LIVE REPORTING: 2022 APL Million $5K High Roller Shot Clock Challenge Day 2

Congratulations Attila Bognar ($112,940), 2022 APL Million $5K High Roller Shot Clock Challenge Champion!

After a masterclass of patience in a 3 hour long heads-up battle against Tam Truong, Attila Bognar has emerged victorious, taking home $112,940 in cash from a field of 89 runners!

A regular on the Queensland circuit, both he and his son Mitch have earned a reputation as being fiercely competitive on the felt, but equally friendly off it, with the senior Bognar supported by a vocal crowd right through until almost 6am local time.

2022 APL MILLION $5K High Roller Shot Clock Challenge ($5,000 buy-in, 89 entries, 10 players paid)

1Attila Bognar (QLD)$112,940
2Tam Truong (VIC)$75,295
3Josh Foster (VIC)$50,195
4Shivan Abdine (VIC)$41,830
5Roman Priplotski (SA)$33,465
6Anthony Chan (NSW)$29,280
7Didier Guerin (NSW)$25,100
8Steve Swalling (QLD)$20,915
9Robert Dykes (QLD)$16,730
10Phat Nguyen (NSW)$12,550
full results available at

This concludes our live coverage of the APL Million $5K High Roller Challenge. If you want to catch up on all the action, head over to the stream at From all of us here at Sharks, it’s ‘bye for now!

Tam Truong eliminated in 2nd place ($75,295)

After a monumental three hours heads-up battle between Attila Bognar and Tam Truong, the final “All in, Call!” was announced on the table at just after 5:30am local time, as Truong moved all in on the button for 2,100,000 and Bognar called with 3,000,000 behind.

T. Truong: K2
A. Bognar: 66

As the flop was dealt A4Q, Truong had a chance with a second nut flush draw for a potential double up, which was dashed as the remaining streets ran out 98. Congratulations to the runner up of the $5K High Roller Shot Clock challenge, Tam Truong for a superb effort!

Josh Foster eliminated in 3rd place ($50,195)

Down to a single big blind, Josh Foster ripped it in from the button with Q6; Attila Bognar and Tam Truong both called from the small and big blinds respectively before they checked down all streets across a board of 10A4KA.

Truong rolled up K10 for two pair, and we’re now heads-up for the $5K High Roller Shot Clock title!

Attila Bognar6,100,000
Tam Truong1,200,000
Josh FosterBUSTED!
Josh Foster

Shivan Abdine eliminated in 4th place ($41,830)

Shivan Abdine’s run in The APL Million $5K High Roller Shot Clock Challenge has now come to end after being felted by Tam Truong.

Abdine shoved for his last 425,000 after a pre-flop button raise from Truong; Truong called and rolled over 66 to find himself in a classic coin flip against Abdine’s K10; but neither hand improved on the board of 72J87.

Tam Truong2,500,000
Shivan AbdineBUSTED!
Shivan Abdine

Roman Priplotski eliminated in 5th place ($29,280)

South Australia’s Roman Priplotski has departed in fifth place after being taken out by Josh Foster.

Priplotski shipped the last of his stack in for 295,000 in the small blind, following a raise from John Foster in the cut off for 90,000, who responded to call.

Priplotski held 77, hoping to hold against Foster’s 44 for the double up.

The board had other ideas, with 92J4A giving Foster the set on the turn.

Josh Foster1,700,000
Roman PriplotskiBUSTED!

Anthony Chan eliminated in 6th place ($29,280)

Tam Truong set the trap early from under the gun, raising to 80,000 and calling Anthony Chan’s all in from the cut off for 330,000.

Truong showed 44, with Anthony Chan surely hoping for his A10 to hit either.

As the board was dealt 37873, Truong’s two pair was good and thus Chan out the door.

Didier Guerin eliminated in 7th place ($25,100)

Attila Bognar raised from the cutoff to 60,000, and action folded to Didier Guerin who jammed in the big blind for 230,000. Bognar made the snap-call, and Roman Priplotski’s jaw dropped as he watched the hands turn face up.

