LIVE REPORTING: 2022 Star Sydney Champs Main Event Day 2

He’s the Best!

And with that, it’s all over. A marathon day at The Star Sydney has seen the 2022 Sydney Champs Main Event field reduced from 197 starters to just 14 to come back tomorrow and battle.

Emerging on top of the pack is Adelaide’s Gavin Best, bagging 8,150,000 in chips heading into Day 3.

Best is no stranger to PokerMedia Australia, with a string of solid results in the last year, starting with a runner-up finish at the Star Gold Coast Summer Series Main Event before shipping the WPT Prime Gold Coast $5K Challenge just last month for $119,174 – his first six-figure score.

With $383K up top for the Sydney Champs Main Event, a good result tomorrow could see him once again dwarf his previous career-best (if you’ll excuse the pun).

A clearly exhausted Best has not let up all day, with several key spots including flopping quads earlier to eliminate Danny Yacoub before eliminating Bruno Calfapietra after play was down to three tables to start his non-stop trend towards the top of the counts.

Poker partners Yu Chen and Jun Wang are also still in the mix, bagging 1,900,000 and 675,000 respectively for Day 3.

PokerMedia Australia will be back on deck from 11:00 AEST to bring you all the action as we play down to find a 2022 Star Sydney Champs Main Event Champion. See you then!

You wanna come back tomorrow?

Gavin Best opened to 150,000 on the last hand of the night.

AJ Antonios 3-bet in late position to 450,000, action folding back around to Best.

Best immediately leaned forwards, asking to see Antonios’ chips, before 4-betting to 1,500,000.

Antonios went for the safe option – a fold to ensure he comes back tomorrow.

Gavin Best8,150,000
AJ Antonios2,800,000
AJ Antonios

Final eliminations of the day

15thYang Lei$22,608
16thWenjie Sun$18,246
17thRomain Morvan$18,246
18thSeyed Nasab$18,246
Romain Morvan

Last three hands!

Tournament staff have paused the clock and announced three more hands to play tonight.

Players will return tomorrow at 11:00 AEST to fight it out for the 2022 Sydney Champs title, and the $382,973 that comes with it!

The Chillaxed Mr. Priplotski

Brett Marshall has been railing both Gavin Best on the Feature Table and Roman Priplotski on Table 31. Marshall said that Priplotski is ‘the most chillaxed human you’ll meet’ – and that’s certainly evidenced by Priplotski’s table position – he’s in Seat 6, but he may as well be in Seat 4 considering how much he’s lounged across the empty space!

Recently, the short stacked Priplotski found himself all-in against the rampaging Travis O’Grady, who was trying to pick off another one before the end of the day.

Priplotski: AJ
O’Grady: KJ

It was Priplotski with the best of it though, and he’d hold through the 75254 board to find a full double.

Travis O’Grady4,630,000
Roman Priplotski1,500,000
Roman Priplotski

Xu freefalling

A board showing 48108 was already in place when we saw Sam Ioannou check first-to-act, followed by a 290,000 bet from Qi Xu.

Milan Stojkovic called from late position and Ioannou got out of the way. The K river was met with a check from Xu.

Stojkovic seized upon the opportunity, firing 425,000. Xu looked pained, but made the call, only to muck when Stojkovic tabled AK.

Milan Stojkovic4,935,000
Qi Xu2,840,000
Sam Ioannou2,800,000
Milan Stojkovic

Don’t bluff this guy

Yita Choong raised from the cut-off to 150,000, called only by Liem Tran to his immediate left before both blinds folded.

Choong continued for a repeat 150,000 on the 236 flop, called again by Tran, before checking the 5 turn.

Tran threw out a bet of 275,000 and Choong considered before flat calling, then checking again on the 6 river.

Tran unloaded, a bet of 700,000 into Choong sending short stack Choong into a little tank. After a minute or two, Choong made the call to see Tran table the J10 bluff.

Choong was then able to table his AK. Nice call sir!

Yita Choong4,305,000
Liem Tran4,100,000
Yita Choong

O’Grady’s got heart

Picking up the action on a flop of 6210, big blind Travis O’Grady checked his option and Qi Xu fired a continuation bet from late position of 290,000.

O’Grady flat called to see the 8 hit the turn. O’Grady checked once more, Xu bet 525,000 and O’Grady wasted no time announcing all in, receiving a pink triangle in front of him and sending Xu firmly into the tank.

“How much?” asked Xu, “Actually nevermind.”

A minute or two went past and Xu repeated “Ok, how much roughly, seriously.”

The dealer quickly proved the stacks and confirmed it was 4,355,000 in total. Xu quietly mucked.

At the same time, Michael O’Grady came running, only to exclaim “You made me run over for nothing!” in his son’s direction before walking off again.

Travis O’Grady5,910,000
Qi Xu3,730,000
Travis O’Grady

Level 26: 50,000/75,000 (75,000)

Break time!

Two tables remain – 14 players in total. We’re playing down to 9 players or the end of Level 26.

Feature Table

1Justin Layden4,025,000
2Yita Choong3,030,000
3Liem Tran6,150,000
6Gavin Best6,070,000
7Trent Miller4,045,000
8AJ Antonios1,875,000
9Yu Chen4,825,000

Table 31

1Travis O’Grady4,425,000
2Milan Stojkovic2,770,000
3Phat Nguyen2,580,000
6Roman Priplotski1,230,000
7Sammy Ioannou3,520,000
8Qi Xu5,745,000
9Jun Wang1,105,000
Phat Nguyen

Miller grinds

With a board showing A1069 and about 780,000 in the pot already, Liem Tran bet 650,000.

His opponent in the hand, Trent Miller, took a deep breath and then shoved for 1,625,000. Tran asked for a count, got a count, and made the call to put Miller at risk.

Miller: A7
Tran: 69

With a whole host of outs to hit, the 10 was certainly enough for Miller, counterfeiting Tran’s two pair to double through.

Trent Miller4,005,000
Trent Miller

Yang Lei eliminated

Yang Lei opened from the button to 125,000. Roman Priplotski folded his small blind.

Sam Ioannou ripped it from the big blind, shoving with Lei covered.

Lei didn’t hesitate, calling after only a couple of seconds to reveal the classic race.

Lei: QQ
Ioannou: AK

Lei was on his feet immediately, watching as the safe flop of 459 came down, only to suck in a breath and throw a hand up as the A hit the turn.

Needing one of the two remaining Queens to stay alive in the Star Sydney Champs Main Event, Yang Lei could not find it on the 5 river, meaning the reigning WPT Prime Gold Coast Main Event Champion will not be going back-to-back interstate here.

Sam Ioannou3,700,000
Sam Ioannou


Jun Wang ripped it in preflop and found a call in Phat Nguyen.

Nguyen: 99
Wang: KQ

Flipping for his tournament life, Wang hit the 2JQ flop and the Q turn to double through.

Phat Nguyen2,375,000
Jun Wang1,100,000
Jun Wang

Nasab bounty claimed

Seyed Nasab and Sam Ioannou clashed in an all-in preflop showdown.

Ioannou: AQ
Nasab: AJ

Ioannou and Nasab were both on their feet, with similar stacks and unsure who was covering who, watching the board run down K5108K in Ioannou’s favour.

A quick recount and Nasab had Ioannou covered by 75,000, which promptly went straight in on the next hand after Phat Nguyen opened to 120,000. Roman Priplotski then iso-shoved, forcing Nguyen out of the hand.

