LIVE REPORTING: WPT Australia $660 Big Bounty Day 2

Congratulations Jack Lamberg ($24,841), WPT Australia $660 Big Bounty Champion!

New Zealand’s Jack Lamberg has broken through for his first major poker title and almost $25,000 in prize money after taking out the WPT Australia $660 Big Bounty!

In only his third live tournament ever, the 21-year-old from Christchurch topped a stellar field of 403 entries and defeated Jerry Wang heads-up for his first Tier One trophy after a two-hour heads-up battle.

Speaking with PokerMedia Australia in the moments after his win, Lamberg said that he had always been fascinated by the game of poker as a teenager.

Image courtesy of The Star Gold Coast

“I’ve always had a knack for odds and statistics and stuff like that,” Lamberg said, “and yeah … the fact that you can make money off it too is really nice.”

Lamberg admitted that finding big action back home had proven challenging, but when he learned that the WPT Australia series was on, he immediately put it on his radar.

As to whether or not he’d like to see the WPT return to the Land of the Long White Cloud, Lamberg added: “For sure, I’d love to see something like that come back … I wasn’t old enough to play the first one [back in 2019]!”

Image courtesy of The Star Gold Coast

WPT AUSTRALIA $660 BIG BOUNTY ($660 buy-in, 403 entries, 46 players paid)*

1stJack LambergNew Zealand$24,841
2ndJerry WangAustralia$17,410
3rdToby GilesAustralia$11,195
4thYang LeiAustralia$7,447
5thAri YoshinariJapan$5,731
6thKentaro MoriyamaJapan$4,751
7thMichael TranAustralia$3,990
8thShem GoltzIsrael$3,240
9thAli GhezelbashAustralia$2,491
*Final table results shown; full results available at

And with that, Day 2 of the $660 Big Bounty is in the books!

The PMA Live Reporting Team will be back tomorrow from 2:30pm AEST as we bring you Day 1 of the $20,000 20th Anniversary Super High Roller, before moving into our social media coverage of the $5,400 WPT Australia Main Event on Thursday.

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Jerry Wang eliminated in 2nd place ($17,410)

After a long and arduous heads-up battle, Jerry Wang has succumbed to Jack Lamberg, bowing out in second place.

In the final hand of the tournament, Lamberg open-shoved and Wang short-called.

Wang: K9
Lamberg: Q10

Board: J10763

Jerry WangBUSTED!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! We’ll be back soon with the full results and the wrap-up of today’s event – stay with us!

Jack takes Jerry’s Juice

Another big pot for Jack Lamberg, who has wrestled back the chip lead from Jerry Wang in this epic heads-up battle!

A button raise of 700,000 from Wang elicited a call from Lamberg, and then both players checked the flop of 876 before Lamberg opened for 425,000 on the turn of the 9.

Both players then checked river the 2, and Lamberg turned over J7 to scoop the pot and move back over 8 million in chips.

Jack Lamberg8,650,000
Jerry Wang3,450,000

Level 33: 150,000/300,000 (300,000)

Jerry’s double act

Jerry Wang’s fortunes changed for the better, scoring a double-up through Jack Lamberg as we moved into the 33rd level of the day.

All the money was in the middle pre-flop; Lamberg showed down K10, but Wang’s A7 held on all streets after flopping two pair and despite the potential Broadway draw on the board of AQ785.

Jerry Wang6,700,000
Jack Lamberg5,400,000

Just the tip of the ‘Berg

Jack Lamberg has now extended his lead over Jerry Wang as this heads-up battle rages on.

From the button, Wang raised to 700,000 and Lamberg called before check-calling Wang’s bet of 400,000 on the flop of 7J10 before the remainder of the board 2, A was checked through.

Lamberg showed down 97 and Wang let his hand go.

Jack Lamberg8,675,000
Jerry Wang3,425,000
Jack Lamberg

Swings and roundabouts

Our heads-up players are starting to get more active, with a couple of big double-ups witnessed in this see-sawing heads-up battle.

