LIVE REPORTING: 2022 WSOP Circuit Gold Coast Opening Event Day 1B

Jaisan Patel bags chip lead after Day 1B of the WSOP Circuit Gold Coast Opening Event; that’s a wrap!

Jaison Patel has emerged best from a huge field of 261 entries on Day 1B of the Opening Event, bagging 673,000 in chips for Saturday’s Day 2.

The Brisbanite spoke to PokerMedia Australia at the close of play to reflect on what was personally a great day for him.

“I feel great, I feel really good,” Patel began.

“Ran well today, ran really well, and thought I played well.” He continued, “Picked my spots and played position.”

Highlighting a point late in the day where he spiked a set with Pocket Nines against Pocket Kings, Patel noted that he hopes that he continues the run of luck, whilst also playing well on Day 2.

Having played poker for the last ten years, Patel continues to work as a plumber, and was ecstatic to have won a satellite into the Main Event. Winning the ticket meant he allowed himself to jump into the Opening Event, and it’s lucky he did, as he carries the overall chip lead across both Day 1s.

Patel is over 100,000 ahead of Day 1A leader Victor Jaucian, and 70,000 ahead of Day 1B’s next best, Yang Lei.

Play will begin at 11:30am AEST tomorrow (Saturday) here at The Star Gold Coast’s poker room. With a total final field of 382 entries comprising a total prize pool of $343,800, with top 58 to finish in the money. PMA will be on deck to report all the action as it happens, so we look forward to having your company tomorrow. Until then, it’s good night from us for now!

Jaisan Patel


In one of the final hands of the night, Anthony Hachem opened to 15,000 from middle position, finding a call from Gary Benson on the button.

Waking up with a monster in the small blind, George Kabourakis quickly three-bet, going all-in for exactly 158,000. Hachem and Benson folded as Kabourakis flashed his KK with a big grin to close out his night and bag up with a bang.

George Kabourakis200,000

Bognar brutally busts Bonte

As moved into the final level for the day, we have caught Lauren Bonte moving all-in pre-flop from under-the-gun for 41,500.

Mitch Bognar moved in over the top from the small-blind to isolate and the two went to showdown heads-up.

Bonte: AK
Bognar: A8

Bonte found the nut flush draw on the 9910 flop, but failed to find another spade as the board completed 7,J to give Bognar the running straight, sending Bonte to the rail.

Mitch Bognar420,000
Lauren BonteBUSTED!
Mitch Bognar

Level 16: 3,000/6,000 (6,000)

Big stacks collide

Two of the top chip counts in the tournament have been pitted against each other in a hand with Yang Lei and Jaisan Patel.

A three bet pot saw both players contribute 25,000 each to see a flop arrive in the form of a 72K spread. Lei checked and Patel bet 30,000. Lei called to see a 10 turn card.

Both players checked and the board completed with the 5. Lei piled 100,000 into the middle, much to Patel’s dismay, shaking his head as he mucked his hand.

Yang Lei557,000
Jaisan Patel405,000
Yang Lei

Gold for Goltz

Shem Goltz took a nice pot in a blind versus blind hand against Chris Tran. Action folded to Goltz who completed from the small blind, before Tran bumped the price to 17,000.

Goltz made the call and the two saw the dealer spread 74639.

Action checked all the way through to the river where Goltz bet 7,000 and Tran made the fold.

Shem Goltz202,000
Chris Tran370,000

Level 15: 3,000/5,000 (5,000)

Sub par

Subramanyan Vanaparthy has taken advantage of another all-in pre situation, calling off a shove to collect a scalp in eliminating another player.

Not needing to hit with his 66 ahead of his opponent’s A2, Vanaparthy’s hand won in emphatic fashion on the 75KK6 runout.

Subramanyan Vanaparthy157,000
Subramanyan Vanaparthy

Benson burner

Gary Benson has gone on a bit of heater at the right time, picking up a sizeable pot against George Kabourakis.

Preflop action began with Kabourakis opening to 10,000 from the lojack. Benson was the only caller, defending from the big blind.

Flop: 533

Benson check-called Kabourakis’ bet of 10,000 on the flop, and the two went to the 5 turn where both checked straight through to the J river.

Benson fired 18,000 into the middle and Kabourakis made the call.

Benson: KJ
Kabourakis: QJ

Gary Benson255,000
George Kabourakis92,500
Gary Benson

Level 14: 2,000/4,000 (4,000)

“Bye bye Berty”

A chuckle from tablemate, Mitch Bognar, followed this quote from him after the departure of Bert Perry.

