LIVE REPORTING: 2022 APL Million Main Event Day 2

Ryan Hong soars to Day 2 chip lead after 2022 APL Million Main Event; that’s a wrap!

Day 2 of the 2022 APL Million Main Event has come to a close, following eight levels of play that has seen Ryan Hong emerge as overall chip leader. Bagging 3,258,000, Hong sits almost five times above average stack after beginning the day with only 95,500 bagged from his Day 1 flight.

Speaking to PokerMedia Australia, the 35-year-old Melburnite described the feeling as “Not bad.” Perhaps an understatement after spinning-up his count from 400,000 at the dinner break. In the final two levels of play, “everything just went my way,” he recounted.

The full-time poker player started playing 16 years ago, with his best result coming in the 2012 Melbourne Poker Championship Main Event. If he achieves his goal of making it to Day 4, it will give him a prime opportunity to surpass his biggest cash, here at a series that is unlike anything Hong has experienced.

That’s it from us here at Southport Sharks, after another thrilling stage of this groundbreaking series. We’re nearing the finish line, but the best is definitely still to come. With a top prize $400,000 to fight for, we’ll be back to bring you all the action for Day 3 of the Main Event. We’ll see you here tomorrow, good night!

Ryan Hong


Rimon Fanous is our final elimination of Day 2, falling victim to monster stack, Ryan Hong.

In a four-bet pot, the two exchanged raises pre-flop until “all-in” and “call” were verbalised.

Fanous’ 460,000 was at risk with 1010 in big trouble against Hong’s QQ, dominated in each suit also.

The board ran out 53A8J to end the day with a total of 76 survivors, and Fanous collecting $5,170 for his placing in 77th.

Gabriel-ly big stack

Daniel Gabriel was the benefactor in a dream scenario involving a three-way all-in on the flop.

Tim O’Shea opened from early position, and found callers in Gabriel and Mark Donovan. On a board of J85, Gabriel landed middle set with his 88.

Not needing to try too hard to maximise value with his set, Gabriel called O’Shea’s continuation for 55,000, only for Donovan to move in over the top for a 450,000 all-in. O’Shea short-called and Gabriel was obliged to take it three ways for the turn and river, elated to see he was in good shape against two opponents sharing the same hand:

O’Shea: AJ
Donovan: AJ

The runout completed with 2,6 to hand Gabriel a mountainous stack that has to be seen to be believed.

Daniel Gabriel1,926,000
Mark DonovanBUSTED!

Ah McLean, you’ve done it again

Back-to-back hands saw different versions of luck fall his way. After moving all-in from UTG, no buyers took interest in his 117,000 up for grabs, leaving McLean to collect the blinds and ante as he slammed his AA face up in disgust, garnering laughs from the rest of the table.

The very next hand Alexander Antonies got his chips in the middle with A7 against McLean, who’s tournament life was at risk with A3.

A friendly flop on 83K104 held for McLean, booking the win after being dominated pre-flop, and keeping his Main Event run alive.

Troy McLean322,000
Alexander Antonies1,288,000
Troy McLean

Sean Sheared

Clint Taylor opened the action with a raise from UTG, when all players folded around to Sean Zammit in the big blind, who moved all-in. Taylor snap-called, covering Zammit.

Zammit: 33
Taylor: AQ

Board: 328K7

A fantastic flop for Zammit descended to disaster in a cooler that sent the table cringing at the runout. As a result, Zammit was sent to the elimination station leaving Taylor to collect the proceeds.

Clint Taylor1,442,000
Sean ZammitBUSTED!

Level 20: 8,000/16,000 (16,000)

More winning, Mawhinney

Nursing a short stack and looking for a double-up, Chris Mawhinney shipped his stack in early position for 96,000, finding a snap-call from the blinds.

Mawhinney rolled over 55to see he was flipping against Q10.

With a clean ride to the river on 28728, Mawhinney claimed the double to claw his way back into contention. This prompted a table-mate to comment on Mawhinney’s run of luck with all-ins to stay in the game:

“He had one big blind left before! He was on a chip and a chair! He’s like a serial rabbit!”

