LIVE REPORTING: 2022 APL Million Jackstar Super High Roller Day 2

Congratulations Yita Choong ($114,790*); 2022 APL Million Jackstar Super High Roller Champion!

After what has been an incredible year on the grind, Yita Choong has finally got his hands on a trophy, defeating Eric Xu heads-up in a see-sawing battle to win The APL Million Jackstar Super High Roller!

The final table of the iconic $1,250 buy-in tournament was forced into a third day, which saw Angel Guillen and Luke Martinelli depart in fourth and third place respectively before Choong battled back to clinch the trophy and almost $115,000 cash after shaking hands on a heads-up deal,

Choong was overwhelmed by the huge rush of some of poker’s biggest names running in to congratulate him in the wake of his well-earned victory.

“It’s unbelievable, honestly!” Choong said. “This year was actually my first WSOP experience and to make such a deep run then was just surreal.”

“Quite similar to that tourney, I came into the final table of the Jackstar as short stack … had no expectations, but I managed to spin it up!”

Choong now plans to take a month off to rest at the end of this series, which has seen him move up to more and USD $800,000 in tournament earnings, including his fourth-place finish in this year’s WSOP Millionaire and a runner-up finish in the last month’s Star Sydney Champs Main Event.

APL MILLION JACKSTAR SUPER HIGH ROLLER ($1,250 buy-in, 484 entries, 54 players paid)*

1stYita Choong$114,790*
2ndEric Xu$80,070*
3rdLuke Martinelli$46,320
4thAngel Guillen$35,140
5thJames Camilleri$25,560
6thQuan Dinh$20,230
7thQing Ye$15,970
8thTaner Ates$13,310
9thMitch Bognar$10,650
*Denotes heads-up deal; full results available at

This concludes our coverage of the Jackstar Super High Roller, but we’ll be back on Saturday as we bring you live updates from Day 2 of the APL Million Main Event and right through until the final river falls.

Be sure to also keep up with all that’s happening on and around the felt at Southport Sharks with our social media updates on the APL Facebook page and tune into watch the feature table stream over at Until then, thanks again for joining us and we’ll see you again real soon. ‘Bye for now!


James Camilleri eliminated in 5th place ($25,560)

James Camilleri, acting from the cut off, pushed his stack all in for 5,300,000 with AJ.

Luke Martinelli in the small blind woke up with KK to re-pop for 8,700,000.

Yita Choong struggled with a decision, holding 1010, and questioning if he should be folding, before ultimately doing so, and clearing the way for the other two.

Martinelli’s kings were too strong on a board of 9Q588, eliminating Camilleri.

Quan Dinh eliminated in 6th place ($20,230)

Eric Xu raised to 850,000, prompting Quan Dinh in the small blind to deliberate over his 75 for a few moments, before shoving all in pre-flop for 2,800,000.

Xu called and rolled over A5. The board was spread 4Q33Q, with Xu’s kicker kicking Dinh to the rail.

Quan Dinh

Qing Ye eliminated in 7th place ($15,970)

After chips traded around the final table over the course of the prior few levels, Qing Ye made a move and ripped his stack of 2,200,000 from the hijack, and was called by Angel Guillen in the small blind.

Ye had hopes to hold with 44 against Guillen’s A8.

The flop appeared as 79J, a far more favourable set of odds for Guillen with a straight draw, and with the 8,Q on the remaining streets, the pair of eights were enough to see to the demise of Ye.

Taner Ates eliminated in 8th place ($13,310)

Luke Martinelli was on a roll after having eliminated Bognar, cruising up the chip count ladder with 6,700,000.

Taner Ates in the small blind decided to try his luck, shoving all-in pre-flop for 1,800,000 and getting called by Martinelli.

Ates’ suited connectors, 109, were left found wanting on a board of 62J32 as Martinelli’s K10 was good enough with a king kicker to eliminate Ates.

Mitch Bognar eliminated in 9th place ($10,650)

Luke Martinelli (3.3M) raised UTG +3 to 1,200,000.

Mitch Bognar decided to move all-in over the top for 2,500,000, and was called by Martinelli.

Bognar’s AK had top pair on a board of 9A10QQ, though Martinelli’s K10 flushed him out as our first final table scalp.

Luke Martinelli5,800,000
Mitch BognarBUSTED!


2022 APL Million Jackstar Super High Roller final table

The Jackstar Super High Roller final table has now been set! Once again, we find ourselves with a stellar line-up, led by Sydney’s Eric Xu who started with 9.07 million in chips, followed closely by James Camilleri and Quan Dinh.

International import Angel Guillen – husband of Australian Poker Hall of Famer Lynn Gilmartin – is also well in contention, and could become the second international Jackstar Champion since France’s Anthony Cierco won it here at Southport Sharks back in January.

But although he comes in as the short stack, there’s no question that Yita Choong is hungry for more success after his impressive fourth-place finish in this year’s WSOP Millionaire Maker.

