LIVE REPORTING: WPT League Championship Sydney Main Event Day 1B

Perri Perri chips – Marco Perri bags Main Event Day 1B chip lead; that’s a wrap!

Marco Perri has sealed a total of 688,000 in chips at the conclusion of Day 1B, skyrocketing past Day 1A chip leader, Fadi Tabet’s total of 564,000.

36 players proceeded through to Day 2 following today’s flight, with 163 entries combining with yesterday’s 159 bringing a live prize pool of $193,200, well on track to comfortably surpass the guarantee.

In his chat with PokerMedia Australia, Perri simply responded with, “Good,” when asked about how he felt, bagging a huge chip lead.

“Just played my game, got into a few good spots,” he attributes to his success for the day.

The Central Coast native is no stranger to the Sydney tournament poker scene, finding good results earlier in the year with a final table appearance at the WPTDeepStacks Main Event, netting him over $40,000 at The Star Sydney.

That concludes our coverage for Day 1B of the Main Event here at St John’s Park Bowling Club, we’ll be back again for Day 1C on Friday, see you soon!

Ming minced

Robert “Ming” Liu looked up at our reporter, holding his short stack, exclaiming, “It’s gonna go in blind at some point!”

Although he did look at his cards, Liu’s remaining 62,000 got into the middle when the small blind player shoved on Liu’s big blind.

Liu: K10
Opponent: A9

The flop couldn’t have been much better for Liu, however the turn couldn’t have been much worse, as the runout came 1081077.

Liu survived the straight flush draw to book up on the river, taking his total to 136,000.

Minutes later, the joy became short-lived for Liu, when his cutoff open was jammed on by Daniel Awad, who was flight 1B chip leader at the time.

Liu called to see that his AK needed to hit the board against Awad’s 22.

The board J3347 failed to establish any connection with Liu’s cards, sending him to the the rail in the dying moments of the flight.

Zhao did he hold there?

Neng Zhao received two callers when he got his remaining 18,100 into the middle.

Zhao: KJ
Alex E: 108
Laurence Hall: 97

With a live, yet empty side pot between Alex E and Hall, we didn’t see the cards until after the river. By which point, Zhao believed he had no chance of remaining in play.

But as the board came 25AQJ, Zhao’s pair of Jacks needed not to compete with any straights, flushes or higher pairs, thus giving him the triple-up.

Neng Zhao61,500
Alex E126,000
Laurence Hall172,000

A Capra matter

Sam Capra was conceded defeat, with his A8 looking unlikely to eliminate an all-in and at-risk player holding Q9 on a flop of J9Q.

The following cards changed things quickly, as the dealer peeled off the 8 and 8.

Sam Capra101,700

Level 12: 2,000/4,000 (4,000)

It’s Guo time

Wesley Guo found a crucial double-up, slightly out-kicking Steve Whittaker to stay alive.

Both players were sitting as short stacks on the table, with a relatively small pot in the middle still holding huge implications for the players involved, both desperately needing any chips they can get.

Guo: AQ
Whittaker: AJ

Board: [invalid notations]

Wesley Guo61,500
Steve Whittaker57,500

Strang-er things

Errolyn Strang has hit the rail, eliminated at the hands of Soumen Sen.

The all-in and call took place on the flop, with Strang getting the last 30,000 of her chips in the middle after flopping a flush draw.

Sen: KQ
Strang: 102

Board: K3K10Q

Soumen Sen179,000
Errolyn StrangBUSTED!

Level 11: 1,500/3,000 (3,000)

Ice-cold Galati

Domenic Galati opened the action on Table 3 with a raise to 6,500. Simon Iskandar defended his big blind to go heads-up to a flop of 88K.

Both players checked the flop and saw the turn come the 9. Iskandar checked once more and Galati bet 10,000. The call was made, and the river A completed the board.

Iskandar checked a third time, and Galati lead for 35,000. Iskandar moved all-in and Galati snap-called leading both players to show their hands.

Galati: K8
Iskanar: 98

Domenic Galati456,000
Simon IskandarBUSTED!

Awad a feeling

Errolyn Strang wouldn’t have expected four callers when she raised from under-the-gun, raising to 5,500, but that’s what she got, as five runners saw the flop come 7A6.

Action checked around to Daniel Awad in middle position, who moved all-in and got all players to fold.

He showed his 54 to the table and exclaimed, “I was ready to gamble!”

Daniel Awad157,500

Level 10: 1,500/2,500 (2,500)

Tran lines

Alex Yazbeck was caught out by Michael Tran after triple-barreling.

