LIVE REPORTING: WPT Australia Opening Event Mystery Bounty Day 1A

Peter Peeters holds WPT Australia Mystery Bounty Day 1A chip lead; that’s a wrap!

Peter Peeters has topped the chip counts on the first day of the WPT Australia series, bagging 764,000 when the top 15% of the 194-strong field was reached.

“It’s been a wonderful day,” Peeters acknowledged with a sigh of relief in his chat with PokerMediaAustralia.

He continued to say it was “A culmination of a lot of cards just going my way… and I was getting good hands!”

The Brisbanite poker player of 25 years, says he plans to rest on Friday before returning on Day 2 with one goal:

“Just knock everyone out and grab one of those boomerang trophies!”

We’ll be back again for Day 1B from 2:30pm AEST when cards hit the felt here at The Star Gold Coast, as PMA live coverage of the WPT Australia series continues! Thanks for tuning in, good night from us for now!

Peter Peeters

Tan burns the bubble

With a dwindling short-stack and a suited ace, Reggie Diaz put all of his chips out in the hopes of a double-up. A crowd gathered once Jerome Tan made the call, all cheering Tan on to get the field down to 30 for Day 2.

With multiple prior all-ins resulting in wins for the at-risk players, the trend was finally broken and the bubble was burst. Tan took the win and started the bagging process, as Diaz sadly had to make his way from the tournament.

Diaz: A2
Tan: KQ

Board: Q10385

Jerome Tan640,000
Reggie DiazBUSTED!
Jerome Tan

No Rodden luck for Johnny

The man with the name synonymous with chaos has thrown the cat amongst the pigeons as he was one of the first players to put their whole stack at risk when we hit hand-for-hand play on the bubble.

Action fell to Peter Brasile, who re-jammed, covering the whole table.

Brasile: 99
Rodden: KJ

The room gathered around the table, waiting in anticipation, as the dealer spread the 65KA2 runout, giving Rodden a full double-up.

Johnny Rodden302,000
Johnny Rodden

Blight Delights

Craig Blight got a full double-up, after moving all-in from early position, Luke Feng sitting to his direct right made the snap-call. 

As the players turned over their respective hands, Blight let out a wry smile to see he was in trouble. Feng’s QQ holding a pre-flop lead against Blight’s AQ.

The flop was as favourable as they come, 789.

The turn of the 10 all but locked up the pot for Blight, even handing him the redraw to the straight flush. The 6 on the river made no difference and sent the chips in blight’s direction, to grant him a double at a vital time.

Luke Feng280,000
Craig Blight163,000

Level 16: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)

Ge squeeze

Janet Wyvill raised from the hijack to 12,000 to begin the action, Ge defended his big blind and the flop comes 66J to see both players check. 

The turn came the K, Ge checked to Wyvill who bet 16,000, quickly Ge made the call.

The 9 hit the felt on the river, Ge lead for 20,000. Before his chips had even reached the felt, Wyvil tossed her cards to the muck.

Yiteng Ge445,000
Janet Wyvil94,000
Yiteng Ge

Guerin, Guer-out: second edition

It’s safe to say that Didier Guerin’s second bullet in the WPT Australia Mystery Bounty was a more positive experience than the first, however a deep run wasn’t deep enough, falling short of making it to Day 2.

After nursing a stack above average or most of his tenure at the tables, Guerin found himself low on chips and saw an opportunity to move all-in from the small blind, over Yang Lei’s button open.

Lei: JJ
Guerin: A4

Board: K8752

Yang Lei379,000
Didier GuerinBUSTED!
Didier Guerin

Level 15: 3,000/6,000 (6,000)

At the gates for Evans

Harry Evans has seen his stack dwindle down in the space of two hands to hit the rail.

Losing one hand with A7 on 57J103 against his opponent’s Q10.

On the next hand, Evans, moved all-in for his remaining 8,000. Josh Hutchins called, and Evelyn Ruiz moved all-in over the top, Hutchins called.

Hutchins: 1010
Evans: A5
Ruiz: QJ

Board: 569Q6

Evelyn Ruiz159,000
Josh Hutchins196,000
Harry EvansBUSTED!

Brazen Brasile

Peter Brasile called his opponent’s all-in pre-flop, and managed to dodge a frightening board to effect an elimination as we near the closing stages of Day 1A.

Brasile’s QQ managed to maintain a lead on a flop of 6K4, however his opponent’s A10 had plenty of outs.

None of which were met on the 10,9 runout.

