LIVE REPORTING: WPT League Championship Sydney Main Event Day 1C

Jayden Zalac bags WPT League Championship Day 1C Chip lead; that’s a wrap!

Sydneysider Jayden Zalac has topped the counts on the biggest flight so far in this Main Event. 201 total entries took the live prize pool to well beyond the $250,000 guarantee with Saturday’s flight poised to break records.

In his chat to PokerMedia Australia, Zalac was energetic following the eight hours of play.

“Yeah, feeling thrilled,” he began, “I had a good run.”

“Right near the end we squeezed Jacks and got four-bet jammed for sixty bigs, snapped it off. Faced sixes… held. Big double-up.”

Sealing his bag with 580,000 within, Zalac’s aggressive style of play means he won’t play any differently on Day 2, even if he were a short stack.

“Anything changes, I don’t get attached to a big chip lead. In the past, I’ve had shallow stacks and spun it up.”

We’ll be keeping an eye on Zalac, as he’ll be sure to provide plenty of action as qualifiers from this massive field return for Day 2 on Sunday.

Full Day 1C chip counts:

Jayden Zalac580,000
Kris Lee568,000
Adnan Al-Maliki484,000
Tim De Pater454,000
Benjamin Jee417,000
Andres Vasquez351,000
Prithvi Nejjur348,000
Frank Gorial336,000
Madi Kishore328,000
Ammar Louis320,000
Dean Boskovic319,000
Mark James Green315,000
Khal Fayad296,000
Jarod Cunningham285,000
Steven Huynh285,000
Mark Green SJB272,000
Robert Jemison Budd269,000
Jerry Buraga262,000
Rebal Bou Fakhreddine247,000
Visal Kim240,000
Watson Poulivaati221,000
Kresimir Kardum212,000
Andrew Lynch211,000
Andriy Chernysh203,000
Xin Qi189,000
Declan Russell181,000
Zoran Tosic180,000
Hai Vu159,000
Dominic Tso141,000
Mai Nguyen137,000
Robert Liu128,000
Phuc Hoang127,000
Aleix Castro123,000
Jamal Ishac113,000
John Caridad112,000
Hung Pham107,000
Yu Han98,000
Manoj Kapoor95,000
Paul Sammour86,000
Eric Fajardo78,000
Tofick Galiell78,000
Adam Khalidi68,000
Alan Wilson58,000

Liu hangs in

Robert Liu faced the prospect of a second consecutive Level 12 elimination when he was all-in and at risk against Andres Vasquez.

Liu: 33
Vasquez: AQ

Board: 7K5J2

Liu once again prevailed in the battle between the two, doubling up to secure a Day 2 seat.

Robert Liu128,000
Andres Vasquez351,000

Level 12: 2,000/4,000 (4,000)

De Pater speculator

Tim De Pater has eliminated a player in a huge cooler.

De Pater: KK
Opponent: AA

All the chips got in the middle pre, and De Pater spiked the turn to chip-up well on the 832K8 spread.

Tim De Pater454,000

Chebib crushed

It was a delightful window card on the flop for Steve Chebib, but it ended there as the rest of the board spread to send him home.

All the chips were in the middle pre flop when Chebib turned over 44, seeing he was well behind Watson Poulivaati’s AA.

Board: A349J

Watson Poulivaati183,000
Steve ChebibBUSTED!

Level 11: 1,500/3,000 (3,000)

Ming bet

Robert “Ming” Liu has made a lucky escape in a hand against Andres Vasquez.

Vasquez limped the button, and Declan Russell made the decision to limp also, executing a completion from the small blind. Liu awoke to 76 and chose to slow play, employing a check.

Flop: 68A

Action checked to Vasquez, who bet 3,000. Russell contemplated briefly before releasing his cards into the muck with a helicopter fold. Liu fired a check-raise, totalling 9,000.

Vasquez called to see a turn, the A, to which Liu moved all-in for his remaining 26,500.

Vasquez quickly called and turned over [invalid notations].

The river 10 was good enough to keep Liu in the game.

Robert Liu79,500
Andres Vasquez192,000

Level 10: 1,500/2,500 (2,500)

Count it out

Let’s get an update on how some of the top stacks are sitting. Khal Fayad leads the way, sitting just shy of 300,000.

Khal Fayad296,500
Madi Kishore219,000
Rob Spano187,500
Emmanuel Derecho176,000
Jayden Zalac162,000
Mark James Green152,100
Ashor Schlemon146,000
Frank Gorial145,000

Big moves

As our reporter brushed past Table 3, Tim Caruana called out to him to stay near the table.

“Is this live reporting?” He began.

“Stick around, I’m gonna make a big move this hand,” were his precise words as the dealer delivered him his hole cards.

UTG open-jammed for 10,100 and both the cutoff and Caruana from the small blind made the call.

Board: 36A33

Action checked all the way through to the river and showdown revealed K10 for one player, QJ for another, and Caruana showed 88 for the winner.

