LIVE REPORTING: WPT Australia Opening Event Mystery Bounty Day 1B

Alan Zheng bags chip lead for WPT Australia Mystery Bounty Day 1B chip lead; that’s a wrap!

A total of 513 entries took part in the WPT Australia Opening Event Mystery Bounty across two Day 1’s.

Of the 78 survivors, it is Alan Zheng who is the only player who cannot be eliminated on Day 2… at least for the first hand! Sealing 842,000 at the close of play, he holds a margin over Day 1A chip leader Peter Peeters’ 764,000.

The former accountant, and now full time poker player says he feels “Good, I guess.”

“I would rather get some sleep than have momentum coming in,” he remarked.

The Sydneysider, 26, had never played a mystery bounty tournament before. But looks forward to hopefully coming away with a good chunk of the prize pool on offer.

“I plan win lots of hands, and win lots of bounties!”

You can keep track of Zheng’s progress as we return at 11:30am AEST for the start of Day 2. Be sure to join us for continued live coverage as we play down to a winner of both the entire tournament, and the coveted Grand Bounty! Take care, and good night!

Alan Zheng


The field on Day 1B had a much shorter wait for the bubble to burst than yesterday. A crowd gathered around Table 7 to witness an all-in and a call waiting to play out, as the other tables completed their hands.

Chin Wang had his entire 100,000 in front of him preflop, and action folded to Danny Tran who made the call. Wang was at risk of being the bubble, and was behind also.

Tran: AK
Wang: K10

The board ran out Q9536 to send Wang to the rail and the rest of the field into Day 2!

Danny Tran461,000
Chin WangBUSTED!

Soft bubble

Shortly after, high-flyer Joseph Cristallo had the chance to bring the field to hand-for-hand play and reach the bubble.

Raising all-in from the small blind with Q2 to pressure the small stack of the big blind, he surprisingly found a snap call, the big blind at risk, and behind, with 76.

Cristallo was in trouble as the dealer spread 4935 for a flop and turn.

The nut straight for his opponent let Christallo drawing to a spade as his only out. A a roar of combined disgust and relief filled the room as the J hit the river, as the remaining players were one elimination from reaching Day 2.

Joseph Cristallo187,000
Joseph Cristallo

End in sight

We are closing in on the bubble for Day 2, with 51 players remaining and 48 progressing through to Saturday.

The feature table witnessed an inescapable cooler, with Lionel Liu raising to 30,000 from the hijack.

Evan Fan responded with a firm shove from the small blind. Liu showed no hesitation in announcing a call and flipped over his AA. Fan showed his AK and was left to hope for a miracle run out.

The dealer ran out a board of 106K68 giving Liu a massive double-up at a pivotal time.

Lionel Liu316,000
Evan Fan93,000

Level 17: 5,000/10,000 (10,000)

Don’t grain on my parade

Despite his getup, Todd Sekli may not have eaten enough Weet-Bix this morning, with his hand strength failing to hold against Nabil Edgtton.

Sekli opened from UTG to 16,000, before Edgtton moved all-in for his remaining 129,000. Sekli called and the two went to battle.

Sekli: A10
Edgtton: KJ

Board: A1055Q

Nabil Edgtton270,000
Todd Sekli314,000
Todd Sekli

Salter in the wound

In the dying stages of Day 1B, play will continue until the final 15% of the field is reached, despite the Day 1 schedule only going as far as Level 16.

Adrian Salter defended his big blind to a raise from Paul Donovan of 16,000 from under the gun.

Flop: K6Q

Action checked through on the flop, the turn then came the J. Salter lead for 25,000 and Donovan called.

River: 6

Salter bet 50,000, almost half of Donovan’s remaining stack. The bet applying enough pressure to enforce the fold, with neither hand shown.

Adrian Salter393,000
Paul Donovan106,000

Level 16: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)

Chips flying back and forth

Action is getting tense as players look to survive through to Day 2 for the chance to win a piece of the projected record prize pool.

Liam Murray’s 1010 failed to hold against The Star Sydney Champs 2022 Main Event Winner Qi Xu‘s KQ on a board of 3724Q.

Meanwhile, Leo Boxell took a hit against Subba Vanaparthy.

Boxell barrelled two streets after his preflop raise was called by Vanaparthy on the button, leading for 22,000 on the flop, and 41,000 on the turn. Vanaparthy called both times, and when checked to on the river, he moved all-in on a complete board of 57Q68. Boxell folded.

