LIVE REPORTING: 2022 APL Million Centurion Day 2

Steve Swalling bags chip lead after Day 2 of APL Million Centurion; that’s a wrap!

With the chip-lead swapping around between Didier Guerin and Luke McCredie for the majority of the day, Steve Swalling flew predominately under the radar, but after having amassed a stack of 2,748,000, the Brisbanite is now feeling more confident in potentially winning his first major title.

Swalling was one of the 24 players to have bagged for the third and final day, with other notables including Angel Guillen and Joe Antar, as well as Guerin and McCredie all follow shortly behind in the counts in the chase for the $151,760 first prize.

PokerMedia Australia will be back on deck for our continued coverage of this tournament from 12pm AEST and until we reach the final table, which will be live streamed over at

We’ll then be bringing you live updates from Day 1 of the Jackstar Super High Roller, which kicks off at 3pm AEST, and of course, keep following the APL Facebook Page for all our updates, images and results from all 43 events and right up until the final river falls.

From all of us at Southport Sharks, thanks again for tuning in, get home safe and we’ll see you soon. ‘Bye for now!

Meredith meets his maker

Toby Meredith had been running on fumes throughout most of the final stanza, but despite picking up a couple of doubles, he finally bowed out after being sent to the rail by David Luong.

Didier Guerin came out with a 40,000 raise from under the gun and Luong called before Meredity shoved for 222,000; Guerin let his hand go and Luong called.

Luong: AQ
Meredith: 108

Board: JQ6A2

David Luong1,267,000
Toby MeredithBUSTED!

And with the last three hands all done and dusted, we’re just about ready to wrap things up – stay with us!

Kirkham crushed

After copping a devastating blow at the hands of Qais Shanasa, Ben Kirkham was unable to recover and surrendered the last of his stack to Dan O’Shea.

Kirkham got the last of his money in A7 and found himself in a fair fight against O’Shea’s K10, but was pummelled after ‘DOS’ spiked top pair, despite picking up a gut-shot wheel draw on the K2454 board.

Kirkham collects $4,475 for his 28th place finish.

Dan O’Shea933,000
Ben KirkhamBUSTED!

Morbeck mauled

Alex Morbeck has just cashed out in 29th place after being eliminated by Didier Guerin.

Action folded around Morbeck who raised to 42,000 from the cutoff; Guerin defended his big blind, then checked his option after the flop of J410.

Morbeck opened for 45,000, however Guerin check-raised to 195,000. Morbeck jammed for his last 700,000 and Guerin called, turning over J4 for two pair against Morbeck, who had made top-top with AJ.

Nothing changed after the turn and river ran out 2, 6, and Morbeck collected his $4,475 payout before departing the room.

Didier Guerin1,940,000
Alex MorbeckBUSTED!

Gabriel goneski

No sooner than the bubble had burst, the action picked up swiftly, with Daniel amongst those to collect from the cage after also being taken out by Luke McCredie.

Gabriel got the last of his money in before the flop with A10, but ran smack-bang into McCredie’s KK.

The board of 38Q43 was clean for McCredie, and Gabriel collected $4,475 for his 31st place finish.

Luke McCredie1,850,000
Daniel GabrielBUSTED!

Level 18: 10,000/20,000 (20,000)

Anand annihilated

Jason Anand was confirmed as our soft bubble in The APL Million Centurion, eliminated by Luke McCredie on the outer tables just before the 18th and final level of the night.

Action folded to McCredie who raised to 32,000 from the hijack before Anand three-bet it to 75,000. Aidan Stewart called from the small blind, as did McCredie, to go three ways to a flop of 525.

The players then checked through to Anand who ripped in the last of his chips, but McCredie was the only caller.

Anand: KK
McCredie: 22

(Trust McCredie to have ducks at a time like this.)

Neither the turn of the A or the river 7 were of either help to Anand, whose run in this even has sadly come to an end.

Spare a thought though for Liam Murray though, who busted out only moments after in the stone bubble position in 33rd place – and with that folks, we are now officially in the money!

Luke McCredie1,630,000
Jason AnandBUSTED!

Gabriel turns the tables

Daniel Gabriel is now up to almost half-a-million in chips after scoring a pot off Ben Turner.

Gabriel limped in from under the gun and action then folded around to the player on the button who made the call; Turner also called from the small blind, as did the big blind player to make it four-handed to a flop of [invalid notations].

