LIVE REPORTING: WPT Australia $550 Action Clock Day 2

Congratulations Andres Vasquez ($39,558), WPT Australia $550 Action Clock Champion!

Colombian import Andres Vasquez is now the latest member of Los Parceros to earn himself a major poker title on Aussie soil, taking down the WPT Australia $550 Action Clock event!

The final table of this event was everything you’d come to expect in a format of this nature, full of action, plenty of twists and turns and high drama in the closing stages, but through it all, Vasquez remained unperturbed, picking his moments carefully and taking full advantage of a misstep from Ali Zebarjad to eliminate him in third place before picking off Tuan Nguyen heads-up.

For Vasquez, however, the victory meant so much more than money, telling PokerMedia Australia his family and friends – and especially his wife Laura, and poker coach Francis – were the cornerstone in making this dream a reality.

“It was a crazy final table, but I was prepared for this,” Vasquez said. “My friend Martin [Finger] and I took meditation in the morning … my focus was on trying to play as well as I can, showing gratitude for being in this situation and playing this tournament like it was your last.”

“Taking this approach makes you really appreciate everything you have and helps you to make better decisions. I think a lot of people take all of this – being able to play poker – for granted, and it shouldn’t be like that.”

“If you surround yourself with good people, show discipline, work hard and study, things will go your way. That’s winning for me!”

WPT AUSTRALIA $550 ACTION CLOCK ($550 buy-in, 380 entries, 48 players paid)

1stAndres VasquezColombia$39,558
2ndTuan NguyenAustralia$27,702
3rdAli ZebarjadAustralia$17,803
4thArisa ItoJapan$11,742
5thCharbel BoustaniAustralia$9,044
6thPhilip NguyenAustralia$7,486
7thJaxon ByrneAustralia$6,270
8thTobias DavisNew Zealand$5,111
9thWin Meng TanAustralia$3,952
*Final table results shown; full results available at

And with that, the WPT Australia $550 Action Clock event is in the books! Be sure to join us again tomorrow from 12:30pm AEST as we bring you updates from Day 2 of the $550 PLO, and stay with us here at for all the latest from The Star Gold Coast.

Until then, thanks for tuning in and we look forward to seeing you again real soon. ‘Bye for now!

Tuan Nguyen eliminated in 2nd place ($27,702)

Tuan Nguyen is now $27,702 richer after being taken out in second place in what was a short but sweet heads-up battle.

Andres Vasquez was able to stretch his lead further before the final hand of the night played out just before 8pm local time; Vasquez raised to 375,000 from the button before Nguyen shoved for his last 1,275,000 from the big blind. Vasquez snap-called.

Vasquez: KK
Nguyen: AQ

Board: 2JJ55

Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a winner! Our wrap-up of today’s action will be coming your way soon.

Tuan Nguyen

Ali Zebarjad eliminated in 3rd place ($17,803)

We are now officially heads-up for the WPT Australia $550 Action Clock title after Ali Zebarjad was sent to the rail in third place by Andres Vasquez!

With the pot built up to around 800,000, all the money went into the middle on the river on a board that read 5776J; Vasquez deliberated for a full 30 seconds, and then threw in a Time Bank token to take another 30 seconds.

Zebarjad appeared to have perceived this as a single-chip call, tabling his 43, but quickly realised his mistake and turned his cards over. Vasquez shoved, and Zebarjad angrily jammed the rest of his chips in.

The error would prove fatal, as Vasquez turned over J7 for the full house. Ay, dios mio!

Andres Vasquez5,500,000
Tuan Nguyen4,000,000
Ali ZebarjadBUSTED!
Ali Zebarjad

Level 29: 75,000/125,000 (125,000)

Break time!

Our remaining three players are now on another 10-minute break.