Tim Caruana88,000

Level 6: 500/1,000 (1,000)

Doing it Em-manuel-ly

A flop of A74 saw three players move all-in. One had flopped a set with 44, whilst Michelle Psarras had an open-ended straight draw with 65, and Emmanuel Derecho held the lead with AK.

The 9 on the turn handed Derecho the nut flush, needing to avoid the board pairing in order to triple-up.

The river brought a fourth club in the form of the 2, handing Psarras the winner in the side pot against her opponent’s set of fours.

Emmanuel Derecho144,000
Michelle Psarras43,000
Michelle Psarras

Level 5: 400/800 (800)

More photos!

Our photographer is doing the rounds, trying to capture as many faces in action as possible.

Terrible for Ivan

Ivan Alloshe fell victim to a flip in a hand against Sleiman Ghani.

A series of raising and re-raising lead to all the chips getting in the middle pre-flop as the players went to showdown.

Alloshe: JJ
Ghani: AK

Board: 742K5

Alloshe was sent to the rail whilst Ghani enjoyed a helpful chip-up.

Sleiman Ghani

Level 4: 300/600 (600)

Around the grounds

Plenty more faces are jumping into the action, let’s have a peek at the photo gallery so far!


The current leader of the Player of the Series standings, Tim De Pater has taken a hefty pot in his direction to sit comfortably in the early stages of play.

De Pater opened to 1,000 from UTG+1 and was met with a flurry of callers. The player in the big blind raised to 4,500, but it wasn’t enough to scare off any players as the table went 5 ways to a flop.

On 664, the big blind player continued with a bet of 5,200. De Pater made the call and all others folded.

Turn: 10

A second barrel was fired from the player in the big blind, and De Pater called again.

The river brought the A to the board and the big blind moved all-in. De Pater snap called to see his AJ was the winner against A9, resulting in an elimination.

Tim De Pater135,000
Tim De Pater

Level 3: 200/400 (400)

Rebal with a cause

Rebal Bou Fakhreddine has found a triple-up, effecting two eliminations in a huge cooler on Table 2.

Fakhreddine’s 88 found itself up against 74 and AA as all the chips got in on a flop of 874.

The runout came K,4 to hand Fakhreddine the better full house to grant him an early tournament chip lead.

Rebal Bou Fakhreddine156,000
Rebal Bou Fakhreddine

Chip-ups to catch up

Let’s have a look at yesterday’s qualifiers to make it through to Day 2 after bagging in Day 1B.

Marco Perri leads the way, followed closely by Daniel Awad. Today’s players will have plenty of chips in play to work with, as the expected turnout is due to be the largest of the series so far for a flight.

Marco Perri688,000
Daniel Awad609,000
Domenic Galati483,000
Ivan Z413,000
Simote Fish Poulivaati339,000
Rabie El Hage335,000
George Paravinja318,000
Cameron Chen289,000
Michael Diab288,000
David Hirst270,000
Daniel Veljkovic244,000
Frank Maltese231,000
David Nguyen SJP221,000
Sailendra Sha218,000
Michal Jalc212,000
Rob The Notorious Ovseev212,000
Sarie Habbi204,000
Wesley Guo196,000
Xuzhou Wu181,000
Shengning Yang177,000
Laurence Hall172,000
Sam Capra170,000
Nenad Vujancevic164,000
Duane Takiari155,000
Cezary Klimczak154,000
Sal Ali141,000
John Greenbay Nguyen137,000
Alex E126,000
Collin Tran123,000
Neng Zhao122,000
Nick Roth120,000
Rellim Clark120,000
Brock Munro110,000
Ming Zhu102,000
Wanyang Liu95,000
Pooria Asaadi56,000

Level 2: 200/300

Mai chips now

Mai Nguyen has gotten the perfect start to her Main Event. Merely minutes into Day 1C, a huge hand took place against an unnamed opponent.

A limp from UTG was met with a raise from Nguyen to 1,100 from the hijack. The player on the button called and UTG called also.

The flop came K4K and UTG checked to Nguyen who followed up with a bet to 2,200. The button made the call and UTG then check-raised to 5,600, getting Nguyen as the only caller to see a turn.

The 5 turn card saw UTG bet 11,000 and Nguyen called once more and requested of the dealer a “red card please!” Later claiming she put UTG on a flush draw.

The river came the 7, completing both the board and Nguyen’s request. UTG bet 15,000 and Nguyen snap-slammed all of her chips into the middle, sending the UTG player into the blender.

“Are there rebuys?” He enquired of the dealer.

The following 30 seconds became a Q&A on the Main Event terms and conditions. UTG continued to query the dealer.

“If I rebuy today, can I still play tomorrow?”

Once made aware of his rights, he made the call and was excitedly shown 77, rendering useless UTG’s flopped trips with K2.

Mai Nguyen101,800
Mai Nguyen

Cards in the air

Play has begun with 53 entrants already seated, and a steady queue flowing through the registration desk will add many more. 95 entrants is the magic number needed to surpass the guaranteed prize pool amount, let’s see how early we get there!

Level 1: 100/200

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