1Angel Guillen4,310,000
2Eric Xu9,070,000
3Mitch Bognar1,815,000
4James Camilleri7,190,000
5Quan Dinh6,300,000
6Qing Ye4,495,000
7Taner Ates2,285,000
8Luke Martinelli1,800,000
9Yita Choong1,620,000

Head to to follow the rest of the action through to a winner!

Xu keeping his chips

We’ve hit the top nine of the Jackstar Super High Roller. With action commencing through a UTG open from Eric Xu to 320,000. Play folded around to Wahesh on the button who called the bet to go heads-up to a flop of 8Q10.

Xu lead for 300,000 on the flop before Wahesh moved all-in for 1,365,000.

A moment passed before Xu made the call and the two went to showdown, Wahesh with his tournament life on the line.

Wahesh: KQ
Xu: KJ

Xu’s rail decided to try their luck again in calling the next card. This time they requested pre-turn and for a few options.

“Ace or a Nine!” They pleaded.

On cue, the A dropped on the turn, with the 8 completing Wahesh’s fate and sending us from two tables to one.

Eric Xu9,070,000
Simon WaheshBUSTED!
Simon Wahesh

Level 28: 80,000/160,000 (160,000)


Eric Xu opened from UTG+1 to 200,000, called by Qing Ye, before Crosby short-called the rest of his 180,000.

The dealer peeled a board of 286, and Xu initiated a bet of 125,000, called by Ye. They both checked the turn 8.

Ye fired with guns blazing on the river 7, piling 750,000 of his stack, forcing a fold from Xu and stealing the side pot.

As the cards were flipped up for showdown, Crosby was absolutely shuttered out by Ye, with the stone-cold nuts. Crosby’s night ending in 11th place.

Ye: 88
Crosby: A7

Qing Ye

“Who’s your daddy!” Pt. III

By now we should all know the line. Let’s say it all together!

This time it was Liam Jehu becoming the latest scalp for James Camilleri.

Blind on blind, Camilleri raised from the small before Jehu jammed in the big.

Jehu: AJ
Camilleri: Q10

The flop was as scary as they come for Jehu, with the spread of 768 providing plenty of outs for Camilleri. One of them came on the turn with the A falling.

The A was deceptive to Camilleri, believing for a moment that he had lost to a full house.

Not to be. Upon realising he’d won, he followed his script to perfection as he waved goodbye to 12th placed Jehu.

“Who’s your daddy!”

James Camilleri7,190,000
Liam JehuBUSTED!

“Who’s your daddy!” Pt. II

It has become a new catchphrase for James Camilleri. Exclaimed again after he saw to the elimination of Martin Ward in 13th place.

With Ward moving all in with Q-J for less than 800,000, it was an easy decision to snap-call with A-Q.

The Ace high flop was enough as the whole board came out to give Camilleri another scalp and another cue for his exciting new line to be delivered.

Ward took the loss with a smile, simply responding with, “I’m definitely not your daddy!”

With a laugh, he added, “But you can have my chips though!”

Martin Ward

Level 27: 60,000/120,000 (120,000)


Jack Brown and Eric Xu were involved in a major hand on the stream over at our Feature Table.

Jeff Crosby was the initial raiser, making it 220,000 from UTG+1. Brown pushed 750,000 from the hijack when Xu moved all in from the cutoff.

Crosby folded and Brown quickly called, turning over KK. Xu opened up his QQ and the two went to battle with Brown the at-risk player.

The flop came 810A, not providing much of an impact for either player.

The turn of K gave Brown a set, but gave Xu two additional outs.

A supportive rail behind Xu got vocal with one card left, “JACK!”

And so it came to pass, that on the river card, there be the J.

Eric Xu7,825,000
Jack BrownBUSTED!
Eric Xu

Stark Strikes Out

Quan Dinh opened with a bet of 240,000, rousing Stark from the big blind to ship a crippled stack of 720,000. Dinh quickly replied with a call to carry them over to heads up.

Unfortunately for Stark, his luck ran cold as his A-T was edged out by Dinh’s A-Q on a clean run out.

Jon StarkBUSTED!
Jon Stark

More knockouts

Action has slowed upon reaching the final two tables. More time is being taken with each decision as the weight of each one increases with larger payouts always an elimination away.

However, Charles Tsai and Matthew Howearth have both found the rail in 17th and 18th place respectively. Both collecting $5,325 for their efforts across the two days.

Level 26: 50,000/100,000 (100,000)

Final two tables

Feature Table

1Jon Stark
2Mitch Bognar
3Tanner Ates
4Yita Choong
5Charles Tsai
6Quan Dinh
7Martin Ward
8James Camilleri
9Liam Jehu

Table 74

1Qing Ye
2Matthew Howarth
3Angel Guillen
4Simon Wahesh
5Craig Trevanna
6Jeff Crosby
7Luke Martinelli
8Jack Brown
9Eric Xu

McDannold’s take away

Spinning the last of his 480,000 chips forth for his tournament life was Zac McDannold who went all-in pre-flop from UTG+1 .

