1010
Wang: KK

Wang’s Kings lead the whole way on a board of K5742, spectacularly sending out both Pham and Zhu to collect their winnings for 6th and 7th place respectively, and giving Wang a big boost for just over 6 Million in chips.

Kenny Wang6,225,000
Alan PhamBUSTED!
Zheming ZhuBUSTED!

Ye Merry Kings

Sheng Ye min-raised under the gun for 250,000, finding calls from Kenny Wang, and both blinds Steven Hoek and Tu Le.

On a flop of 52J, Tu Le bet 500,000 from the big blind, Sheng Ye went all in for 1,375,000, with the action folding back to Le who called.

Ye: KK
Le: QJ

The turn A and the river 10 delivered the double for Sheng Ye, and took a chunk out of Le’s stack to bring both their stacks close to even.

Sheng Ye3,875,000
Tu Le3,375,000

Level 21: 75,000/125,000 (125,000)

Justin Bernstein eliminated in 8th Place ($16,072)

Zheming Zhu opened under the gun for 200,000, Steven Hoek flat from the LoJack, and Justin Bernstein shoved all in from the HiJack for 1,375,000. Zhu folded and Hoek made the call to face heads up on the board 53779

Hoek: AA
Bernstein: AQ

Hoek’s Aces were simply too good as he collected the pot and sent Bernstein to the payout desk.

Steven Hoek3,250,000
Justin BernsteinBUSTED!
Justin Bernstein, 8th Place

Ziyue Zheng eliminated in 9th place ($13,104)

Ziyue Zheng is our first player to depart the Final Table, going down after a four-bet pot pre-flop saw all the chips go into the middle. Alan Pham was the initial raiser, making it 185,000 from the LoJack before Kenny Wang raised from the cutoff to 500,000.

Zheng awoke to AQ on the button and took the opportunity to move all-in for his remaining 1,195,000. Pham folded and Wang made the call, turning over AA to have Zheng in bad shape. The flop of 4210 brought hope to Zheng in the form of a flush draw, though the 5.2 added no more clubs, sending Zheng home with a five-figure payout for his efforts.

Kenny Wang3,850,000
Ziyue ZhengBUSTED!
Ziyue Zheng, 9th Place

Level 20: 50,000/100,000 (100,000)

Final Table Set!

Final Table, Image courtesy of The Star Gold Coast

And then there were nine! Our Final Table for the 2022 WSOP Circuit Gold Coast $5K High Roller has been set, below we have the table draw and chip counts for our final nine. Sheng Ye has the strong lead with almost 4.4 Million in chips, closely followed by Anthony Hachem with a little over 4.2 Million in chips.

1Zheming ZhuAustralia1,810,000
2Ziyue ZhengAustralia1,595,000
3Anthony HachemAustralia4,225,000
4Steven HoekAustralia1,530,000
5Justin BersteinAustralia1,370,000
6Tu LeAustralia3,485,000
7Sheng YeAustralia4,395,000
8Alan PhamAustralia2,700,000
9Kenny WangAustralia2,990,000

Martin Finger eliminated in 10th Place ($10,999)

An action-packed hand has seen Martin Finger become our Final Table bubble. Action commenced with Finger opening to 160,000 from under-the-gun. Sheng Ye was the only caller, flatting from the button whilst both blinds folded.

The flop 55J prompted Finger to continue with a bet of 115,000 as Ye made the call. Finger again bet, this time for 190,000 on the J turn. Ye made the call to see the A on the river. Finger slowed down with a river check, and Ye wasted no time in putting enough chips in the middle to cover Finger. Finger entered the tank, thinking for over two minutes and eventually made the call for his tournament life.

Ye: A10
Finger: KK

Ye spiking the river was enough to send Finger home, and the remaining players onto one table.

Sheng Ye4,395,000
Martin FingerBUSTED!

Level 19: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)


Over on table 7, Ziyue Zheng was still grinding out his stack but falling a little short as he moved all in pre-flop for 905,000 UTG+1, called by Alex Lee on the button, who was an even shorter stack with only 450,000 left.


