LIVE REPORTING: APL Million Centurion Day 3

Congratulations Ben Turner ($151,760), APL Million Centurion Champion!

After an epic four days of action and 283 eliminations, our Centurion Champion has been crowned, with Ben Turner defeating fellow Queenslander Luke McCredie heads-up for his biggest career score ever!

Overcome with emotion, Turner struggled to find words to describe how he felt about the victory, but was quick to thank the plethora of supporters that rallied him the whole way through today’s three-handed battle.

“I had such an amazing rail behind me,” Turner told PokerMedia Australia. “They were really amping me up and keeping me motivated the whole time.”

Turner also revealed that he’d been putting in a lot of work as of late to improve his game, which has certainly reflected in his Hendon Mob results. Today’s win shatters his previous best of a $20K runner-up finish here in the APT Gold Coast Beast event here at Southport Sharks back in May.

APL MILLION CENTURION ($2,500 buy-in, 284 entries, 32 players paid)*

1stBen Turner$151,760
2ndLuke McCredie$97,450
3rdJenny Chhauv$62,300
4thSteve Swalling$49,520
5thWill Wong$37,380
6thWilliam Lim$30,350
7thJason Lim$23,960
8thAngel Guillen$19,170
9thMichael Gross$15,340
*Full results available at

This concludes PMA‘s coverage of this tournament, but you can still catch all the action from Day 2 of the Jackstar Super High Roller on our Live Reporting blog right now, and tune into the feature table stream over at

From all of us here at Southport Sharks, thanks for your continued support and we’ll see you on the felt real soon. ‘Bye for now!

APL Million Centurion final table

1Michael Gross330,000
2Steve Swalling4,535,000
3Ben Turner4,515,000
4Will Wong3,640,000
5Jenny Chhauv2,580,000
6Angel Guillen2,665,000
7Luke McCredie3,190,000
8William Lim3,435,000
9Jason Lee3,390,000

This concludes PokerMedia Australia‘s Live Reporting coverage of this tournament. Head on over now to to watch all the action on the final table stream, right up until the final river falls.

We’ll have the final results posted on the APL Facebook page later on, as well as in our daily article tomorrow morning; in the meantime, you can switch over to check out the live updates of the Jackstar Super High Roller which is now underway.

From all of us here at PMA, we all wish our Centurion contenders the very best of luck. May the flop be with you!

Mike Rowley eliminated in 10th place ($12,460)

After the successive eliminations of Luke Jackson, Didier Guerin and Aidan Stewart at the feature table, Joe Antar departed from Table 77 in 11th place before Mike Rowley shipped the last of his chips in pre-flop in the very next hand.

Jason Lee called him off, tabling A6 and found himself behind Rowley’s A9, but much to Rowley’s dismay, Lee spiked two pair on the river after the dealer spread the board of 44JQ6.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s official – the final table of The APL Million Centurion has been confirmed!

Jason Lee3,390,000
Mike RowleyBUSTED!

APL MILLION NLH 6-MAX: Holler for the Marshall!

Action has slowed to a crawl in The Centurion, so we’re now taking the opportunity to set ourselves up for the Jackstar Super High Holler and bring you another APL Million quick wrap.

It was indeed a result worth the wait, as Ron Marshall went all the way in the $120 NLH 6-Max; the long-time APL supporter is best remembered for his runner-up finish to Liam Murray in the inaugural APLPT Queensland series, also held here at Southport Sharks.

EVENT #8 | APL MILLION NLH 6-MAX ($120 buy-in, 231 entries)*

1stRon Marshall$3,395*
2ndDavid Herd$3,905*
3rdJames Saunders$2,340*
4thScott Coggins$4,045*
5thChris Burgess$1,210
6thYoichi Higuchi$865
7thLeonie Carr$635

*Denotes four-handed ICM deal. Final table results shown; full results available at

Level 21: 20,000/40,000 (40,000)

Break it up!

Our final 15 players are now on a 15-minute break.

Lim back from the brink

William Lim has scored a last-minute double before our remaining 15 players headed off on the first break of the day.

Again, all the money was in the middle before the flop over on Table 75; Miyagi had got it in good with AA against Mike Rowley who had called off with AK, with the board of 754Q8 improving neither hand.

William Lim965,000
Mike Rowley1,200,000

Joshua Schwellnus eliminated in 16th place ($7,030)

We’ve now hit our next pay jump after Joshua Schwellnus lost the battle of the short stacks against Michael Gross.

Schwellnus ripped in the last of his stack pre-flop holding Q8, however ran head-first into Gross’ 1010 which held all the way down the board of 9K732.

Michael Gross780,000
Joshua SchwellnusBUSTED!