Priplotski: AQ
Nasab: K6

It is that time of year, and Priplotski claimed a refund for deductions, 45,000 of Nguyen’s open going straight back into Priplotski’s stack before cards were even tabled.

The board then ran out J104JA to secure the bounty of Nasab – another huge result for Nasab this week though, adding another $18,246 onto his massive haul from the Mystery Bounty tournament!

Recent eliminations

19thChin Wang$14,843
20thSteve Pappas$14,843
21stDaniel Louis-Awad$14,843
22ndBrendon Rubie$12,194
23rdStanley Liu$12,194
24thPooria Asaadi$12,194
25thPaul Whitehouse$10,573
26thAsh Gupta$10,573
27thLouis Luo$10,573
Pooria Asaadi

Level 25: 30,000/60,000 (60,000)

Took it on the Chin

Score another for Liem Tran, as another short stack in the form of Chin Wang with KJ took a shot at taking a chunk out of the monster stack.

Tran called with 86 and paired up on the 546 flop.

The 2 turn changed nothing, whilst the Q river slotted right between Wang’s cards – no good.

Play has been paused momentarily while players have been broken down onto the last two tables.

Liem Tran8,100,000
Chin WangBUSTED!

Pappas peppered

Another all-in call from the Star Sydney Feature Table – a short stacked Steve Pappas getting it in with K9 and at risk to the QQ of Liem Tran.

Pappas found no assistance on the board of 387QJ, as Tran hit top set for good measure.

Liem Tran7,200,000
Steve PappasBUSTED!
Liem Tran

Louis-Awad dashed

Daniel Louis-Awad opened the action on Table 30, raising UTG to 110,000. Every player folded – except Yu Chen, who elected to defend her big blind.

Chen then elected to lead out, firing 110,000 onto the 5K4 flop. Louis-Awad was having none of that, shoving all in for 1,835,000 and sending Chen into the tank.

A full two minutes later, Chen decided she simply could not lay it down, and made the call to create one of the biggest pots we’ve seen all day.

Chen: 55
Louis-Awad: KQ

Chen’s set was more than good enough to dispatch Louis-Awad after the board completed Q, 7.

Yu Chen5,000,000
Daniel Louis-AwadBUSTED!

Feel good story

Jun Wang has just been moved from the Feature Table to Table 30 – where he joins long time partner Yu Chen.

The pair, as explained in last night’s feature article on Chen, are expecting a baby girl in the next few weeks – and with both running deep in this tournament are now guaranteed a minimum of $14,843 each.

How’s that for a baby shower?

Yu Chen last night

Rubie rumbled

Milan Stojkovic opened to 110,000 only to see Brendon Rubie jam for 550,000 from the very next seat over. Nothing but folds back around to Stojkovic who snap-called.

“Ah” from Rubie when he saw the AA of Stojkovic. He’d need a lot of help, tabling the KQ.

The flop of 1055 was not at all helpful; Rubie now needing running cards.

The A turned Rubie dead, a boat for Stojkovic, the river 6 meaningless.

“Good luck everybody!” said the ever-charming Rubie as he left the stage.

Milan Stojkovic3,340,000
Brendon RubieBUSTED!

Not by the hair on my…

All in and a call! from the Star Sydney Feature Table, where Steve Pappas had Chin Wang all in and at risk in a clash of short stacks.

Pappas: A10
Wang: KJ

The 276 flop was safe for Pappas but the K drew an intake of breath from Pappas and his rail, then the 8 delivered the full double for Wang.

Chin Wang700,000
Steve Pappas525,000

Lui eliminated

Gavin Best opened to 120,000, called by Justin Layden in the next seat, before Stanley Liu shoved in the very next seat.

Action then folded all the way around to big blind Daniel Louis-Awad, who opted to iso-shove, forcing both Best and Layden out of the pot.

Louis-Awad: 55
Liu: KQ

A set for Louis-Awad on the 754 flop, while Liu would need a spade to dig himself out of trouble.

The A, 8 run-out was no help to Liu and Louis-Awad chipped up once more.

Daniel Louis-Awad1,830,000
Stanley LiuBUSTED!

Latest payouts

Now moving into five-figure territory! The remaining 27 players are now guaranteed $10,573.

28thMichael O’Grady$9,112
29thJenaro Sodicta$9,112
30thJames Broom$9,112
31stBruno Calfapietra$9,112
32ndLjudevit Marinic$9,112
33rdAlan Zhang$9,112
34thJin Li$9,112
35thLuheng Wang$9,112
36thSteven Green$9,112
Steven Green

Whitehouse down

Paul Whitehouse has been eliminated, all in preflop versus the fat stack of Phat Nguyen only to find out that he was not flipping.

Nguyen: 1010
Whitehouse: 66

Yet another unnecessary set for the superior pair on the river as the board ran out 8K7810 in Nguyen’s favour.

Phat Nguyen3,300,000
Paul WhitehouseBUSTED!

Gupta goneski

Ashish Gupta has been eliminated at the hands of Sam Ioannou – pausing to quickly explain to our roaming reporter that he had got it in good.

“I had Ace King, and Sam had Ace Jack. It was an Ace X X flop, can’t recall the rest of the board, but then Jack on the river.”

Petition to ban the river!

Updated chip counts

Our final 27 players wasted no time in getting back into action, with Louis Luo eliminated straight after the break – so quick we missed it!

Table 32 (Feature Table)

1Louis LuoBUSTED!
2Yita Choong1,665,000
3Liem Tran3,225,000
4Wenjie Sun1,665,000
5Romain Morvan3,100,000
6Jun Wang775,000
7Trent Miller2,345,000
8Steve Pappas810,000
9Chin Wang1,825,000

Table 31

1Travis O’Grady2,690,000
2Paul Whitehouse1,090,000
3Phat Nguyen2,790,000
4Seyed Nasab2,221,000
5Yang Lei925,000
6Roman Priplotski1,895,000
7Sammy Ioannou1,815,000
8Qi Xu3,880,000
9Ash GuptaBUSTED!

Table 30

1Pooria Asaadi365,000
2Brendon Rubie1,050,000
3Yu Chen2,980,000
4Daniel Louis-Awad1,440,000
5Gavin Best4,285,000
6Justin Layden2,715,000
7Stanley Liu345,000
8AJ Antonios1,100,000
9Milan Stojkovic2,370,000

Level 24: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)

Break time!

The tables have been broken once more – 25 players now remain on 3 tables, the 2022 Star Sydney Champs reduced to the raised stage area as we move truly into the endgame.

Counts to come.

O’Grady ohhhh moment

Travis O’Grady, with a board of 3810 showing and facing a bet of 250,000 from Seyed Nasab, shoved for 1,290,000.

Action immediately back on Nasab, Nasab looked around, confirmed the count, cut the chips to call out, and then slammed them forwards to put O’Grady at risk.

In the background, we spied Michael O’Grady clutching a payout ticket, recently eliminated by Yu Chen, as the junior O’Grady announced “Top two” in a clear voice, tabling 108.

Nasab tabled 97 to an “Ohhhhh…” from O’Grady, his voice trailing off.

The turn: A.

The river: 5.

“YES!” a delighted O’Grady Jr clapped his hands and fist pumped, turning to father Michael (pun intended) to find out what had happened to his Main Event.

Travis O’Grady2,740,000
Seyed Nasab2,375,000
Travis O’Grady

One O’Grady O’Goneski

Yu Chen completed from the small blind and Michael O’Grady jammed his big blind.

Chen made the call to put the senior O’Grady at risk.