Ali Zebarjad3,375,000
Tuan Ngueyn3,135,000
Andres Vasquez2,995,000

Arisa Ito eliminated in 4th place ($11,742)

Japan’s Arisa Ito was the first into five figures in the $550 Action Clock finale, eliminated in fourth place by Andres Vasquez

Despite an earlier double-up through Ali Zebarjad, Ito’s run ended after she moved all-in for 890,000 with Q10, but lost the fair fight against Vasquez’s KJ after he flopped another King and improved to two pair as the board completed K85A5.

For her efforts, Ito has earned $11,742 in prize money. おめでとう!

Andres Vasquez2,880,000
Arisa ItoBUSTED!
Arisa Ito

Charbel Boustani eliminated in 5th place ($9,044)

Down to four now in the WPT Australia $550 Action Clock finale, after Charbel Boustani was taken out by Tuan Nguyen in fifth place ($9,044).

Boustani put the last of his chips at risk, electing to open-shove from the button pre-flop holding 99, however Nguyen woke up with a monster in the big blind in the form of KK.

The flop was a somewhat sweaty 728, but the turn and river 8, 3 completed the board to give Nguyen two pair, Kings up.

Tuan Nguyen3,000,000
Charbel BoustaniBUSTED!
Charbel Boustani

Level 28: 50,000/100,000 (100,000)

Philip Nguyen eliminated in 6th place ($7,486)

After a successful double-up for Charbel Boustani, Philip Nguyen took his leave, collecting $7,486 for sixth place finish.

Earlier, Boustani ripped in the last of his chips from the small blind with 66 and found a call from Andres Vasquez, who called out of the big blind with Q4. Both players hit two pair on the board of K5410K, but Boustani was best with the bigger two pair.

A short time later, Philip Nguyen jammed from the button with 88 after a pre-flop raise of 225,000 from Tuan Nguyen. Tuan snap-called and rolled over A10, which paired up on the flop after the dealer spread a board of 65AK4.

Tuan Nguyen2,445,000
Andres Vasquez2,025,000
Charbel Boustani950,000
Philip NguyenBUSTED!
Philip Nguyen

Jaxon Byrne eliminated in 7th place ($6,270)

Another bust-out at this final table, with Jaxon Byrne bowing out in seventh place after being eliminated by Arisa Ito.

The action folded around to Ito in the small blind who raised all-in, which was enough to cover Byrne who flicked his remaining chips from the big blind position.

Ito: A10
Byrne: 95

Ito extended her lead after pairing up on the J7A flop; a glimmer of hope appeared for Byrne on the turn of the 9, but the river 4 was one pip short.

Arisa Ito700,000
Jaxon ByrneBUSTED!
Jaxon Byrne

Tobias Davis eliminated in 8th place ($5,111)

New Zealand’s Tobias Davis has taken his leave, collecting $5,111 for his eighth-place finish after being sent packing at the hands of Ali Zebarjad.

From under the gun, Davis ripped in his last 870,000 and Arisa Ito called out of the hijack position before action folded around to Zebarjad, who shoved over the top for 995,000. Ito quickly called.

Zebarjad: AA
Davis: QQ
Ito: AJ

Zebarjad effectively tripled after the board ran clean 810K65, and Ito was crippled down to 2.5 BBs as Davis went out the door.

Ali Zebarjad2,860,000
Arisa Ito200,000
Tobias DavisBUSTED!
Tobias Davis

Level 27: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)

Wing Men Tan eliminated in 9th place ($3,952)

With less than three minutes remaining in this level, action folded around to Wing Men Tan who open-shoved for his last 500,000 from the small blind, but was quickly called off by Charbel Boustani.

Boustani: AQ
Tan: Q10

Board: J343J

A great effort from Tan, who collects $3,952 for his ninth place finish. Well played, sir!

Charbel Boustani1,050,000
Wing Men TanBUSTED!
Wing Men Tan

WPT Australia Player of the Festival update

Although the average stack at this final table is only 16 bigs, there are still nine players remaining and action has slowed to a crawl, with barely anything above a raise-and-fold over the last hour.