Guerin was all in with 88, which was steeply overshadowed by Bognar’s KK.
The board ran clean for Bognar to pick up the pot, and see Guerin bow out.

Steve Swalling eliminated in 8th place ($20,915)

Steve Swalling has found the rail in a remarkable cooler.

Flopping a straight with 109 on 678, Swalling got all his chips in the middle on the flop against Attila Bognar.

Bogar, however, had outs. His 88 hoping to make a full house to get the table down to seven runners.

Bognar was unable to make a full house on the runout 5,8. Quads, he just made quads.

Steve SwallingBUSTED!

Robert Dykes eliminated in 9th place ($16,730)

Robert Dykes has stood up from a final table for the fourth and last time this series.

Nursing a short stack, Dykes got his chips in the middle with Q6, running into Attila Bognar’s Q10.

The board A7K107 sending him as the first to go from the final table.

Attila Bognar1,900,000
Robert DykesBUSTED!

$5K High Roller Shot Clock Challenge final table

1Anthony Chan700,000
2Josh Foster1,570,000
3Attila Bognar1,310,000
4Roman Priplotski410,000
5Robert Dykes420,000
6Steve Swalling510,000
7Didier Guerin340,000
8Tam Truong1,300,000
9Shivan Abdine640,000

Final Table

For the final time

To much ovation, Attila Bognar has gotten the field down to the top nine.

Phat Nguyen found himself short-stacked and found a hand to try for a double-up. Unfortunately, Bognar had an even better hand and managed to hold to give us our final table for the $5K Shot Clock Challenge.

Bognar: 99
Nguyen: KK

Board: JA102Q

Attila Bognar1,310,000
Phat NguyenBUSTED!

Bognar YEAH!

With little to report in terms of on-felt news, the rail for Attila Bognar have been keeping the entertainment levels high.

Son, Mitch Bognar, is cheering on his father with vigour alongside a few other notable faces.

Whether it be a walk, a good fold, or a smile, anything papa Bognar does is being met with a cheer that fills the entire room.

The roof almost burst off the venue when a blind-on-blind shove from big-stack Foster was called by Bognar, holding with 99 against Q6 to hang on.

Sorry to burst your bubble

After over an hour of virtually no action, and the players sitting on such deep stacks, it was going to take a cooler to get the field into the money.

With Table 73 sitting at five-handed play, Josh Foster opened from under the gun to 35,000.

Matthew Ginn three-bet to 82,000 from the button and action folded back to Foster, who called to close the action.

Flop: 1098

Foster checked to Ginn who continued for 100,000. Foster then turned up the heat and moved all-in, covering Ginn who quickly called and turned over AA. Foster then turned over 76 for the flopped straight.

Ginn was drawing slim, and with the rest of the board completing with J and 3

Matthew GinnBUSTED!

Level 19: 8,000/16,000 (16,000)

Updated chip counts

As our top 11 still remain on the bubble, another break has come around. Let’s see how the players are going.

Table 73

1Attila Bognar295,000
2Matthew Ginn475,000
3Anthony Chan718,000
4Didier Guerin744,000
8Josh Foster1,798,000

Table 74

1Phat Nguyen507,000
2Tam Truong827,000
3Robert Dykes396,000
5Steve Swalling726,000
6Shivan Abdine732,000
8Roman Priplotski602,000

Main Event Winner Crowned

With nothing of note to report for the time being in the $5K High Roller, we will take a moment to bring you the latest news from our 2022 APL Million Main Event Final Table, where heads-up has completed and after four days, we have a champion!

Queensland’s Chao Li holds the trophy and the title after almost six hours of play on Day 4, resulting with Li defeating Kenny Wang in heads-up play.

A three-way ICM chop saw a different payout structure, with third placed Ruiyang Wang taking a larger chunk of the prize after holding a chip lead at the time.

Photos from the moment, as well as the final table placings, are below.

1stChao Li$205,185*
2ndKenny Wang$264,594*
3rdRuiyang Wang$325,655*
4thAdrian Pacheco$110,160
5thJason Lee$75,870
6thTony Travella$56,050
7thNathan Monk$47,050
8thRyan Hong$40,950
9thRia Renfrey$34,490

*denotes three-way ICM deal made; for full results visit

Bubble troubles

Action has well and truly come to a halt here in Event 37 on the final day of the 2022 APL MIllion.