Turner then check-called Gabriel’s bet of 43,000, before the the action repeated after Gabriel shoved his last 158,000 on the river J, but Turner threw his hand into the muck after Gabriel rolled up 87 for the flush.

Daniel Gabriel498,000
Ben Turner1,100,000


Time for another quick-fire wrap from our APL Million schedule, and it’s Brock Haslam who joined the winner’s circle after his clutch performance in the $350 buy-in NLH Shot Clock Terminator.

On top of his $8,030 payday after chopping with Alex Johansen heads-up, Haslam also picked up eight bounties for a bonus $800. Well played, sir!

EVENT #7 | APL MILLION NLH SHOT CLOCK TERMINATOR ($350 buy-in, 177 entries, 18 players paid)*

1stBrock Haslam$8,030*
2ndAlex Johansen$7,020*
3rdJade Brunston$3,010
4thDavid Leas$3,330
5thGeorge Kabourakis$2,480
6thElise Depauw$2,035
7thMichael Rowley$1,690
8thMason Trevanion$1,325
9thSam Ruha$975
*Denotes heads-up deal; full results available at

Qais cuts Kirkham back

Qais Shanasa and Ben Kirkham clashed in a huge hand in one of the last hands of the previous level on Table 72.

Before our final 36 exited the Centurion arena, action folded to Kirkham who min-clicked to 26,000 from middle position; Shanasa called out of the small blind, so it was heads-up to a flop of 486.

Shanasa check-called Kirkham’s bet of 28,000, then after the dealer peeled off the Q on the turn, Shanasa check-raised all-in after Kirkham opened for 136,000.

Kirkham called and rolled up KK, but reeled after Shanasa showed 88 for a flopped set.

A repeat Q on the river was the cherry on top for Shanasa, who is now on almost 950K after that hand.

Qais Shanasa948,000
Ben Kirkham415,000

Level 17: 8,000/16,000 (16,000)

Have a stretch

Our 36 remaining players are now on their final 15-minute break.

APL MILLION SINGLE BULLET: All aboard the Zhang train!

As we approach the final break of the night, we’d now like to give a special shout-out to Chu Chu Zhang, who became the first woman to win an APL Million open event this series after taking out the $250 buy-in Single Bullet Freezeout!

Zhang topped a field of 196 entries to take home $9,800 in prize money, defeating APLPT Champion Mena Tawfik heads-up for the title.

EVENT #6 | APL MILLION SINGLE BULLET NLH FREEZEOUT ($250 buy-in, 196 entries, 21 players paid)*

1stChu Chu Zhang$9,800
2ndMena Tawfik$6,470
3rdJerry Gao$4,115
4thMalcolm Hady$3,330
5thEric Mao$2,645
6thMichael Evans$2,155
7thWendy Horan$1,770
8thPat Furlong$1,370
9thAlessandro Celetto$980
*Full results available at

Kirkham clips Taylor

Clint Taylor, who started Day 2 as one of the short stacks, found some crucial doubles early to keep his Centurion hopes alive, but has just dropped a few chips to Ben Kirkham.

Our reporter picked up the action between the duo on a flop of A2Q; Kirkham checked his option out of the small blind before Taylor opened for 30,000 from the button.

Kirkham called, and then both players checked the A on the turn before Kirkham led out for 55,000 on the river 10. Taylor called, but mucked after Kirkham rolled up Q10 for two pair.

Ben Kirkham965,000
Clint Taylor573,000

Luong trips up Choong

After a pre-flop UTG raise to 26,000 from Didier Guerin, David Luong flatted from the +1 position before action folded to Yita Choong, who re-raised to 105,000.

Guerin called, only to then see Luong shove over the top. Choong took a little bit of time before making the call, but Guerin got out of the way before the cards were tabled.

Choong: AA
Luong: AK

Board: 8K9QK

Trips for Luong after than double-up, who now sits almost level with Choong with a million and change each.

David Luong1,036,000
Yita Choong1,025,000

APL MILLION H.O.R.S.E.: Dykes clinches historic victory

As the bubble in The Centurion approaches, it’s time for another quick-fire wrap of the early side event action, where we’d like to take a moment to congratulate Robert Dykes, who won last Sunday’s H.O.R.S.E. event.

The Queenslander, who first learned how to play stud for matchsticks with his grandmother, told PMA that he felt that winning this event was his destiny – and now he can also lay claim to being the first player to ever win a H.O.R.S.E. tournament at an APL major!