Chris Mawhinney198,000

Kaka’s AK not A-OK

Gavin Kaka has hit the rail after his namesake hand failed to deliver. George Iordanou’s 1010 holding strong against Kaka’s AK.

The board of 47974 couldn’t pair Kaka’s hand, sending him out in 107th place.

In the meantime, the NLH/PLO tournament has begun on the other side of the poker room. We can’t help but hope that if Kaka hops in, he’ll be able to win a hand with KAKA!

George Iordanou756,000
Gavin KakaBUSTED!

Tony awards

It’s a win for Tony Travella, coming away with a pot that resulted in the knockout of Lien Phan.

For Travella, it was an easy snap-call in the big blind with 44, after Phan pushed in her short stack from the hijack.

Phan showed AJ and couldn’t get any luck on a board of 3K21010, resulting in his departure.

Tony Travella670,000
Lien PhanBUSTED!


Troy McLean got into a fierce pot against Alex Lynskey, after the latter raised to 50,000 over a limp. McLean responded with a re-raise to 180,000 and Lynskey elected to flat and see a flop.

The board began with a showing of A6J, prompting McLean to continue for 80,000. Lynskey called to see a turn of Q, when McLean put Lynskey all-in on the turn, and was snap-called.

Lynskey: K10
McClean: KQ

McLean could only split the pot at best, and failed to do so with the A falling on the river.

Alex Lynskey1,583,000
Troy McLean40,000

Level 19: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)

Anand update from the Feature Table

Our viewers were treated to some three-way action on our live stream, with a little bit of drama sprinkled in also.

Jason Anand jammed his short stack of 51,000 from UTG, only to have Dion Hawkins re-shove from the hijack. Adrian Pacheco, seated in the cutoff, deliberated over a decision and eventually called, turning over his cards, not realising there was still action to be had in the blinds. This caused Anand to also open his hand, giving useful information to those yet to act.

Eventually the hand was left to the three, and they turned their cards up (again).

Hawkins: 88
Anand: 66
Pacheco: KQ

Board: A8Q5A

Adrian Pacheco836,000
Dion Hawkins199,000
Jason AnandBUSTED!

Unable to re-Khoo-p

After a pre-flop open and a call, action made it’s way to the blinds where Kah Khoo pushed all 116,000 of his chips in with AQ. Unfortunately for him, Daniel Gabriel, who sat in the big blind with a mountain of chips, woke up to AA and called.

The others in the hand cleared the way, as Khoo and Gabriel watched the dealer deliver 9102107, eliminating Khoo and furthering Gabriel’s chip count.

Daniel Gabriel971,000

All’s fair for Clair

Michael Clair enjoyed a triple-up with 66 after all the money got in pre-flop against Marc Seymour’s AJ and Tom Maguire’s AJ.

With the bigger stacks blocking each other’s outs, Clair enjoyed a clean ride on the K22107 board to increase his stack three-fold.

Michael Clair350,000
Tom Maguire560,000
Marc Seymore35,000

Mooney’s sunset

Nick Mooney’s tournament life has met its metaphorical dusk, finally being knocked out after surviving against the odds on multiple occasions.

Moving his short-stack all-in UTG for 34,000, he sensed he was in strife after the adjacent Jordan Batis re-raised from UTG+1 to 74,000 and the hijack called.

On 34K, Batis got the hand down to heads-up by moving all-in and showed up with AQ to still leave Mooney’s J8 with live cards. The runout Q,J sent Mooney to the payout desk, with a smile on his face.

Jordan Batis587,000
Nick MooneyBUSTED!
Jordan Batis

Triple Bubble

After 20 minutes on the stone bubble for the top 175, we finally have our… bubbles?

Four tables remained mid-hand after all others completed theirs. One-by-one, each all-in and call was turned over and played out:

Whilst the first at-risk player, Ria Renfey, managed to find a double-up with her AA against Mitch Bognar’s AJ, the other three were not so lucky. Left with less than a big blind, in the big blind, Dylan Stringer had no choice in having his tournament life be dependant on J3.

Tom Maguire cleared the way after initially raising when Marc Seymour three-bet from the button to steal the side pot and go heads-up with AQ on 10106K4 to eliminate Stringer.