Peter Brasile315,500

Level 14: 2,500/5,000 (5,000)

Follet falling

Antoine Follet took a hit at the hands of Suraj Kara. Blind-on-blind, Follet raised from the small, making it 12,000 total. Kara defended his big blind and took to a flop of 689, to which they both checked.

On the turn 8, Follet lead for 18,000, Kara made the call. The river fell the 3 and Follet made it 30,000, and was quickly called by Kara.

Follet turned over KK only for Kara to show his J8 for the win.

Suraj Kara166,500
Antoine Follet177,500
Antoine Follet

All smiles for Smiljanic

Dan Smiljanic is one of the first to take it to Martin Ward, whom had held a large stack throughout the majority of Day 1A.

We caught action on the river with the board displaying 44976. Ward checked to Smiljanic who went all-in for his remaining 117,500.

Ward called, only to muck immediately when Smiljanic turned over 77 for the full house.

Dan Smiljanic350,000
Martin Ward96,000

Level 13: 2,000/4,000 (4,000)

Luke not spooked

Luke Martinelli has eliminated a player, winning with QQ to take a nice pot.

After opening to 6,000 preflop and getting a call from the small blind player, the flop showed 524, to which the small blind player lead for 16,000. Martinelli flatted to a turn of J, to which the small blind player moved all-in.

Martinelli called to see he was up against 1010, and held on the river J to eliminate his opponent.

Luke Martinelli250,000
Luke Martinelli

Thatcher snatched

Jarrod Thatcher opened from the lojack to 6,000 and found a caller in Antoine Follett from the button.

On a board that ran out 104798 all the action took place on the flop.

With Thatcher checking to Follett, who bet 4,000. Thatcher raised to 12,000 and was called.

The turn and river both went check, check and the two players went to showdown.

Follet: A4
Thatcher: 54

Antoine Follet352,700
Jarrod Thatcher74,900
Antoine Follet

Level 12: 1,500/3,000 (3,000)

Roman soldiers on

Roman Priplotski has claimed a double-up at the expense of David Sebesfi, with both players getting the chip in pre-flop.

Priplotski: 99
Sebesfi: 77

Board: 5105410

Roman Priplotski123,500
David Sebesfi31,500
Roman Priplotski

Ricky doesn’t get sticky

It’s usually easy to get attached to pocket Aces, especially when you manage to hit a set. Ricky Kroesen somehow managed to escape their grasp in that exact scenario.

Kroesen opened from the lojack with AA only to get four calls, with the hijack, dealer, small blind and big blind all calling the 2,800.

Flop: A42

Action checked to Kroesen, who continued for 12,000, and found Damelian as the only caller. On the 6 turn, Damelian moved all-in, sending Kroesen into the tank before remarkably open folding his black Aces.

Damelian would later remark that he flopped a straight with 5-3 with one diamond, explaining he didn’t want to see any more diamonds!

Ricky Kroesen105,200
Robert Damelian81,100
Ricky Kroesen

Level 11: 1,500/2,500 (2,500)

Yes Yazbeck!

Patrick Yazbeck has arrived with a bang, taking out a player and sitting nicely above average stack in the latter half of the day. Registering close to the cut-off period, Yazbeck has spun his stack up early on in his tournament life.

Preflop saw Yazbeck open to 4,000 before he was three-bet to 12,500. Yazbeck called to see 595 take to the flop, two which he check-called a jam.

Up against an at-risk AA, Yazbeck was drawing slim but managed to spike one of his two outs on the river when the board followed 10,J.

Patrick Yazbeck151,600

Durust bluff?

A call from UTG+1, and from the Harry Evans in the small blind, saw a limped pot see a flop of 262.

Evans checked to Taner Durust in the big blind who bet 3,500. UTG+1 folded and Evans made the call to see the A on the turn, to which the action went check-check.

On the 10 river, Durust lead for an overbet of 20,000 to send Evans into the tank.

Evans eventually folded, but any doubts he had over whether it was the correct decision or not, were not put at ease when Durust turned over the singular Q

Taner Durust78,600
Harry Evans54,200

Level 10: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)

Fan spins it up

Jiajun Luo opened action to 4,000 from UTG+1, his only caller coming from the big blind through Kuling Fan. To a flop of 483, Fan checked to Luo who bet 4,000.

A call took both players to a turn of 5, and it went bet-free to the A river.

Fan lead out for 18,000 to which Luo folded instantly.

Kuling Fan143,200
Jiajun Luo138,300

Two-pair Kara-cked

The river pairing of the board has slowed action between two big-stacks on Table 14. Craig Blight and Suraj Kara now sit on even terms following a series of check-call’s from Blight on the flop and turn.