Yita Choong snapped him off from the big blind as they both took to a board of K-9-6-4-T.

Yita Choong’s AK was good enough to hold, the deal effectively sealed by the King in the window against McDannold’s A7, sending him to the rail.

Yita Choong3,280,000
Zac McDannoldBUSTED!

House of Stark

Over on table 74, Jon Stark moved all-in pre-flop and was quickly called behind. He turned over his cards to show 99 as the villain revealed AJ.

As the flop peeled 9J3, Stark’s trips were looking good and the turn J only delivered a bittersweet taste in the mouth of his opponent, with the 6 on the river sealing the double-up for Stark.

Jon Stark

Battle for survival

Pressure is building as players are putting each other to the test.

James Camilleri and Yita Choong were involved in a tense period pre-flop in a hand early in the level.

Camilleri opened from the cutoff to 180,000, and with action folding back to Choong in the big blind, he piled a huge raise.

1,800,000 was the new price of admission for Camilleri to see a flop. After a tank in excess of three minutes, Camilleri folded his hand face-up, JJ.

It is on!

Level 25: 40,000/80,000 (80,000)

Break time

It is time for our 19 remaining player to stretch their legs and grab a drink. We are on the verge of final two tables.

A sorted chip count

Jon Stark4,700,000
Luke Martinelli4,665,000
Jack Brown4,640,000
James Camilleri3,700,000
Charles Tsai2,600,000
Eric Xu2,120,000
Quan Dinh2,100,000
Angel Guillen2,060,000
Martin Ward1,850,000
Liam Jehu1,840,000
Yita Choong1,775,000
Craig Trevenna1,715,000
Jeff Crosby1,675,000
Qing Ye1,620,000
Simon Wahesh1,230,000
Taner Ates1,125,000
Mitch Bognar1,110,000
Zac McDannold900,000


Matthew Howearth has been eliminated after a short bout of pre-flop action. A three-bet shove was all it took for the chips to get in the middle after Qing Ye initially opened.

Howearth’s short-stacked all-in was promptly called by Ye and the two turned over their cards.

Howearth: 88
Ye: K9

Board: 49J67

Qing Ye1,250,000
Matthew HowearthBUSTED!
Qing Ye

“Who’s your daddy!”

Delivered loudly, James Camilleri expressed this with pure ecstasy as the river card fell in his favour.

He followed it with, “I never get the lucky river.”

After a three way all-in, Camilleri was at risk against a bigger stack in Corey Van Jaarsveldt, whilst Yiteng Ge was the shortest in chips of the three.

Van Jaarsveldt: 99
Camilleri: AK
Ge: QJ

Board: 58J4K

James Camilleri4,250,000
Corey Van Jaarsveldt520,000
Yiteng GeBUSTED!
James Camilleri

Level 24: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)

Wheeler of fortune: episode III

Grant Wheeler moved all in pre-flop and found a call from Jack Brown.

Although dominated by KQ pre-flop, Wheeler’s K10 flopped well with the first three cards displaying J810.

With a flush draw, there was still no feeling of comfort for Wheeler. That feeling was validated as the last two cards came down 3,5.

Jack Brown4,150,000
Grant WheelerBUSTED!

Bao down and out

Bao Le has reached the end of his tournament run.

After raising to 100,000 pre and having Yiteng Ge move all-in over the top, Le quickly called to see he was ahead. However, the board had other ideas.

Le: QQ
Ge: 99

Board: 87395

Yiteng Ge1,310,000

Fazzino fizzes

Sal Fazzino managed to land a double-up thanks to Zac McDannold moving all in from the button.

Fazzino woke up in the small blind with KK and called McDannold, who turned over AJ.

The board followed with 8A3K2 to decimate McDannold’s stack. Fazzino moves to over a million in chips after being on 385,000 only minutes prior.

Sal Fazzino1,120,000
Zac McDannold200,000
Sal Fazzino

Level 23: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)

Berdugo-es, Smiljanic follows

More knockouts are taking place, as the field enters the twenties.

Corey Van Jaarsveldt’s AA eliminated Jeison Berdugo’s J8 after the two players got the chips in the middle on a flop of 853. The runout of 3,9 meant the Aces held strong.

Dan Smiljanic went shortly after, with his AQ going down in flames against Dylan Wayne’s Q7.

Both players flopped top pair on 56Q, but a rough turn and river for Smiljanic of 8,4 handed Wayne a running straight to send Smiljanic home.

Corey Van Jaarsveldt1,705,000
Dylan Wayne1,575,000
Jeison BerdugoBUSTED!
Dan SmiljanicBUSTED!
Dylan Wayne

Mean way to go

Mina Gerges moved all in pre-flop for 465,000 with JJ in his hand, and found a caller in the form of Yita Choong and his 33.

