LIVE REPORTING: Stacked Deepstacks Adelaide Main Event Day 2

Chris Edgar enters Eight-handed Main Event Final Table with huge chip lead; that’s a wrap!

Following the major final hand of the night, Chris Edgar has double-bagged a huge chip count. A margin of almost 1.4 million separates him from next best, Weng Wong.

Starting the day with 50 players, a few more entrants bought in to Day 2 after not having played any of the Day 1 flights, this includes Wong, who excelled as the day continued.

At the close of registration, a round of applause was had for achieving the record number of entrants for any Stacked tournament, and the prize pool of $273,715 was excitedly revealed.

Two players from our previous series’ Main Event FT also feature, including Adam Cusenza, as well as defending champion, Joe Sandaev. Sandaev has had a 2022 to remember, adding to his trophy cabinet with four final table appearances at WPT Australia Gold Coast, which resulted in two victories and also the player of the festival honours.

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Seat 1Scott Calcagno1,045,000
Seat 2Adam Cusenza620,000
Seat 3Chris Edgar2,700,000
Seat 4Roman Priplotski825,000
Seat 5Damiano Aloi1,225,000
Seat 6Pip Chea805,000
Seat 7Joe Sandaev1,045,000
Seat 8Weng Wong1,375,000

Trouble with a double bubble

Hayden Russell had announced all-in on Table 2. Not realising this, Evan Tsirgiotis attempted to complete from the small blind for 30,000 total, he verbalised call and placed an additional 15,000 into the pot.

Understandably an accident, having not heard the all-in declaration, it was unfortunate for Tsirgiotis. Though, Russell clearly pushed his stack forward and the dealer immediately presented the all-in triangle in front of Russell.

Tournament directors enforced the black-and-white ruling that both Tsirgiotis’ verbalisation of “call”, as well as him placing chips in front of him, was binding and that Tsirgiotis had to match the bet.

To make matters more complicated, Chris Edgar moved all-in over the top, now requiring Tsirgiotis to put his entire stack at risk to see a board. The call was made and two players were at risk against Edgar.

Russell: A9
Edgar: KQ
Tsirgiotis: 97

Board: K52105

That sealed the deal and we now have our final table!

Chris Edgar2,760,000
Evan TsirgiotisBUSTED!
Hayden RussellBUSTED!

Level 23: 15,000/30,000 (30,000)

Know Weng to hold ’em

We are now on the bubble for the Main Event Final Table, with Weng Wong eliminating Jarred Graham.

Wong opened to 65,000 and Graham defended his big blind. Both players checked to the turn on a board that showed QQ57K.

Graham checked the turn and Wong fired a delayed continuation bet of another 65,000. Graham moved in for only 120,000 in total and the two went to showdown ahead of the river.

Wong: AQ
Graham: 65

Graham’s pair was second best to Wong’s trips and we have our top 10!

Weng Wong1,375,000
Jarred GrahamBUSTED!

Pip squeeze.

An all-in from Adam Cusenza from UTG for 210,000 was called off by Scott Calcagno on the button. A tough decision then had to be made for Calcagno when Pip Chea moved all-in for another 530,000 on top from the big blind.

Calcagno agonised before folding, leaving the two to battle it out.

Chea: AK
Cusenza: A9

Board: 678104

Cusenza gained a contextually huge double-up to overtake Chea in the chip counts.

Adam Cusenza670,000
Pip Chea530,000
Pip Chea

Vale Parker

Prior to the knockout of Frank Pezzaniti in 12th place, others to go were Chris Parker and Armon Van Wijk.

Van Wijk’s run came to an end when his A10 was called by Chris Edgar’s K7 and the 7Q853 failed to hold Van Wijk’s lead, sending him out in 14th.

Parker fell victim to a three-way all-in preflop that resulted in small triple-up for Pezzaniti that briefly kept him in the game before his eventual demise.

Parker: AJ
Sandaev: QJ
Pezzaniti: J10

Board: 2A986

Parker finished in 13th, and Pezzaniti was eliminated in 12th.

