LIVE REPORTING: Stacked Deepstacks Adelaide Main Event Final Table

Joe Sandaev successful in 1st place ($71,000)

Congratulations to Joe Sandaev, winner of the Stacked Social DeepStacks Main Event.

It’s a third title in the space of a month for Sandaev off the back of a remarkable WPT Australia festival at the Gold Coast. Additionally, Sandaev maintains possession of the title of Stacked Main Event Champion after emerging victorious in the February series.

“It’s a good run of form, I’m running really good, it’s pretty big heater,” remarked Sandaev, humbling himself in his chat to PokerMedia Australia.

Donning a shirt with a special message for the entirety of Day 3, Sandaev paid tribute to his heritage.

“The t-shirt’s mainly for awareness and to keep people in your thoughts… I still have family over there too, just pray for Ukraine.”

After his success interstate, Sandaev was pleased to return to the city he calls home and pick up a title.

“Good to see that I can continue the form I had interstate here on my home ground.”

On Stacked specifically, Sandaev spoke highly of his experience at the venue, “It’s no secret that Stacked Social is becoming one of the best poker venues in Australia.”

That victory concludes PokerMediaAustralia‘s time on deck at Stacked Social after a wonderful four days for the Main Event. The closing tournament of the series took place throughout the night, eventually seeing Pierce Hynes claim the title heads-up against Nick Williams in an event full of laughs, drinks and banter, summative of the experience Stacked prides itself on providing to its patrons.

Final Table Results

1stJoe Sandaev$71,000
2ndChris Edgar$45,000
3rdDamiano Aloi$26,000
4thScott Calcagno$20,500
5thRoman Priplotski$17,000
6thWeng Wong$14,350
7thAdam Cusenza$11,600
8thPip Chea$8,900

Chris Edgar eliminated in 2nd place ($45,000)

Coming into Final Table as a resounding chip leader, Chris Edgar would have hoped for at least a run to near the end. Second place was well earned for the popular figure amongst the Adelaide poker community, making the right moves at the right times to effect knockouts and grind his stack.

However, the prowess of Joe Sandaev proved far too strong, ultimately concluding in the short stack of Edgar finding its way to the middle in desperation to claw a double-up.

Sandaev: A7
Edgar: Q6

Board: 7210AA

Chris EdgarBUSTED!
Chris Edgar

Closing in on the inevitable

Heads up play began with Joe Sandaev holding 8,490,000 of the total chips in play, with Chris Edgar holding only 1,175,000.

Edgar’s total has slowly degraded, a large chunk going to Sandaev when Edgar raised from 150,000 in a hand on the turn to 450,000. Sandaev called to see the board complete 42576.

Both checked the river and Sandaev revealed K6 to claim the pot.

Joe Sandaev8,945,000
Chris Edgar720,000

Damiano Aloi eliminated in 3rd place ($26,000)

Always presenting a smile when he saw the camera pointed in his direction, it’s a bittersweet end to the Main Event run of Damiano Aloi; happy to make it so far, but falling short of the top prize.

Another all-in before the flop saw Aloi at risk against Joe Sandaev.

Sandaev: K9
Aloi: [invalid notations]

Joe Sandaev8,490,000
Damiano AloiBUSTED!
Damiano Aloi


Joe Sandaev carries almost two thirds of all the chips in play, with the others needing at least a double-up some time soon to make any impression in the race for the trophy.

Joe Sandaev6,045,000
Chris Edgar2,170,000
Damiano Aloi1,450,000

Level 27: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)

Break time

Some small pots have seen Joe Sandaev reel in a larger percentage of the chips in play as Damiano Aloi has dropped in his count since the Calcagno elimination.

The players now get ten minutes to stretch their legs before we return for two more levels of scheduled play. We’ll have counts for you shortly.

Scott Calcagno eliminated in 4th place ($20,500)

We’re down to three players left in the Main Event. A short-stacked Scott Calcagno moved all-in for a total of 495,000 and was called by Damiano Aloi.

Aloi: AJ
Calcagno: K5

Board: Q3JKA

Damiano Aloi1,500,000
Scott CalcagnoBUSTED!
Scott Calcagno

Roman Priplotski eliminated in 5th place ($17,000)

Despite tripling up with pocket Jacks against Joe Sandaev and Scott Calcagno, Roman Priplotski was unable to continue a rise back into contention.

Awaking in the button with K5, Priplotski moved all-in and found a quick call from Joe Sandaev, who had AK in the big blind.

The board ran out A37J8 to hand Roman a five-figure birthday payday.

Joe Sandaev5,875,000
Roman PriplotskiBUSTED!

Sad birthday to you

Roman Priplotski has a task ahead of him if he wants to try to ladder up for a bigger birthday present.

After Priplotski moved all-in with KQ, Damiano Aloi awoke to AK and promptly called.

A Queen in the window looked promising for Priplotski, until the rest of the board spread A10Q103, leaving him with under two big blinds to hang on to.