Looking good to multiply his stack by two, Gerges was disheartened at a board showing A36K6 to end his evening.

Choong then got involved again the very next hand. Another all-in pre saw Peter Peter’s K5 called by Choong’s KQ.

The board spread 10443J, flushing Peters from the tournament.

Yita Choong1,650,000
Mina GergesBUSTED!
Yita Choong

“I’m in strife!” *laughs*

Those were the words from Hayden Doughty after his UTG all-in was promptly called by Jack Brown.

“A snap call! That’s not good!”

Doughty’s impressions were correct as his 99 had some catching up to do against Brown’s QQ. The flop gave some hope as 10Q8 with an inside straight draw and back-door flush draw providing some additional avenues of escape.

However the turn and river of 5,6 sealed his fate.

Jack Brown2,685,000
Hayden DoughtyBUSTED!
Jack Brown

Released Roderick

Angel Guillen continues to prove that patience is key. As previously mentioned, he spent the majority of the day with less than half the average stack. Now he appears to hold a chip lead as the field begins to slim into the thirties.

His latest victim was Scott Roderick, discharged from the tournament after Guillen spiked a set.

Roderick open-shoved from UTG and folded around to Guillen in the big blind, who called the 360,000 bet.

Roderick’s 1010 faced up against Guillen’s 55, and fell behind on the board 59337.

Angel Guillen3,250,000
Scott RoderickBUSTED!

Level 22: 20,000/40,000 (40,000)

Wayne’s world

Hayden Doughty opened the action from UTG to 60,000, then Dylan Wayne three-bet all-in for 375,000 from the cutoff. From the small blind, Liam Murray moved in over the top for his total of 590,000, Doughty got out of the way as Wayne made the call.

Wayne: KJ
Murray: 1010

Board: J4692

Murray would go on to be eliminated the next hand in 50th place.

Dylan Wayne810,000
Liam MurrayBUSTED!
Dylan Wayne

The adventures of Mr. Kennedy

Samuel Kennedy has been involved in some wild action across the span of multiple hands.

Midway through Level 21, Kennedy moved all-in on top of a pre-flop raise and was called by AK.

Kennedy’s Queens looked in trouble on the turn after the first four cards expressed a board of 929K. The river resulted in the Q for the two-outer to get Kennedy the double.

However, shortly after, a now big-stacked Angel Guillen opened to 60,000, another player called and Kennedy attempted a squeeze from the small blind with 1010, moving all-in for almost a million in chips.

Guillen called with AA, having Kennedy crushed including suits, and held on a board of A64210.

Guillen now has a huge chip count after spending the majority of the tournament nursing a short stack.

Angel Guillen2,680,000
Samuel KennedyBUSTED!

Bubble burst

Hayden Doughty has earned the praise of 53 other players in the tournament by knocking out 55th place, and reaching the payout zone.

A hijack open to 60,000 saw Doughty and the big blind flat the bet to see the flop.

All players checked to a turn as the board now read KK107.

The big blind lead for 30,000, the hijack folded and Doughty called.

The big blind bet half of his stack on the 5 river, Doughty responded with a bet big enough to cover the remainder of his opponent’s stack.

Putting his tournament life at risk on the bubble, the big blind called with KJ only to see that Doughty had rivered a full house with 55.

Congratulations to our top 54, you’re all getting paid!

Hayden Doughty1,410,000

Level 21: 15,000/30,000 (30,000)

Bao down up

Mina Gerges once again got involved in a hand, except this time, he was the one running into Aces.

An open-jam from Bao Le under the gun for 220,000 was called when action folded to Gerges in the big blind.

Le: AA
Gerges: AQ

Board: 955J3

Le faded the heart-draw to get a double up, bringing him closer to par with Gerges’ stack.

Bao Le470,000
Mina Gerges590,000
Bao Le

Joe blow

Joseph Cristallo has experienced vastly differing fortunes within the space of two hands.

With an all-in for 350,000 from Mina Gerges, Cristallo snap called with AK.

Gerges turned over AA and held on a board of 851045 to double up.

Cristallo then woke up with 99 and jammed into AK, this time holding clean on 106Q104 to run his stack back up after the previous hand’s loss.

Joseph Cristallo530,000
Mina Gerges740,000
Mina Gerges

Wheeler of fortune: episode II

Ilya Lanster and Grant Wheeler clashed again in an action hand on Table 72.

Lanster opened to 40,000 from UTG, and was met with calls from two players in middle position, as well as from Liam Murray in the small blind, and Wheeler defending his big blind.

On the 778 flop, the blinds checked to Lanster to continue for 66,000. Two players called, Murray folded, and Wheeler priced it up to 165,000.

Lanster responded with an all-in, was called and both turned their cards.