Chen: A9
O’Grady: KJ

A gutshot for O’Grady and a pair for Chen on the 498 flop, but ultimately running Q, Q would see the number of O’Grady’s in this tournament reduced to one.

No pressure, O’Grady junior.

Yu Chen3,635,000
Michael O’GradyBUSTED!
Yu Chen

Sodicta and Sayab set skirts straight

Seyed Nasab opened the action UTG to 150,000 and Sam Ioannou 3-bet to 450,000.

Action folded around to Jensen Sodicta’s big blind and Sodicta shoved for 1,175,000. Nasab then re-shoved, with Ioannou covered.

Ioannou appeared to be in physical pain as he agonised over the decision for his tournament life. Eventually, he flicked QQ face up into the middle of the table.

Time stopped whilst Ioannou waited to find out if he folded correctly; Sodicta tabled his JJ … and then Nasab tabled KK.

Then the flop came J910, and suddenly Sodicta took over the lead from the bottom of the pack. Until the K turn, that is, putting Nasab back in the lead – although Ioannou could perhaps be forgiven for spinning away from the table in disgust.

“You got a straight!” yelled someone nearby, as Travis O’Grady exclaimed “Don’t ever fold Queens on this table!” from Seat 1.

The river 7 completed the board.

Ashish Gupta turned to Table 30 in excitement and explained to another player that it was “Kings, Queens, Jacks, Queens fold, Jack on the flop, King on the turn, Queens would have made a straight!”

Harry Basle, though, ever the voice of reason, was heard talking directly and calmly to Ioannou in the background; “You made the right decision. You just got unlucky in the outcome. That’s all you can do.”

Seyed Nasab3,580,000
Sam Ioannou1,090,000
Jensen SodictaBUSTED!
Jensen Sodicta

Layden double doubles

Justin Layden has doubled not once, but twice, through Michael O’Grady.

First, at the end of the last level, Layden shoved all-in preflop for 675,000 and was looked up by O’Grady.

Layden: 1010
O’Grady: AQ

O’Grady had overcards but missed the board, and Layden chipped up.

Secondly, in Level 23, Yu Chen opened the action to 90,000 and was called by O’Grady before Layden squeeze shoved. Chen let it go and O’Grady made the call to have Layden at risk a second time.

O’Grady: 22
Layden: AK

This time it was O’Grady with the pocket pair, needing to dodge the overcards – but instant bink for Layden on the 7A868 board saw Layden double a second time.

Yu Chen3,070,000
Justin Layden1,060,000
Michael O’Grady925,000
Michael O’Grady

Sodicta gets there

A short stacked Jensen Sodicta shoved from the small blind once action folded to him, and Seyed Nasab, just moved to Table 31, asked for a count. 

Once confirming it was 405,000, Nasab made the call – barely making a dent in his monster stack, just 5 chips of it. 

Sodicta: A2
Nasab: Q10

Nasab paired up on the KQK flop to take the lead, but the flush draw was like a flashing neon sign to Nasab – he was immediately on his feet, calling for “black [cards] please!”. 

The 3 was one, but the 7 got an instant stamp from Nasab as Sodicta hit the nut flush to stay alive.

Seyed Nasab3,825,000
Jensen Sodicta850,000

Calfapietra cut

Bruno Calfapietra opened UTG to a host of folds, until Gavin Best clicked defend on his big blind. 

The flop of 425 was checked by both players, then Best led out for 100,000 on the 3 turn. Calfapietra raised to 350,000 and Best flatted. 

Best opted to lead out once more on the 2 river, and from there things accelerated quickly. Calfapietra shoved immediately for about 1.3 million and Best made the call.

Calfapietra tabled AJ for a wheel – but Best had that beat, having flopped a double gutshot and turned the higher straight with 86!

Gavin Best3,530,000
Bruno CalfapietraBUSTED!
Bruno Calfapietra

Recent eliminations

37thRyan Hong$7,741
38thLi Yang$7,741
39thKhac-Trung Tran$7,741
40thPatrick Yazbeck$7,741
41stDaniel Noja$7,741
42ndMatt Rolfe$7,741
43rdHuy Nguyen$7,741
44thJohn Apostolidis$7,741
45thAnban Subramoney$7,741
Anban Subramoney

Level 23: 20,000/40,000 (40,000)

Three all in, two all out

Three shoves in quick succession pre-flop on Table 31, where Jin Li had shoved first for 190,000 with 22, Yang Lei had then re-shoved over the top with AK, and Alan Zheng had short-called for 370,000 with 88.

Things looked pretty safe for Zheng as the board ran 536, 6, but the A got a reaction from everybody as Lei took two out.

Yang Lei895,000
Alan ZhengBUSTED!
Yang Lei

Tran train

Liem Tran raised to 70,000 under-the-gun, and Liuheng Wang shoved his remaining chips into the middle, only to be snap-called by Tran.

Tran: AA
Wang: AQ

Though Wang did connect with top top on the Q47 flop, it wasn’t enough, Tran holding through the 10, J run-out.

Liem Tran3,455,000
Liuheng WangBUSTED!
Liem Tran

Currency acquisitions

46thMichael Confos$6,828
47thTim Plunkett$6,828
48thJie Cui$6,828
49thWubin Fan$6,828
50thChi Truong$6,828
51stSuzy Khouiss$6,828
52ndScott Wood$6,828
53rdDeedee Chen$6,828
54thYuangfeng Lin$6,828
Suzy Khouiss

Hong hung out

Ryan Hong and Trent Miller got everything in on the 876 flop – a bet of 180,000 from Hong, a shove from Miller, and a call from Hong.

Hong: KK
Miller: 88

Proving the new adage that “Poker’s easy with quads!” (paraphrased from Gavin Best, 2022), the 8 on the turn allowed Miller to very quickly relax, no longer needing to dodge a spade – luckily, seeing as the river was the Q.

Trent Miller2,270,000
Ryan HongBUSTED!

Liu wakes up

Yet more Aces! This time Li Yang ripped his short stack of 100,000 from middle position. Action folded around to Stan Liu, who woke up with AA and snap-called to put the Q7 of Yang at risk.

Board: A5Q64

Flopped basically completely dead with only running quads as an option, Yang departed.

Stanley Liu815,000

Yazbeck yeeted

Patrick Yazbeck opened to 75,000 from the hijack, followed by a flat from Milan Stojkovic on the button. Romain Morvan and Wenjie Sun defended their blinds, going four ways to a flop of 3KQ.

Morvan and Sun both checked, Yazbeck ripped his last 475,000 to a call from Stojkovic before Morvan and Sun both scarpered.

Stojkovic: AA
Yazbeck: KQ

Though Yazbeck had actually outflopped the Aces of Stojkovic, running 5, 5 gave Stojkovic the bigger two pair and the scalp.

Milan Stojkovic3,555,000
Patrick YazbeckBUSTED!
Patrick Yazbeck

Recent eliminations

Getting ever closer to the business end!

55thGangland Yu$6,143
56thJian Long$6,143
57thQais Shanasa$6,143
58thMartin Stewart$6,143
59thThomas Choong$6,143
60thZhi Ma$6,143
61stGregg Russell$6,143
62ndLuke Edwards$6,143
63rdLuigi Glovenvale$6,143

Noja no more

Daniel Noja, fresh from a Vegas sojourn, shoved his short stack in middle position. Action folded all the way around to Daniel Louis-Awad in the big blind, who promptly called.

Noja: AA
Louis-Awad: AK

It was a dream spot for Noja, but no spot is without a sweat, and Louis-Awad flopped a flush draw on the 9103 board to start the sweating.