This gave WPT Asia-Pacific Live Events Specialist Danny McDonagh the chance to give us an update on the Player of the Festival race, which has been part and parcel of all the WPT Global events since it was introduced this year as part of the brand’s 20th Anniversary celebrations.

After the completion of two events, Opening Event Mystery Bounty Champion Chris Tran holds a 50-point lead over Joe Sandaev, who took out last night’s $2,500 8-Max. Not far behind are their resective runners-up, Jin Li and Luke Martinelli, but there could be a big change coming should Ali Zebarjad make another deep run tonight in this, his second FT appearance of the series!

Our eventual winner of the POF race will receive a WPT Main Tour Passport valued at USD $5,000, along with a special commemorative trophy. For more information, including the full points matrix and terms and conditions, visit


1stChristopher Tran650
2ndJoseph Sandaev600
3rdJin Li500
4thLuke Martinelli450
5thPeter Peeters400
6thLeo Kamiya375
7thMichael Clair325
8thJarred Graham300
9thKenneth Stewart250
10thZhengmin Zhang250
11thMatthew Radcliffe200
12thSean Ragozzini200
13thMishel Anunu150
14thNabil Edgtton150
15thAli Zebarjad125
16thAdrian Indovino125

Level 26: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)

WPT Australia $550 Action Clock final table

Our final table is now officially underway! Leading the pack is Philip Nguyen, who’s just shy of 2 million in chips after eliminating Thomas Pongrass in 10th place, followed closely by Andres Vasquez who holds a touch over 1.6 million.

Players have now been reset up to five Action Clock tokens each, save for Charbel Boustani, who has his original five chips brought through from Day 1.

Image courtesy of The Star Gold Coast
1Arisa ItoJapan635,000
2Jaxon ByrneAustralia700,000
3Win Meng TanAustralia675,000
4Charbel BoustaniAustralia860,000
5Andres VasquezColombia1,615,000
6Tuan NguyenAustralia1,090,000
7Ali ZebarjadAustralia1,250,000
8Tobias DavisNew Zealand750,000
9Philip NguyenAustralia1,930,000

FINAL TABLE PAYOUTS ($550 buy-in, 380 entries, 48 players paid)


Level 25: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)

Thomas Pongrass eliminated in 10th place ($3,304)

The final nine of the WPT Australia $550 Action Clock has now been set after Thomas Pongrass was cut out of the tournament by Philip Nguyen!

Over on the feature table, our reporter caught the action after Pongrass had moved all-in for the last of his money pre-flop with AJ; Philip Ngyuen called with 66 and went on to win the flip to claim Pongrass’ tournament life after the board was spread 8K943.

And with that, Pongrass was confirmed as our 10th place finisher, good for a payout of $3,304. Our remaining players have now headed off for their 30-minute dinner break – we’ll have the official FT portrait and counts when they return. Stay with us!

Philip Nguyen1,930,000
Thomas PongrassBUSTED!
Thomas Pongrass

Sayonara, Seyed

Star Sydney Champs Mystery Bounty Champion Seyed Hosseini has just been taken down over the space of two hands by Tuan Nguyen.

In earlier action, Nguyen got his money in good with AA against Hosseini’s KQ; both players made two pair on the board of 23J2Q, but Nguyen was best with the overpair and scored the double-up.

Down to 325,000 after that hand, Hosseini copped the killer blow after jamming with 99, but was devastated to see Nguyen wake up again with – yep, you guessed it – AA!

Nothing but paint on the board of JKQQK, and thus Hossein departed.

Tuan Nguyen1,250,000
Seyed HosseiniBUSTED!
Seyed Hossein

Level 24: 20,000/40,000 (40,000)

Ward off

Another massive three-way all-in pot has resulted in Martin Ward’s elimination from this tournament.

All the chips were in the middle pre-flop and our reporter had to dodge through the crowd that was gathering to capture the action as it went to showdown.