Final two tables

We’ve had another two eliminations from the feature table, with Josh Vinecombe and David Luong departing in 19th and 18th places respectively. Tournament staff have now paused the clock to balance the tables, so we took a moment to grab a full round of counts. Feature Table

1Aidan Stewart1,595,000
2Will Wong1,830,000
3Jenny Chhauv1,460,000
4Scott Wilson1,730,000
5Didier Guerin1,605,000
6Luke Jackson725,000
7Steve Swalling2,390,000
8Ben Turner4,045,000

Table 75

1Jason Lee2,910,000
2William Lim1,310,000
3Mike Rowley2,800,000
4Joe Antar2,800,000
5Luke McCredie3,000,000
6Angel Guillen1,660,000
7Joshua Schwellnus325,000
8Michael Gross495,000

Daniel O’Shea eliminated in 20th place ($6,070)

Daniel ‘DOS’ O’Shea has been shut down by Joe Antar in 20th place, moving his last 381,000 into the middle pre-flop just before the blinds ticked over into the 20th level of play.

Joe Antar called him down and tabled A9, ahead of O’Shea who was at-risk with KJ, but although both players paired up on the flop of A10J, Antar held up after the turn and river bricked 2, 8.

Joe Antar1,922,000
Daniel O’SheaBUSTED!

Octavian Voegele eliminated in 21st place ($6,070)

After the successive bust-outs of Cam Adams and Alex Lee on the feature table, Octavian Voegele got the last of his money in holding J10 after a pre-flop raise from Jason Lee.

Lee called him off and found himself well ahead holding AQ, and with the board improving neither hand, ‘Octo’ was busto.

Jason Lee2,570,000
Octavian VoegeleBUSTED!

Level 20: 15,000/30,000 (30,000)

Rowley rallies

Mike Rowley has found a much-needed double-up through Joe Antar over on Table 75.

Action folded around to Rowley who raised to 50,000 from the button before Antar three-bet it from the small blind, making it 275,00 to go.

Rowley then shoved for his last 763,000 and Antar snap-called.

Antar: JJ
Rowley: AK

Rowley then tripped up on the board of A84A7 to keep his Centurion dream alive.

Mike Rowley1,550,000
Joe Antar1,253,000

Jigs Reyes eliminated in 24th place ($5,430)

Jigs Reyes has been confirmed as the first player to bust from Day 3 of The Centurion, felted at the hands of Luke Jackson.

Having just got in after being caught in traffic, Reyes got the last of his money into the middle after a flop of 852 with 76, but Jackson called him down with K8.

The turn of the 3 was of no help, and neither was the river A and Reyes headed back out the door another $5K richer.

Luke Jackson1,600,000
Jigs ReyesBUSTED!

Two milly for McCredie

Angel Guillen and Luke McCredie have clashed in early action out on Table 77.

It was a battle of the blinds to a flop of 526; Guillen opened for 95,000 and McCredie called before both players checked their option on the turn of the Q.

Guillen checked again on the river 8, but quickly mucked after McCredie fired out 205,000.

Luke McCredie2,052,000
Angel Guillen2,010,000

Cards in the air!

Day 3 of The Centurion is now officially underway!

As has been the case over the last two days, we’ll be playing through 60-minute levels, and right through until we crown our winner tonight.

APL MILLION CENTURION – REMAINING PAYOUTS ($2,500 buy-in, 284 entries, 32 players paid)


Level 19: 12,000/24,000 (24,000)

On the verge of greatness

Hello there and welcome back to PMA‘s Live Reporting coverage of The APL Million!

Today is expected to be one of the busiest days of the series, leading into what could become the single biggest event held outside of a casino in Australian history.

But right now, it’s all about our 24 contenders in The Centurion, who return for their shot at fame, fortune and glory, along with top prize worth $151,xxx.

Leading the way before first pitch is Steve Swalling, but this field is jam-packed with talent, including APLPT Champions Octavian Voegele, Scott Wilson and Luke McCredie, along with APL Ville 600 Main Event Champion Will Wong and international superstars Angel Guillen (Mexico) and Alex Lee (Singapore).

Action is about to get underway shortly, so stay with us as we bring you live updates right up until the final table, which will be streamed over at and the APL Facebook page thanks to our friends at LCAPoker!

Day 3 seat draw

Play will resume at 12pm AEST, with recommencing blinds at 12,000/24,000 (24,000).

Please ensure you have your photo ID with you for verification purposes, and should you have any queries regarding your seat allocation, please see one of the APL Million crew upon arrival. Best of luck, everyone! Feature Table

1David Luong1,267,000
2Alex Lee860,000
3Jenny Chhauv524,000
4Scott Wilson1,527,000
5William Lim744,000
6Joseph Vinecombe1,469,000
7Cam Adams653,000
8Ben Turner1,104,000

Table 75

1Jason Lee1,593,000
2Octavian Voegele826,000
3Michael Rowley783,000
4Joe Antar2,010,000
5Clint Taylor1,175,000
6Daniel O’Shea613,000
7Joshua Schwellnus381,000
8Michael Gross1,025,000

Table 76

1Aidan Stewart1,002,000
2Angel Guillen1,565,000
3Luke McCredie1,925,000
4Didier Guerin1,837,000
5Jigs Reyes494,000
6Will Wong1,297,000
7Luke Jackson1,097,000
8Steven Swalling2,745,000

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