In the first hand of the new level, Jerry Wang min-clicked from the button to 500,000 and Jack Lamberg called before checking his option on the flop of J9Q. Wang c-bet 400,000, Lamberg check-shoved and Wang called.

Wang: Q6
Lamberg: 108

Wang could only watch as the turn and river ran out 3, K, resulting in a full double for Lamberg.

Lamberg then looked to end it after open-shoving from the button with A6, but Wang woke up with JJ and doubled through after the dealer spread the board of 7Q475.

Jack Lamberg6,750,000
Jerry Wang5,350,000

Level 32: 125,000/250,000 (250,000)

Advantage, Wang

Jerry Wang has now managed to edge out further over Jack Lamberg in this heads-up battle at The Star Gold Coast.

In the lead-up to the start of Level 32, Wang raised to 400,000 from the button and Lamberg called before check-calling Wang’s bet of 300,000 after a flop of K6Q.

Both players checked the turn of the 5 before Lamberg led out for 450,000 to force another fold from Wang.

Then as the blinds ticked over, Wang raised to 500,000 from button and Lamberg called; both players then checked through the flop and turn of JQ108 before Wang opened for 200,000 on the river 6.

Lamberg insta-mucked his cards before Wang even had the chance to turn them over.

Jerry Wang6,650,000
Jack Lamberg5,450,000
Jerry Wang

Back and forth

Jack Lamberg and Jerry Wang are going hammer-and-tongs in this heads-up battle as we now enter into Level 31.

In just some of the major action we caught in the first 15 minutes, Lamberg limped in and Wang checked his option before check-calling to Lamberg’s bet of 250,000 after the flop of K28.

The action then repeated on the turn of the 9 after Lamberg fired out 750,000, but then both players checked the river Q. Wang showed down K7, which was enough to take it down.

A few hands later, Wang completed his small blind and Lamberg checked his option before check-calling to Wang’s bet of 200,000 after a flop of JK2.

Both players then checked the 9 on the turn before Lamberg opened for 975,000 after the river 4, which elicited a fold from Wang.

Jerry Wang7,000,000
Jack Lamberg5,100,000

Level 31: 100,000/200,000 (200,000)

Toby Giles eliminated in 3rd place ($11,195)

Having copped a brutal beat in the previous hand, it didn’t take long for Toby Giles to get the rest of his chips into the middle, ripping in his remaining 900,000 from the big blind after Jerry Wang iso-shoved out of the small blind.

The railbirds flocked back to the feature table area and crammed in to witness the showdown.

Wang: Q2
Giles: J5

No change to either hand after the flop of AAA, but even though Giles spiked the J on the turn, Wang rivered the bigger boat with the Q, much to the dismay of his rail.

And with that, we are now heads-up for the WPT Australia $660 Big Bounty title!

Jerry Wang6,750,000
Jack Lamberg5,350,000
Toby GilesBUSTED!
Toby Giles

Giles gutted

A devastating blow to Toby Giles’ stack by Jerry Wang has seen him drop below one million in chips.

Jack Lamberg folded on the button and Wang completed the small blind before Giles raised to 450,000; Wang called, and proceeded to open-shove after the flop of J85. Giles insta-called.

Giles: QQ
Wang: A4

“Let’s goooooo Toby!” cried one of Giles’ friends.

Turn: 10


River: A

The collective cries of anguish from Giles’ rail echoed through the room, mixed in with the cheers of joy from Wang’s supporters on the other side of the feature table as Wang took back the chip lead!

Jerry Wang5,850,000
Toby Giles900,000

Level 30: 75,000/150,000 (150,000)

Giles gets them back

Toby Giles appears to have shaken off the hit from Jack Lamberg’s double-up back at the start of this level, getting back up more than 4 million in chips through Jerry Wang as the final table of the WPT Australia $660 Big Bounty continues.

In just some of the significant action we caught, Giles raised to 250,000 from the button and Lamberg folded his small blind before Wang defended his big blind to go heads-up to a flop of 4K6.