EVENT #5 | APL MILLION H.O.R.S.E. ($600 buy-in, 70 entries, seven players paid)

1stRobert Dykes$12,130
2ndTroy McLean$7,715
3rdJake Connors$5,145
4thBrad Legassick$4,040
5thBrendan Hedger$2,940
6thDavid Croucher$2,570
7thDavid Miles$2,210

Level 16: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)

A Gross way to go

Having been nursing a short stack up until this point, Alex Lynskey moved his last 147,000 into the middle pre-flop holding 88 and found himself in a do-or-die flip against Michael Gross, who called him off with AJ.

Gross then hooked up trips on the flop of JJ3 and left Lynskey dead in the water after filling up with the A on the turn before river 8 completed the board.

Michael Gross822,000
Alex LynskeyBUSTED!

Gabriel paid his dues

Campbell Van Tongeren has just been eliminated by Daniel Gabriel in brutal fashion.

All the money was in the middle pre-flop and our reporter got there just in time to see the combatants go to show-down.

Van Tongeren: KK
Gabriel: 99

“I’m due for a set!” Gabriel laughed.

The dealer did him one better, spreading a flop of 994 to give Gabriel quads, but despite the K coming down on the turn, the river bricked out in the form of the 2. Game over, man.

Daniel Gabriel838,000
Campbell Van TongerenBUSTED!

Ward gored

Martin Ward has just been felted at the hands of Yita Choong, who now sits behind a stack worth almost 900,000 in chips.

Action folded to Choong who min-clicked to 20,000 from the cutoff before Ward jammed his remaining 226,000 from the big blind.

Choong quickly called, showing down AQ against Ward’s A5, and soared further ahead after the flop of 73Q.

A glimmer of hope appeared for Ward with the 6 on the turn, but the repeat river 6 ended the Queensland poker veteran’s run.

Yita Choong891,000
Martin WardBUSTED!

Assorted counts

Presenting our unofficial top 20 from the outer tables … be sure to keep your browsers refreshed and up alongside the feature table stream so you can keep up with all the Centurion action you can handle!

Jason Anand1,150,000
Didier Guerin1,110,000
Scott Wilson1,060,000
Steve Swalling950,000
Will Wong907,000
Ben Kirkham722,000
Jigs Reyes718,000
Michael Gross684,000
Tam Truong673,000
David Luong620,000
Alex Lee620,000
Ashneel Sharma600,000
Joshua Schwellnus550,000
Yita Choong530,000
Qais Shanasa500,000
Dan O’Shea470,000
Octavian Voegele461,000
Luke Jackson399,000
Mike Rowley365,000
William Lim348,000

Level 15: 5,000/10,000 (10,000)

Break it down

Time for another 15-minute break. Back soon with a fresh round of counts!

Hoy, vey!

Greg Hoy’s run in The Centurion has come to an end, taken out by Ashneel Sharma in one of the last hands before the break.

Hoy got the last of his short stack in with A3 and action folded around to Sharma, who iso-shoved with AK to force the rest of the table out of the way.

Both players then made two pair on the board of JA887, but Sharma’s Big Slick had Hoy outkicked.

Ashneel Sharma625,000

Jackson back from the dead

Luke Jackson has managed to find a crucial double, getting his last 193,000 into the middle out of the big blind position after a pre-flop raise from Daniel Gabriel.

Gabriel called and showed down 88 and found himself flipping against Jackson’s Q9, however Jackson spiked a Nine on the flop and went on to river two pair on the board of 69346.

Luke Jackson390,000
Daniel Gabriel359,000

Lim lifts

William Lim has found himself another pile of chips, taking out another player in the process.

Lim woke up with AK after his opponent had moved all-in for the last of their very short stack holding 107, which hit top-top on the flop of J8K before improving to two pair after the turn repeated 5, 5.

William Lim384,000

Tawfik takes a hit

2020 APL Ville 600 Main Even Champion Will Wong has managed to score a big double-up through Mena Tawfik as The Centurion marches on.

It was a classic all-in-pre-flop-Über-cooler, with Wong holding AA against Tawfik’s KK.

Flop: 104J

“Queen for a sweat!” cried Tawfik.

Turn: Q

River: an un-sweaty 8, and Wong’s run in this event continues.