Action folded to Perry in the small blind, who moved all-in for his remaining 32,000 with 98, Charbel Boustani got a count before making the call relatively promptly and turned over 33.

On KJ10, Perry remarked, “that’s a fair flop.”

Turn: 10, River: 3

As soon as the turn dropped, Perry stood from his seat and expected defeat simply because he had “too many outs.”

Charbel Boustani195,000
Bert PerryBUSTED!
Charbel Boustani

Lei-ve it all to me

Yang Lei is shaping up as one of the huge stacks as we approach the closing stanza of the day, returning after the third and final break.

As short stacks become more prominent with the rising of the blinds, we’re seeing more and more all-ins pre-flop.

This took place between Lei and an unknown opponent with J10. Lei’s 99 held on the 7245K to take him close to the half a million mark.

Yang Lei461,000
Yang Lei

Level 13: 1,500/3,000 (3,000)

Yeah just a Wright turn here

On the Feature Table, Nick Wright opened 5,500 from middle position, finding only one caller – The big blind, who was running short at less than half the average stack.

On the flop of 9Q10, the big blind jammed all-in for 40,500, to which Wright called after a moment of thought, easily covering him.

Wright: AK
Big blind: J8

With the flopped straight, the big blind had the lead, though was not in the clear with the all hearts flop. The turn came the A, handing the nut flush to Wright, before an inconsequential river J completed the board.

Nick Wright155,000
Nick Wright

Wayne’s world

Over on table 15, Evan Mijo opened the action to 7,000 from UTG +1. Dylan Wayne asked for a clearer view of his stack, before making the call.

Wayne called Mijo’s continuation for 7,000 on the flop of 2J8, and quickly made the flat on the 3 turn, this time for 21,000.

Mijo cautiously checked the river 6, leaving it to Wayne, who sized up his stack before ultimately putting 57,000 all-in. Mijo deliberated for a minute before folding, giving Wayne the boost without showdown.

Dylan Wayne132,000
Evan Mijo58,000

Level 12: 1,500/2,500 (2,500)

Spink sunk

Conor Spink remaining 14,800 wasn’t enough to scare off Chris Tran and his K6 when all the chips got in preflop.

Spink was in need of holding with his 55 to find the right side of a flip, however the flop left him in bad shape before the rest of the runout sealed his fate on 9106A3.

Tran moved above the six-figure mark whilst Spink was left heading for the rail.

Chris Tran112,800
Conor SpinkBUSTED!
Chris Tran

Bonte bunted

Lauren Bonte and Jaisan Patel once again got involved in a hand against each other on Table 8.

Pre-flop, Patel opened to 7,000 from under-the-gun and found Bonte as the only caller, defending her big blind.

Flop: 10Q5

Bonte checked to Patel, who continued for 16,000 and Bonte called.

The turn brought the 5 and Bonte checked once more, this time Patel bet 20,000. Bonte pondered, taking her time before laying down her hand.

Jaisan Patel195,400
Lauren Bonte76,800
Lauren Bonte (L) and Jaisan Patel (R)

Level 11: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)

Henrich gets richer

Shortly after their earlier bout, Jesper Henrich and Shan Sokhanvar again did battle.

This time it was an all-in pre-flop that saw the two get their chips in the middle against each other.

Henrich: KJ
Sokhanvar: K10

Board: 3K4J7

Jesper Henrich46,400
Shan Sokhanvar94,700
Jesper Henrich

Shan the man

Shan Sokhanvar and Jesper Henrich both got involved in a hand after flatting a pre-flop open to 3,500.

All checked the 97Q flop and went straight to the 10 turn.

Henrich bet 2,500 and was raised by Sokhanvar to 16,000. Henrich tanked before eventually folding, allowing Sokhanvar to collect the pot uncontested prior to a river.

Shan Sokhanvar115,900
Jesper Henrich21,200
Shan Sokhanvar

Level 10: 800/1,600 (1,600)

Hung up on a call

Table 7 continues to produce massive coolers, this one again recurring in one of the first hands post break, in similar fashion to the Ricky Kroesen Aces beat over two hours prior.

Four players were all-in pre flop as they all revealed monster hands.

Ryan Rico: QQ
Harry Hung: JJ
Seat 2: AK
Seat 3: AK

Board: J599K

Seats two and three were eliminated as Harry Hung collected a huge chip up, largely at the expense of Rico.