Wang check-called Giles’ bet of 120,000, then both players checked the turn of the 7 before Wang check-mucked to Giles’ wager of 350,000.

A few hands later, Lamberg raised to 250,000 from the button and Giles called from the big blind to see a flop of 744, which both players checked before Giles check-called Lamberg’s open of 200,000 after the turn of the 4.

On the river K, Giles led out for 600,000 and Lamberg called, but sent his hand into the muck after Giles turned up K10

Jerry Wang5,500,000
Toby Giles4,100,000
Jack Lamberg2,500,000

Lamberg gets a double

A big double-up for Jack Lamberg has seen him take over the chip lead at this final table for the first time!

In the first hand back after the break, Toby Giles raised to 255,000 from the button before re-raised to 875,000. Jerry Wang folded his big blind, Giles shoved and Lamberg called short.

Lamberg: 1010
Giles: AK

Board: 64Q54

Jack Lamberg5,350,000
Toby Giles3,500,000

Level 29: 75,000/125,000 (125,000)

Break time!

Our final three players are now on another 10-minute break.

Toby Giles6,000,000
Jack Lamberg3,125,000
Jerry Wang2,975,000

Lamberg in the blender

Toby Giles has been using the big stack to his advantage, taking down most of the pots as our final three players battle it out, but an interesting hand played out between Jerry Wang and Jack Lamberg in the lead-up to the next break.

Wang raised from the button pre-flop, Giles folded his small blind and Lamberg defended his big blind to go heads-up to a flop of 3A2.

Lamberg checked his option to Wang who led out for 225,000; Lamberg called, but after he opened on the turn of the 4, Wang came back with a raise worth 550,000.

Lamberg called, and then checked again when the dealer produced the river 6. Wang flicked in a single Bounty Chip, which under Star Poker Gold Coast rules, is deemed an all-in.

Lamberg threw his head back in despair, sighed and then peeked down at his cards, tanking for at least three minutes before turning to the tournament director.

“Can I flip a coin?” Lamberg asked.

“I don’t see why not,” was the reply.

Lamberg then pulled out a $2 coin and flicked it onto the table, but the result didn’t seem to sway him that much as he snap-folded soon after.

And with that, our players are now on another 10-minute break.

Yang Lei eliminated in 4th place ($7,447)

Just as the blinds ticked up to Level 28, Yang Lei got the remainder of his stack in against Jerry Wang after some heavy pre-flop betting action.

Lei called and showed down A9, but found himself well behind Wang’s AK, which flopped top-top and held firm on the board of K57210.

After the chips were cut down, it was verified that Wang had Lei covered by only 110,000 in chips, confirming the WPT Prime Gold Coast Main Event Champion as our fourth-place finsher.

Jerry Wang3,840,000
Yang Lei

Level 28: 50,000/100,000 (100,000)

Ari Yoshinari eliminated in 5th place ($5,731)

The bright hair and colourful antics of Ari Yoshinari are no more, as he has just left this final table in fifth place.

Yoshinari jammed his remaining 860,000 in from under the gun; Yang Lei asked a count and then elected to call, showing down K5 against Yoshinari’s Q7.

The dealer then spread a board of 93K68, giving Lei another bounty chip, who gave a friendly parting high-five to Yoshinari as he made his way out from the feature table area.

Yang Lei2,900,000
Ari YoshinariBUSTED!
Ari Yoshinari

Kentaro Moriyama eliminated in 6th place ($4,751)

Japan’s Kentaro Moriyama has just departed the final table after falling to Yang Lei in sixth place.

Moriyama open-shoved for the last of his stack from the +1 position, however Lei iso-shoved which prompted the rest of table to move out of the day.

Lei: AQ
Moriyama: K10

No help for Moriyama on the 437, nor on the turn 5, and with the river Q pairing up Lei, Moriyama was on his way.

Yang Lei2,200,000
Kentaro MoriyamaBUSTED!
Kentaro Moriyama

Level 27: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)

Michael Tran eliminated in 7th place ($3,990)

Michael Tran has fallen victim to Yang Lei, finishing his run in seventh place.