Will Wong966,000
Mena Tawfik456,000

Level 14: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)

Young done

Jackson Young has just been felled at the hands of Didier Guerin as we head into the 14th level of the night.

Action folded to Guerin who raised to 17,000 from the cutoff; Young defended his big blind, making it heads-up to the flop of A86.

Young check-called Guerin’s c-bet of 12,000, and the action repeated after Guerin’s second shell worth 28,500 after the turn of the 5 before Young checked again on the river J.

Guerin responded with an open-shove, which saw Young retreat into his mind palace.

“This could take a while, bruh.” Young muttered.

After about two-and-a-half minutes of deliberation, Young made a crying call with A9, but Guerin flipped over AJ for two pair to seal his fate.

Didier Guerin964,000
Jackson YoungBUSTED!

Long live The Pineapple King

Team PMA‘s Russell Fogarty was spotted by our reporter heading to the exits, but he was kind enough to stop to recall how he and Jerome Tan were both taken out by Ben Turner.

Fogarty opened to 15,000 before Turner three-bet it to 47,000; Tan then shoved for his last 99,000 and Fogarty came in over the top before Turner tank-called.

Fogarty: QQ
Tan: 99
Turner: AK

“I can’t remember the whole board,” Fogarty said, “but there was an Ace on the flop and that was enough. Double KO.”

Ben Turner525,000
Jerome TanBUSTED!
Russell FogartyBUSTED!

Ilya’s happy, and he knows it

Our reporter caught some heads-up action between Ilya Lansters and Joshua Schwellnus on a board of 62109, into a pot worth about 180,000.

Lanster opened for 40,000 and Schwellnus called, but after the dealer produced the K on the river, Ilya open-shoved for his last 131,000, which put Schwellnus into the tank for around three minutes before letting his hand go.

Lanster flashed AJ for nothing but air before scooping the pot.

“Last time I called you, you flashed me a bluff,” Schwellnus quipped. “I thought surely he won’t bluff me again!”

“Ah! The level!” was Lanster’s reply.

“Well played sir,” said Schwellnus.

Ilya Lanster312,000
Joshua Schwellnus390,000

Assorted chip counts

It’s been a frantic evening session at Southport Sharks, with tonight’s Mega Satellite into the Main Event in full swing, along with the final tables of the NLH 120 and $1,100 6-Max, and the Reduced Deck Hold’em Event now into the closing stages.

APL Major Events Director Joel Williams has also confirmed with PMA that play will be stopping tonight at the end of Level 18, which will see our remaining players bag up at approximately 3:15am local time.

Scott Wilson1,076,000
Steve Swalling1,030,000
Mena Tawfik850,000
Alex Marbeck727,000
Najeem Ajez687,000
Alex Lynskey650,000
Jason Anand600,000
William Lim590,000
Jigs Reyes540,000
Clint Taylor539,000
Yita Choong475,000
Joshua Schwellnus452,000
Elise Depauw383,000
Craig Blight347,000
Luke McCredie340,000
Alex Lee232,000

Level 13: 3,000/6,000 (6,000)

Dinner break

Time to refuel and recharge. See you back here in 30 minutes!

Ajez all about the bantz

The PMA team are considering relocating the hot desk, as there’s been a plethora of action (and trash talk) between Yita Choong, Najeem Ajez, Jason Anand, Darren Moves and Russell Fogarty who are all seated side-by-side on Table 6.

Earlier action saw Anand open from UTG+1 to 11,000. Ashneel Sharma called and Ajez then announced a three-bet from the small blind worth 52,000.

Anand was the only caller, so they went heads up to a flop of 954. Ajez continued for a bet of 50,000 and sent Anand into the tank before he eventually mucked his holding.

Out of respect, Ajez decided to show Anand the winning hand: J3.

Anand turned to our reporter and said “The battle is on … stay here! Stay here for this next one!”

Sure enough, the next hand provided more action, although Anand didn’t quite have the hand to get involved.

With an open from the hijack, Fogarty called the 11,000 from the cutoff, Moves called from the button, Ajez called from the small blind and next to act was Choong in the big blind, who made it 70,000 to go.

Action folded back to Fogarty who let his hand go, Moves folded and last to act was Ajez.

Ajez: “I think he’s bluffing.”

Choong: “I don’t have Jack-Three.”

“Can he say that?” asked another player.

“Probably not!” Choong replied with a chuckle.