No heart on the J turn, or the Q river … but backdoor Broadway will do it, and there’s no more Noja in today’s field.

Daniel Louis-Awad2,515,000
Daniel NojaBUSTED!

Best pressures Broom

Gavin Best opened UTG to 65,000 and James Broom elected to defend his big blind.

Both players checked the AK8 flop, and Broom checked again on the 3 turn before Best fired 165,000 as a delayed continuation bet.

Broom made the call and then checked a third time on the J river, only to see Best through out a single T500K chip.

Broom let it go after a moment of thought; prompting Best to remark to him that “I was blocking top set!”

Gavin Best1,380,000
James Broom925,000
James Broom


Our remaining 42 players have now returned for the start of Level 21. In the meantime, our PMA crew went through to get some assorted counts for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Seyed Nasab3,945,000
Yu Chen2,930,000
Michael O’Grady2,770,000
Yita Choong1,975,000
Sam Ioannou1,970,000
Justin Layden1,875,000
Gavin Best1,870,000
Romain Morvan1,830,000
Milan Stojokovioc1,760,000
Alex Antonios1,490,000
Ash Gupta1,430,000
Roman Priplotski1,430,000
Liem Tran1,275,000
Brendon Rubie1,225,000
James Broom1,125,000
Daniel Louis-Awad1,125,000
Jensen Sodicta830,000
Travis O’Grady675,000
Yang Lei605,000
Patrick Yazbeck605,000
Seyed Nasab

Level 22: 15,000/30,000 (30,000)

Dinner break!

Counts incoming ASAP! Our Live Reporter is buzzing around counting chippies now – please leave your chips in stacks of 20s.

May as well pray

Michael O’Grady’s table has been broken, with play now down to just 5 tables ahead of the dinner break.

O’Grady spared a moment to pray to the poker gods that he doesn’t get seated with son Travis O’Grady, who is tearing up Table 31.

He doesn’t – the senior O’Grady is now seated to the left of Day 1C chip leader, Yu Chen.

Recent eliminations

This round of eliminations includes overnight chip leader Nurlan Boobekov, struck down in 65th.

64thMusang Kim$5,663
65thNurlan Boobekov$5,663
66thXin Xin Lao$5,663
67thBrad Livermore$5,663
68thJarryd Kirwan$5,663
69thDaniel Smiljanic$5,663
70thJustin Wong$5,663
71stHasan Onay$5,663
72ndYoung Whan Chung$5,663
Nurlan Boobekov

Subramoney sacrificed

Anban Subramoney moved all in preflop and found a caller in Ashish Gupta.

Subramoney: KJ
Gupta: QJ

Despite having Gupta dominated, Subramoney could only watch as the flop spread Q68 in front of our Live Reporter. Gupta hitting his only live card, but a flush draw for Subramoney nevertheless.

Nope. 6 on the turn and 9 on the river, and Subramoney departed with just King high.

Ashish Gupta1,165,000
Anban SubramoneyBUSTED!
Ashish Gupta

Frustration for Yazbeck

Patrick Yazbeck raised to open the action, followed by a 3-bet by Ashish Gupta to 75,000. Trent Miller then woke up and cold 4-bet to 210,000 from the small blind. Yazbeck matched it, and Gupta got out of the way.

On a flop of 89K, Miller checked, prompting a bet from Yazbeck. Miller shoved and Yazbeck called to put him at risk.

Yazbeck: AK
Miller: K9

The board completed 6, 8 and a frustrated Yazbeck slammed the table as he lost a significant portion of chips to Miller.

Trent Miller1,700,000
Patrick Yazbeck650,000
Patrick Yazbeck

Dinner approaching

Have some more payouts and placings!

The players are approaching the end of Level 21, which will be followed by the 30-minute dinner break.

73rdHarry Basle$5,344
74thZach Turnbridge$5,344
75thCharles Tsai$5,344
76thEric Assadourian$5,344
77thJon Portelli$5,344
78thMikael Larsson$5,344
79thNathan Gubleski$5,344
80thDuy Nguyen$5,344
81stPaul Hoang$5,344

Grateful Yazbeck

Deedee Chen and Yuanfeng Lin found themselves both all in and covered by Michael O’Grady.

O’Grady: AK
Chen: KQ
Lin: K7

A complete whiff for everyone, Ace high holding on the 5J849 run-out to eliminate the two.

“Thanks for busting those two!” said a grateful Patrick Yazbeck.

Michael O’Grady3,200,000
Deedee ChenBUSTED!
Yuanfeng LinBUSTED!

Recent eliminations

82ndJane Howard$5,047
83rdNick Economos$5,047
84thNeb Blanusa$5,047
85thStan Levitin$5,047
86thJoe Cristallo$5,047
87thBrent Goldingham$5,047
88thMark Lassau$5,047
89thMichael Seymour$5,047
90thMark Staples$5,047
Stan Levitin

Khouiss out

“I’m out” whispered Suzy Khouiss to our Live Reporter, as action raged in the side pot between Daniel Louis-Awad and Gavin Best.

Both players had checked the 36J flop, then Louis-Awad had led out for 125,000 on the 8 turn to a call from Best.

Louis-Awad then led out again, this time for 325,000, on the 5 river. Best mulled it over but eventually found a fold, saying “Fine, you can have the side pot.” to Louis-Awad.

Rolling over 88 Louis-Awad certainly did have the side pot; and the main pot too, after AQ for Khouiss not enough to stay in the game.

Daniel Louis-Awad2,305,000
Gavin Best1,605,000
Suzy KhouissBUSTED!
Daniel Louis-Awad

Nasab defeats Yu

Seyed Nasab is on yet another heater, dispatching Chris Yu in a recent hand.

Nasab: 1010
Yu: 77

The board of K42910 only serving up a bonus set for Nasab as he soars to the chip lead for now.

Seyed Nasab3,600,000

Level 21: 15,000/25,000 (25,000)

O’Grady takes a hit

Travis O’Grady opened the action only to see Jin Li immediately shove from a couple of seats to his left.

Action folded back around to O’Grady, who made the call.

Li: KK
O’Grady: JJ

Li held through the board of 73Q35 to double through the stacked O’Grady.

Travis O’Grady1,060,000
Jin Li520,000

Currency acquisitions

Next pay jump is now worth a touch over $5K!

91stCharbel Boustani$4,750
92ndMax Stairmand$4,750
93rdJosh McCully$4,750
94thVincent Choy$4,750
95thJohn Nguyen$4,750
96thNajeem Ajez$4,750
97thScott Carmichael$4,750
98thKai Yeung$4,750
99thCraib Fablan$4,750

An oopsie from Gupta

Yuangfeng Lin and Alan Zheng have both scored double-ups out on Table 27.

Earlier, action folded to Lin who shoved from the button for his last 260,000 with A10; Ash Gupta called him off from the big blind with K7, however neither hand improved on the board of 8238Q.

Then in the very next hand, Luke Edwards got it in good with pocket queens, however Zheng’s JJ hooked up a set on the flop of 3AJ, which then rivered a boat as the board completed 9, 3, leaving Edwards with just four yellow T5,000 chips to rack up as their table was broken.

Alan Zheng815,000
Ash Gupta600,000
Yuangfeng Lin295,000
Luke Edwards20,000
Luke Edwards

Plunkett palaver

Pooria Asaadi 3-bet shoved from the small blind following an initial open from Tim Plunkett. Plunkett made the call.

Asaadi: 88
Plunkett: AJ

Nothing on the 5Q9 flop for either player, Asaadi retaining the lead with a made pair, until the A switched things around, giving Plunkett the lead.