Subba Vanaparthy217,000
Qi Xu209,000
Liam Murray207,000
Leo Boxell116,000
Liam Murray

All’s well for Wellington

Toby Giles fell victim to a cooler against Aaron Wellington.

Reporting action from the turn with over 32,000 in the middle, and JJ93, we witnessed Giles bet 20,000 from the small blind.

Wellington fired a min-raise to 40,000 and Giles made the call.

The river came the 6, Giles checked to Wellington who checked back.

Wellington: KQ
Giles: KJ

Aaron Wellington210,000
Toby Giles175,000
Toby Giles

Prip-lots of chips -ski

Roman Priplotski has found the friendly end of a major cooler against Vincent Cheng.

With Priplotski opening to 12,000 from the hijack, he found calls from the button, as well as Cheng who defended his big blind.

Flop: K88

Both Cheng and Priplotski checked to the button, who bet 8,000. Both players called to a turn of the 4. All players checked.

River: 10

Cheng lead for 30,000 and was raised all-in by Priplotski. The button cleared the way and Cheng called.

Priplotski: 1010
Cheng: 84


Roman Priplotski212,000
Vincent Cheng91,000
Roman Priplotski

Level 15: 3,000/6,000 (6,000)

The dark side of the Moon

After hearing of there being “lots of action pre”, our reporter raced to Table 19 where the board showed 423.

Moon Chung placed 24,000 in the pot, and received a call from Nabil Edgtton.

Turn: K

Chung pulled the trigger and piled the remainder of his chips into the middle only to be snap-called by Edgtton who had turned a set with KK.

Not knowing what to expect from Chung, the table probably wouldn’t have expected him to turn over 53. Regardless, despite Edgtton’s lead, Chung still had outs with an open-ended straight draw, but the river 10 ensured Edgtton took the win.

Nabil Edgtton358,000
Moon ChungBUSTED!

High-roller Cristallo

*Some information in this report may be exaggerated at the request of the titular player involved*

After flying to the Gold Coast in his private jet, along with a private masseuse, it was expected for Joseph Cristallo to perform on the big stage.

Jack Zhang raised from the cutoff, making it 10,000 to go. Cristallo defended his big blind to see a flop of 73Q.

Cristallo checked to Zhang, who bet 10,000 and was called.

On both the 7 turn card and 10 river card, both players checked it down until showdown.

Cristallo opened first and showed A3 to which Zhang promptly mucked.

Joseph Christallo145,500
Jack Zhang122,000
Cristallo and his “masseuse”

Level 14: 2,500/5,000 (5,000)

Jack goes whack: part II

We caught the action from the flop with a board displaying 45K, with Jack Zhang calling from the button after Fan Zhuang bet 11,000.

On a turn of 8, Zhuang slowed down, electing to check. Zhang took control of the pot and bet 32,000 and Zhuang held on with a call.

The river added an A to the board and both plays checked and went to showdown.

Zhang: A2
Zhuang: KQ

Jack Zhang142,000
Fan Zhuang83,000

Go go Leo

Australian Poker Hall of Fame inductee, Leo Boxell is continuing a strong run on Day 1B after falling away in the latter stages of yesterday’s Day 1A.

Boxell opened from UTG to 8,000 and was three-bet by Phillip Nguyen to 18,000. Boxell elected to call and view a flop that hit the felt in the form of 10710.

Both players checked the flop, as well as the 10 turn.

On the 4 river, Boxell bet 16,000 and managed to fold Nguyen out of the hand.

Leo Boxell233,000
Phillip Nguyen133,000
Leo Boxell

Level 13: 2,000/4,000 (4,000)

Jackson wakes up at the right time

A blind-on-blind shove from Vanig Kalpakian has seen him run into a monster. Vanig ran the odds in the hopes that his KQ would be ahead of the big blind most of the time.

However, Luke Jackson peeled AK and snap called, holding on a board of 5K1086 to double up.

Vanig Kalpakian226,000
Luke Jackson43,800

Lisandro goes higher

Jeff Lisandro has picked up a scalp, eliminating an unknown player in a flip that has skyrocketed his stack close to the 300,000 mark.

The player in the hijack pushed the remainder of their short stack into the middle, with QJ. Lisandro woke up to 1010 and quickly called.

Despite his opponent pairing both of their hole cards, Lisandro managed to flop a set to take down the pot.