“I’m not calling, I’m either ripping it or folding.” stated Ajez.

Then all of a sudden – and much to the collective shock of his tablemates – Ajez then reached over, grabbed Choong’s cards and hurled them into the muck, “Yita! You have to protect your hand!”

Choong simply smiled, and Ajez smiled back as he then announced a fold, which resulted in Choong taking the pot down.

Chen spent

Zhihao Chen has had his tournament life ended at the hands of David Luong, reducing the field below 100 runners.

Action folded to Luong who min-clicked to 10,00 from the cutoff before Chen snap-shoved from the button. Luong called, rolling up AQ and spiked an Ace on the flop, which was enough against Chen’s JJ as the board completed A10523.

David Luong750,000
Zhihao ChenBUSTED!

Seyed spiralling

Star Sydney Champs Mystery Bounty winner Seyed Nasab has taken a huge hit against Qais Shanasa as action continues in The APL Million Centurion.

All the money was in the middle pre-flop, with Shanasa at risk with JJ, but was well ahead of Nasab who had called with A10.

A bit of a sweat after the flop and turn of Q2K9, but the river was a harmless 5 to ensure Shanasa’s double.

Although he was crippled down to 26,500 after that hand, Nasab was able to secure a double for himself in the very next hand before stealing another set of blinds and antes with a cut-off shove right after that.

Qais Shanasa350,000
Seyed Nasab72,500

Centurion payouts

As reported earlier on the APL Facebook page, the financial figures for this record-breaking tournament have been locked in. 284 total entries, generating a total prize pool of $639,000, with almost $152,000 up top for the eventual champion.

It’s a phenomenal achievement in its own right, and coupled with the already guaranteed $1 million prize kitty for the Main Event and the prize money generated from all the side events to date, sources close to PMA have estimated that the total pool for the APL Million series could be anywhere up to $5 million.

Once again, it’s proof positive as to the strength and resilience of the Australian poker industry, having rebuilt and grown so quickly after the challenges of the last two years.

APL MILLION CENTURION ($2,500 buy-in, 284 entries, 32 players paid)


Level 12: 2,500/5,000 (5,000)

Gerges gutted

Campbell Van Tongeren has claimed a huge scalp in The APL Million Centurion, taking out Mina Gerges just the blinds ticked over into the 12th level.

All the money was in the middle before the flop; it was a classic coin flip, with Gerges at risk holding AK against Van Tongeren’s QQ.

No change after the flop of 4676, but although Gerges picked up chopping outs with the 6, the river Q set Van Tongeren up and sealed Gerges’ fate.

Campbell Van Tongeren188,000
Mina GergesBUSTED!

O’Keefe KO’ed

Guy O’Keefe’s day at the office has come to an end after being felted by David Luong.

After the player in the +1 position raised to 10,000, action folded around to Luong who called from the small blind before O’Keefe moved all-in for his last 122,000 holding AQ.

The +1 player mucked and Luong called before turning over 1010 and clinched the race after flopping a set on the board of 3810A5.

David Luong480,000
Guy O’KeefeBUSTED!
David Luong & Guy O’Keefe

Wyvill falls

Jason Anand is now cruising after taking out Janet Wyvill before becoming the first player to move past the magical one-million chip mark.

As Anand recalled, action folded around to Wyvill who raised to 12,000 from the button holding Ace-Jack; Anand defended his big blind to see a flop of A-9-T. Anand checked to Wyvill who continued for 16,000, however Anand then check-raised to 40,000. Wyvill flatted.

“The turn was a brick,” Anand said. “I bet 44,000, Janet moved all-in for about 130,000 and I call. I’ve got Ace-Queen!”

That’ll do it.

Jason Anand1,050,000
Janet WyvillBUSTED!
Janet Wyvill

Assorted chip counts

While the clock was paused to reconfigure the feature table and finalise entry numbers, our intrepid reporter went round to get some notable stack sizes.

Play has now resumed, and we can confirm that The APL Million Centurion has been locked out at 284 entries, generating a total prize pool of $639,000! Top 32 players will be paid out, with tomorrow’s winner earning a whopping $151,760 up top.

Say it with us, folks … THAT’S. MASSIVE.