Lee’s hand had strength, but Zheng’s low pockets ultimately saw through a board of 52662, to give him the higher two-pair and take out Lee in 12th place for $10,999.

Ziyue Zheng1,550,000

Hachem holds

Anthony Hachem opened UTG+1 for 135,000, and called a raise from Emmanuel “Curly” Seal in the small blind for 450,000. As they both went to the flop 466, Seal bet 550,000, putting Hachem at risk for half of his stack. Hachem decided to go all in, with Seal calling for 550,000 more.

Hachem: QQ
Seal: 1010

Hachem was well ahead as the remaining streets A8 delivered no outs for Seal, eliminating him in 13th place for $9,513.

Anthony Hachem3,900,000
Emmanuel SealBUSTED!

Level 18: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)

Bernstein burning rubber

Zheming Zhu jammed on the button, called by Justin Bernstein in the small blind with 885,000 as the shorter stack. Zhu’s A8 faced off against Bernstein’s AQ, with both hitting the Ace on the flop 2AK, but Bernstein’s higher kicker Queen held through the turn 5and river 6 to win the pot and a double up.

Justin Bernstein1,870,000
Zheming Zhu1,700,000

Trigger, Finger, Gan

Over on the feature table, Finger fired early on pre-flop, going all in UTG+1 with his stack dwarfing a call in the cut-off from Haozhe Gan with 530,000.

Finger: 88
Gan: AQ

Gan’s hand floundered in dead air as the board ran 5365J, with Finger busting Gan in 14th place for $9,513.

Martin Finger1,350,000
Haozhe GanBUSTED!

Level 17: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)

Hoek turns at the river

Over on table 7, Ziyue Zheng opened for 100,000 from UTG+1, Steven Hoek called, only for Alex Lee to make it 750,000 as he went all in, with Zheng promptly folding.

Hoek mulled it over, realising he had a little less than Lee, before making the call and groaning as he quickly saw his suited QJ was overshadowed by Lee’s suited AK.

It was enough to sink Hoek’s heart, but as the board played out 51049K, and the dealer pushed up the winning cards to show Hoek had lined up a straight, he flashed a triumphant grin.

“You are the luckiest bastard in Australia!” exclaimed Brandon Bailey to Steven Hoek as he raked in the double up.

Steven Hoek1,745,000
Alex Lee375,000
Steven Hoek

See Ye later A-Li-gator

Play has now resumed after a timely break where our remaining 19 players battle it out for a bigger slice of the payouts. Alex Lee is in a very strong position with a little over 3 Million in chips, with Martin Finger still hanging in there with roughly 800,000 chips and change.

We quickly had one elimination on our return from the break, with Chao Li and Sheng Ye both going heads up – Li went all in preflop with 1 Million neat, and Ye had him covered. Both players held pockets promising a strong wind of change:

Ye: AA
Li: KK

Sadly it was not to be for Li, with the board 107476 offering no further help and fuelling up Ye for the run to final table. Li finished in 19th for $7,815.

Sheng Yu3,400,000
Chao Li, 19th Place

Wham Bam PhAAm!

Play was still on the bubble as Anthony Xu went all in preflop with 640,000 left in the small blind, snapped up by big blind Alan Pham faster than a strike of lightning – and bringing the thunder too as they revealed their cards:

Xu: QQ

In dramatic fashion with pockets versus pockets, the bubble was burst as we saw the board laid out 82210J for Pham to chip up and relegating Xu to the rail in 20th place. We are now in the money, and move to our first break of the day.

Alan Pham1,850,000
Anthony XuBUSTED!
Anthony Xu, 20th Place and money bubble

Cam Adams doin’ OKKKK

Cam Adams found himself super short at 225,000, moving all in from the cut-off and was called from the button by Alex Lee, whose stack easily cast a shadow on the table.

Cam Adams: K9
Alex Lee: 64

The board couldn’t have run any sweeter for Adams, with the dealer delivering KK10K7, for an emphatic King-quads and double up.

