LIVE REPORTING: 2022 APL Million Main Event Day 3

2022 APL Million Main Event final table line-up

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s official: the final table of the 2022 APL Million Main Event has been set!

Heading into tomorrow’s grand finale with the chip lead is Queensland’s Nathan Monk, joined by fellow New South Welshmen Tony Tavella, and Adrian Pacheco, who has been running hot as of late after scoring his biggest career cash to date back in June.

Victoria is also well represented through Ria Renfrey and Jason Lee, but the APL Million title could be heading overseas if Ryan Hong, Chao Li, Kenny Wang or Ruiyang Wong find their one time!

Be sure to tune in to for the feature table broadcast tomorrow from 1pm AEST to witness all the action unfold as we find out who will be crowned our new APL Million Main Event Champion!

1Kenny WangChina2,540,00016
2Tony TavellaAustralia5,180,00032
3Jason LeeAustralia4,940,00031
4Chao LiChina1,740,00011
5Ryan HongChina3,620,00023
6Ria RenfreyAustrala4,375,00027
7Ruiyang WongSingapore9,940,00062
8Adrian PachecoAustralia6,945,00043
9Nathan MonkAustralia10,475,00065


Dylan Desmarchelier eliminated in 10th place ($29,095)

A few hands into the level, Nathan Monk opened under the gun for 320,000. Action folded to Dylan Desmarchelier in the big blind. Desmarchelier sent forth 750,000 for his all-in, and a crowd gathered round to watch the board play out.

Desmarchelier’s A9 was ahead of Monk’s A6 for a fleeting moment as they waited for the board, with Monk calling to the dealer for “Clubs! Just give me all clubs!”

Monk didn’t need a club, as the flop fanned out 652.

The turn of 7 gave Desmarchelier hope for a flush of his own. Though it was not to be, as the final card, the J, ended his run, finishing as the final table bubble.

Level 30: 80,000/160,000 (160,000)

Bubble troubles

Dylan Desmarchelier is running on fumes as he found himself acting on the small blind, submitting the last of his 510,000 chips into the middle. Nathan Monk, current chip leader with a comfortable 9,125,000 in chips, easily made the call from the big blind.

Dylan showed A7, as Monk flipped up 79.

The board 103A96 gifted Dylan a much-wanted double-up to cling on, with just under ten big blinds, as we hover on the bubble for the final table.

Nathan Monk8,640,000
Dylan Desmarchelier1,140,000

Day 3 payouts

11th-20th place

11Paul Donovan$23,710
12Gareth Edmonds$23,710
13Chris Gureckis$19,400
14Alex Lynskey$19,400
15John Mingos$19,400
16Wen Jie Sun$15,085
17Roy Agresta$15,085
18Kwan-Ho Poon$15,085
19Amin Chehade$12,930
20Jordan Batis$12,930

Paul to the wall

Paul Donovan opened to 365,000 from UTG+1, with the blinds folding to Nathan Monk who raised to 750,000. Donovan went all-in for 1,500,000, and was quickly snapped-off by Monk.

Nathan Monk: A10
Paul Donovan: KQ

Donovan couldn’t keep the dream alive past the window card as the board ran out KA10105, bowing out in 11th place for $23,710.

Nathan Monk9,150,000
Paul DonovanBUSTED!

Edmonds edged out

Gareth Edmonds put the last of his 1,200,000 into the middle from under the gun, finding a caller in Nathan Monk on the next seat over.

Edmonds’ AJ was not good enough to compete with Monk’s AK, which easily steamed ahead like a hot knife through butter on a board of 8532J, eliminating Edmonds in 12th place for $23,710.

Nathan Monk7,650,000
Gareth EdmondsBUSTED!

Level 29: 60,000/120,000 (120,000)

Five-way Chao-s

Ruiyang Wang raised to 200,000 from under the gun, UTG+1 Chao Li pushed all-in for 680,000, then the Hijack, Chris Gureckis also moved all-in for 130,000!

Both blinds Nathan Monk and Ryan Hong, as well as Wang, all called the 680,000.