Scott Wilson840,000
Max Chau585,000
Joshua Schwellnus557,000
Ashneel Sharma523,000
Jigs Reyes512,000
Jason Anand495,000
Josh Mansell481,500
James Camilleri450,000
Ilya Lanster431,000
Luke McCredie390,000
Alex Lynskey320,000
Tom Maguire312,000
Didier Guerin311,000
Jenny Chhauv301,000
Jerome Tan244,000
Octavian Voegele240,000
Yang Lei232,000
Najeem Ajez230,000
Stephen Bee190,000
Wai Au179,000
Seyed Nasab170,000
Alex Lee147,000
Janet Wyvill139,000
Robert Damelian107,500
Liam Jehu100,000
Romain Morvan70,000
Steven Hoek32,000

Level 11: 2,000/4,000 (4,000)

Heading into the big time

Our players are now on the first 15-minute break of the afternoon, which has seen a flurry of action before the clock ticked down to zero for this level.

There’s also been a massive switch-up for our feature table broadcast … and if you thought that the first stanza had plenty to offer, wait ’til you get a load of this line-up, which is worth combined USD $3.3 million and change, according to Hendon Mob.

Many thanks to LCAPoker’s Tom Bower for that little nugget of info! Feature Table

1Taylor Grube114,000
2Qing Ye15,500
3Joe Antar131,000
4Yoon Kang125,000
6Ricky Kroesen168,000
7Angel Guillen310,500
8Troy McLean215,500
9Liam Murray131,500

Hey, Mr Wilson!

“It’s been a good level!”

That was the direct quote from APLPT Melbourne Mini High Roller Champion Scott Wilson, who is now well and truly past the 700K chip mark after decimating Josh McCully’s stack.

In a bit of action we caught just before the break, our reporter caught heads-up action between them on a board that read A646. McCully opened for 21,500 from the big blind and Wilson flatted from the button before the dealer produced the river 5.

McCully then fired out a bet of 65,000, leaving about 60,000 behind, only to send his hand into the muck after Wilson went full send.

“I had pocket fours,” Wilson said as he raked in the pot.

“Mate, with the way you’re running right now, I believe you!” said another player.

Scott Wilson740,000
Josh McCully60,000
Scott Wilson

Movin’ up and out

Darren Moves and Najeem Ajez have butted heads twice, with the former hitting the rail as action continues in this record-breaking Centurion tournament.

Earlier, the action folded around to moves who open-shoved from the hijack with KQ before Ajez called him out of the big blind with 44. Despite the 4 appearing in the window, the 8 and 6 trailed to give Moves the second nut flush, which caused the rest of the table to erupt.

“Pair the board!” Ajez shouted.

No dice – the turn and river ran out Q, A, which resulted in moves doubling up to 60,800 in chips.

Two hands later, Moves limped in from under the gun holding A5 before Ajez raised to 13,000 from middle position with AK. Moves called, then check-called Ajez’s c-bet of 11,000 after the flop of AK5 before check-shoving after Ajez led out for 14,000 after the turn of the 10.

Ajez quickly called and showed down the bigger two pair, which held after the 2 bricked out on the river to confirm Moves’ elimination.

Scott Wilson267,000
Darren MovesBUSTED!
Darren Moves

Show me the money!

Having started Day 2 of The Centurion with the chip lead, Tom (not Jerry) Maguire has just had a chunk of change taken from him by Daniel Johnson.

Action folded around to the hijack player who raised to 7,000 pre-flop before Maguire re-raised to 22,000 from the cutoff. Johnson flatted from the button and the original raiser got out of the way to make it head-up to the flop of 76Q.

Maguire the check-called Johnson’s bet of 23,000 before repeating the action after Johnson shoved for his last 140,000 effective on the turn of the Q. Maguire insta-called, but found himself in a world of hurt.

Johnson: A9
Maguire: Q10

Needing the board to pair, a Ten or the case Queen, the river J was close, but no cigar.

Daniel Johnson375,000
Tom Maguire266,100
Daniel Johnson


Josh Allan was the very first recipient of a trophy for the 2022 APL Million 2022, tearing through the final table of last week’s Friday Freezeout to win $3,245 in prize money after chopping heads-up with Queenslander Alex Johansen.

His love for the game was evident, telling PMA that he originally worked for APL in the Australian country musical capital of Tamworth. Reckon a big win like this might be worth writing a song about!