Joe Sandaev1,200,000
Armon Van WijkBUSTED!
Chris ParkerBUSTED!
Armon Van Wijk

Level 22: 15,000/25,000 (25,000)

To be Frank

A crowd began to gather around Table 3 as action crescendoed to hearing “all-in, call.”

That action all began with a 50,000 open from Frank Pezzaniti UTG. Play folded around to Joe Sandaev in the big blind, who raised to 170,000. Pezzaniti re-raised to 350,000 and then Sandaev five-bet shoved for 705,000. Pezzaniti made the call.

Sandaev: KK
Pezzaniti: A10

Board: Q56QA

For a split second, it was believed Pezzaniti won on the river, but the four-card flush sealed the double up for Sandaev. Pezzaniti would be eliminated shortly after when his 77 couldn’t improve against Scott Calcagno’s KK on 696J9.

Joe Sandaev1,450,000
Scott Calcagno955,000
Frank PezzanitiBUSTED!
Frank Pezzaniti

Lionel rich-y no more

Lionel Seah has lost his chip stack in exchange for a 15th place payout of $4,100.

Damiano Aloi once again is responsible for giving the rest of the field a ladder.

Seah: AJ
Aloi: KJ

Board: 68K58

Damiano Aloi950,000
Lionel SeahBUSTED!
Lionel Seah


Does anybody know what it means? Regardless, it’s fun to say. Just ask Pierce Hynes, our latest bust out in 16th.

Moving all-in with A7, he ran into the domination that was Weng Wong’s A10.

After re-entering multiple times in the space of a few minutes at one stage early on Day 2, credit must be given to Hynes for his ability to switch into gear when there are no second chances, carrying a large stack throughout the majority of the Day 2 levels.

Board: 956K2

Weng Wong985,000
Pierce HynesBUSTED!
Pierce Hynes

Level 21: 10,000/20,000 (20,000)

Scott another knockout

Scott Calcagno has effected another elimination, his A3 spiking top pair on a board of AQQ69.

Although ahead preflop, Blake Deussen’s 44 couldn’t recover after the flop, confirming his departure in 20th place.

Scott Calcagno860,000
Blake DeussenBUSTED!
Blake Deussen

Croc hunted

Billy “The Croc” Argyros, in full crocodile attire, has had his main event come to a close in 21st place.

Roman Priplotski nabbed Argyros’ chips after being short stacked forced a wider shove than normal.

Priplotski: A8
Argyros: Q5

Board: A97JQ

Roman Priplotski483,000
Billy ArgyrosBUSTED!
Billy “The Croc” Argyros

Lock, Bok and double barrel

Two knockouts have taken place in quick succession upon reaching the money.

Bok was first to go, placing in 24th for the min cash after getting involved from the big blind with 64.

On a flop of 693, Damiano Aloi moved all-in, covering Bok who made the call with his middle pair.

Aloi turned over 57 for the double-gutshot draw and nailed it as the runout followed K,8.

Jacon Lock followed shortly after in 23rd place.

Jacob LokBUSTED!

Level 20: 8,000/16,000 (16,000)

Bubble Seal-ed

Emanuel “Curly” Seal has unfortunately found himself as the bubble in our Main Event. Falling in 25th place thanks to Scott Calcagno.

Seal: 33
Calcagno: KQ

Board: Q10647

Scott Calcagno425,000
Emanuel SealBUSTED!
Emanuel “Curly” Seal

Daly dusted

We’re nearing bubble territory now as 25 runners remain in play, with 24 to be paid a minimum of $2,445.

Our 26th placed player was Oliver Daly, moving all-in with A9.

Joe Sandaev made the call with AK, and maintained his pre-flop lead through to the river on QK333.

Joe Sandaev940,000
Oliver DalyBUSTED!
Oliver Daly

Level 19: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)

Jacyn chasin’

Jacyn Che has fallen out of contention at the hands of Scott Calcagno.

Che: QQ
Calcagno: J10

Board: 9J96A

Jacyn CheBUSTED!
Jacyn Che

Gavin bested

Blake Deussen has hit a set at the right time to eliminate Gavin Best.

The chips got in the middle on before a crazy flop gave Deussen the upper hand with 1010 on 710J against Best’s AJ.