Two players were all-in, and another three were involved in a side pot, for a hand that had a crowd swarming to see a hand that theoretically could have resulted in going from having 13 players, to a final table.

Flop: 365

The blinds checked to Wang to bet 300,000. Monk called and Hong folded.

Turn: 3, River: J

Both the turn and river saw action check through and all four players turned their cards face-up. The at-risk Gureckis having the worst of it, going in 13th place, whilst Li claimed a near quadruple-up!

Li: QQ
Monk: 99
Wang: 77
Gureckis: AK

Chris GureckisBUSTED!

Mingos: reduced to min ‘n’ goes

Pre-flop action for a huge hand began with John Mingos making it 200,000 from the hijack. Nathan Monk re-raised to 775,000, leaving Mingos to move all-in for a total of 3,180,000 and Monk called.

Monk: QQ
Mingos: AK

Board: 2787Q

This left Mingos with a measly 75,000. Eventually finding its way to Monk’s stack anyway. Leaving Mingos to depart in 15th place for a $19,400 pay day.

Nathan Monk6,535,000
John MingosBUSTED!

Roy Agresta, the pre-flop aggressor

A short-stacked Roy Agresta decided to get his chips in the middle with a lovely suited-connected holding, 54, not a bad hand to go up against AK with.

Unfortunately, Ruiyang Wang found the better runout and was able to pair-up stronger than Agresta.

The 3QK4Q spread sending Agresta home in 17th for $15,085.

Ruiyang Wang8,840,000
Roy AgrestaBUSTED!

Ho-me time

Kwan-Poon Ho has hit the rail, falling as the latest victim to add to Ryan Hong’s collection of scalps.

Hong: 99
Poon: A3

Board: 2QK6J

Ryan Hong5,525,000
Kwan-Po HoonBUSTED!

Mario carts his chips away

We have hit the final two tables, after losing Jordan Batis in 20th place, and waving goodbye to Amin Chehade’s friendly card protector.

Each player eliminated from now will walk away with a minimum of $15,085. The tension is buzzing as each of these players are within reach of a Main Event Final Table seat.

Ruiyang Wang holds the current chip lead, with 7,200,000 nestled in his stack.

Day 3 will play down until a final table, so we are nine eliminations away from Day 4!

Level 28: 50,000/100,000 (100,000)

Day 3 payouts

74th-21st place

21Zhixiang Ang$12,930
22Aston Short$11,210
23Taner Ates$11,210
24Jonothan Davidson$11,210
25William Liu$9,485
26Gary O’Doherty$9,485
27Brad Plummer$9,485
28George Iordanou$7,760
29Gavin Clout$7,760
30Aden Nicholls$7,760
31Dennis Jankovic$7,760
32Clint Taylor$7,760
33Jay Sgherza$7,760
34Charles Tsai$7,760
35Alex Lee$7,760
36Jamie Sadler$7,760
37Mena Tawfik$6,895
38Beau Polley$6,895
39Phil Parrot$6,895
40Daniel Gabriel$6,895
41Toby Hart$6,895
42James LIm$6,895
43Ruzman Hussan$6,895
44Simone Hayes$6,895
45Simon Chahine$6,895
46Clinton Francis$6,035
47Pierre Asaadi$6,035
48Dan Grimes$6,035
49Slav Rypinski$6,035
50Collin Tran$6,035
51Kiavash Arbabi$6,035
52Travis Endersby$6,035
53Wayne Clinch$6,035
54Will Davis$6,035
55Victor Vegh$5,605
56Qing Ye$5,605
57Declan Russell$5,605
58Chau Bui$5,605
59Surchinder Randlana$5,605
60Jamas Rufil$5,605
61Alexander Antonios$5,605
62William Handley$5,605
63Matthew White$5,605
64Damien Moloney$5,605
65Paul Whiteman$5,605
66Zac Hammond$5,605
67Michael Clair$5,605
68Metin Gul$5,605
69TJ Loftus$5,605
70Cameron Kavaliunas$5,605
71Zhihao Chen$5,605
72Troy McLean$5,605
73Darren Melia$5,170
74Andrian Chin$5,170

All-in and the chip Monk

Nathan Monk is one of the first competitors in the tournament to fight back against the dominance of Ryan Hong.