EVENT #3 | APL MILLION FRIDAY FREEZEOUT ($120 buy-in, 139 entries, 15 players paid)*

1stJosh Allan$3,245*
2ndAlex Johansen$2,800*
3rdBen Leahy$1,600
4thJayden Butler$1,250
5thMartin Vargas$970
6thHayden Doughty$835
7thKat Bowden$695
8thJeison Berdugo$555
9thSimon Twomey$415
*Denotes heads-up deal; full results available at

Level 10: 1,500/3,000 (3,000)

Blessed be Najeem

Khac-Trung Tran has been severely crippled at the hands of APL Million Big Bounty Champion Najeem Ajez in the late stages of Level 9.

Action folded around to Ajez who raised to 5,000 pre-flop before Tran three-bet it to 21,000. Ajez then jammed for 98,000 total and Tran snap-called, showing down 99 and found himself dominating Ajez’s 53.

“Don’t worry, it’s coming,” Ajez said with a wry smile.

The poker gods responded in kind, as the dealer spread a board of 6A473 to give Ajez a turned straight and the full double, leaving Tran with less than half the starting stack, although he did manage to score a double himself in the very next hand.

Najeem Ajez207,500
Khac-Trung Tran79,000
Najeem Ajez

Roman returns from the brink

Over on Table 4, Romes Priplotski found a much needed double-up through Trevor Pryce.

Priplotski’s pre-flop raise found two callers in Pryce and Steve Burgess, making it three-handed to a flop of 43Q. Priplotski then opened for 6,000, Pryce raised to 21,000 and Burgess folded before Priplotski ripped in the remainder.

Burgess called and tabled QJ but reeled after Priplotski rolled over AA. The turn of the A sealed the deal for the South Australian, with the river 5 purely for aesthetic.

Roman Priplotski102,000
Trevor Pryce94,600
Roman Priplotski

Choong back on track

Yita Choong’s stack is looking healthier after he took a chunk out of Ryan Hong over on Table 6.

The PMA crew picked up the action on a board of 4688; Choong led out for 7,000 into a pot worth about 24,000, only to then see Hong raise to 21,000.

Choong smooth-called, then checked his option on the river 6, which prompted Hong to fire out a bet of 25,500.

After a few minutes in the tank, Choong check-raised to 100,000 straight and Hong snap-folded.

Yita Choong274,000
Ryan Hong125,000

Lei sends one on their way

WPT Prime Gold Coast Main Event Champion Yang Lei is off to a great start, almost tripling his stack of 89,800 and picking up an early elimination.

As it was recalled to our reporter, the player in the cutoff raised 3x pre-flop and Lei called from the button to make it heads-up to the flop of 868.

The cutoff then check-raised to 9,000 after Lei’s opening bet of 4,500. Lei called, and the dealer peeled of the 7 on the turn, which then saw the cutoff fire out another 15,000.

Lei smooth-called, then after the 2 on the river, the cutoff opened for 12,000, Lei shoved and the cut-off short-called.

Lei: 77
Cutoff: A8

Flopped trips, turned boat. Suck-re-suck!

Yang Lei226,000
Yang Lei

Shuffle up and deal!

Cards are now back in the air for The APL Million Centurion!

At present we have 256 total entries, with Dennis Huntly and Angel Guillen amongst those to have jumped in before first pitch, which leaves only another 11 entries before we exceed a total prize pool of $600,000!

According to the structure information, it was anticipated that we would be playing down to the final table tonight, however based on overall numbers, PMA has been advised by tournament officials that this will be subject to change and we’ll update you as soon as those details have been confirmed.

Level 9: 1,200/2,400 (2,400)

All to play for

Good afternoon and welcome back to PokerMedia Australia’s continued Live Reporting coverage of The APL Million Centurion!

Fantastic news out of Southport Sharks already, and we’ve yet to pitch a card – only moments ago, the number of entries has reached 224, which officially puts us past the magical half-million – and the clock is still ticking as the APL crew keep running Step 1 and Step 2 flips on demand.

Official sources have tipped close to 250 total entries, but we have a feeling we should take the overs on this one, as late registration and re-entries are still open until 6:15pm tonight.

And as APL Major Events Director Joel Williams reiterated on this morning’s edition of APL MILLION LIVE, a max-late-reg for this tourney will still have you coming in with 40 BBs: a fact certainly not lost on the nation’s poker elite, with one player commenting on social media that it was “the best innovation for Australian since the introduction of the big blind ante.”

Play will be getting underway very shortly, so stay with us here on the PMA blog and tune into the feature table stream, brought to you by LCAPoker.