The rest of the runout followed 8,6.

Blake Deussen587,500
Gavin BestBUSTED!
Gavin Best

Level 18: 5,000/10,000 (10,000)


We didn’t want to spoil this hand in the headline, it’s just too incredible.

Frank Sergi: 99
Benji Fono: AK
Neb Blanusa: AK

Flop: 555

Turn: 5

River: 9

What a crazy runout, leading to a huge noise in the poker room. We can only imagine the reaction if the board came out in the reverse order!

Benji Fono430,000
Neb Blanusa354,000
Frank SergiBUSTED!
Benji Fono

Big names, big moves

Some four way action took place on Table 3, with Chris Parker, Pip Chea, and Joe Sandaev all limping in to a pot where Billy Argyros elected to raise to 30,000 from the big blind.

All three other players called and saw the flop come 478. All checked to Chea who could have closed the action to see a turn, but elected to fire 65,000 into the middle. All folded, and when prompted to “Show the bluff”, he turned over KJ.

Pip Chea365,000
Pip Chea

Level 17: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)

No go for Joe

In amongst a fantastic series, it was a brilliant surprise for the Adelaide faithful to have been graced with the presence of Australian Poker Hall of Fame inductee, Joe Hachem.

Surviving Day 1A to bag for today, Hachem couldn’t find much traction, before hitting the rail after a rollercoaster final few hands.

Nick Williams jammed Q5 and was called by Hachem’s A8. The 45959 runout got worse and worse with each card for Hachem, who was left with a decimated stack.

Shortly after, Hachem’s K-Q managed to river a King against two other players, each with an ace in their hands, to spike a triple up.

However it was short lived, as Hachem moved all-in once again and his A-3 was called by A-6. Any hopes of a chop were dashed as the board displayed both a Two and and a Four to ensure Hachem’s opponent’s Six played.

Joe HachemBUSTED!
Joe Hachem

Parker spot

Chris Parker found himself on the right side of a flip against Neb Blanusa.

Parker: JJ
Blanusa: AK

Board: 964105

Chris Parker126,000
Neb Blanusa181,000
Chris Parker

Romes built in a day

Roman Priplotski got all his chips in the middle pre-flop with 77, against an opponent’s 99.

Starting to retreat back in defeat as the flop came JQ6, tablemate Bok encouraged Priplotski to use his ‘one time’.

“Call for a seven!” Bok said.

Priplotski muttered, “I’m not feeling it.”

The turn brought Priplotski one step closer to elimination, with the 3.

In a sudden burst of energy, Priplotski exclaimed “seven!”

River: 7

Roman Priplotski243,500
Roman Priplotski

Level 16: 3,000/6,000 (6,000)


Stacked Social Managing Director, Andrew Michael found an opportunity to boost his stack, finding himself ahead pre-flop amidst a three-way all-in against Gavin Best and Gary Lin.

Michael: AQ
Lin: JJ
Best: 87

Board: 5679A

The short-stacked Best claimed the main pot, whilst Lim’s lucky river handed him the side pot and a scalp to go with it.

Gavin Best160,000
Gary Lin157,000
Andrew MichaelBUSTED!
Gary Lin

At the start of level 15, we have 52 runners remaining at the close of registration.

A final total of 192 entries has been confirmed, breaking the turnout record for any event here at Stacked Social, what an amazing achievement!

A total prize pool has been set at $273,715, with $71,000 of that going to first place.


Level 15: 2,500/5,000 (5,000)

Ace-Queen would work for Carpenter

A three way all-in on Table 5 saw Aces of different strengths go to battle. Gavin Best and Alex M were facing kicker issues against Colin Carpenter.

Action begin with Best moving all-in for a total of 35,000, Alex M re-jammed for 80,500 which sent Carpenter into the tank, having both others covered, and eventually calling.

Carpenter: AQ
M: A7
Best: A4

Board: 26K210

Colin Carpenter234,000
Gavin BestBUSTED!
Gavin Best

Level 14: 2,000/4,000 (4,000)

Early coolers

Damiano Aloi had his tournament life at risk early on Day 2, when his AJ went up against the A10 of Chris Tika.