Byrne: QQ
Zerarjad: AK
Ward: A6

Nothing changed after the flop of 294, but Zerarjad pumped his fist after the K spiked on the turn, which held after the 3 came down the river.

Ali Zerarjad1,175,000
Jaxon Byrne350,000
Martin WardBUSTED!
Martin Ward

See ya, Youssef

Carlos Youssef has been sent packing at the hands of Win Meng Tan in dramatic fashion as we edge ever closer to the final table of the WPT Australia $550 Action Clock.

The cry of “all in, call” went up from the feature table; Youssef had got his money in good with KK against Tan’s 99.

Tan’s chances improved after the flop came down 765, but despite Youssef improving to two pair with the repeat 5 on the turn, the dealer peeled the river 8 from the shoe to give Tan the gut-shot. Ouch!

Wing Men Tan1,400,000
Carlos YoussefBUSTED!
Carlos Youssef

Level 23: 15,000/30,000 (30,000)

Schmalkuche left with squadouche

A few hands after being crippled by Arisa Ito, Lindsay Schmalkuche was off to collect his payout slip, moving his last 305,000 into the middle after a pre-flop shove from Philip Nguyen.

After the rest of the table folded, Schmalkuche tabled A7, but headed to the exits (stage right) after Nguyen made Broadway on the board of 28QJ10.

Philip Nguyen1,020,000
Lindsay SchmalkucheBUSTED!
Lindsay Schmalkuche

Chin binned

Shortly after the field was condensed to two tables, Chin Wang was felted after a big three-way all-in pot played out on the feature table.

From early position, Wang moved all-in for his last 185,000 before Arisa Ito shoved over the top for 395,000. Lindsay Schmalkuche quickly called and their tablemates all got out of the way before the cards were tabled.

Wang: KK
Ito: 1010
Schmalkuche: AK

Ito squealed in delight and clasped her hands in celebration as the flop was spread 9210 to give her the set, which held as the turn and river 3, A completed the board.

As a result, Ito moved past the one-million chip mark and Wang headed off to the cage.

Arita Ito1,080,000
Lindsay Schmalkuche365,000
Chin WangBUSTED!

Level 22: 15,000/25,000 (25,000)

Omer gored

Omer Silajdzija has now hit the rail after taking a massive hit against Michel Bouskila.

Despite getting his money in good with KK against Bouskila’s 55, the dealer spread a board of 937Q4 to give Bouskila the runner-runner flush!

Down to just 40,000 in chips, Silajdzija was taken out in the very next hand.

Omer SilajdzijaBUSTED!
Omer Silajdzija

Davis dominating

Tobias Davis is now close to reaching the two-million chip mark after he eliminated Ali Ghezelbash on the Star Poker Gold Coast feature table.

Ghezelbash raised to 55,000 with KQ before action folded to Davis, who elected to shove with his AK to move the rest of the table out of the way before Ghezelbash called short.

No change to either hand after the board ran out 35JJ7, and thus Ghezelbash’s day was done.

Tobias Davis1,725,000
Ali GhezelbashBUSTED!
Ali Ghezelbash

Arisa rising

Arisa Ito has eliminated Chin Wang in one of the first hands after the break here in the WPT Australia $550 Action Clock event.

Action folded around to Wang who open-shoved for his last 230,000 from the cut-off before Ito iso-shoved from the button, forcing the blinds out of the way before going to showdown.

Ito: AK
Wang: QJ

Board: 29283

Arisa Ito765,000
Chin WangBUSTED!
Arisa Ito

Top 10 chip counts

Tobias Davis1,275,000
Philip Nguyen740,000
Jaxon Byrne730,000
Seyed Hosseini710,000
Ali Zerarjad600,000
Thomas Pongrass560,000
Daisuke Ogita540,000
Tuan Nguyen480,000
Martin Ward465,000
Andres Vasquez435,000

Level 21: 10,000/20,000 (20,000)

Break time!

Our 23 remaining players are now on their first 10-minute break of the day. We’ll be back with the big stacks shortly!