The third hand on the bubble saw the knockout of Shao Kang Chien. After calling Chien’s pre-flop and post-flop bets, Wayne Clinch put Chien all-in on the turn on a board of 5A4Q. Chien’s AK was outdrawn by AQ, with the 7 river unable to save him.

Paul Ward was the last to go, with Gareth Edmonds’ 55 holding against Ward’s AK. The spread 997102 meant we had three players finish in equal 176th place.

With 173 players remaining after the simultaneous playing of hands, the three players equally shared the combined total of the 175th and 174th place prize. A great result for all!

Mitch Bognar785,000
Wayne Clinch730,000
Gareth Edmonds496,000
Ria Renfrey184,000
Marc Seymour173,000
Dylan StringerBUSTED!
Shao Kang ChienBUSTED!
Paul WardBUSTED!

Level 18: 5,000/10,000 (10,000)

Mooney holds on

Nick Mooney has just found himself a crucial double through Yoad Agmon on Table 74; action folded to Mooney who shoved for his last 32,000 before Yoad Agmon made the call.

Yoad: A4
Mooney: KJ

Mooney’s jaw almost hit the table after he freerolled his way to a flush, despite Agmon flopping two pair on the board of A34K9.

Nick Mooney72,000
Yoad Agmon242,000

Tavella gets one

As per TDA standard, the clock is being reduced by two minutes for every hand, however it’s now been more than half an hour in real time with double-ups in every direction until Tony Tavella managed to pop the soft bubble just moments ago.

Once again, all the money was in the middle pre-flop, with the at-risk player moving in with QQ, but Tavella called them off with J10.

No change after the flop of K75, but the rail went ballistic after the turn and river ran out Q, A to give Tavella the straight!

One to go!

Tony Tavella810,000

Wahesh battles back

Simon Wahesh has just earned himself a double-up (and a cheerful round of boos) after doubling through Hanan Braun.

Having defended his big blind after Braun’s pre-flop UTG raise, Wahesh then check-called all streets across the board of 26662, turning over QQ for the full house to claim the pot against Braun’s AJ.

Simon Wahesh426,000
Hanan Braun152,000

I was saying Boo-urns

Tim O’Shea has just scored himself a double-up against David Bowen as we continue to grind on the soft bubble in The APL Million Main Event.

Our reporter jostled through the crowd to pick up the action on a board of Q10AK; Bowen had checked out of the small blind position before O’Shea open-shoved from the cut-off for his last 163,000 with J10.

After about three minutes in the tank, Bowen made a crying call and showed K9, but O’Shea tabled J10 for Broadway. The river 7 was merely a formality.


Tim O’Shea547,000
David Bowen445,000

Under pressure

That’s the feeling throughout the room right now as action continues hand-for-hand, but despite multiple all-in-calls, there hasn’t been a single bust-out … yet.

Plenty of double-ups though, with Alan Gates amongst those to keep his Main Event hopes alive after landing a hit against Scotty Reid, ripping it in with KK and holding all the way across the A4J93 board against Reid’s 88.

But although there is a fair bit of tension in the air, that’s been broken with a raucous ‘Bronx boo’, followed by laughter, from all and sundry for each and every double-up. You can only imagine how loud that cheer’s gonna be when the bubble bursts!

Alan Gates91,000
Scotty Reid172,000

Level 17: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)

Soft bubble!

We’re now hand-for-hand with our 177 remaining players – two away from the money – after Mitch Bognar scored himself a double KO on Table 19.

Bognar tangled with Brendan Hedger and Tristan Barret in a three-way all-in, getting his money in with Kings and ahead of Barret’s pocket sixes, but both trailed Hedger’s pocket Aces … that is, until Bognar flopped the full house on a board of K-J-J-2-7.

Mitch Bognar500,000
Tristan BarrettBUSTED!
Brendan HedgerBUSTED!

Panuccio punted

Pat Panuccio has just been eliminated at the hands of Trung Tran, who is now on almost half-a-million in chips; Panuccio had moved all in after hitting two pair with his Q9 on the board of 910710Q, but reeled after Tran turned over 106 for trips.

Win Meng Ten then took out another player, turning a full house with AK on the board of 7KAK7 to crack his all-in opponent’s JJ.