Blight made top pair with J4 and hung around amidst Kara’s betting on a board of 86J9.

On the 8 river, Blight checked once more, this time Kara checked back with 96. With Kara’s hand counterfeited, Blight took the pot to get within a single orange chip of Kara’s stack.

Craig Blight136,800
Suraj Kara137,700
Suraj Kara

More counts!

Entries have now been finalised upon the closing of registration, with a total of 194 for Day 1A of the Mystery Bounty. This means play will cease tonight once 30 players remain, which is 15% of the field.

Some big stacks are starting to form, with Martin Ward leading the pack as the players return from their 30-minute dinner break.

Martin Ward225,500
Ali Zebarjad187,500
Alexander Andrejv149,900
Ricky Kroesen136,900
Nabil Edgtton136,500
Junya Luo 134,500
Didier Guerin129,300
Adrian Pacheco124,100

Level 9: 800/1,600 (1,600)

Double casualty Ward

With Leo Boxell all-in preflop for only 2,100 total, we caught the side pot action between Jimmy Ghobrial and Martin Ward.

With the board showing 2J10, Ward checked to Gobrial who bet 16,000 and was met with calling chips. The turn brought the 8, prompting Ward to lead for 16,000.

Ghobrial moved all-in and Ward snap-called. The two players turned over their hands.

Ward: 97
Ghobrial: 22

The river Q failed the pair the board, to send Boxell (who never showed his hand) and Ghobrial on their way.

Martin Ward210,200
Jimmy GhobrialBUSTED!
Leo BoxellBUSTED!
Martin Ward

Arm-on the rise

Armon Van-Wijk has found a much needed double up. With his stack dwindling down to below 10,000, Van-Wijk stuck the rest of his chips in the middle and found a call through Jaxon Byrne in the big blind.

Van-Wijk: KQ
Byrne: A10

Board: Q967K

Jaxon Byrne69,400
Armon Van-Wijk19,200
Jaxon Byrne

Ge-tting the best of it

Jack Mardanbeigi opened from the button with a bet of 2,400, only to be raised by Yiteng Ge who made it 12,000 from the big blind. Mardanbeigi called, leaving himself with only 12,100.

On a flop of 246, Ge placed enough chips in the middle to cover Mardanbeigi, who made the call.

Ge: A5
Mardanbeigi: Q9

The runout followed with 7,10, handing Ge the nuts and sent the APT “The Beast” titleholder to the rail.

Yiteng Ge72,100
Jack MardanbeigiBUSTED!

Level 8: 600/1,200 (1,000)

No Blight on Craig’s record

Action on Table 14 saw Craig Blight call off a pre-flop all-in from Jiapeng Yang.

Yang tried to make a move with A8, but couldn’t get past Blight’s JJ.

The runout followed with 10K2Q7 to eliminate Yang and hand Blight a huge pot.

Craig Blight115,200
Jiapeng YangBUSTED!
Craig Blight

No go for Leo

Jimmy Ghobrial and Leo Boxell went head-to-head in a pot that began with Ghobrial opening to 2,000 from middle position. Boxall called from the cutoff to see the flop arrive 3510.

Ghobrial checked the flop to Boxell, who lead for 6,000. Ghobrial called and then checked once again on the Q turn card, Boxell repeated his bet sizing, and Ghobrial responded with a raise, bumping it from 6,000 to 18,000.

Boxell called and they went heads up to see the river come the 10. Ghobrial made it 18,000, enough to get Boxell out of the way, and claim a healthy pot.

Jimmy Ghobrial79,600
Leo Boxell42,000
Jimmy Ghobrial

Level 7: 500/1,000 (1,000)

Guerin, Guer-out

Moments after taking his seat for Day 1A of the Mystery Bounty, Didier Guerin has hit the rail.

Action commenced with Brendan Hardy opening from UTG, Guerin called adjacent to Hardy’s left before Suraj Kara bumped the price to 8,000. Hardy got out of the way before Guerin moved all-in and was snap called by Kara.

Kara: JJ
Guerin: AK

Board: 107573

Suraj Kara137,800
Didier GuerinBUSTED!

Ashes to ashes, bust for Durust

Taner Durust has seen to the elimination of Craig Trevenna.

After a series of raising back and forth pre-flop, the chips eventually got to the middle between the two players.

Durust: AK
Trevenna: JJ

Board: 427AA

Taner Durust75,600
Craig TrevennaBUSTED!
Taner Durust

Level 6: 400/800 (800)

Byrne and turn

Romain Morvan has clawed his way to sit nicely above average stack. Action opened with Morvan making it 1,200 from the cutoff. Jaxon Byrne called from the small blind to see the flop spread out 435.