Wheeler: 86
Lanster: A9

The turn landed a 4 giving Lanster the flush, but the 8 river boated Wheeler up to decimate Lanster’s stack.

Grant Wheeler925,000
Ilya Lanster25,000
Ilya Lanster

Level 20: 10,000/20,000 (20,000)

Luke, meet Jack

Luke De Ruiter raised to 32,000 to begin a hand, when his opponent moved all-in for 170,000.

De Ruiter called with his JJ to see he was up against AA.

The first four cards changed nothing, being 10K84, however the arrival of the J on the river handed him the scalp and a chip-up.

Luke De Ruiter590,000
Luke De Ruiter

Bru-no luck

Bruno Portaro has lost consecutive hands to fall out of contention in the Jackstar.

An all-in pre-flop from Angel Guillen for 143,000 prompted Portaro to move in over the top for 344,000.

All others cleared the way as Guillen showed JJ, with Portaro’s A9 needing to catch up.

No such case eventuated as the board followed 751083.

Portaro moved all-in the very next hand and couldn’t survive upon being called.

Angel Guillen346,000
Bruno PortaroBUSTED!
Angel Guillen


Action opened on Table 6 with Dan Smiljanic opening from UTG to 32,000. Taner Ates adjusted the price to 87,000 with a raise of his own from middle position.

They both saw the flop reveal 233, to which they both checked.

When the 5 came on the turn, Smiljanic bet 75,000 before Ates min-raised to 150,000, which put Smiljanic in the blender.

Three minutes passed before an eventual fold was made and, to ease any doubts, Ates showed Smiljanic that the fold was correct, turning his AK face up on the table.

Taner Ates1,200,000
Dan Smiljanic334,000
Taner Ates

No casualty Ward

Martin Ward and Jeison Berdugo played against each other in a hand that opened with a raise from Berdugo to 35,000. Ward came along to see the flop spread J97, where the action checked through to a Q on the turn.

Ward lead for 35,000 and Berdugo matched him.

Both players checked the J river card and so Ward turned over his K10 for the straight, unable to get a bite after attempting to bait Berdugo.

Martin Ward351,000
Jeison Berdugo785,000
Martin Ward

Level 19: 8,000/16,000 (16,000)

Three streets of action

No spoilers in this one’s headline as we want to take you on a ride-along for a hand on Table 2.

Nathanial Hutton opened the action to 26,000 and found a call from William Lim, defending his big blind.

On a flop of 7A10, Lim checked it to Hutton who continued for 30,000. Lim made the call to see the 9 show up on the turn.

This time, Lim lead out into Hutton for 12,000, and was eventually met with a call.

The river card fell the 10 and Lim pulled the trigger, counting out some of his mountain of red chips and betting 100,000.

A moment in the tank eventually saw Hutton come to make the fold, and with glee Lim turned over his 82 for the bluff as the table erupted with laughter!

William ‘Mr. Miyagi’ Lim1,960,000
Nathanial Hutton721,000
William Lim

Wins of an Angel

Angel Guillen is in the process of grinding a short stack to stay in the game, and it’s safe to say a timely event of quad-aces has helped his cause.

An opponent’s K10 was stomped to the ground on each street as the all-in pre-flop saw Guillen’s AQ take the pot after the 9AA9A spread.

Angel Guillen244,000
Angel Guillen

Wheeler of fortune

Table 72 saw Liam Murray open the action from the button to a total of 24,000, the adjacent Grant Wheeler moved all-in from the small blind for 274,000, and Ilya Lanster flatted from the big blind.

Murray cleared the way for the two blinds to battle and the cards were shown.

Lanster: AA
Wheeler: 33

On a flop of 6A4, it looked to be all over over for Wheeler, except for some straw-clutching back-door draws. The turn and river followed with 5,9 as the whole table let our a collectively groan in disgust at the runout.

Grant Wheeler512,000
Ilya Lanster28,000
Liam Murray372,000
Grant Wheeler

Corey glory

Another all-in pre-flop situation has seen the knockout of Ben Kirkham.

Corey Van Jaarsveldt woke up with AA at the perfect time, with Kirkham moving all in with a dominated AQ for 166,000 before being quickly called.

No assistance from a board of 2JJ5K was able to Save Kirkham from hitting the rail.

Corey Van Jaarsveldt701,000
Ben KirkhamBUSTED!
Corey Van Jaarsveldt

Level 18: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)

Gross income

Michael Gross was the beneficiary of another Kings versus Queens cooler, with all the chips getting in the middle before the first street.

An all-in from an unknown player’s QQ ran into Gross’ KK and couldn’t improve on 77538, with neither player holding a club.

Michael Gross590,000


Hayden Doughty has lost a relatively small chunk of his relatively large stack.

Adrian Roberts moved all in for 106,000 pre-flop and found Doughty as a caller.