We caught action from the flop, where Tran checked to Yazbeck on a board showing JQ2,

Yazbeck bet 5,500 into the middle and Tran called. Turn action followed the same pattern, this time Yazbeck’s bet was 17,000.

After the runout came 6,J, Yazbeck fired enough chips to put Tran all-in, sending Tran to the tank.

Eventually, the remaining 43,000 of Tran’s stack was pushed forward and the two went to showdown.

Tran: Q9
Yazbeck: K10

Michael Tran136,000
Alex Yazbeck131,000

A Perri good hand

Action on Table 9 saw the UTG+1 player open to 6,000. Marco Perri raised to 13,000 from the button and was met with a jam by Ding in the big blind. Action folded back to Perri who called the 166,500 bet, leaving himself only 2,500 behind.

Perri: KK
Ding: QQ

Board: 9J1022

Marco Perri344,000

Level 9: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)

Mote defends his castle

Mote Poulivaati continues to build his stack, knocking out Thavi Sithisakd in spectacular fashion.

Poulivaati: AA
Sithisakd: 1010

Board: 8KJ10A

A crazy turn card was followed by an even crazier river, to send the table through a rollercoaster of emotions to see Sithisakd eliminated.

Mote Poulivaati139,000
Thavi SithisakdBUSTED!

Level 8: 1,000/1,500 (1,500)

No brick for Brock

Brock Munro attempted to make a move in a hand against John Doringer, with preflop play seeing Doringer limp-re-raise to 6,200 after Munro raised to 3,500. Munro called to see a flop of 6J5.

Doringer continued for 10,000 and Munro moved all-in for a total of 34,100. Doringer snap-called, and before Munro even saw his opponent’s AA, the reaction itself was enough to let Munro know he was in bad shape with 76.

Grabbing his things and beginning to leave his seat, the runout of K,6 was the miracle needed to keep his tournament life afloat.

Brock Munro83,200
John Doringer49,000

Level 7: 600/1,200 (1,200)


Preflop action saw an under-the-gun limp, followed by a raise from Titus Jay to 3,500 from the hijack. Robert Liu bumped it up to 10,500 from the small blind. UTG folded and Jay re-raised to 21,500.

Liu moved all in for 41,000 and Jay called.

Jay: AA
Liu: 1010

Board: 876Q10

If the four card flush wasn’t enough, the ten on the river rubbed salt into the wound of Jay, as Liu collected a handy double-up.

GrAAel vs AsAAndi

Grael Won was delighted to finally wake up with a hand, and must have thought it was Christmas when Pooria Asaandi opened to 2,500, he three-bet to 6,000 and Asaandi shoved.

Won turned over his AA to find that Asaandi had AA. The flop gave Won hope of a backdoor flush on J32, the turn kept the hope alive with the 7.

The river 8 saw both Asaandi and Won split the pot.

Level 6: 500/1,000 (1,000)

Elrich gets richer

In the outer section of the Pavilion Poker Room, Alex Elrich triple barrelled in a hand against Titus Tay.

Tay opened from the button to 1,600. Elrich three-bet from the small blind to a total of 3,600 and Tay made the call.

Flop: A64

Elrich lead the flop for 1,600 and Tay called.

Turn: 9

Elrich lead the turn for 5,500 and Tay called.

River: 5

Elrich lead the river for 11,300 and Tay folded.

With a sigh of relief, Elrich showed his J8 for the triple-barrel bluff!

Alex Elrich97,700
Titus Tay122,000

Level 5: 400/800 (800)


The players on Table 8 have expressed a fondness for our reporter so far, as they’ve been making sure to give him a yell of “action!” when a big hand looks to be taking place.

This call may have been premature, with an all-in on the flop garnering folds and Mote Poulivaati scooping the pot.

On a flop of 1096, UTG+1 checked to Poulivaati in the cutoff, who made it 3,600. The button flatted before UTG+1 back-raised to 12,200. Poulivaati moved shoved in response to get all the folds.


Our players have just returned from a ten minute break, so let’s see who’s atop the chip count rankings so far:

Rabie El Hage182,900
Emmanuel Derecho132,000
John Nguyen114,000
John Doringer109,700
Peter Frangie94,000
Neng Zhao89,400

Level 4: 300/600 (600)

Mote-is operandi

In interesting hand on Table 8 saw action open with Neng Zhao opening to 1,100 and gaining a call from only one player, Mote Poulivaati defending his big blind.

On a flop of 10K7, Poulivaati checked to Zhao, who continued for 800. A check-raise of 2,400 was placed by Poulivaati and Zhao pondered before making the call.

On the K turn, both players checked which brought the 5 to complete the board.

Poulivaati bet 5,000 which sent Zhao into a long and vocal tank.