Harry Hung229,200
Ryan Rico18,500

Back from break

Our dinner break has concluded, meaning we are now past the halfway mark for the day’s play.

Mitch Bognar holds the current chip lead, at the quarter-million mark, with Jozef Ricciardello shortly in behind.

Mitch Bognar266,400
Jozef Ricciardello214,500
Yang Lei195,400
Chin Wang183,000
Gary Benson179,800
Troy McLean164,900
Sharif Corbic157,500
Qais Shanasa154,200
Sheng Ye154,000
Marc Brown146,500

Level 9: 600/1,200 (1,200)

Barbu cued

Vlad Barbu seems to have gotten the cue to avoid pot or two for a while after finding himself having lost back-to-back hands, though still remains above the six-figure mark.

On a board that resulted in 101010K, we caught action from the flop where Barbu lead for 2,500 when he was checked to. The big blind made the call, as did John Parker from UTG+1.

On the turn, action once again checked to Barbu in the hijack, who then bet 6,500. Parker raised all-in for a total of 36,200 which garnered two folds.

The very next hand saw pre-flop action commence with Barbu opening to 2,500 from the getting a call from the hijack as well as Sara Skinner in the big blind.

Board: 4103Q6

On the flop, action checked to Barbu, who lead with a bet of 3,200 getting a call only from Skinner.

The turn saw another bet from Barbu, and another check-call from Skinner, this time for 8,500.

On the river, Skinner moved all-in for her remaining 11,100 and Barbu immediately folded.

Vlad Barbu104,800
Sara Skinner42,500

Ye-sy come easy go

Sheng Ye thought he was in line to eliminate a player when the flop gave him top pair, only for a the river to hand his opponent a two-outer to survive.

Carlos Youssef opened the action on Table 15, with a bet of 2,000 from the hijack. Ye raised to 6,000 from the cutoff and was flatted by the player on the button. Youssef responded by moving all-in for a total of 39,800

Ye requested a count before making the call and the two went to showdown after the button cleared the road.

Youssef: KK
Ye: AQ

The board followed A83JK for a rollercoaster of a runout to hand Youssef the double.

Carlos Youssef80,800
Sheng Ye100,500
Carlos Youssef

Level 8: 500/1,000 (1,000)

Chit stirring

Chit Saw has taken his stack past the six-figure mark, claiming a large pot without showdown against Troy McLean.

Pre-flop action saw Saw bump the price up to 2,400 from the small blind, and McLean defended from the big.

Flop: 9J7

Saw continued for 3,500 and was snap-called by McLean.

Turn: 5

Saw bet again, this time 8,500 and McLean snap-called once more.

River: J

Saw piled 19,000 into the pot on the river, sending McLean into the tank before eventually folding.

Chit Saw120,900
Troy McLean73,900
Chit Saw

Can’t catch a break

Ricky Kroesen is having everything go against him. After his huge cooler with his Aces going down against Kings and Ace-King, he found himself with the losing hand despite once again being an overwhelming pre-flop favourite.

We caught the action from the river, with a complete board showing K4289.

Ricky turned over his QQ only to see Michael Groms turn over QJ.

Kroesen was then left with exactly 200 in chips, and was felled a short time later.

Michael Groms22,500
Ricky KroesenBUSTED!
Ricky Kroesen

Level 7: 400/800 (800)

Goltz bolts back up

Shem Goltz has picked up a small pot to make his short stack slightly less short.

Goltz opened the action to 1,500 and was three-bet to the tune of 3,000 by David Skeen.

Goltz called from the hijack to see a flop spread 465. Goltz checked to Skeen who bet 5,400 from the button. Goltz then pulled the trigger with a shove for 24,100.

Skeen laid down his hand help Goltz recover some chips.

Shem Goltz32,900
David Skeen19,200
Shem Goltz


Rodney Maws and Matt Vowles have both been dealt a blow in a hand against Sam Haddad.

A three-way all-in preflop saw each of the players turn over their cards with Haddad at risk.

Vowles: AQ
Maws: KJ
Haddad: 54

Board: A7673

The miracle river handed Haddad the best of the board, leaving Vowles with a minuscule side pot.

Sam Haddad44,400
Rodney Maws37,300
Matt Vowles6,800

Level 6: 300/600 (600)

Jaisan draws

Lauren Bonte opened the action on Table 8, with a raise to 1,100 from the button. Jaisan Patel made the call from the small blind and the big blind also came along for a flop of 499.