Feature table carnage!

Two more eliminations as we head into the first break of the day, with John White and Xuwen Zhou both departing from Table 1.

Earlier, White moved all-in for his last 200,000 from under the gun with 77 and action folded around to Thomas Pongrass who called from the big blind with AK and then went on to win the flip after the rivering top pair, top kicker on the board of 9QJ4K.

Zhou then got the last of his chips in holding AJ, however despite getting in ahead of Byrne’s A10, the dealer spread the board of 331029 to give Byrne two pair and the scoop.

Jaxon Byrne950,000
Thomas Pongrass461,000
Xuwen ZhouBUSTED!
John WhiteBUSTED!
Jaxon Byrne

Damelian’s done

Robert Damelian has just hit the showers after being cleaned out by fellow Queenslander Carlos Youssef.

After Damelian ripped in his last 143,000 in from early position holding K10, the action folded around to Youssef who called from the cut-off with AQ.

Both players then made two pair on the JJA102, but Youssef was best with Aces-up.

Carlos Youssef425,000
Robert DamelianBUSTED!
Robert Damelian

No more Noman

Noman Mirza has just been sent to the rail at the hands of Ali Ghezelbash over on Table 9 as we head into the last level of play before the first break.

Down to just 90,000 in chips, Mirza moved all-in pre-flop for his last 90,000 with the “Adrian Attenborough special” – J4 – but found himself well behind Ghezelbash’s A10.

A small pair for Mirza on the flop wasn’t enough as Ghezelbash rivered the stone cold nuts on the board of 87453.

Ali Ghezelbash320,000
Noman MirzaBUSTED!
Noman Mirza

Level 20: 10,000/15,000 (15,000)

Ladak done-ski

Tuan Nguyen has claimed another scalp, taking out Mohammed Ladak in the lead-up to Level 20.

After Nguyen opened from under the gun, action folded around to Ladak who 3-bet, leaving just 3,000 in chips behind. Nguyen decided to rip it in and Ladak called short.

Nguyen: JJ
Ladak: K5

Board: JA8102

Tuan Nguyen573,000
Mohammed LadakBUSTED!

Kong gonged

Christopher Kong has been amongst those to have joined the queue for payouts, eliminated at the hands of Philip Nguyen.

Kong shoved his last 180,000 into the middle pre-flop holding K10, but needed help against Nguyen’s AJ.

He found it – albeit briefly – when a Ten appeared in the window on the 4J10 flop, however Nguyen’s top-top held as the turn and river ran out 8, 2.

Philip Nguyen510,000
Christopher KongBUSTED!

Elias retired

Mina Elias, who won the $440 PLO at The Star Gold Coast Champs earlier this year, has just been taken down at the hands of Tobias Davis.

Again, all the money was in the middle pre-flop; Elias was at risk with A5, but Davis called him down and found himself well ahead with his A7, which booked up by the river on the board of 73A47.

Tobias Davis480,000
Mina EliasBUSTED!
Mina Elias

Over for Rozova

Natalia Rozova was amongst a flurry of bust-outs shortly after the money was reached and as the blinds ticked over into Level 19.

Down to just 45,000 in chips, Rozova jammed them in pre-flop holding 43, but ran into Yitian Fan’s A8.

Fan then paired his Ace after the dealer fanned a flop of 53A, but despite the sweaty 6 on the turn, the river J completed the board to end Rozova’s run.

Yitian Fan775,000
Natalia RozovaBUSTED!
Natalia Rozova

Level 19: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)

Richards gets Byrne’d, Deussen doubles

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s official – we are now in the money here at the WPT Australia $550 Action Clock!

A crowd gathered around Table 8, where Nicholas Richards had open-shoved from the cut-off for his last 42,000 with KJ, but was called down by Jaxon Byrne who turned up A5.

The dealer then spread the board of 67Q73, and a ripple of applause went up throughout the room.