All players needing to outlast one more elimination, ranges have tightened and folding has heightened.

In the meantime, let’s have a look at what our top ten are in line to receive:


Level 18: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)

Roman seizes control

Roman Priplotski couldn’t have asked for a better hand when he sat on the button facing a cutoff open from Shivan Adbide.

Priplotski re-raised then Abdine put him all-in and was quickly called.

Priplotski: AA
Abdine: AK

Board: 42769

Priplotski found the double to keep us on the bubble!

Roman Priplotski816,000
Shivan Abdine515,000

The Bailey nail

“Can I fold to the money?”

That was the question posed by Brandon Bailey as he sat short-stacked with only 72,000 remaining in his stack.

Didier Guerin gave him an answer of “no” in the form of a small blind shove on Bailey’s big blind. Bailey sighed and made the call.

Bailey: 33
Guerin: Q8

Board: 69QJ6

Guerin spiking one of his overcards to send Bailey home, and so the remaining 11 players are now on the bubble for the money.

Didier Guerin328,000
Brandon BaileyBUSTED!

Tough spot for Ge

All the chips got in the middle on the flop, with Josh Foster flopping a set and Yiteng Ge holding a flush draw on the flop of 1042.

Foster: 22
Ge: K7

Turn: 7
River: Q

Remarkably, Foster held 592,000 in his stack, covering Ge by only 6,000 in a clashing of big stacks.

Joshua Foster1,238,000
Yiteng GeBUSTED!

Updated counts

Table 73

2Matthew Ginn468,000
3Anthony Chan892,000
4Didier Guerin322,000
5Brandon Bailey61,000
7Yiteng Ge603,000
8Josh Foster624,000

Table 74

1Phat Nguyen335,000
2Tam Truong729,000
3Robert Dykes475,000
4Attila Bognar425,000
5Steve Swalling317,000
6Shivan Abdine1,050,000
8Roman Priplotski417,000

Level 17: 5,000/10,000 (10,000)

Bailey’s on the rocks, double

Brandon Bailey was all-in with his tournament life at risk, and with only 116,000 remaining in his stack he needed to win to stay in the game.

Matt Ginn made the call with AK to see his cards crushed by Bailey’s AA as they headed to a board of 8A337.

Brandon Bailey240,000
Matthew Ginn354,000

River card no guardian Angel

Yiteng Ge opened from the button to 18,000 and Guillen defended his big blind.

On the 5A4 flop, Guillen called the 15,000 continuation from Ge to see a turn of 5.

With Guillen holding 95, it was an easy call when Ge put in enough chips to cover Guillen’s stack.

Ge showed 22 and began to concede defeat when the whole table let out a collective roar when the 3 landed on the river to grant Ge the wheel.

Yiteng Ge533,000
Angel GuillenBUSTED!


Josh Hutchins has been eliminated in 16th place, after pushing all-in on the turn and finding a call from Matthew Ginn.

We caught the action when the board stood at 5Q83. Hutchins moved all-in for his remaining 194,000, and after a few moments, Ginn made the call.

Ginn: Q10
Hutchins: A9

River: 7

Hutchins’ gamble on a nut-flush draw failed to deliver as he stood from his seat and departed.

Matthew Ginn470,000
Josh HutchinsBUSTED!

Coast to coast as Roberts robbed

Central Coast-based Nichole Roberts has had her tournament come to an end on the final day of a successful series for her here on the Gold Coast.

The Reduced-Deck event winner moved all-in over the top of a Josh Foster open from under the gun.

Foster called to put Roberts at-risk, as the two turned their cards face-up.

Foster: QQ
Roberts: A10

Board: 9264J

Josh Foster528,000
Nichole RobertsBUSTED!

Level 16: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)

Guillen and Ginn both still in

Andres Vasquez opened the pot with a bet of 12,000 from the button. Angel Guillen woke up to 99 from the small blind and moved all-in for the remainder of his 132,000.