Byrne checked, prompting Morvan to continue for 4,000. Byrne responding by moving all-in, and was quickly called by Morvan.

Morvan: 44
Byrne: AK

The runout followed 7,9 to leaving Byrne with a shell of his former stack.

Romain Morvan76,400
Jaxon Byrne3,800

A play to Harp-er on about

We caught the action from a flop, where Danny Harper bet 3,700 on a board showing 8310. Yiteng Ge made the call from the lojack. On the 8 turn, Harper once again lead from the hijack, Ge check-called.

The river fell the 2, this time Ge lead for 16,000, sending Harper into the tank. After a few moments, Harper called to find out his 99 was good against Ge’s KQ.

Danny Harper76,400
Yiteng Ge10,300
Yiteng Ge

A-counts in order

Players have enjoyed a brief ten-minute break, and as they make their way back to their stacks, let’s have a look around the grounds to see how some of the players are shaping up.

Mike Ivin102000
Jason Anand83000
Mina Gerges64100
Aroha Ngata62300
Leo Boxell62000
Janet Wyvil61000
Ehsan Amiri56700
Daniel Gabriel52500
Roman Priplotski46000
Romain Morvan44100
Luke Martinelli39500
David Sebesfi27800

Level 5: 300/600 (600)


“I’m all-in blind!” is often heard at the start of a story where the player in question ends up having pocket aces, Clinton Shah ended up turning over the other end of the scale.

Nick Richards was delighted to wake up to JJ with another player having jammed without looking at their cards. The delight heightened with Shah turning over 72.

The board spread 2Q1022… of course!

Shah’s quads left Richards with a minuscule stack that unsurprisingly found its way to the middle the very next hand.

Richards: 77
Shah: 77

Board: QK952

Clinton Shah17,400
Nick Richards6,600

Frost heating up

Mitchell Frost won a pot against Romain Morvan, calling from the small blind after Morvan opened to 1,200 from under-the-gun.

On a flop of A85, Frost lead for 1,400 and was met with calls from Morvan and the player in the hijack. The J on the turn garnered checks from all three players to get to a river of A.

Frost checked once more, Morvan bet 5,000, folding out the hijack, but Frost called. Morvan’s reluctance to show his hand was quickly justified when Frost turned over J10 to claim the pot.

Mitchell Frost71,200
Romain Morvan24,000

Level 4: 300/500 (500)


The conclusion of a hand saw Hari Varma slowly slid his cards into the muck, an understandable move after being shown the nuts from an opponent.

Carlos Youssef three-bet preflop to 3,500 from the cutoff, following Varma’s 1,000 open from UTG+1 and a call from the lojack. Varma was the only caller to a flop of 899, to which both players elected to check.

Varma then check-called Youssef’s 5,000 bet on the 7 turn.

The 7 escalated action on the river with Varma leading for 19,000 and Youssef moving all-in over the top. Varma called to see Youssef’s 99 for quads.

Carlos Youssef71,800
Hari Varma11,700
Carlos Youssef

Recovery pl-Anne

A limped pot allowed a short-stacked Anne Beygirlioglu, and Armon Van-Wijk get to see a cheap flop from the cutoff and small-blind respectively.

On a flop of 762, action checked to Beygirlioglu who bet 1,000. Van-Wijk was the only caller to the A turn card. Van-Wijk checked once more and Beygirlioglue pulled the trigger, piling the rest of her chips in the middle to force Van-Wijk out of the way.

Anne Beygirlioglu22,500
Armon Van-Wijk30,000

Level 3: 200/400 (400)

On the Whiteside of a big hand

Les Whiteside must have thought Christmas arrived early after the essential gifting of chips to his stack.

Pre-flop action saw Whiteside open his AA to 700, with a big blind defender the only caller. On 784, the big blind lead for 2,200, Whiteside raised to 5,100 and instantly called the all-in from the big blind, who showed 54 for bottom pair with an inside-straight draw.

Whiteside was relieved to see a clean runout come 2,Q to pick up a scalp and some extra chips.

Les Whiteside51,600


Alan Dang is an early elimination, felted at the hands of Leo Boxell.

Pre-flop saw a flurry of action, beginning with Boxell opening to 600 from the hijack. Dang responded with a three-bet to 1,600 before Boxall hit back with a re-raise to 3,700. Dang piled in a five-bet to 10,000 before calling Boxell’s six-bet shove.