From UTG+1 Tran raised to 250,000; Lei then re-raised it to 440,000 and the others got out of the way before Tran shipped it in. Lei snap-called.

Lei with 77
Tran: A4

The flop and turn of 62JQ gave Lei a bit of a sweat, but the river J was a brick and Lei moved back up to more than 2.8 million.

Yang Lei2,840,000
Michael TranBUSTED!

He has Ari-sen!

Yang Lei’s dominant chip lead was short-lived, having just given up a sizeable portion to Ari Yoshinari.

Lei made it 180,000 from the +1 position and the action folded around to Yoshinari who ripped in his last 400,000 from the small blind. Michael Tran folded his big blind and Lei quickly called.

Yoshinari: 33
Lei: A10

Board: 8JQ82

Ari Yoshinari950,000
Yang Lei3,065,000

Level 26: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)

Shem Goltz eliminated in 8th place ($3,240)

Shem Goltz has now departed $3,240 richer after being eliminated from this final table in eighth place.

After Yang Lei opened from the cut-off to 100,000, Jerry Wang and Gotz both calling to see a flop of 4QJ

Goltz checked his option back to Lei, who c-bet 65,000, which was enough for Wang to fold before Goltz announced he was all-in. Lei quickly called.

Lei: K10
Goltz: 76

The turn and river 10, 5 completed the board and thus Lei’s lead extended even further, moving up to 4 million in chips after that hand.

Yang Lei4,000,000
Shem GoltzBUSTED!
Shem Goltz

Giles climbing

The pace of play has steadied here at this final table, but Toby Giles has taken a sizeable chunk out of Jack Lamberg.

Action folded around to Giles who raised to 175,000 from the small blind; Lamberg called out of the big blind to go head-up to a flop of Q1010.

Giles opened for 150,000 and Lamberg called, and then the action repeated after Giles’ bet of 250,000 on the turn of the K before Giles shoved on the river 2

After almost three minutes in the blender, Lamberg muttered “nice hand” before tossing his hand into the muck.

Toby Giles2,720,000
Jack Lamberg900,000

Level 25: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)

Ali Ghezelbash eliminated in 9th place ($2,491)

Having taken a big hit against Yang Lei earlier, Ali Ghezelbash has been knocked out by Toby Giles in ninth place.

Ghezelbash put all of his stack in pre-flop with K9 and Giles called him off with J10.

The board would present 71054J, reducing our final table down to seven. 

Toby Giles2,270,000
Ali GhezelbashBUSTED!
Ali Ghezelbash

Early bang from Yang

Yang Lei has taken the first major pot of the final table of WPT Australia $660 Big Bounty.

Ali Ghezlebash opened the betting from the cutoff to 80,000; Yang 3-bet from the button to 230,000 and Ghezelbash flat-called to go heads-up to a flop of 824.

Ghezelbash checked to Lei who bet 135,000, but Ghezelbesh then check-raised to 300,000. Yang took some time before making the call, prompting to dealer to peel out the turn of the Q. a

Ghezelbash counted out 250,000 and put it over the line and again was called by Lei, which brought out the river J.

Ghezelbash checked, Lei announced he was all-in, and Ghezelbash took a couple of minutes to ponder before letting his hand go.

Yang Lei2,750,000
Ali Ghezelbash380,000

WPT Australia $660 Big Bounty final table

Image courtesy of The Star Gold Coast
1Jack LambergNew Zealand1,240,000
2Shem GoltzIsrael680,000
3Ari YoshinariJapan670,000
4Michael TranAustralia745,000
5Kentaro MoriyamaJapan1,095,000
6Ali GhezelbashAustralia1,315,000
7Yang LeiAustralia2,705,000
8Jerry WangAustralia1,315,000
9Toby GilesAustralia2,330,000

Level 24: 20,000/40,000 (40,000)

Slav Rypinski eliminated in 10th place ($2,092)

Slav Rypinski’s run in this tournament has come to a grinding halt, finding himself on the wrong end of a massive three-way all-in pot before eventually falling in 10th place.