Trung Tran490,000
Win Meng Tan435,000
Pat PanuccioBUSTED!

Edmonds and Hsin on song

Two more to the rail, with Gareth Edwards and Ching Hsin both taking out a player each as action continues here at Southport Sharks.

Earlier, Hsin found himself in a flip with 87 against his all-in opponent’s 66 and jagged a seven on the board of JJK72.

Edmonds then got his money in good holding 99 and won the flip to eliminate his adversary who had shoved with A10, improving to a full house on the board of 73329.

Gareth Edmonds400,000
Ching Hsin350,000

Adams ascending

Daniel Johnson has just been sent to the rail by Cam Adams through the midway point of this level as action begins to slow to a crawl.

From under the gun, Adams raised to 12,000 and Johnson called from the +1 position before the others got out of the way to make it heads-up to a flop of 894.

Adams then c-bet 15,000, Johnson shoved for his remaining 62,000 and Adams snap-called.

Adams: 88
Johnson: QJ

Despite flopping the flush draw, the turn and river ran black in form of 6, K to give Adams the scoop.

Cam Adams430,000
Daniel JohnsonBUSTED!

Kane cracks queens

Kane Lewis has now moved beyond 400K in chips after taking out another player as we move below the 200-player mark in this tournament.

Our reporter caught the result as the pot was being pushed in Lewis’ direction; the all-in opponent had ripped it in with QQ, however Lewis’ AK flopped top-top on the board of 7K928.

Kane Lewis419,000

Tran on track

Trung Tran has been active in the late stages of Level 15, taking out two palyers as as we head into the 16th level of play and closer to the bubble.

Earlier, Tran took out a player after winning a crucial flip holding 77 against his victim’s KQ; despite the unknown adversary flopping trip Kings, Tran spiked a river seven on the board of KKA87 to complete the boat.

A short time later, Tran found himself all in again, this time getting his money in good with KK, crushing his second victim’s 88 after the board ran out 54J10J.

Trung Tran300,000

Level 16: 3,000/6,000 (6,000)

Grimsey getting busy

Ridge Grimsey has just scored himself a double KO over on Table 3, getting himself into a three-way all-in scenario holding 66, covering both the 55 and the AK of his two opponents after holding all the way down the board of Q93107.

Our reporter then rushed over to Table 14, where Attila Bognar had moved all-in after the turn holding QQ with the board reading 45103, but Ricki Butler double-fist-pump-snap-called with AA and held after the dealer peeled off the river 7.

Ricki Butler378,000
Ridge Grimsey277,000
Atilla BognarBUSTED!

Bennett and Burgess busto

Now down to 200 players in this Main Event, with Adam Bennett and Steve Burgess amongst those to have now joined the casualty list.

Bennett was the first to go, moving all-in for his last 103,500 after a pre-flop raise from Nathan Monk, but Monk snapped him off with QQ and held against Bennett’s 77 after the dealer fanned the board of 828A9.

Burgess then followed soon after, moving all-in after a flop of 846 holding K9 for the second nut flush draw, but Kenny Wang’s AJ turned the stone cold nuts as the board completed 10, 3.

Kenny Wang482,000
Nathan Monk395,000
Adam BennettBUSTED!
Steve BurgessBUSTED!
Nathan Monk

Tawfik takes one out

APLPT Champion Mena Tawfik is now well past the 300K mark after eliminating another player.

Once again, all the money was in the middle before the flop, with the villain’s 65 needing a lot of help against Tawfik’s A4.

Nothing eventuated for them, however, as the board ran clean 9K92J.

Mena Tawfik343,000

Alexander unloaded by Yoad

The pace of play has steadied somewhat as we move closer to the money, however Jake Alexander was confirmed as one of our latest bust-outs over on Table 74.

Again, all the money was in the middle pre-flop, with Alexander getting the last of his chips in with AQ, but was outkicked by Yoad Agmon’s AK despite both players making two pair on the board of 776A6.

Yoad Agmon251,000
Jake AlexanderBUSTED!

Ford throttled, McMillan mashed

Plenty of action across the felt here at Sharks, with Michael Ford and Dexter McMillan being sent to the rail just before the end of the previous level.