Boxell: AA
Dang: KK

Board: 22578

Leo Boxell73,400
Alan DangBUSTED!
Leo Boxell

Not a Fan of a chop

Players haven’t been afraid to stick their chips in the middle, as evidenced by an early big pot between Nick Nicholls and Kuling Fan.

Arriving at a river with over 20,000 in the middle, a healthy pot was up for grabs for either player to take a commanding stance in the tournament.

However, both players turned over the same full house on 3AQ7K, each player holding a Queen to split the pot.

Nick Nicholls40,300
Kuling Fan40,300

Level 2: 100/200 (200)

Caught out

Huss Hussan has gotten his hand caught in the cookie jar, failing to get a bluff past David Coxell.

We caught the action from the flop, where Hassan lead from the big blind on the flop and turn with sizings of 1,400 and 4,500 respectively. Down-betting to 600 on the river, Coxell quickly made the call with 89, trips on a board of 28758.

Hussan ensuring his K5 wasn’t visible for too long, letting a smile slipped as he stressed to our reporter, “I was in the big blind!”

David Coxell47,400
Huss Hassan32,700

Familiar faces

Of the entrants to have registered so far, there are some players of note getting into the action early for Day 1A.

Recent champions from the APT Season V Brisbane series are amongst the field, including “The Beast’ champion, Jack Mardanbeigi, and Huss Hussan, winner of “The Grind”.

Australian Poker Hall of Fame inductee, Leo Boxell, is here to join other well known names including: Jason Anand, Martin Ward, Elise Depauw, Robert Damelian, Mina Gerges, Janet Wyvil and Jenny Chauvv.

Cards in the air!

The first event of WPT Australia 2022 is underway! 90 starters have taken their seats for play in the Mystery Bounty, with play to conclude upon reaching the final 15% of the field.

Bounties will not be introduced until Saturday’s Day 2, meaning players will have today and and tomorrow as their only chance to get themselves in a position to potentially come away with the coveted Grand Bounty!

Stay tuned as we’ll be bringing you all the action right here on the blog throughout today for our Event 1 of a huge series here at The Star Gold Coast!

Level 1: 100/100 (100)

Open for business!

From wherever you may be watching in Australia, New Zealand or around the world, hello and welcome to PokerMedia Australia‘s Live Reporting coverage of the WPT Australia series!

Today marks yet another historic moment in Australian poker, as the WPT’s Main Tour offering makes its debut at The Star Gold Coast and it promises to be one of the biggest and most memorable series ever.

Given that international borders are all but fully open once again, we’re expecting a big influx of overseas visitors; buzz on social media suggests that there will be many players flying in from New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region to rub shoulders with WPT Brand Ambassadors Brad Owen and Andrew Neeme, who are headlining next week’s $2/$5 WPT Meet-Up Game.

Of course, there is one household name that will be here with us in spirit: Shane Warne, whose lasting legacy in both cricket and poker is being honoured with a special ‘One-Dayer’ Perpetual Trophy event on the eve of the inaugural $5,400 buy-in WPT Australia Main Event, where one player will have their name etched into poker folklore on the coveted Mike Sexton Cup.

The PMA team will once again be ringside at The Star Gold Coast for the entire series, featuring full Live Reporting coverage of the Opening Event Mystery Bounty which begins this afternoon, as well as the $20,000 buy-in 20th Anniversary Super High Roller – the biggest buy-in tournament to be held in this country since the 2020 Australian Poker Open.

We’ll also be bringing you Day 2 action of many of the side events over the next two weeks, and together with our friends at the WPT, PMA will also be providing special social media coverage of the Main Event.


DateTime (AEST)Event
Thu 15 Sep2:30pmOpening Event Mystery Bounty Day 1A
Fri 16 Sep2:30pmOpening Event Mystery Bounty Day 1B
Sat 17 Sep11:30amOpening Event Mystery Bounty Day 2
Sun 18 Sep11:30am$2,500 8-Max Day 2
Mon 19 Sep12:30pm$550 Action NLH Action Clock Day 2
Tue 20 Sep12:30pm$550 PLO Day 2
Wed 21 Sep12:30pm$660 Big Bounty Day 2
Thu 22 Sep2:30pm20th Anniversary Super High Roller Day 1
Fri 23 Sep11:15am20th Anniversary Super High Roller Day 2
Mon 26 Sep12:30pmMini Main Event Day 2
Tue 27 Sep12:30pmHigh Roller Day 2

Stay with us over the next two weeks as we bring you all the action – and to everyone taking part, we say unto you in the words of the legendary Mike Sexton … may all your cards be live and your pots be monsters!

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