Earlier, Rypinski’s stack was cut down to just 250,000 after moving all-in with AK, only to run into Shem Goltz’s KK and Kentaro Moriyama’s AA, with no change to the outcome after the board was spread 887810.

Rypinksi then got the last of his money in a short time later against Goltz, and the railbirds clamoured around Table 8 once again to witness the showdown.

Rypinski: AQ
Goltz: A3

Rypinksi kept his lead after the flop came down 21010 and picked up the gut-shot straight draw with the K on the turn, but the crowd erupted after Goltz spiked the 3 on the river, which left Rypinski too stunned to even move for a good 10 seconds before he eventually composed himself and took his leave.

Slav RypinskiBUSTED!
Slav Rypinski

Our final nine players are now taking a 30-minute dinner break – we’ll be back with the full counts and official final table portrait soon. Stay with us!

Sormi scorched

John Sormi has hit the rail in 11th place after being ousted from this tournament by Jerry Wang.

Sormi put his last 220,000 at risk pre-flop with K10, however Wang woke up with QQ and held firm as the board was spread 2JJ710.

One more to go until we reach our final table!

Jerry Wang1,450,000
John SormiBUSTED!

Boustani goes bye-bye

Yang Lei has now moved past the two-million chip mark after he eliminated Charbel Boustani.

Boustani moved all-in-pre for his last 590,000 holding QQ, but he rivered a set on the board of JK210Q, Lei’s 99 picked up the King-high straight to take him down.

Yang Lei2,345,000
Charbel BoustaniBUSTED!

Best busts

Gavin Best has been sent to the rail by Shem Goltz, moving all-in from the small blind pre-flop for his last 320,000 before Goltz called him out of the big blind.

Goltz: A8
Best: J4

No change after the flop of 655 but although Best hooked up two pair on the turn of the J, the crowd reeled after the dealer produced the river A to give Goltz the scoop!

Shem Goltz875,000
Gavin BestBUSTED!

Level 23: 15,000/30,000 (30,000)


Two more eliminations were captured by the PMA crew as the blinds ticked over into Level 23, with Corey Van Jaarsveldt and Jarred Graham both sent to the rail.

Earlier on the feature table, the action folded around to Toby Giles who min-clicked from the button to 50,000 before Van Jaarsveldt re-raised to 150,000 from the small blind. The big blind folded, Giles jammed and Van Jaarsveldt short-called.

Van Jaarsveldt: 1010
Giles: AQ

Board: 8K9Q4

Toby Giles2,400,000
Michael Tran1,060,000
Jarred GrahamBUSTED!
Corey Van JaarsveldtBUSTED!

Thai says goodbye

Back over on Table 8, the action folded around to Jackie Thai who raised to 50,000 from the hijack before Ali Ghezelbash three-bet to 150,000 from the cut-off; after the button and the blinds got out of the way, Thai shoved for his last 540,000 and Ghezelbash snapped him off.

Ghezelbash: JJ
Thai: AQ

Board: K687K

Ali Ghezelbash1,450,000
Jackie ThaiBUSTED!

Murphy mashed

Over on the feature table, Patrick Murphy min-raised to 50,000 from under the gun before the action folded around to Toby Giles, who shoved out of the big blind.

Murphy called short and tabled AQ, but found himself left in the dust after Giles’ KK held across all streets on the board of 479J3.

Toby Giles1,280,000
Patrick MurphyBUSTED!

Level 22: 15,000/25,000 (25,000)

Sebesfi smashed

Down to less than two tables’ worth in this tournament, with David Sebesfi felted at the hands of Ali Ghezelbash as we moved into the 21st level of play.

Again, all the money was in the middle before the flop; Sebesfi was at risk with 22, but was obliterated in the do-or-die battle against Ghezelbash, whose A8 flopped trips on the board of AKAQ4. That’ll do it.

Ali Ghezelbash850,000
David SebesfiBUSTED!
Ali Ghezelbash

Oh my God, they killed Kenny!