Earlier on Table 33, Ford moved all in for the last of his money with J10, but was sunk by Rimon Fanous who rivered a boat holding 66 on the board of 97926.

The cry of “All in, call” then went up from Table 15, where a massive pot had brewed between McMillan and Tom Maguire with action across all streets with a board that read 38496.

McMillan had tabled AJ, but the APLPT Champion hand caught in the cookie jar after Maguire made the hero call with 109.

Tom Maguire412,000
Rimon Fanous164,500
Dexter McMillanBUSTED!
Michael FordBUSTED!

Level 15: 2,500/5,000 (5,000)

Break time!

Our players are now on a 15-minute break.

Bowen and Tsai riding high

Charles Tsai and David Bowen are now both well past the half-million chip mark as we head into the first break of the day.

Earlier, Tsai picked off Anita Le after flopping a set with his QQ on the board of 28Q6K, despite Le hitting top-top after moving all-in-pre with AK.

Onorato Grossi then flicked in the last of his chips in on a hope and prayer, but his K3 found bupkus against David Bowen’s 99 which filled up by turn on the board of 810887.

Charles Tsai580,000
David Bowen570,000
Onorato GrossiBUSTED!

Lewis and Kollis roll on

No shortage of action here in the Shark Tank, with Jack Drake and Jaysen Miguel the latest to hit the rail as action continues in The APL Million Main Event.

Earlier, Miguel shoved the last of his stack in with A2, but was pummelled by Kollis’ 88 which flopped a set on the board of 38A7J.

Drake then put himself at risk soon after on Table 6 holding AQ but failed to improve on the 6923J board against Kane Lewis’ KK.

Kane Lewis194,000
Alexander Kollis147,000
Jack DrakeBUSTED!
Jaysen MiguelBUSTED!
Kane Lewis

The Rich get richer

Rich Davis has collected two scalps, holding with AQ in a three-way all in against J10 and KQ.

The board of 59689 as clean as Davis could wish for, enforcing a double-knockout on Table 4.

Rich Davis245,000

Rino goes, Schlie flees

Two prominent figures in the Deaf poker community have hit the rail early on Day 2, with Rino Spadea and Nikolas Schlie both eliminated within minutes of each other.

Michael Clair collected the few chips that remained in Spadea’s stack after the board spread Q7K8A, with Clair’s A4 spiking the river to sink Spadea’s 1010, whilst Schlie’s pocket sevens couldn’t grasp a comeback after moving all-in against Gavin Kaka’s pocket eights.

Gavin Kaka378,000
Michael Clair188,000
Rino SpadeaBUSTED!
Nikolas SchlieBUSTED!

Chau’d you do it?

Chau Bui made the call after an open rip from under the gun, and saw her KK was in trouble against AA.

The flop fell the A95 to increase the winning odds in the form of a live flush draw. The run delivered the J, and the 8 failed to pair the board as we lose another in this rapidly decreasing field.

Chau Bui243,000

A La carté

Alex Lee’s A3 has busted Minh La’s A2 after the whole table believed they were destined for a chop after a clean runout until the turn.

A pair of twos was no good for La on the 49572 as it completed the straight draw to give Lee the wheel to monster stack territory.

Alex Lee576,000

Level 14: 2,000/4,000 (4,000)

Chhauv shafted, Smiljanic all smiles

Dan Smiljanic is now back in contention after eliminating Nathanial Hutton, with both players getting their money into the middle pre-flop in a classic coin flip; Hutton was at risk with AQ, but Smiljanic’s 77 held firm after board ran clean 53106J.

Chhauv then risked the last of her very short stack with 72, but she was hammered by Rob Madson whose 88 turned quads on the 104885.

Daniel Smiljanic292,000
Rob Madson202,000
Jenny ChhauvBUSTED!
Nathanial HuttonBUSTED!
Dan Smiljanic

Chippies for Cookie, om nom nom!

Three-time APL Queensland State Champion Zoltan ‘Cookie’ Wald has just taken out Craig Matthews on Table 2; Matthews moved his last 45,500 in pre-flop with 99, but ran head-first into Wald’s KK that improved to a set on the board of A8K103.

At the same time, Ben Jee got his money in good before the flop with 1010, but Colin Hilton’s 88 jagged the two-outer on the river to send Jee to the rail after the board was spread A55J8.

