On a roll: Alan Zheng emerges as chip leader after Day 1B of WPT Australia Opening Event Mystery Bounty

Alan Zheng has recovered from a slow start to his WPT Australia campaign to emerge as the overall chip leader going into Day 2 of the Opening Event Mystery Bounty tournament.

A total of 513 entries were taken in across the two Day 1 flights, with a further 48 survivors from today’s session. Zheng sealed up 842,000 at the close of Day 1B to surpass Peter Peeters, who bagged 764,000.

The former accountant told PokerMedia Australia that he felt good after today’s play, but admitted that he would have preferred to “get some sleep than have the momentum coming in.”

The 26-year-old Sydneysider has had previous success at The Star Sydney Champs 2022, placing 33rd in the Main Event, however his best result came during last year’s 2021 WPTDeepStacks series here on the Gold Coast, where he finished fourth for $34,545 in the $5K Challenge.


Alan Zheng842,000
Peter Peeters764,000
Win Meng Tan640,000
Andres Vasquez573,000
Dylan Rowe548,000
Yiteng Ge481,000
Dan Smiljanic477,000
Mishel Anunu472,000
Chris Tran472,000
Adrian Salter468,000
Da Tran461,000
Yang Lei416,000
Nabil Edgtton386,000
Vincent Huang383,000
Daniel Gabriel375,000
Meer Hussaini364,000
Liam Murray346,000
Lionel Lu336,000
Vanig Kalpakian335,000
Hsiang-Po Feng313,000
Benjamin Thomas312,000
Roman Pripltski310,000
Keling Fan306,000
Chris Zenonos305,000
Duy Ho300,000
Liam Jehu295,000
Emmanuel Seal286,000
Ali Zebarjad277,000
Toby Giles275,000
Hari Varma267,000
Aleksander Andrejev266,000
Patrick Fletcher263,000
Jeff Lisandro261,000
Rod Batoz260,000
Sherif Derias253,000
Todd Sekli253,000
Johnny Rodden242,000
Qi Xu241,000
Kiko Puyat241,000
Jumpei Furihata234,000
William Kennedy234,000
Josh Hutchins230,000
Adrian Indovino227,000
Mike Ivin221,000
Joseph Cristallo212,000
Jin Li204,000
Mitchell Bognar203,000
Ken Stewart195,000
Michael Clair193,000
Robert Damelian191,000
Kerry Chambers182,000
Vlad Barbu176,000
Kim McNaught175,000
Zhifan Ye175,000
Michael Hornstein168,000
Martin Ward164,000
Karsten Kobbing164,000
Ryan Stevenson161,000
Ricky Kroesen150,000
Antonie Follet150,000
Matthew Radcliffe149,000
Naoki Yashiro147,000
Nichole Roberts147,000
Paul Pedersen122,000
Suraj Kara120,000
Slav Rypinski119,000
Peter Brasile119,000
Luke Martinelli102,000
Connie Graham102,000
Craig Blight97,000
Yitian Fan93,000
Subba Vanaparthy89,000
Tony Grosso83,000
Aaron Wellington73,000
Hasian Hyde70,000
Janet Wyvill70,000
Jian Long47,000
Taner Durst40,000

In all, 78 players will be returning tomorrow to fight it out for the lion’s share of the booty, including what will be the biggest Grand Bounty in Australian history.

PMA‘s Live Reporting coverage continues from 11:30am AEST tomorrow (Saturday) with Day 2 of the WPT Australia Opening Event Mystery Bounty; for more information on the WPT Australia series, including the full schedule of events, visit starpoker.com.au or worldpokertour.com.

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