Needing a two outer to save his tournament life, Asaadi could only breathe a sigh of relief when the 8 spiked to award him the pot.

The very next hand, Brendon Rubie shoved preflop with JJ and none other than Tim Plunkett made the call – this time with AA!

Dominated, suits and all, Rubie all but out of here … but then the 432J8 board sent Plunkett plummeting down the counts in consecutive hands!

Pooria Asaadi780,000
Brendon Rubie670,000
Tim Plunkett210,000

They’re outta here!

Another round of confirmed placings thanks to Star Sydney

100thGeorge Kanan$4,453
101stEvaldas Stanevicius$4,453
102ndRemoon Karim$4,453
103rdLuis Arrilucea$4,453
104thMitch Bognar$4,453
105thBlake Lockwood$4,453
106thJulius Tupa$4,453
107thSubra Vanaparthy$4,453
108thLior Segre$4,453

Smiljanic frowning

PMA caught 2022 WPT Prime Gold Coast Opening Event Champion Dan Smiljanic at the payout desk recently.

Smiljanic, who has had a host of recent results, working with Sydney based poker guru Brendon Rubie (who is also in the field today) to improve his game, was kind enough to stop and chat with our Live Reporter and recall his situation.

According to Smiljanic, he had been crippled just before his table broke, and on his new table he had attempted a squeeze shove with A-2 over an open from Day 1C chip leader Yu Chen. Chen had made the call with pocket sixes, and they held to eliminate Smiljanic.

Yu Chen2,090,000
Dan SmiljanicBUSTED!
Dan Smiljanic

Featured action

Over on the Star Sydney Feature Table, Trung Tran had Justin Wong all-in and at risk, but no one could deny Wong had the best hand when Wong tabled AA.

Tran needed some help with the KJ, but sometimes the deck just provides – and flopping two pair, turning a boat on the KJ4K3 board will certainly help!

You can follow along with the action on the Star Sydney Feature Table over on Twitch on a 30-minute delay – just click here!

Trung Tran1,230,000
Justin WongBUSTED!

More eliminations

Some big names in the last round of eliminations – 2018 WSOP Main Event final tablist Alex Lynskey and 2022 WPTDeepStacks Sydney Main Event Champion Mark Fester among them!

109thTom Maguire$4,156
110thMark Yazbeck$4,156
111thDavid Bonadio$4,156
112thFrank Mete$4,156
113thAntonio Tavella$4,156
114thMoon Chung Kim$4,156
115thGavin Ogilvy$4,156
116thAlex Lynskey$4,156
117thMark Fester$4,156

Best not best for once

Zachary Tunbridge got his short stack into the middle preflop, called by both Gavin Best and Sam Ioannou.

Best and Ioannou checked through the board of 5A54J and the dealer called for the cards be tabled.

“Full house!” said Tunbridge as Ioannou tabled KJ, before continuing “Naaah!” with a laugh, tabling his own Q10 and standing to leave.

Best went to muck, but the dealer asked him to table due to the showdown; 88 for Best, rivered by Ioannou.

Sam Ioannou1,580,000
Gavin Best1,130,000
Zachary TunbridgeBUSTED!
Sam Ioannou

Chips ahoy!

Seyed Nasab1,485,000
Patrick Yazbeck1,435,000
Gavin Best1,405,000
James Broom1,400,000
Yu Chen1,390,000
Sam Ioannou1,375,000
Yita Choong1,365,000
Tam Truong1,270,000
AJ Antonios1,250,000
Travis O’Grady1,235,000
Ashish Gupta880,000
Romain Morvan825,000
Qais Shanasa795,000
Jian Long700,000
Chris Yu675,000
Nurlan Boobekov650,000
Xin Xin Liao605,000
Daniel Lewis-Awad500,000
Yang Lei355,000
Brendon Rubie125,000
Seyed Nasab earlier in the day

Level 20: 10,000/20,000 (20,000)

Break time!

Players have departed for the second 10-minute break of the day. The next break, at approximately 17:30, will be a 30-minute dinner break.

That’s gotta hurt

Hong Xie and Tim Plunkett clashed in a battle of equality, both tabling A-K after Xie shoved the button and Plunkett iso-shoved from the small blind.

Xie: AK
Plunkett: AK

More diamonds in this hand though – the 4K56J board gifting Xie a full double with the nut flush.

Hong Xie400,000
Tim Plunkett275,000

No medal for Goldingham

Picking up the action on a flop of 939, Gavin Best and Brent Goldingham checked the action across to Brendon Rubie, who fired a continuation bet of 30,000.

Both Best and Goldingham called, then all three players checked the 8 turn, before the 5 hit the felt on the river.

Best ripped it, shoving his super stack into the middle to put maximum pressure on his opponents. Goldingham called short and Rubie got out of dodge.

Goldingham then found out that his K9 was simply not good enough, Best best with the A2 backdoor diamond flush.

Gavin Best1,470,000
Brendon Rubie350,000
Brent GoldinghamBUSTED!
Gavin Best

Staples diet

Daniel Louis-Awad continues to swallow opponents chips, opening to 45,000 before Mark Staples 3-bet to 100,000 in position.

Louis-Awad made the call, then both players checked the 88A flop.

Louis-Awad led out for 55,000 on the A turn, and Staples shoved. Louis-Awad snap-called, tabling AQ – Staples drawing dead with the KK, eliminated before the meaningless 4 river.

Daniel Louis-Awad1,345,000
Mark StaplesBUSTED!

Subramoney finds an out

“I’m usually the one who gets one-outered!” yelled Anban Subramoney excitedly as he raked in a full double.

Subramoney had got his stack in versus the “piles” of Liem Tran only to see some bad news; Tran tabled AA.

Subramoney tabled his own 55 and watched as the board completed 49935. Phew!

Liem Tran825,000
Anban Subramoney340,000

Recent eliminations

118thSalman Ali$3,859
119thTom Rafferty$3,859
120thDavid Sebesfi$3,859
121stRichard Tang$3,859
122ndJoel Cohen$3,859
123rdShaun Zammit$3,859
124thCharles Chia$3,859
125thSid Gunasekaran$3,859
126thEhsan Amiri$3,859

One time!

Suzy Khouiss announced to her table that she’s “gotta use my one time here!” as she tabled 66 against the AJ of Bruno Calfapietra, having 3-bet shoved for 85,000 after Calfapietra opened for 40,000 to a quick call.

More outs and ways to win for Calfapietra after the flop spread KQ8 – everything from Broadway to backdoor counterfeit. The counterfeit option was removed on the 9 turn, leaving Calfapietra needing an Ace, Jack, or Ten to eliminate Khouiss.

Not to be; the 4 safe for Khouiss, though let’s hope she won’t need that one time later!

Bruno Calfapietra510,000
Suzy Khouiss195,000
Suzy Khouiss

Kim doubles

Musang Kim has recovered a little after having his Queens cracked by Justin Layden’s Tens in the last level.

Kim got his stack in preflop versus Star GC Champs Main Event Champion Yang Lei, everyone else folded, and they went to showdown.

Kim: JJ
Lei: K10

On a flop of 3AQ, Lei flopped a gutshot to Broadway but his path was blocked – literally – by Kim’s holdings. The 9, 6 run-out changed nothing, Kim doubling through.

Musang Kim245,000
Yang Lei180,000

Recent eliminations

Our latest round of Main Event payouts have just come through; next pay jump is now worth $3,859 in cold, hard cash.