Pre-flop, Monk raised from the small blind, and Hong defended his big blind.

Flop: 8710

Monk lead for 200,000 and Hong flatted. The turn, A, prompted a larger bet from Monk, making it 475,000. Hong called once again to see the 4, this time Monk risked the entirety of his remaining 630,000.

Hong tanked for over a minute before eventually making the call. Monk turned over his A7 to which Hong nodded to signal that Monk had the winning hand.

Hong showed J10 whilst Monk reeled in his newfound chips.

Ryan Hong4,050,000
Nathan Monk3,105,000

Taner burned

Taner Ates pushed all-in for 1,145,000 after a series of raising between himself and Ryan Hong.

After the pre-flop action, it came at no surprise to see what they had when the cards turned face-up.

Hong: QQ
Ates: AK

Board: 477J3

Ryan Hong5,600,000
Taner AtesBUSTED!

Davidson vs Goliath

Ryan Hong’s monster stack continues to grow, the Day 2 top stack responsible for another elimination on Table 74.

Hong opened the action to 160,000 which around to Jonathan Davidson, who pushed all-in. Davidson’s total of 530,000 was quickly matched by Hong sending Davidson’s fate up to the runout.

Hong: A8
Davidson: K8

Board: 2210J10

Level 27: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)

Adieu, Liu

William Liu raised pre flop for 120,000, only for Nathan Monk to reply with a shove for 1,202,000. Liu called with AK, up against Monk with a more suited AK. Any hopes of a possible chop quickly diminished on the flop with a flush draw, and as the board ran out 74QQ4, Liu’s stack was dangerously crippled to 20,000.

After doubling up in the next few hands, Liu found himself once more pushing his stack under the gun for 140,000. He found three callers in Nathan Monk, Ryan Hong and Amin Chehade, who all checked to the river on a board of 528QJ.

William Liu: K-7 off suit 
Ryan Hong: A10
Nathan Monk: 66
Amin Chehade: KJ

Amin scooped up the pot, sending Liu to the rail in 25th place for $9,485.

Nathan Monk1,175,000
Amin Chehade945,000
Ryan Hong6,690,000
William LiuBUSTED!

Another round of payouts

Rest of Day 2: 93rd-77th place

77Rimon Fanous$5,170
78Jack Ferguson$5,170
79Michael Madden$5,170
80Matt Delichkovich$5,170
81David Bowen$5,170
82Yoad Agmon$5,170
83Mark Donovan$5,170
84Tim O’Shea$5,170
85Shaun Zammit$5,170
86Tom Maguire$5,170
87Yang Lei$5,170
88Win Meng Tan$5,170
89Koichiro Ozawa$5,170
90Ben Harley$5,170
91Mitch Bognar$4,740
92Ridge Grimsey$4,740
93Chris Mawhinney$4,740

Plummer drained

Brad Plummer’s deep run in the Main Event has come to a close on our Feature Table.

Tony Travella opened the action from the hijack to 120,000. Plummer woke up to AK, and with 905,000 left to work with, he went all-in.

Travella called off with QQ and the two went racing. The spread 8J997 enabling Travella to hold and chip up.

Tony Travella3,600,000
Brad PlummerBUSTED!

Level 26: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)

Sgherza scrambled, Taylor tails behind

33rd and 32nd place in the Main Event have been awarded to Jay Sgherza and Clint Taylor respectively.

Sgherza’s A7 went down to George Iordanou’s 88 on K423K.

Taylor found the river to be unkind after having Jason Lee put him all-in on the turn. Taylor’s A9 was ahead on 89J5 until Lee’s double-gutshot draw completed with his 97 with the river bringing the 10.

George Iordanou1,710,000
Jason Lee3,200,000
Jay SgherzaBUSTED!
Clint TaylorBUSTED!

The Tsai’s and lows of poker pt. II

Alex Lee hit the rail in 35th place, his K10 failing to outplay Ryan Hong’s A8 on a A5K97 spread.