Colin Hilton136,000
Zoltan Wald114,000
Craig MatthewsBUSTED!

Rickhuss routed, Trevenna trounced

Over on the Sharks Arena end of the room, Liam Jehu has just taken out Craig Trevenna on Table 74; Trevenna jammed his remainder in with KQ and found himself in a fair fight against Jehu’s A5, but there was no change to either hand after the board came down J4863.

Our reporter then swung around to Table 71, where Wayde Rickhuss had shoved pre-flop from the hijack with JJ, but Kwan-Ho Poon iso-raised from the button with AQ to force the blinds out of the way, before booking up on the river on the board of AQ88A

Kwan-Ho Poon332,000
Liam Jehu115,000
Wayde RickhussBUSTED!
Craig TrevennaBUSTED!

Eden eliminated, Croucher cut

Another couple of bust-outs on the stage left side of the Sharks arena, with Paul Eden eliminated on Table 27 after running his 99 into the QQ of Wing Meng Tan, which then went on to flop a set on the board of 26QA7.

David Croucher then found himself all-in pre-flop with 1010, but lost the flip for his tournament life against the AK of Paul Donovan, which hit trips on the board of 5K84K.

Paul Donovan345,000
Win Meng Tan191,000
Paul EdenBUSTED!
David CroucherBUSTED!

Fast start!

Off to an absolute flyer here at Southport sharks, with the cry of “All in, call” going up almost every 30 seconds.

On Table 39, Rauran Toye and Matt Bevin got their money into the middle after a flop of Q8A; although Bevin had flopped top air with his A10, he was decimated by Toye’s QQ which held as the turn and river bricked 7, 4.

Then on Table 21, Bobby Yun got the last of his short stack in pre-flop with 66, but ran into the 99 of Joshua Smith, with neither hand improving on the board of AK8Q8.

Rauran Toye301,000
Joshua Smith176,500
Matt BevinBUSTED!
Bobby YunBUSTED!

Shuffle up and deal!

Cards are now in the air for Day 2 of the APL Million Main Event!

We’ll be playing through 60-minute levels today, up from the 40 minutes for the five Day 1 flights that were run over the course of the last week.

Level 13: 1,500/3,000 (3,000)

Welcome to The APL Million(s)

From wherever you are watching in Australia, New Zealand or around the world … good morning and welcome to PokerMedia Australia‘s live coverage of The APL Million Main Event!

Today’s a historic day not only for the APL, but for all of Australian poker, as not only we are now in the midst of the richest poker series ever held outside a casino, but also the biggest APL Million Main Event ever, which has more than doubled its original $1 million guarantee.

The result is a clear indicator for the both the continued demand of major live events and a resounding vote of confidence from players in the APL from across the country, which has transformed its brand over the last two years via its mid-tier offering, the APL Poker Tour.

APL Major Events Director Joel Williams lauded the tremendous endeavour from all staff and franchisees in their contribution to what will undoubtedly be the richest tournament series ever held outside an Australian casino.

“Such an enormous Main Event field makes us feel so grateful for the vast amount of poker players who have travelled from all over the country and beyond to attend this series,” Williams said. “To generate 1,658 entries is truly remarkable … words cannot express how thankful we are.”

APL MILLION MAIN EVENT PAYOUTS ($1,500 buy-in, 1,658 entries, 175 players paid)

Cards will be in the air very shortly, so stay with us here on the PMA Live Reporting blog as we bring you every bluff, sweat and tear from 11:30am AEST, alongside the Feature Table stream powered by our friends at LCAPoker. See you soon!

Day 2 seat draw

Play will resume at 11:30am AEST, with recommencing blinds at 1,500/3,000 (3,000). Please ensure you have your photo ID with you for verification purposes. Should you have any queries regarding your seat allocation, please approach a team member from the APL.

Best of luck to all players and may the flop be with you! Feature Table & Table 1

Tables 2-4

Tables 5-7

Tables 8-10

Tables 11-13

Tables 14-16

Tables 17-19

Tables 20-22

Tables 23-25

Tables 26-28

Tables 29-31

Tables 32-34

Tables 35-37

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Tables 74-76

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