LIVE REPORTING: 2022 WSOP Circuit Gold Coast Opening Event Day 3

Chris Zenonos wins WSOP Circuit Gold Coast Opening Event ($73,202)

In a rapid Day 3, we have had no time wasted in finding a ring-bearer for our Opening Event here at The Star Gold Coast, with Chris Zenonos besting Chris Tran in a brief heads-up battle.

In his post-win interview with PokerMedia Australia, Zenonos described how he felt as “relieved.”

“It’s a long time coming,” he continued, “been playing well and had a bit of bad luck, so about time the luck changed.”

The Brisbanite, wishes not to describe himself as a pro, but rather a “casual poker player”, though has been playing for over fifteen years. Zenonos was ecstatic to hear the WSOP Circuit was coming to Queensland and intends to jump into the Mystery Bounty, the Main Event, and also the $10K now that he’s picked up this win.

Before all that, to celebrate, Zenonos says “the boys have booked a restaurant so we’re ready to go out and have a few drinks and celebrate hard!”

We’ll let Chris enjoy the win, and for now that’s all from us! Thanks for joining PMA’s coverage of the WSOP Circuit Gold Coast. With the Opening Event now closed, we turn our attention to Day 2 of the $5K High Roller, where coverage will commence tomorrow from 11:30am AEST. We look forward to welcoming you then!

Chris Tran eliminated in 2nd place ($45,243)

Heads-up barely lasted five hands, with a fifth elimination taking place within the span of two levels.

Zenonos limped from the button, only for Tran to move all-in from the big blind for 3,275,000.

Zenonos snap-called, easily covering Tran, and the two stood up as their hands were revealed.

Zenonos: 99
Tran: KJ

Tran needed only to hit a Jack or King to win a pot that would have brought the stacks closer to even, but Zenonos’s pockets held on the board 101064A.

Zenonos pumped his fist triumphantly in victory, before shaking hands with Tran and congratulating him for his performance.

Chris Tran

Michael Clair eliminated in 3rd place ($32,680)

Action began with a fold from Chris Tran on the button and Chris Zenonos completing from the small blind.

Michael Clair then pushed all-in for a total of 2,325,000 and Zenonos called.

Zenonos: KQ
Clair: Q9

Board: 23A310

With that, we lose Clair in third and progress into heads-up play following a rapid progression over the last half an hour.

Chris Zenonos8,950,000
Michael ClairBUSTED!

Mikael Larsson eliminated in 4th place ($23,957)

Barely two minutes after the double-KO, Mikael Larsson has gone out next.

Larsson moved all-in from the cutoff pre-flop for 1,700,000. Action folded to Tran who called out of the big blind.

Larsson turned over his A10, looking across at Tran’s K10.

Both players hit the window card, but as the dealer completed the board, 10582K, the river delivered two pair for Tran.

Tran now moves further into the chip lead, leaving Larsson to head to the payout desk.

Mikael Larsson

Billy Argyros eliminated in 6th place ($13,473) and Andrej Senic eliminated in 5th place ($17,829)

A double knockout has narrowed the field from six to four. Upon return from the break, Billy Argyros woke up to AJ under-the-gun and moved all-in for his last 720,000.

His confidence diminished when Andrej Senic moved all-in covering Argyros, and Chris Tran shoved over the top of both of them.

Tran: KK
Senic: JJ

The board ran out 7659Q to seal the demise for both Senic and Argyros, with Senic claiming the higher placing for having more chips.

Chris Tran5,900,000
Andrej SenicBUSTED!
Billy ArgyrosBUSTED!

Level 30: 75,000/150,000 (150,000)

Break time

Our players are getting their first rest of the day, and in the mean time, let’s get a round of counts.

Chris Zenonos leads the way, with Michael Clair not far behind. Billy Argyros is most in need of a double-up.

Chris Zenonos4,705,000
Michael Clair3,200,000
Chris Tran2,900,000
Andrej Senic1,505,000
Mikael Larsson1,365,000
Billy Argyros720,000

Tran lines

Chris Zenonos has extended his chip lead, taking a pot from Chris Tran in an intense hand.

Action began with Tran opening from the hijack to 250,000, getting calls from Zenonos from the button and Andrej Senic from the big blind.

The flop delivered 54K to which Senic checked and Tran continued for 300,000. Zenonos called and Senic mucked.

Both checked the 8 turn and then the river came the 4, putting four spades on the board. Both checked again and turned over their cards.

Zenonos: AK
Tran: 99

Chris Zenonos5,550,000
Chris Tran1,715,000
Chris Zenonos

Anthony Harach eliminated in 7th place ($10,340)

A huge pot has taken place where Anthony Harach has fallen to the wrong side of a flip against Chris Zenonos.