Hong remarked, “Natural nine, can’t let it go!” Garnering a chuckle from the members of Table 74.

In the same breath, Table 72 witnessed Charles Tsai’s disappointment after doing his best to push Wen Jie Sun off a hand, to no avail.

Action folded to Sun, who limped the small blind with J9. Tsai awoke to AQ in the big blind and bumped it up to 175,000. Sun responded with a re-raise to 375,000 before Tsai moved all in for a total of 1,070,000.

Clock had to be called on Sun before he eventually found the call. Tsai couldn’t believe he’d been called and the disbelief turned to frustration as a flush draw flopped and completed on the river on 87735.

Tsai was left with crumbs and thus was eliminated the following hand, his pocket Sevens going down against Tens.

Ryan Hong3,800,000
Wen Jie Sun2,030,000
Charles TsaiBUSTED!

A Hayes-y finish

John Mingos found a victim with his AK when Simone Hayes moved all-in to see she was in trouble with KJ.

A board of 335A4 ensured it was the final hand Hayes would play in the Main Event.

Mingos was also responsible for the dismissal of Simon Wahesh.

Mingos: AQ
Wahesh: KJ

Board: 37Q5Q

So if your name begins with the letters S, I, M, O, and N, you best steer clear of John Mingos!

John Mingos1,450,000
Simon WaheshBUSTED!
Simone HayesBUSTED!

Level 25: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)

Bang Bang, Ruiyang!

We head back over to Table 75, where a quick succession of knock outs have played out in a couple of hands as Ruiyang Wang runs hot. 

We quickly caught up with Daniel Gabriel who recounted the hand: Gabriel opened for 80,000, with a raise from Wang spurring him to declare, “All in.” Wang insta-called and sadly for Gabriel, was holding a monster in the form of pocket Aces. Gabriel was outmatched, with his Ace-King offsuit finding only dead air on a clean board.

Not long after, Wang raised under the gun, with Beau Polley in late position getting the last of his stack in with 440,000 pre-flop, only to be snapped up by Wang.

Beau Polley: J10
Ruiyang Wang: 77

Wang hit the board early with 74J, the third window prompting sympathetic groans from the players as Polley also hit for the pair but was still well behind. The remaining streets offered little comfort to Polley as the dealer tabled A9 to complete the board.

Ruiyang Wang2,905,000
Beau PolleyBUSTED!

More payout updates

95th-126th place

95George Kabourakis$4,740
96Guy O’Keefe$4,740
97Lien Phan$4,740
98Michael Rawson$4,740
99Cam Adams$4,740
100Graeme Cutler$4,740
101Jade Sommersby$4,740
102Graham Cowan$4,740
103Dion Hawkins$4,740
104Chris Demarchi$4,740
105Kane Lewis$4,740
106Greg Hoy$4,740
107Gavin Kaka$4,740
108Ricki Butler$4,740
109Dan Smiljanic$4,310
110Jo Snell$4,310
111Phillip Siddell$4,310
112Chris Zenenos$4,310
113Josh O’Hara$4,310
114Alan Casas$4,310
115Yita Choong$4,310
116Nik Sitzoukis$4,310
117Jonathan Cross$4,310
118Josh Foley$4,310
119Nick Mooney$4,310
120Taner Durust$4,310
121Steve Vogt$4,310
122Rob Madson$4,310
123Colin Hilton$4,310
124Darren Ooi$4,310
125David Munday$4,310
126Marc Seymour$4,310

It’s A-mi-n, Mario!

Ryan Hong raised from mid position to Amin Chahine on the button who subsequently jammed 410,000 all in pre-flop, with the action folding back to Hong for the call.

Hong laid up QK in front of his sizeable stack, watching as Chahine flipped over QQ.

With the board running out 44J42, Chahine was chuffed for the double up, prompting a player on the table to exclaim, “He got a one up!” / “He got an extra life!” pointing at Chahine’s card protector, a Mario figurine.