Roberts: AK
Doughty: AQ

Board: J58A6

The hand resulting in a timely double for Roberts, whilst Doughty still maintains a comfortable chip count.

Adrian Roberts383,000
Hayden Doughty730,000
Hayden Doughty

Mansell profits

Josh Mansell has picked up a scalp with a flip falling in his favour.

The dealer announced “All-in, call” before spreading a board of 772210.

Mansell’s 99 held in good stead against an opponent’s AK.

Josh Mansell463,000

Level 17: 5,000/10,000 (10,000)

Hart palpitations

Shannon Hart has survived a huge scare after getting his QQ in against his opponent’s JJ.

All-in before a flop of AKQ, things were looking good for Hart with a flopped-set in his favour. The whole table let out a collective groan with a 10 on the turn, before an even bigger “Oohh!” upon the arrival of the A on the river.

Shannon Hart593,000


A short-stacked Carlos Yousef put his remaining 31,000 into the middle and Liam Murray snap called to go heads-up to a full board spread of 978810.

Youssef’s AK failed to interact with the community cards to beat Murray’s 33.

Liam Murray185,000
Carlos YoussefBUSTED!
Liam Murray

Frost coolered

William Lim has emerged as one of the monster stacks, if not the chip leader, after an all-in pre-flop against Mitchell Frost.

After much raising and re-raising eventually both players were all-in. Before either turned over their cards, Lim questioned Frost:

“You have pocket queens?”

The cards did the talking in response as Frost turned over his QQ. Lim cheerfully showed his KK as the two took to the board of 851089, as Frost’s 485,000 in chips were shipped to the other side of the table.

William Lim1,247,000
Mitchell FrostBUSTED!
William Lim

Time to go, Panuccio

Pat Panuccio has hit the rail as a result of a cooler from Higor Seibel

Seibel piled his chips all in from the small blind, over the top of Panuccio’s button raise of 20,000. Panuccio quickly called with AK to see he was up against the A6 of Siebel.

The Board couldn’t hold up Panuccio’s pre-flop lead, eliminated after the spread of 51067J. Seibel collected 130,000 in extra chips after spiking the right pair at the right time.

Higor Seibel340,000
Pat PanuccioBUSTED!
Higor Seibel

Level 16: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)

Quads good for Wood

Russell Fogarty has had his tournament life cut short by Danny Wood.

After action opened with a raise to 12,000 from UTG, Wood and Fogarty called from the cut off and small blind respectively.

On 1086, Wood lead out for 15,000, and was met with a raise all-in from Fogarty.

Wood matched Fogarty’s remaining 76,000, with Fogarty holding 87for a pair and a number of draws. Wood’s 66 had the pot locked up on the turn with the 10 pairing the board. If that wasn’t convincing enough, the 6 was the extra nail in the coffin.

Danny Wood506,000
Russell FogartyBUSTED!

Raise, raise, raise

Sam Kennedy is looking to apply maximum pressure to his opponents on his table. Our reporter has caught the action from the flop, with the board showing 8JA.

Kennedy initially checked from the small blind to Sal Fazzino, who seated on the button. Fazzino bet 15,000, Kennedy raised to 56,000 and Fazzino fired another raise up to 125,000.

Kennedy took his time before piling all 352,000 of his chips into the middle. After a period of tanking, Fazzino eventually let go of his hand, letting Kennedy take down a big pot before getting to a turn.

Sam Kennedy515,000
Sal Fazzino451,000
Samuel Kennedy

New bar for Jackstar

Four-hundred and eighty-four. 484 entries is the final count for the 2022 APL Million Jackstar Super High Roller. $532,400 is the total prize pool with a whopping $119,790 up top for first.

These are unprecedented numbers, well clear of any iteration of the Jackstar in the past.


Assorted chip counts

William Lim670,000
Mitch Bognar600,000
Brock Munro599,000
Danny Wood506,000
Eric Xu403,000
Dylan Wayne360,000
Liam Jehu337,000
Carlos Youssef302,000
Qi Xu276,000
Mena Tawfik235,000
Dylan Garland229,000
Angel Guillen171,000
Yita Choong167,000
Simon Wahesh153,000
Robert Damelian130,000
Adrian Pacheco83,000

Level 15: 3,000/6,000 (6,000)

No more Toye to play with

Sal Fazzino has rocketed up the chip counts with the knockout of Rauran Toye.

On a flop of 932, Toye lead from the cutoff for 30,000 and was met with a Fazzino raise to 80,000. Toye moved all in over the top for 240,000 with Fazzino snap-calling.

Toye: A9
Fazzino: K9

Toye looked in good shape to find a double-up, until the runout followed 2,K, spelling the end of Toye’s story.

Sal Fazzino

Rollercoaster Romain

On a board of J247, Romain Morvan was all in against Luke Martinelli.

Morvan was in bad shape with 99 after Martinelli had flopped a set with 44.