Matthew Ginn also peeled a strong hand from the blinds, moving all-in over the top in the adjacent seat.

Vasquez got out of the way as Ginn’s AJ failed to hit on a board of 74K108, allowing Guillen to double up.

Angel Guillen283,000
Matthew Ginn198,000

Seymour to see no more

Anthony Chan is on a rampage, taking all the chips from Marc Seymour’s stack.

With the all-in taking place pre-flop, the two turned their cards over to see they were flipping.

Chan: 88
Seymour: K9

Board: 255710

Anthony Chan902,000
Marc SeymourBUSTED!

Just joshing

It was a battle of two Josh’s, with Josh Hutchins and Josh Foster getting all the chippies in the middle. The latter was at risk but in good shape to double up after Hutchins called the all-in.

Foster: AA
Hutchins: 88

Board: 6KJ45

Josh Foster336,000
Josh Hutchins124,000

Truong trounces

Tam Truong won a flip to gain a double against Attila Bognar.

Shoving from the button for 184,500, Bognar woke up to AQ and made the call.

Truong’s 99 held on a board of 54893.

Tam Truong377,000
Attila Bognar551,000

Level 15: 3,000/6,000 (6,000)

Break time

After two hours of play, it’s time for our high rollers to get themselves a drink and a snack!

Just 22 players remain in the run to the top 10, where the payouts will begin.

Bognar not bogged down

A huge hand has seen Attila Bognar take a sizeable pot down. Bognar opened from the button to 12,000, and Robert Damelian moved all-in from the small blind for 141,000.

Shivan Abdine flatted the all-in bet, but Bognar snap moved in over the top for 420,500, which forced Abdine to abdicate his place in the hand.

Bognar: KK
Damelian: 99

Board: 5Q10A10

Attila Bognar707,500
Robert DamelianBUSTED!


Najeem Ajez hasn’t found much luck today. Finding himself on the wrong side of a flip against Anthony Chan, and later finding the rail

Chan and Ajez got the chips in pre-flop, with Ajez’s 44 agains the at risk AQ.

The board delivered KJQJ8, prompting Ajez to exclaim “I can’t win a flip!”

Shortly after the same two found themselves all-in again, this time Ajez the one at risk.

Chan: JJ
Ajez: 99

Board: A64J5

Anthony Chan445,000
Najeem AjezBUSTED!

Swalling’s stack swelling

Steve Swalling has won a nice pot after Yiteng Che attempted to get involved in yet another hand.

Ge opened to 11,000 before Swalling three-bet to 33,000. Alex Lee pushed the remainder of his chips in for 44,000 for Ge to fold and Swalling to call.

Swalling: AA
Lee: A9

Board: 36Q510

Steve Swalling865,000

Good to be Ge, staying alive

Table 71 saw another elimination effected by Yiteng Ge.

Sean Ragozzini opened to 10,000 from under the gun, finding calls from Ge and Didier Guerin.

On a flop of 937 Guerin checked from the big blind to Ragozzini to continue for 9,000. Ge’s raise to 36,000 got Guerin out of the way, but lead Ragozzini to move all-in.

Ge: A9
Ragozzini: 87

Runout: 10,A

Yiteng Ge279,000
Sean RagozziniBUSTED!
Yiteng Ge

Level 14: 2,500/5,000 (5,000)

What a Ge up

Yita Choong is our latest bust-out in the $5k High Roller Shot Clock Challenge.

Yiteng Ge opened from UTG, making it 9,000, and Choong defended his big blind to see a flop of 574.

Choong check-raised Ye’s continuation bet of 8,000. Ye called Choong’s 31,500 all-in and the they went to a turn and river of 2,10.

Ge: A2
Choong: 98

Both players missed their inside-straight draws, but Ge’s pair of twos was enough to send Choong on his way.

Yiteng Ge201,000
Yita ChoongBUSTED!

Morvan less than impressed

Romain Morvan opened another hand on Table 72, raising to 9,000 from the hijack. Robert Dykes called from the cutoff, and Shivan Abdine defended his big blind to see a flop of 526. Abdine and Morvan both checked to Dykes who lead for 20,000.