“Still one more to go!” announced the tournament director as he rushed across the room to Table 15, where Blake Deussen had jammed pre-flop with 88 against Lindsay Schmalkuche, who called him down with A4.

“I don’t want to get too greedy, but an eight will do!” Deussen joked with the dealer.

“Either way, you’re fine!” Martin Ward exclaimed. “You’ll get the full min-cash or half!”

Deussen took the full option, rivering a set despite Schmalkuche turning a pair of fours on the board of 27648 to double up.

Bippity-boppity, bubble goes poppity.

Jaxon Byrne628,000
Lindsay Schmalkuche468,000
Blake Deussen67,000
Nicholas RichardsBUSTED!

A little Bett-er now

Down to just a single big blind Mark Betts ripped it in holding QJ and found a caller in Noman Mirza who tabled 98.

The board of 9J356 paired up both players, but Betts was best with his pair of Jacks and thus secured the double-up.

Still at 49!

Mark Betts60,000
Noman Mirza290,000

Larsson lives!

Our first all-in-call on the button resulted in a much-needed double-up for Mikael Larsson against Hayden Rowe.

Over on Table 7, the action folded around to Larsson who open-shoved for 42,000 from the small blind; Rowe called him out of the big blind and tabled A3, but found himself dominated by Larsson’s QQ, which coasted to a boat after the dealer spread the board of 6267Q.

Mikael Larsson95,000
Hayden Rowe103,000

Level 18: 5,000/10,000 (10,000)

White’s alright, Martin Finger-ed

John White has just scored himself a crucial double-up through the hands of Yitian Fan just as German wunderkind Martin Finger was eliminated by Martin Ward.

Our reporter caught the action on Table 1 as all the money went into the middle after the turn on a board of JA5Q; White had turned two pair with his QJ, but needed to fade a spade against Fan’s A6.

The river 4 was the right shade, wrong suit, but alright for White … not so for Finger though, who ripped in his last 33,000 with K-Q over on Table 15, but was crushed after Ward flopped a King-high straight with his 10-9.

And with that, we are now on the bubble!

Yitian Fan468,000
John White269,000
Martin Ward223,000
Martin FingerBUSTED!
John White

Thatcher and Kroesen’s chips all ate up

Two more bust-outs in quick succession on Table 8, with both Ricky Kroesen and Jarrod Thatcher eliminated early.

Earlier, Thatcher jammed the last of his short stack into the middle after Tuan Nguyen raised to 22,000 pre-flop; Nguyen snap-called and turned over AK, which then hit top-top on the board of 56K410 against Thatcher’s AQ.

Then in the very next hand, action folded around to Andres Vasquez who raised from the cut-off before Kroesen jammed from the button. Vasquez quickly called.

Kroesen: 99
Vasquez: QJ

Board: 3K58Q

Tuan Nguyen418,000
Andres Vasquez204,000
Ricky KroesenBUSTED!
Jarrod ThatcherBUSTED!
Andres Vasquez

Bad luck, Chuck

Chuck Caris was confirmed as our first elimination of the day, felted at the hands of Anne Beygirlioglu.

After Beygirlioglu limped in from under the gun, the action around to Caris who shoved for his last 41,000. Beygirlioglu called, turning over 99 and found herself ahead of Caris’ 88.

Caris struck gold on the flop of 382 for a set, which turned into a full house with the repeat 3, but Beygirlioglu got the bigger boat, spiking the two-outer with the river 9!

Anne Beygirlioglu235,000
Chuck CarisBUSTED!
Anne Beygirlioglu

Level 17: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)

The numbers are in!

Hello there and welcome back to PokerMedia Australia‘s continued live coverage of the WPT Australia series!

Today, we’ll be bringing you Day 2 of the $550 Action Clock. From the 380 total entries brought in yesterday, 54 players will be returning to continue their quest for WPT Australia glory.