127thRanno Toomemagi$3,562
128thSandi Sandi$3,562
129thGeorge Mitri$3,562
130thJeremy Fineman$3,562
131stHedley Fung$3,562
132ndMarc Seymour$3,562
133rdShuangchen Li$3,562
134thSlav Rypinski$3,562
135thPhillip Nguyen$3,562
Slav Rypinski

Level 19: 10,000/15,000 (15,000)

McCully barrels

Josh McCully opened to 25,000 from the hijack. The button called, AJ Antonios called in the small blind, but 25,000 wasn’t enough for Ashish Gupta. Gupta 3-bet to 225,000 from the big blind. McCully shoved, the button and Antonios folded and Gupta called off his last few chips.

Gupta: 1010
McCully: AJ

Gupta absolutely smashed the 1043 flop, top set basically a lock on the hand. The 2 gave McCully a couple of outs to a wheel, but the 3 river handed Gupta the full double.

Ashish Gupta536,000
Josh McCully170,000
Josh McCully

Stand up equity

Joe Cristallo is hanging on today by a thread, roller-coastering his short stack.

Finding himself all-in preflop against Roman Priplotski recently, Cristallo utilised a little “stand up equity”.

Priplotski: JJ
Cristallo: AJ

The flop of 2106 was met by Cristallo taking to his feet, putting his jacket on before the K hit the turn. Always a sweat!

The A hit the felt on the river. Sit down, son!

Roman Priplotski651,000
Joe Cristallo360,000
Joe Cristallo

Ten out of ten!

Justin Layden wagered his entire stack preflop, 3-bet shoving for 226,000 total from the small blind after an open from Musang Kim in the cut-off.

Kim: QQ
Layden: 1010

Domination nation, suits and all, but reversal of fortunes for both as the board spread 210JA8 to send a full double Layden’s way.

Justin Layden577,000
Musang Kim175,000

All smiles

Blake Lockwood shoved from the button for his last 170,000 (approximation). Dan Smiljanic, in the big blind, peeked his cards and snap-called.

Smiljanic: QQ
Lockwood: A10

Smiljanic flopped a straight flush draw on the 8J9, not that he needed it as the Queens were more than enough to eliminate Lockwood after the board completed 2, 3.

Dan Smiljanic830,000
Blake LockwoodBUSTED!
Dan Smiljanic

For richer or Pooria

David Bonadio ran his stack pre-flop into the larger stack of Pooria Asaadi.

Asaadi: 33
Bonadio: A7

Bonadio hit top pair on the 372 flop, but the set for Asaadi had him in plenty of trouble, and he was eliminated after the board ran out 10, J.

Pooria Asaadi831,000
David BonadioBUSTED!

Mete ground

Frank Mete has been eliminated at the hands of Travis O’Grady – coming straight over to the PMA desk, Mete explained that he was holding pocket deuces, had shoved on the 8-9-8 flop.

O’Grady – holding A-K – had then called to put Mete at risk … and immediately smashed a K on the turn to put Mete out to thaw.

Travis O’Grady1,513,000
Frank MeteBUSTED!

Latest payouts

We’ve hit the next pay jump! Our remaining players are now guaranteed a min-cash of $3,859.

136thPratik Metha$3,288
137thAndrew Hiscox$3,288
138thAshor Shlemon$3,288
139thAdrian Chiu$3,288
140thNavid King$3,288
141stDanny Ayoub$3,288
142ndElisa Onay$3,288
143rdJason Gray$3,288
144thEmad Moaref$3,288

Break time!

Some assorted counts for first break!

Yita Choong1,233,000
Tam Truong1,149,000
AJ Antonios1,123,000
Gavin Best1,111,000
Stan Levitin973,000
Nurlan Boobekov923,000
Romain Morvan904,000
Roman Priplotski800,000
Qais Shanasa753,000
Dan Smiljanic714,000
Phat Nguyen688,000
Daniel Louis-Awad609,000
Brendon Rubie500,000
Suzy Khouiss437,000
Najeem Ajez355,000
Charles Tsai265,000

Level 18: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)

Long channelling

“Why you think so long?!” exclaimed Najeem Ajez in the direction of Jian Long as she was stacking her new chips.

“Snap!” he laughed, before saying “I know, she was channelling the Ace!”

Ajez exclaimed that Long had tank called with AK and had two players with QQ and 66 at risk, before the board had come out 4-4-J-2 … A.

“Double kill!” Long giggled as she stacked ’em up!

Meanwhile, players are standing up for the first break of the day.

Jian Long640,000
Jian Long

Amiri, Gunasekaran goneski

Liem Tran, Ehsan Amiri, and Sid Gunasekaran were all-in pre-flop in a three handed showdown.

Amiri and Gunasekaran were at risk.

Gunasekaran: 55
Tran: AK
Amiri: A9

Top pair for Tran on the 6QK48 to eliminate both players. Powerstack mode for Tran, who is stacking more towards the moon than in stacks of 20s!

Liem TranPiles
Ehsan AmiriBUSTED!
Sid GunasekaranBUSTED!
Ehsan Amiri

Fineman felted

Ryan Hong opened to 20,000 under-the-gun and action folded all the way around to Jeremy Fineman on the button.

Fineman jammed for approximately 130K, and Hong made the call.

Hong: A9
Fineman: KJ

Neither player made any connection on the 876Q3, Ace high holding for Hong.

Ryan Hong677,000
Jeremy FinemanBUSTED!

Truong two-KO

Tam Truong has claimed the scalp of two to also move past a million in chippies!

Recalled to us by seat neighbour Stan Levitin (Truong was busy stacking chips), Truong had opened to 25,000 with QQ, action had folded around to Andy Hiscox who 3-bet, before Pratik Mehta 4-bet shoved from the very next seat.

Truong re-shoved to isolate – only to see Hiscox call as well to send the three to showdown.

Hiscox and Mehta tabled AK and AK respectively, and neither found any help on the 810525 board.

Tam Truong1,100,000
Pratik MehtaBUSTED!
Andy HiscoxBUSTED!

Li laid to rest

All in and a call! Charles Tsai, holding KK had Frank Li all-in and at risk. 

Li tabled AK, looking for an Ace or spades to survive and double through. 

The board ran out 10381010 and Li headed to the payout desk.

Charles Tsai467,000

Money, money, money!

Time now for another round of payouts! Our remaining 144 players are now guaranteed $3,288.

145thGary Zhou$3,014
146thJiapeng Yang$3,014
147thChris Zenenos$3,014
148thSheldon Mayer$3,014
149thBranko Usljebrka$3,014
150thYiteng Ge$3,014
151stJoseph Boustani$3,014
152ndToby Giles$3,014
153rdJack McPhee$3,014
Chris Zenenos

Easy game

Another millionaire in the mix, with Gavin Best also into seven figures as play continues in The Star Sydney Champs Main Event.

As Best recalled to our reporters, the player in the big blind led out for 25,000 after a flop of 443 and Best flatted, as did Danny Yacoub in the cut-off before the dealer produced the Q on the turn.

The big blind opened for 50,000 and again Best called before Yacoub shoved for his last 203,000. The big blind got out of the way and Best snap-called.

Best: 44
Yacoub: A9

River … BRICK.

“Poker’s very easy when you flop quads!” Best exclaimed. That it is, Gavin. That it is.

Gavin Best1,180,000
Danny YacoubBUSTED!
Gavin Best

A millionaire maker

2022 WSOP Millionaire Maker fourth-place finisher Yita Choong has been sighted – coincidentally – as our first player to reach the one-million chip mark after he eliminated Elisa Onay.