Ryan Hong3,155,000
Amin Chahine880,000

The Tsai’s and lows of poker pt. I

Charles Tsai spiked a win after his tournament life was at risk with AK against the KK of Jamie Sadler.

The window card on a board of A359J gave Tsai the win and a double-up, whilst Sadler was left with 30,000 to see him knocked out the next hand.

Charles Tsai1,120,000
Jamie SadlerBUSTED!

Batis-m of fire

Jordan Batis is building his stack chip-by-chip as Day 3 progresses, and a bust-out in his favour certainly has helped.

Mena Tawfik put his stack at risk with 99 against Batis’ AK, a classic flip.

A pleasant flop turned (and rivered) dire for Tawfik on a board that spread Q85AK.

Jordan Batis1,050,000
Mena TawfikBUSTED!


Denis Jankovic couldn’t have put his chips in quicker if he tried, after waking up to AA with an all in from Toby Hart in front of me.

If 88 wasn’t in trouble before, it certainly was after the flop delivered Jankovic a set on 42A.

The runout of Q,7 confirmed Hart’s fate and sent him to the payout desk.

Aces also proved fruitful for Paul Donovan, his AA also earning him a scalp to further his chip count. The board of 45567 helping Donovan eliminate J10.

Denis Jankovic1,700,000
Paul Donovan2,850,000
Toby HartBUSTED!

Level 24: 20,000/40,000 (40,000)

Rypinski and Lynskey get it in-ski

An all-in pre-flop saw Alex Lynskey eliminate another player – Sydney Champs 2022 $1,100 NLH winner, Slav Rypinski.

The short-stacked Rypinksi ripped-it-in to Lynskey, who woke up with a monster to call-ski.

Alex Lynskey: KK
Slav Rypinski: J10

Board: K4594

Alex Lynskey1,550,000
Slav RypinskiBUSTED!

Clinch pinched

Kwan-Ho Poon and Wayne Clinch found all the chips in the middle on the flop, with Clinch at risk.

His Q4 was in good shape against Poon’s KQ on 48Q.

The runout 6,K served a river cooler to Clinch to end his Main Event run.

Kwan-Ho Poon2,850,000
Wayne ClinchBUSTED!

Will-ing them to hold

Alex Lynskey opened 108 from the lojack for 60,000, as Will Davis shoved over the top for all of his 247,000. Lynskey could afford to make the call, and did so to see he had two under cards to Davis’ JJ.

Davis praying to win with the hand that plagues so many, the KQ10 flop was ok until the turn placed a 8. Lynskey’s two pair held on the 5 river to send Davis home.

Alex Lynskey1,180,000
Will DavisBUSTED!

The end-ersby

Travis Endersby finds himself another big cash in the 2022 APL Million Series, this time felted in 52nd place and recounting his elimination to our reporter.

His all-in from the cutoff with A-8 was called-off by Day 2 chip leader, Ryan Hong, who woke up to pocket Queens in the big blind and held on the 5-6-7-7-6 board.

Ryan Hong3,600,000
Travis EndersbyBUSTED!

Level 23: 15,000/30,000 (30,000)

Russell Ruffled

Sydneysider, Declan Russell suffered a rough cooler after defending his big-blind and flopping a monster against Adrian Pacheco.

John Mingos opened pre-flop to 50,000 and found callers from Pacheco in the cutoff, Wayne Clinch in the small blind and Russell, who paid the extra 26,000 to see a flop with his J7.

The dream flop of JJ9 appeared for Russell, and he allowed the action to check to Pacheco, who lead for 80,000. Clinch called before Russell raised to 225,000.

A call from Pacheco took them heads-up to a turn of Q, Russell took his time before moving all-in, sending Pacheco into the deliberation station. A minute passed before Pacheco called and showed KJ, out-kicking Russell and sending him out with the river, 3, not able to save him.

Adrian Pacheco2,370,000
Declan RussellBUSTED!

Chao says “ciao” to Chau

Chao Li raised the action to 55,000 and was met with an all-in from Chau Bui, for a total of 216,000.

Li called to see he had Bui crushed, his QQ well ahead of 88.

The clean 56356 board granting Li the chips and the knockout.