Leading the way is Yitian Fan with 579,000 in chips, followed by Jaxon Byrne (526,000), Tobias Davis (407,000), Seyed Hosseini (375,000) and Lindsay Schmalkuche (339,000).

Our top 48 players will be paid out a minimum of $931, while tonight’s winner will take home close to $40,000 – and with the Action Clock system in effect, we’re expecting a frenetic day on the felt – but as you may have already seen, we’ve got a new system in place to help us and help you keep up with even more of the action.

Introducing the PMA ID.

Similar to others used by poker media organisations across the globe, the PMA ID system is a simple yet highly effective tool that allows our reporters to track all players throughout the course of a poker tournament. Here’s how it works:

Before the start of Day 2 (and onwards, as the case may be), each player is assigned one of our numbered tracking cards, which corresponds to their starting table and seat allocation (refer to the seat draw below). For example, if a player starts the tournament at Table 12, Seat 8, their PMA ID for the day is 1208.

Players are then asked to keep their PMA ID face-up, close to their stack and visible at all times, and move it with them if are balanced or broken to another table – and if they happen to be eliminated, their PMA ID card remains in place on the table where it will be collected by one of our crew.

Naturally, it requires a little bit of house-keeping, but with your help, it allows us to maximise our team’s accuracy and efficiency in obtaining the information and images required and with minimal fuss during the course of live play.

And from there, you’ll be able to see the results right here on our Live Reporting blog, so bookmark your browsers, save us on your home screens and keep refreshing from 12:30pm AEST as PMA captures every bluff, sweat and tear until the final river falls!

Day 2 seat draw

Play will resume at 12:30pm AEST. Please ensure that you have your photo ID and Star Club Card for verification purposes, and should you have any questions regarding your seat allocation, please see Star Poker Gold Coast staff upon arrival. Best of luck to all players, and may the flop be with you!

Table 1 (Feature Table)

PMA IDSeatNameChips
01011Marcus McKean203,000
01022Yitian Fan579,000
01033Xuwen Zhou104,000
01044Mina Elias87,000
01055Win Meng Tan80,000
01066Thomas Pongrass318,000
01077Tobias Davis407,000
01088John White139,000
01099Natalia Rozova224,000

Table 6

PMA IDSeatNameChips
06011Arisa Ito229,000
06022Haowen Sun133,000
06033Dylan Atkinson144,000
06044Ali Zerarjad229,000
06055Michel Bouskila104,000
06066Darren Sarchett205,000
06077Daisuke Ogita93,000
06088Philip Nguyen317,000
06099Ali Ghezelbash73,000

Table 7

PMA IDSeatNameChips
07011Tyrone Tongia145,000
07022Robert Damelian133,000
07033Chin Wang50,000
07044Mikael Larsson138,000
07055Hayden Rowe207,000
07066Jaxon Byrne526,000
07077Stuart Tripp100,000
07088Jumpei Furihata67,000
07099Seyed Hosseini375,000

Table 8

PMA IDSeatNameChips
08011Andres Vasquez183,000
08022Ricky Kroesen85,000
08033Nicholas Richards156,000
08044Tuan Nguyen319,000
08055Ji Eun Cho220,000
08066Jarrod Thatcher115,000
08077Aaron Wilson137,000
08088Christopher Kong114,000
08099Melissa Russell124,000

Table 9

PMA IDSeatNameChips
09011Mark Betts84,000
09022Paul Pedersen151,000
09033Charbel Boustani106,000
09044Anne Beygirlioglu174,000
09055Gang Zhu96,000
09066Noman Mirza115,000
09077Carlos Youssef173,000
09088Jake Drake245,000
09099Chuck Caris41,000

Table 15

PMA IDSeatNameChips
15011Martin Ward223,000
15022Martin Finger54,000
15033Reggie Diaz84,000
15044Moon Gab Chung155,000
15055Omer Silajdzija247,000
15066Mohammed Ladak65,000
15077Blake Deussen186,000
15088Neil Moss108,000
15099Lindsay Schmalkuche339,000

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