You bastard!

Not really – that was, of course, an iconic South Park reference – however we can indeed confirm the elimination of Guangyu (Kenny) Wang at the hands of Michael ‘Pickle’ Tran.

Tran min-clicked to 40,000 from under the gun before Wang shoved for his last 400,000 with 99, but lost the flip for his tournament life after Tran snap-called with AK and hit trips on the board of A943A

Michael Tran960,000
Kenny WangBUSTED!

Cassell dethroned

Despite an early double-up, Star Gold Coast Champs Main Event winner Jennifer Cassell has just been eliminated from this tournament.

Earlier, Cassell found herself all-in pre-flop in the very first hand after the break, getting her money in with A6 and flopped two pair against Toby Giles’ 88 after the dealer spread a board of AK67Q.

Some time passed before Cassell found herself heads-up into a raised pre-flop pot against Ari Yoshinari on a flop of 74Q, which they both checked before Yoshinari led out for 25,000 on the turn of the Q.

Cassell flatted, then short-called after Yoshinari open-shoved on the river A.

Yoshinari: AK
Cassell: A2

Ari Yoshinari990,000
Toby Giles805,000
Jennifer CassellBUSTED!
Jennifer Cassell

Updated chip counts

Our final 20 players are now back in action, with Yang Lei still leading the way with 1.375 million in chips, almost a full 300,000 ahead of Toby Giles.

We can also confirm Mastaka Kuwahawa, Junya Luo, Alan Dang, Haowen Sun and Paul Lumsden have all been eliminated.

Yang Lei1,375,000
Toby Giles980,000
Slav Rypinski925,000
Ari Yoshinari750,000
Kentaro Moriyama715,000
Charbel Boustani710,000
Corey Van Jaarsveldt710,000
Jerry Wang650,000
Ali Ghezelbash585,000
Shem Goltz580,000
Guangyu Wang540,000
Jarred Graham540,000
Michael Tran505,000
Jackie Thai455,000
Jack Lamberg440,000
John Sormi350,000
Patrick Murphy320,000
Gavin Best295,000
David Sebesfi215,000
Jennifer Cassell170,000
Mastaka KuwahawaBUSTED!
Junya LuoBUSTED!
Alan DangBUSTED!
Haowen SunBUSTED!
Paul LumsdenBUSTED!

Level 21: 10,000/20,000 (20,000)

Take 10

Time for a short break – we’ll be back with the full round of counts from our 20 remaining players right after this!

Chambers crushed, Sarkiss sunk

Another two to the rail before we headed off to the first break of the day, with Kerry Chambers and Osalian Sarkiss confirmed as our latest casualties.

Earlier, Chambers moved all-in from the button for 260,000 from the button pre-flop with A7, but Charbel Boustani woke up in the small blind with AA and left Chambers drawing dead by the turn on the 102639 board.

A short time later, Sarkiss shoved his last 215,000 into the middle; Shem Goltz then iso-shoved over the top to force Sarkiss to a heads-up showdown.

Goltz: JJ
Sarkiss: 88

Board: 52637

Charbel Boustani780,000
Shem Goltz680,000
Osalian SarkissBUSTED!
Kerry ChambersBUSTED!

Heartache for Ates

Taner Ates’ run in this event has now come to end, eliminated by Michael ‘Pickle’ Tran.

Ates moved the last of his chips in pre-flop holding A4, but lost the fair fight against Tran’s KQ after he hit trips on the flop of Q5Q, which then filled up as the turn and river repeated 9, 9.

Michael Tran605,000
Taner AtesBUSTED!

Vasquez vanquished

Fresh from his big win in the $550 Action Clock event, Andres Vasquez has sadly fallen to Ali Ghezelbash.

After Yang Lei opened to 30,000, Slav Rypinski called before Ghezelbash re-raised to 75,000. Vasquez then four-bet it to 160,000, which prompted Lei and Rypinski to fold before Ghezelbash five-bet-shoved. Vasquez short-called.