L to R: Corey Bell, Joel Williams, Stephen Ibrahim

Day 2 seat draw

Play will resume at 4pm AEST, with recommencing blinds at 1,200/2,400 (2,400). For those players who are returning after Day 1, please ensure you have your photo ID in order to verify your bags.

Late registration and re-entries for this tournament are still available for the first two levels of play and will close at 6:15pm. Should you have any queries, please approach one of the APL Million crew. Best of luck to all players! Feature Table

2Michael Gross367,100
3Craig Blight141,100
4Martin Ward131,200
5Samuel Wells267,100
6Joe Hachem80,900
7Joshua Schwellnus347,000
8Jenny Chhauv304,000

Table 1

1Ashish Gupta62,400
2Glen Chadwick189,000
3Joe Antar228,500
4Yuhao Goau90,500
6Dale Jacobsen162,400
7Troy McLean176,500
8Liam Murray194,300

Table 2

1Yang Lei89,800
2Greg Hoy177,100
3Adrian Chin49,200
4David Luong158,800
5Guy O’Keefe135,500
6Christopher Colanteri65,800
7Mena Tawfik437,600

Table 3

1Mehrdad Mustafa317,200
3Mark Van Dort239,000
4Khac-Trung Tran97,900
5Jason Luttaens140,400
6Najeem Ajez200,800
7Didier Guerin370,200
8Romain Morvan96,200

Table 4

1Steve Burgess166,100
2Clint Taylor54,300
3Clinton Bateman185,400
5Filip Pejovic176,100
6Roman Priplotski85,300
7Josh Norvock37,200
8Trevor Pryce111,800

Table 5

1Evira Rock94,300
2Alex Marbeck211,400
3Sam Roha436,800
4Aroha Ngata70,300
6Toon Kang157,100
7Ilya Lanster348,600
8Shane De Clifford173,700

Table 6

1Qing Ye62,600
2Matthew White115,100
3Yita Choong220,900
5Ryan Hong192,700
6Janet Wyvill338,300
7Ashneel Sharma325,300
8Gary Te Nana102,500

Table 7

2Corey Kempson117,900
3Daniel O’Shea256,800
4Quan Dinh91,800
5Chris Zenenos115,300
6Toby Meredith319,100
7Josh Forster272,500
8Josh Stanton95,100

Table 8

1Jigs Reyes308,000
2Mishel Anunu171,500
4Rahim Il-Nasab198,400
5Qais Shanasa228,000
6Elise Depauw353,000
7Brayden Jinks45,000
8Mina Gerges98,600

Table 9

1Dylan Garland59,400
2Stewart Ballard138,900
3Jason Lee185,400
5Josh Foley145,800
6Luke Jackson119,600
7Robert Damelian252,600
8Mirko Stojkov146,300

Table 10

1Daniel Smiljanic191,200
2Minh La159,500
3Michael Mavrolakis71,300
4Michael Madden48,700
5Thomas Chong319,900
6Matthew Vekkhcovich261,000
7Will Wong183,200

Table 11

1Grant Fullsron153,200
3Chris Shaw199,800
4Matthew Ginn161,100
5Simon Chahine73,000
6Daniel Gabriel80,000
7Jason Anand217,400
8Tom Maguire520,800

Table 12

1James Camilleri355,400
2Duncan McKinnon60,900
3Jackson Young112,700
4Joseph Vinecombe166,000
5John Tilbery233,300
6Max Chau407,200
7William Lim198,900

Table 71

1Chi Truong235,000
2Rob Bartucio87,600
3Joshua Mancell228,800
4Jason Chahine113,500
6Octavian Voegele420,400
7Lachlan Crilly37,800
8Scott Roderick87,500

Table 72

1Alex Lynskey413,900
2Michael Rowley194,500
3Milton Trickey88,000
4Matt Guilleaume73,600
5Ben Kirkham256,300
7Thomas Place125,900
8Matthew Russell87,600

Table 73

1Patrick Barba128,800
2Matthew Howearth295,700
3Zhi Hao Chen126,200
4Zelig Otter34,200
5Cam Adams302,000
6Steve Swallow248,000
7Nuno Da Silva110,700

Table 74

2Scott Wilson245,700
3Wai Au190,500
4Dave Chapman71,400
5Ong Ding Xang23,900
6Ben Turner322,900
7Donald Anderson520,700
8Win Meng Tan253,700

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