The A4A flop was huge for both players, but Aloi maintained a lead.

The K,J boated up Aloi’s hand to give him a much needed double-up.

Damiano Aloi205,000
Chris Tika103,000
Damiano Aloi

Who can get a double? Tin can

Tin Win was barely nestled into his seat after entering the tournament for the start of Day 2. With a fresh 50,000 stack seated in the small blind, he opted to jam over the top of an Armon Van Wijk open.

Van Wijk called the all-in amount after initially raising to 6,000, and Bok folded to the shove after initially calling Wan Wijk’s open.

Van Wijk: AK
Win: AQ

Board: 21089J

Win spiked the running straight to double-up immediately, and left Van Wijk ruing the result.

Tin Win118,000
Armon Van Wijk78,000
Tin Win

Level 13: 1,500/3,000 (3,000)

Back in action

Hello and welcome to PokerMedia Australia’s continued coverage of the Stacked Social DeepStacks Main Event. The culmination of survivors from flights 1A, 1B and 1C have gathered across six tables for the race to the final table.

53 runners will play down to the top nine today, and until then, we’ll have all the action covered!

Seat draw:

Table 1 / Seat 1Emmanuel Seal$220,000
Table 1 / Seat 2Francesco Sergi$74,000
Table 1 / Seat 3Shane Baxter$96,000
Table 1 / Seat 4Scott Calcagno$314,000
Table 1 / Seat 5Jonathan Bennet$109,000
Table 1 / Seat 6EMPTY
Table 1 / Seat 7Tyendel West$87,000
Table 1 / Seat 8Benji Fono$346,500
Table 1 / Seat 9EMPTY
Table 2 / Seat 1AMC$333,000
Table 2 / Seat 2Mike Gainer$211,500
Table 2 / Seat 3Hayden Russell$58,000
Table 2 / Seat 4Damiano Aloi$105,500
Table 2 / Seat 5Oliver Daly$106,500
Table 2 / Seat 6Chris Tika$242,500
Table 2 / Seat 7William Bolton$109,500
Table 2 / Seat 8Thomas Hubber$355,000
Table 2 / Seat 9EMPTY
Table 3 / Seat 1Jacob Lock$286,500
Table 3 / Seat 2Pierce Hynes$100,500
Table 3 / Seat 3Adam Cusenza$196,000
Table 3 / Seat 4James Ong$116,000
Table 3 / Seat 5Joe Sandaev$118,000
Table 3 / Seat 6EMPTY
Table 3 / Seat 7Jacyn Che$210,000
Table 3 / Seat 8Billy The Croc$331,000
Table 3 / Seat 9Roman Priplotski$96,000
Table 4 / Seat 1David Sun$95,000
Table 4 / Seat 2Nick Williams$124,000
Table 4 / Seat 3Jamie Pham$74,500
Table 4 / Seat 4Joe Hachem$208,500
Table 4 / Seat 5EMPTY
Table 4 / Seat 6Tony Xu$97,500
Table 4 / Seat 7Chris Edgar$221,000
Table 4 / Seat 8Blake Duessen$261,500
Table 4 / Seat 9Evan Tsirgiotis$234,500
Table 5 / Seat 1EMPTY
Table 5 / Seat 2Colin Carpenter$201,000
Table 5 / Seat 3Jared Graham$206,000
Table 5 / Seat 4Andrew Michael$141,500
Table 5 / Seat 5Alex M$182,000
Table 5 / Seat 6Huey Lam$147,500
Table 5 / Seat 7Chris Parker$159,000
Table 5 / Seat 8Armon van Wijk$128,000
Table 5 / Seat 9Bunteon Bok$181,500
Table 6 / Seat 1Andy Ngo$100,500
Table 6 / Seat 2Pip Chea$199,500
Table 6 / Seat 3EMPTY
Table 6 / Seat 4Gary Lin$162,500
Table 6 / Seat 5Jerry Zhang$321,000
Table 6 / Seat 6Gavin Best$138,000
Table 6 / Seat 7Neb Blanusa$184,500
Table 6 / Seat 8Lionel Seah$187,500
Table 6 / Seat 9Ben Tieu$94,500

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