Ghezelbash: 1010
Vasquez: AQ

Board: 1092J2

Ali Ghezelbash902,000
Andres VasquezBUSTED!
Andres Vasquez

Level 20: 10,000/15,000 (15,000)

Bailey busto

Brandon Bailey has been sighted as our latest elimination, taken down by Sydney’s Slav Rypinski.

After Rypinksi fired out a pre-flop raise, Bailey shoved and the rest of the table got out of the way before the cards were revealed.

Rypinksi: AK
Bailey: Q10

Board: 7496A

Slav Rypinski758,000
Brandon BaileyBUSTED!
Brandon Bailey

Caridad cut

Out on Table 9, John Caridad put himself at risk after a flop of 2K3, only to be called off by Jerry Wang.

Wang: AK
Caridad: 54

Caridad was left drawing thin after Wang hit top set with the K on the turn, but the 7 bricked out on the river to end the Sydney veteran’s run.

Jerry Wang1,180,000
John CaridadBUSTED!

Level 19: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)

Mina maxed out

Star Gold Coast Champs $440 PLO Champion Mina Elias has been amongst the latest to hit the cage for their payouts as we had into Level 19.

Over on Table 8, action folded around to Elias who moved all-in for his last 108,000 after a flop of 8KK, only to run into the JJ of Kerry Chambers, who held firm despite a sweaty turn as the board completed 9, 2.

Kerry Chambers405,000
Mina EliasBUSTED!
Mina Elias

Feng felted

Not long after Craig Blight’s elimination, Hsiang-Po Feng jammed his last 85,000 into the middle pre-flop before Patrick Murphy called, taking us to another all-in showdown.

Murphy: QQ
Feng: J8

Neither hand improved on the board of 9AA72, and Feng headed to the exits.

Patrick Murphy486,000
Hsiang-Po FengBUSTED!

Blight goes bust

Guangyu Wang has claimed another scalp, felting Craig Blight over on the feature table as play continues in the WPT Australia $660 Big Bounty.

Blight risked the remainder of his stack with 44 and found himself in a coin flip against Wang’s A9, however Blight’s run came to an end after Wang flopped top-top on the board of JKA82.

Guangyu Wang790,000
Craig BlightBUSTED!
Craig Blight

Prime time, baby!

Over on Table 9, action folded to Aaron Li who moved all-in for the last of his short stack with AK, but found himself flipping for his tournament life against the 99 of Yang Lei.

The WPT Prime Gold Coast Champion then flopped a set on the board of 479410, which was more than enough to send Li to the rail.

Gavin Best then alerted us to a gem of a hand that he picked up on Table 7; as the WPT Prime Gold Coast $5K Challenge Champion recalled, Jackie Thai raised from under the gun pre-flop before action folded around to Best who called out ofthe small blind, as did Toby Giles from the big blind to make it three-handed to a flop of 2JK, which they all checked.

The blinds then checked to Thai who opened after the turn of the A; Best was the only caller, and he then checked again on the river 6. Thai checked back, but Best had nothing but the best, tabling Q10. Royal flush!

Yang Lei1,170,000
Gavin Best540,000

Level 18: 5,000/10,000 (10,000)

Da Silva sent off

Nuno Da Silva has also collected his payout slip after being eliminated by Guangyu Wang.

Da Silva put his tournament life on the line, open-shoving pre-flop with A-Q before Wang called with his AJ.

No change after the flop and turn of 8784, however Wang hooked up two pair with the river J to send the WPTDeepStacks Gold Coast Main Event final tablist to the rail.

Guangyu Wang916,000
Nuno Da SilvaBUSTED!
Nuno Da Silva

Williams waves goodbye

From under the gun, Nick Williams ripped in the last of his stack before action folded around to David Sebesfi who called from the hijack, prompting the others to get out of the way before the cards were tabled.

Sebesfi: QQ
Williams: JJ

Both players were set up after the board was spread QK2J4, but Sebesfi was best with his Queens to send the affable South Australian to the rail.