Chao Li897,000

No chocolates for Claire

Paul Donovan spiked a set on a flop of 1075 with his 77 to eliminate Michael Clair.

The runout of J,A no good for Clair’s Q10 who was sent packing.

Paul Donovan1,100,000
Michael ClairBUSTED!

Rufil routed, double glee for Lee

Jamas Rufil, Alexander Antonios and William Handley have all been confirmed as our latest eliminations from The APL Million Main Event.

Earlier on Table 75, Rufil jammed the last of his stack in with K5, only to run into Beau Polly’s QQ which improved to two pair on the board of 66A38.

Handley and another player then found themselves all-in pre-flop over on Table 77, only to discover that they were in a world of hurt against Jason Lee.

Lee: AA
Opponent: AK
Handley: K7

Board: 99647

Jason Lee1,350,000
Beau Polly955,000
Jamas RufilBUSTED!
William HandleyBUSTED!

Whiteman wiped out, Grimes cleans up Moloney

Still no signs of slowing in the Main Event, with Paul Whiteman the latest to have departed after he open-shoved for his last 250,000 with AJ, but was outkicked by Paul Donovan’s AQ, despite both players turning two pair on the board of 6AKK5.

Then over on Table 73, Damien Moloney got his last 244,000 in with QJ, but Dan Grimes woke up with AK and turned an Ace on the board of 647A9 – and incredibly, after the chips were cut down, it was discovered that Grimes had exactly the same amount!

Paul Donovan1,089,000
Dan Grimes548,000
Damien MoloneyBUSTED!
Paul WhitemanBUSTED!

Updated Day 2 payouts

127th-153rd place

127thWilliam McKay$3,880
128thHanan Braun$3,880
129thArthur Stevens$3,880
130thShannon O’Leary$3,880
131stJeff Shaw$3,880
132ndScott Reid$3,880
133rdRodney Smith$3,880
134thRauran Toye$3,880
135thAlan Gates$3,880
136thRussell Fogarty$3,880
137thJason Anand$3,880
138thAttila Bognar$3,880
139thKah Khoo$3,880
140thWendy Horan$3,880
141stRichard Davis$3,880
142ndChristan Molina$3,880
143rdJong Jung$3,880
144thBestami Ay$3,880
145thChing-Hsin Hsu$3,880
146thGreg Heaver$3,880
148thJian Long$3,880
149thEric Xu$3,880
150thRen Wang$3,880
151stArm Phetsut$3,880
152ndChris Andreadis$3,880
153rdJoseph Vinecombe$3,880

Level 22: 12,000/24,000 (24,000)

Gul gutted

Plenty of action across the felt on the outer tables in the Main Event, with Metin Gul amongst those to hit the rail as we move into Level 22.

Gul put himself at risk with AQ, however Chin Wang’s A3 flopped the wheel on the board of 52472.

Toby Hart then woke up with KK and snap-called after an opponent ripped in their last 208,000 holding AJ, with neither hand improving on the 75Q62 board.

Chin Wang1,100,000
Toby Hart1,080,000
Metin GulBUSTED!

Show me the money!

Time now to begin bringing you the first round of payout results from yesterday, to ensure that we get everyone’s name in lights from this history-making, record-breaking APL Million Main Event.

These lists will be updated regularly and once rego staff have received each player’s respective payout slips, so if you still have one and see a DNR next to your ranking and still have your receipt, head over to collect your winnings as soon as you can!

154th-175th place*

154thDaniel Embleton$3,015
155thPaul Tullock$3,015
157thSymond Whittle$3,015
158thMark Whitaker$3,015
159thLuke Moulden$3,015
160thKarl Symonds$3,015
161stJosh McCully$3,015
162ndPhat Nguyen$3,015
163rdNick Williams$3,015
164thNick Haidaris$3,015
165thMatt Ginn$3,015
166thSteven Hoek$3,015
167thYuhao Gong$3,015
168thPaul Schembri$3,015
169thChris Feng$3,015
170thKevin Huang$3,015
172ndAdam Bennett$3,015
173rdGlenice DeMarco$3,015
=174th*Shao Kang Chien$2,010
=174th*Dylan Stringer$2,010
=174th*Paul Ward$2,010
*Denotes three-way split bubble.