Board: 103J4Q

Jeff Lisandro282,300

Level 12: 1,500/3,000 (3,000)

Unable to make his Mark

Despite having Bill Kennedy dominated preflop, Mark Yazbeck’s KQ was bested by Q9.

Yazbeck employed a large sizing preflop from UTG, making it 8,500, and with play folding around to Kennedy in the big blind, he decided to close the action and defend.

On a board that spread 1095,7,6, the only further betting action took place on the first street with Yazbeck continuing with a flop bet of 7,000 to which Kennedy check-called.

The turn and river went check check and the players went to showdown.

Bill Kennedy41,300
Mark Yazbeck62,300

Jack goes whack

Jack Zhang has taken out a short-stacked opponent. Zhang woke up at the right time with 1010 and opened from the hijack to 6,000. The button three-bet to 13,000 and the big blind went all-in for a scarce amount more of 16,400 total.

Zhang moved all-in over the top to isolate the all-in player and it worked, with the button laying his hand down.

Zhang: 1010
Big Blind: 32

Board: QQ379

Jack Zhang91,700

Level 11: 1,500/2,500 (2,500)

Levai-tating back up

Ming Yiu has been struck by yet another cooler here on Day 1B, with Tihor Levai the beneficiary.

Preflop action saw all the chips go in the middle after UTG called the 2,000. Yiu wasn’t gonna let the flop be seen that cheap, pricing it up to 5,500. Levai put the rest of his 11,200 in the middle, when UTG folded and Yiu called.

Levai: JJ
Ming: A10

The flop of 35J all bar sealed the deal for Levai, with the runout of 10,10 rubbing salt into Ming’s wound.

Tihor Levai29,400
Ming Yiu39,900

Subba is served

Subba Vanaparthy was dealt a cooler in a hand versus Liam Murray.

Opening from UTG+1, Murray opened to 4,000 and found callers from Vanaparthy in the small blind and a big blind defender.

Flop: 2A6

Turn: 4

All players checked through the flop to the turn, when Vanaparthy bet 6,000 and was met with both players making the call. The river was the K.

Vanaparthy bet 11,000 to which the big blind flatted, then Murray moved all-in for 27,000. Vanaparthy made the call and the big blind folded.

Murray: A8
Vanaparthy: 44

Liam Murray97,400
Subba Vanaparthy107,400

Level 10: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)

New Leis on (tournament) life

Igal Leis has found a much-needed double through Liam Jehu, getting his short stack in the middle with 33 and, folding around to Jehu in the big blind with Q8, was called.

Leis didn’t have to hit, but the board of A34109 handed him a comfortable runout to hang in with a chance.

Igal Leis16,200
Liam Jehu39,300
Liam Jehu (later on)


Craig Abernethy has decimated the stack of Charles Tsai. Tsai opened from UTG to 3,200, three callers came along, including Abernethy from the hijack.

On a flop of 91010, action checked to Abernethy who placed a bet of 5,500. The button called and then Tsai pushed in a raise of 22,500, to which Abernethy responded with an all-in.

The button cleared the way for Tsai to call and the two turned over their cards.

Tsai: A10
Abernethy: Q10

Abernethy hit a turn card that seemed hand delivered from the poker gods, the Q handing Abernethy a boat that held strong through to the K river, leaving Tsai reeling following the cooler.

Craig Abernethy145,300
Charles Tsai12,100
Charles Tsai

A new record!

Registration has closed up for the Opening Event of WPT Australia 2022. WPT Live Events Specialist, Danny McDonagh has confirmed that whilst the official prize pools for both placings and bounties are still being finalised, it will be an Australian record for any tournament in the mystery bounty format!

513 total entries is the unofficial count, totalling over $600,000 to be paid out to players across the course of Day 2 on Saturday.

In terms of Day 1B chip counts, at the halfway mark of play, it’s Zhifan Ye leading the way. Andres Vasquez being the only other to hold a total above 200,000 whilst Roy Agresta, Ben Thomas and Subba Vanaparthy round out the top 5.

Zhifan Ye270,300
Andres Vasquez216,400
Roy Agresta190,300
Ben Thomas163,500
Subba Vanaparthy143,400
Ken Stewart137,500
Sherif Derias130,700
Connie Graham100,600
Daniel Gabriel100,300
Mina Elias81,800

Level 9: 800/1,600 (1,600)

All systems go for Leo

Leo Boxell has claimed a double KO. Eliminating Russell Fogarty and Attila Bognar in the last hand prior to the break.