Damiano Aloi1,360,000
Roman Priplotski95,000
Damiano Aloi

Level 26: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)

Weng Wong eliminated in 6th place ($14,350)

Weng Wong has been coolered at the hands of Chris Edgar, bringing his excellent Main Event run to an end.

The only player to make the final table without having played any of the Day 1 flights got his chips in good with AK against Edgar’s A10.

The runout did Wong no favours as it came 8J975.

Chris Edgar2,835,000
Weng WongBUSTED!

Always Scott to be a sweat

Two players turning over the same hand still doesn’t calm the nerves, especially when both hands are suited, and the flop provides hope for both. This was the case for an all-in pre between Weng Wong and Scott Calcagno.

Calcango: AQ
Wong: AQ

The flop provided nerves in the form of 2102, with a front and back door flush opportunity for each of them.

The runout came clean with the 6,J to chop the pot.

Joe Grind

Joe Sandaev is really starting to impose himself on this final table, making moves, as well as hitting the right cards to grind chips away from his opponents.

Flop action on 4J9 saw Sandaev check from the big blind, having defended to Weng’s UTG open pre-flop.

Weng continued for 125,000 and was called as the then saw the 9 on the turn and both checked.

On the 7 river, Sandaev pushed 360,000 into the middle and Wong made the call.

Sandaev: 109

Wong mucked and Sandaev scooped the pot.

Joe Sandaev3,500,000
Weng Wong585,000
Joe Sandaev

Level 25: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)

Adam Cusenza eliminated in 7th place ($11,600)

Adam Cusenza’s joy was short-lived, dwindling down to 380,000 since his double up.

Joe Sandaev opened the action to 80,000 and Cusenza moved all-in for his remaining total. To say Sandaev snap-called would not do justice to the pure acceleration with which the chips were hurled towards the middle as he turned over AA.

Cusenza was going to need more than a singular pair to try and double-up this time, with his KQ tasked with saving his tournament life.

Board: 53J22

Cusenza graced the table with handshakes as he exited the tournament to an applause for his great run.

Joe Sandaev1,975,000
Adam CusenzaBUSTED!
Adam Cusenza

Cusenza creates a double

Nursing a short stack, and with action folded to him, Adam Cusenza moved all-in from the button for his last 250,000. The last thing he wanted to see though, was a re-jam from chip leader, Chris Edgar, in the small blind.

Edgar: AJ
Cusenza: J8

Board: 9857Q

Cusenza’s only live card managed to pair the flop, but the third diamond’s arrival on the turn reminded him he wasn’t in the clear yet, with Edgar’s nut flush draw.

A clean river ensured Cusenza could hang on for at least a little bit longer.

Adam Cusenza580,000
Chris Edgar2,895,000
Cusenza (L) and Edgar (R)

Level 24: 20,000/40,000 (40,000)

Pip Chea eliminated in 8th place ($8,900)

After a level with very little action, Damiano Aloi made a standard open in position, raising to 65,000 from the button. Pip Chea moved all-in for 465,000 from the small blind and Aloi snap-called.

Aloi: AA
Chea: KJ

Board: 8753Q

Aloi reflected after the hand on how good the timing was for him, “Aces on the button, no one’s gonna believe me!”

Damiano Aloi1,925,000
Pip Chea

The Roman age

As play commenced, it was revealed that today is Roman Priplotski’s birthday.

Happy birthday, enjoy some digital cake that our master photoshop expert here at PMA has prepared for you!


It’s a slow start here on Table 1, with much raising and folding the order of the day.

With average stack still sitting at a comfortable 40 big blinds each, there is a high level of poker on display as our players are locked and loaded, and in the zone.

Level 23: 15,000/30,000 (30,000)

Stacked line-up

Welcome back to PokerMedia Australia‘s coverage of the Stacked DeepStacks Main Event. There are some big names and some big stacks that will be taking their seats shortly, as the $71,000 top prize looms near for one of these players by the end of today.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for big hands, as well as letting you know each time the field reduces.

It’s bittersweet that today marks the final day of such an incredible series. We at PokerMedia have been nothing short of impressed with the professionalism and friendly manner with which the staff here at Stacked Social have operated. From bar staff, to dealers, to tournament directors and assistants, their friendliness and approachability whilst maintaining a high level of professionalism makes it easy to see why the players are drawn to Stacked and love playing here.

For now, the focus is on the eight players making their way to the table now. Join us from 4pm Adelaide time as we provide full coverage of the 2022 DeepStacks Adelaide Main Event final table!

Seat 1Scott Calcagno1,045,000
Seat 2Adam Cusenza620,000
Seat 3Chris Edgar2,700,000
Seat 4Roman Priplotski825,000
Seat 5Damiano Aloi1,225,000
Seat 6Pip Chea805,000
Seat 7Joe Sandaev1,045,000
Seat 8Weng Wong1,375,000

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