David Sebesfi594,000
Nick WilliamsBUSTED!
Nick Williams

Maruo KO

Our first eliminated player of the day was Tasuku Maruo, who was sent to the rail at the hands of fellow Japanese player Kentaro Moriyama.

After an early position raise from Moriyama, Maruo ripped in the rest of his stack with AK, but found himself against Moriyama’s AK.

The flop was a very sweaty 5JQ, but although the turn of the 6 gave a little more breathing room, the dealer peeled out the river 6 to give Moriyama the nut flush!

Kentaro Moriyama490,000
Tasuku MaruoBUSTED!
Kentaro Moriyama

Shuffle up and deal!

Play is now underway for Day 2 of the WPT Australia $660 Big Bounty!

Our remaining 38 runners will be playing through 30-minute levels until we crown a winner tonight. For those of you keeping score at home, this is what’s left in the kitty (excluding bounties):


Level 17: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)

Let’s go huntin’!

Hello everyone and welcome back to PokerMedia Australia‘s Live Reporting coverage of the WPT Australia series!

Today, we’re picking up the action from the start of Day 2 of the $660 Big Bounty – your classic ‘terminator’ style event – where each elimination will earn you $300 a pop. All up, there a total of $241,800 was generated from the 403 entries taken in, and our 38 remaining players will be chasing a top prize worth $24,841.

Today’s field is stacked full of talent and led by a man no stranger to success here at The Star Gold Coast – reigning WPT Prime Gold Coast Champion, Yang Lei, who returns today with 849,000 in chips.

Charbel Boustani (656,000) will also be looking to add to his deep run from the $550 Action Clock, while Ari Yoshinari (647,000), Jackie Thai (647,000) and Jerry Wang (592,000) round out the top five.

That being said, this has shaped up to be arguably one of the toughest Day 2 line-ups so far, with plenty of big names returning including Star Gold Coast Champs Main Event Champion Jennifer Cassell, WPT Prime Gold Coast $5K Challenge Champion Gavin Best, and Star Sydney Champs $1,100 NLH winner Slav Rypinski.

Who will be our next WPT Australia Champion? Find out as the PMA team brings you live updates from 12:30pm AEST and right through until the final winner falls! See you soon!

Day 2 seat draw

Play will resume at 12:30pm AEST. Please ensure you have your photo ID and Star Club Card with you for verification purposes, and should you have any questions regarding your seat allocation, please approach one of the team at Star Poker Gold Coast. Best of luck to everyone, and may the flop be with you!

Table 1 (Feature Table)

PMA IDSeatNameChips
01011Patrick Murphy453,000
01022Nuno Da Silva99,000
01033Craig Blight231,000
01055John Sormi411,000
01066Mastaka Kuwahawa259,000
01077Ari Yoshinari647,000
01088Jennifer Cassell127,000
01099Hsiang-Po Feng91,000

Table 6

PMA IDSeatNameChips
06011Osalian Sarkiss360,000
06022Nick Williams181,000
06033Paul Lumsden103,000
06044Ali Ghezelbash147,000
06055David Sebesfi363,000
06066Taner Ates215,000
06088Yang Lei849,000
06099Guangyu Wang432,000

Table 7

PMA IDSeatNameChips
07011Junya Luo221,000
07022Alan Dang135,000
07044Corey Van Jaarsveldt574,000
07055Gavin Best415,000
07066Toby Giles282,000
07077Jackie Thai631,000
07088Jack Lamberg295,000
07099Jarred Graham279,000

Table 8

08011Tasuku Maruo184,000
08044Kerry Chambers267,000
08055Haowen Sun104,000
08066Kentaro Moriyama261,000
08077Mina Elias228,000
08088Slav Rypinski235,000
08099Brandon Bailey251,000

Table 9

PMA IDSeatNameChips
09011Charbel Boustani656,000
09022Aaron Li231,000
09033Andres Vasquez362,000
09055Shem Goltz480,000
09066John Caridad296,000
09088Jerry Wang592,000
09099Michael Tran148,000

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