Russell Fogarty was generous enough to share the details of the hand as he made his way from his seat past the Live Reporting desk.

Action began with Bognar moving all-in with his short stack of 12,000. Fogarty re-jammed for 43,000 from the hijack before Boxell moved all-in, covering both others.

Boxell: KK
Fogarty: 1010
Bognar: AJ

Board: 68343

Leo Boxell116,000
Russell FogartyBUSTED!
Attila BognarBUSTED!
Leo Boxell

Big hands

There’s action aplenty as we approach the last chance for players to re-enter in our Opening Event.

Kevin Gan managed to spike a royal flush with KQ against an opponent’s A9 on a board that ran out 2A4J10.

Over on Table 19, Danny Tran won a three-way all-in with his QQ holding firm against AQ and J10.

Also, Mina Elias and Huss Hassan are battling it out on Table 16. A tense hand took place where Hassan moved all-in on a board of J4710, putting Elias to the test before eventually folding.

It’s all happening!

Kevin Gan41,400
Danny Tran83,000
Huss Hassan47,000
Mina Elias59,600
Huss Hussan

Level 8: 600/1,200 (1,200)

Vasquez vanquishes

We caught action from the flop on Table 7 with Mark Zhu checking the action over to Andres Vasquez to bet 3,500. Zhu made the call to the turn where both players checked.

On the river, Zhu checked once more and Vasquez applied maximum pressure, piling 40,000 in chips toward the middle, well and truly covering Zhu.

Zhu laid the hand down and neither hand was shown down, with Vasquez’s stack climbing and Zhu’s stack depleting.

Andres Vasquez212,000
Mark Zhu22,100

Leis with the least of it

Igal Leis made a crying call that didn’t pay off, being reduced to less than 10,000 in chips.

On a board that resulted in a showing of 2963A, the action first began with Leis opening to 3,000 from UTG and Ken Stewart defended from the big blind.

On the flop, Stewart lead for 2,500 before Leis raised to 7,500 and was called.

The turn saw Stewart bet again, this time for 10,000. Leis made the call before tank calling another 10,000 from Stewart on the river.

Stewart turned over A6, and Leis slid his cards slowly to the muck in defeat.

Ken Stewart174,300
Igal Leis9,600

Ruiz ruined

Our reporter caught action from turn on Table 17, with a board displaying 83K4. With a large pot already sitting in the middle, Evelyn Ruiz pushed all-in.

Mata Ye made the call, and turned over KJ, ahead of Ruiz’s QQ.

The final card effected no change, with the 7 on the river eliminating Ruiz.

Mata Ye231,500
Evelyn RuizBUSTED!

Level 7: 500/1,000 (1,000)

Ang’ll shoot, a triple barrel

Zhixiang Ang fired on all three streets in a hand over on Table 6. Matthew Radcliffe kicked off the action from UTG, raising to 1,600. Ang called from the hijack to go heads-up.

Flop: 310Q

Radcliffe checked, Ang bet 2,000 and Radcliffe called as the turn arrived with the 6.

Radcliffe check-called once more, this time for an amount of 4,500.

When the river fell the 5, Radliffe checked again and Ang completed his triple barrel with a bet of 9,000. This time Radcliffe let go of his hand, letting Ang take the lead in the stack battle between the two.

Zhixiang Ang56,300
Matthew Radcliffe52,600
Zhixiang Ang

Mucho Lucho

Preflop on Table 12, both Lucho Vargas and the player on the button limped, before Jimmy Ghobrial made it 7,000 from the small blind. Vargas fired back with a limp-jam and got the button out of the way, Ghobrial then called.

Ghobrial: JJ
Vargas: A10

Board: 748A3

Lucho Vargas41,400
Jimmy Ghobrial19,400
Lucho Vargas

Level 6: 400/800 (800)

Venomous Fang

Some heavy action took place over on Table 26, with Keing Fang opening from UTG+1 to 1,200. Mark Betts flatted in the cutoff, and Jaxon Byrne defended the big blind.

The flop arrived in the form of a 756 spread. Byrne lead for 3,000, Fang called and so did Betts.

Turn: 2

Byrne again bet, this time with a size of 8,500. The same two gentlemen called to see a river of the 9. Byrne slowed down and checked, leaving Fang to move all-in. Betts folded and Byrne made the call.

Fang showed A5 and Byrne mucked his holding face down after being presented with the nuts from his opponent.