Both blinds checked to Bonte, who continued for 1,500. Patel was the only caller as play went heads up to a turn of 7 to which they both checked.

Patel, with 108 had flush and straight outs going into the river, but just made a pair when the dealer tabled the 8. It was still good enough however, as he lead the river for 2,500.

Bonte called and when Patel revealed his hand, she tapped the table with respect as she mucked her hand.

Jaisan Patel75,600
Lauren Bonte38,700

Total Rico-all

Ryan Rico has come away with a miracle runout after finding himself in a disastrous position pre-flop.

In the very first hand after the break, Table 7 appeared to have produced a cold deck.

Rico opened to 2,000 from under-the-gun, Ricky Kroesen made the call from middle position, and then Graham Cowan moved all-in from the hijack. Rico snap-called, as did Kroesen, and the three turned over their cards.

Kroesen: KK
Cowan: AA
Rico: AK

The flop came out 482, with the only thing providing hope to Rico being the backdoor flush draw.

The hope only grew upon the arrival of the 8 on the turn.

Much to the rest of the table’s shock, the river was the Q. Kroesen went from being in a prime position to knock out two players, to being left with the scraps as both of his opponents rivered the flush.

Ricky was quoted saying “I’m gonna pot out from here and win.”

We’ll be sure to keep an eye on that.

Ryan Rico68,200
Graham Cowan47,900
Ricky Kroesen11,200


Here are the top five stacks according to our unofficial counts:

Anthony Hachem appears to be leading at present, as the number of entries stands at 182 upon return from the break.

Anthony Hachem109,400
Qais Shanasa108,200
Marc Brown107,800
Dylan Desmarchelier87,500
Aroha Ngata70,800

Level 5: 300/500 (500)

Time for a break

Our players are now on a 15-minute break! We’ll grab a couple of counts in the mean time!

Got trust in Truscott

Ian Truscott has picked up a nice win with a big hand on Table 7. Truscott opened to 1,200 from the cutoff and got calls from both blinds.

Board: 7332A

Action checked to Truscott on the flop, who continued for 4,000 and had the big blind as his only caller.

Both players checked the turn and upon the river, the big blind lead for 6,000 to which Truscott made the call.

Truscott: KK
Big Blind: 64

Ian Truscott

M-cLean runout

Table 13 saw action between Troy McLean and Jie Cui.

Cui opened to 800 from under-the-gun and recieved calls from McLean on the button, and the big blind.

Flop: 28K

Action checked to Cui who continued for 800. McLean was the only caller and the turn came the 8 to which both players checked.

The river was the J. McLean bet the river, with a sizing of 400. Cui responded with a raise to 3,600 and McLean snap-called.

McLean: 99
Cui: A2

Troy McLean

Level 4: 200/400 (400)

Like a boss

Mitch Bognar was happy to see his three-bet get through after an opponent initially raised pre-flop.

Action begin with a raise to 1,000 from middle position before Bognar re-raised with a bet of 3,500 from the button. The initial raiser folded to allow Bognar to win.

Bognar: “Call it! C’mon! I don’t have Aces!”

The middle position player laughed as they showed they had folded the A

Bognar revealed just the 9, laughing “I only had nine-high!”

Nine-high like a boss…

Mitch Bognar

Haydn rolling in the Dough-ty

Hayden Doughty is applying early pressure over on Table 12, getting involved with big-stacked Jarrod Thatcher.

Thatcher opened to 700 and got two callers before Doughty bumped it up to 4,200 from the big blind. Thatcher was the only caller, and the two took to a flop.

Flop: A97

Doughty continued for 3,300 and was called. The turn then came the 10 and Doughty sized-up with a bet of 8,500, this sent Thatcher into the tank.

Eventually Thatcher folded to hand Doughty the goods.

Haydn Doughty54,200
Jarrod Thatcher65,400
Haydn Doughty

Level 3: 200/300 (300)

Lights, camera, Hachem

Anthony Hachem has gotten involved in back-to-back hands early on Day 1B, though getting unfavourable results from both.

Preflop saw Hachem open to 500 from the cutoff and find a singular call from Junya Luo, who was situated on the button.

On a flop of 8210 Hachem checked, which prompted Luo to lead for 500. Hachem responded with a raise to 1,500. Luo then put Hachem into an interesting spot with a flop re-raise to 3,000.

Hachem let go of his hand to allow Luo to rake in some easy chips uncontested, and without needing to go past a flop.