“Looks like I’m gonna have to pay you off here,” Zhao muttered.

In response, Poulivaati said, “Up to you bro!”

Eventually Zhao called.

Zhao: 109
Poulivaati: QJ

“Great hand, action hand!” Zhao remarked as he raked in his chips.

In the hole a-Grael

Grael Won is headed for a second entry for today’s flight, falling at the hands of Emmanuel Derecho.

We caught the action from the turn on a board of J249. Won checked to Derecho who lead for 15,000 into a pot of over 20,000. Won moved all-in for approximately 37,000 and Derecho snap-called.

Derecho: J9
Won: 1010

The river brought no reprieve for Won, as the 8 came to confirm his elimination.

Emmanuel Derecho135,000
Grael WonBUSTED!

Level 3: 200/400 (400)

Roth’s chips Nick-ed

Ivan Z slow played his KQ to perfection in a hand against Nick Roth.

Roth opened from the hijack to 900 preflop and found Z as his only caller.

On the flop and turn of 4KK,Q, Roth bet 900 and 1,800 respectively, and was called by Z.

The J river saw Roth push 5,500 into the middle, Z moved all-in and Roth snap-called.

Roth: JJ

The boat-over-boat handed Z a handy double, whilst Roth still has some chips to work with.

Ivan Z50,000
Nick Roth28,000

Table 4, 3-way all-in, Tupua

Our reporter got over to Table 4 as a large pot brewed, Rabie El Hage checked on the turn from the big blind, with the board showing 3JQA.

The UTG player moved in for 18,100 and Steve Tupua re-raised to 55,000. El Hage check-jammed the remainder of his stack for a total of 62,000. Tupua realised he probably did not have the best hand, but couldn’t fold for 7,000 more, making the call.

El Hage: K10
Tupua: AK

River: 9

El Hage collected a mammoth pot, knocking out one player and leaving Tupua with the crumbs.

Rabie El Hage151,000
Steve Tupua14,000

Level 2: 200/300

Campbell’s soup-er start

Action on Table 3 saw John Campbell open to 700 and get calls from both players in the blinds, Domenic Galati in the small and Grael Won in the big.

Flop: KKA

Turn: 4

All players checked the flop, and on the turn, Galati lead for 2,100 and got Campbell as his only caller.

The 7 river saw Galati overbet for a total of 12,200. Campbell then pulled the trigger with a raise to 32,200. Galati agonised before calling to see Campbell turn over AA.

Galati flashed the K to the table before mucking his hand.

John Campbell87,000
Domenic Galati21,300

Early grind

Sammy Lucisano has started to build momentum, picking up strong cards early on in the flight.

An under-the-gun limp was followed by folds all the way around to Lucisano on the button, who raised to 700. The blinds got out of the way and the UTG player made the call.

Flop: 910Q

Both players checked on the monotone flop and saw the 8 arrive on the turn.

UTG lead for 200, garnering confusion from Lucisano for a moment before raising to 600.

UTG called the 600 and checked when the 7 hit on the river.

Lucisano’s 1,500 bet on the river found a fold, but wanted a call when he showed the table KJ for the flopped straight, rivered flush, and near straight-flush.

Sammy Lucisano53,000

Shuffle up and deal

Play has started, with more tables being opened to accomodate the steady flow of registrations.

Play began with 34 runners and has quickly jumped to 52 after 15 minutes of play.

These players will have some work to do in order to reach the bar set by Fadi Tabet, who bagged 564,000 for his efforts on Day 1A. Let’s have a look at the final standings following yesterday’s play.

Fadi Tabet564,000
Peter Brikha491,000
Adrian Pacheco477,000
Birdal Ilbay477,000
Qile Liao369,000
Bolosaikhan Galzad349,000
Glenn Marsom291,000
Antonio Tavella282,000
Lavinia Van Bokhoven268,000
Wyn Pham266,000
Daniel Tolomeo260,000
Zongyi Ji256,000
George Alam255,000
Fletcher Smith238,000
Brian Gu221,000
Marino Begue204,000
Arsn Younadem201,000
Daniel Trivuncevic185,000
Ali Alzuhairy 183,000
Elie Boustany183,000
Jason Brown 179,000
Joseph Nati177,000
Bas Hegge164,000
Gregory Tzanakes162,000
Harry Basle158,000
Trong Nguyen157,000
Kenta Ito137,000
Ray Mcphee118,000
Walter Bennett105,000
Brendan Chio90,000
Teddy Estrada90,000
Errolyn Strang89,000
George Mitri87,000
Manoj Kapoor86,000
Steven Huynh83,000
Claudio Arena74,000
Henry Tran65,000

Level 1: 100/200

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