Action folded to Choong who raised to 20,000 from the cut-off; the button folded, but Onay shoved from the small blind with KK.

Choong called her down and tabled AQ and then picked up the gut-shot Broadway draw after the flop of 10J4.

Onay then improved to two pair with the repeat 10 on the turn, but the table groaned and Onay threw her hands up into the air in frustration after the river A completed the board.

“F**kin’ river, Goddamnit Yita!” she shouted in jest. “I swear, I’ll give $1K to anyone that busts him. No wait, make it $2K!”

“I’m sorry, Elisa!” Choong replied with a grin. “I promise I’ll buy you a drink afterwards.”

“F**k your drink, Yita!” Onay shot back, sending the rest of the table into hysterical laughter.

Yita Choong1,003,000
Elisa OnayBUSTED!

Pay jump!

Our first batch of cashes have been confirmed for this year’s record-breaking Star Sydney Champs Main Event! Our 153 remaining players are now guaranteed a minimum of $3,014.

154thMateo Echauge$2,740
155thShual Cheng$2,740
156thJethro Horowitz$2,740
157thScott Redman$2,740
158thMichael Levy$2,740
159thTodd Sekli$2,740
160thVictor Oquena$2,740


You really had to see this one to believe it.

Xin Xin Liao opened the action, raising to 20,000, before Victor Oquena – who had not played a hand before the bubble burst – 3-bet to 60,000 from the button.

Big blind Phat Nguyen then cold 4-bet-jammed from the big blind, forcing Liao out of the pot before Oquena snap-called.

Oquena: AA
Nguyen: KK

What is happening?

Straight away, the K in the window caused a stir, players on neighbouring tables already forming a crowd … and then the flop spread A8K. Pandemonium.

That was nothing. The turn doesn’t matter – the 4 inconsequential – but the K river the one-outer for quads, Oquena brutally eliminated.

“They both hit a set on the flop!” Elisa Onay was heard saying breathlessly as she rushed back to her table for her next hand.


Phat Nguyen828,000
Victor OquenaBUSTED!

Level 17: 5,000/10,000 (10,000)

GG Ghobrial; bubble burst!

After running up a stack from less than one big blind late yesterday to amazingly bag 300K, the affable Jimmy G has fallen on the bubble of the 2022 Star Sydney Champs Main Event.

Sam Ioannou had Ghobrial all-in and at risk pre-flop as the cards were tabled, a huge shout was heard throughout the room and a crowd ran over.

Ioannou: AA
Ghobrial: KK

An unfortunate time for the ultimate cooler; neither player hitting the board and Aces holding up to eliminate Ghobrial.

With that, we have 160 players remaining, which means the bubble has officially burst, and all of our remaining players are in the money!

Sam Ioannou497,000
Jimmy GhobrialBUSTED!
Jimmy G

Clair commiserates

Michael Clair found himself all-in and at risk on the bubble with 33 against the 55 of Stan Levitin.

Initially, Clair could be forgiven he’d been saved by the 3 in the window … until the dealer fanned out the flop to show 5J3 for a set-under-set cooler on the bubble.

Levitin would hold through on the 8, J run-out to eliminate Clair in 162nd place.

Stan Levitin894,000
Michael ClairBUSTED!

Hand for hand!

“Attention all tournament dealers! Finish this hand, and stop!” came the cry from the tournament director over the microphone, while the clock has been paused to confirm players remaining.

It’s official – the 2022 Star Sydney Champs Main Event is now hand-for-hand with 162 players remaining; we’re on the bubble bubble!

Red decks first.

Mansour mauled

Elias Mansour and Wenjie Sun got all of their stacks in the middle on a flop of KK3.

Sun: AK
Mansour: K9

Mansour found himself on the rough end of the cooler and was eliminated after the board ran out 5, 8.

Wenjie Sun426,000
Elias MansourBUSTED!
Wenjie Sun

The sale never ends!

Todd “The Salesman” Sekli has found a timely double, moving all-in pre-flop UTG and almost getting it through; folds all the way around the table before he found a caller in big blind Luke Edwards.

Sekli: 108
Edwards: 63

Both players missed the flop of K49, then Edwards hit the 6 turn.

Needing help, Sekli found a bargain on the 8 river to double through.

Luke Edwards427,000
Todd Sekli54,000
Todd “The Salesman” Sekli


A number of players have yet to take their seats as we approach the money bubble here at the Star Sydney Champs Main Event.

Of 197 starters today, 160 will make the money – and we’re already down to 169!

For Sid Gunasekaran, Sheldon Mayer, Bradley Livemore, and Estonia’s Ranno Toomemagi, we suspect that bubble couldn’t come soon enough – gents, your stacks await you!

Cristallo stumbles

Scott Redman defended his big blind, flatting after a Brendon Rubie open from the hijack was called by cut-off Joe Cristallo.

On the flop of 337, Redman checked, Rubie fired a continuation bet called by Cristallo, then Redman jammed the remainder of his stack in the middle.

Rubie folded, and Cristallo commented “I don’t know why I’m doing this, but…” before putting in the chips to put Redman at risk.

At risk he was not, tabling Q3 for trips and finding himself miles ahead of Cristallo’s AK.

Redman would go on to see the 2, 3 run-out improve him to quads.

Brendon Rubie421,000
Scott Redman308,000
Joe Cristallo188,000
Scott Redman

Ruan run ran

2022 WSOP Millionaire Maker 4th place finisher Yita Choong checked his option after the flop came 5710 and saw Jianguo Ruan bet 50,000.

Choong check-raised to 300,000 and Ruan called short to put himself at risk.

Choong: Q10
Ruan: K5

Finding out the news that Choong wasn’t playing around, Ruan needed help to stay alive in this tournament, and was unable to find it on the A, 4 run-out.

Yita Choong704,000
Jianguo RuanBUSTED!
Yita Choong

Pacheco pummelled

A pot of about 290,000 and an all-in from Adrian Pacheco was more than enough to attract the attention of our Live Reporter walking past Table 9.

The board was showing 6A82, and action was pending on Zhi Ma, who was in the tank deciding what to do about Pacheco’s 171,000 shove.

“Good fold!” quipped Pacheco.

“Still live” responded Ma, “I’m just worried about one hand.”

“If you’re still live, your chips are going in.” replied Pacheco.

Sure enough, with an “If you have pocket sixes so be it!”, Ma made the call moments later.

Ma: A8
Pacheco: 86

The 10 on the river no help to Pacheco, sent home early on Day 2.

Zhi Ma782,000
Adrian PachecoBUSTED!

Bartley busted

Yesterday’s comic Nathan Bartley is today’s tragedy, falling to the hands of Day 1A chip leader Daniel Louis-Awad in a classic race over on Table 8.

Bartley held the AK against the JJ of Louis-Awad and the flop came 210Q, giving Bartley additional outs to Broadway (though Louis-Awad held blockers to that), and backdoor flush opportunities.

The Q on the turn took away both, leaving Bartley chasing over cards, which the 6 definitely was not, seeing Bartley hit the rail and Louis-Awad move into the upper echelons of the counts.

Daniel Louis-Awad824,000
Nathan BartleyBUSTED!
Daniel Louis-Awad

Lockwood locks up more

Nathan Lockwood has eliminated Hong Xie over on Table 11.

All-in pre-flop action with Lockwood’s JJ victorious over the A5 of short-stacked Xie after the board ran out K9247, despite the wheel draw showing up for Xie on the turn.