Abdine check-raised to 60,000 and Morvan called, which prompted Dykes to fold. On the K turn, Abdine bet 86,000 and again Morvan called to see a river of the 9.

Abdine pushed all-in, covering Morvan who decided to use a time-breaker card to give him some extra seconds to make a decsion.

Morvan put his tournament life at risk to call with AA only to see Abdine had the ultime big blind special, flopping a straight with 43.

Shivan Abdine875,000
Romain MorvanBUSTED!
Shivan Abdine

River-rat against Rattigan

Action on Table 72 opened with Shivan Abdine opening to 9,000 from under the gun, when Michael Rattigan moved all-in from middle position for 45,500. Robert Dykes went all-in over the top, putting Robert Damelian in a tricky situation, needing to use a time-breaker card before folding.

Abdine open folded his 88 which put Rattigan heads-up against Dykes for his tournament life.

Dykes turned over QQ, and Rattigan showed A9. When the flop spread KA10, Dykes called for a Jack. The turn, 3, brought no such card.

The river, however, did. The J coming to save Dykes and sent Rattigan on his way.

Robert Dykes435,000
Michael RattiganBUSTED!
Robert Dykes

Ginn window card

Matthew Ginn opened the action on Table 72, raising to 10,000. Alex Lee re-raised from the cutoff to 30,000 before Roy Agresta pushed all in from the big-blind. Ginn jammed over the top to rid Lee and go heads-up.

Agresta: AA
Ginn: KK

The board fanned-out K92J2 handing Ginn the win and a handy early chip-up.

Matthew Ginn387,000
Roy AgrestaBUSTED!
Matthew Ginn

Blinds up, and blinds up

Play is underway for Day 2 of our largest buy-in event of the 2022 APL Million schedule.

Levels increase from the 40 minutes of yesterday, to 60 minutes today. Combined with the shot-clock element, expect plenty of hands, and plenty of action!

Level 13: 2,000/4,000 (4,000)

Ending on a high

Good afternoon and welcome back to our live coverage of The APL Million series!

Today, we’re bringing you action from Day 2 of the $5K High Roller Shot Clock Challenge, with 30 runners coming back from the 82 entries taken in yesterday. Leading the pack is Steve Swalling, who bagged up 711,500 in chips, followed by Shivan Abdine (516,000), Najeem Ajez (447,000), Attila Bognar (439,500) and Romain Morvan (375,500).

It’s a venerable who’s-who of Aussie poker, wwith Didier Guerin, Sean Ragozzini, Gavin Best and Angel Guillen just some of the big names returning today, along with Yita Choong, fresh off the back of his emphatic victory in the Jackstar Super High Roller a few days ago.

Action will be getting underway very shortly, so stay with us as we bring you all the updates until the final river falls!

Day 2 seat draw

Play will recommence at 1pm, with recommencing blinds at 2,000/4,000 (4,000). Please ensure you have your photo ID with you for verification purposes, and should you have any questions regarding your seat allocation, please see APL staff on arrival. Best of luck to all players!

Table 2

1Joseph Vinecombe149,000
3Angel Guillen69,500
4Chi Truong259,000
5Sean Ragozzini129,000
6Marc Seymour116,500
7Robert Dykes334,000

Table 71

1Yita Choong91,000
2Yiteng Ge179,000
3Phat Nguyen156,000
4Roman Priplotski177,500
5Nichole Roberts145,500
6Didier Guerin323,000

Table 72

1Andres Vasquez182,000
3Matthew Ginn222,000
4Jenny Chhauv57,000
5Joe Antar166,000
6Steve Swalling711,500
8Liam O’Rourke89,500

Table 73

2Najeem Ajez447,500
3Anthony Chan209,000
4Wai Au87,000
5Brandon Bailey206,000
6Joshua Hutchins193,000
7Simon Chahine73,500

Table 74

1Michael Rattigan234,000
2Romain Morvan375,500
4Attila Bognar439,500
5Robert Damelian88,500
6Shivan Abdine516,000
8Gavin Best138,500

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