Alex Lee3,000,000
Cam Adams510,000
Cam Adams

Level 16: 20,000/40,000 (40,000)

Bailey ladder

Play has now moved closer to the bubble as we lost Michael Egan on table 7, and it’s a race to the money as our short stacks move all in to keep up.

Mina Elias was in need of a change of luck, having lost some chips against Brandon Bailey after going all in pre with 1010 as Bailey held AK to pick up trips on a spread of 24K4K.

Once more Elias went forth into the middle for the last of his stack pre-flop and Bailey made the call, both players going to showdown on a board of 6J82Q.

Brandon Bailey:AJ
Mina Elias:A10

With the second window hitting for Bailey, it was good enough to hold and send Elias out in 21st place.
Play has now moved hand-for-hand as we are on the money bubble.

Brandon Bailey1,280,000
Mina EliasBUSTED!
Brandon Bailey

Just a LiTTle bit more

Anthony Hachem has ripped all in pre on the button with 2,100,000, going heads up against Chao Li calling short with 510,000 from the small blind.

Li: 1010

Li’s pocket Tens ran cleanly through the board 29Q4K, securing a much-needed double up to stay in the game as we remain only three places away from the money.

Anthony Hachem1,500,000
Chao Li1,100,000
Anthony Hachem

River Seals the Deal

A quick all in-call over on the feature table, where our reporter found Sam Higgs’s 460,000 stack being counted by the dealer as Emmanuel “Curly” Seal made the call.

Higgs: 99
Seal: AK

Higgs was holding on a flop of Q10Q, and looking good as the turn flipped 3, but the river A had other plans, changing fortune Seal’s way and eliminating Higgs in 23rd place.

Emmanuel Seal1,550,000
Sam HiggsBUSTED!
Emmanuel “Curly” Seal

Gotta Hachem all

It was a tale of two Anthonys as Anthony Cierco’s bleeding 165,000 short stack was pushed into the middle pre-flop and found a call from Anthony Hachem.

Hachem was well ahead with QQ, and although the flop showed promise with two spades, Cierco was unable to complete a nut flush for his suited A10 on a board of 386Q2, sending him to the rail in 24th place.

Anthony Hachem1,765,000
Anthony CiercoBUSTED!
Anthony Cierco

Level 15: 15,000/30,000 (30,000)

Yeah Yeah, Ye!

Sheng Ye has doubled up after taking on Ziyue Zheng in some blind-on-blind action. Ye was in the small, moving his 455,000 short stack all in, which Zheng snap-called.

Ye: AQ
Zheng: AJ

Ye held the edge with the higher kicker as the dealer spread out 9K678, and Ye scooped up the pot for a timely double up.

Ziyue Zheng1,625,000
Sheng Ye935,000
Sheng Ye

Double Zheng-er

Ziyue Zheng raised from the cut-off for 50,000, which quickly escalated as Huss Hassan went all in from the small blind for 475,000, and another all in piled from Andrew White on the big blind for 490,000. Zheng wasted no time in calling, easily covering both Hassan and White.

Zheng: KK
White: QQ
Hassan: 1010

The board spread 674A5, giving Zheng a clean run whilst narrowly avoiding a straight for a three-way split pot, sending Hassan and White out in 28th and 29th place respectively.

Ziyue Zheng2,050,000
Huss HassanBUSTED!
Andrew WhiteBUSTED!
Ziyue Zheng


Martin Finger opened from the Hijack for 50,000, with Huss Hassan easily calling the min-raise on his big blind. Hassan check-called Finger’s 30,000 bet on the flop of J2K, and both players checked on the turn 8. The river Q saw a check from both players, and as Hussan flipped over Q8 for the rivered two-pair that had no doubt hoped to fish a late bet, Finger flew his cards into the muck.

Martin Finger1,220,000
Huss Hassan475,000

Finger chops

Action folded to Andrew White on the button who moved his short stack all in for a little over 250,000, with Martin Finger calling from the big blind.

White: 99
Finger: 99

It was a perfectly even match, with the board KQKJ2 giving neither the advantage, and anti-climatically leaving the two players to settle for a chopped pot.