Keing Fang84,400
Mark Betts31,400
Jaxon Byrne26,900


Daniel Hachem was responsible for doubling-up Zhixian Ang.

Ang flopped a monster with his AQ on a flop of 2AQ. The turn and river followed with 8,5 to become the nuts.

The value came when Hachem check-called the turn bet of 3,100 from Ang, and then check-jammed over Ang’s river bet of 10,000. Ang turned over his hand and Hachem slid his cards to the muck.

Zhixiang Ang46,700
Daniel Hachem25,100
Daniel Hachem


Let’s see how some of the bigger stacks are starting to shape up.

Roy Agresta156,300
Fan Zhang131,500
Connie Graham112,200
Moon Chung108,900
Nabil Edgtton102,200
Monil Gohil94,500
Adam Bevis86,500
Ari Yoshinari80,500
Brendon Rubie69,600

Level 5: 300/600 (600)

Break time!

After two hours of play, our 198 unique entrants get to enjoy a brief ten-minute breather to stretch their legs.

We’ll get you some stack counts shortly!

Alwright, Alwright, Alwright

Dane Alwright has done what others have previously seen to be an impossible task: knocking Seyed Nasab out of a mystery bounty tournament.

Nasab enjoyed great success at the Sydney Champs edition of the same event, having won a total of over $100,000 in both bounties and place prize money.

However, this time around, he finds himself on the rail. Alwright had been pushed off his pocket Aces a hand prior by Nasab himself, who showed King-high for a straight draw on a paired board.

The very next hand Alwright picked up AA and after raising pre, found himself heads-up against Nasab again. The flop Q24 went check-check, then Nasab check-raised all-in on the 3 turn.

Nasab showed AQ for top pair, top kicker, but was drawing to two outs against Alwright’s Aces. The 2 river securing Nasab’s demise.

Dane Alwright85,900
Seyed NasabBUSTED!
Dane Alwright

Mina maximum

Mina Elias picked up the most chips he could from his opponent, knocking him out in the process.

UTG opened the action to 1000, before Elias bumped it up to to 3,100. The button came along as well before UTG folded.

Flop: Q43

Elias checked to the button who bet 5,000. Elias responded with an all-in and the button called.

Elias: AQ
Button: 1010

Runout: 6,7

Mina Elias47,000
Mina Elias

Level 4: 300/500 (500)

Rubie shines

Brendon Rubie has jumped into the action here in the Poker Room at The Star Gold Coast.

After chipping-down early on, Rubie managed to get to showdown cheaply in a hand against Sarkiss Osalian to recover his losses.

On a board that ended up showing 4Q767, the raised pot saw most of its action on the flop. Osalian and Rubie both missing their respective flush and straight draws, with Rubie’s small pair good enough to claim the pot.

Rubie: 65
Osalian: AJ

Brendon Rubie39,600
Sarkiss Osalian30,100
Brendon Rubie

Hamid slams the Hammer

We caught the river action of a hand where Hamid Saeedfar check-raised a bet from Will Davis.

On a board showing K5J6J, Saeedfar checked the action for Davis to bet 2,500. Saeedfar piled in 21,000 over the top, sending Davis into the tank before eventually calling.

Saeedfar showed his AJ to discover it was the winner.

Hamid Saeedfar59,200
Will Davis16,000
Hamid Saeedfar

Level 3: 200/400 (400)

Doyle toils for a win

Both Harleigh Thorpe and Liam Doyle flatted a UTG raise from the cutoff and the button respectively, paying 500 to see a flop alongside the small blind.

Play checked to Doyle on the button to bet 1,000 and found Thorpe as his only caller. On the turn, Thorpe lead for 1,500 and Doyle raised to 5,500 forcing Thorpe to tank fold.

On a board showing 76106, Doyle was sure to show his opponents his KJ for the successful bluff.

Liam Doyle47,700
Harleigh Thorpe26,100
Liam Doyle

Roy gets the joy

Roy Agresta opened the action from UTG on Table 14 before Ehsan Amiri piled a three-bet to bloat the pot as they two went heads-up to a flop.

Flop: 684

Agresta checked-raised Amiri’s bet of 2,500, bumping the price up to 6,100.

Turn: A

Agresta down bet to 4,000 and found a call from Amiri.

The K prompted a check from Agresta, and Amiri bet 6,000. Agresta made the call and showed first, turning over A10. Amiri mucked, leaving himself with a short stack whilst Agresta reaped the rewards.