Zhang zilched

Zhengmin Zhang wasted no time moving his short stack all-in, as Jensen Sodicta’s big blind spot was auspiciously absent on Table 31 absent at the start of play.

George Kanan asked for a count from a couple of seats over – 29,000 it was – but folded, but then Frank Mete snap-called (right in front of the PMA Live Reporting Desk) next to act before everyone else folded.

Zhang: A3
Mete: K10

Mete rapped the table as he hit straight away on the 910Q flop, and held through on the 6, Q to mete out a beat.

Frank Mete351,000
Zhengmin ZhangBUSTED!
Frank Mete

Shuffle up and deal!

Cards are now in the air for Day 2 of The Star Sydney Champs Main Event!

Blinds are now 60 minutes in duration, and we’ll be playing through 11 levels today or down to the final table, whichever comes first.

LevelSmall BlindBig BlindBB Ante

Level 16: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)

Day 2 seat draw

Please ensure you have your photo ID and Star Club Card with you for verification purposes, and if you have any questions regarding your seat allocation, please approach your friendly Star Poker Sydney crew. Best of luck to all players!

Table 1

1Trent Miller318,000
2Chung Young Whan144,000
3Alex Lynskey130,000
4Stan Hou16,000
5Jian Long70,000
6Spiro Maroulis92,000
7Marc Seymour371,000
8Mark Lassau323,000
9Jiapeng Yang375,000

Table 2

1Paul Murray45,000
2John Pachos136,000
3Luis Arrilucea180,000
4Peidi Chen227,000
5Bradley Livermore337,000
6Romain Morvan246,000
7Hasan Onay469,000
8Elisa Onay221,000
9Bowen Yu65,000

Table 3

1Salman Ali102,000
2Mark Yazbeck512,000
3Michael Clair120,000
4Luheng Wang146,000
5Joel Turner149,000
6Jie Cui330,000
7Michael Seymour244,000
8Nathan Sweeney163,000
9Charles Chiha330,000

Table 4

1Duy Nguyen344,000
2Navid King122,000
3Tom Maguire97,000
4Sid Gunasekaran137,000
5Remoon Karim133,000
6John Nguyen90,000
7Steven Green170,000
8Ehsan Amiri66,000
9Qi Xu138,000

Table 5

1Gavin Best300,000
2Yita Choong518,000
3Ranno Toomemagi120,000
4James Broom635,000
5Danny Ayoub496,000
6Shuangchen Li98,000
7Richard Tang275,000
8Jianguo Ruan180,000
9David Sebesfi414,000

Table 6

1Stan Levitin700,000
2Paul Hoang207,000
3Justin Wong471,000
4Lawrence Stephenson106,000
5Chi Truong312,000
6Eric Assadourian122,000
7Mark Lasarow205,000
8Nicholas Economos116,000
9Julie Walters92,000

Table 7

1Justin Capra62,000
2Charbel Boustani442,000
3Musang Kim137,000
4Sheldon Mayer283,000
5Roman Priplotski546,000
6Jethro Horowitz250,000
7Pooria Asaadi204,000
8Julius Tupua242,000
9Brett Marshall144,000

Table 8

1Shaun Zammit277,000
2Nathan Bartley140,000
3Michael Egan132,000
4Daniel Louis-Awad664,000
5Jarod Cunningham115,000
6Qais Shanasa588,000
7Li Yang291,000
8Anthony Collick209,000
9Najeem Ajez359,000

Table 9

1Anban Subramoney263,000
2Jeremy Jonas24,000
3Zhi Ma490,000
4Scott Redman155,000
5Neb Blanusa235,000
6Adrian Pacheco327,000
7Mitchell Bognar125,000
8Brendon Rubie421,000
9Joseph Cristallo315,000

Table 10

1Moon Chung322,000
2Harry Basle265,000
3Scott Wood114,000
4Vincent Choy491,000
5Suzy Khouiss271,000
6Adrian Chiu213,000
7Luigi Giovenaie332,000
8Sandi Sandi185,000
9Bruno Calfapietra279,000

Table 11

1Victor Oquena319,000
2Stanley Liu59,000
3Phat Nguyen555,000
4Hong Xie41,000
5Tim Plunkett338,000
6Joshua Hutchins104,000
7Blake Lockwood358,000
8Xin Xin Liao464,000
9Dan Smiljanic355,000

Table 12

1Gavin Ogilvy286,000
2Malcolm Trayner256,000
3Michael O’Grady390,000
4Tony Tavella612,000
5Tobias Giles140,000
6Yung Chen84,000
7Liem Tran430,000
8Michael Confos471,000
9Hedley Fung214,000

Table 13

1Mikael Larsson304,000
2Andrew White108,000
3Wubin Fan635,000
4Milan Stojkovic397,000
5Joe Caruso40,000
6Nathan Gubieski443,000
7Tom Rafferty182,000
8Chin Wang345,000
9Michael Levy227,000

Table 14

1Jarryd Kirwan84,000
2Subramanyam Vanaparthy159,000
3Phillip Nguyen166,000
4Martin Stewart315,000
5Jason Gray193,000
6Paul Whitehouse301,000
7Mateo Echague267,000
8Charles Tsai415,000
9Matthew Rolfe311,000

Table 25

1Jeremy Fineman164,000
2Joel Cohen97,000
3Yang Lei305,000
4Yu Chen672,000
5Ryan Hong404,000
6Jack McPhee73,000
7Robert Kwan124,000
8Jun Wang102,000
9Lior Segre136,000

Table 26

1Scott Carmichael245,000
2Branko Usljebrka141,000
3Christopher Zenonos196,000
4Elias Mansour213,000
5Craib Fabian383,000
6Jonathan Portelli341,000
7Wenjie Sun234,000
8Andy Hiscox135,000
9Pratik Mehta146,000

Table 27

1Luke Edwards368,000
2Todd Sekli458,000
3Bruce Hall60,000
4Alan Zheng147,000
5Josh McCully363,000
6Gang Zhu182,000
7Yuanfeng Lin244,000
8AJ Antonios489,000
9Ash Gupta334,000

Table 28

1Slav Rypinski221,000
2Tiffany Le68,000
3Daniel Noja283,000
4George Mitri299,000
5Mark Staples303,000
6John Apostolidis287,000
7Zachary Tunbridge117,000
8Patrick Yazbeck169,000
9Huy Nguyen259,000

Table 29

1Brent Goldingham497,000
2David Bonadio290,000
3Sam Ioannou282,000
4Jimmy Ghobrial300,000
5Leo Kamiya201,000
6Kai Yeung148,000
7Steve Pappas86,000
8Max Stairmand383,000
9Shuai Chang92,000

Table 30

1Mark Fester122,000
2Seyed Nasab358,000
3Lee Hun Wei261,000
4Jane Howard152,000
5Chris Yu596,000
6Emad Moaref213,000
7Nurlan Boobekov787,000
8Marc Liddell135,000
9Gregg Russell458,000

Table 31

1Travis O’Grady247,000
2Jensen Sodicta211,000
3Jin Li662,000
4Zhengmin Zhang29,000
5Evaldas Stanevicius539,000
6Ashor Shlemon98,000
7Francesco Mate308,000
8Joseph Boustani72,000
9Justin Layden353,000

Table 32 (Feature Table)

1Louis Luo193,000
2Yiteng Ge195,000
3Ljudevit Marinic318,000
4Amanda Salter157,000
6George Kanan333,000
7Daniel Sequenzia98,000
8Thomas Chong282,000
9Trung Tran288,000

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