Next hand saw Hachem open to 500 once more, this time from the hijack. David Skeen defended from the big blind to take to a flop. Both checked and, upon the turn, Skeen lead for 600 and Hachem called.

Board: 8961010

On the river, Skeen bet another 1,200 and Hachem called.

Skeen: 102

Hachem nodded his head and slid his cards into the muck.

Anthony Hachem

Seize the day

Play will take place in the same way as yesterday, with bagging expected to take place at about 9:30pm AEST. The total numbers of entries has surpassed 135, clearing the 121 on Day 1A.

Three breaks, including a 30-minute dinner break, will allow players to relax after two hour blocks of play.

LevelSmall BlindBig BlindBig Blind Ante

Level 2: 100/200 (200)

Perry Perry checkin’

Earl Roberts has left Bert Perry with a minimised stack count after a hand took place together on Table 8.

Action began with a raise from the hijack to 300, before Perry bumped the price to 1,500 out of the small blind. Roberts defended his big blind and the initial raiser also made the call to go three ways to a flop.

Board: J43K7

Action checked through on both the flop and turn, before Perry lead out for 2,000 on the river. Roberts raised to 7,500 to force the hijack out of the hand, while Perry made the call.

Roberts turned over AK which prompted Perry to muck.

Earl Roberts51,800
Bert Perry10,500

Cards in the air

We’re back underway for the second of two Day 1’s at The Star Gold Coast! we’re just shy of the 100 entries mark, as 97 players are seated to begin play.

Some faces are back from yesterday, whilst some new players are here for their chance at one of twelve rings to be won across the series.

Level 1: 100/100 (100)

Back into it

With Day 1B start time approaching, early numbers are hinting at a step up from yesterday’s field.

15 minutes remain before cards fly and we’re already halfway past the total number of entries from Day 1A.

Players are strolling in with coffees in hand, ready for a vital day as they look to to bag, and book their seat for tomorrow. Be sure to say hello to our dressed up welcome our dressed up Vegas guys and dolls!

The Star’s Vegas Guys and Dolls

Let’s get down to business

Good morning and welcome back to PokerMedia Australia‘s continued coverage of the 2022 WSOP Gold Coast Circuit series!

Last night saw the the first flight of the $1,000 buy-in Opening Event being run and won, with 20 survivors bagging up from the 121 total entries taken in. Victor Jaucian emerged as the chip leader, bagging up 524,000 in chips, followed by Connie Graham with 427,000. Martin Ward (383,000), Anthony Harach (367,000) and Mogens Hansen (321,000) rounded out the top five.


Victor Jaucian524,000
Connie Graham427,000
Martin Ward383,000
Anthony Harach367,000
Mogens Hansen321,000
Errolyn Strang286,000
Robert Damelian231,000
Andrej Senic227,000
Shuai Chang222,000
Aaron Purdue215,000
Anthony Cierco195,000
Mina Elias189,000
Paul Eden185,000
Azim Popatia168,000
Wenjie Sun164,000
Ryan Stevenson159,000
Daniel Smiljanic139,000
Ashley Brown131,000
Hussein Hassan130,000
Christopher Zenonos125,000

But although there’s still another flight to depart soon, we’ve already had one WSOP Gold Coast Champion crowned, with Jan Kossyrev shipping the $550 buy-in Super Turbo in the early hours of this morning heads-up against fellow Star Poker Gold Coast stalwart Rod Batoz, topping a field of 132 entries to take home the Jostens ring and almost $18,000 in prize money.

And thanks to Star Entertainment and the WSOP, Kossyrev has also qualified for the 2023 Tournament of Champions in Las Vegas! Congratulations Jan, and we look forward to seeing you and many more Aussie’s on poker’s greatest stage next year.

2022 WSOP CIRCUIT GOLD COAST SUPER TURBO ($550 buy-in, 132 entries, 20 players paid)*

1stJan KossyrevAustralia$17,733
2ndRod BatozAustralia$10,960
3rdHarji RakeshAustralia$7,623
4thAdam ThaggardAustralia$5,437
5thJames KabourakisAustralia$3,978
6thSam AdamsAustralia$2,987
7thRodney LeeAustralia$2,305
8thTu LeAustralia$1,828
9thRobert HawkesAustralia$1,492
*Final table payouts shown; full results available at

Be sure to stay with us as the PMA Live Reporting Team bring you updates from Day 1B of the Opening Event from 12:30pm AEST, along with bonus content across all our socials. See you soon!

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