Awerbuch busto, McLean out

Chad Awerbuch and Troy McLean have just been confirmed as our latest eliminations from the Main Event.

Awerbuch was the first to go from Table 74 after open-shoving for his last 225,000 with A10, only to lose the flip for his tournament life against William Liu’s 99 that filled up by the turn on the board of 4AA92.

Then over on Table 72, McLean ripped in his remainder after a pre-flop button raise from Collin Tran; Tran called and showed KJ, which jagged another Jack on the board of J845K.

William Liu905,000
Collin Tran728,000
Troy McLeanBUSTED!
Chad AwerbuchBUSTED!

Chin nicked, Melia cut

After Michael Barker’s elimination over on the feature table, the cry of “all in, call” went up from Table 78, where Andrian Chin had ripped in the last of his stack with AK, ahead of Ruiyang Wang’s KQ.

A Queen in the window, however, was enough to end Chin’s day early as the board was spread 39Q83.

Our reporter then wheeled around to Table 76, where Darren Melia had jammed pre-flop holding AQ, but he lost the flip for his tournament life against Brad Plummer’s 55 after the board ran clean 6K6710.

Brad Plummer1,784,000
Ruiyang Wang1,660,000
Darren MeliaBUSTED!
Andrian ChinBUSTED!

Shuffle up and deal!

Cards are now in the air for Day 3 of The APL Million Main Event!

Returning with the chip lead is Ryan Hong, who bagged up 3.258 million, followed by Daniel Gabriel, Qing Ye, Brad Plummer and Ruiyang Wang.

Alex Lynskey, Chin Wang, Dylan Desmarchelier, Chad Awerbuch and APL Million NLH 6-Max Champion Travis Endersby are all back in action, but the big story brewing right now is that of Kiavash Arbabi, who won the last APL Million Main Event in Sydney back in 2020 and is primed for another deep run – and if all goes well – an unprecedented back-to-back victory.

Tournament staff have confirmed we’ll be playing through one-hour levels and right through until we reach our final table tonight.


Players Remaining76
Total Entries1,658
Recommencing Blinds10,000/20,000 (20,000)
Average Stack676,434 (34 BBs)

Level 21: 10,000/20,000 (20,000)

The best is yet to come

Hello everyone and welcome back to PMA‘s Live Reporting coverage of The APL Million!

Today is shaping up to be yet another massive day of poker, which includes the ever-popular Monster Stack and Day 1 of the $5K High Roller Shot Clock Challenge.

Word on the street is that there is a huge wave of poker’s elite from across the Eastern seaboard on their way to Southport Sharks to play the latter, which has now all but assured us of exceeding a series prize pool total of $5 million (as it stands, the current running total is just over $4.6 million).

But just before the APL team went through the plan of attack with Major Events Director Joel Williams, Full House Group CEO Brayden Haynes also addressed the dealers, personally thanking them for all their tireless efforts with a significant increase to their pay packets for today and tomorrow.

“Honestly, what we’ve been able to achieve here over the last couple of weeks – and as we’ve built and grown the APLPT over the last 18 months – has just blown us away,” said Haynes, “and we want to make sure that we’re giving you what you deserve.”

It once again proves beyond doubt that the popularity of Australian poker is as high as it’s ever been, and with more and more major events on the horizon for the remainder of 2022 and beyond, it also presents a great opportunity for the entire industry to work together to secure the game’s future.

That being said, we’re about to get cards in the air for The Big Dance, so stay with us as we bring you all the action. See you soon!

Day 3 seat draw

Play will resume at 12:30pm AEST, with recommencing blinds at 10,000/20,000 (20,000). Please ensure you have your photo ID with you for verification purposes.

Should you have any queries regarding your seat allocation, please approach a team member from the APL. Best of luck to all players and may the flop be with you! Feature Table

Tables 71 & 72

Tables 73 & 74

Tables 75 & 76

Tables 77 & 78

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