Roy Agresta66,200
Ehsan Amiri13,300
Roy Agresta


Duy Ho has taken it upon himself to get some early scalps and build his stack.

We caught action from a flop showing KJ8, Ho lead for 2,500 and received two callers in the form of the UTG and cutoff players.

The turn 4 lead Ho to fire another 7,500 into the middle, UTG raised to 21,000 to clear out the cutoff as Ho made the call.

On the 6 river, Ho moved all-in and was snap called. Ho turned over 88, beating the cutoff player’s AK to send them to the rail.

Duy Ho80,000
Duy Ho

Level 2: 100/200 (200)

Bevis in the building

Preflop action on Table 8 began with UTG+1 opening to 300, both the cutoff and button called before Romain Morvan bumped up the price to 3,600 from the small blind.

Adam Bevis called from the button and ensured it went heads up to a flop of 6J10. Both players checked through to the Q on the turn. Morvan lead for 2,800 and Bevis simply flatted.

The river J prompted Morvan to bet 11,200. Bevis then moved all-in, sending Morvan into the tank before eventually calling.

Bevis showed AK for broadway, and Morvan mucked his cards and left his seat for an early bust.

Adam Bevis85,000
Romain MorvanBUSTED!
Adam Bevis

Campbell’s soup-er start

Tom Pongrass has had a small chunk of his stack taken from him during the early exchanges of Day 1B of the Mystery Bounty.

We caught action from the flop on a board showing showing 2A4, with Campbell Ashton placing 600 in the middle from the lojack. Pongrass called from the cutoff to see the 6 come on the turn.

Ashton continued for 1,000, and got a call from Pongrass once more.

When the 3 arrived on the river, Ashton’s price of 4,500 was too much for Pongrass, letting go of his holding to hand Ashton some chips without having to reach showdown.

Campbell Ashon 44,700
Tom Pongrass34,800
Campbell Ashton

Players of note

As mentioned, a few notable famous faces have already joined us so far. A good mix of new names, and some from Day 1A, including: Matt Pongrass, Huss Hussan, Nick Wright, Slav Rypinski, and Adrian Pacheco just to name a few.

Play is underway!

Let’s go! Cards are in the air for Day 1B of the WPT Australia Opening Event. With over 100 entrants already registered and a lengthy queue building, we’re in good shape to surpass yesterday’s Day 1A player count.

More familiar faces are making their way in, some to hopefully find some better luck than yesterday, and other’s joining us for the first time this series.

Check out the blind structure below to see how today will play out!

LevelSmall BlindBig BlindBB Ante
100 100 100 
100 200 200 
200 400 400 
300 500 500 
300 600 600 
400 800 800 
500 1,000 1,000 
600 1,200 1,200 
800 1,600 1,600 
10 1,000 2,000 2,000 
11 1,500 2,500 2,500 
12 1,500 3,000 3,000 
13 2,000 4,000 4,000 
14 3,000 5,000 5,000 
15 3,000 6,000 6,000 
16 4,000 8,000 8,000 

Level 1: 100/100 (100)

Eyes on the prize

Hello and welcome back to The Star Gold Coast for PokerMedia Australia‘s continued Live Reporting coverage of the WPT Australia series!

After a high-octane fuelled Day 1A flight for the Opening Event Mystery Bounty, Peter Peeters set the bar for today’s Day 1B, bagging up a massive 764,000. The Brisbanite is just one of 30 players to have survived yesterday’s action, and told our reporters that he only has one goal: “Just knock everyone out and grab one of those boomerang trophies!”

On the subject of trophies: no matter what glory you may be chasing, there’s plenty of silverware on offer, including two pieces named in honour of those who are both here with us in spirit: the Shane Warne One-Dayer Perpetual Trophy, which comes complete with a cricket ball topper, as well as the most coveted prize of all: the Mike Sexton Cup, which arrived in Australia for the very first time yesterday morning.

It’s a whale of a trophy, standing more than one metre high from base to tip and weighing a monstrous 85 kilograms, which is fair considering that it carries the brand’s entire 20-year history on its hardwood tiers. At present, Joe Hachem remains the only Aussie to have his name etched into one of the silver plaques, having won the Five Diamond World Poker Classic all the way back in 2006.

In any case, no matter which prize you take home, PMA will be there to capture every moment, so be sure to keep your browsers locked onto us as we bring you all the action!

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