Zenonos raised to 275,000 from the hijack, then Harach moved all-in from the cutoff for 2,100,000.

Zenonos pondered briefly but made the call, turning over AK whilst Harach revealed JJ.

The first four cards of the board offered no improvement to either player, 3755.

On the river, Zenonos paired up with the A good enough to send Harach to the rail and give Zenonos the chip lead.

Chris Zenonos4,865,000
Anthony HarachBUSTED!
Anthony Harach

Level 29: 75,000/125,000 (125,000)


Billy Argyros had action fold to him in the small blind when he went all-in for less than four big blinds, leaving Andrej Senic to snap-call from the big blind.

Argyros claimed to have only seen one card, only to then turn over AA. Senic’s K8 unable to find any assistance on 26765.

Billy Argyros950,000
Andrej Senic1,630,000
Billy Argyros

Croc bit

Chris Tran has found a double-up, leaving Billy “The Croc” Argyros with less than six big blinds.

Tran open-jammed from the hijack, totalling 940,000. Action folded to Argyros in the big blind who decided to slowly peel his hand, the A was visible at first, and eventually the J was revealed behind it and Argyros promptly called,

Tran turned over AK to have Argyros dominated.

The board offered no help to Argyros, running out 2A349.

Chris Tran1,930,000
Billy Argyros575,000

Chin Wang eliminated in 8th place ($8,061)

Pre-flop action began with an all-in from Chin Wang for 950,000. Michael Clair then moved in over the top for 2,800,000, putting Chris Zenonos into deep deliberation.

“You’ve got me covered by 100,000,” explained Zenonos to Clair.

Zenonos then folded what he claimed to be Pocket Queens, and felt validated to see Clair turn over KK.

Wang’s A8 needed some help from the board, however the 336103 runout failed to deliver.

Michael Clair3,900,000
Chin WangBUSTED!
Chin Wang

Level 28: 50,000/100,000 (100,000)

Croc Pot

Billy Argyros carries an advantage over the other player, a battery powered toy crocodile. According to Argyros, he doesn’t lose with it.

However, after going all-in with 33 against the A8 of Chin Wang, and seeing the 798 flop, it appeared to have lost its magic.

However the turn brought the J, prompting a tablemate to shout “Ten!”

And of course the river dropped a 10 to chop the pot between the two!

Billy Argyros1,650,000
Chin Wang950,000

Anthony Cierco eliminated in 9th place ($6,386)

It didn’t take long to find our first bust-out of the day, with a series of small pots going against Anthony Cierco, leaving him short stacked.

Action folded to Cierco in the small blind, who pushed his remaining 360,000 into the middle. Andrej Senic made the quick call and the two went to showdown.

Senic: K6
Cierco: J8

Board: 457K10

The board did not help Cierco, who shook hands with the remaining entrants before departing the arena.

Andrej Senic2,470,000
Anthony CiercoBUSTED!
Anthony Cierco


1Mikael Larsson2,105,000
2Chris Zenonos1,070,000
3Anthony Harach2,370,000
4Billy Argyros1,125,000
5Anthony Cierco1,325,000
6Andrej Senic1,970,000
7Chin Wang660,000
8Michael Clair2,495,000
9Chris Tran2,175,000



Level 27: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)

Business end

This is it! Welcome everybody to the last day of the first event on a packed WSOP Circuit Gold Coast schedule.

Today we will have an Opening Event Champion, who will walk away with $73,202 and a WSOP ring. The clock will wind back to the beginning of Level 27 and blinds will remain at 40 minute length.

65 players returned for Day 2 of the $1,000 buy-in Opening Event, with the action generally fast paced throughout the day. Yang Lei, Martin Ward and Liam Murray were amongst the notables to have been eliminated in the closing stages before Aaron Purdue‘s departure in 10th place started the process for the remaining nine players to bag and tag their chips for tomorrow.

The final table line-up is an all-star cast, featuring Australian Poker Hall of Famer Billy “The Croc” ArgyrosChris Tran, Chris Zenenos and Chin Wang, along with French superstar Anthony Cierco; Canadian grinder Michael Clair returns with a slender chip lead over New Zealand’s Anthony Harach.

The players are walking in now, taking their seats, and unbagging their chips. It’s go time!

Hold up!

Hello there and welcome back to PokerMedia Australia!

Our Live Reporting coverage of this event will commence from 11:30am AEST. Be sure to check back later on, but in the meantime, feel free to read through our updates from over the last three days.

Thanks for your patience and we’ll see you back here soon!

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