The river card couldn’t help Morvan, as the J landed, giving Martinelli a huge pot to tip him over half-a-million in chips.

The following hand, Morvan moved all in from under the gun and found a caller in Guy O’Keefe from middle position.

Morvan: 55
O’Keefe: AK

Board: 42QJ8

With Morvan rising from his seat, and grabbing his bag ready to leave, it appears the ‘stand-up equity’ has seen him live to fight another day.

Luke Martinelli564,000
Romain Morvan90,500
Guy O’Keefe45,000
Romain Morvan

Hong does no wrong

Table 14 saw Taylor Grube move all in from middle position, followed by a Ryan Hong re-jam. Everyone else got out of the way as the two turned over their cards.

Grube: 77
Hong: AQ

Board: QJ1037

Ryan Hong277,000
Taylor GrubeBUSTED!

No frown for Brown

Over on Table 10, Graham Davis found himself in some post flop action against Jack Brown.

On 8210, Davis lead for 30,000 and Brown called to see the 7 turn card. Davis pushed all-in and was met with a snap call from Brown with 77.

The river card 6 couldn’t save Davis’ AA.

Jack Brown231,500
Graham Davis31,500

Level 14: 2,500/5,000 (5,000)

Dammit Zammit

Shane Zammit has been dealt a cruel blow, once again due to pocket Kings reigning supreme.

Not even Zammit’s AA could thwart Kings’ success today. Ben Kirkham’s KK spiked a set on the 42K65 spread.

Under the gun, and with 1,500 remaining in his stack, Zammit went all in blind the very next hand with Simon Wahesh and Caroline Lin checking through to the river in the side pot.

Lin’s AK held against Wahesh’s K9, and Zammit’s J8 on 6Q5Q5.

Ben Kirkham216,000
Caroline Lin228,000
Simon Wahesh112,000
Shane ZammitBUSTED!

Todd-do list

Todd Aguila has ticked off two knockouts from his checklist, eliminating Nilanka Kularathne and Zhihao Chen in the same hand. With pocket Kings proving successful so far – at least in our previous two hands reported so far – the trend did not waver from being in Aguila’s favour.

Aguila’s KK, facing Kularathne’s AK and Chen’s 66, held clean on a board of 5210J8 to hand him a flush as a bonus.

Todd Aguila: 245,000
Nilanka KularathneBUSTED!
Zhihao ChenBUSTED!

Slammin’ Sam

Samuel Kennedy has found a handy time to win with pocket Kings, after starting Day 2 with a Day 1 start stack. Liam Jehu, making a move pre-flop, still sits comfortably even after the loss.

Kennedy: KK
Liam: J8

Board: Q8Q33

Samuel Kennedy290,000
Liam Jehu199,000
Samuel Kennedy

Ates eats up early chips

Taner Ates has picked up an early three-way all in pot, resulting in the elimination of Jen Cassell.

Ates and Cassell found themselves all-in pre-flop, along with Carolyn Chen.

Ates: KK
Cassell: QQ
Chen: 77

Board: A978K

Chen almost scooped the entire pot after flopping the set, but the two-outer on the river has left her with less than 15 big blinds, as Ates climbs well above average stack.

Taner Ates266,000
Carolyn Chen56,500
Jen CassellBUSTED!
Taner Ates

Level 13: 2,000/4,000 (4,000)

Time to shine

Good afternoon and welcome back to PokerMedia Australia’s continued Live Reporting coverage of The APL Million Jackstar Super High Roller!

With 172 players one Day 1 through to Day 2, with additional entries expected in droves until the 12:40pm cutoff, the Jackstar looks to be yet another event on The APL Million Series schedule to have an enormous prize pool.

Players have returned to empty their bags as they prepare for a grinding final day, however the trend so far this series suggests that we may have to enter into the schedule to reach a result.

For now we’ve got all the action covered for you as we climb towards near 500 entry mark! Stay tuned.

Day 2 seat draw

Play will resume at 12pm AEST, with recommencing blinds at 2,000/4,000 (4,000). Please ensure you have your photo ID with you for verification purposes. Should you have any queries regarding your seating allocation, please approach one of the APL Million crew. Best of luck, everyone!

Table 1

1Yita Choong178,500
2Jacob Faull124,500
3Arthur Stevens91,000
4Bert Perry67,500
5Eric Xu267,000
7Danny Wood67,000
8Rob Damelian141,000
9Russell Fogarty134,000

Table 2

1Charles Tsai557,000
2Brad Smith58,500
3Ben Kirkham114,500
4Darren Moves560,500
5Corey Van Jaarsveldt219,500
6Simon Chahine80,000
7Kenny McLaren130,000
8Paul Huber282,000
9Caroline Lin217,500

Table 3

1John Gilberg701,000
2Daniel O’Shea146,000
3Andrew Edwards355,000
4Mina Gerges159,000
7Vito Montalto185,000
8Jiapeng Yang204,000
9Alex Predojevic492,500