Martin Finger1,300,000
Andrew White280,000
Martin Finger

Time to get rollin’!

Play is now underway with 29 players remaining in the field, vying for our top prize of $156, 211 and the coveted WSOP Circuit ring.

Levels will remain at 40 minutes in length, with average stack hovering at a healthy 33 big blinds, our players have plenty to work with to push for the final table. Our top 19 in the field will be paid a total prizepool of $573,400, with the full payouts listed below.

Let’s get rolling!


Level 14: 15,000/25,000 (25,000)

Going for gold

Hello there and welcome back to The Star Gold Coast and PokerMedia Australia‘s continued coverage of the WSOP Circuit series!

Today, we pick up the action from the start of Day 2 of the $5,000 buy-in High Roller, which last night saw a total 122 entries whittled down to just 29; Guangyu Wang returns today with the chip lead with 2.16 million, followed closely by Singapore crusher Alex Lee and Tony ‘Coach T’ Seremet.

No shortage of star power in today’s High Roller field either, including Germany’s Martin Finger, Emmanuel ‘Curly’ Seal, Leo Kamiya, Huss Hassan, Chao Li, and Anthony Cierco, fresh of his final table appearance yesterday in the Opening Event, won by Brisbane poker stalwart Chris Zenenos.

There were plenty of celebrations in the Sydney camp last night as well, as Jarrod Thatcher took down the $1,500 Action Clock from a field of exactly 200 entries to cash out for more than $66,000 in prize money. Along with Zenenos and $550 Super Turbo Jan Kossyrev, plus the eventual champion from today’s $660 PLO, they’ve now all qualified for next year’s WSOP Tournament of Champions in Las Vegas!


1stJarrod ThatcherAustralia$66,581
2ndCraig BlightAustralia$41,148
3rdLiam MurrayAustralia$28,927
4thConnor SpinksAustralia$20,758
5thNick WrightAustralia$15,213
6thPeter ApostolouAustralia$11,391
7thAroha NgataAustralia$8,718
8thWayne ClinchAustralia$6,824
9thRichard TangAustralia$5,466
*Full results available at

All that and more coming your way folks, so stay with us at PMA as we bring you all the action from the felt from 11:30am AEST and up until the final river falls. See you soon!

Day 2 seat draw

Play will begin at 11:30am AEST, with recommencing blinds at 15,000/25,000 (25,000). Please ensure you have your photo ID and Star Club Card in order to verify your bag, and if you have any questions regarding your seat allocation, please make yourself known to one of the team at Star Poker Gold Coast. Best of luck to everyone, and may the flop be with you!

To assist our WPT Live Reporting Team, please ensure your PMA ID cards are kept close to your stack, face-up and visible at all times.

Players are also asked to move their PMA IDs with them when broken or balanced to another table, and they must be left on the table to be collected after an elimination and at the end of day’s play.

Table 1 (Feature Table)

PMA IDSeatNameChips
01011Anthony Cierco525,000
01022Chao Li775,000
01033Emmanuel Seal750,000
01044Dejan Boskovic745,000
01055Chen Yi Liu280,000
01066Leo Kamiya485,000
01077Mitch Bognar245,000
01088Anthony Hachem850,000

Table 6

PMA IDSeatNameChips
06011Andrew White400,000
06022Alan Pham1,455,000
06033Martin Finger1,210,000
06044Sheng Ye625,000
06055Ziyue Zheng1,075,000
06066Sam Higgs1,040,000
06077Huss Hussan405,000

Table 7

PMA IDSeatNameChips
07011Michael Egan560,000
07022Brandon Bailey630,000
07033Mina Elias1,245,000
07055Steven Hoek520,000
07066Alex Lee1,930,000
07077Zheming Zhu665,000
07088Cam Adams495,000

Table 8

PMA IDSeatNameChips
08011Tu Le365,000
08022Anthony Xu660,000
08033Lawrence Stephenson790,000
08044Haozhe Gan1,025,000
08055Antonio Seremet1,900,000
08077Justin Bernstein750,000
08088Guangyu Wang2,160,000

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