Table 4

1Marc Seymour87,500
2Tony Grosso90,000
3Steven Vogt94,000
4Richard Balkau272,000
6Michael Gross213,500
7Richard Tang163,500
8Greg Burgess355,000
9Joe Cristallo169,500

Table 5

2Craig Scott56,000
3Samuel Kennedy82,000
4Michael Madden413,500
5Michael Collins298,000
6Billy Bremner326,000
7Liam Jehu302,500
8Mishel Anunu241,500
9Richard Davis177,500

Table 6

1Jaymie Hunter126,000
2Taner Ates93,000
3Andrew Gonn193,500
4Jen Cassell55,500
7Carolyn Chen137,500
8Mogens Hansen273,000
9Michael Barker68,000

Table 7

1Dylan Garland323,000
2Chi Truong117,000
3Qing Ye392,000
5James Camilleri302,500
6Grant Wheeler211,000
7Yang Lei309,000
8Tim Mitchell154,000
9Roland Hawkins174,500

Table 8

1Mena Tawfik295,500
2Kyle Hinchclifffe79,500
3Martin Ward160,500
4Faraz Ayyaz284,500
5Zachary McDannold195,000
8Wayne Clinch176,500
9John Camilleri62,000

Table 9

1Romain Morvan146,000
2Steven Hoek114,500
3Michael Mavrolakis52,000
4Karsten Kobbing243,000
5Mark McQuinn199,000
7Minh La154,500
9Higor Siebel286,500

Table 10

1Dylan Natoli76,500
2Mitchell Frost303,000
3Tony Bagshaw346,500
5Ben Yap129,000
7Hanan Braun95,000
8Jack Brown141,000

Table 11

1Shannon Hart233,500
2Wayde Rickhuss53,500
3Rimon Fanous203,500
6Jason White117,500
7Christopher Shao175,500
8Shaun Dunn103,500
9Jaime Dalton-Allen85,500

Table 12

1Roy Agresta80,000
2Dan Smiljanic109,000
3Joe Fullam124,500
4Jason Chahine131,500
5Metin Gul201,500
6Brett Crouch196,500
7Phat Nguyen227,500
8Tom Maguire123,000
9Matthew Howearth341,500

Table 13

1Leeroy Turnbull185,500
2Terry Oates189,500
3Octavian Voegele152,500
4Jon Stark51,000
5Matthew Bevin214,500
6Mitch Bognar538,000
7Jack Drapier62,500
8Troy McLean80,000
9Khac-Trung Tran181,000

Table 14

1Karl Symonds100,000
2Pierce Hynes186,000
3Luke De Ruiter282,500
4Adrian Roberts149,000
5Rithy Chhay227,500
7John Duggan314,500
8Matt Jones197,000
9Ryan Hong391,000

Table 15

1David Luong133,500
4Rauran Toye124,500
5Sal Fazzino269,000
6Ashish Gupta199,000
7Kane Lewis273,000
8Billy Kennedy118,000
9Braydon Kirkley80,000

Table 16

1Michael Callanan430,500
2Wayne Field434,500
3Peter Peeters264,500
4Tim McDonnell411,000
5Craig Trevenna211,000
6Peter Saward121,500
7Hasian Hyde57,000
8Nathaniel Hutton255,000
9Victor Bernardeau200,500

Table 17

2Kevin MacDonald221,000
3Scott Roderick60,500
4Alan Dang83,000
5Win Tan180,500
6Luke Jackson79,500
7Ben Setta166,000
8Quan Dinh228,000
9Dylan Stringer269,000

Table 70

1Zhihao Chen101,000
3Nilanka Kularathne43,500
4Brock Munro349,500
5Cam Adams175,000
6Jade Brunson203,500
7Sergio Kacanas71,500
8Brock Haslam174,000
9Todd Aguila134,500

Table 71

1Phillip Edwards160,000
2Aden Nicholls157,000
3Samuel Wells375,000
4Kalan Shuttlewood227,000
5Dylan Wayne447,000
6Jamie De Bono103,000
7Linh Bui84,000
8Dennis Huntly261,000
9Toby Allsop353,500

Table 72

1Matt Sykes95,000
2Steve Meertens99,000
3Shaun Elliott175,000
4Yoon Kang189,000
6Liam Murray148,000
7Carlos Youssef126,500
9Elvira Rock279,500

Table 73

2Juri Roots90,500
4Tim Caban31,500
5Bao Le171,500
6Phil Siddell136,500
7Greg Hoy114,500
8Bruno Portaro32,800

Table 74

1Nathan Cramb223,500
2Jeff Crosby333,000
3Kelly Dubberley262,500
4Renato Trentin388,500
5Travis Endersby43,000
6Matty Guilleaume80,500
7Dexter McMillan271,500
8Nick Williams102,500
9Chris Andreadis318,000

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